Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 589. Epilogue Part 3 – Your Name (Main story end)



『 You’re a dull man. But, that shows how tough your spirit is 』

Kyouko-san who returned to Japan temporarily to have a fight with Rei-chan during the summer vacation tells me.

We were at the mansion’s dining room.

Everyone just had dinner at past seven in the evening.

When Kyouko-san’s here, Edie doesn’t get close to the dining room.

Nei, Agnes, and Mana should be playing with her on the other room.

Megu and Katsuko-nee are in the kitchen.

Minaho-neesan, Margo-san, and Ruriko aren’t back yet. I think they went to Jii-chan’s house.

『 Toughness is essential, both physically and mentally 』

Seems like women raised in Brazil can bear the heat of summer in Tokyo.

She’s wearing a green tank top and white hot pants as she gulps down beer.

『 Don’t take her seriously, Kyouko-san’s just teasing you 』

Katsuko-nee carries a small bowl of snacks from the kitchen to Kyouko-san then tells me.

『 Puhaaa!! I knew it, drinking Japanese beer makes me feel like I’m back in this mansion! 』

Kyouko-san said.

『 Do you like the beer from Japan? 』

I asked.

『 Not really. One should enjoy the taste of alcohol for each country. You drink them on the same land, as it’s the best refinement is according to the climate of the country and the culture of the community living there 』

Kyouko-san says.

『 That’s why I drink Japanese beer when in Japan. That’s all there is to it 」

I see. People who travel around the world say deep things.

『 Well, that’s just my opinion, you don’t have to take it seriously. There are also people who eat what they usually do no matter where they are in the world. But, actually, there’s a cola and burger chain store anywhere in the world but their taste slightly different in some countries. They match it to the taste of each country. After all, the people making it are the residents of that country. The flavor would change as expected. 』

I guess.

『 The people coming from the foreign country just have the misunderstanding that “the taste of the people on this country is inferior” They’re a foreigner, so they don’t know that the tastes of the people living in there are different from theirs. Only idiots think that their taste is the global standard 』

Kyouko-san drinks beer again

『 Oh my, how was my story for this dull yet tough-hearted guy? 』

Kyouko-san says while having Katsuko-nee pour in another beer to her class.

Yeah, the label’s upside down now.

『 Oh right, I just remembered! 』

Kyouko-san smiles.

『 It’s very essential for jobs like ours to have toughness. It’s about the foundation, I mean, if your heart and body isn’t tough, you’ll die right away 』

Well, that’s true, but.

She’s in contact with the people in the underground society around the world.

Becoming hostile, or friends, or sometimes, betrayals.

『 But you see, toughness is a bit different from being able to take a hit 』


『 It’s impossible for someone to be unhurt as long as they live. No matter how careful one is, they occasionally will have unforeseen injuries. Humans can’t live undamaged 』

Kyouko-san shows me her back.

『 Look, I’ve got a lot of scratches, can you see it? 』

There’s a huge white scar in between her shoulder blades.

『 Was that done by an enemy? 』

I asked.

『 Unyaa, it was more of a tangle of an innocent girl back then 』


『 It was a combat knife. I went to bed completely unalert, so I almost died! 』

I-I see.

『 After all, to understand a woman’s heart, you have to cut on the back and wound them at one point, that’s how it felt back then 』

Kyouko-san drinks beer again while shaking her head.

『 Don’t take it seriously. That was just an episode of Kawashima Yuzo 』

Katsuko-nee smiles wryly.

『 Geez, Katsuko, you don’t have to expose it, I was getting on the great parts 』

Kyouko-san chuckles.

『 You still have work in the kitchen, right? I feel sorry for Megumi-chan, she’s alone over there 』

『 Yes, sure 』

Katsuko-nee smiles at me and returns to the kitchen.

Then, Kyouko-san.

『 Let’s go back on our topic, shall we? 』

She places the glass on the table and speaks with a straight look.

『 Ah, okay 』

I’m startled with the change of atmosphere.

『 Do you remember what we were talking until now? 』

『 Err, humans can’t stay unhurt. Also, toughness and resilience are different? 』

『 Okay, you seem to be loosening up, good, good 』

Kyouko-san smiles at me.

『 Have you ever seen a boxer who’s strong and has a face with no damage? 』

『 No 』

『 See? If you’re hit, then your face will swell. For each game, the athlete gets hit more, and their face gradually gets swollen. The damage accumulates 』

Ah, I see.

