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「 Kuh, I feel happy for you but frustrated 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 It can’t be helped. You’ve been drinking pills for long, right? You have no choice but to wait until your body returns to its former 」

Nagisa retired from prostitution when she gave birth to Mao-chan.

She stopped drinking pills since then.

She seems to be holding some emergency contraceptives for when she’s raped suddenly, due to her experience in the past.

On the other hand, Katsuko-nee.

She only decided to retire when she met me.

She only stopped drinking pills on the second half of may.

She’s been drinking them for a long time, five years since she became a prostitute, so it’ll take a little time for the influence of the medicine to disappear.

「 There’s also the problem of the menstrual cycle, you don’t have to rush 」

I heard that the fertile period is only for several days in a month.

It’s not as simple as having sex -> getting pregnant.

We need to be efficient when having sex on the ovulation days.

「 Right, it’s different from Yukino-san 」

Katsuko-nee sighs.

In Yukino’s case, she had a healthy body, and she didn’t drink contraceptives.

Besides, she was made to drink ovulation-inducing drugs, making it easy for her to get pregnant.

I also ejaculated inside her so many times in such a short period.

It’s no surprise that she got pregnant.

「 Right, I’ll just press on without feeling impatient 」

「 But, hurry up. We want our children to be in the same grade, right? 」

「 Yes, I know 」

The former classmates smile at each other.

「 Amazing, to think that Onii-chan’s child is in here 」

Mana looks into it.

「 Nagisa-oneechan, can I touch? 」

「 Sure 」

Nagisa smiles and gives approval.

「 That’s nice. I want a child soon too 」

Mana says while touching Nagisa’s stomach.

「 A child born means that the family will have more people 」

Ruriko said smiling.

「 May I touch it as well? 」

「 Go on 」

「 I want to touch it too! 」

「 Ah, me too 」

I get Ruriko and Edie but, Nikita also looks happy.

「 A baby is made! It’s a celebration for everyone! 」

I think Nikita’s best part is how simple she is.


「 What’s wrong? Is it a bit shocking that you’ll become a father? 」

Margo-san asks me.

「 Yeah, I feel the responsibility coming for me 」

A new life.

A new existence rises because I ejaculated inside Nagisa.

We had sex with the intent of making her pregnant, I should’ve been prepared for it.

But still.

「 I need to stay alive for the child 」

「 I wonder? I don’t think you have to feel that uneasy 」

Margo-san laughs.

「 For example, even if you die suddenly today, Nagisa-san will still give birth to the child, and she’ll raise the child even without a father 」

「 No, but, m-my responsibility 」

「 I think it’s nice that you feel that way but, remember, is there anyone in here who are with their father? 」

Margo-san’s father was a scum who joined the men who raped her because she has a different eye-color and hair from himself.

Megu, Mana, and Agnes father is Shirasaka Sousuke.

Even my father.

「 My father was a good-for-nothing yet I still live, right? That’s why you don’t need to be so worked up on becoming a father. You can live as yourself. I think that fathers who try to look cool to their children are those who easily fall off 」


I might get too high from the strange stimulation.

「 Papa 」

Agnes rubs her body against me.

「 What’s wrong Agnes? Don’t you want to touch Nagisa’s stomach? 」

Agnes looks worried.

「 Papa, are you going to hate Agnes once the child is born? 」


「 No, that won’t happen 」

「 But, undoubtedly, you’ll like the child more than Agnes 」


I squat down and hug Agnes.

「 That won’t happen. I’ll still love Agnes as I do now 」

「 Really? 」

「 Look, I love Agnes, Mana, Megu, Ruriko, and everyone in the family until now, right? 」

「 Yes, desuno 」

「 It’s the same for the child. It’s a new family member 」

「 But, it’s Papa’s child 」


「 It’s obvious that Papa’s child would be Papa’s most loved 」

Agnes started from watching animal videos.

Then, she’s now watching educational videos for young children.

She’s trying to understand what makes a family.

It’s not just our family, there are various other people in this world, and each of them has their family.

That the other families have different rules compared to our family.

We have to understand that and respect how other family lives.

Teaching her the relationship between our family to another family.

If she doesn’t understand that relationship supporting the real world, then we can’t let Agnes go out of the house alone.

It would be impossible for her to go to school.

