571. I love you. I love you. I love you.



「 Agnes 」

I kiss Agnes’ soft lips again and pull out my penis.


When I pull out my glans, white semen drips down from her hole.

Nei and Katsuko-nee take photos of it of course.

「 Let’s take a break 」

I pat Agnes’ blonde hair, and she nods while covered in sweat and breathing hot sighs.

She understands.

I look at Michi.

「 I’ve made you wait, Michi 」


「 Master, please take a small break for now 」

I’m also sweating, but I can’t say that.

「 I can still go for another round, look! 」

My penis has lost a bit of vigor, but it’s still energetic.

Actually, I’m used to having sex in succession.

Besides, I started with this intention in mind.

I’m getting hold of the pace.

I’ll be taking care of all of these women from now on.

「 Come, Michi 」

I call Michi.

「 I want to get inside you 」

Michi blushes.

「 In that case, I’ll be on top! 」

She pushed me down and got on top of me.

「 I will be the one to serve 」

Saying that. She sucks on my penis.

She licks on the glans and sucks out the remaining semen in my urethra.


「 Michi, shouldn’t you take off your dress? 」

Michi’s still wearing her dress.

Even now that’s she’s fellating me on top of the bed.

「 I’m sweaty, you know? 」

Her beautiful dress would get dirty.

「 It’s okay 」

Michi says and continues to suck on my glans.

「 No, but 」

Michi’s definitely not taking off her dress because

she doesn’t want to expose her chest in front of everyone, isn’t it?

Michi’s lost to even Agnes.

She’s also flat compared to Edie.

「 From now on, when I get new clothes, I will make sure to receive Master’s love while wearing t. I’ll make sure to have photos as well, that’s what I decided 」

Michi said.

「 Therefore, I will accept Master while wearing this dress and receive semen deep inside me 」

Every time you buy new clothes?

「 My, that sounds fun! I’ll do the same! 」

Ruriko said happily.

Oh, she came at the same time with Agnes and me from Misuzu’s licking.

Her clothes and hair are disheveled. Her breasts and genitals are showing as well

But, she’s bright and energetic.

I mean, she’s even more excited from cumming, she’s bursting with energy.

「 We’ll do it during the seasonal wardrobe change. When changing to summer, or winter uniforms, or even wearing a coat during the winter, I want Master to do me 」

「 Me too! Me too! Onii-sama! 」

「 R-Ruriko-sama! 」

Yoshiko-san’s speechless at Ruriko’s transformation.

「 It’s okay, Ruriko-sama. We’re allowed to be as obscene as we can be in front of Danna-sama. But in exchange, we need to endure the strict life of Kouzuki family 」

Misuzu said.

「 We can expose our everything to Danna-sama. And he will accept any of our desires 」

That’s an exaggeration Misuzu.

I’m not that amazing.

But, I’ll do all my best to respond to their expectations.

These girls are all my women.

「 That’s right. It’s fascinating, everything I do with Onii-sama is all fun things 」


「 Truly. Having sex with Onii-sama is as much enjoyable as dancing. I’m using only my body to please Onii-sama. It’s fun for me too. Then, when Onii-sama looks at me, pours a lot inside me, that time makes me really happy. Onii-sama’s very lovely! Megumi-san feels the same way, yes? 」

Suddenly, Ruriko talks to Megu.

「 Y-Yes. It’s the same for me. My heart tightens when Yoshi-kun lets out a lot! 」

「 It’s a lovely feeling, isn’t it?! It makes me feel like “Oh, I’m his woman” 」

Nei said.

「 Well, he looks like he’s feeling really good when ejaculating. Furthermore, he looks at our eyes, and hug our body really tight 」


「 This kind of man is rare. In the first place, men just climax as they please. They don’t care about the state of their partner. Worse, they feel like they’re just using your body as a masturbation tool. Those parts are connected, but their minds are in a completely different direction 」

「 Speaking of which, one of the customers brought by Shirasaka Sousuke puts on a mask on the prostitute’s face 」

Minaho-neesan recalls from what Katsuko-nee said.

「 A mask? 」

Megu asks.

「 That’s right. That customer brings in a handmade mask of the face of his favorite actress and has the prostitute wear it. It’s just a life-sized printout of a photo, so it’s very flat 」

That’s just perverted.

「 Ojou-sama, that’s still way better than the others 」

Katsuko-nee replied.

「 I was made to wear a cartoon-character costume and entertain the customer in that dress 」

Cartoon-character costume.

「 Huh, you mean an anime girl? 」

Mana asks.

