Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 612. It’s love



「 Also, Darling says that he likes me too! 」

I hear the people around me shouting “Eeeeeh!?”

「 Wait, wait! What the hell’s going on?! 」

「 Isn’t that guy engaged to the track-and-field girl over there? 」

「 Could this be cheating? 」

「 Well, it is, isn’t it? 」

「 Well, that American girl is always sticking close to the Breadboy 」

「 Unforgivable! 」

「 Explode! You bastard! 」

Shit, shit. This is definitely not okay.

There are dangerous gazes sent to me.

「 Hey, what does that mean? 」

Captain Takeshiba glares at me.


「 I lost my Grandmother in America and now have no relatives 」

Edie replied smiling.

「 What does it have to do with having no relatives? 」

She turned to me.

「 It does. Edie was lonely from losing all her relatives 」

「 Right~ 」

Edie puffs her chest.

「 That was really some lonely times! I was wondering what I would do alone, then Darling asked me to join his family! It made me really happy. Right now, I’m having a lot of fun with my new family! 」

Nei said. Captain;

「 Did you promise not to marry just Yamamine but also this foreigner? 」


Err, that’s not what it meant!

「 Nononononon! Wrong! I don’t want to be married to darling. Darling marries Megumi. I know that 」


「 I mean, Megumi’s also my precious family. I like Megumi. I think I like Megumi more than she likes me. I respect her. Megumi’s an amazing woman 」

Edie looks at Megu.

「 Megumi’s a great cook. She’s also good at cleaning and laundry. So to speak that she’s a family-oriented woman. I can’t match Megumi at all. I’m not family-oriented, I mean, I’m more into combat. Therefore, it’s natural for Megumi to become Darling’s wife. Even I know that much! 」

She looks at Megu with warm eyes.

「 But, we’re a family. If Megumi’s the family-oriented one, I’m the one who takes out the enemies that threaten the family from the outside. My arms and legs are my weapons 」

Edie spins and releases a roundhouse kick to Nikita.

Then Nikita caught the kick, smiling.


The center point was so blurry that everyone clearly saw the destructive power of it.

「 Err, I don’t get whatever the hell this girl said though 」

Captain Takeshiba looks confused.

「 Well, it’s a complicated one 」

Nei speaks up.

「 You see, she was planned to be adopted to another household due to her circumstances. I mean, I’ve had enough, let’s get frank here. I was a returnee to this country when I was in the US with my family, we met a criminal and that asshole killed my parents! 」

Nei’s not talking about her brother, Kei-san.

It’s because I replaced him.

「 That’s the reason why I was looking rough until the summer vacation! I also had no relatives! And now, I’m adopted to a family 」

The surrounding students fell silent due to Nei’s sudden dark story.

「 I’m adopted to Kuromori-san’s house, did you guys know about it? It’s the board chairman of our high school 」

So far, nobody knows that Kuromori house controls this school.

Minaho-neesan’s father’s name is the only name in our school handbook.

The public announcement of the name Kuromori Minaho as the new chairman will come to the school papers by the new school year.

The era when Katsuko-nee was the president will be erased.

「 Then, Edie’s also adopted by Kuromori-san’s family 」

Nei hugs Edie.

「 Then that means? 」

Captain Takeshiba looks dumbfounded. Edie;

「 It’s a family! 」

this time, Edie hugs Nei.

「 Yo-chan too! 」

Nei smiles at me.

「 Yo-chan’s family has some complicated story, so I’ll keep away from the details, but, he’s also taken in by Kuromori-san 」

Nei speaks loudly.

「 Wait, you’re adopted too? 」

Captain Takeshiba’s surprised.

「 No. Yo-chan’s still a Yoshida. Although his family register is taken over by Kuromori family. I guess you can call it “custody?” Yo-chan and Megu-chan’s house also belongs to Kuromori-san 」

Nei explains.

In fact, my father already gave his seal of authority, so I’m now “Kuromori” in the paper.

But, we decided to leave it as “Yoshida” in school.

It would be useful for me in the future to have more than one surname (and recognized as such by the people)

We, Kuromori are a criminal group.

If we all have the surname of Kuromori, it’ll mark in the memory of the people, and it’ll cause some trouble.

Therefore, in high school, I’ll remain as Yoshida forever.

「 Look, isn’t it strange that the school made something like the “baker skill training course” just for Yo-chan, right? You see, it’s made under the care of the school’s board chairman, Kuromori house 」

「 Is that why he’s getting preferential treatment? 」

Captain Takeshiba asks.

