Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 558. Hero



A tall beauty appears on the uppermost part of the castle.

She’s wearing a black uniform and a hat. Holding a dull-glitter silver cane.

Her trained body is seen clearly even if she’s wearing a uniform.

Her eyes below her hat look down on Kyouko-san, dignified.

Fujimiya Reika.

Our Rei-chan is really cool!

『 Nununu! Who the hell are you?! 』

Kyouko-san on the two-story bus 200 meters away:

Does the cliche performance.

But our Rei-chan.

『 Bastards like you don’t deserve an introduction from me! 』

She replies with another cliche.

I mean, Rei-chan has a wireless pin mark attached on her.

『 -Is what I would like to say but for this time, I’ll introduce myself! 』

Rei-chan faces the camera and puffs her chest.

She shows a dauntless smile as lights illuminate her from below.

『 This is my first introduction. I am the Eagle commander of Kouzuki Security Service Civil Defense Force. Fujimiya Reika!! 』

Rei-chan snaps herself.

『 The anger of justice will revive even if our lives are exhausted. Those who cry in pain, the burden of tears will strike the evil. If you cling to emotions, you will be washed away. If you stick to your pride and you will be caught. The world is hard to live in. I will stop the residents of the world of darkness from their cruelties!! 』


That’s cool but, is that really okay?

I mean. What was that?

『 Mumumu! Are you the rumored Fujimiya Reika?! 』

『 Of course Nanonei! 』

Kyouko-san is in high spirits.

『 Kyouko Messer! Now that this Fujimiya is here! You can no longer do what you whanp! 』



『 Excuse me, I bit my tongue 』


She’s doing her best, but Rei-chan’s face is blushing hard.

『 Dammit! That’s cute! Reika-chan! 』

Kyouko-san shouts to the mic.

rei-chan manage to recover.

『 Under whose orders are you?! Who ordered you to take Shirasaka Yukino-san’s life?! Answer right now! 』

『 You know we won’t tell you that, right? 』

Kyouko-san said.

『 We’re professionals in the world of darkness you know? We won’t reveal our clients. It’s a matter of trust 』

『 Of course nanonei! 』

『 And, we always do the work we received. That’s the rule of the world of darkness! 』

Kyouko-san points at Yukino on top of the castle.

『 Shirasaka Yukino-chan will die here. We’ll use anything to make sure she’s dead! Even if she cries, I’ll kill her! We’ll execute her on a live broadcast, nationwide! 』

Yukino in her swimsuit looks at Kyouko-san.

Her mental strength is solid.

Even though the cameras are watching the reporters around, they’re not moving.

『 While at it, I’m going to kill all of the old men from the press right there. And you Reika-chan! I’ll kill you1 You’re dead meat! 』

Kyouko-san smiles.

『 Wait a second! Why us too!? 』

『 We’re from the press! 』

『 It’s odd that we’re involved in this!! 』

The reporters speak up.

『 Who cares about that!? 』

Kyouko-san replies immediately.

『 Taking the journalism work is sacrificing oneself! Dying while having a news coverage is your ambition, isn’t it? 』

『 T-That’s not true! 』

『 W-Why do we have to experience this kind of danger?! 』

『 T-That’s right?! 』

Kyouko-san looks at the reporters who said that coldly.

『 I mean, your job is to make take off your feelings as curious onlookers. You always stay in a safe place, looking down on people from above, making commentaries as if you’re amazing 』

『 Of course, nanonei! 』

『 I hate people like you the most. So I’ll kill you all. Is there anyone still complaining? 』

『 Naniwa no Haru Danji Nanonei! 』


『 Anyway, I’ll kill you all. Then, the citizens of this country, I realized that I can’t get nonchalant anymore. Yes, criminals like us will invade this country one after another 』


『 From now on the crimes in this country will have international, global standards. For us who came from the real hell will change this country to hell! 』

『 Of course, nanonei! 』

Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia laugh.

The reporters are suppressed by the spirit of the two, they fell silent.


『 I said I won’t let you! 』

She glares at Kyouko-san.

『 As long as I’m here. You won’t be allowed to do what you want! 』

Then, she spreads her hand wide.