「 No, not a person. An elephant 」


「 Elephant, to be specific, it’s Du*bo 」


What’s Du*bo?

「 Katsuko-oneechan. D*mbo costume? Did you wear only the head part? 」

「 No, that’s not all. Mana-chan 」

Katsuko-nee says while looking gloomy.

「 I was made to wear a whole Du*bo costume, and the only hole open is in my crotch and had sex like that 」

What the fuck?

「 It’s so hot that I was sweating a lot, it was hard to breathe, and above all, what’s humiliating is the remark of the customer after it was over. 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 “Now that I tried it, it’s not really good. I guess I shouldn’t use Du*bo but Po*h instead” I lost my cool back then 」

I don’t get it

「 Wearing such a thing and covering your face makes you unable to tell the other party’s feelings. It’s much more fun to have sex while looking at each other 」

Ruriko said.

「 Ah, sorry, that one was a case for a really strange person. There’s no need to worry about that. Enjoy what you want to do 」

Katsuko-nee says in a panic.

All the young ones in here have limited experience in sex. There are girls like Ruriko who had no knowledge about sex before this.

It’s scary to see what’s next after teaching them about strange things.

「 Oh right, this is from an old movie I saw! 」

Huh, Nei?

「 In winter, you wear a coat and then naked under it. That means that you wear nothing under the coat! And then, you look for a place with no people, no, it’s okay even if there are, then have sex making sure that nobody sees! 」

「 T-That’s great! Nei-chan! That’s a good one! 」

Misuzu immediately jumps in.

「 I want to do that! Danna-sama, let’s do it! 」

「 Aaahn! Ruriko wants to do that too! 」

These cousin beauties, their depravity is off the charts.

「 Mana doesn’t suit wearing a fur coat. I guess I’ll try wearing a raincoat instead? That means I won’t wait until winter and it will be rainy season soon 」

Mana. Naked raincoat?

「 No, why not just get naked under an umbrella instead? 」


「 Then, Agnes will do that! 」

Err. Having a 12-year-old blonde haired half-foreign girl naked under an umbrella.

Of course, it would be a yellow umbrella for elementary school girls.

「 Then, let’s have sex under the slide at the child park! Onii-chan! 」

What kind of pervert am I?

「 Kufufu, it has completely recovered! 」

Michi smiles.

Oh, my penis has wholly regained its strength from Michi’s fellatio while we’re talking about lewd stuff.

「 Well then, I will put it inside of me 」

Michi lowers her waist.

She places my penis inside her skirt and touching her lewd part.

「 M-Michi? 」

「 Please leave it all to Michi. I’ll do it all 」

Oh, Michi’s hot nectar touches the tip of the glans.

「 Hauuu! 」

It’s pushing inside her dripping wet pussy.

「 Uuuuu, Master came back again! 」

Michi pushes in her waist.

My penis penetrates through Michi’s narrow track.

「 Just a bit more. Oh, it’s here. That’s the goal! 」

Michi’s pressing her weight to the joint.

My penis is inside to the root.

I’m poking through her uterus.

「 Haa, haa, haa 」

Michi’s wearing a dress.

She sits perfectly on top of my body.

Having the connected part hidden behind her skirt feels a bit lewd.

「 Hauuuu, here I go 」

Michi puts her hands on my chest and lifts her ass.

Then, she twists her waist in small increments.

Kuchu, kuchu, kuchu.

Wet sounds come from the combined part.

This cute Michi has a lot of liquid.

「 U-Uhm, Master 」

Michi who’s shaking her ass rhythmically looks at me with melting eyes.

「 What’s up, Michi? 」


「 Master, are you interested in the molestation act? 」


「 I do, I want Master to molest me 」

Hey, Michi?

「 I want Master to touch me while on a train on the way to school in the morning. Michi wants her precious place to be dripping wet like this 」

Michi clamps my penis.

Michi’s petite body has an excellent tightness.

「 But, Michi, are you satisfied with just touching? 」

If her libido’s ignited, then.

We can’t have sex in a crowded train as one would expect.

「 Y-Yes, therefore, when I can’t endure it anymore, we’ll get down at the station on the way 」

Michi breathes out.

「 Pulling my hand forcibly, taking me to a toilet, please bring me to the men’s restroom 」

Oh, Michi’s love nectar is overflowing.

Our connection has a really hot lubricant.

「 Then, what do you want after getting you to the toilet? 」

Michi’s eyes are sparkling as she tells me.

「 Ravish me. Please mess up Michi’s body! 」

Michi’s waist speeds up.

Michi grinds her abdomen to mine dynamically.