『 But, those who have the skill to hit the opponent and not receive as much don’t have much swell in their face. Of course, they won’t end up with no damage. It’s just a matter of proportion of receiving the opponent’s punches 』

Kyouko-san drinks beer again then pours one for herself.

『 Then, there’s also brain damage to consider. Those who were beaten up in the face has more damage in their brain. That damage will also accumulate. The possibility of suffering punch drunk syndrome increases 』


『 Therefore, even the strong boxers who endure receiving punches from their opponent will, of course, have lower lifespan. No matter how resilient you are, the damage in the body will stay. Even if you’re originally healthy, the damage will accumulate. In the end, it’s much better to have skills of avoiding the punches as much as possible. As a result, players who aren’t hit in their faces attain greater success 』

So it’s like that.

『 Therefore, you can’t just be resilient. You need to dodge as many punches as possible. People who can do that are tough, that’s what I think 』

Kyouko-san said.

『 It’s not just in the boxing world but also in real life. If you fight against someone in a real fight, you need to be prepared to take at least one or two punches by surprise, right? It’s inevitable. Just like the scar on my back. There will be attacks you can never evade 』


『 Of course, you can’t be knocked out after one or two surprise attacks. If you’re defeated from the first attack, then you have no worth in surviving. I assert that 』

Kyouko-san looks straight to my eyes and say.

『 Therefore, what’s important is the next punch. You can take the first two or three surprise attacks, but you can’t receive more than that. You can’t guard either, you have to dodge them all. If the punch doesn’t hit, then the damage won’t increase 』

You won’t take more damage if you’re not hit.

『 In boxing. Those who think that taking hits is equal to being tough is just an idiot. Just because they’re sturdy, they try to endure the punch even after the surprise ones, they get more damaged. Even though they think they can control the damage, in reality, the damage is accumulating more and more. Eventually, they’ll collapse 』

I see. They can’t bear it.

There’s a limit to one’s mind and body.

『 The young ones believe that they can recover after taking a rest, but there are a lot of things that don’t go back to what they were before 』

Kyouko-san shows her back to me once again.

『 I can’t shoot with my left hand because of this injury. Back then, I can shoot the target accurately with either side using a pistol. I’ve been trained to go that far. But, it’s impossible now. My left hand can only be used for feints. I’m no longer able to do something that was certain before 』

Kyouko-san grips her hand tightly.

I can’t see anything unusual with her left hand.

However, when it comes to accuracy work like shooting, Kyouko-san feels like she can’t be confident with it.

『 For knife throwing, I can throw as much with my right. But soon, this will also be failing 』

Kyouko-san laughs.

『 If you grow older, you’ll gradually be unable to do what you were able to when you were young. I’m aware of it. You’re still in your teens so you can’t understand that feeling, right? 』

『 Ah, yes 』

『 No, don’t say it, I just want to say this. It’s the elder’s work to talk to the young ones 』

Kyouko-san drinks more beer.

『 Everyone’s born unhurt. But, no matter how careful the parents are, the child will grow with some wounds. Both in mind and body. As long as humans live, their injuries will increase 』


My wound.

Our family’s wound.

『 Then, one has to heal that wound received. It can be cured by the family, friends, or even a lover. But, no matter how much you treat them, a new wound will appear 』

As long as you’re alive, you’ll be hit by something by surprise, and your wounds will increase.

『 Children who grew up in a harsh environment become tough because they’re used to being hurt. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t care if they’re hurt, you know? If they do, then they’re just the same as the idiots who boast their resilience. The real toughness is the strength to avoid being hurt. Even if you get injured from a surprise attack, you won’t accept any other than that, dodge everything. If it doesn’t hit, there’s no damage 』


『 Human mind and body, no matter how trained they are, they are fragile on a sudden break. It’s like a crystal. It’s proud of its hardness yet if you strike it from a specific angle then it’ll crack easily. Well, humans are strong in a sense too. Sometimes, I think they’re amazing. But still, the person himself and the people around them should think of the fragility than the strength. Once they receive a level of the wound in their mind and body they can’t cure, it won’t go back to its former self, just like my left hand 』

Kyouko-san said.

『 From what I see, you’re a, well, a tough man, I think. You’re unyielding even when your heart is wounded. You can withstand a couple of surprise attacks. That’s why you’ve gone this far 』

This far?

