Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 608. Gomorrah



「 Are you okay? 」

Katsuko-nee in her negligee looks at my face worried.

「 Yeah, I think I just had too much time in the bath 」

I’m lying down on Katsuko-nee’s bed with an ice bag on my head.

「 Here, drink some water 」

Nagisa brings a cold water bottle in my mouth.

「 It made us really worried. Onii-sama 」

Ruriko looked at me and said.

It’s Katsuko-nee and Ruriko’s turn in the rotation tonight.

Katsuko-nee’s the main, and Ruriko’s the sub. That’s the lineup.

Therefore I’m sleeping on Katsuko-nee’s bed tonight.

Then, Katsuko-nee invites Nagisa whose pregnancy is confirmed.

The leading woman for the night can choose who to invite.

They’re sharing their time with other women, so nobody complains.

「 Where’s Mao-chan? 」

I ask Nagisa.

「 Nei-chan and Mana-chan are looking after her. Edie-chan and Nikita-chan will sleep together with Mao as well 」

Recently, Mao-chan’s no longer afraid waking up without Nagisa near her.

Mao-chan’s elder sisters are all kind to her.

「 What about Agnes? 」

「 Oh, sorry. Agnes-chan is with them. She thinks of herself as Mao-chan’s elder sister. They’ll sleep together 」

Yeah, going well.

If Agnes thins that she’s also taking care of others not just receiving care from everyone.

「 That’s nice. What about Megu? 」

I’m worried about her.

She was still in a bad mood about the story of me cheating.

「 She has morning practice tomorrow, so she’ll sleep alone. She needs to get up early in the morning 」

「 Megu went to her house instead of the mansion? 」

Megu and I have our own house connected via the underground passage from the mansion.

「 Yes. Then, it’s about time we cut the audio 」

Katsuko-nee said while looking at the camera in the room.

This mansion is full of cameras, and everyone living here is familiar with how to operate it.

It’s possible for us to watch each other.

Some girls are interested in watching me have sex with my women.

Therefore, it’s usual for them to watch me have sex.

But, they feel embarrassed to have the lover’s talk during sex, therefore.

They promised to cut off the audio when having sex.

Well, it’s mostly “I love you,” or “fill me up!”

「 Well then, it’s adult time! Good night everyone. Don’t stay up too late 」

Katsuko-nee turns off the hidden microphone remotely using the PC in her room.

Everyone’s sleeping together, but.

Isn’t it lonely for Megu to be alone?

「 There we go 」

Nagisa lays down next to me.

「 Ufufu, Dear 」

She hugs me.

「 Sorry, I’ll get ready right away 」

I’m not in a condition where I can get erect yet.

「 Don’t mind it, we don’t need to have sex. I’m happy just lying down with you tonight 」

Nagisa pats her stomach gently.

Inside that is my child.

「 To be honest, I still don’t feel it 」

To think that it’s my child.

「 It’s okay. I mean, that’s normal. You don’t have to mind it. When I had Mao-chan, I didn’t feel like I was pregnant. Even when my menstruation stopped and morning sickness came, I felt that there was some kind of mistake, I’ve thought so many times that I wasn’t pregnant 」

It was an unwanted pregnancy back then with Mao-chan.

「 This is now my second time, so I feel calm. I’m so happy I can’t help it 」

Nagisa smiles.

「 Nagisa-oneesama, can I press my ears on your stomach? 」

Ruriko said.

「 I’d like to hear the sound in the stomach 」

「 I don’t mind but, the child doesn’t make a sound yet. I think all you’d hear is my stomach grumbling 」

「 I still want to listen 」


「 Go on then 」

She opens up her nightgown and shows her lower abdomen to Ruriko.

Nagisa’s waist is always so tight.

You can’t see that there’s a new life living in there.

「 Excuse me 」

Ruriko presses her ear to Nagisa’s stomach.

「 How is it? 」

「 I can’t tell. Ah, I can hear some “Kyukyu” 」

「 I told you that it’s just my stomach grumbling, I just ate dinner you know 」

Nagisa laughs.

「 I think Yukino’s baby is about to start moving inside her stomach. You can hear the child’s heart too 」


I see. Yukino who was forced to get pregnant using ovulation inducer during May ha

s her stomach growing faster than Nagisa.

