Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 597. Nikita’s home visit



「 Katsuko, what’s the meal for tonight? 」

Nikita Gorbachev looks at Katsuko-nee.

「 It’s curry for tonight 」

Katsuko-nee replies, looking puzzled.

「 Oh, Curry? I like Japanese curry. You’ll make it spicy, right? 」

「 We only do medium-spicy 」

「 Oh my, why is that?! Is that a declaration of war on me? 」


Well, Edie’s laughing it out so I guess it’s okay.

「 If it’s spicy then Agnes and Mao-chan can’t eat! 」

「 Naaaaa?! I-Is that so?! Then it can’t be helped! I allow it! 」

Nikita shows a forced smile.

「 I mean, why are you eating here? 」

Nei asks Nikita.

「 What about it Nei? Do you not want me here? 」

「 I won’t say that far but you’re a bit annoying 」

Nei’s cold when it comes to Nikita.

「 Geez, there you go again, Aahn, Nei’s angry face is also beautiful 」

「 Nikita’s praises don’t make me happy 」

It’s the end of summer vacation. September.

I’m already somewhat familiar with the bakery at the high school.

Nikita has come back from America.

The first round was Rei-chan vs. Kyouko-san in Green mountain Studio during the holidays in May.

The following week was a death fight between Rei-chan, Nikita + Barbie0san and Ruby-san, Golbaru3.

Then, during summer break, Kyouko-san, Miss Cordelia, Golbarubie3 vs. Rei-chan + Kouzuki SS “Summer vacation super battle festival, battle beauties great warrior war, summer great crash” was held at Mount Fuji.

A decisive battle in Mt. Fuji sounds outrageous but, Kyouko-san said something I can’t even understand like “It’s a deathmatch in the magic circle in Osaka Castle” or “The Emperor’s tomb(Daisenryou burial mound) is the keyhole to the earth” or something.

For the time being, it ended saying that a battle in Mt. Fuji is better.

By the way, she said “great mountaintop crash,” but actually, that was the fifth one.

Rei-chan’s the only one who climbed the mountaintop and used as an advertisement for tourism.

We met with Nikita again in Los Angeles at the end of August.

I forcibly took away her virginity and had sex in succession after that and yet.

Nikita’s nonchalant the next morning.

She trained with Edie, ate breakfast with us like we’re all friends and went home when Miss Cordelia picked her up by a car.

I knew it, her thought pattern is different from us at a fundamental level.

Then, it’s September now.

She’s back in Japan alone due to her next fight with Rei-chan, and yet.

「 Why are you even here?! 」

Nei glares at Nikita.

Last night, Nikita came to school.

No, actually, we don’t like Nikita who’s known by the police to be in Kyouko-san’s camp to come to us.

Therefore, in May and August, she stayed over a private hideout of Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia, she didn’t show up in our mansion, and yet.

This time, she came here in disguise.

「 Well, it’s been a while since I came here from Los Angeles! I’d like to do some courtesy call at least! 」

Nikita said.

「 And coming here was the best idea I came up with! This place is heaven for me! Aaaah! So many cute girls!!!! 」

Nikita looks at the girls in the living room and smiles.

「 You’re all so cute! Agnes, come here! 」


「 Papaaa! 」

She clings to me.

「 There, there, it will be okay. Papa’s here with you 」

I hug Agnes.

Please don’t put too much pressure on Agnes.

What would you do if Agnes asks for sex because she feels uneasy again?

We haven’t eaten dinner yet, you know?!

「 Then, Mao will do! I’ll give you a hug! Come over here! 」


「 Papa, that lady is scary! 」

She runs to me.

It can’t be helped, let’s hug Mao-chan too.

「 Me too! I’m scared! Kyaaaan~! 」

Nei jokes around and jumps to my chest.

「 What!? Why are you all going to Yoshi instead?! 」

Nikita’s pouting.

「 Well, it’s Papa! 」

「 He’s Mao’s Papa! 」

「 He’s Yo-chan after all! 」

The three talk back to Nikita.

「 Seriously, why are all the women here can’t understand the splendor of being a lesbian! 」

Misuzu and Michi who understands Nikita’s hobby aren’t here tonight.