『 You shouldn’t take hits upfront from now on. Well, I think you’ll be fine after some punches, but 』

Kyouko-san’s eyes look at me.

『 If you keep taking damage more than the surprise attacks, will your mind and body be able to endure? You don’t know. You might be able to face it, or maybe not. You don’t know the result so you shouldn’t risk it 』

『 But, I 』

My belief is to jump into any danger for the sake of the family.

『 Look, if just now, you forced yourself and suddenly died, how much damage do you think that would be for the girls? 』


『 That surprise damage will definitely break the hearts of those girls. Some of them might go beyond recovery 』


『 You should take care of yourself not for you but for your family. You can run away if you think things are getting dangerous. Take a break and borrow the wisdom and strength of everyone else in the family

『 But, I don’t want to bother everyone as much as possible. 』

I speak honestly.

『 Idiot. You really are a dull man 』

Kyouko-san smiles wryly.

『 Humans will always bother others as long as they live! As I said earlier, the majority of the surprise attacks in one’s life caused by someone else is also troublesome. Therefore, you don’t need to think about bothering others or burdening them that much 』


『 Family exists so they could bother each other 』


『 No matter how troublesome you maybe, your family will just laugh it off saying “We’re family so it can’t be helped” You can’t ask other people but since they’re your family, you may feel sorry, but you can ask them 』

Family accepts the troubles that come to them.

『 Isn’t that why your parents couldn’t become your family? No matter how much trouble your parents have caused you, you didn’t cause trouble to them 』

That’s right.

I don’t even hate my parents, but.

They’re people I can’t even bother.

In short, they’re strangers.

『 You know, there will be a lot more troubles coming. And, you’ll be receiving a lot of them too. After all, you’ve got a lot in your family now 』

Kyouko-san laughs out loudly.

『 It’s really just stupid to handle things alone, that’s all for me! 』

✕ ✕ ✕

「 Aaahn, ahn! Yo-chan! Yo-chan!!! 」

I’m connected to Nei in missionary position at the sleeping room of the bakery.

The two girls took off their uniform. Both of them are naked.

On my side is the naked Edie, showing me a smiling face.

「 It feels good, Yo-chan’s penis is knocking on the parts that feel pleasant! Ah, yes, it feels good there 」

She turns her hands on my back and embraces me tight.

I crawl my tongue on Nei’s plump breasts while swinging my waist a lot.

I lick on Nei’s nipple.

「 Yo-chan, do you love my breasts? 」

「 I do, Ya-chan 」

「 Me too, I love Yo-chan!! 」

Her flushed face wet with sweat smiles at me.


I remembered my conversation with Kyouko-san during the summer break while looking at Nei.

「 Ahn, Ahn, Ahn! 」

I poke deep inside Nei’s vagina that my lower abdomen clashes with her crotch.

「 Yes, yes, that feels good! 」

Human mind and body receive more wounds.

Once one receives damage that can’t be healed, then there’s a possibility of it being broken.

「 Yo-chan, my Yo-chan!! 」

Nei has huge damage in her heart already.

On top of that, if she takes another enormous damage, she’ll definitely break down.

Therefore, I can’t betray Nei even if I die.

Nei’s trust in me ties up her mind to reality.

「 Hey, call me Onee-chan. Please? 」

「 Onee-chan 」

Nei shows a smile of relief.

「 My Kei-chan! 」

That’s right. I already took over Kei-san’s family register in the US.

I’m Nei’s brother, Najima Keito.

「 Onee-chan! Onee-chan! 」

「 Kei-chan, does it feel good inside Onee-chan? Is Onee-chan useful to Kei-chan? 」

「 It feels good Onee-chan. 」 I can’t live without Onee-chan, I love you, I love you Onee-chan! 」

「 I’m glad. Kei-chan. Cum inside Onee-chan. You don’t have to mind Onee-chan, just feel good inside me 」

I spurt on my waist.

「 I want to cum together, Onee-chan! 」

「 Kei-chan! 」

「 Please! I want to cum together, together with Yasuko-oneechan! 」

「 Geez, you’re such a spoiled boy 」

This is how we make love.

Causing trouble with each other.

「 Aah, aah, aaah, Onee-chan’s about to, about to! 」

「 Me too, I’m about to! 」

「 Wait, wait, wait! Aaaah, Kei-chan! Kei-chan!! 」

Nei’s hand hold my waist tightly.