Yukino’s already in the stable period, it’s already impossible to abort the child.

「 When you see her in school tomorrow, call her. Yukino-chan must be uneasy 」

Katsuko-nee said.

This kind of conversation would only get Megu in a bad mood, so they just do it when the audio is cut off.

「 But, Yukino said that she won’t have sex with me anymore 」

She declared separation with me during today’s show.

「 That’s folly, she’s only saying that to hold herself back. Yukino-chan’s lonely and uneasy that she desires to have sex with you and forget about everything 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Right, during early pregnancy days, libido tones down, there’s a massive risk of miscarriage when you have intense sex. But, when you enter the stable period, libido will rise up. It’s about time Yukino-chan wants to have sex right now 」

Nagisa who has experience said.

「 That girl can only have sex with you. Yukino-san’s pride is too high that when she got pregnant with your child, she’ll never open up to any other man no matter how much her libido’s piled up 」

「 But, Katsuko-nee 」

Yukino said that she’ll never have sex with me again.

「 Her body desires sex, so she’s turning her words inside out. Call out to her to satisfy her pride. That alone will make her mentally stable 」

「 But don’t have sex with her for real 」

Nagisa said.

「 Men’s semen contains components that cause women’s womb to contract, so it’s forbidden to ejaculate inside during pregnancy period. It has terrible effects on the child in the stomach 」

I-I see.

「 Therefore, you usually use condoms on pregnant-sex 」


「 I’ve never used those 」

I always cum inside after all.

「 Yes, you don’t have to. I mean, I won’t teach you how to use it! 」

Katsuko-nee tells me.

「 Dear, you should always cum inside. You mustn’t learn how to use contraceptions 」

「 Huh, why? 」

I’m surprised.

「 We only want you to have sex with girls whose origins are verified. It’s to make sure that you don’t get seduced by a strange girl and have sex with them by mistake 」

「 If you did it with someone you don’t know, you can’t arrange emergency contraceptives or go to Ikeda-sensei alone, right? 」


「 You’re a partner of a lady of Kouzuki house. Sooner or later, a lot of women will try to create a relationship with you even if they have to throw their body to you 」

「 Therefore, if you can’t use contraception without our cooperation then you can put on brakes on yourself when ladies try to seduce you, right? 」

Katsuko-nee and Nagisa said.

「 No, saying that I’ll be seduced 」

「 It’s naive to think that you can’t be seduced. You don’t know what the other party would use. They could send in a peerless beauty! 」

「 Ruriko-chan, I’ll be checking the list Misuzu-chan, and you made just in case 」

Katsuko-nee said. Ruriko:

「 Indeed. There’s also that possibility 」

「 Yeah. Shou-neesan also promised to check your list 」

Somehow, this has become something big.

「 Ah, there’s no problem with the girls in your school. We have investigated all the girls 」

Katsuko-nee’s the former chairman of our high school.

Now, Minaho-neesan is taking the position as the director.

Our school’s formerly picking up prostitute candidates for Kuromori so they investigate the girls that study in our school.

「 That’s why I think Hoshizaki-san, the one Nei-chan mentioned is okay. Go ahead and eat her up 」


「 Why is everyone telling me to cheat? 」

I finally asked.

Nei can’t hear it since the audio is cut off, I want to know Katsuko-nee and Nagisa’s opinions now.

「 Let’s see, how was your overseas travel during this summer vacation? 」


I went to Europe with Minaho-neesan and the others.

Misuzu and the girls brought me to a resort island in the Southern Seas where they only speak in French.

Nei brought me to Los Angeles to take back Kei-san’s passport.

「 “There are good and bad places in this world, but still, it makes me feel safe coming back to Japan,” have you thought of that? 」

「 I did 」

I replied.

「 We want you to feel the same about women as well. Right now, you’re only doing it with us, your family, right? Kyouko-san sent over Nikita-san just as a lift from the ban. From now on, you should try having sex with a lot of girls other than the family 」

「 And if you do, you’ll surely understand the merit of the family 」

Katsuko-nee. Nagisa?

