Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 57

57. Past and Present

「Minaho-san…What should I do?」

Yamamine-san asked Sensei with sincere eyes.

「Right…First, let’s make you beautiful」
「Rather than making you beautiful…let’s have you regain your original beauty…!」
「I’m not beautiful」
「Megumi’s mother was very beautiful…!」
「My mother’s different from me.」

Sensei caressed Yamamine-san’s cheeks as she look down…

「No…You’re Emiko’s daughter. That person’s beauty was inherited properly…!」

The butler Morimoto-san comes…

「Ojou-sama…Yuuka-sama, Hidemi-sama, and Tamayo-sama has come…!」
「Oh my, they’re all here now」

Sensei turned to us.

「Now, let’s go…we’ll be introducing you to your seniors…!」

From the terrace of the mansion…
We passed through a room that’s like a hall.

「It’s been a long while…Minaho-sama」
「How are you? Minaho-san」
「It’s been a while! Minaho-chi!」

Three women were there.

「Good day…Yuuka-sama, Hidemi-san, Tamayo」

Sensei greet the three women.
The women are all beauties with good style but their age is inconsistent.
『Yuuka-sama』who’s long hair is tied up is on her second half in thirties. She’s wearing a low cut dress.
『Hidemi-san』should be around thirty/ She’s wearing white clothes and having short hair.
『Tamayo』-san looks like she’s around mid-twenties. Checkered hat and sunglasses. Wearing a jeans and stylish jacket.

「These three people here were already here since the late head of the family. They’re all independent now. Yuuka-sama’s managing a hair salon.」
「…Hello everyone」
「Hidemi-san is on a beauty salon」
「Tamayo’s a stylist…」

Haa…Everyone’s working and had a success.

「Of course, Katsuko knows all of them」
「Yes, I’ve been in debt with them since I came here…!」

That overbearing Katsuko-nee is completely grateful…!

「Oh right, Katsuko-chan who just came here cried a lot, didn’t she…?!」

Yuuka-san speaks nostalgically.

「Right! She said she can never get good with fellatio…Hidemi-neesan trained her intensively…」
「Right, Katsuko-chan can’t bring herself to drink semen by all means…I trained her a lot so she fell to a slave of penis」
「As a result, she became the fellatio master when I got out of this mansion!」
「She really has grown…!」

Katsuko-nee’s face turned red…
Haa, Katsuko-nee also had that time.

「I’m really indebt to everyone for those times…!」

Katsuko-nee lowered her head.

「Next to Katsuko is my 『Fifth toy』Nei…」
「Hello! I’m Nei!」

Nei-san bowed.

「Nei, you know Yuuka-san don’t you」
「Yes, I’m always getting a cut at Yuuka-san’s shop!」

…Is that so?/
Nei-san’s blond hair is dyed at Yuuka-san’s hair salon.

「You’re welcome to my beauty salon! I’ll do a whole body care! A cute child like you is very welcome!」
「Geez, Hidemi-nee, you don’t have resistance on cute girls…!」

The older sisters laughs.

「Next to Nei is Yoshida-kun…My 『Seventh toy』」
「Hello…I’m Yoshida」

Uwaa, I’m so nervous

「Oh, he’s not a dick slave!」
「I never thought that Minaho-sama would make a boy 『toy』」
「But…he’s a bit unrefined」

I’m just an indecent child anyway

「That’s why…I made you came here today」

Sensei told the three girls.

「Everyone, please refine Yoshida-kun…!」

Their eyes shined…!

「I see, that’s how it is Minaho-san!」
「I was contacted by Minaho-chi beforehand so I came with dress patterns appropriate for this boy!」
「What kind of concept should we make?」

Katsuko-nee answered Yuuka-san’s question.

「Eeh, please make him popular on middle school girls…!」

Katsuko-nee…why is it exclusive on the middle school girls?!

「That’s because the next target would be a middle school student…!」

Could that be?
…Yukino’s little sister, Maika?

「Right, if it’s just a middle school girl, then it would be easy on the hairstyle and clothes…!」

Tamayo-san said it heartily but…is that how it is?

「But…I didn’t bring a lot f beauty treatments for men today.」

Saying that, Yuzuki-sensei answers Hidemi-san.

「Oh…It’s not Yoshida-kun that everyone’s going to polish. This child please., It’s Megumi. She just became my 『Toy』」
「Nice to meet you…I’m Megumi」

Hearing the name Megumi…Yuuka-san and Hidemi-san was surprised!