『 Eagle troops! Gather! 』


The door on the first floor of the castle opens up.

Lined up in there are the uniform units of Kouzuki security service armed with a helmet and a shield.

Another troop appears behind the ar on fire.

About 300 people have gathered under the castle of concrete.

『 Platoons! Line up! 』

Then, the guards arrange formation according to Rei-chan’s instructions.

『 Start from number 1!! 』

『 1、2、3,4,5! 』

The roll call begins from each unit.

『 First platoon, Dragon has 48 people in total! None absent! 』

『 Second Platoon, Griffon has 51 people in total! None Absent! 』

『 Third platoon, Mermaid has 49 people in total! None absent 』

『 Fourth platoon, Pegasus has 50 people in total! None absent! 』

『 Fifth platoon, Phoenix has 52 people in total! None absent! 』

『 Sixth platoon. Heath Ibuki has 47 people in total. None absent! 』

The six platoons stand to face against Kyouko-san’s bus.

『 All hands assemble a defense formation!!! 』

Rei-chan’s directive had all members pull out a foldable baton.


The sound of 300 sticks brought out become one.

Next, they stick out transparent shields in front.

The second line guards the overhead.

They look like the phalanx from the ancient times.

The six units are converted to a single lump of shield.

The transparent shield reflects the light and shines.

『 This shield is made of special bulletproof polymer used by the European mobile units! Your bullets won’t go through! 』

Rei-chan shouts.

『 All units! ADVANCE!! 』


Kouzuki security service’s units move forward slowly as they maintain their defensive formation.

『 Hah! If you’re going to do that, then I will have to retaliate! 』

Kyouko-san says on the mic.

『 Okay! Guys! Come out now!! 』

Three heavy duty truck headlights are lit behind Kyouko-san’s bus.

Buoooon! Buoooooo!!!

Four silver trucks pass by Kyouko-san’s buss and move forward.

There’s a box-shaped cargo in the back, I don’t know what’s inside at all.

The three trucks used the long body of the car to obstruct the Kouzuki security service’s troops and stopped.

『 All units! Halt! 』

Rei-chan stops the units.

『 Well then, it’s our turn! 』


『 Open Sesame! 』


The platform of the three trucks open.

Inside is.

『 W-What the hell! 』

『 What?! What/! 』

『 What the fuck! 』

『 What the hell’s going on?! 』

Could this be?

「 They’re the gangs who came from Kitakyushu. 」

Shou-neechan tells as she watches the video with me.

「 We caught them all earlier today, and we confined them in that truck 」


This also had about 100 people in each cargo.

『 Well done coming here! My best picks! 』

Kyouko-san shouts in high spirits.

『 Get them! 』

But, the gangsters can’t understand the situation in front of them.『 』

『 W-What?! 』

『 What? 』

『 Whawhawha?! 』

They look at each other’s faces, confused.

Well, that’s obvious.

There’s suddenly lights in front of the castle of concrete.

Cars are burning.

There are 300 armed units deployed in front of them.

『 Geez, you’re so helpless! Then I’ll press this! 』

Kyouko-san pushes some switch.


The end of the truck’s deck explodes.

It’s burning up.

『 W-What the hell!? 』

The gangsters get off the deck in a hurry.

『 Hey now! Go forward! If you go back, then I’ll kill you! 』1

Her voice can be heard from the driver’s seat of the truck.

The door opened, and another tiger mask comes out.

Three people on the first truck.

One each on the others.

The masked drivers all have a Molotov at hand.

『 Hey now! If you don’t want to die then go over there! 』

『 Nyohohohohoho!!! 』

They throw the Molotov to the gangsters.


『 W-W-W-What the hell!? 』

The gangsters who try to run away can only run towards the Kouzuki security service’s units.

『 Hey! Playing with fire is dangerous! 』

『 Barbie-san!! Why are we doing this again? 』


I know these people.

I mean, the three women among the five.

Their faces are hidden, but they’re wearing a bikini on their chest and hot-pants on their bottom. There’s a Japanese sword on their back.

I mean, one of them has her breasts exposed.

This can only be the Banbarubie ladies.

The other man is wearing a red shirt in a black suit and a black hat.

