Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 594. Unveiling



「 Just beat her up to near death Just hit her until she cries 」

Kyouko-san says while grinning.

「 Oh, that’s unusual for Kyouko-oneesama to say something like that. Well, if that’s your command, however, if I change my strength then she’ll be taken down in a single hit. I don’t think that this dark-skinned girl has any chance to cry 」

Golby-san’s high-handed attitude doesn’t break.

「 Well, I’m not talking to you. I was telling Edie that 」

Kyouko-san smiles at Edie

「 All Right! 」

The brown-skinned beauty moves.

「 W-What?! I’m a professional directly under Cordelia-oneesama! I won’t lose to an amateur like you!! 」

Then, as soon as Golby-san said that, Edie’s already starting her attack!!!

「 What?!! 」

Golby-san hurriedly avoids Edie’s jump kick with the speed of a leopard.

「 I was in the middle of talking, and you charge in suddenly! Aren’t you a bit unfair here?! 」

This time, Golby-san attacks.

「 Well, I guess black girls have no idea of how to fight fair-and-square 」

Edie takes Golby-san’s fist and then flings it away.

Golby-san dances in the air.

However, she turned around like a cat and lands softly.

「 Oh, you’re better than I thought. I guess I’ll take you seriously now 」

Golby-san smiles.

「 You speak too much 」

Edie replies, smiling.

「 Oh? It’s because I’m teaching you, isn’t it natural for teachers to speak a lot? 」

Golby-san still thinks that she’s at an advantage.

「 Teaching? What do you mean by that? 」

Edie asks.

「 Edie’s learning a lot from Michi, right? That’s what she meant 」

I replied.

「 I see. Then, next time, I’ll be the one to teach this white woman 」

It seems that she understood what Golby-san said but in reverse.


Edie’s completely relaxed.

Golby-san hasn’t been putting any pressure on her.

「 You’ve got nothing to teach me!! 」

Golby-san kicks out and jumps to Edie.


She wards of Golby-san’s attacks.

「 Haauuu!! 」

Then, she strikes Golby-san’s feet and knocks her down!

Or so I thought.

Edie grabs Golby-san’s clothes before she falls to the ground

「 I promised not to cause injuries 」

Then, she puts her on the ground gently.

「 W-What the hell?! 」

Golby-san immediately gets up and glares at Edie.

「 It’s Kudou style ancient martial arts. I’m in the 1st-kyu right now 」

Though she says 1st-kyu, it’s just Michi’s handwritten certificate.

But still, even the 6th-kyu me can understand their offense and defense.

The essence of Kudou style ancient martial arts is to turn over the Qi the opponent releases and poke through the gaps created by it.

「 You emit too much Qi, it makes your weakness clearly visible 」

Edie said. Golby-san.

「 Calling me weak!! 」

She burns in anger.

Edie smiles.

「 That’s not what I meant. Everyone’s weak. That’s why one mustn’t boast strength, it just shows your weakness to the opponent 」

Once again, Edie comes to attack.

「 What the hell!? I can see through all of your attacks!! 」

Golby-san tries to put on a brave front, but.

「 Eeeeeeeh!! 」

Edie moves on an unpredictable trajectory and attacks Golby-san!

This strange-sensation of movement is.

「 BANG! And now you’re dead 」

Edie stops her fist right in front of Golby-san’s eyes.

If the punch went through, Golby-san’s nose would be crushed.

「 That’s impossible! 」

Golby-san tries to fight back Edie with a knee strike, but.

Edie’s body, well, it’s moving strangely again.

Edie grabs Golby-san’s feet and reaps it.

「 Hyaa!! 」

Golby-san falls on her back raising a cute scream.

Edie grabs her clothes again and pulls her up.

「 Not yet, we’ll continue 」

Edie laughs.

「 You’re not crying yet 」

Again, Edie’s turn to attack.

「 Kyouko-san, that movement just now 」

I ask. Kyouko-san.

「 Yeah, it’s as you guessed. It’s Dai Grepher’s skill 」

That familiar movement was from the Different Dimension warrior, Dai Grepher!

「 Why does Edie know how to move like old man Dai Grepher? 」

「 She and Michi-san have been studying it a lot. Reika said 」

Shou-neechan said

Sure, Michi and Edie always pair up in practice.

Shou-neechan also always go to the mansion to join in the morning practice.

「 Kudou style deflects enemy Qi and uses the gap created to strike is close to Dai Grepher’s “different dimension martial arts” which is to launch attacks from the blind spots, nearly surprising them. Dai Grepher also feels his opponent’s Qi and attacks through the opposite thought of the opponent 」

Kyouko-san explains.