「…You’re Megumi-chan!」
「That’s right, Yuuka-neesan! There’s no doubt, it’s Megumi-chan!」

…I see
Yamamine-san lived in this mansion until she was six…

「Do you remember me?」
「Yes. I do…!」
「Eeeeh, then what about me??」
「…I’m sorry」
「Don’t mind it, Hidemi has changed a lot since then」
「Is that so?…Yuuka-neesan」
「That’s right. Ten years has passed since then!」
「Right, it was a sudden increase from teens to late twenties after all. Yuuka-neesan changed from thirties to fourties so there’s not much change!」
「Hey, Hidemi…I’m gonna get angry!」
「…I’m sorryyyy!!」

Tamayo-san asks Yamamine-san who’s surrounded by the two.

「Yuuka-neesan…what kind of girl is she?/」
「Oh right, Tamayo-chan passed by her…There was Emiko-san in this mansion before. Megumi-chan is Emiko-san’s daughter. She was here until she was six」
「…Emiko-san really took care of us」
「She was a good person. I’m really grateful for Megumi-chan’s mother」
「…Thank you very much」

Yamamine-san says her thanks to Yuuka-san and Hidemi-san’s praise.

「Ah, I just remembered! We didn’t pass each other! It was at the time I just entered the mansion…right right, you were there! If I remember, your mother suddenly died…!」

Yuuka-san scolds Tamayo-san!

「It’s fine…I’m really glad that everyone remembers my mother. I think that my mother would be glad…」

Yamamine-san’s words…turned the place solemn.

「But, Minaho-san…It’s good that Megumi-chan’s back but…if Megumi-chan’s going to entertain a 『Guest』then\」
「That’s right…We will never let this child experience what we had…!」

Yuuka-san and Hidemi-san presses Sensei

「Don’t worry. 『Kuromori』right now is no longer a 『Prostitution Section』 I never intend to sell Megumi’s body…!」
「But…Minaho-sama made Megumi-chan your 『Toy』?」
「I’m the one who asked for it」

Yamamine-san told the two.

「I…want to avenge my mother…!」

Yamamine-san’s eyes are sincere…

「I think that you two have heard the rumor already but…I’ve abolished the 『Prostitution section』of 『Kuromori』one year ago…and there are other prostitution organization starting in replacement of 『Kuromori』」
「Yes, I know…that man came on my beauty salon. 『Do you want to return』he asked. Of course, I refused.1 The man’s aim isn’t me, but the knowledge about my customers」
「It also came to my hair salon…The reason why I came here today is to check Minaho-sama’s real intention. That man has said that he’s like the legitimate successor of 『Kuromori』after all…!」
「Eh eh eh?! Nobody came to me though…Yuuka-neesan, that man means that, isn’t it?」
「…Isn’t that obvious, Tamayo」
「Uwaa, that’s dangerous…!」

I don’t get it well…
There’s a guy who’;s trying to bring back the prostitution organization 『Kuromori』without permission…?!

「I want to crush that person’s plan completely. And, I want to end the existence of 『Kuromori』itself in the end…!」

Sensei informed everyone…!

「…You’re prepared aren’t you, Minaho-sama?」
「…We’re all Minaho-chi’s ally!」
「Yes, if Minaho-san wasn’t there, we couldn’t have come out of here…!」

The three onee-sans grasped Sensei’s hand…!

「…Could I ask for your cooperation?」
「Of course. Minaho-sama」
「I’ll be telling the old members of the mansion who survived…!」
「No, we can’t tell them immediately! That man’s definitely observing the other girls…!」
「Right…Akiko-chan and Yukari-chan’s clinging to that man after all」
「Got it…I’ll chose the people we can trust」
「Right, I will be investigating about Akiko-chan」

Sensei bowed to the three

「By the way, Minaho-san…there’s still another one you haven’t introduced to us yet…」
「As expected, Hidemi-neesan loves cute girls!」

Hearing Hidemi-san and Tamayo-san’s voice, Misuzu comes forward.

「…I’m Misuzu. Nice to meet you」
「Hello…Is Misuzu-chan also Minaho-san’s 『Toy』?」
「No…Misuzu is Danna-sama’s pet…!」

Saying that, Misuzu grips my sleeve tightly.

「Oh my…he’s not just what you see. As expected of the 『Toy』Minaho-san chose, making a cute pet like her!」
「Misuzu-chan, is your Master gentle to you?」
「Yes, I love him!」

Yuuka-san asks then Misuzu answers laughingly as she cling to me.
Yamamine-san looks at our faces in surprise…

「Misuzu-san is Kouzuki-sama’s grandchild…」

Sensei explained to the onee-sans.

