Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 604. Access



「 Err, I don’t get what that meant 」

I ask Nei.

Why do I have to cheat with women other than my family?

「 Yo-chan, Agnes-chan is right in front of you, right? What do you think of her? 」

Agnes is sitting in between my legs, naked.

Agnes looks up at me wondering “why is my name mentioned?” as she licks my glans.

「 Of course, I love Agnes 」

Agnes smiles.

「 Agnes also loves Papa, desuno! 」

So cute. I pat Agnes’ white blonde hair gently.

「 That’s not what I’m talking about. It’s about Agnes’ situation now 」

Nei said.

「 Back then, when Agnes was in the basement, she didn’t open up to anyone, right? Then, Yo-chan created a relationship of trust by having sex with Agnes, right? 」

「 No, that wasn’t me. We all stayed in Agnes’ room until she opened up her heart to us 」

It’s not me,

but Mao-chan and Edie who’s making Agnes feel more at ease.

「 But still Yo-chan was the finisher. Agnes needs a sex partner, which is Yo-chan even now 」

Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter, Agnes only received education to become a sex slave.

Agnes’ purpose in life is only to become her father’s sex slave.

Therefore, I.

I became Agnes’ Papa, her master, replacing Shirasaka Sousuke.

「 Agnes is only stable because Yo-chan is her master in sex, right? Of course, she made bonds with the other girls in the family but, without Yo-chan… 」

During the summer vacation, we traveled to various places.

It was also a test and training for Agnes on whether she’ll be stable when away from me.

I asked Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee later about it.

As a result.

Every day, we talk to each other regularly via a video call to see each other’s face.

Her mind was barely able to endure it somehow.

Agnes seemed to be too uneasy, wondering if I would forget it.

Agnes is afraid of her Master, her Papa abandoning her more than anything.

「 I know that Agnes needs me now but, it’s bad to keep it as it is 」

I touch Agnes’ soft cheek and said.

Agnes uses her tongue with all her best as she looks at me.

She’s trying to find the parts where I’m stimulated.

「 I’m glad that you only look at me, but I want Agnes to have more interested in the broader outside world 」

That’s what I think.

「 But you know? Recently, she’s more interested in various things than before since she’s watching movies and shows 」

Then, Nei.

「 I think so too. 」 That’s until I noticed Yo-chan’s problem. 」

Huh? Me?

「 I think that Agnes will start to understand that other worlds are spreading outside this mansion 」

「 Isn’t that a good thing? 」

I said.

「 But, Agnes thinks of the world outside the mansion as an “another world” that’s not connected to her life. Do you get it? To her, only her relationship with Yo-chan and with us, her family in this mansion is the world with meaning for her. Yo-chan and his family is the world Agnes lives in, and all the others outside are foreigners 」

Another world?

「 Therefore, to Agnes, watching movies is only for learning the rules and systems, and behavior of people in another world 」

What does that mean?

「 In short, Agnes will never open up her mind to those not family. If she thinks of them as a foreigner, then she’ll remain alert and never trust them 」

「 Then, even if Agnes learns academics and goes to school 」

「 Yeah, if it’s the Agnes now then she’ll never make friends at school 」

Then there’s no meaning in letting her go to school.

「 Agnes completely separates her family to the people from the outside world. She’s lacking the sense that she lives in the same world, same city, same country, same earth as everyone else 」

Though she’s listening to Nei’s story.

Agnes continues to fellate and look up at me.

Oh, Agnes.

She doesn’t look at anyone but her family and me.

「 This is bad 」

I mutter as I look at Agnes.

「 Yes, it’s bad, I mean, what do you think is the problem there, Yo-chan? Try explaining it to me 」


「 I mean, if this goes on, Agnes will only stay facing inwards, just looking at her family. She won’t go out willingly and remain inside the mansion, right? It’s bad if she doesn’t make friends outside 」

「 Why is it bad? 」

Nei asks.

「 Well, she needs friends, right? It’s not okay to live just inside the family 」


「 After all, isn’t that just the same back when Agnes was trapped inside that basement? 」

Living without knowing the outside world.

Living in your inner world closed up even when you know that there’s an outside world is just.

There’s almost no difference.

「 Okay then, Yo-chan, you can understand the situation objectively when looking at Agnes 」

Huh? What? Nei?

「 Yo-chan’s in the same situation as Agnes right now 」


「 Huh? Why me? I’m going to school every day, I talk to the people in my class, I even sell bread to the students 」

What part of that is similar to Agnes.