「 Michi-chan’s a genius after all. She’s already a master of Kudou style ancient martial arts at her age and being a successor of it isn’t just for show. That girl’s analytical power, in particular, is excellent. She can tell the true nature of an opponent’s technique only from seeing it once 」

Michi saw how old man Dai Grepher fought in the hotel.

She analyzed the “different dimension martial arts” from just a surveillance camera video.

「 Well, Edie-san’s also a genius. Her physical skills are outstanding, Reika even praises her for understanding what Michi-san imagines and speaks and reproduce it in no time. She can’t do things Edie-san can 」

「 Yes. That’s why I feel a bit regretful giving her to you 」

Miss Cordelia tells me.

「 What are you saying this late, Cordelia? She won’t reach that level under your teachings. That girl’s quite cautious. She just eased up after she became his woman and became family with the other girls 」

「 I get that, but, I just felt like I let the bigger fish get away 」

「 It can’t be helped. She wasn’t a lesbian, so it won’t really go your way. Give it up 」

「 Nothing can be done about it I guess 」

Miss Cordelia looks at me.

「 Just telling you this, I won’t give you Nikita, okay?! 」


「 That girl is a hardcore lesbian, you know 」

Well, no, don’t want.

The person herself, Nikita Gorbachev is 17-years-old.

「 Why is it like this!!?! 」

All of her attacks are dodged.

On the other hand, every time she’s about to fall, Edie catches her.

Edie skillfully deflects Golby-san’s Qi using Kudou style.

And she uses old man Dai Grepher’s technique to show strange movements, betraying Golby-san’s expectations.

She’s being toyed around.


「 Kukuku, this is fun! Nice! 」

She’s showing a smile on her face.

「 I can do this too! Ha, haaa!!! 」

This time, she throws off sharp and straight, fast attacks.

「 T-This speed! 」1

「 Yeah, Rei-chan’s always like that 」

Golby-san has experience fighting Rei-chan.

Edie perfectly reproduces Rei-chan’s gorgeous charge.

「 After all, Edie doesn’t have a style she’s got to follow 」

Shou-neechan explains.

「 Michi-chan analyzes the skills of other people, but in the end, she’s confident that she’s the successor of Kudou style ancient martial arts, right? That’s why in an actual fight, she won’t use other techniques as feint even when she’s in danger 」


「 But, in Edie’s case, she learned her Grandmother’s assassination skills but, that’s only the skill you can learn from the cult. Edie-san’s grandmother also told her that she must learn other skill 」

I see. So that’s why.

She’s attracted to Michi who used the same techniques that emphasize using Qi.

She’s also learning other people’s skills while practicing with Michi.

She doesn’t hesitate on using her newly encountered technique on the public.

「 She’s no longer an assassin of the cult. That girl will use any technique possible as she only thinks of herself as the guardian of the family 」

Miss Cordelia says.

「 Therefore, to be honest, I’d like her to be my subordinate now, but 」

「 Don’t be unreasonable. She’s that strong because she’s with them 」

Kyouko-san tells her partner.

「 Even Kouzuki SS wants her. Edie-san is probably the strongest among us by now 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 Ah, of course, she’s still no match against Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia. I mean it among the four of us, Reika, Michi-san, Edie, and I 」

「 Oh, what about Margo? 」

Kyouko-san asks Shou-neechan smiling.

「 Margo-san is on the same level as Kyouko-san. She never shows off all her skills 」

Shou-neechan smiles wryly.

「 Those who can genuinely fight will hide what they can do and what they can’t. It doesn’t make them strong people. Fighting is their profession, that’s what pros are 」

Professionals never show the end of their skills.

「 Even if you can’t, pretend that you can. If they think that you can’t, just show that “this is much more rational,” don’t say that “I can’t” Knowing what you can’t do is the same as showing your weak point. They’ll use that to kill you 」

「 Margo-san’s a professional too 」

「 Of course. I taught her to be that way. That’s what she wished for. She wanted strength that won’t yield to a man no matter what 」

Margo-san was gang-raped at age 12.

Among all of them was her father.

「 Back then, her sharpness was the dangerous part, but after meeting Nei and you all, she’s gotten much more rounded. She’s calmed down. And now, she’s walking on a different path than me 」

Margo-san left the underground society and tried to live on the surface world.

「 Do you feel regretful? You wanted her to be your successor, right? 」

Shou-neechan asks Kyouko-san.

「 Not at all. I don’t need a successor. Besides, people practice when young and don’t forget what their bodies learned 」

Kyouko-san says with a smile.