They’re going to Kyoto with Jii-chan and Yoshiko-san.

Minaho-neesan and Rei-chan are with them.

It seems that they’ll interview the candidates for the brothel.

「 What are you talking about?! Nikiniki came over to the mansion because you want to have sex with Yo-chan, right? 」

Nei insists.

「 W-W-W-Wrong!! I-I-I-I didn’t! 」

「 You’re already addicted to Yo-chan raping you! 」


Nikita asked me to have sex after arriving at the mansion.

She gave me a rough kiss and said;

『 Please, fuck me right now, do me 』

In the end, I did it with Nikita in the reception room.

And we went for 5 or 6 rounds.

「 S-S-Sure, I asked Yoshi for sex. B-B-B-But, Nei and the cute girls are more than him, yes, I want to have sex with everyone.

Nikita puffs her chest in pride.

「 Yoshi’s penis is an afterthought. After all, nobody else has a penis here! I’m a lesbian, you know! There’s no way I would lose to Yoshi’s penis! 」


「 You already lost! 」

「 What?! 」

Nikita panics.

「 There are hidden cameras in all the rooms in this mansion! I was watching! 」

「 W-What do you mean? 」

「 Nikiniki, you can’t win against the penis~! 」


「 Ah, ahahaha, hahahahaha, hahahahaha! 」

She tries to gloss it over by laughing.

「 Yo-chan, she’s too noisy, why don’t you tie her up with a rope and do her from behind? 」

「 Ahn~ Nei! That’s a good idea! Do it! Yes! 」

What should I do with this woman?

「 Nikita-san’s already broken! Thanks to you, Onii-chan had to reduce the number of times he does it with us! 」

Mana shows up from the kitchen and protests.

Megu also shows her face, glaring at her.

「 Geez, I get it. Don’t look at me like that! Next time, I’ll join and help out when you have sex! 」

Nikita said.

「 No thanks 」

「 I’d love it if you don’t 」

Mana and Megu reject clearly.

「 Then, Nei? You’re okay with it, right? Let me join in when you have sex with Yoshi! 」

「 I don’t want to! Nikiniki, your eyes are bloodshot like a middle-aged pervert! You’re also breathing heavily! 」

「 Don’t say that! Let’s do it all together! Okay? 」


「 Could you not force them? 」

Margo-san shows up.

「 Shou-oneesan called. Nagisa-san will leave her shop late so go ahead and eat dinner, she said 」

Shou-neechan’s coming to pick up Nagisa on the way home.

Ootoku-san is with Jii-chan in Kyoto, so Shou-neechan isn’t that busy today.

「 Oh, who are you? 」

Nikita looks at Margo-san defiantly.

「 I’m Margo Starkweather, Nei’s elder sister 」

Margo-san smiles.

「 Miss Nikita, you’re Miss Cordelia’s pet if I recall. I’ll treat you as a guest to a degree, but if you go too far, then I’ll kick you out 」

「 Oh, Margo. I’ve heard that name. You’re Kyouko-oneesama’s pet, right? 」

「 Kyouko-san and I don’t have that kind of relationship 」

The two glare at each other.

「 Okay stop! That’s enough! 」

Edie gets in between the two.

「 I know. I-I can’t win against Edie after all! 」

Nikita backs off, afraid of receiving Shingetsu again.

「 You’re misunderstanding something, Nikita 」

Edie smiles.

「 Margo’s strong. She’s stronger than me. Also, Michi’s Shingetsu is impressive! She’s not here today though 」

「 No way! You’re the one strongest here! I mean, people stronger than you are at the level of Kyouko-oneesama and the likes! I can’t win against them 」

And the likes, she’s mentioning Miss Cordelia, Eenie, and Meenie.

No, Miss Cordelia still might have some other subordinates.

「 Nononono. That’s not true. I’m weak, I’m aware of my own weakness 」

Edie looks at me with a bright smile.

「 Darling’s much stronger than me! 」

「 Yoshi? 」

Nikita looks at me showing a confused face.

Then she laughed.

「 Don’t be ridiculous Edie! 」

She looks at me and laughs it off.

「 Looking at Yoshi’s muscles I can clearly see that Yoshi can’t be stronger than you! 」

「 His strength isn’t his muscles. But his heart 」

Edie said.