「 Wrong. He’s being used as an experiment subject 」

Nei shouts.

「 The school initially plans to make various specialized courses to increase the number of new applicants due to the birth-decline and reduced number of enrollees. Starting next year, the variety of classes will increase 」

Minaho-neesan seriously plans to start the “Nadeshiko plan.”

「 Yo-chan’s a test-case, admitted to the baker skill training course six months earlier! They can’t just have someone as a test subject unless it’s someone close to them, right? 」

Nei’s evident words have persuasive power.

「 Of course, Yo-chan himself chose that course. Yo-chan dreams of selling in a bakery with Megu-chan in the future 」

Oh, they’re all getting dragged by Nei’s pace.

“The board chairman is giving him preferential treatment because he’s in their custody,” changed to “There’s no preferential treatment. Instead, he’s treated as a test-subject because he’s adopted 』

No matter how you think about it, I’m still getting preferential treatment.

There’s a whole atelier made just for me.

Nei even mentioned that my house is offered by the board chairman.

「 Okay, let’s summarize everything now 」

Nei claps her hand.

「 First, Edie and I are adopted into the same house! In short 」

「 Family! 」

「 Also, Yo-chan’s custody is taken by the same people, in short, 」

「 Family too! 」

「 You mean? 」

Captain Takeshiba asks.

「 Didn’t I say that I love Yo-chan as his elder sister? 」

「 I also love Darling! 」

Nei and Edie smile to the captain.

「 Oh, I see, I get it. In short, his feelings for Yamamine is the “LOVE” for couples, and you girls feel “LIKE” for the family. Your “like” means differently, right? 」

Edie looks at Nei

「 Nei, what is she talking about? 」

「 Takeshiba-san, platonic-love(恋愛), family-love(家族愛), friend-love(友人愛), They’re all “LOVE” in English “Aishiteru” all means love! 」

「 It’s LOVE! 」

「 You hear it from someone who came from the US, so I’m sure about it 」

「 I’m an American, so I’m sure about it 」

「 I speak in 12 languages, I think that’s right 」

Nikita who’s been smiling all this time speaks up.

「 In short, I love Yo-chan! 」

Nei hugs me.

「 Me too, I love Darling 」

Edie jumps to me.

「 If that’s the case, I also love Yoshida! 」

Nikita too?!

「 Hey now! Nikita, are you even in our family? 」

「 What are you talking about, didn’t you say that “Friend-love” is included? Then that’s it! 」

Nikita laughs.

「 He’s outstanding. Kind, hardworking, and yet, he never cut corners, does he? I love earnest people! 」

Nikita kisses me on the cheek.

「 Oooooooh!! 」

I hear shouts from others.


「 Nonononono!! I don’t want that! 」


Megu who’s still lying down on the ground;

She’s flapping her hands and feet on the soil.

「 Yoshi-kun is mine! I’m the one who loves Yoshi-kun the most! Yoshi-kun only has Megumi as her best!! 」


「 You’re all dummies! I hate you all! It should only be Yoshi-kun and me! Get away from Yoshi-kun! Stupid! 」

Uhm, that earnest, quiet, and honor student Megu is now.

crying due to her emotions exploding.

「 Hey, Megu? 」

I hurry to Megu.

Megu jumps and hugs me.

「 Ooh! Yoshi-kun! Hug me tighter! Don’t let go! Don’t flirt with the other girls! Dummy! Yoshi-kun!!! Aaaaaaah! 」

Ah, she broke.

Megu broke.

Then, Edie walked towards us.

Then, she poked Megu’s shoulder.

「 Megumi, you may hate me but, I still like you 」


「 Yeah, I still like Megu-chan 」

「 Well, I don’t hate you, that’s something 」

Nei and Nikita also smile at Megu.

「 See? They all love Megu 」

I give Megu a tight hug.

「 Yoshi-kun 」

「 I love you, Megu 」

「 Me too, I love you 」

Megu clings to my back.

Although it’s really embarrassing since there’s a lot of people watching-

I must show that I’m Megu’s husband properly.

Love isn’t spoken but moved.

One’s mouth can say anything.

「 Megumi, Megumi 」

Edie’s still poking Megu’s shoulder.

「 Megumi, you’re sweating a lot. You should take a shower. Megumi’s sweat would pass on to Darling if you keep clinging to him.


This monster in a girl’s clothing who didn’t sweat at all after blowing all-out said.