「 But Yo-chan’s making a distinction to the people that aren’t family, right? 」


「 You think that you can’t reach mutual understanding nor they can’t accept you, right? Aren’t you thinking that you’re living in a different world than them? 」

Nei tells me.

「 Well, that’s 」

An average high school student can’t understand my situation.

Almost every student are going away thinking that I’m already engaged and decided my life to become a baker just in the first-year high school.

But, the reality, above all that.

Kuromori, and Kouzuki house’s problem.

I have a lot of women.

Also, Yukino.

About the lives, I carry on my back,

I can’t talk about that to anyone in the class, I don’t think they’ll understand

In the first place, I,

I could hardly explain why did this happen.

「 But, I have no regrets choosing this life. I’ve agreed on anything and everything about it 」

I don’t have doubts now.

「 Yo-chan, I’m glad that you think that way, we’re thankful for that, but you see 」

Nei said.

「 That still means that Yo-chan is the same as Agnes. You only look at your family! 」

「 But, that’s! 」

「 We know! We get that! We ask from Yo-chan too much, as a matter of fact, a lot of girls needs Yo-chan’s attention just like Agnes. You also have your baker training. Therefore, we understand why Yo-chan’s only focusing inwards, to his family, but you see!

Nei’s serious.

「 If this goes on, Yo-chan’s head will only think of looking after the family that we’d kill you 」

Megu, Mana, and Ruriko are silent.

Agnes continues on fellating.

In case the talk has gone serious and complex that she can’t understand, Agnes has a habit of concentrating on the sexual act and shutting out what she hears.

「 I don’t mind serving for the family though 」

I tell Nei.

「 Geez, I seriously get now why Kyouko-san sent over Nikiniki 」

Nei sighed.

「 Yeah, Yo-chan and Agnes are really similar. Agnes has been lonely all the time in the basement, worshipping that man’s statue, but 」

Shirasaka Sousuke’s naked statue on the ceiling of the basement.

That statue was quite idealized.

Agnes had a routine of looking up at that statue and masturbating.

「 Yo-chan, you’ve endured the loneliness in that house at the same time, and you survived using the idealized image of Yukino-san, right? 」


She saw the worn-out sofa I use to sleep in that house.

Abandoned by my parents, I was somehow able to survive by masturbating on the idealized Yukino on my delusions and escaping reality.

「 And then, the lonely Yo-chan made a family. People he can open his heart with. Now, you’re doing all your best to protect this family. You love your family so You can’t help it. Just like how Agnes loves Yo-chan 」

I look at Agnes.

Agnes continues to lick my whole penis.

「 Agnes? 」

「 Yes, I love Papa! Agnes wants Papa’s hot stuff inside my mouth! Agnes wants to drink all of it, desuno! 」

Ah, this is bad, the atmosphere is tense, therefore

Agnes feels uneasy.

「 Agnes, you can stop licking, come here 」

「 Are we having sex? 」

「 No. For now, I want to hug Agnes tight 」

「 Yes, desuno 」

Agnes stands up, and I hug her with all my strength.

「 Papa 」

「 Sorry, did I hug too tight? 」

「 No, I’d like it stronger. I want Papa to hug me till it hurts. 」

「 Sure 」

I hug Agnes’ small body.

「 Papa, I want to have sex 」

Agnes looks into me with a bright red face.

「 Not now. We’re still in the middle of an important talk 」

「 But, Papa’s penis is already big 」

My stiff penis is touching against Agnes’ soft belly.

「 But, hold it for now. It’s bad for Agnes to have sex as soon as you get uneasy. Hold it for a bit with Papa hugging you for now 」

「 Ugh 」

Agnes looks dissatisfied.

It can’t be helped, I give her puffed lips a kiss.

Agnes inserts her tongue to me.

「 That’s mature of you, but you’re also the same, Yo-chan. Do you get it? 」

Nei smile at me.

「 Me what? 」

「 Yo-chan also wants to have sex when you feel anxiety and stress accumulating inside you 」


「 Well, I was one of the members who watched Yo-chan from the beginning 」

Nei, Minaho-neesan, Katsuko-nee, and Margo-san were watching me before the holidays.

「 Well, we’re at fault here. We used Yo-chan’s delusion on Yukino-san and made him rape her for real. Therefore, for Yo-chan, having sex with Yukino-san is a way to erase the frustration in your heart 」

I was releasing the stagnation in my mind by raping Yukino.

