Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 552. All’s well that ends well



「 Then, later 」

Misuzu and Ruriko smile.

「 Yeah, take care 」

The two are taken by chief Yazawa to a door different from the entrance.

Oh, the waiting room is in that direction.

It must be a room where the party host and some guests wait in.

Jii-chan must be resting in that room as he arrived at the venue earlier than usual.

He’s supposed to arrive just in time but, he can’t come across with Misuzu over there.

I mean, in Jii-chan’s level, people would come to greet him in large numbers, and the waiting room has no meaning at all.

Therefore, I heard that there are rooms prepared on another floor of the hotel for VIP of various countries to meet up informally.

「 Master, let’s go over there 」

Michi tells me.

「 Over there? 」

「 Kakka’s seat is already decided, therefore 」

Oh, right, chief Yazawa purposely told us the position where Jii-chan would sit.

In short, if we wait there, then we’ll meet Jii-chan.

This is such a large venue, so if we try to move later, then we’ll be hindered by a wall of people.

「 You’re right, let’s move while we have time 」

We head to Jii-chan’s seat on the side of the podium.

There are about three people in black clothes coming from Kouzuki security service around the seat, they allowed us to get closer to the place.

It seems that chief Yazawa gave instructions in advance.

Of course, I won’t sit on it.

I stand with Michi on the wall near the chair.

「 Excuse me, who is this seat for? 」

A middle-aged man wearing a dark suit asks the black-clothed staff of Kouzuki security service.

「 I’m from the office of Ooko Hashi-sensei from the Constitutional party office. If you do not mind, Ooko Hashi-sensei wishes to use this seat 」

The man in black clothes:

「 Please inquire about the seat to the host of today’s party. We had this seat prepared in advance with the people in management 」

「 However, it’s open right now, isn’t it? 」

The man in a dark suit speaks suggestively.

「 He will be arriving soon 」

The man in black clothes replied.

As expected of chief Yazawa’s direct controlled bodyguards. They’re keeping their dignified attitude.

「 However, Ooko Hashi-sensei is already present. Furthermore, we need chairs for the elderly 」

「 If you need a chair then tell the party admins, not us 」

I mean.

There’s a lot of chairs available near the wall behind the party venue.

If you’re tired, then you could take a seat over there.

Well, the seat over there are regular chairs for the venue and the chair prepared for Jii-chan is a good one with an armrest.

「 This is why I’m asking you if you could hand the chair over. Isn’t it possible for the admin to prepare a new chair after your master arrives? 」

What is this guy saying?

「 He thinks that this chair has a good place, so he wants to usurp it 」

Michi whispers to me.

I see. It’s the only beautiful looking chair in front of the podium in the venue.

You can see the surroundings well from here, and if you sit in that chair, you’ll look like a big deal.

「 I’ll ask once again, I’m from the office of the longtime secretary of the Constitutional party Ooko Hashi-sensei 」

The man in dark suit glares at the man in black clothing.

「 We will not yield the seat no matter what 」

The man in black clothes said.

「 Even though I asked so much? 」

The man in the dark suit won’t let go


「 Is there anything wrong? 」

A hotel staff comes over in a rush.

「 Yes, this man wants a chair 」

The man in black clothes tells the hotel staff.

「 Is that so? Then I will bring one right away. Please come this way 」

The hotel staff tries to lead the man in a dark suit, but.

「 I would like to have this chair if possible 」

He wants to take way Jii-chan’s seat by all means.

「 I’m from the office of Constitutional party’s Ooko Hashi-sensei. Ooko Hashi-sensei wishes to have this seat. I’m sorry, but these stubborn people don’t want to hand over the position, could you persuade them? 」

The hotel staff replies with a smile.

「 This seat is Kouzuki Shigetaka Kakka’s seat 」

The man in dark suit:

「 Hm, what did you just say? 」

The hotel staff continues to smile.

「 A person like me will not be allowed to speak the name twice, I’ll prepare another chair for Ooko Hashi-sensei 」

「 Ah, I see 」

The man in the dark suit turns pale.

「 P-Please do not mention this incident to Kakka 」

He tells the man in black clothing, but

「 No, we have to report everything 」

「 N-No, could you do something about that 」


「 It’s better if you leave as soon as possible, your actions have already gathered a lot of attention 」

A young man wearing a suit speaks to the man in the dark suit from behind.

「 You’ll only bring more shame if you continue 」

Haa, he’s also here?

「 Y-You’re? 」

「 I’m a member of Kouzuki house’s branch family 」

Kouzuki Kenshi.