「 Kei-chan, Onee-chan’s cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!! 」

「 Me too, Me too! Onee-chan! Aaaaa, cumming! 」

My love pours deep into the womb of Nei.

It’s like a hot shower.

「 Aaaaahn! It’s coming!!! Kei-chan’s hot stuff!!! 」

「 It’s coming out! I’m pouring it all in Onee-chan 」

「 My stomach feels warm! So hot! The warm stuff is spreading! Aaaaah!! 」

Nei’s body twitches.

「 What should I do, Onee-chan’s getting pregnant!!! 」

「 Sorry, sorry, Onee-chan 」

「 Ah, I’m getting pregnant with Kei-chan’s baby!! I’m getting pregnant! 」

Her vagina clamps, squeezing the semen out of my penis.

Nei’s uterus drinks down the white liquid.

「 Haa, haa, haa, aaahn, Kei-chan 」

「 Haa, haa, haa, Onee-chan 」

「 I love you so much! 」

Nei asks for a passionate kiss.

We heal each other with sex.

Without sex, our mind and body feel not enough.

「 Aaahn, I want to stop drinking pills already and get pregnant for real! 」

Nei tells me while still having my penis inside her.

「 But, you promised to hold back until you graduate, right? 」

「 Geez! I know that already! 」

I hug Nei once again.

「 But still, I love you. I really do! Aaah! Seriously! I wonder if I should eat Yo-chan? Or Yo-chan should eat me? Which do you want? 」

Nei speaks something unreasonable.

「 I want the two of us to be together 」

I said.

「 Ehehe, me too, I want that 」

Nei shows a smile on her sweaty face.

「 Next, me! 」

Edie glares at us as if telling us to get off each other already.

◇ ◇ ◇

In the end, our family is divided into two types.

Women like Nei who took great damage in their heart and can’t survive unless they’re under the family’s protection.

Mana’s the same.

Mana can only survive under the recognition of being my sex slave.

When they’re exposed to the outside world, apart from the family, their heart will break.

Megu too.

Megu’s a normal girl.

Her birth and involvement in Kuromori can’t be accepted.

Perhaps, if she returns to Yamamine house, she’ll be killed by her past.

The gap inside Megu’s heart is her mother who was kidnapped and turned to a prostitute, that she’s a daughter born from her mother being raped. Furthermore, her father has oppressed her all this time so others can’t heal her.

Megu can’t go out with people that have a background with Kuromori.

I have to take responsibility and take care of her for the rest of her life.

On the other hand, some women have strong minds yet can’t live a normal life.

Misuzu and Ruriko are one of those.

Both of them grew up under Jii-chan’s control and the pressure of Kouzuki house. They’re tough.

No, their upbringing made them tough I guess.

But, they don’t have anywhere to go as they were raised in a special way.

Only their relationship with me can make them naked, forget about everything and relax.

therefore, I want to spoil them.

Michi and Edie are both in this type too.

Their spirit is tough, but these two trained fighters can’t live a normal life in this era.

As expected, I have to take care of them too.

「 Darling, faster 」

One of the walls of this sleeping room has a mirror.

This is to watch ourselves when having sex.

Edie gets on all fours facing the mirror, trying to invite me.

「 Do you want to do it from behind? 」

「 I’d like to see myself done in doggy style! 」

Edie smiles.

I penetrate Edie from behind.

Wow, the pressure of her meat is impressive.

「 More, push it deeper! 」

I grab Edie’s brown ass and then.

I push it in deeply.

「 Uhaa~ It’s inside now! 」

Inside Edie.

Edie’s breasts in the mirror sway around.

「 Uuuu, it went all the way in 」

I penetrate until the root.

「 Wait, I want to see how it’s connected! 」

Edie raises one of her legs like a dog and shows the joint part in the mirror.

「 Wow! I’m really doing this! 」

Edie says happily.

「 Darling, please move 」

I slowly move my waist.

「 Aaah, amazing. I’m watching myself have sex in the mirror, Darling’s shaking me up! 」

Edie’s watching me attack her from behind.

「 It feels good, Darling! Darling, it feels good! 」

Ooh, I’m having sex with this tanned girl.

I massage her swaying breasts from behind.

「 Geez, don’t squeeze my breasts like a cow 」

Edie says while I tease her nipples.