「 Nagisa, Minaho-ojousama, and I were former prostitutes, you do know that. We had sex with so many men you can’t imagine. To be honest, a lot of them were good. But, I 」

「 I only want you. I won’t have sex with anyone but you 」

「 After all, you and I are family 」

「 The satisfaction in sex is entirely different. It makes me happy that I’m not just pleased, but I also make you feel good as well 」

「 We want you to understand that feeling 」

「 Therefore, we want you to have sex with girls who are not in the family 」


「 I know that the reasoning is strange and it’s also ethically wrong 」

「 I think you’ll understand once you have sex with Hoshizaki-san 」

The two former prostitutes said.

「 It’s all fate for us. We’ve lived in a world of the madness of Sodom and Gomorrah 」


「 Indeed, therefore, if you don’t balance yourself, you’ll go crazy. Our minds, body, memory, desire are all messed up 」


「 Oh, right. From now on until I give birth, I can’t have sex with you when you’re staying over my flower shop 」

I see. Semen makes the womb contract, so it’s not favorable for the fetus.

「 Got it. I will only stay over, not have sex with Nagisa 」

Sleeping together with Mao-chan and hugging each other will do.

「 That’s not it. From now on, the girls at my shop, my pets will be entertaining you 」


「 They’re five now. The range is from the early twenties to high school students. They’re all lesbians, virgins, but they can’t disobey my order. You can have sex with all of them while I watch 」

「 Wait. Nagisa 」

We’ve talked about this before, but

I thought that was a joke.

「 The girls have to wait until I give birth. It’s open season now. My pets are your pets 」

Nagisa says like it’s natural.

「 Oh, you don’t have to tell Megu-chan. I’m giving my time with you to my pets, that girl can’t complain 」

「 Do you mind if Misuzu-chan and I do the same? 」

Ruriko asks Nagisa.

「 I don’t. But, make sure to give that girl a pre-test. Just as I said earlier 」

「 Yes, I know. In that case, would it be better if we head to Misuzu-chan’s house when we present our girls to Onii-sama? 」

「 Maybe, Ruriko-chan, do you have a villa somewhere? 」

Ruriko can’t move freely at Misuzu’s house, is it?

「 Yes, I’ll talk to Grandfather 」

「 Please do. Anyway, Minaho-ojousama, Shou-neesan, and I have to check the girls due to security reasons, but Megumi doesn’t need to know. Do it secretly, so she doesn’t discover it 」

「 Yes 」

Err, Katsuko-nee.

Are you sure?

「 Isn’t it more fun having an affair when the legal wife doesn’t know? 」

Katsuko-nee laughs.

「 Nei talked a lot to Megu-chan tonight. Megu-chan thinks that you’ll tell her all about your affair beforehand, right? She was made to believe that way 」

Indeed, Megu was preached so many times from different angles about the need for cheating.

Then, it finally made Megu agree with it.

「 Nei-chan worked her best, Megu-chan will know about your affairs in school, but everything else is ignored. If not, we can’t have fun 」

Nagisa said.

「 I see, so that’s why this talk ended tonight without Misuzu-chan 」

Ruriko said.

「 Yes, Miszu-chan is the type who takes responsibility to handle things quickly. If we talk about this with her present, she’ll decide the rules in front of Megu-chan, right? 」

「 And then when Michi-chan’s here. She’ll agree with Misuzu-chan’s opinion 」

Misuzu’s remarks will just speed up.

「 But, for tonight, we only want her to make it concrete that it’s open season for cheating 」

The concrete plans on my affairs will be freely chosen by each woman.

It’s a problem if a girl like Misuzu who creates a standard for the rules join the conversation.

「 In that regard, Ruriko is the type that listens to everyone until she sees through the course of events 」

Yeah, she didn’t disagree with Nei and Megu’s opinions.

「 I thought that it was strange that Katsuko-oneesama who’s listening to the conversation didn’t say anything 」

Ruriko’s strength is to see things in the bigger picture.

「 Ruriko-chan will tell the details to Misuzu-chan tomorrow 」

「 Yes, now that Megumi-oneesama doesn’t mind, Misuzu-chan and Michi will feel at ease 」

Hey, wait.

「 Uhm, does everyone hate Megu? 」

Now that we’re here, I asked, dropping all the pretense.

「 Of course not, she’s our precious little sister 」

Nagisa said.

