Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 610. Experience in progress



「 Megu and Nikita fought, why? 」

I ask Mana.

「 I don’t know the details, but when I noticed it, they were already arguing at the dining area 」


「 Then, what’s going on now? 」

「 Megu-oneechan has her morning practice, so she went to school already. Margo-oneechan sent her. Nagisa-oneechan’s with them too 」

Mana’s explanation is hard to understand.

Margo-san’s sending Nagisa to the shop and pick up Megu and send her to the school on the way.

「 What about Mao-chan? 」

「 She’s staying in the mansion today since it’s Saturday. She’s waiting for Onii-chan together with Agnes-chan and me 」

Oh, I’ll be back by afternoon, so she didn’t go with Nagisa and waited here instead.

「 Good morning, Papa! 」

「 Papa. Good morning, desuno! 」

My two cute daughters come after me right away.

「 Good morning 」

I bend myself, then,

Agnes comes to kiss my lips.

Seeing that, Mao-chan copied it.

I should be kissing Mao-chan’s cheeks, but she wants to imitate her elder sisters, it can’t be helped.

「 Morning, Darling 」

Behind them is Edie.

She’s wearing her jersey, must be morning practice.

「 Oh, good morning. Yoshida 」

Then, Nikita who just had a fight with Megu shows up as well.

「 Kiss please 」

「 Me too 」

The brown American girl and white Russian girl kiss me.

Both of them used their tongues, giving me a passionate kiss.

「 You had a fight with Megu, I heard 」

Anyway, I ask the situation from Nikita.

「 Fight? No way, I don’t have a hobby of bullying girls who don’t know martial arts 」

Nikita laughs.

「 But, you had an argument with Megu, right? 」

「 Oh, it’s because that girl’s been complaining about us, so I told her that “it’s not a matter where I have to accept your directions.” Then, that girl! 」

Nikita laughs even more.

「 She asked for a match 」

Megu. Match?

「 Of course, it’s not a fight. Not a cooking match either. I’m confident in my cooking, but I don’t know whether it would suit the taste of the people in this country 」

She’s confident in her cooking.

「 That girl wants to have a match in a long-distance race. So, I’ll be heading to your school now 」

Long-distance race.

No, she’s right, she has to be in school if she wants to do that.

But still, can we even take Nikita to our school?

「 Okay, I’ve finished printing the “experience enrollee” nameplate 」

Nei comes in holding a name tag.

「 Minaho-oneesan gave her permission. Nikita-chan can enter the school for only today 」


Is this from the anime where they do a trial entrance on a private high school?

I mean.

「 Isn’t it dangerous putting Nikita in front of our students? 」

Nikita’s supposed to be the fictional criminal Kyouko Messer sent over.

「 But look, ordinary people only think of that as a show 」

Nei says looking nonchalant.

True, Rei-chan and Nikita (Kyouko-san sometimes) are only seen as a hero show to advertise Kouzuki SS.

「 Also, Nikita is a foreign model belonging to Ninagawa Motomi office since yesterday 」


「 Ah, you see, there’s a famous office in Ninagawa Motomoni who mediates with the foreign models, she’s supposed to belong to that group, and she also has a Japanese work visa. Therefore, she gets no accusations when coming to Japan. She’s walked through customs this timer 」

「 Last time, she smuggled herself 」

But, can’t she still get arrested for the previous crime?

「 Ah, Nikita last time and Nikita this time are different people in the paper. That’s what the police know 」

Different people?

「 Next time, the “Nikita Gorbachev” Rei-chan’s fighting is a different person who came to Japan! 」

Can we even reason out like that?

「 You see, Radietta’s actress had a different actress on the first appearance and the next. It’s the same. 1 Therefore, it’s the second generation Nikita who’s with us now 」

Nei, I don’t get it.

「 You still don’t get it? Then let’s watch Lion-Maru until episode 42 」

it’s getting incomprehensible.

「 You know? Kumiko Ohba’s Comet-san’s entry, Higashi Kotaro’s cast wasn’t Saburo Shinoda but the protagonist of Mach Barron! It’s the same thing! 」

Please, no more.

「 Anyway, the one with us right now just came to Japan, the police can’t make a move on her. She hasn’t committed a crime yet 」

Nei said.

「 If that’s their view on it then I don’t mind but, isn’t it bad to show the police that we’re getting along with Nikita? 」

Rei-chan’s coming over here a lot.