「Eh, Kouzuki-sama…that Kouzuki-sama?!」2
「Tamayo, you’re too surprised…!」
「Sorry…But, are you sure? Doing this to a Kouzuki ojou-sama?」
「The person herself says that it’s fine so it’s good」
「Yes…Misuzu’s happy for being made pet by Danna-sama!」

Misuzu stated it clearly…
But…Kouzuki house, is it that amazing?3

「We’re really indebt with Kouzuki-sama. I also received help in the management of the salon. I’m grateful to him from the bottom of my heart. Please tell him that I’m sorry for the long silence」

Yuuka-san bows to Misuzu.

「I’ve kept him company for two, three times…It’s really nostalgic」
「Ah, Tamayo was embraced one time too…just one time」

Eh…Misuzu’s grandpa had sex with all of these onee-sans?
What a stud…!4

「I’ve also kept him company! Of course Nagisa too」

Katsuko-nee and Nagisa-san too…!

「The women of 『Kuromori』had been enjoyed by Kouzuki-sama briefly…but, she’s usually Yuuka-neesan’s 『Guest』」

Sensei seizes them.
Uwa, all of the women in this mansion…!

「…Grandfather has been indebt with everyone. Especially, Yuuka-sama, he’s still taking about you even now」
「…Is Kouzuki-sama healthy/」
「Yes. He’s in good health!」
「Is that part is still active?」
「We’re already aunts in age but…would Kouzuki-sama still hold us…?」
「My grandfather will surely be pleased…!」
「Right. I got a young and lovely pet…Kouzuki-sama’s favorite type. I’ll take that child and call him some time…」
「Okay, Yuuka-sama…we will be waiting!」

Misuzu talks as if it’s a normal conversation…
Is the upper class such a world
Yamamine-san who’s brought from the normal family is in blank surprise.

「…My grandfather isn’t a person who’d treat his granddaughter specially. When I told that I want to work on Nagisa-sama’s shop, he should know what would be the result. He knows but…he sent me off」
「But he shouldn’t expect that Misuzu-san would become Yoshida-kun’s pet」

Sensei told Misuzu.

「Yes. I think that my grandfather thinks that my virginity won’t be taken even if Nagisa-sama teases me. My grandfather has decided to let me marry my fiance while still a virgin…」

But…Nagisa-san handed Misuzu to me…
I stole Misuzu’s virginity.

「It’s my first time betraying my grandfathers expectations. But I don’t regret it. Misuzu’s very happy right now」

I’ve done something serious to my pet girl.
Nagisa-san’s line 『I’ll give you my most treasured pet』was true.
Nagisa-san might be punished by Misuzu’s grandfather depending on the circumstances…
Prepared for that…Nagisa-san handed Misuzu to me…

「…Misuzu will definitely be happy」

Only those ordinary words came out of my mouth…

「Geez Danna-sama! Misuzu’s already happy! Also, the who should be making the other happy is the pet Misuzu! Danna-sama should just love me as much as you want!」

Misuzu embraces me…
I also embraced Misuzu…

「Danna-sama…Misuzu will surely make you happy…!」

◇ ◇ ◇

Un…Certainly, I’m happy, but.
Why did this…

I’m sitting on a chair right now, having my hair cut by Yuuka-san…
As expected of a beautician, the feeling of their skill is really good, it’s shown in the ticktacks of the scissors.
That’s good…from time to time, Yuuka-san’s breasts is pushed on my head but that’s still within expectations.
The problem is…
Why are you sucking my dick…Misuzu?
Misuzu is kneeling betwen my groin sitting down the chair…!

「It’s intensive training on fellatio!」

W-With such a radiant smile…Ah, there’s saliva dripping from her mouth…

「Misuzu-sama, you have to hold the penis on this angle…!」

Katsuko-nee too…!
For Misuuzu, it’s a field exercise…!

「Oh my, Katsuko-chan’s now the teacher…」

Yuuka-san continues to cut calmly…and I

「Hey hey, don’t move…!」

My head was made to hit Yuuka-san’s big breasts again.

「Danna-samaaa, please looook…!」

Looking down, Misuzu licks up glans as she looks up at me.

「That’s right…when in the middle of fellatio, look up at your partner’s face as much as possible…you can confirm whether it feels good where you’re stimulating.」
「Err, here?」

Misuzu licks the back of the glans…!
…ah, it feels good!

「Ah, Danna-sama, it feels good here isn’t it?! I’ll be licking it more!」

Her small red tongue moves!
…It feels good!