「 Kukukuku, ufufufufu, ahahahahaha 」

One girl is laughing from the crowd.


「 Ufufufu! That’s so hilarious! I can’t stop laughing. 」

That’s Hoshizaki-senpai.

That’s Nei’s target for my mistress.

「 Everyone’s in their character so much that I can’t take it 」

Oh, for her.

What we’re doing now is funny.

Hoshizaki-san’s laughter eases up the tense atmosphere.

「 Huh? What? In the end, Yamamine’s just jealous of the girls that she was in a bad mood 」

Takeshiba-san concluded as such.

「 Yes, that. There’s no problem. She just has some hardships inside the family! We’re sorry for making you worry! 」

Nei tells Takeshiba-san as the elder of our group.

Nei is at the same age as Takeshiba-san.

「 Got it. I won’t say any further. Do what you want. Yamamine, get back on yourself on our practice later 」

Takeshiba-san said.

「 Take care of Yamamine 」

「 Megu is important to me, so there’s no need to ask for that 」

「 Right, oh well 」

Ding Dong!

The school bell rings.

There are only five more minutes before homeroom starts.

「 Oh shit 」

「 That’s a big problem! 」

「 Let’s hurry up 」

「 RUN! 」

The students who were watching us run to the school building in panic.

「 Let’s go too 」

「 We’ll have a small family talk 」

I tell Captain Takeshiba.

「 Is that so? Yamamine, she’s too stiff so she should play a bit from time to time 」

「 Uhm, Captain 」

「 What? 」

「 Thank you for always 」

I thank Takeshiba-san while hugging Megu.

「 Don’t mind it, my club members are my family. Also 」

Takeshiba-san looks at Nikita.

「 Next time, have a race with me in the track. I want to see your true power 」

「 Oh? Do you really want to lose? Could it be that you’re a masochist? 」

Nikita laughs.

「 Say what you want, white one. You too, brown girl, come play with us sometime 」

Captain Takeshiba tells Edie.

「 Well then. Yamamine, I’m going back to the clubroom 」

Captain Takeshiba runs to the school building.

What a beautiful form, she’s also fast.

But still.

The captain doesn’t have time to change clothes.

I wonder if she can go to classes wearing her jersey?

Well, she’s got the impact, so I don’t think that the teachers will complain about it.

「 Now then, what should we do? 」

Nikita asks me.

Anyway, I’ll have Megu take a shower and calm down.

「 Well, for now, to the principal’s office 」

I tried to say “let’s go to the secret monitoring room.”

There’s a shower room over there, and we can drink coffee too.


「 Not there! 」

Nei stops me.

「 We can’t let outsiders come in there 」

I see.

Nikita is Miss Cordelia’s subordinate.

She can’t go through the center of control of Kuromori.


「 But, didn’t Kyouko-san, Miss Cordelia, Eenie-san and Meenie-san stay over there? 」

It’s not like we’re hiding that location from Miss Cordelia.

「 Not that, it’s not okay to let Nikiniki go through there. Nikiniki can probably use the equipment over there just from a glance 」


The school’s surveillance system is over there.

There’s even a system that collects information on the internet but leaving any footsteps.

Also, the criminal records of Kuromori remain there.

It would be bad if Nikita plays around and look at it.

「 Then, my bakery will do 」

We’ve got a bed and a shower in the break room.

It would be cramped with the number of people, but we have no choice.

「 Okay, let’s go Megumi 」

Edie tells Megu who’s still clinging to me.

◇ ◇ ◇

Megu goes back to the clubroom to take her clothes and luggage.

The chime rang long ago.

The homeroom’s starting, they’ll just treat us as absent.

「 Here, I’ll hold on to your bag Megu-chan 」

Megu keeps on clinging to me, not talking to anyone.

That’s a problem.

For now, let’s take her to my bakery.

That said, if we go through it, it would be dirty.

We go through the corridor and enter the backside, directly to the rest-room.

Ugh, a 4 tatami mat room is narrow for five people.

「 I see, is the shower room here? 」

Nikita asks curiously.

「 Yes. It’s a single person use a shower room only. Well, sometimes Yo-chan and I enter together 」

Nei has a voluptuous body, but we can take a shower together while hugging each other.

If it’s with Katsuko-nee, I don’t think we can enter.

「 Then, hurry up and take a shower, Megumi. I want to have a bath as well 」

Huh? Nikita?

「 Did you sweat a lot? 」

She’s been silent after her exchange with Edie.