「 Do you not like this? 」

「 That’s not it, but I feel like an animal 」

Edie says.

「 Well, that’s what’s great about it 」

I speed up my waist.

「 Edie, could you raise yourself a bit more? Don’t use your knees but your toes

「 Like this? 」

Edie keeps both hands on the bed and raises her ass higher.

「 Ahn, what? I look more an animal now! 」

Instead of her standing on her knees, the appearance of her sticking her ass and standing on tiptoe looks like an antelope.

No, actually, Edie’s legs and thighs have the elegance and suppleness of an antelope.

「 Darling, I don’t want this, it’s embarrassing! 」

That’s what she says but, Edie’s body is pleased.

The love nectar pours down from her inside to my waist pushing up her ass.

Edie’s tight vagina clamps me down.

「 Hey, Darling. 」

「 Yes, what’s wrong, Edie? 」

Edie in the mirror has her eyes moist from the pleasure.

「 This doggy style is quite embarrassing. See? That’s why 」

Her love nectar drips some more.

「 Let’s do this outside next time 」

Outside? Outdoor sex?

「 Got it, let’s do it in the courtyard in the mansion. 」

I said.

「 I don’t want it in the mansion. The school, I want it in the middle of school during daytime 」

「 Edie? 」

「 The back of the gymnasium from earlier will do 」


I can just have Minaho-neesan check if there’s anyone nearby with the surveillance cameras during class hours.

「 Got it. I promise, next time 」


Edie seems to be completely excited about it.

「 Aaaahn, Darling, I, I! 」

「 Are you cumming, Edie? 」

「 Yes, I’m cumming! I’m about to cum! Darling! 」

「 Sure, cum anytime you want 」

「 No, no! Darling! I want to do it together with Darling! 」

I also spurt on my waist.

「 Yeah, Me too, I’m about to cum too! Edie. 」

「 I want a lot of the 《 HOT 》stuff, I want it, Darling. 」


「 Aaaaaah! Darling!!! I! I!!!! 」

Edie’s face in the mirror trembles in delight.

「 Cum! Accept it all! Edie! 」

I ejaculate inside Edie with all I have.

「 Aaaah, so hot!!! It’s hot!! 」

Edie’s body trembles as she receives a man’s hot fluid in the deepest part of her body.

「 There, I’m still cumming more, take all of them, Edie!! 」

I grab Edie’s elastic ass with all my strength and rub my waist on it.

I continue to ejaculate more and more while rubbing.

「 Aaaaahn, Darling’s making my body cum a lot!!!! 」

Edie’s extremely aroused as she looks at herself in the mirror receiving my sperm.

◇ ◇ ◇

The remaining women are.

Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, and Nagisa, the victims of the brothel.

They gained strong mental power through harsh experience.

But, their true self is just cute girls.

I want to be spoiled by these elder sisters.

And also, I want to spoil them a lot.

Also, Rei-chan and Shou-neechan.

They’re women who are stronger than ordinary men.

They also lost themselves.

The men around them push the image they have in mind to them.

Therefore, they would like to feel relaxed and frank when they’re with me.

Then there’s Agnes.

Agnes’ mind and body are still both pure.

Her mental age is the same as Mao-chan who’s an infant.

Yet, she’s a 12-year-old beauty with only knowledge about sex implanted in her.

She can’t go outside as well.

If she’s caught by a bad guy, it’ll get horrible.

She needs to grow as a normal girl while with us.

Then, me.

I’m not really broken but lacking.

I don’t have what ordinary people do.

Then, as expected.

I also need the family to heal it.

Even I also am someone who has no other place to go.

「 Ya-chan, I can stay here, right? 」

Edie, Nei, and I lie down on the bed naked,

「 Hmmm, I mean, shouldn’t I be the one asking Yo-chan that? 」

Nei replied.

Everyone’s worried about themselves.

「 If Darling and Nei are gone then it’s a problem to me 」

Edie replied.


「 You two, why are you with Yoshi-kun!! 」

Megu opens the door to the sleeping room and enters.

「 Shit! The wife’s angry! 」

Nei laughs.

「 Err, Megu? 」

「 When the fifth class ended, I came here running! Edie didn’t come to attend classes! 」


「 It’s not that I have a problem in English though 」

Edie shows an unconcerned face and presses her naked breasts on me.