「 It’s okay. The police know about Edie too 」

Oh right, the police think of Edie as a bodyguard sent by Kyouko-san for Jii-chan.

「 They’re cool with her coming to meet Edie, a long time friend. As long as they don’t see her talking to Rei-chan or Shou-oneesan, there won’t be any problems 」

Kuromori isn’t involved with Rei-chan’s fight with Kyouko-san at all.

We always have an alibi for all the previous battles.

Well, I was in the place during the first fight though.

The police don’t put a mark on me, an ordinary high school student.

The police pay attention to the adults, Minaho-neesan, Margo-san, Katsuko-nee, and Nagisa. They were all confirmed present at a Chinese restaurant at the hotel in the city.

During the second fight, Nikita vs. Rei-chan and the third fight with Kyouko-san, we, including Edie, were under police surveillance.

「 Kuromori has a connection with either power but we shouldn’t show allegiance to one or the other, we’re in neutral position 」

Nei said.

「 Speaking of which, where’s Ruriko? 」

Nikita and Rei-chan met each other during Ruriko’s transfer.

「 She already went to school! She wanted to give her morning greetings to Yo-chan, but she gave up because you were still in the middle of work 」

It would be a problem if we had sex while I was making bread.

Mainly concerning hygiene.2

「 Then, who’s the escort today? 」

「 Hmm, Taki-san’s the chief 」

Nei recalls for a moment then said.

Oh right. Jii-chan’s staying in Kyoto.

That means Rei-chan is also in Tokyo.

In that case, Shou-neechan might be with Misuzu.

「 Got it, there’s no problem with that then 」

We should contact her right now to make sure she doesn’t bump into Nikita.

「 Therefore, Nikita’s going with us to school today! 」

Edie says happily.

Geez. Seriously.

There’s nothing I can do here.

「 Oh right. That girl told me that our match will be right after the morning practice of her club. Yeah 」

Nikita said.

I see.

Captain Takeshiba’s permission is needed when they want to use the track.

They can only speak after the morning practice.

In that case.

I don’t have the time though.

「 Edie, hurry up and change. Ah, make sure to take a shower first 」

「 Okay, Darling! 」

「 I’ll be loading the bread in the van 」

We bake them in the school’s oven, but.

Anyway, the bread I just made needs to rest.

「 Ah, I’ll help out too Onii-chan 」

‘Mana said.

「 Where’s Katsuko-nee? 」

I shout to the ceiling speaker.

『 Listening! I’ll be in the car once I finish changing clothes 』

Oh, we woke up took a shower then went to bake bread right away.

Katsuko-nee needs to prepare a lot when going outside.

「 Katsuko-oneechan and Yo-chan’s breakfast is sandwiches! I’ll bring it to the garage!

As expected of Nei. She’s prepared.

◇ ◇ ◇

I return to my room to change my clothes in a hurry.

I take off my clothes noisily, then.

I hear my phone ringing.

『 Good morning! Danna-sama! Sorry about last night? 』

Misuzu’s okay now.

「 Good morning, Misuzu. Had troubles in Kyoto? 」

Misuzu took a break from her usual nightly “pee call.”

『 Yes, a lot. Ah, I’ll talk about the details in the afternoon. It will take long 』

「 Thanks, I’m busy right now 」

『 My, what is it? 』

「 Let’s talk about it later. It’ll take long. Anyway, I need to go to school already 」

『 Certainly, then I’ll begin right away 』

Are you still doing it?

『 It’s okay. Michi and I already have our panties down and waiting for your orders 』

Then, I hear Misuzu peeing and leaking out sounds of pleasure.

『 Ahn, peeing feels so good this morning thanks to Danna-sama. Thank you. Then, I’ll give the phone to Michi! 」

I was thinking “hurry it up,” but I didn’t say anything since Michi might force herself and it would only make her sick.

『 Good morning, Master 』

Michi’s voice is gloomy.

「 Good morning, Michi. What happened? 」

『 That’s. for now, I’ll talk while peeing 』

「 You don’t have to hurry, take it easy while peeing. You might get sick 」

『 Yes 』


I hear lovely water sounds flowing.

『 Fuu 』

Michi leaked a sigh.

「 Refreshed? 」

『 Yes, a complete refreshment 』

This display of peeing is a hobby of Misuzu every morning and night.