「 Master, please pour in all of your semen inside Michi! While we’re inside the toilet!!! 」


「 Aaaahn! Michi wants to become Master’s toilet! 」

She places her hand on mine and grabs it tight.

「 Please order Michi more horrible things! Michi is Master’s toy! A sex toy!! 」

Oh, Michi’s also letting loose of her mind.

She also seeks someone who’ll accept her right in front of her.

Love, pleasure, sexual urges, a partner to release it all.

「 Yeah, we’ll do that all! Anything that Michi wants! 」

Therefore, I’ll hold on to her and accept Michi directly in front.

「 I’m going to have you accept whatever I want to do too! 」

「 Yes, thank you! 」

Ah, she smiled.

Michi who’s shaking violently on top of me is smiling.

「 Then first, squeeze me 」

I look up at Michi and said.

「 Squeeze? 」

「 Yeah, use your strength to squeeze out the semen left in me 」


「 Certainly, Master! 」

Michi changes the movement of her waist.

She does it in three dimensions.

It’s as if she’s moving from 8 to ∞ in the air.

Then, she occasionally tightens up.

Her speed is also accelerating.

「 Master. Please say you want Michi to bear a child 」

「 I want Michi to bear my child 」

「 Michi’s still in middle school. Do you want a child of a middle school girl? 」

「 I don’t care, I want it because it’s Michi 」

「 Ooh, Me too! I want it because it’s Master 」

Haa, haa, haa.

Haa, haa, haa.

Michi’s rhythmic movement synchronizes with my heartbeat.

We’re overlapping.

「 Understood, Master. You’re about to cum soon. Michi will squeeze out everything. Please calm your heart 」

Michi. Michi!!

「 Ufufu, there’s no need to push yourself. Even without that devotion, Michi will make you feel excellent 」

Michi shows a smile with plenty of composure, and she wriggles her waist.

「 I will devote my all so I will shoulder all of Master!! 」

Chapu chapu.

My glans is knocking on Michi’s uterus like a woodpecker.

「 Ooh, Michi, Michi’s about to cum soon too! 」

Then, Michi curves her back and reaches out to Edie’s hand.

「 Edie! 」

Edie smiles and holds Michi’s hands.

「 Could it be? 」

「 Michi? Shingetsu? 」

If Michi and Edie shoot out their Qi together.

Everyone in the room will lose consciousness.

Nei or Katsuko-nee who experienced it will be able to endure it but.

What about Minaho-neesan and Agnes?

「 Wrong, it’s just us 」


「 Only the three of us! 」

Oh, I can feel the Qi accumulating in Michi and Edie’s hands.

My consciousness is drawn to the two beauties.

「 Kudou style final secret art, Mangetsu!!! 」1

At that moment, my heart is sucked in.

It condensed in a moment.

It explodes.

「 Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」


All of the semen in my body.

All of it blows inside Michi like a jet.

Oh, I feel my body exhausting.

I’m ejaculating as if it’s being sucked out.

What pleasure.

I’m melting, falling.

But, I’m not alone.

Michi, Edie, and Me.

The three of us holding each other’s hands, hugging, falling.

To the very bottom.

To the very deep, deep, dark bottom.

「 Aaaaaaaaaaaa, Master!! 」

「 Woah hooo!!!!!! 」

Edie and Michi are here too.

Oh, the real Michi is much younger than her current petite body.

An elementary school girl Michi.

When her parents are busy, she’s under her Grandfather’s care.

A lonely Michi.

Oh, I can see the true Edie too.

When her grandmother died, Edie felt despair.

She feels she can’t believe anyone.

Edie judges people with Qi.

She can tell people’s malice who are trying to use her so can’t help but be alone.

「 Master. Master! 」

《 darling! 》

Michi and Edie’s voices.

「 It’s okay now. Master already has us 」

《 SO.It’s O.K.!!! 》

I see.

The two can see my loneliness, my past.,

「 Now, let’s go 」

We’re falling. Falling.

Our fall in the darkness is interrupted.

「 Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! 」

《 HAWOOOOO!!!! 》

Michi and Edie use their Qi once again.

「 Hafuu! 」

I returned to my consciousness.

「 Uuuu!! 」

I’m still in the middle of ejaculation.

Doopu, doopu!!

I spew my semen inside Michi’s womb.

「 Aaauuu 」

Michi’s smiling on top of me.

「 So cute. I love you. I love you 」

She smiles.

《 darling! 》

Edie’s also clinging to me.

She’s rubbing her breasts to me.

They saw it.

These two.