This guy has a troublesome personality too.

Or should I say that he’s also sent to scout after Kouzuki Souji?

A lot of people want to know what purpose did Misuzu and Ruriko come to this party.

「 E-Excuse me 」

The man in a dark suit runs away in a hurry.

He runs straight ahead to an old man looking important.

Is that the politician he’s serving for?

When the politician heard what the man in the dark suit said, he also turned pale.

「 I knew it, the Constitutional party is useless, if they tried to research in advance who will come to the party then they should’ve known who that chair is for 」

Kouzuki Kenshi speaks sarcastically as usual.

「 Hey, how were you doing? 」

He smiled at me.

「 Yeah, well. It’s okay 」

I don’t get what he’s talking about, but I replied anyway.

「 That politician, Ooko Hashi is the boss of the organization that’s getting along with the Russian Congress. They’re an opposition party now, however. The prime minister’s coming today, right? That’s why they probably want to appeal their existence strongly. They can’t allow discussions with Russia get through them, so if there’s a special seat in front of the podium they would want it for themselves 」

I didn’t ask him, but he keeps on talking.

「 By the way, Kuromori-kun, what are you doing here? 」

He says “Kuromori-kun” like we’re close.

He’s the type who has nerves of steel.

「 You won’t say that you’re interested in Russian movies, would you? 」

Kouzuki Kenshi laughs.

「 What about you? Are you familiar with Russian movies? 」

I’ll ask that for now.

「 Yes. I’m a fan of Mikhalkov 」

Shit, I might’ve stirred the hornet’s nest.

「 It’s a good film, I recommend it. Kukuku 」

Don’t say “Kukuku.”

What should I do now?

「 Everyone, sorry to keep you waiting 」

Oh, the host stands in front of the mic in the podium.

The party’s starting?

The guests outside the venue comein.

In the end, 400-500 people are attending.

The venue is quite crowded.

「 Well then, let’s begin 」


The entrance where guests come in is cut off.

Jii-chan enters.

Ootoku-san is in front, Jii-chan and Yoshiko-san, and Choumoto-san is behind.

Yeah, at this timing, nobody could interfere with him going for the seat.

I mean, Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san are abnormally strong looking.

They’re entirely different from ordinary bodyguards.

Their physique is absurdly great, they’re also emitting a powerful aura.

Indeed, people who try to charge that won’t appear so easily.


Jii-chan who should usually have a stronger aura than Ootoku-san doesn’t look lively.

And, Yoshiko-san behind him too.

Furthermore, she’s showing a confused expression.

She’s wearing a beautiful dress, oh, it’s a bit of a childish dress, just like how Jii-chan likes it.

But, Yoshiko-san’s already 18, so I can’t say that it suits her.

「 Poor girl, she’s always been behind Ruriko-sama as her shadow, so it’s natural for her to be confused if she’s suddenly pulled out to such dazzling places like this 」

Kouzuki Kenshi said.

Yeah, that’s right. Coming from Ruriko’s attendant to one of the successors of Kouzuki house.

Unlike Misuzu and Ruriko who were accustomed to gorgeous places, she probably feels mental fatigue as she’s the only one by Jii-chan’s side.

Furthermore, Jii-chan who lost Ruriko is now depressed.

「 Please enjoy the beauty of Russian movies! 」

At the same time Jii-chan sits on the arranged chair, the venue’s light darkens.

Yoshiko-san sits next to Jii-chan.

We’re behind the men in black clothes, so Jii-chan hasn’t noticed us yet.

The venue turns completely dark.

The front screen projects a Russian movie.

「 Oh, they’re doing a brief introduction to Russian film history 」

Kouzuki Kenshi mutters.


Michi holds my hand in the dark.

She grips it strongly.

She’s telling me that it will be okay, she’s by my side.

Thanks, Michi.

I grip Michi’s small hand back.

The video continues for five minutes.

To be honest, I don’t have much composure to watch the history of Russian movies.

Jii-chan who’s protected by Ootoku-san and the guys in black clothes is several meters away.

I’m looking at Jii-chan’s unenergetic back.

Yoshiko-san’s standing behind him like it’s a punishment game.

I have to do something.

This can’t go on.

「 Oh, I see. It’s quite easy to understand. The Soviet era is a bit abridged 」

Kouzuki Kenshi who has a reputation of not being able to read the atmosphere nods to himself.

Eventually, the video ends.

The venue gets bright.

「 Well then, the member of the Russian Federation congress and the honorary chairman of the Moscow Film University, Tosrtole Cheshirenko-sama, please have a word. Everyone, give him a round of applause 」

Then, the door to the waiting room where Misuzu and Ruriko are in opens, and an elderly Russian appears.