「Misuzu-chan, it’s no good to just lick. Take out your breasts to stimulate the man’s sight」

Yuuka-san advises Misuzu while cutting my hair…

「But…Misuzu’s breasts is small」
「It’s not a problem of size…ask him」
「Danna-sama…do you like Misuzu’s breasts?」

Misuzu looks up at me…

「I like it…it’s not tiny. It maybe small but it’s as cute as Misuzu. It’s beautiful and the elasticity feels good…」

Misuzu smiled.

「Then…I’ll be showing it…」

Misuzu took off her uniform. She threw it to the chair on the side…then she took off her bra.

「It’s embarrassing…」

Misuzu’s healthy naked chest is exposed before me.

「Misuzu-sama, do you know Paizuri?」

Katsuko-nee asks Misuzu.

「No, I don’t」
「It’s a technique where you sandwich the penis between your breasts to stimulate…」
「Is there something like that?」
「Yes, there is」
「But…Katsuko-sama has bountiful breasts so it’s possible but…it’s impossible for Misuzu’s chest」
「You don’t need to force and sandwich it…Misuzu-sama, please put your nipple on his glans」
「Like this?」

Misuzu’s aroused nipples run over my glans!!!

「Does it feel good?…Danna-sama」
「Un…it feels good Misuzu」
「This also makes me feel good too!」

Misuzu’s face blushes…

「Right now…I’m very wet」
「I’m about to finish cutting so wait for a bit」

Yuuka-san told Misuzu.


Misuzu sticks to my penis like a hungry kitten again…

「You should make noise on purpose, like bad manners when fellating!」

Katsuko-nee’s guidance enters.

「Is that so?…」


Misuzu’s making wet sounds on purpose as she suck on my dick…

「That’s right…You’re doing well Misuzu-sama…!」
「Thank you bewy muff!」

Misuzu…don’t speak while your mouth is full.

「Please lick the bag down there…this part」

Katsuko-nee’s caressing my balls


Misuzu licks my balls’s surface.

「Ah, Danna-sama twitched! Ufu, so cute!」
「Misuzu’s multiple times cuter…!」
「That’s not true…」

Misuzu’s sucking the glans again!
…Oh, that feels great!

「Look…Danna-sama’s much cuter」

Dammit…I can’t move during the haircut…!

「Misuzu…I’ll tease you a lot later」
「Yes…please tease Misuzu under Danna-sama’s arms!」

Misuzu put my dick inside her mouth while having a red face
While looking up at me with enchanted eyes…
Cute…My pet is really cute.

「My my, I’m envious of your innocence…」

Yuuka-san told us without any hesitation

「You two are so cute. I love it. I want to teach you two anything I know…my treasured siblings!」

Katsuko-nee says that but…

「Right…these children will be the last generation in this mansion. They’ll be the youngest brother and sister we will have…」

Yuuka-san says so too

「Okay, done…both of you should take a a shower because there should be hair sticking on your bodies. It’s fine to take it slowly…Misuzu-san, you’re dying to have it inside you don’t you?? If you want to have sex then do it!」


「Yes, thank you very much」
「Katsuko-chan, get in there too」
「…Is that okay?」
「Yes, we’ll be waiting, drinking tea. I’ll be cutting Megumi-chan’s hair after Hidemi-chan finishes her makeover anyway. I also want to talk to Minaho-sama more…」

◇ ◇ ◇

We were taken by Katsuko-san to a large indoor bath.
This mansion was built for high class prostitutes before.
That’s why it seems that there’s also this facility.
If I recall…that one’s a decoration in Arabian harem.
Even the dressing room is wide.

「Danna-sama, Misuzu will take off your clothes!」
「Wait wait, this is the job of the Maid Katsuko!」
「Then, I’ll leave Danna-sama to Katsuko-sama. In exchange, Danna-sama…please strip off Misuzu…!」

I’ll do it…let me do it!
I took off her clothes…then her diaper.
Since her collar is made of leather, I also took it off.
But …the titanium anklet on her leg remains.
Misuzu…my pet.

It’s my second time seeing Misuzu stark naked…
Delicate body…beautiful small breasts.
A hairless genital.
Everything about her is cute.

「Ehehe, it’s embarrassing if you look that much…」
「Then, should I stop looking?」
「Iyan~…Please look. Please touch. Everything is owned by Danna-sama!」



Katsuko-nee clears her throat.
Sorry, it’s not that I forgot about Katsuko-nee…

「Please take a look at Katsuko’s naked body!」

This is my first time taking my time looking at Katsuko-nee’s naked body.
It was always busy after all…

Un…If Misuzu’s naked body is on the first class idol…
Katsuko-nee’s lively body looks like a foreign beauty model…
Her explosive breasts and ass that don’t hang down…
Her waist is extremely narrow…

「I’m doing muscle training so my body line is always taken care of!」

Sasuga5 Katsuko-nee…!

