Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 577.I’ll be the pervert



「 Onii-chan 」

Mana raises her shirt, her bra’s exposed.

「 Unhook it 」

I turn my hands to Mana’s back and unhook her bra.

I push up her bra, and I touch her still growing breasts.

「 You can play with it 」

Mana smiles.

I massage Mana’s breasts.

The small mound of meat fits in my hand perfectly.

I knead on her pink nipple.

「 Onii-chan, you really love breasts, don’t you? 」

Mana said.

「 Mana also loves Onii-chan’s hand. Touch me more 」

We’re lying down on the rear seat of the car.

I enjoy the feeling of Mana’s breasts while we hug each other.

Ah, the traffic lights are in red. The car stopped.

「 Mana 」

「 Un 」

We kiss each other.

It would be dangerous if the car starts suddenly, so we didn’t entangle our tongues.

Just our lips.

「 It’s dark, I can’t clearly see Mana’s face 」

I said. Mana:

「 Is that so? I do like doing it in dark places though 」

She leaks out a giggle.

「 Being alone with Onii-chan feels like I’m doing something forbidden 」

Indeed, we’re hiding from the other women in their cars while doing this.

「 Mana 」

Yeah, although I can’t see it well because it’s dim.

Mana’s 14-year-old’s skin feels pleasant to touch.

The scent of Mana’s hair too.

There’s a sweet milk smell coming from her ears and neck.

The freshness stimulates my arousal.

「 Onii-chan 」

Mana’s hand gropes around my crotch.

「 How about we take off your pants? Your thing is really tensed up, it says it wants to go out 」

I loosen my belt and pull down my pants.

I take off my underwear and expose my erect penis.

「 Wait 」

We’re in a driving car, so fellatio is a no-go.

Mana licks her small hands and spits on it.

Doing it on her fingers deliberately.

「 Mana will touch it 」

Then, Mana’s hand wet with her saliva grabs my penis.

「 Like this? 」

She’s stroking my glans gently.

「 Yes, that feels good Mana 」

I see. If she does it like this.

I also wet my fingers with my saliva and reach to Mana’s nipples.

I press it with my thumb, making a circle.

「 Aaah that feels good, Onii-chan 」

Mana’s moist breath reaches me.

「 Should I touch it more this way? 」

I can’t lick Mana’s genital either.

I might bite my tongue when the car suddenly stops, it’ll be a horrible scene.

I thought of touching her with my finger wet with my saliva.

「 There’s no need for that 」


「 Mana’s already wet in there 」

I insert my hand to Mana’s skirt.

「 Auuu 」

Mana’s panty is already wet.

I touch it from top of the fabric and push it further.

「 O-Onii-chan 」

Mana who’s holding my penis loosens up.

Her clitoris is around here.

I look for the Mana’s sensitive parts with just my sense of touch.

「 Ah, Ahn, there, it feels good! 」

Mana’s panty is getting more wet, heavier.

「 O-Onii-chan. M-Mana’s 」

Mana whispers to me inside the dark car.

「 I want it now. Onii-chan, please bang Mana 」

Mana uses the other hand to pull off her panty.

She throws her wet panty to the side.

Then, she flips her skirt.

She shows off her small slit near my abdomen.

「 Mana wants Onii-chan to rape her, please mess Mana up 」


I get on top of Mana’s body.

「 Hurry up and put it in. Please fill up Mana’s stomach with Onii-chan’s penis 」

Mana spreads her legs and welcomes me in.

I bring my glans to the gate that’s dripping love nectar.

「 Pierce me 」


My big erect penis pierces inside Mana’s vagina.

My penis sinks in, and Mana’s love nectar is pushed out from the inside.

「 Aaah, Onii-chan’s thing is so hot 」

「 Mana’s inside is also wet and warm 」

The tip of my penis kisses the deepest part of Mana’s pussy.

I’m pushed into Mana’s inside up to the root.

「 Hauuu 」

Mana and I take a moment to breathe.