The guests in the hall applause and, he rises up to the podium.

He starts his greeting through an interpreter.

「 That person has served some Russian art-related positions, but in reality, he’s the leader energy resource related congress 」

Kouzuki Kenshi tells me.

In short, they came to Japan under the name of artistic exchange, but they will hold informal meetings in energy and resource parties in the shadows.

The Russian Congress member continues to make speeches like “I’m thrilled to be able to host the Russian film festival in Japan.”

「 Well, that has nothing to do with us though 」

Kouzuki Kenshi said suddenly.

「 Kakka! 」

A voice calls Jii-chan from behind.

「 It’s me, Kouzuki Kenshi! 」

T-This guy!

He really can’t read the atmosphere!!

「 What, Kenshi? 」

Jii-chan turns around while sitting in his chair and confirms that it’s Kouzuki Kenshi.

Ootoku-san and Choumoto-san know that Kenshi is a member of Kouzuki house’s branch family, so they’re not being cautious.

「 He’s also here! 」

Kouzuki Kenshi points at me.

「 Y-You!? 」

Jii-chan’s surprised.

Yoshiko-san is also surprised when she saw my face.

「 Why are you in masquerade/ 」

Oh right.

I had my hair swept back and am wearing fashion glasses today.

「 Well, you see 」

「 I’m asking why you’re here 」

Jii-chan glares at me.

「 Just thought of it 」

「 Hm? Just thought of what? 」


「 I just came 」

Even I think that was an idiotic reply.

Kouzuki Kenshi is holding back his laughter on the side.

I’m going to kill him later.

「 That girl’s’ here. Misuzu’s coming too? 」

Jii-chan looks at Michi and said.

「 Yeah, well, they’re here, I mean 」

「 Where are they now? 」

No, you see.

I mean, why are Misuzu and Ruriko not coming back even though Jii-chan’s here?

「 Perhaps she’ll come over here once the greetings with the VIP is over 」

She must be thinking that it’s rude to come in the venue right now so she can’t go.

Misuzu and Ruriko are both considerate girls.

「 I see 」

Jii-chan’s convinced.

The hall is filled with big applause.

It seems that the Russian congress member has finished his greetings.

Jii-chan looks back in front and applaud.

Yoshiko-san seems to want to say something, but she doesn’t forget to applaud to the podium.

「 Err, Today, we have Prime Minister Hattori Kanzou with us! Please come to the stage! 」

Once again, another loud applause.

A politician I’ve seen somewhere before appears from the entrance of the hall while waving his hand.

He’s surrounded by SP.

「 The person himself seems to be shorter than I thought 」

Kouzuki Kenshi says something unneeded again.

The Russian Congress member remains in the stage.

The prime minister climbs the stage and shakes hand with the Russian congress member.

The photographers who have permission and have a “news” armband attach to them keep on pressing the shutter.

There’s a TV camera too.

「 That means that this video will be used for tonight’s news and tomorrow’s newspaper 」

Kouzuki Kenshi said.

「 Japan-Russia cultural exchange. Well, it’s good news 」

I see. They’ll let them take photos then the Prime Minister will return right after.

Then, there won’t be any news about the informal meetings held behind the party.

「 Hmm, What’s that? 」

Kouzuki Kenshi said suddenly.

「 Huh? 」

N-No way?


「 What’s going on? 」

Kouzuki Kenshi is also surprised.

「 Ruriko? Misuzu? 」

Jii-chan spoke unconsciously.

Ruriko and Misuzu come from the waiting room holding a big bouquet.

They’re showing a beautiful smile.

「 Well then, we have some floral gifts brought to Tosrtole Cheshirenko and Prime Minister Hattori 」

The host said, and my two women go up the podium.

Misuzu and Ruriko illuminated by the spotlight are too radiant, too beautiful.

Misuzu goes to the prime minister.

Ruriko goes to the Russian congress member.

They hand over the flowers with a smile.

The hall is filled with even louder applause.

The cameramen take photos.

「 They got me 」

Jii-chan mutters.

「 That video will surely be in the news too 」

Kouzuki Kenshi looks at me.

The Russian congress member kisses Ruriko’s cheek on the podium.

It can’t be helped, it’s a foreign custom.

The prime minister didn’t kiss Misuzu as expected.

「 But still, Ruriko’s beautiful 」

Jii-chan looks at Ruriko on the podium and sighs.

「 Ruriko-sama 」

Yoshiko-san too.