「 Yes, I like Megu-chan 」

「 I also respect Megumi-oneesama 」

Katsuko-nee. Ruriko.

「 Therefore, we want her to stay as ordinary as possible 」


「 Megu-chan is the idealist among us 」

Katsuko-nee speaks sadly.

「 That girl was under pressure from Shirasaka house when she was living with the Yamamine, but she could dream of her ideals. Therefore, when she was released from Shirasaka clan and became our family, she’s fired up making her ideal real 」

「 Right. That girl was rescued just before she was turned to a prostitute. Her heart didn’t take a fatal injury compared to her fate 」


「 We were turned to prostitutes, so we have abandoned all the ideals we had before. What about you, Ruriko-chan? 」

「 Yes. Misuzu-chan and I were born in Kouzuki family, so we had no hope from the beginning. We carry in our mind that the world doesn’t go as expected 」

Ruriko said.

「 It’s the same for Michi who became the successor of Kudou style martial arts and Edie-san who was born in an assassination cult. We all had to give up choosing our life 」

「 But, Megu was born as the daughter of a prostitute in this mansion 」

「 Even with that past, she has lived a normal life as an adopted child of Yamamine house, right? She made ordinary friends, and she enjoyed her student life like usual 」

「 If this went as Shirasaka Sousuke planned and she really became a prostitute, the story would be different, but 」

「 Megu-chan didn’t receive such despairing experience 」

「 Yes, it’s lovely 」

Nagisa said.

「 It’s a lie that you have to experience everything in your life. Experiences that are too intense hurts people’s heart. Traumas are incurable 」

「 Right. You can’t forget them even if you want to forget 」

Katsuko-nee looks at me.

「 Sorry. We might be lying about why you need to have an affair all for our sake 」

「 In reality, we feel that it’s our fate that you cheat on us 」


「 I should’ve departed from my prostitute life and returned to my normal life and yet I made five pets. Once I was dominated, now I can’t stop myself from dominating girls 」

「 Me too, once I start my own bakery, I feel like I would do the same thing 」

「 Misuzu-chan is the same. She’s always been under the dominant presence of Grandfather. Now, she wishes for Onii-sama to dominate her and at the same time, she wants to rule over Michi and other girls 」

「 What about you, Ruriko-chan? 」

Katsuko-nee asks. Ruriko:

「 I’m a girl who tried to make Yoshiko-sama as Onii-sama’s sex slave together with Misuzu-chan 」


「 I also was under Grandfather’s dominance, and I thought I wanted to rule Yoshiko-sama.

Yoshiko-sama is special for me, so I want to give her to Onii-sama 」

Currently, I haven’t had sex with Yoshiko-san yet.

It’s because I thought that it’s strange for Misuzu and Ruriko to force Yoshiko-san to dedicate her body to me when her heart hasn’t made a decision yet.

「 Right now I feel pleasure from Onii-sama’s dominance. Let’s see. I don’t think I have much desire to rule over girls like Misuzu-chan. I hardly have interest in other girls 」

That’s because Misuzu’s a lesbian too.

Therefore, she wants me to have sex with the girls she likes.

She offers the girls she wants to dominate to me.

That’s the rule established inside Misuzu’s mind.

「 But, if Onii-sama have sex with a girl I introduce then I would be happy 」

「 Huh? Why? 」

「 I love to see Onii-sama’s face when ejaculating. I feel happier when I look at Onii-sama feel pleasure than myself feeling pleasure. Therefore, I would do anything to make Onii-sama feel good and ejaculate 」


「 After all, Onii-sama feels more pleasure doing it with girls other than Ruriko, right? 」


「 What are you talking about? Ruriko also feels good 」

「 But 」

Ruriko looks down.

「 I don’t have Nei-oneesama’s charming curves, nor I don’t have knowledge about sex as much as everyone else 」

You’re feeling insecurity from that?!

「 After all, Onii-sama, earlier 」

Ruriko speaks.

「 When Onii-sama imagined Megumi-oneesama violated by other men, you cried 」

Yeah, I unconsciously cried.

「 However, when Nei-oneesama talked about being courted by a lot of men 」

Nei mentioned that 47 men confessed to her.

「 Didn’t you faint from the shock? 」


「 No, that was because I stayed in the warm bath too long 」

「 That’s not it 」

Ruriko said.