I hug Mana’s small body.

Mana also hugs me from below.

「 Onii-chan, listen to me 」

Mana whispers

「 Huh? 」

「 Don’t look at Mana’s face, just listen, please 」

Does she not want Katsuko-nee to hear? Mana speaks in a low voice.

I’m the only one who can hear Mana’s voice while our genitals are connected, and I lay on top of her body.

「 Onii-chan, how many times have you done it with Mana in the past few days? Onii-chan raped me a lot, right? Mana’s stomach is always filled with Onii-chan’s semen. Onii-chan always ejaculates inside after all 」

W-What are you getting at Mana?

「 Onii-chan, to tell the truth, Mana’s still scared of sex even now. Mana’s first time was rape, isn’t it? That’s why 」

I-Is that so?

「 Oh, sorry, then I’m pulling out now 」

When I tried to pull out my penis from Mana:

「 No, continue. Please continue to have sex with Mana 」

Mana hugs me, she’s not letting go.

「 Mana’s scared of sex, of men. I won’t speak to any man unless Onii-chan gives permission. It’s only Onii-chan 」

Mana whispers directly in my ear.

That’s why I can’t see Mana’s expression.

Only Mana’s voice echoes in this dimly lit world.

「 But you see, Mana’s a pervert. Afraid of sex and yet, I love it when Onii-chan comes to rape me. Only for Onii-chan. I don’t want others. When I think that Onii-chan will rape me, my heart feels throbbing. Lewd juices come down dripping from deep in my stomach 」

Mana’s moist vagina tightens up my penis.

「 Remember it, Onii-chan. When you first raped Mana 」

I took Mana’s virginity at the courtyard of the mansion.

I pushed her down the lawn and did her forcefully.

It began to rain halfway, Mana and I were covered in mud.

「 Did raping Mana feel good? 」


「 Please answer honestly 」


「 It felt good to rape Mana 」


「 It was scary for me. It was scary, it hurts, it was sad. I cried a lot. When Onii-chan ejaculated inside me, I felt despair. But, Onii-chan didn’t end with just that, Onii-chan continued to rape Mana. Onii-chan ejaculated inside Mana once more 」

「 Sorry 」

Mana pats my back.

「 There’s no need to apologize. I’m not asking for that. Did it feel good? Did you want to rape Mana that badly? Even twice 」

「 I wanted, yes 」

「 Why? Was it because Mana is Papa’s daughter? 」


That’s not it.

「 Because Mana’s’ cute. I wanted to mess you up and pour my semen inside 」

「 I see 」

Mana mutters.

「 Do you remember what was after that? Onii-chan took Mana to the bath and washed up Mana’s body 」

OH, I.

「 Seriously, what a hypocrite I am 」

「 Indeed. Mana was really scared. The man who raped me is now taking a bath together with me 」

I guess.

「 Then, a lot happened, then after a few hours, Mana was raped again. Calling it “redo of the deflowering” 」

Right, I raped Mana again on the same day I forced to take away her virginity.

「 Then, that was another two ejaculation inside 」


「 How did it feel? Did it feel good raping Mana? 」

「 It did 」

I can’t lie. I’ll reply honestly.

「 That day didn’t end there, after that, a lot happened, but in the end, by night, Onii-chan, Megu-oneechan, and I stayed in a love hotel 」

Oh, that night, Megu and Mana took a bath and then Minaho-neesan told her to have me creampie them ten times until morning.

「 Onii-chan raped Mana a lot on the day Mana lost her virginity 」

Mana mutters.

It’s a painful experience for a 14-year-old girl.

「 Sorry, I’m really sorry, Mana 」

I said. Mana.

「 You liar 」


「 Onii-chan says sorry, and yet your penis is growing bigger inside Mana 」


「 Onii-chan, it’s better if you accept it. Onii-chan, you love raping women. You’re that kind of man. You’re a pervert 」

Mana’s voice echoes in my mind.