Recently, she’s starting to watch movies for adults.

Nei’s picking Hollywood movies from the past.

『 Works in the ’50s are following the Hays code, there were less erotic and grotesque content, they also are made with conservative Christian ideas, so I don’t think there will be a problem 』

She said.

And true, there were only a few elements that stimulated Agnes.

She didn’t feel uneasy in the middle of watching a movie and ask for sex.

Well, it must be because of Nei’s excellent taste in movies.

「 Agnes, do you hate to be not the most loved? 」

I asked.

「 That’s not it 」

「 Then, being the first doesn’t matter, right? 」

「 But 」

「 My number one is always ever changing 」

「 Papa? 」

「 The girl I embrace at the moment is the cutest. That’s why it’s Agnes now. I have Agnes in my arms after all 」

I hug Agnes tightly.

「 So, if you feel lonely then jump to my chest anytime, you’re the “number one” when you’re in my arms 」

「 Okay, desuno 」

Agnes kisses me.

「 Papa, I love you, desuno 」

「 I also love Agnes 」


「 Come here Agnes, try hugging Nagisa’s child in her belly. If Agnes gives it a hug, then I’m sure that Agnes will also love the child in the stomach the most 」

「 Is that so? 」

「 Try it 」

「 Okay, Papa 」

Agnes goes to NAgisa in small steps.

「 Can I? Desuno 」

「 Of course, go on 」

Nagisa responds with a smile.

Agnes hugs Nagisa’s narrow waist with both hands.

She presses her cheeks to Nagisa’s stomach.

「 There’s a child in here? 」

「 Yes. Say hello to the child, Agnes-chan 」

Nagisa says.

「 Say “Hello, I’m Agnes-oneechan” 」

「 Onee-chan? 」

Agnes trembles.

「 Yes. Agnes-chan will become an older-sister now. Get along with this child when she’s out, okay? She won’t know anything since she’s a newborn, so Agnes-chan, teach her a lot, okay? 」

「 But, Agnes doesn’t know a lot 」

Agnes looks down and said.

「 It’s okay. The child will be born next year. Agnes-chan still has a lot of time to study 」

「 Study, desuno? 」

「 If Onee-chan doesn’t know anything then it’s a problem for this child 」

「 Problem? 」

「 Yes, of course, Agnes-chan is also troubled when she has a foolish elder sister, right? 」

「 Ugh 」

Nagisa said. Agnes faces Nagisa’s stomach.

「 Agnes will study a lot, desuno, therefore, please take your time coming out, okay? 」

The girls laugh at what Agnes said.

「 Okay now, let’s celebrate with a cake!! 」

Nei brings in a big cake from the kitchen.

「 This is Yo-chan’s test cake! The plan was to eat it when Nagisa-san comes back, but now it’s a celebration cake! 」

I just baked a sponge cake.

Then, it seems that Nei spread some fresh cream on it and made it better.

「 Hmmmmm, cake? 」

The sleeping Mao-chan wakes up from the word “cake.”

「 Wow! Cake! What’s going on? A celebration? 」

Mao-chan’s tension rises up as soon as she sees the cake.

「 Mao will become an Onee-san now 」

Nagisa tells Mao-chan kindly.

「 Huh? Mama? That means? 」

「 Mama’s got a baby in her stomach! 」

「 Wow!! 」

Unlike Agnes, Mao-chan’s honestly pleased.

「 You did it! Mama! 」

Then, our cake party began.

◇ ◇ ◇

Still, the problem is;

Megu still looks gloomy.

Megu’s the only one who didn’t approach Nagisa.

「 So, what’s your plan? Are you staying overnight? 」

Nei asks Nikita.

「 Oh? Is there a problem with that? 」

Nikita remains composed.

「 You have at least some guest rooms, right? This house is quite spacious anyway 」

「 You’re not allowed to do it with Yo-chan tonight anymore 」

「 I know. I won’t do anything inelegant on a celebration night. I’ll just do it tomorrow 」

I’ll still do it with Nikita tomorrow, huh?

「 Oh, right? I don’t mind if you get me pregnant too. That would make Cordelia-oneesama jealous then she’ll be making love with me a lot 」

「 No, no, don’t get pregnant with that reason 」

「 Geez, that was a joke. Don’t be absurd 」

Nikita laughs.