「 Onii-sama, you treasure Nei-oneesama more than anyone among us 」

「 Well, that’s how it is. I also thought of the same thing when I saw it on camera 」


「 It’s okay. Megu-chan hasn’t noticed. She’s dull in that matter. Mana-chan noticed it. Nei-chan too, of course, that’s why she’s looking after Mao-chan tonight 」

Megu can’t hear this conversation.

「 But, it’s different than you think, Ruriko-chan 」

Katsuko-nee smiles at Ruriko.

「 Megu-chan is the one aiming to be his lover among all of us, right? 」

Megu is my fiance and my lover.

「 Oh? I’m also a lover though 」

Nagisa protests to Katsuko-nee.

「 In your case, it’s husband! Mao-chan’s with you 」

「 Well, that’s true, but I also want the head-over-heels lover stuff too! 」

「 Do what you want. Either way, you can’t become a “same age boyfriend-girlfriend” like Megu-chan anyway 」

「 Well, that’s true 」

Nagisa laughs sadly.

「 Ruriko-chan, what are you to him? 」

「 A sex slave 」

Ruriko replied immediately.

「 That’s not all. He thinks of Ruriko-chan as his little sister 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Mao-chan too. Agnes-chan calls him “Papa” but he’s actually an “elder brother,” right? He’s still studying how to become a father after all 」


「 Nei-chan is already an Onee-chan. She’s closer to a lover but these two value being siblings more than that 」

Yeah, Nei and I are siblings first.

I’m filling up the gap in Nei’s heart due to her lost brother, Kei-san.

「 Also, Misuzu-chan should actually be the other one in the “lover position” but 」

「 Misuzu-chan is Onii-sama’s lovely pet 」

「 Yes. That girl can’t be on an equal relationship of lovers because she can’t help but want to be dominated. She wants to serve him one-sidedly 」

Misuzu’s got some complex insecurities within her.

「 Michi’s also the same, she wants Onii-sama to dominate her 」

「 Right. She’s always with someone who has a similar fetish, so they both go to the extremes of their end 」

Nagisa makes her analysis.

「 In short, Megu-chan’s the only one aiming for the equal “lovers” relationship in our family. The other girls had to be in the elder sister, little sister, or even slave, or pet position 」

Katsuko-nee looks at Ruriko.

「 I do not seek any unique position for Onii-sama 」

「 But it’s inevitable, a slave or pet is a belonging of oneself. They must look after his troubles. Therefore, they’ll never betray him. They’re already in his bosom 」

「 Onii-sama 」

「 Right, Michi-chan, Misuzu-chan, Agnes, and you are more important for him than us. He believes that you’ll die if he doesn’t take care of you 」

Nagisa said.


「 Right, he can rely on his elder sisters, but he cares for his slaves and pets kindly 」

「 The little sister is in between that 」

Katsuko-nee and Nagisa analyze my actions.

「 But, as for lover. Lovers are a complicated relationship 」


「 No matter what happens, the relationships between him and elder/little sisters won’t break, his slaves or pets will never abandon him 」

「 But, lovers can quit anytime 」

Lovers, quit?

「 Megumi-chan chose the most casual relationship 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 He only cries with Megu, but if it’s with Nei-chan, he faints. It’s obvious, that’s the difference between lover and sister 」

「 Oh, Megumi-chan hasn’t noticed how surprisingly fragile lovers relationship is 」


「 Megumi-chan believes that he’ll never abandon him 」

「 It’s just a selfish thought. Therefore, she’s always crying out, throwing her desires to him, right? 」

「 Right, that’s the problem. Megumi-chan’s selfish 」

Katsuko-nee said. Nagisa agrees.

「 Therefore, she needs to be shaken to some degree 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Then, once she no longer has the nerve to carry the lovers’ relationship, she can change her relationship with him 」

Taking away Megu’s legal wife position?

「 Megu-chan now can’t become his wife 」

「 No, I 」

「 You’re taking all the work and responsibilities for the whole family. You’re terrific, it’s a problem if we don’t have you 」


「 Indeed, it’s troubling if Megumi-oneesama’s the only lover 」

Ruriko agrees.

「 We’re reflecting on it. Seeing your state in the past few months 」

Katsuko-nee said.