「 But, Onii-chan’s a polite pervert. You never rape a girl you’re not convinced that you can. You’re not indiscriminate, you choose your people.

Is that so?

「 And, Mana’s also a pervert. A pervert who always wants Onii-chan to rape her. It’s inevitable, Onii-chan raped me a lot after all. I can’t accept any other penis other than Onii-chan’s 」

Mana grabs my ass and pulls up her waist.

I hear a wet sound from our connecting part.

「 Therefore, from now on, Mana and Onii-chan’s sex will be rape. If Onii-chan wants to rape then do Mana anytime, anywhere, in front of anywho. Violate me, Mana’s a rape slave for Onii-chan’s rape purposes 」

Mana’s breathing gets rough.

Mana’s also aroused from what she’s talking.

「 Please don’t mind Mana’s feelings or mental preparedness. Put it in even if it’s not wet. Mana’s a pervert, so I get wet when Onii-chan rapes me. Also when Mana doesn’t want it, do me., No, do it especially when Mana doesn’t want to. Forcibly, using sheer strength. And, cum inside Mana 」

Mana’s twisting her waist while connected to me.

「 Mana’s use is for Onii-chan to release semen. You can do it as many times a day. Onii-chan, rape Mana as much as you like 」


I can’t hold back anymore.

I piston my penis inside Mana.

「 Aaah, yes. Onii-chan’s raping me. Onii-chan’s raping Mana 」

Mana’s body shakes back and forth matching my movements.

「 Sorry, sorry, I’m sorry that I’m a pervert 」

Mana’s right.

I’m a pervert who likes raping women.

Because of this perverted fetish of mine, Mana’s…

「 It’s okay to be a pervert. Mana will do her job too 」

Mana said.

「 No, it’s okay even if it’s not just Mana. Mana will help out Onii-chan on raping a girl you want to rape 」

Mana, you.

「 It’s okay. Either way, Onii-chan only does good girls! Ahn! 」

I poke through Mana’s pleasure point, and she raised a gasp.

「 It’s okay to be a pervert. Being a bad man is okay. Mana loves all of Onii-chan. I also like this perverted Onii-chan. I want Onii-chan to do me every day! 」

Mana’s body sweats.

Mana’s milk-ish odor grows stronger.

「 Therefore, please recognize that you’re a pervert, Onii-chan 」


That’s right. I’m just a pervert. Just a criminal.

I lose to my desires and rape a woman immediately.

「 It’s okay, Mana will follow you anywhere no matter what. Hauuu 」


「 Rape me more! Please rape mana! Onii-chan! 」

Oooh, Mana!

「 Look, it’s rape! Sex with Mana will always be rape! Onii-chan is violating Mana inside this car right now! How does it feel? What do you feel right now? 」

I. I. I.

「 I-I’m feeling good. Mana! 」

「 It feels good? Does raping Mana feel good? 」

「 Yes, it feels good. Mana’s body feels good 」

I’m drowning in Mana’s body.

It’s dark, and I can’t see her face, having sex like this sharpens the sensation of the body more and more.

「 Mana’s only 14-year-old you know! Does it really feel good raping a second-year middle school girl!? 」

「 It feels good! Mana! 」

「 Be more honest! Onii-chan! 」

Aaah, Mana.

I thrust my waist in furiously.

「 Onii-chan, t-tomorrow 」


「 Can you slip out of the class? 」


「 Mana will sneak to Onii-chan’s school 」


「 Keep it a secret to Megu-oneechan and Nei-oneechan 」


「 Yes, let’s do it in the men’s toilet. Mana will be waiting in the toilet’s cubicle 」


「 What does Onii-chan want to do in the middle of the class, inside a cubicle with Mana? 」


「 I want to have sex. I want to rape Mana 」

「 Me too. Do, me. Onii-chan, rape me as much as you want 」


「 It’s okay, do me, rape me, break me 」

「 A-Are you sure? 」

「 It’s okay. Mana’s a good girl for raping, right? Isn’t that right, Onii-chan? 」

「 Yeah, Mana’s a good girl for raping 」

I speed up my waist.