They saw both the front and the back of my heart.

I saw it too.

All of Michi and Edie’s heart.

「 Uhm, what’s going on? 」

Nei who’s holding the camera asks curiously.


「 I can’t say that. It’s a secret technique 」

Michi says with a smile.

「 That’s unfair! Mitchan! 」

「 I can’t explain it in words but, it’s something that has to be experienced together 」

Michi’s right.

That was impossible to explain.

We saw the loneliness in our hearts for a moment.

And it’s embarrassing but not shameful.

We’re just happy.

We understand each other.

We fill each other’s happiness.

「 Michi 」

「 Yes, Master? 」

We kiss each other

「 Edie 」

《 darling! 》

Edie too.

Oh, even without words. We’ve really become a family.

Neither affirming nor denying, we just accept each other.

「 Are you okay? 」

Minaho-neesan looks at me worriedly.

「 Yeah, I’m fine. Michi just taught me a lot of things 」

I look at Michi.

「 Oh, I see. I was wrong to think that I had to work hard, that I have to protect everyone with my life 」

「 What’s wrong, Yoshi-kun? 」

Megu asks me.

「 No, I was wrong. I just put a burden on my shoulders without the need. Isn’t that just wrong? 」


「 I love everyone. I really do. I love you all. That’s why I’ll make you all happy. That’s all I need to be satisfied with 」

Why did I not notice it?

「 I want to make everyone happy, so I will do whatever is needed. It’s natural, I don’t need to be upright and think “I need to work hard, I need to steel myself” I should just accept it naturally, smoothly 」

I look at my family.

「 Minaho-neesan. I like you Minaho-neesan. I love you 」

「 T-Thanks 」

Minaho-neesan said in surprise.

「 Katsuko-nee, I love you 」

「 I love you too, but what’s going on? 」

「 Just saying it. I’ll tell everyone 」

I look at Nei who’s staring in confusion.

「 Ya-chan, I love you 」

「 I-I also love Yo-chan 」

Next, Misuzu

「 Misuzu. I love you 」

「 Yes, Danna-sama. Misuzu loves you too 」

Can Misuzu tell what I’m feeling? She replied with a refreshed look.

「 Megu, I like you. I love you 」

「 Y-Yeah, I also like Yoshi-kun 」

Megu doesn’t look like she gets it yet she replied.

《 Edie、I LOVE YOU! 》

《 YES 》

She holds my hand tight.

「 Michi, I love you 」

「 Me too. Master 」

Michi’s still connected with me. She clamps me with her vagina.

「 Ruriko, I love you 」

「 I love you too Onii-sama forever 」

Ruriko replied with pride.

「 Mana, I love you 」

「 Yes, Me too. Onii-chan 」

Mana smiles.

「 Agnes, I love you 」

「 Love? 」


「 I like Agnes so much that I can’t help but want to dote on Agnes 」

「 Agnes also likes Papa!! 」

Agnes smiles.

「 Kyouko-san too. I love you 」

「 Oh my, that’s a surprise. Well, I’ll thankfully receive that love 」

Kyouko-san replied.

「 I also think of you as a cute little brother 」

「 Thank you. Cordelia-san, I also like you 」

Miss Cordelia:

「 Err, not Eros but Agape? 」

「 It’s not sexual nor neighborly, it’s’ familial 」

She laughs at what I said.

「 Yeah, well, I think of you as an interesting kid. I mean, I think your ability to make your women cute is impressive 」


「 It’s the power of love. You see, humans can make cute on everything they pour love on 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 Wild animals are never cute. The only input in their brain is to live. But, when human beings pour love on that loveless, and expressionless wildlife, it becomes cute. No matter what kind of animal it is. They become attractive from flowing love 」

The power of love.

「 Humans are also animals. Parents, relatives, lovers. For others, people that are loved becomes cute. But, people who aren’t loved can’t be cute. That’s how it is 」

Not everyone is loved.

It’s possible that one loses the affection of others.

That’s what each in the family has experienced.

「 You pour your love on them that’s why even Minaho becomes cute 」

「 K-Kyouko-san?! 」

「 Am I wrong? You were fellating him so happily 」

Minaho-neesan blushes.

「 And these women who are cute for you, are pouring their love back to you, that’s why you’re becoming cute too 」

I see.

「 It’s a good flow, isn’t that the ideal? 」

I love my family.

Even Nagisa, Mao-chan, and Margo-san who aren’t here.

I love Shou-neechan and Rei-chan too.

Jii-chan as well.


I also love Yukino.

Yukino became cute.


  1. Full moon