Michi’s just following Misuzu.

Seriously, she loves Misuzu too much that she’s doing a lot. Michi.

「 Then, what happened? 」

『 Do you remember my sister, Kudou Haruka? 』

Michi’s sister.

Oh, the one who lost to Michi at the basement of the national theater.

『 She was in the hospital for a while, left the hospital before summer, and completely recovered during vacation 』

Michi broke her bones if I recall.

『 Then, my sister told contacted me recently and said: “I finally trained my dull body!” 』

No way.

「 She didn’t say that she wants a rematch with Michi, right? 」

『 It didn’t go that way 』

Michi said.

『 As expected, you don’t remember 』


What did Michi’s sister say again?

『 Ane promised Master to become a prostitute just one time if she lost to me 』

Oh right.

『 Ane said, “I want to fulfill my promise now that my body is completely healed” 』

「 No, but, Michi 」

Your sister’s got a top-heavy and troublesome personality.

『 How should I say this. She mentioned going to Master 』

「 When? 」

『 This weekend, she asked me when it would be convenient for you 』


Nikita’s already a big problem here.

「 Anyway, not now 」

『 Yes, I know that there’s school today 』

「 That’s not it, this afternoon is also not possible 」

『 Then, tonight? 』


「 I’d like to talk with Minaho-neesan once she comes back. 」 Please reschedule it tomorrow. I’ll call you the details tonight 」

Anyway, I don’t have time right now.

『 Certainly. I will contact Ane 』

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Yo-chan, you’re late! All the bread were loaded in! 」

Everyone’s gathered when I reach the garage.

「 Then, Mana-chan, keep an eye out. I don’t think there will be a problem in the security system since it’s in maximum but, if anything happens, contact me. I’ll return in 30 minutes 」

Katsuko-nee tells Mana.

「 Yes. Onii-chan. Take care 」

「 Papa, come back soon 」

「 Yes, Agnes is lonely, desuno! 」

As always, I give the girls staying in-house a hug.

「 Be a good girl, okay? Listen to what Mana-oneechan tells you. Mana, take care of them 」

「 Yeah, Onii-chan 」

I hop on the van.

This car was bought after summer for transporting bread.

It’s a Renault Twingo, if I recall correctly.

There’s “Kuromori bread research group” written on the white body of the car.

「 Let’s go then 」

Katsuko-nee’s on the driver seat, and I’m on the passenger seat. Nei’s in the middle.

Edie and Nikita are on the cargo compartment in the back.

I’m glad that it’s Saturday.

If we have the usual amount of bread, then Nikita can’t ride in.

Katsuko-nee turned on the engine and opened the garage via remote.

「 Take care! 」

Mao-chan and Agnes wave their hand.

◇ ◇ ◇

We go through the back door of the school and put the van inside the premise.

Then, I head to the newly opened bakery beside the cafeteria.

「 Okay, let’s bring them in! 」

Nei, Edie, Nikita, and I

We put the bread in the cold room at the back of the bakery doing a bucket brigade.

「 Katsuko-nee, all done 」

「 Then, I need to go back to Mana-chan. Minaho-ojousama will be back from Kyoto by 10 」

I’m left to work on the baking alone.

Katsuko-nee occasionally comes to check my procedure and the taste.

「 Got it. Later then 」

「 Yes 」

Katsuko-nee’s van goes back to the mansion.

「 Let’s hurry too 」

It’s already past 8, it’s time to clear-up and change clothes, morning practice is about to finish.

We hurry to the girl’s athletic club.


「 Huh? Wait? 」

「 It’s that person, right? 」

「 No way? 」

There are already some students in school.

They’re all looking at Nikita.

That’s obvious. Nikita’s not wearing our school uniform.

There’s an “experience enrollee” nameplate on her chest but, she’s wearing a jumpsuit, the thing that looks like a boiler suit, and she’s also wearing long boots.

The chest part of her suit is open, so her breasts are about to spill out.

「 You stand out too much, Nikita 」

I mutter.

「 That’s obvious, she’s a Russian girl with blonde hair and blue eyes! 」

Nei’s angry.

If that’s the case, yours had more impact.

「 Hey, breadboy! That girl.. -is she that?! 」

An upperclassman talked to me.

I started selling bread during breaks since summer vacation, they may not know my name .but they seem to recognize me as the “breadboy.”