The hot lump gathers inside of me.

「 It’s okay, do me as you want. I want it too, Onii-chan, Onii-chan. Aaah 」


「 M-Mana. I-I’m about to! 」

The semen’s welling up.

Then, Mana.

「 N-No. Onii-chan. Noooo! 」


「 Why no? 」

「 Don’t cum! Don’t cum inside Mana! 」

Mana’s acting for my sake?

「 If you cum inside I’ll get pregnant! 」

Mana’s drinking pills.

Therefore, this is just a play to please me.

「 That would be nice, I’m going to cum inside 」

「 Noooo! Noooooooo! 」

Mana resists on purpose.

She’s not serious of course, but this is arousing.

「 It’s useless, I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! 」

「 Nooo, please! Onii-chaaan!! 」


「 M-Manaaaa! 」

My ejaculation starts.

「 H-Hot!! 」

The first wave pours into Mana’s womb.

「 I-It’s coming out! It’s pouring in! I’m getting pregnant!! 」

Ooh, it’s still coming.

「 Onii-chan’s bursting inside Mana 」

I’m still not done.

「 Uuuu, uuuu, uuuuuuuu! 」

I pierce my penis into Mana’s vagina and pour until the last drop.

I wriggle my waist back and forth multiple times to push the released semen into her uterus.

「 Mana’s getting pregnant! 」

「 Yeah, bear my child 」

I shouted unconsciously.

◇ ◇ ◇

Haa. haa. haa. haa.

After a long ejaculation, I exhaust myself on top of Mana’s body.

My mind and body feel like I had such intense sex that I ejaculated everything.

I can’t put in strength.

I fell down and close my eyes.

「 Mana-chan, sorry. Usually, it should be a job for Nagisa and me 」

After regaining consciousness, I hear Katsuko-nee saying that.

I still can’t move my body.

I’m still hugging Mana below.

My penis is still inside Mana.

「 It’s okay. I believe that this is my the only role I can do for Onii-chan 」

I hear Mana’s voice in my ear.

「 I knew it, recently, he’s being too considerate to his partner on his recent sex 」

「 It can’t be helped. There’re a lot of girls who need to be treated kindly, and with Misuzu-oneechan as his partners 」

「 Indeed. Those girls just learned about sex, and they can’t help but feel that sex is so fun. He needs to stand firm and keep them company 」


「 Onii-chan hasn’t let loose his mind and have sex the way he wanted 」

「 Indeed, however, we knew that his stress would accumulate so we wanted to let that free 」

My stress?

「 He’s always too patient, so his stress is the type that accumulates a lot 」

Katsuko-nee says.

「 He was able to release those stress by raping Yukino-san up until now, but that won’t happen in the future anymore 」

「 I’ll be Yukino-oneechan’s substitute 」

Mana, you?

「 Healing sex and stress release sex are different things. I can tell from the situation earlier, Nagisa and I understand that we can’t do it as well as Mana-chan 」

「 Is that so? 」

「 Yes, Mana-chan did really well. Mana-chan stimulates the feeling of debt from raping you yet you gently set fire on his cruel heart. You really plan on doing the “restroom rape during class” don’t you? 」

「 If possible 」

「 Then, I’ll make preparations, he really was holding down his heart during this holiday, so I think that he needs time to relax his mind with such unusual pleasures 」

「 Megu-oneechan or Nei-oneechan can’t do that role, right? 」

「 Indeed, those girls will have their desires take over 」

Katsuko-nee sighs.

「 Those two, well, Misuzu-chan and the other girls are the same, they’ve just started to like sex. We can’t do anything about it for now 」

「 Yes 」

「 Mana-chan, you really do hate sex, don’t you? 」


「 Yes. I hate it 」

Mana said.

