Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 588. Epilogue 2 – respective reunions



「 Ya-chan, what about your class? 」

I asked.

「 Who cares about it! I’m skipping today! 」

No, stop.

「 I went back to school with Megu-chan so she won’t find out and came back in a hurry! 」

Oh, she pretended to go back to her classroom together with Megu.

「 Yo-chan’s been busy working in the bakery since the second semester began. So busy that I haven’t done sex with Yo-chan lately 」

Mana, Agnes, and Ruriko go to my bed as usual.

Misuzu and Michi also seek sex without mercy when coming to the mansion.

I stay at Nagisa’s house once a week.

Katsuko-nee and Megu, I have sex with them when I have some free time.

Shou-neechan and Rei-chan, both of them are shy girls, so they decide on the date, meet up and have sex. 1

Speaking of which, Nei and Edie’s count is a bit less than the others.

These two surprisingly are the type that’s considerate of others.

「 Could you two help me out and get ready for after school? 」

「 Sure, Yo-chan 」

Nei smiles

「 Got it 」

Edie laughs like the Cheshire cat.

「 Well then, let’s go to the sleeping room in the back 」

I open the back door of the bakery.

「 It’s not the sleeping room, it’s the sex room, right? 」

Nei jokes.

「 Wrong, Nei. That’s where we’re banged, so it’s the bang room 」

Edie replied with a straight look

◇ ◇ ◇

「 That reminds me, the three of us went to America together during the summer break! 」

Nei said upon entering the sleeping room.

That’s right, Nei, Edie, and me.

The three of us smuggled out of the country and went to the US.

✕ ✕ ✕

Nei came back to Japan with her fake Canadian citizenship.

Najima Yasuko was still missing in the US.

Of course, since it’s a visa, Margo-san leaves Japan to extend the expiration date of it once in a few months.

Nei mentioned that she took an international car license by that time.

Also, Nei’s failure in classes were greatly influenced by her necessity to leave Japan to obtain a visa for a period of time.

『 But you see, in Ya-chan’s case, can’t you just return to the US with a fake nationality, then tear down the fake passport on-site, and then have the Japan embassy reissue Najima Yasuko’s passport and come back with it? 』

I ask Nei before going to America.

『 But you see, I think it’s better to leave with my counterfeit nationality and fake passport so I can use them anytime! 』

Nei replied.

『 Look, Kuromori won’t always be secure you see? 』

We have Jii-chan, a mighty man backing us.

In addition to Jii-chan, Minaho-neesan also holds a large number of customers in the political and business world.

And somehow, we’re a criminal organization overlooked by the state.

Kouzuki SS, a private armed organization, protects us, Kyouko-san, an international criminal who’s a leader of an underground organization secretly supports us too.

『 But, we don’t know if this situation will last forever you see! 』

Jiii-chan and the other customers are of old age.

We don’t know whether Kouzuki SS will protect us after Jii-chan dies.

Shiba-san, the current head of Kouzuki group has no intention of going against the head of Kouzuki house, however.

We can’t really guess how the political balance inside Kouzuki group will change after Jii-chan’s death.

It’s also possible that Shiba-san will be chased out from the group.

『 If another man becomes the head of Kouzuki house, his first plan might be killing Yo-chan! 』

If I die, Misuzu’s free. That man can marry anyone if he wishes.

On top of that, everyone in Kouzuki house knows that I’m in good terms with Ruriko, that we live together in the same house.

To be precise, the pretext is that MInaho-neesan is taking care of Ruriko and Yoshiko-san from Jii-chan.

『 Anyway, Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yoshiko-san, the three granddaughters and successors of Kouzuki house are all under the care of Kuromori 』

Those who have the ambition to lead Kouzuki house have their eyes swelling over Minaho-neesan and me.

『 Mii-chan and the girls will still need ten years to become adults and be in a position to control the center of Kouzuki house 』

If Jii-chan dies unexpectedly until then, there will be a huge power struggle.

Now, it’s just miraculously balanced.

✕ ✕ ✕

『 Look, if it gets dangerous, what would you do? 』

I asked Misuzu when we went to a resort in the South Sea during the summer vacation.

It was a private beach exclusive for us so, Misuzu’s wearing a white swimsuit.

『 I won’t do anything. Let’s see, I guess I’ll escape with Danna-sama overseas for a while 』

She replied.