「 Darling’s the man who shot Cesario Viola 」

「 What are you talking about? Cesario Viola, you say? 」

「 Yes, you know him too, don’t you? Cesario Viola 」

Nei hugs me.

Miss Cordelia’s acquainted with Cesario Viola.

Nikita, her pet, should know Cesario Viola, an influential man in the underground society of Los Angeles.

「 Edie’s telling the truth. Yo-chan fought Cesario Viola to protect me 」

Oh, I recall that night.

「 He shot Cesario Viola dead 」

I pulled the trigger of the pistol on a villain.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Time to eat 」

Ruriko shows up wearing an apron.

Mana and Ruriko are in charge of today’s dinner.

Katsuko-nee and Megu are the housewives of the mansion, so they have no duties.

I mean, Katsuko-nee’s teaching everyone how to do the chores. Megu’s her assistant at most times.

「 It’s curry and salad. Mana-chan and Ruriko-chan chopped all the ingredients just the two of them for the curry today! 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 I helped out only in seasoning but, you two already know how to make it, right? 」

「 Yes, Katsuko-oneesama, thank you for your guidance 」

「 Thanks, Katsuko-oneechan! Now, Onii-chan, time to eat! 」

Ruriko and Mana place plates.

「 Oh my, you’re cute too 」

Nikita tells Ruriko.

「 I’m Kouzuki Ruriko 」

Ruriko says without breaking a smile.

「 I-I see. I-I’m sorry 」

Ah, even Nikita.

Miss Cordelia must’ve warned her not to be rude to the daughters of Kouzuki house.

「 I-I’ll have a lot. I did a lot of exercises today, so my stomach is empty! 」

Why are you being too polite now?

Also, exercise? All you did was have sex.

Seriously, Nikita’s just.

When she received the curry plate from Ruriko, she gets away immediately.

「 Nei, I’m sitting next to you 」

She tries to escape to the seat next to Nei.

「 Nope 」

「 Then, Agnes! 」

「 Papa!!! 」

Agnes and Mao-chan escape to my side.

「 Geez! Nobody’s going along! 」

「 Sit in here, Nikita 」

Edie pats the seat next to her.

「 Haa. Okay 」

Nikita sits down.

「 I don’t feel sex appeal from you but, I know that I lose to you in strength. I’ll have to obey 」

「 You really don’t get it 」

Edie smiles wryly.

「 I’m weak. Michi’s coming over tomorrow so try having a match with her. Michi’s Shingetsu is the real deal. She’s a genius 」

No, Edie, you’re also a genius.

「 Well, how about you join me in a spar after we digest our meal? 」

Margo-san tells Nikita.

「 I haven’t been fighting professionals seriously for a while. I just thought of getting back that real feeling again 」

「 No thanks, I want to have sex with Yoshi after dinner! 」

Huh? You still want to do it!?

Oh, she’s the carnivorous woman type.

「 Of course, I don’t mind joining in with other girls! Cute girls are all welcome! 」


「 No doing it after meals. There’s a show we have to watch by all means 」

「 Are you saying that you prefer watching TV than enjoying my body?! 」

Nikita shows anger.

「 Look, if it’s just body, Ya-chan or Katsuko-nee are much better. When it comes to cuteness, Megu, Mana, and Ruriko are definitely cuter 」

I said.

「 What now?! Are you saying that I don’t have the charm as a woman!? 」

「 That’s not what I’m saying, Nikita also has some good points 」

「 Ooh? What? My strength? Or is it because of my noble elegance within my power 」


「 The part where you’re not lying. You’re always so frank, honest to yourself, bright 」

「 What the hell? 」

Nei laughs.

「 Yo-chan’s saying that Nikita’s stupidity is what’s cute! 」

「 What?! I can’t believe you! That’s rude! 」

She puffs in anger.

Oh, the atmosphere is getting worse.

「 Listen, everyone, 」

I speak to my women in here.

「 Nikita’s not in our family. She won’t be in our family now, nor in the future 」


「 Obviously! I’m Cordelia-oneesama’s pet! I hold pride in that! 」

「 Then, why do you want to have sex with Onii-chan? 」

Mana asks.