「 But, I feel that I’m alive only when I have sex with Onii-chan. I mean, I really can’t find the meaning for living other than to have sex with Onii-chan. If I don’t do my best as Onii-chan’s sex slave, then I have no value for living 」

「 I see 」

「 Yes. Papa became like that. I’m no longer Shirasaka Maika. Shirasaka Maika can’t continue to live, that girl no longer exists inside of me. 」


「 Right now, I’m Yoshida Mana. And Yoshida Mana is Onii-chan’s sex slave. I’m a girl whose life is saved from becoming a sex slave. Therefore, I need to keep on clinging so Onii-chan won’t throw me away. That’s through sex 」

「 Didn’t you say that you’ll work hard to become a super-model? 」

Katsuko-nee asks Mana.

「 I’ll do my best on that too. It’s my promise to Onii-chan. But, I need to fulfill my daily work as a sex slave before that 」

Mana shows her determination.

「 But, I’m glad. I thought that normal sex was no longer possible. I was worried about what I should do from now on 」

「 Why? 」

「 Because, Misuzu-oneechan, Megu-oneechan, Nei-oneechan, and then there’s Agnes-chan and Edie-chan, right? Katsuko-san’s there as well. There’s a lot of girls more attractive than me so normal sex is already making Onii-chan full, right? 」

「 Indeed, the girls are trying to get ahead of each other 」

「 But, if it’s about rape, I can do it 」

「 I mean, that’s Mana-chan’s best role. Mana-chan doesn’t demand a lot, unlike the other girls 」

「 I mean, I really seem to like Onii-chan raping me 」

Mana replied.

「 Ah, Onii-chan only. I hate rape. I like it because it’s Onii-chan 」

「 I know 」

Katsuko-nee laughs.

「 Anyway, he needs a person who can clear up his mind and let his libido go all out. It really helps that Mana-chan’s taking that role 」

「 Yes, I’ll do my best 」

「 But, you sometimes want to do some flirting sex, don’t you? 」

「 I prefer only rape 」

「 I mean, I think that he would want to. He’d feel bad only to rape Mana-chan 」

「 Ah, that’s right 」

「 Therefore, usually, there’s another person who needs to be in charge of it, but 」

「 What about Michi-chan? 」

「 No, that girl’s perversion is a degree higher. She doesn’t care about his enthusiasm like Mana-cha, but instead, she likes to lead the way 」

「 I see 」

「 No matter how messed up the rape play is, if the other party doesn’t show dislike then he can’ believe in it 」

「 What about Nei-oneechan? 」

「 Well, he loves Nei-chan. He’d rather die than have her hate him so he’ll never demand anything too much when having sex with Nei. 」

As expected of Katsuko-nee, she knows me well.

「 As for me, I’m scared of myself. If we seriously go all out with our libido, then I feel like I won’t be able to stop myself 」

Oh, I remember Katsuko-nee’s “lustful beast” era.

「 Nagisa too, she’s a healing madonna. She’s not the best when it comes to letting only the man release everything. She’s the type that gives a lot before the other could take away 」

「 Anyway, for now, I’ll keep on this role 」

「 Yeah. Sorry but, I’m relying on you. Mana-chan. We’ll look at the situation again and think of other measures. I want to ask for Nagisa and Ojou-sama’s opinions as well 」

I listen to their conversation quietly.

Everyone’s thinking a lot about me.

「 Ah, Mana-chan, it’s about time to wake him up. We’ll be reaching the mansion soon 」

「 Yes 」

Mana shakes me

「 Onii-chan, wake up 」

「 O-Oh 」

I’ll pretend that I just woke up.

「 We’ll be arriving soon, dress up. Everyone would be surprised if you two stay in like this, right? 」

「 Yeah got it 」

Katsuko-nee said. I pull out my penis from Mana.

「 Ugh 」

Mana leaks a small voice.

「 Mana 」

I massage Mana’s breasts.

「 Geez. Onii-chan, we still have tomorrow 」

Mana smiles.

「 Tomorrow, Onii-chan will rape me in school, right? 」