「 Yo-chan don’t have that self-indulgent kind of sex with anyone with the family like he does it with Yukino-san 」

Nei said. Megu who’s been silent all this time.

「 Then do it! I’ll do whatever Yoshi-kun wants 」

But, Nei.

「 Yo-chan’s the one who can’t do it 」

「 Why?! If he can do with Yukino then he should do it with me too! 」


「 The family is sacred to Yo-chan. That’s why he treats us with good care, right? He can’t just bust off his desire to his family to ease up the stress 」

「 Why?! 」

Mana replied instead of Nei.

「 It’s because Onii-chan’s real family didn’t exist as one 」

My real family.

「 He has a much stronger attachment to the word. He loves and treats the family with care. That’s why, Onii-chan, 」

「 Right. He’s always answering to our desires 」

Ruriko said.

「 No, I’m only doing it because I like it. It makes me happy that you all ask from me. To think that someone like me is wanted. Therefore, I want to make everyone feel better at all times 」

「 Onii-sama’s always responding to us with a smile! 」


「 In the end, Yo-chan can’t release what’s inside his mind when having sex with only the family. Yo-chan is too patient that it accumulates right away 」

Nei said.

「 Even now, he wants to release that stagnation in his mind by having sex with Yukino-san, right? 」

Ruriko asks Nei.

「 But, Onii-sama hasn’t been with Yukino-san in the past four months. 」


「 Even without having sex with her for real, the thought of “I can still do it with her” makes him ease up. Yukino-san is still making contact with Yo-chan at school 」


Was I that naive to think that I can have sex with Yukino again?


I do think of it inside.

「 But you see, Yukino-san said that she won’t have sex with Onii-sama anymore on the TV 」

Ruriko said. I feel shocked.


Why am I shocked?

I mean, I wasn’t feeling that earlier when I was watching Yukino.


Though I listen to what Yukino is saying on TV.

『 That’s not possible. Either way, I’ll have sex with Yukino again. At worst, after she gives birth 』

Those were my thoughts.

Now that Ruriko said that Yukino “declared” it.

I feel attacked by the sense of loss.

「 Kyouko-san must’ve predicted that Yukino-san would have a change of heart since when the childbirth comes close, women feel nervous 」

Nei said.

「 That’s why she sent over Nikiniki as a substitute for Yukino-san 」


Yukino’s substitute?

「 That girl’s not in the family, that said,s he’s not a complete outsider. She’s Kyouko-san’s lover, Miss Cordelia’s pet after all. Cordelia-san, the owner gave her permission to rape Nikiniki. Yo-chan yourself is enjoying having sex with her. She’s the best as a playtime partner 」

Nei said.

「 Sending over Nikiniki as someone to have Yo-chan ease up his mind also chook us. Yo-chan did it with Nikiniki five times right away, it was fun sex, right? Yo-chan really needs someone outside the family as a sexual partner. This is for the stability of Yo-chan’s mind. If we surround Yo-chan and not let him have sex with women outside the family, then Yo-chan will be a shut-in inside the family, and his mind and body would wither 」

Therefore, it’s necessary for me to have a sex friend.

Nikita’s sent over to show that.

「 I mean, when Nikita came as a guest rattling around, Yo-chan’s family can’t stay calm 」

Nei speaks strongly.

「 I finally understand about Nikita-san. I don’t like it, but I’ll accept it. Either way, she doesn’t stay in Japan all the time 」

Megu sighs.

「 That’s right, Kyouko-san sent over just an example solution! Nikiniki isn’t the answer to the problem! 」


「 Minaho-oneechan’s absent now, but Katsu-nee and Nagisa-san are here. Margo-oneechan too. Yet, why do you think we’re discussing it with just us here? 」

Nei looks at everyone and smiled.

「 Where do you think is the center of Yo-chan’s daily life? 」

「 School 」

Megu replied.

「 Yes. We need to find Yo-chan someone he can have free sex with at school! 」

「 That’s! 」

Nei said. Megu rejects.

「 Well, there’s no choice. Nikiniki is an enemy of Kouzuki security service since she’s under Kyouko Messer’s control, who is also chased by the police. Yo-chan can only do it with her sometimes 」

「 But 」

「 And then, Yo-chan needs to turn his inward look to the outside by making a sex friend who isn’t family in school 」


「 Listen, just think of sex and look at the girls in our school. If you think “I want to have sex with this girl at least once” then do it for real! 」

「 No, Ya-chan, it would create a problem if I do that! 」

「 It won’t! We’ll follow up 」

Nei said.