『 At worst, we can manage ourselves in 4 to 5 years 』

『 Right. After all, Kouzuki group will lack in unity when they don’t’ have us who have the blood of Kouzuki house 』

Ruriko who’s wearing a bright blue swimsuit with the writing of her name in it tells me and laughs.

『 Either way, they would bow their heads to us and ask us to come back. Until then, we can stay overseas and Misuzu-chan, and I will give birth to Onii-sama’s child 』

They’ll be unable to do anything violent once a child is born, is that it?

『 I’ll keep everyone safe 』

Michi, I know that this is a private beach but why are you wearing nothing but a collar?

You’ll get tan on everywhere other than your neck, you know?

『 I will go anywhere as long as I’m with Ruriko-sama. Please leave the care of Ruriko-sama’s child to me 』

Yoshiko-san who’s wearing a red adult-looking swimsuit said.

Since they started living together again, Yoshiko-san returns to her “attendant” thinking.

She understands my physical relationship with Ruriko too.

She needs to speak as an attendant accepting her master’s love affair to make her resolve.

『 However, in that case, our whole family might need to escape overseas 』

Misuzu said.

If anyone remains in Japan, there’s a possibility of them becoming a hostage.

If we flee abroad, then we all have to do it together.

『 It’s okay, everyone will agree on the same thing by that time 』

I replied.

Everyone in the family, except Mao-chan who’s an infant, and Agnes who doesn’t know anything about the world yet.

Kuromori is aware that they’re a criminal group.

There’s a possibility of the power of state or other criminal organizations attacking us.

We’ll do anything for our family to survive.

Escaping outside the country is not a problem.

✕ ✕ ✕

「 I mean, we should leave as much as possible trump cards to survive 」

Nei tells me while remembering that day of summer.

Nei’s fake passport is kept to be used anytime due to her nature of being prepared for all the dangers.

Not just for Nei herself but also for everyone else in the family.

Above all, when the Japanese government becomes hostile to us, we can have another country dragged in to hold them.

「 Don’t mind me, Yo-chan also went through a lot of work. Thanks 」


I smuggled myself out of the country together with Nei to take the family register and passport of Kei-san, Nei’s deceased twin brother.

「 As for me, I have no record of coming to Japan 」

In Edie’s case, she was smuggled into Japan with Miss Cordelia.

Again, she had to re-enter the country through the legal route from the US.

「 Still, seriously, thinking about it now, that was quite the hard trip 」

Nei sits on the bed on the sleeping room and laughs while taking off her uniform.

「 I don’t want to board a ship in my lifetime anymore 」

Edie lowers her skirt and points her cute ass on me.

「 Yeah, I never thought that the waves were so strong 」

We rode a fishing boat from Chiba out to the sea.

We felt the horrible shaking of the sea for many hours.

Then at sea, we transferred to a foreign cargo ship.

Then after that, we got to a super rich luxury cruiser of a foreign country.

Then, we got to an island somewhere using a helicopter.

Anyway, we had to change from a boat, plane, helicopter so many times.

They come in various sizes, from an old to the latest one.

We took a week and landed on mainland US like that.

Of course, we landed on a ship.

I mean, Shou-neechan came to pick up with her own cruiser.

「 Well, Golby-san went with us, so it really helped 」

Rei-chan’s rival, Golby-san also smuggled herself out of the country, and when she came back to her country, she followed Kyouko-san’s instructions and came with us.

「 Really? Was she that helpful? 」

Nei smiles wryly

「 Well, unlike her scary appearance, she’s a charming person 」

How should I say it, instead of scary, her face is so cold that she’s like a cold beauty.

Inside, she’s actually a kind person.

When there’s trouble in the way, Golby-san solves it by force.

『 She’s actually a good one. She’s quite attracted to Nei though 』

Edie laughs.


Golby-san’s been seducing Nei a lot.

「 She touched by, but you know! Yo-chan!! 」

「 If that’s the only part she touched then I’m okay with it 」

「 It’s not okay! Look, it’s here, in this part, touch it Yo-chan 」

「 Sure 」

I massage Nei’s bouncy ass.

It’s soft, but she has done muscle training, so it feels firm and nice.

「 Darling, my butt’s here too 」

I massage Edie’s ass.

Edie’s got flexibility and elasticity like raw rubber.

To think that their muscle stiffness is different.