I thought that Nikita sweats a lot.

Although I don’t see any sweat in her face.

But, Nikita’s wearing a white jumpsuit and long boots.

I can’t see it from the outside, but her clothes must be sweaty.

「 What are you talking about. We’re just about to get sweaty 」


「 There’s a bed over here, it’s obvious what we should do. Sex! 」

Megu reacted.

「 Look, you didn’t sweat from running that much and now why do you want to get sweaty from having sex? 」

I change the topic.

「 Well, I can control my body perfectly 」


「 Earlier, it helped to create my image since I didn’t sweat at all, right? That’s why Edie and I did that. We can control our constitution according to our strategies. We try not to sweat as much as possible when in a desert area if it’s easy to hydrate on the location, we usually sweat and adjust our temperature. IN my case, my duty is to look like a celebrity so I try not to sweat as much as possible 」


What a world I live in.

「 Edie’s much more amazing. You even controlled your heart rate, right? 」

Nikita looks at Edie.

「 Of course 」

「 Formula1 and bicycle racers do that training too. They consciously drop their heart rate not to burden their heart from the vigorous training. If your heart beats so hard, your thought process goes slower. There’s also the problem of blood sent to the brain too much. Therefore, they train running on a treadmill with all their strength while playing puzzle games like Tetris 」

Nikita said.

「 It’s better if I sweat a lot when having sex with Yoshida, right? 」

「 Huh? Why? 」

NIkita smiles bashfully.

「 Well, it’s more arousing if our sweat mix together 」

「 What? 」

「 Besides, I like the smell of Yoshida’s sweat. I’m getting wet from just the scent 」


「 I love Darling’s smell too! 」

Edie laughs.

「 I also like the smell of semen 」

「 I feel like I’m getting to know that feeling better 」

The American girls are getting aroused arbitrarily.

「 I don’t want that! Yoshi-kun is mine! 」

Megu snapped again.

「 Oh, you’re wrong to think that 」

Nikita replied with a serious look on her face.

「 Megumi, you’re not a bad girl but, you seem to be having a hard time getting the point 」

「 Look, Megumi 」

Edie smiles at Megu.

「 Darling isn’t Megumi’s. Megumi is Darling’s 」

Megu’s face looks surprised.

「 Me too. I belong to Darling, but Darling isn’t mine. Nei belongs to Darling, Mana, Agnes, Misuzu, Ruriko, everyone is. We all belong to Darling. But, Darling doesn’t belong to just single one of us 」

「 Why?! If I belong to Yoshi-kun, shouldn’t Yoshi-kun belong to me too? 」

Edie smiles.

「 Wrong, Darling belongs to everyone He belongs to the whole family 」

「 I’m also a member of the family! 」

「 Yes, but belonging to the family doesn’t mean that the whole family can monopolize Darling 」

I don’t get it.

「 Megu-chan’s a student of this school. Then, this school is for the public, for example, the cafeteria desk is for the students of this school, right? Every student can use it.

Nei explains to Megu.

「 But, that said, it would be strange if Megu writes her name on the desk, which is a property of the students as a whole and say “this is mine” 」

「 Yoshi-kun is not a school desk 」

「 But, he belongs to the family 」

Nei said.

「 Rather, our family is connected only as Yo-chan’s women. Without that rule, Minaho-oneechan and Mana-chan can’t be in the same family, Edie-chan isn’t allowed to enter either 」

Minaho-neesan and Mana have the relationship of enemies whose families were stolen from each other.

Edie was formerly Miss Cordelia’s subordinate, a girl who was hostile to us.

「 Family first. Keeping the bonds of the family is what’s most crucial 」

「 I get that 」

「 Yeah, you don’t get it. Megu-chan and Mii-chan both have too strong feelings for Yo-chan 」


「 Just as we need the bonds of this family, Yo-chan’s spirit is stable because our family exists. If you break the family, Yo-chan will never be able to bear it 」


「 In that case, you always have to think of ways not to burden Yo-chan’s heart the most! 」

「 Nei-oneesan 」

「 Megu-chan, you’ve always been so spoiled that you’re about to break the framework of this family 」

「 What should I do? 」

Nei said.

「 Then, you have to agree that we all belong to Yo-chan, but Yo-chan will never belong to Megu-chan only 」

Then, she looked at me.

「 Yo-chan will have sex with Megu-chan a lot. But, he’ll also have sex with other girls. You can’t get jealous every time that happens! 」