「 Yo-chan, you noticed that we establish a relationship through sex, right? That’s why I think you should build a relationship with girls not in the family through sex. I mean, I don’t think it’ll go through the ordinary girls if Yo-chan doesn’t have sex with them 」

「 But, Ya-chan, is it okay to make friends through sex? 」

I shouted. Nei laughs.

「 You go all out with the girl you have sex with, right? Then it’s okay. Shouldn’t you just look for a companion in sex without aiming for marriage? 」

「 But, that’s!? 」

I can’t believe it.

「 I now understand why Katsuko-chan sent me here 」

Ruriko said.

「 Misuzu-chan and I are going to change the criteria for Onii-sama’s sex slave candidates, aren’t we? 」


「 I guess so? Putting Ruri-chan aside, Mii-chan picks girls out of her hobby 」

Misuzu is also a lesbian.

She wants me to have sex with girls of her preference.

Misuzu has a strong desire of dominating others, yet she desires me to dominate her, quite a complicated girl.

「 No, if Mii-chan says that she’ll take responsibility as the owner just like Miss Cordelia to Nikiniki then we don’t mind whoever she brings 」

「 If not, she won’t be someone Onii-sama can have sex with for fun 」

「 That’s right. Furthermore, it needs to be someone who’s not troublesome. Someone Yo-chan can fool around nicely 」

「 Understood 」

Ruriko agrees.

「 If it’s within Misuzu-chan’s list then I think we can pick suitable girls 」

「 Yeah, please do. Megu-chan and I will look for girls in our school 」

「 Nei-oneesan 」

Megu’s still in doubt.

「 If you don’t like it then fine. I’ll do it alone. Yo-chan will cheat a lot more when Megu-chan doesn’t know 」

「 Please stop doing it without me knowing 」

「 Then you’ll help out! It’s the job of the married woman to gift her husband a cheating partner during Bon and year-end festivals! That’s true! 」

「 That’s not true in this age 」

Megu shouts.

「 Uhm, Nei-oneechan 」

Mana calls Nei.

「 Why was I called here then? 」


「 I’m not in Onii-chan’s school, I’m still in middle school, and also, my new school hasn’t been decided yet 」

「 Well, you see! 」

Nei smiles.

「 There’s the problem of looking for Yo-chan’s partner just in our school 」

「 What does that mean? 」

「 Well, Yo-chan’s just a first year so he can only do it with someone at the same age at school 」

「 Ah! 」

「 But you know, Yo-chan might want younger girls. Like in middle school 」

「 Okay 」

「 Therefore, Mana-chan will look for those girls. Ruri-chan and Mitchan are also in middle school, but these girls will only bring girls from houses with social standing 」

「 Yeah. Onii-chan should want to have sex with a commoner girl 」

Uhm, don’t decide that on your own.

「 With that said, best regards! We’ll be picking your new school soon enough 」

「 Okay! 」


Did you bring Mana here

to encourage her from the disappointment of not finding a new school?

Telling Mana that she has a mission if she goes to a new school.

「 Now then, Yo-chan 」

Nei closes up to my face.

「 Try imagining this 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Yo-chan’s engaged to Megu-chan now. 」 All of the students know that 」

「 O-Okay 」

「 Even so, Yo-chan cheats with cute girls in our schools. Having sex 」

「 No, wait for a second 」

「 Nobody will notice, they don’t know that Yo-chan is cheating. They think that you and Megumi-chan are an intimate couple 」

「 That’s impossible 」

Nei’s big eyes peek through my heart.

「 It’s not impossible. Yo-chan can do it 」

Even if you tell me that.

「 Yo-chan, you need to have confidence in yourself. Therefore, you should do something the average people can’t do. We’ll make it an absolute success! 」


「 If you welcome this challenge, Yo-chan will change. That’s what I believe 」


Is it?

「 Right, for now, let’s try having five mistresses in school 」

Nei said.

「 Misuzu-chan and I will bring five sex slave candidates 」


「 You don’t have to be that flustered! You should be excited about it! I’m already thrilled! 」

Nei speaks passionately to my ears.

「 Tomorrow, try looking at the girls who appear before you with lustful eyes. You have to answer if you want to have sex with them or not, one by one! 」

「 I don’t look at girls like that 」

「 Therefore, you’ll do it! You need to change the way you look at the world, Yo-chan 」

The way I look at the world?

「 If you change our outlook then your attitude to others will change! Access the world through sex! Yo-chan! 」