The bouncy feeling on this one is just incredible.

「 Ehehe, then, I’ll be licking Yo-chan’s thing! 」

「 Ah, me too 」

「 Oh, you like fellating, Edie? 」

「 I do. I like the receiving and the giving end of it when it comes to Darling 」

Fair white and brown hands touch my trousers and underwear and pull them down.

Even though their skin and eye colors are different.

The color of their tongue is both pink.

Well, they eat the same thing, so both of them are really healthy.

「 Here I go! Hamu! 」

「 Time to lick this! 」

Nei gave the glans a love bite, and Edie crawls her tongue on the base.

✕ ✕ ✕

What’s left after arriving in America was to do the plan.

We met Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia in Los Angeles.

Shou-neechan was also there.

Kyouko-san did the formalities in the US.

Kouzuki house managed the Japan embassy.

Najima Yasuko’s passport was reissued in no time.

At the same time, I also received my register and passport as Najima Keito

Edie also got her official passport and Japan study visa from Miss Cordelia.

That night, we went to Miss Cordelia’s residence in Los Angeles, and I was surprised.

Minaho-neesan, Megu, and Mana came from japan too.

Agnes still doesn’t have Japanese nationality, so she’s staying at home with Katsuko-nee.

Nagisa and Mao-chan seem to be unable to leave the shop.

Everyone swam on the beach of Los Angeles.

Then, I embraced Shou-neechan that night.2

✕ ✕ ✕

「 Yo-chan, you’re doing us right now 」

「 Concentrate 」

The two are angry.

They got me.

「 Darling, Which breast do you want to lick on? 」

Edie and Nei present their breasts to me.

Another comparison of brown and white.

Even so, both their nipples are colored pink.

Nei’s breasts are grand and voluptuous, beautiful.

As for Edie, she’s got a good shape.

Yes, both of them looks pleasant.

「 Then, Ya-chan first 」

「 Then, come here 」

I suck on Nei’s breasts.

I bury my face on her abundant breasts.

「 Ahn, so cute Yo-chan’s the cutest when licking my breasts! 」

「 As for me, it’s his face when ejaculating inside me 」

「 That’s cute too! But, with my breasts, he tickles my maternal instincts 」

「 Maternal instincts? As for me, I can’t feel that I’m a female unless when having sex 」

Edie says.

「 Eh, you can’t tell? Look, he’s adorable here. Ufufun, Yo-chan. Good boy, good boy! 」

Nei pats my head gently while I suck on her nipples.

「 Yo-chan, are you getting along with the guys in class? 」

The kind sister smiles and asks me.

「 Yeah, they’re all good people 」

✕ ✕ ✕

Everyone happily accepted Megu and my engagement.

I’m also known to be learning how to be a baker to build my family with Megu.

Everyone understood that I’m enrolled to the special course so I could become a baker.

That’s right, it was on the first day of the second semester.

『 Hey, now that I’m in charge of this class, you’ll all be living in discipline! 』

Now that Minaho-neesan’s the director, a new mid-thirties male teacher became our homeroom teacher.

Well, the teachers in Shirasaka Sousuke’s faction that remain in our school were all wiped out.

Including Geropa-kouchou.

They all saw Shirasaka Sousuke’s final moments, so they ran away from the school.

They know that Minaho-neesan’s “Kuromori” and Jii-chan teamed up, increasing her power.

With that said, after the summer holidays, a fraction of the faculty was changed.

『 First, bag inspection! Put out all the contents of your bag! 』

The new teacher suddenly says.

『 Just to tell you, I’m in third dan in Judo and second Dan in Karate, I won’t be forgiving to those who rebel 』

Now then, it has become troublesome.

『 Seriously, why did you come to this school? Bringing stuff that you don’t need for studying! 』

This teacher checks the girls’ belongings only for some reason.

『 I’ll be confiscating all this cosmetics 』

『 Eeh! Sensei, that’s tyranny! 』

『 It’s not! I’m a teacher! What’s with your manner of speaking to a teacher! Hey you! I’m not joking! 』

He checks each one persistently.

『 Huh? What’s with that ring? 』

Finally, he found Megu’s ring?

『 I told you it’s forbidden to bring accessories! 』

『 No, the school rules dictate that we’re okay to wear rings! 』

Megu argues.