The other one is wearing Japanese clothes for some reason.

『 Hey now! Run! Run! Peneroppi-chan!! 』

『 Papapapapapapapa!! Hyahaa!! 』

It seems to be Kudou-Papa and Dai Grepher.

This is quite…

『 What?! What!? WHAT THE HELL!? 』

The gangsters run with their full power to avoid the flames of the Molotov.

They’ll crash to Kouzuki security service units soon.

『 Y-You guys! Open up the way! 』

『 W-What the hell’s going on?!! 』

The gangsters scream, but the members of Kouzuki security service don’t move from their defensive position.

『 Third and fourth platoon, open! 』


Before I noticed, Rei-chan’s on the ground from the top of the castle.

Rei-chan dashes gallantly.

The units of Kouzuki security service deployed divide themselves to let Rei-chan pass through.

Rei-chan runs in the middle of the armed units as if she’s parting the ocean.

Naturally, the gangsters also try to escape through the opening.

『 Fujimiya Reika has come!!! 』

Rei-chan holds her beat to death cane.

『 Eeiiiiyaaa!! Haiiii!!! Tooouuuu!!!! 』

The first attack takes down three gang members.

『 W-What’s with you!?! 』

『 Beat her up! Hey!! 』

The middle-aged men shout at Rei-chan, but;

『 Suryaaaa!! Tooo!! Haaaaaaa!!! 』

Rei-chan takes down one after another.

『 Haiyaaa! Toooo! Oyaaaa!! 』


The power of her cane isn’t half-baked.

Each of the men is taken down from a single blow.

There are already nearly 20 people beaten up.

『 Eiiyaaaaaa!!! 』

Rei-chan in front and the Molotov from behind.

The gangsters have nowhere to escape.

『 Oh my! We’re out of Molotov now! 』

The masked Barbie-san says.

『 What?! In that case!! 』

The gangsters try to head towards Barbie-san’s direction, but.

『 But, I still have a machine gun! 』


They sweep only close to their feet. The gangsters are in a panic.

『 Eeeei! Toooo!!! 』

Meanwhile, Rei-chan’s count is close to 50 now.

But still, she’s really cool.

Rei-chan is swinging her cane to the people.

「 She’s most beautiful when fighting isn’t she? 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 That girl’s skill is elegant. I feel sorry for the other side but, Kudou-san don’t have that elegance 」

True, Kudou-papa, Dai Grepher, and the Banbarubie ladies.

They’re strong but vulgar.

「 That’s what the people are watching the broadcast now can see. At the far sight, it may look like she’s playing, but Reika’s techniques are real 」

I think so too.

Rei-chan’s strength and elegance can be seen by everyone.

「 The firearms Kyouko-san and others are using are real, it’s genuine, so it’s conveyed. The truth of what’s happening in front of them 」

Shou-neechan smiles at me.

「 I don’t get it 」

Chief Yazawa smiles wryly.

「 Kyouko or Fujimiya, how will they end this farce? 」

Meanwhile, Kyouko-san’s beating down all the gangsters.


The 100 gang members are now just ten.

『 Haa, haa, haa, toyaaa!!! 』

Rei-chan rushes forward.

『 Awawawa 』

「 What the hell!? 」

『 Ugyaaaaa!!! 』

Rei-chan’s strong. Overwhelmingly strong.

『 Haa, haa, haa 』

There are only five people left

Rei-chan strikes her cane to the ground.

She takes off her hat and wipes her forehead.

Rei-chan’s beautiful face is on the screen.

「 Yes, yes, yes, it’s that!! 」

Shou-neechan laughs as she looks at the screen.

「 Reika’s’ fans will appear all over Japan! 」

Rei-chan’s fans?

「 What do you mean, Seki? 」

Chief Yazawa asks Shou-neechan.

「 This farce will continue for a while. She’ll fight Kyouko-san, or probably someone else 」

This fight will continue.

「 Up until now Kouzuki security service has been a security company specializing in VIPs, but they’re not known to the public 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 But, it’s never a good thing to be unknown for the public 」

「 I don’t think so. Isn’t it easier for us to act if people don’t know us? 」

Chief Yazawa replies.