My Ruriko’s beauty is like a flower blooming.

She looks fresh and vibrant as a 15-year old girl.

Her bewitching look like a woman who is satisfied with sex is showing.

Her whole body emits the aura.

「 Ruriko looks so happy 」

Jii-chan mutters.

When they finished giving flowers to the Prime Minister and the Russian congress member;

Misuzu and Ruriko descend in front of the podium.


「 Grandfather 」

They smile at Jii-chan and head straight to him.

Then, everyone in the hall notices.

These beautiful ladies are the daughters of Kouzuki house, granddaughters of Kakka.

「 Yoshiko-sama, how are you? 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 Ruriko-sama, you’re beautiful 」

Yoshiko-san is on the verge of tears.

「 Yoshiko-sama’s beautiful too, your dress looks terrific 」

Ruriko replied.

「 Yes, Kakka, I mean, Grandfather chose it for me 」

Yoshiko-san replied.

「 Did you choose these girl’s dress? 」

Jii-chan asks me.

「 No, we chose it ourselves 」

Misuzu said before I could answer.

「 We chose what’s suitable for us and what would please Kuromori-sama 」

Jii-chan looks at Misuzu and Ruriko.

Ruriko smiles. Jii-chan nods.

「 I see. I’m now just a secondary man to you 」

He said lonely.

「 Oh, Grandfather, that’s not the case 」

Ruriko said kindly.

「 Our Grandfather is only one in this world 」

That’s right.

Jii-chan needs to abandon his illicit love for Ruriko.

They need to return to their normal Grandfather-Granddaughter relationship.

「 Yes, I see. indeed, I’m your Grandfather 」

Jii-chan says as if persuading himself.

「 HOwever, you seem to have gone to a place I can’t reach 」

He looks at the bewitching Ruriko and speaks heartily.

「 I am no longer a person that must be loved by protecting 」

Ruriko tells her Grandfather clearly.

「 I also have people I must protect. People I love 」

That’s Ruriko’s independence proclamation.


「 I see. it seems to be my complete defeat 」

He looked at me and smiled wryly.

If he’s competing as a man then that evaluation might be appropriate, but.

「 That’s not it, Jii-chan. Jii-chan hasn’t lost anything. Look, your three Granddaughters are in front of you 」

I said.

「 Isn’t that just happy? Everyone loves Jii-chan 」

The Granddaughters love their Grandfather.

「 That’s just sophism, but it doesn’t feel bad 」

Jii-chan lost control over Ruriko.

Ruriko’s already free.

Jii-chan can no longer isolate her from the other men.

While she was under his control, he’s able to love Ruriko as a man secretly.


「 Ruriko, you’ve become an elegant woman 」

「 Yes, I’m loved, and I’m also giving my love 」

Ruriko became my woman and chose me.

Ruriko’s bewitching looks shows that she has become a mature woman.

Jii-chan is no longer allowed to love Ruriko as a woman.

「 Hmm, It can’t be helped 」

「 Grandfather 」

Ruriko kisses her Grandfather’s cheek.

That’s the limit of expression of love allowed by Grandfather-Granddaughter relationship.

「 Yoshiko-san, we’ll be together from now on. 」 It’s okay now 」

Misuzu tells Yoshiko-san

「 As soon as the party gets in the talks, a lot of people will come to greet us. Let us deal with them 」

Ruriko tells Yoshiko-san.

「 There may be some of them unkind, but I’ll teach you how to handle them 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 Yes, my best regards 」

Yoshiko-san’s relieved.

She seems to be happy from the bottom of her heart that Misuzu and Ruriko came.

The Prime Minister continues his greetings on the podium.

「 Uhm, what’s the matter? 」

Kouzuki Kenshi asks me.

「 Do you not get it from watching? 」

I said.

「 It means that everything’s settled, that there are no more problems 」

Kouzuki Kenshi:

「 I mean, I don’t get that. What everyone said is very abstract and ambiguous 」


「 Why did Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama present flowers? I mean, why are they wearing such exposed dress for today? Also, why is Ruriko-sama who should’ve displeased Kakka talking to him so casually? 」

Oh, right.

He’s s mart, but.

He doesn’t understand sympathy at all.

Yeah, I’m glad that he can’t read the atmosphere.

「 You see, this means that Ruriko and Jii-chan reconciliated. The successors of Kouzuki house will have Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san. Tell it to the branch family and the executives 」

I said.

If this guy explains then the people from the branch families and the executives won’t understand what happened at all.

「 Anyway, Kouzuki house is at peace now 」

I smile at Kenshi.