『 What the hell?! That’s not true! 』

The new homeroom teacher brings his face close to Megu that she could smell his breath.

『 No, Sensei, Yamamine-chan’s telling the truth! 』

『 That’s right. Please check page 48 of the student handbook! 』

Megu’s two friends tell the teacher.

『 Ah, what? 』

『 This one, Sensei! 』

The student near the homeroom teacher open the book and show it.

『 Yamamine-san’s engaged to Yoshida after all 』

『 Yes, engagement rings are allowed! 』

Everyone speaks unanimously

『 That’s definitely written here, but I don’t care about that! 』

The teacher says.

『 Think of common sense! Common sense! It’s unacceptable for a schoolgirl to wear a ring in school 』


『 I mean, what’s with engaged? Who’s Yoshida?! 』

『 Me 』

I stand up from my seat.

『 I’m engaged with Yamamine Megumi-san. I already have the permission of their parents, and the school officially recognizes us as such 』

『 School? Recognized? What? 』

The homeroom teacher walks to me.

『 That’s right, it’s recognized 』

『 Yes, everyone in the school knows about these two 』

『 The two of them are already living together 』

『 We even went inside their love nest 』

『 Yeah, they invited us all after the finals 』

『 It was a party! A good one! 』

『 I went over to their bedroom 』

『 Me too, there was just one bedroom over there, right? 』

Our classmates are getting excited with their chat.

『 What the hell?! You two are just first years, and yet you’re living together?! 』

『 Yes, what about it? 』

I replied.

I need to have this teacher concentrate on me so the sparks won’t reach Megu.

『 W-W-W-W-W-What the hell!? 』

The homeroom teacher shouted.

『 I’ve never been so angry in my 14 years of being a teacher! No, I never did. This is unacceptable!! 』

What the hell?

『 Think of common sense! This can’t be allowed! You and that school girl over there? 』

『 Yes, that’s right 』

『 Y-Y-You’re sleeping on the same bed every night?!!! 』

Then, Megu gets up.

『 It’s not every night!! 』

She stares at the teacher.

『 I don’t mind sleeping together every night, but Yoshi-kun! 』

No, look.

I have other women too.

I also stay over at Nagisa’s house.

『 A-A-Are you two admitting that you have an illicit sexual relationship!!! 』

『 It’s not illicit! We’re engaged 』

Megu shouts.

『 No, nonono, I can’t accept this! Sensei won’t allow this! Y-You two need to think of common sense! Common sense!!! 』

The teacher screams.

Seriously, so troublesome.

Well, a teacher who used half-assed methods all the time will feel like this.

『 Hm, then, what about it? 』

Suddenly, the teacher finds an object on my desk.

Oh, he did mention putting everything out for inspection.

『 It’s a beat-up stick 』

I replied calmly.

『 Beat-up stick? 』

The teacher looks at my beat-up stick made from a trimmed golf club.

『 What do you use it for? 』


『 Well, it’s a beat-up stick, so I use it to beat-up people. You can use common sense to tell what it is, right? 』

The homeroom teacher.

『 I get that obviously! By common sense, who are you hitting with this?! 』

『 Those who try to pick a fight on us 』

I replied clearly.

『 Well, I fully understand that we’re living differently from common sense. But, this is the way we chose to live, we don’t regret it 』

『 Yoshi-kun 』

Megu looks at me.

『 Me too, I don’t regret it 』

『 But you see, we may be different from common sense, but some people just can’t agree with our way of living, feeling irritated, but we will stick with our way of life 』

I hold my beat-up stick.

『 If there was someone who tries to hurt my girl, then I’m ready to beat them up with this thing 』

『 Beat up? 』

『 Well, look? There’s quite a lot who don’t understand unless you beat them up, right? 』

I said. The teacher;

『 Sensei’s eyes seem to be a bit blurry, but isn’t that stick a bit bent? 』

『 It is 』

『 Could that be? 』

『 Yes, I used it to beat someone up. It’s a beat-up stick after all 』

I swing it lightly.

Only Kudou-papa was hit by this beat-up stick seriously though.

Recently, I’ve been practicing with Michi and Edie.

『 Ahahaha, I guess that’s common sense, right? 』

The teacher’s sweating a lot.



Minaho-neesan appears.

『 Ah, sorry, I was late to contact you, but I brought the new transfer student 』

『 Huh? Headmistress? I haven’t heard of it though 』

The new teacher says.