「 Even if I retire from the underground society now, let’s see. I’ll start with a pharmacy in Brazil. If that happens, I don’t belong to the underground society anymore. I’ll be just an old lady attendant in a shop. But, my principles won’t be different than when I was fighting in the underground society. Who do I trust, who do I not? How do I respond when I see injustice? I won’t move like an old man from a shop, but instead, I would use the reasoning of someone from the underground society. Even until death. The rules are engraved on my soul 」

Rules engraved on the soul.

「 Margo’s the same. No matter where she goes, she won’t forget the rules I taught her to survive. My teachings for her like flowers that will bloom wherever she goes. That’s why I’m satisfied 」


「 Although she says that, she also feel sad that the girl didn’t show up this time Kyouko 」

Miss Cordelia laughs.

Margo-san didn’t join the trip to Los Angeles this time because she needs to adjust on a match she’ll appear to.

「 It can’t be helped. She probably wants to be as far away from me as possible now. That’s cute, very much like her 」

Kyouko-san smirks.

「 But on the other hand, she send this girl to train with me, right? 」

Kyouko-san looks at Edie.

「 Also, it’s a message that our girls are a bit disappointing, so she has to train. Look 」

Miss Cordelia looks at Golby-san.

「 Seriously, they slept together for ten days and still couldn’t see the bottom of the girl’s strength 」

「 Well, her origin is of an assassin. She probably didn’t show off her skills to a girl like Nikita just because her instinct told her. She always just smile, but in fact, she’s quite smart 」

Edie tosses Golby-san again.

Golby-san’s bathing in sweat now, trying to fight Edie, but.

Edie’s fighting off Golby-san without a sweat, without breaking her smile.

「 If her real strength is known, Nikita might neglect Nei and you and just come for a battle 」

Oh, I see.

During our trip from Japan to Los Angeles.

It’s a problem for Nei and me when Nei fights Golby-san, our guide.

Therefore, Edie’s been pretending to be weaker than Golby-san. Even if Golby-san makes fun of her as a result.

「 Seriously, what a fearsome child. In the first place, she’s got an excellent body, and after analyzing Michi’s techniques more and more, she doesn’t feel at a disadvantage with an opponent. And yet, she’s just 16-years-old. I think she’ll grow a lot more than this 」

Kyouko-san praises Edie.

「 But, I won’t let Edie do any dangerous jobs 」

I said.

「 I know. I’m also her Onee-sama, you know 」

Kyouko-san smiles at me.

「 Still, it’s her choice on how to use everything I teach her. It’s her life 」

「 Kyouko just wants to teach her, right? 」

Miss Cordelia giggles.

「 Yeah, well, Onee-sama is just selfishly asking her to accompany me. Isn’t that what little sisters are for? 」

「 I’m also a little sister 」

Shou-neechan tells Kyouko-san.

「 I know. I’ll train you too on a different menu. Get ready for it 」

「 Thank you 」

「 Now then, it’s about time 」

Edie and Golby-san’s fight is:

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Golby-san’s drowning in sweat, standing on her knee.

On the other hand, Edie’s still ready to go.

She’s doing light footwork and shadowboxing.

「 You really are weak 」

She smiles at Golby-san

「 W-What! Y-You’re the one here having bottomless strength!!! 」

Golby-san shouts in a half-crying state.

「 In the first place, what’s going on?! I heard that the strongest on in Japan is that Reika woman! Yet! She wasn’t a big deal! That’s why I unconsciously got careless on you! You’re unfair!! 」


「 You don’t get it 」

She looks at Golby-san with eyes of mercy.

「 Rei’s strong. She’s stronger than me! 」

「 That’s not true! I could fight off that woman! 」

Golby-san shouts while desperately panting.

「 You only fight in one round. Also, the span is as per the agreement, right? 」

Rei-chan and Golby-san’s fight recently was

During the half-time of a football game.

That’s why it only took ten minutes.

Their location was also predetermined outside the ground so no one in the venue would get hurt.

There’s also the problem of the position of the camera broadcasting to the TV.

「 Rei’s got longer stamina than me. If we keep fighting for 25 hours, I will lose. Rei’s got good defense, and stamina. She could keep on defending and wait for me to get tired 」

Edie speaks her analysis.

「 I understood that during sex. Michi and I reach our limit when having sex with darling on the third time in a row. Our waist feels tired, and it feels awkward to move. But, Rei, on the other hand, she’s still okay even after five consecutive rounds. She received it all inside her and kept on hugging Darling. Seeing that, I knew that I couldn’t win 」


「 W-W-W-What are you talking about!! 」

Golby-san shouts.

「 Sex is a necessity. The more we have sex, the stronger we get. Rei, Michi, even I do 」

Edie looks at Shou-neechan.