It won’t be a joke for Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia.

Of course, Nikita too.

These people live in a world beyond common sense.

「 If I get pregnant now then Onee-sama will be angry at me. We’re still in the middle of a project 」

Nikita’s arranged to have a rematch with Rei-chan.

「 That’s why I can get pregnant after. I’ll ask for Onee-sama’s permission first 」


「 I’ve never thought of pregnancy before, but now if it’s yours then I don’t mind bearing a child 」

「 That’s not okay, Nikita. Michi and I are going first 」

Edie interrupts.

「 Oh, then I have no choice. I don’t mind following after Edie.

Nikita won’t go against Edie who defeated her.

「 It’s already planned who’s before us 」


「 Michi and I are little sisters. Those who bear children are the elder sisters.

Edie thinks.

「 Katsuko’s next after Nagisa, then Shou, and then Rei 」

There’s no need to prioritize age.

Does Edie feel that the elder sisters need to be first?

「 Then, Nei, Misuzu, and Megumi 」

Megu’s surprised hearing her name.

「 Megumi’s an elder sister of yours and mine 」


「 Huh? But, I’m at the same age as Edie 」

Edie is Megu and my classmate.

She’s 16, just like us.

「 But, Megumi knows darling before I did. You have to be the elder sister 」

She smiles at Megu.

「 Therefore, you have to act like one 」

Megu’s speechless.

「 Once we’re done eating cake, girls 」

Nei speaks to everyone.

「 Margo-oneechan, could you look after Edie and Nikita? 」

「 Sure. I want to move a bit more before going to bed, I also want to fix Nikita’s habit 」

「 That’s a good idea. I’m joining in 」

「 Understood. Please teach me 」

Edie and Nikita agree.

「 Sorry but, could you clean up the kitchen, Katsu-nee, and Ruri-tan? 」

「 I don’t mind 」

「 I’m on duty tonight 」

Katsuko-nee and Ruriko reply.

「 Huh? I’m also on duty though? 」

Mana said.

「 Mana-chan, I’d like you to come with me for a while 」

Nei looks at Nagisa while speaking.


「 Mao will be sleepy again once she’s full so we’ll take a bath, brush her teeth, change her to pajamas, and get ready to sleep 」

She replied as a mother.

「 Thanks, I don’t think it’ll take that long! 」

Nei smiles at Nagisa.

「 With that said, Yo-chan, Mana-chan, Agnes, and I will look after Megu-chan 」

「 What? 」

Megu’s surprised.

She seems to be shocked that she’s the one that’ll be taken care of.

「 Seriously, what a time-consuming child. But still, I love you Megu-chan 」

Nei said and smiled.

◇ ◇ ◇

Nei brings us to a room with computers.

It links to the school monitoring system.

「 Then, let’s strip! 」

Nei said and took off her clothes.

「 Okay, desuno 」

Agnes undresses like it’s the usual.

Recently, we’ve made rules for Agnes.

She shouldn’t ask for sex anywhere, disregarding the occasion.

For example, she’s forbidden to say “I want to have sex” in the living room or dining room, rooms that everyone uses, of course, she’s also not allowed to get naked.

That’s just a measure for when we take Agnes outside.

It will be a lot of trouble if Agnes asks for sex suddenly due to the stress outside.

We thought of educating her to hold back until it’s just the two of us, so there’s no one else looking.

Therefore, Agnes seems to care about the circumstances of the people around her.

By the way, apart from Agnes’ problem, having sex in the dining room and kitchen is banned.

In addition to sanitary problems, the knives in the kitchen are also dangerous.

Katsuko-nee told me that she’ll make the kitchen a safe-zone for sex, but.

Minaho-neesan rejected it.

「 Everyone will have sex with Papa? 」

Agnes asks Nei.

「 Well, I still don’t know yet. It depends on the situation 」

「 Agnes wants to do it 」

Oh, Agnes seems to be excited after knowing Nagisa’s pregnancy.

「 Yeah. But, wait for a bit. Megu-chan’s worrying right now 」

Nei looks at Megu.

Megu’s just standing gloomily with her clothes still on.

「 Hurry up and strip, Megu-oneechan 」

Mana in her underwear tells Megu.