『 Well, of course, I didn’t tell you. I wanted to surprise you 』

Surprise? Who?

MInaho-neesan looks at me and smiles.

Then that means.

『 Darling!Darling!Darling!!! 』

Edie jumps inside the classroom dives towards me.

No, she did it literally.

Then, she kissed me.

『 Eeeeeh!!!! 』

She suddenly gave me a kiss.

『 Yoshida! Who’s that foreigner!? 』

『 What’s with that girl?! 』

『 Megumi?! What’s going on?! 』

Then, Edie now comes after Megumi.


She jumped to Megu, and, I knew it, she kisses Megu too.

『 Hey! Isn’t that the girl you brought during the golden week? 』

Oh, Tanaka met Edie during the holidays, right.

『 If I recall, she’s the girl that’s home-staying in your house? 』


『 Well, after that, Yoshi-kun moved to live with me 』

Megu, nice follow-up.

『 No, look, she was supposed to be a homestay at my parents and transfer to this school, but, there were various paper problems, so it was delayed to the second semester 』

For now, I made an explanation

Well, it’s not wrong.

Edie needed time to take an official study visa to Japan.

『 But, she just kissed Yoshida-kun 』

One of the girls asks.

『 Well, you see, Edie-san’s an American so kissing is a greeting with a close friend to her 』

Megu explains in a hurry.

『 But, she just called Yoshida-kun “Darling” 』


『 Sorry, I don’t know the reason for that 』

Megu, don’t give up!

『 Ah, I don’t know either 』

Edie herself is just hugging Megu, smiling.

『 Also, a familiar person has come back 』

Behind Minaho-neesan appears:

Shirasaka Yukino.

Yukino’s hair is dyed blonde.

『 Everyone may think I’m just a nuisance but just leave me alone 』

Yukino says in a sullen mood.

The whole class quiets down.

『 Y-Y-You’re Shirasaka Yukino!! 』

The new homeroom teacher looks at Yukino excitedly.

Yukino’s become really famous as a TV personality.

Of course, the incident with her father and her experience are also known.

『 Why, this class? 』

『 Ah, sorry, I also forgot to tell you that 』

『 H-Headmistress? 』

Minaho-neesan’s playing with him.

『 Oh, I see that the new teacher, Hattori-sensei knows Yukino-san as well 』

『 No, well, of course, on the internet, no, I mean, t-television, when I turn on the TV sometimes, isn’t she the school girl that shows in it? 』

He said “internet.’

I guess he also watched Yukino’s sex videos leaked out.

『 I see, you saw it too? 』

Yukino glares at the new teacher.

『 Well, no, well. In my case, I’m an instructor, viewing the current state of the society, the young ones are quite disordered in sex, H-Headmistress, please understand!!! 』

Edie looks at me.

『 Darling. What’s with him? An enemy? 』

『 He is!! 』

Yukino shouts in anger.

『 OK!!! 』

Edie’s skirt flipped!!

Edie’s high kick hits the homeroom teacher’s temporal region!!

『 Mugyuuuu!! 』

The male teacher faints.

『 Black! Amazing! 』

『 A lace panty, so adult-like!!! 』


Edie, your panty’s visible.

『 Geez! Edie! Everyone can see it! Hide it! 』

Megu scolds Edie.

『 See it? 』

『 Yes, it’s not just us, everyone’s looking at it! 』

『 Waaaaa!!! 』

Edie lowers her feet in a hurry

『 Sorry, Darling!! 』

『 No, well, don’t mind it 』

『 I do! 』

Megu scolds Edie like an elder sister.

『 Err, well, it’s a freebie! A gift to all 』

『 What’s that 』

『 Nei told me to say that when I’m in trouble 』

『 That’s not a freebie at all! 』

Well, that was an exciting scene for the boys.

『 Hah! Stop that you three! My seat is in the front, right? 』

Yukino’s puffed. She goes back to her previous seat.

『 Oh, Hattori-sensei seems to be out,. Wait for a second, I’ll be calling another teacher 』

Minaho-neesan’s laughing happily.

The newly appointed teacher, Hattori quit our high school on his first day.


  1. Don’t ask me, that’s what the author wrote, You’ll find Shou’s deflowering on chapter 591
  2. Okay, so that arc was a reminiscence