「 Yeah! It’s Nikita Gorbachev! 」

Nei shouts instead of me.

「 Huh? Is she Nei-sama’s friend? 」

That was a female voice.

Nei who rehabilitated from being the “blond-haired rooftop delinquent,” made a lot of fans from the lower years.

「 She’s Edie-chan’s friend! 」

Nei shouts.

「 Huh? But her Wiki states that she’s Russian 」

A guy wearing glasses shouts back.

Seriously, they made a page for that?

「 Nikita-chan is Russian-American! It’s not strange that she’s an acquaintance of Edie who was from New Orleans! 」

「 I see 」

Don’t just agree!

If you agree to that reasoning, all Americans will become acquaintances!

「 Fix the WIKI article 」

「 Got it! 」

The student wearing glasses salutes Nei for some reason and replied.

「 Oh, she’s Edie-san’s friend, I see 」

「 So, what is that “experience enrollee?” 」

「 Could it be that Nikita-chan’s about to transfer to our school? 」

「 That’s for the “experience enrollee” to decide 」

「 Our school’s become international now 」

「 No no, Margo-senpai was here last year 」

「 I mean, all the foreigners that come to our school seem to be fighters 」

Hey, what?!

They’re agreeing to it somehow.

「 Oh! I see it 」

Then, beyond the grove of trees.

The massive track and field can be seen.

「 Oh my 」

Nei raised a disarrayed voice.


Captain Takeshiba’s standing in front of the grounds with a daunting pose.

She’s wearing a jersey with the school badge, track, and field club name printed in it.

「 Are you the fool trying to compete in the athletics for girls when you’re not a member? 」

Captain Takeshiba glares at us and said.

「 Oh, the girl over there was the one who asked for a match 」

Nikita said provocatively.

Megu’s wearing her training wear, warming up.

Huh? Why Megu?

Why are you not on the grounds but up outside the field?

「 I don’t want to join matches where I know I’ll win. After all, isn’t it shameful to boast your own strength? 」

Nikita said. The crowd gathering goes “Oooh!!”

「 I-it’s the real thing! 」

「 Just like what we saw on TV 」

「 It’s true! It’s Nikita Gorbachev! 」

Oh right, she’s speaking arrogantly like that when fighting with Rei-chan.

Hearing the rumor “that Nikita has come,” the students gather even more.

「 It’s my friend, Nikita Gorbachev, it’s the real deal! 」

Edie said. Cheers rise up.

「 Err, the board chairman has given her permission to enter our school today as an “experience enrollee” 」

Nei said with a smile.

「 Therefore, Megumi-chan wants to have a match with her! You don’t mind it, do you, Takeshiba-san? 」

Nei said. Captain Takeshiba.

「 If she’s an “experience enrollee” then she’s treated as a student of our school, however, unfortunately, I don’t feel like allowing anyone on the sacred grounds other than the members of the club 」


「 If you really want to have a match then do it outside the grounds 」


No, sure, it’s not like you can’t run here, but.

The place has a lot of objects scattered, and it’s soil.

Running here would be hard.

「 I mean, I can’t allow Yamamine to bring her personal grudge to the grounds 」


「 The grounds is for martial arts! It’s not for one person to fight for making records. She’s not doing this for someone 」

Nikita smiles.

「 I agree. I thought of the same thing, but, I have to punish that mouth who underestimated me 」

Megu looks up.

「 Sorry, Captain. I think Captain’s right. Thinking about it, I can’t lose this fight as a woman 」


「 Therefore, we’ll run outside the grounds. You don’t mind that, do you? 」

Nikita glares at her.

「 I don’t mind. Any path will do, then, how far will be your goal? 」

Captain Takeshiba asks.

「 Classes are about to start soon, let’s see, how about three rounds outside the ground? 」

It’s not an official track, so the distance is unknown.

But, well, it’s about 1km, I think.

「 That short? 」

Nikita laughs.

「 I want to see it with my own eyes just to make sure 」

Captain Takeshiba comes out from the grounds.

「 The start will be the front of this bench. Then, you two will run three laps at full speed, good? 」

「 No problem 」

Nikita replies.

「 I don’t mind 」

Megu too.

「 I’ll run too! 」


「 It looks fun so I’ll join in too!! 」


  1. Nei’s talking about the actress of this character http://powerrangers.wikia.com/wiki/Radietta_Fanbelt
  2. Selling cream pies