「 Even so, why do you need to have sex with Yoshi-kun! 」

Megu snapped.

「 Yoshi-kun! You too! Didn’t you tell me that you have work to do? 」

「 No, well, there really is, but Edie’s asked for it 」

「 What about Nei-oneesan? 」

She stares at Nei.

「 If I recall, we went back to the school building together, right? 」

「 Ahahahahaha, Sorry, Megu-chan~ 」

「 You’re not sorry at all!!! 」


「 You’re all stupid! I hate you all!!! 」

◇ ◇ ◇

Then, I desperately apologized until Megu’s mood is fixed.

Nei and Edie also had their turn to ask for Megu’s forgiveness after me.

I promised Megu that we’ll travel overnight on the next holiday./

「 Then, I’ll return to class 」

「 The next class is classical lit. I don’t get that 」

「 If you don’t get it then I’ll teach you! 」

「 But, it’s hard for Yo-chan to prepare everything by yourself, right? Should I help out? 」

「 Nei-oneesan? Are you still planning on repeating another year? 」

Megu glares at her.

「 I know! Sorry, Megu-chan!!! 」

In the end, Nei and Edie were taken by Megu.

I take a shower in the sleeping room in a hurry.

I return to the bakery.

I prepare for the bread club after school while cleaning up what I wasn’t able to during the lunch break.


「 Hey, can I come in? 」

The door opens, and someone comes in.

「 I came to school during my free time but, you know, I have no place to belong 」

It’s the blonde Yukino.

「 Sure. Sit over there 」

I point at a chair.

「 Where’s Megumi? 」

「 Back in class 」

「 I see, that girl’s an earnest one after all 」

Yukino sits on the chair feeling at ease.

「 Are you having enough attendance? 」

I asked.

「 Doing well, I’m making calculations on when to slack off. Yuzuki ordered me to graduate, but she didn’t tell me to have perfect attendance. 」

Yukino said laughing.


Yukino comes to my place sometimes.

She makes sure that Megu and Nei won’t find her.

Yukino now is like Nei who skips classes last semester.

Megu doesn’t care even if she can’t see Yukino.

Megu might think that Yukino’s probably coming here but.

Well, she can’t get worked up like with Nei and Edie.

That’s Megu’s nature of being my main wife.

「 Here, eat 」

I give Yukino a piece of bread.

「 What’s this? Leftovers? 」

「 It’s not. Thanks to the girls, it was sold out during lunch 」

Megu and Nei assisted in selling.

Having leftovers with them is impossible.

Nei who dyed her hair black again now has fans from all the years.

「 Then what’s this? 」

「 It’s a trial product 」

I replied.

「 I see 」

Yukino tears a piece like a woman coming from a respectable family then she puts it in her mouth.

「 Hmm. It’s just right I guess 」

「 Is that so? 」

「 Are you going to sell this? 」

Yukino asks me.

「 No, That’s rejected 」

「 Really? 」

「 Katsuko-nee told me that it’s not good enough 」

Yukino eats a bit more.

「 What’s wrong with this? It’s quite edible though 」

「 It can’t be helped. My teacher is Katsuko-nee, so she’s got a better taste than me 」

「 Hah! What a dominated husband, so sloppy 」

Yukino looks around the workshop.

「 Then, what are you doing now? 」

「 There’s a bread club session after school, so I’m making preparations 」

「 Alone? 」

「 Yeah, alone 」

Yukino looks down.

「 Can I stay here? 」

A moment of silence.

「 If you want to stay, then stay 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Well, don’t mind it. Eat some more bread. Here 」

I said.


「 Speaking of which. 」

「 What? 」

「 I still don’t know your name 」

My name?

「 You know that I’m Yoshida, right? 」

「 I know that one but weren’t you using Kuromori now? 」

Yukino looks at me.

She’s holding an interest in me as a human.

「 What I don’t know is your given name 」


「 You know my name, right? 」

「 Obviously, Shirasaka Yukino 」

「 Yes, I’m Shirasaka Yukino 」

She calmly says her name as if to convince herself.

「 Then, what about you, Yoshida what? 」

Oh, I see.

It starts here.

We’re finally becoming friends.

Knowing each other’s name puts us in an equal position.

「 Yoshida Yoshinobu, don’t forget it 」


「 I see, so that’s your name. Yoshida Yoshinobu 」

Yukino laughs.

「 Well, I’ll remember it 」

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