「 I wonder if that’s true? Those who are widely perceived by the people around the world. Furthermore, I prefer being received with a good image 」

Received with a good image?

Is that the reason why Kouzuki Security Service will be exposed to the public?

「 As you see right now, what’s happening is just an idiotic situation. It’s like a manga. It’s like a bad joke 」

Shou-neechan says while looking at the screen.

「 But, the guns and the Molotov, and even the rocket launcher Kyouko-san used is real. Kyouko-san herself is a wanted person 」

The intensity can’t be called a joke is told through the screen.

Above all that, the press in the castle is truly frightened.

Some of them already pissed themselves.

「 And in addition to that. Reika is a genuine bodyguard. Her skills and elegance are top-notch 」

A genuine vs. genuine.

It’s shown how amazing they are.

「 At this moment, the society is soaking on watching the Kouzuki security service fighting a violent international criminal like Kyouko-san directly 」

Shou-neechan tells chief Yazawa.

「 Reika will be enshrined as a hero of the 21st century. She’ll be a type of hero this country never had until now 」

「 Far from this country, she’ll be a hero everywhere 」

「 Then she’ll become the captain of the civilian defense force fighting the evil 」

Speaking of which. Rei-chan said that when she introduced herself to Kyouko-san.

Kouzuki Security service, Civil Defense Troops Eagle Corps.

「 Kouzuki security service is just a security company. Therefore, I established this unit ahead of time for that contribution. Reika will be their captain 」

「 Hmm 」

Chief Yazawa thinks.

「 In the end, what they’re doing is outside of the core business, this is a special mission. It’s okay for the public to think of this as a corporate advertisement. But, by making an appeal using the activities of this civil defense force, their awareness of us will increase 」

「 If the public recognizes us isn’t that much harder to work? 」

「 I wonder? I think that it would become easier to do illegal activities like handling the government and the underground organizations 」

「 Why? 」

「 No matter what happens, if you stick Reika’s “Civil defense force’s” activities, it can be used as a smokescreen. Especially the public, it would make them cooperative 」

「 It won’t go that well you know? People are always highly suspicious 」

「 That’s why we have Reika for that 」

Shou-neechan smiles.

『 Toryaaaaaa!! 』

Rei-chan took down over a hundred gangsters alone.

「 That girl is too straightforward. She’s someone who can’t keep a secret 」

Shou-neechan gazes at Rei-chan who’s breathing heavily on the screen with gentle eyes.

「 If Reika is the head of that unit, the public will trust them 」

She holds her cane once again.

Kyouko-san and the five tiger mask people look down on Rei-chan.

「 Reika will definitely be loved by the people. Her true nature is a hero after all 」

Oh, right.

Rei-chan didn’t like dressing up as a man at first.

Ever since childhood, the gallant Rei-chan has a lot of fangirls.

Even when she was training in Kendo.

She treasures the image those girls think of her.

For some reason, she decided to live wearing British Gentleman outfit.

Rei-chan has grown under the sight of her fangirls.

She’s a woman with an overwhelming amount of servitude spirit.

「 Yeah, Rei-chan is a hero. I’m sure that they’ll love Rei-chan 」

I mutter unconsciously.

「 We’ll cover up Reika’s instability 」

「 But still, will it really go well? 」

Chief Yazawa said.

「 There’s no problem. After all, she’s turning to a genuine hero now 」

Rei-chan on the screen:

『 Now then, who will fight me next? 』

Rei-chan’s burning in fighting spirit even after overwhelming over a hundred people.

『 Banba-chan, go on and play 』

Barbie-san said laughing.

『 Eh, me? 』

Banba-san’s surprised.

『 That’s right! Show this innocent lady the fear of fighting veterans! 』

『 In that case, Babie-san and the others should do it! You have a longer career than me 』

『 Just do it! 』


『 Okay! 』

『 Here, your tool 』

Ruby-san hands Banba-san a long weapon from the truck.

If I recall, it’s called a flail, a long handle batting weapon.

『 Thanks, Ruby-san 』

Click, Banba-san holds the flail.

『 Come! 』

Rei-chan also holds her battle cane.


  1. USSR anthem plays!