「 I don’t have anything Nei-oneesan need to worry about 」

Megu said./

「 Oh, I see. Okay then, come and sit here Yo-chan 」

Nei calls me.

「 Ah, tale off your pants and briefs, everyone should get naked on the lower half 」

If Nei says so.

I take off only the lower half.

「 Really, we’re all now casual when naked 」

「 Well, it’s every day after all, Right? Onii-chan 」

Actually, it’s Mana who’s having sex almost every day.

I do travel apart from her sometimes but, whenever I stay in the mansion, then we do it every day for sure.

「 Our flight last time was nice, I wanted to have sex with Yo-chan in the restroom during the movie “Mrs. Emanuelle,” but now, it’s tough to check unlike before 」

Nei brought me to the restroom in the airplane, but.

It’s impossible for us two to get inside because people are watching.

「 Huh? I had sex with Onii-chan though 」

Mana said.

「 No way? How? 」

Nei’s surprised.

「 Nei-oneechan stands out too much because you’re too beautiful. In my case, I show that “we’re siblings that get along a lot” to the other passengers and flight attendants, right? That’s why they just ignore whatever Onii-chan and I do 」

Mana said.

「 Then that means, huh? 」

「 Well, when it’s dark, everyone sleeps in the plane, right? At that time, Onii-chan and I are sitting next to each other and then we hid our bodies with a blanket. Mana touched Onii-chan’s penis under the sheet, then it got big, then I stick out my butt to Onii-chan and put it in! 」

「 No way! I didn’t notice it at all! 」

「 Well, unlike Nei-oneechan, my body is small, so I can do that. Onii-chan even came inside me! 」



I had sex while in flight at 10 km altitude.

「 Megu-chan, did you notice that? 」

Nei asks Megu.

「 No 」

「 Well, of course, Megu-oneechan only looks at herself and not at Onii-chan 」


「 Dammit, Mana-chan took away Yo-chan’s first aircraft sex. Mii-chan was the first in car-sex, right? Shou-oneechan did it on a ship. In that case, I’m going to take Yo-chan to a submarine! 」

Nei says to ease the atmosphere.

「 Agnes wants to do it in a spaceship, desuno 」


「 I’d like to watch the stars and the earth while having sex with Onii-chan 」

Did we see space in a movie recently?

「 Okay, I’ll leave the space to Agnes! I’ll have sex with Yo-chan in the deep sea, while a colossal squid trying to attack us. An octopus will do 」


「 I don’t get why but Americans are always so happy seeing huge octopus 」

I don’t know that.

「 Don’t mind that, come sit here Yo-chan 」

I sit down on the chair in front of the computer with my lower half naked.

「 Agnes, sit in between Yo-chan’s legs and observe his penis 」

「 Okay, desuno! 」

Agnes sits down naked in between my legs.

「 Just observing, okay? If Yo-chan’s penis grows big you can touch or lick it but don’t touch it for now, okay? 」

Nei gives instructions.

「 Then, Mana and I will sit next to Yo-chan 」

Could this be?

The same lineup when we were watching Yukino from TV earlier.

Nei replaces Ruriko.

Back then, we were all wearing clothes.

Agnes was on top of my knees though.

Megu’s the only one sitting a bit far from me.

Nei, were you watching us from the monitors earlier?

No, she should be watching, it’s Nei we’re talking about after all.

「 Nei-oneesan, where should I sit? 」

Megu asks.

「 Who knows? Pick it yourself 」

Nei’s harsh to Megu who’s the only one still dressed.

「 Well then, let’s begin watching the hall of treasures! 」

Hall of treasures?

「 Err, which one do you want first? The schoolgirls during the physical examination? Or them in changing room or shower rooms? 」

Could this be?

「 Yo-chan hasn’t seen our high school treasures, right? 」

「 N-Nei-oneesan, stop! 」

Megu shouts.

「 I won’t, If Yo-chan doesn’t want to watch it alone, then we will all watch together. It’s reasonable, isn’t it? 」

Nei said clearly.

「 Yo-chan, be honest, you’re interested in watching naked schoolgirls, right? 」


「 O-Of course 」

「 Then let’s watch them! It should make you feel horny. When Yo-chan’s penis grow big then Agnes will lick it, if you feel aroused then you can push anyone in here down 」


「 Yo-chan, you hold back too much. You don’t have to, okay? 」