「 Shou, did you get stronger? 」


「 No, I just did it yesterday, so I don’t know well 」

「 I’m sure you’re growing stronger. I can tell 」

Then she smiles at me.

「 Darling makes women stronger after all! 」


「 Megumi, Mana, Nei, even Minaho. They’re growing stronger after sleeping on a bed together with Darling 」

Edie looks at the women around her.

Minaho-neesan and the girls are watching a bit far so they won’t get caught up in the fight.

「 Our Darling is a fantastic guy, but, he’s not a fighter. Therefore 」

She takes a fighting pose.

「 I do the fighting 」


「 Your pride is a bit too high. Also, you’re dumb. If you were smart, you were already crying in humiliation from losing to me 」

Being told like that, Golby-san:

「 I can’t feel humiliation. After all, I! 」

She glares at Edie.

「 I still haven’t lost to you! 」

Then, she prances in the air.

To me.

「 I thought you’d do that 」

Shou-neechan catches Golby-san who jumped to me.

「 W-What?!! 」

「 Don’t underestimate me, I’m a professional bodyguard. I may have inferior power to you, but I won’t lose when it comes to speed!! 」

「 Tsk!! 」

Golby-san clicks her tongue and then kicks away Shou-neechan’s hand to fly back.

「 That’s unfortunate 」

Edie’s waiting for her there.

「 You tried to take Darling as a hostage! Isn’t that a bit cowardly! 」

「 I’m from the underground society! If I can’t hurt you, then I’ll do whatever, even take a hostage! 」

Golby-san shouts.

「 Seems like I taught her poorly 」

「 It’s much better than her going to Nei and the girls 」

Kyouko-san tells Miss Cordelia.

No, Golby-san is into Nei, so she aimed for me, a guy.

「 Then, I’ll show what damage is to you 」


Edie tears off Golby-san’s clothes?


Golby-san’s breasts appear.

「 Kyaaaaaaa!!! 」

Golby-san shouts.

「 You thought I haven’t done anything to you since earlier? 」

Edie shows a small knife hiding in her hand.

「 I’ve made a lot of cuts on your clothes. 」 After that, all I have to do is pull it 」

「 H-Hey wait!!! 」

「 There’s no “wait” in fights!! 」

Edie’s body speeds up.

Golby-san’s completely exhausted.

She can’t match up to Edie’s speed.


Biriri!! Briririri!!

Golby-san’s clothes are torn away every time Edie touches her.

「 O-O-Onee-sama!!! 」

Golby-san asks for Miss Cordelia’s help, but.

「 Well, that’s a good one. To think that I’d watch Nikita strip 」

「 Yeah, looking good 」

Kyouko-san also watches Golby-san getting stripped.

「 Noooooo, nooooo, stop!!!!! 」

Golby-san’s white skin.

As expected of a Russian.

To think that she’s this white.

「 Yoshi-kun, what are you looking at! 」

Megu gets angry at me at a distance, but.

「 Nonono, Megu-oneechan. Onii-chan has the right to watch, she attacked him! 」

「 Yes, that’s right! Show it! You must be forgiving on this situations 」

Mana and Nei hold down Megu.

「 Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

Golby-san’s clothes are tattered.

She’s still wearing boots though.

As for her body, her underwear is already exposed.

「 T-That’s enough isn’t it?! 」

Golby-san tells Edie as she hides her chest and crotch.

「 You still have your bra and panty left 」

Edie swings the knife in her hand and tells Golby-san.

「 I-I won’t allow my underwear to be torn! 」

「 I’m the one to decide on that 」

Edie smiles.

「 W-What?! Why do I have to be treated like this by a black woman like you! This humiliation!! 」

Golby-san glares at Edie still.

「 Your mind still doesn’t break from this? What a troublesome one

「 Obviously! I won’s lose! I never lose! 」

At that moment.

「 Shingetsu!!! 」

Edie releases her Qi.

Unlike before, it wasn’t released in all directions.

Thanks to her repeated practice with Michi, she can now switch from omnidirectional to unidirectional.

In short.

Edie’s sharp Qi is all poured to Golby-san.

「 Agugugugu!! 」

Golby-san collapses.

「 That’s a shock that would feel like her heart stopped 」

Miss Cordelia who has experienced Shingetsu said.

Edie goes to Golby-san.

She cuts down her bra and panty.

「 Got it!! 」

Edie shouts while holding the spoils of war.


「 Darling, Darling! 」

She calls me smiling.

「 Huh, what? 」

Then, Edie.

Edie spreads Golby-san’s legs.

「 Look! 」

She shows Golby-san’s genitals to me.


  1. K-Kono Supido wa! Teki no Sutando da!