Megu on the side nods.

「 That’s because of “berubara” 」


「 Huh? Did I say it wrong? Kyouko-oneesama told me to answer “berubara” in case I was asked that question 」


It’s Kyouko-san.

I don’t know whether that’s serious or not.

She’s also using “cold gags” when being an entertainer in Nagoya.

「 Could it be that you’re talking about the “dessert stomach”? 」

Nei said.

「 Ah, yes, that! 」

What? It was just a verbal slip-up!

「 I’m a lesbian. A pure lesbian. But, Cordelia-oneesama told me to “It also feels good getting messed up by a man once in a while,” and after receiving it, it felt terrific 」

Nikita tells us.

「 Also, I’m not stupid. I know that any man won’t do, it feels good because Yoshi does it. All of Yoshi’s partners are all lovely, Megumi, you too. Have some confidence 」

「 T-Thank you 」

Megu’s face is saying “why is this person praising me?”

「 Yoshi’s the one who puts everyone together, right? Furthermore, to think that you’re all satisfied from having sex with him is quite the story. Then, I thought that I could come to play with Yoshi if Cordelia-oneesama isn’t present 」

「 It’s a relationship of only sex 」

Ruriko asks.

「 Yes, that’s right1 」

Nikita said.

「 I mean, Nei, Megumi, and Mana shows off Yoshi’s penis entering them before I got violated, you know? I thought that it’s okay to enter me if it went inside such cute girls. An ordinary man’s penis is dirty, I don’t want to touch it but, I don’t feel discomfort from Yoshi’s penis at all 」

「 Then, you intend to have sex only with him? 」

Katsuko-nee asks.,

「 For now 」

Nikita said.

「 Then, if you want to have sex with other guys, don’t do it with him again. If you can obey that, then you can come here to play 」

Katsuko-nee said. Nikita laughs.

「 Sure. I agree with that conditions. I mean, I don’t think I’ll want to do it with anyone but Yoshi. After all, Yoshi’s merciless whenever he fucks me. He’s making my mind and body a mess! Minaho’s a great tutor. Seriously, there’s no other one like him. Yoshi’s the only male friend I have 」

She smiled, looking at me.

「 Yoshi-kun’s a friend, you say? 」

Megu’s surprised.

「 Isn’t that obvious? If we’re not friends, then I won’t come to visit this house nor want to have sex! 」

Nikita. Seriously.

She’s having a different thought pattern than us.

「 Well, then that’s good! 」

Nei agrees.

「 I’ll join in when Nikiniki have sex with Yo-chan! 」

「 My! I’d be glad if you do! 」

Nikita’s delighted.

「 Don’t say that, we’re friends, aren’t we? 」

Nei said.

「 I want to be lovers with Nei instead of friends! 」

「 That’s not possible! I’m not a lesbian! But, if we’re friends, then I’ll allow you to join in when we have sex 」

「 Haa, it can’t be helped 」

Nikita agrees.

「 Does anyone have a problem with it? Nikita is Yo-chan’s sex friend. Well, though she says ‘sex friend,’ she’s a friend who just enjoys having sex from time to time. There’s nothing more than that 」


「 She’s not family. So, accept her as such 」

Nei smiles.

「 Yo-chan now needs friends outside of the family. Some of them will have sex with him. But, that’s all there is to it! 」

Oh, Megu’s looking troubled again.

The other women are also thinking.

「 For now, let’s eat. You’re all hungry, right? 」

Margo-san said.

「 Indeed, let’s eat 」

Katsuko-nee too.

「 By the way, you guys are watching TV after this, right? 」

Margo-san looks at Mana, Megu, and me.


Is the day for Yukino’s show.

I want to watch it every time as much as possible.

Mana also wants to know the state of her sister living apart from her.

Megu, she’s got complicated feelings for Yukino, but.

She’s still worried.

「 Then, Nikita-san, let’s spar a bit after eating 」

Margo-san said.

「 Oh, if you really want it then I’ll be guiding you 」


Even though she lost to Edie after saying that.

「 I see, then please do 」

Margo-san grins.

「 Kukukuku, kuhahahahaha!! 」

Edie laughs out seeing their situation.

I’m sure that it’ll be a tough fight.