「I’m being diligent as a woman of 『Kuromori』up until now. But, I’ll do this for only you know. Katsuko is your woman…」

Katsuko-nee says that and gave my lips a hot kiss.

「Ah, Katsuko-sama, you’re unfair!」
「Misuzu-sama’s been fellating him since a while ago though」
「Fellatio and kiss are two different things!」
「Misuzu, don’t get angry…come here, I’ll give you a kiss」
「okaay, Danna-sama!」

I kissed Misuzu too.

「Ufu…I love you Danna-sama」
「Katsuko again!」

◇ ◇ ◇

We entered the bathroom…
Bright light beams from the skylight.
As expected, the bathroom was decorated in Arabian manner…
The steam is wonderful6…and the temperature is high.
Even if you’re naked, it’s not cold at all.
Inside the bathroom…
…are naked women.

Yamamine-san who’s lying down on the towel naked…and a naked Hidemi-san giving a massage.
There’s something like a green oil being applied to her…
Is this beauty treatment?
I don’t know how it works though…
And to make it strange, the naked Nei-san is watching over…!
Tamaoyo-san’s soaking herself in the bathtub leisurely.

「Oh, Yo-chan…Un, your haircut looks cool!」

The naked Nei-san smiles at me without hiding anything…
My eyes go to pink nipple and the secret place with thin pubic hair…
She’s a perfect nude art in Europe as always.
I can feel the divinity…

「Yoshida-kun…?! Kyaa!!」

Yamamine-san who’s lying down naked hides her own ass in surprise.

「Don’t do that, Megumi-chan…You’re already Minaho’s 『Toy』aren’t you? There’s no secrecy between 『toys』!」

Hidemi-san said while applying oil on Yamamine-san’s healthy naked body.
Hidemi-san keeps a perfect body line that you won’t think of her as 30 years old.

「Don’t say But! Megumi-chan’s going to have sex with Yo-chan soon!」
「Yo-chan, you want to do it with Megumi-chan don’t you?!」

Nei-san asked straight.

「Yes, I want to」

I also answered clearly.
I’ve learned that at such times, it’s rude if you didn’t answer clearly…

「Megumi-chan’s a virgin?」
「…That’s right, but」
「Then, can you give your virginity to Yo-chan?」

Yamamine-san’s troubled…
Of course, even if you ask that suddenly.

「Nei-sama, I think that you should say that after giving your own virginity…!」

Katsuko-nee told Nei-san strictly.

「Uwaa, I stirred up the hornet’s nest…!」
「Get fucked already!」
「…Katsun scolded me agaiiin!!」

Nei-san ran away and dived in the bath!

「Hey! That’s bad manners!」

Nei-san was scolded by Tamayo-san in the bathtub this time…!

「I’m sorryyy!」

Nei-san apologized humbly…!

「But…Megumi-sama. Please get yourself ready all the time. If Ojou-sama orders, you’re a 『Toy』so you have to sleep with whoever it is…」

Katsuko-nee told Yamamine-san.

「Perhaps…Megumi-sama’s first partner would be Yo-chan! I don’t think that will change!」

Nei-san said while making a breast stroke in the wide bathtub.

「I think so too…!」

Katsuko-nee too…

「Perhaps…that will be」

Yamamine-san muttered weakly
Her hand is still hiding her ass.

「Don’t worry Megumi-san. Misuzu just have her virginity to Danna-sama yesterday!」
「Yes, it’s not even a day passing! But Danna-sama’s very gentle!」

Misuzu smiled to Yamamine-san kindly…!

「Misuzu will have sex with Danna-sama from now on. I think that if Megumi-san take a look at us, she won’t get scared anymore!」


The naked and blushing Misuzu spread out her arms in front of me.

「Danna-sama…please ravish Misuzu!」

There’s love nectar dripping from Misuzu’s legs.

「Wait up!!!」

Katsuko-nee jumps and roars

「I’ll join! Misuzu-sama’s not the only one who’s been enduring all this time wanting to be embraced!」
「…Then how about the two of us be embraced by Danna-sama at the same time?
「That’s what I want! I won’t agree otherwise!」

Eh…Misuzu and Katsuko-nee 3P?!

While being watched by Yamamine-san and Nei-san…!


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