Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 62

62. Black History

Yuzuki-sensei…began to talk calmly without hiding the wound in her stomach.

「My grandfather…Kuromori Kunousuke was born in the red light district of Kanazawa1 at the end of Meiji Era2
Do you know the red light district?
It’s the place for prostitutes…a brothel
The name of the brothel is 『Kuromori tower』…
Kuromori Kounosuke was a lone child born from the master of that brothel and one of the prostitute.
But, he was loved and raised…and was allowed to bear the family name Kuromori

After growing up, grandfather went from Kanazawa to Tokyo to become a trader.
It was the early days of Showa era…he started working by ordering parts of a ship and machines from a foreign country.
Most of his business are at government office and military forces…it was a country related work.
Kounosuke was a political merchant.
Sticking close to politicians and government officials, he’s a merchant undertaking work of country.
Then…he succeeded.
He seemed to have gained a lot of profit during the war…
He gained the favor of the officers at the army immediately after war and started gaining influence at the work related to the occupation policy.
He accepted jobs on both US forces and Japanese government.
Kounosuke was a merchant without imprudence…
He had the talent to gain favor of people with power at any times…
One of his business is selling women to men with power…

High class prostitutes…A prostitute only sold to rich people in the upper class.
Kuromori Kounosuke arranged prostitutes to politicians, high class bureaucrat, a large enterprise manager customers.
Of course, the high commission officer on the occupation army too…
Kounosuke is accustomed to treating women since his birth at the red light district…

That’s the origin of the prostitution section of 『Kuromori』

Talent and special education are needed for the high class prostitutes that are going to face people with power.
Just good looking and young is no good.
Of course, it’s obvious that they need to be good at sex. They need to have the ability to satisfy the guest all the time.
On top of that…The high class prostitutes are required by the guests to be educated so they can converse on whatever topic.
They have to be elegant and graceful so they won’t be embarrassing when brought to a party…
They have to be always considerate of the guest…they need to be cheerful so that the guest won’t feel sad.

Kuromori Kounosuke…with such talent, looked for daughters of good families who lost their father in the war and the ojou-sama who lost their powers from the post war.
There are a lot people with good standing but had problems with money after the war…
Instead of selling their own bodies to a brothel, the young ladies can protect their dignities by becoming Kounosuke’s high level prostitute that has a good income.
The girls chose to be embraced with man of power than the public.

Kuromori Kounosuke’s high class prostitutes became a status of men on upper class in Japan that time.
In that matter, Kounosuke’s business front was promoted…his position was raised.

But…At the times when Japan became rich, it has become difficult to look for suitable girls coming from a good family… All of the prostitutes employed back then grew old and retired…
But, Kuromori Kounosuke needs high class prostitutes to maintain his connection to the men of power.
That’s why he decided to start bringing up his own prostitutes.

Kuromori Kounosuke’s aimed system is an old Japanese red light district.

…Have you ever heard of the word Courtesan3, or Siren4?
It indicates the first class during Edo and Meiji era.
Prostitutes that deal with feudal lords or wealthy merchants…Courtesans are raised in various brothels since childhood.
Looking for girls around ten years old, those with good foundation and would become a beauty in the future, then bought from their parents. A lot of them.
Then, they’d be raised for years…to become the best prostitute.
The girl raised as expected, growing up as a beauty, will be dropped on the way as a normal prostitute.
Then, the girls who took labor and time to be raised, are sorted…will become a high class prostitute.
They’re polished perfectly to become an『Ideal woman for men』
Such prostitute education system…existed in the old red light district of Japan.

Then, the completed girl…are sold to rich people.
Not just on the rich people.
They sell girls only on rich people selected carefully…people with both the position and family social standing.
Upstarts won’t be noticed.
People with high position and money competes on who’ll take the virginity…
When the first partner has a high position, the prostitute’s position becomes high too.
If their position becomes higher, then the price to embrace her rises too.
Then…Most of the prostitutes would be bought by a customer by twenty-five years old.
Most of them are bought by a rich merchant and becomes that person’s wife.
It might be strange to think a prostitute being married now but…at those times, customers of the high class prostitutes has a lot of money.
They have both the elegance and education, they’re beautiful and can sing and dance…isn’t it ideal for a merchant’s wife?
Also, all of the guests they kept company are people with position so far…so they know a lot of people They might become good business partners of the shop’s master.

That kind of things are still performed at Meiji era.
Kounosuke who was born and raised in the red light district knows the system of course.
He tried to reproduce it at Showa era…

Therefore…he bought a high school.
In short…our school.

Kounosuke’s method is the same as an old brothel.
Looking for beauties with good character from the rural area…and yet coming from a family that’s troubled with money, they buying them from their parents.
Then…they’re made to enter the school as a scholarship student…
Then would be educated as a high level prostitute…then sold.
This mansion is originally a girls dormitory for scholarship students…this was a brothel.
This became the second 『Kuromori Tower』…

The prostitutes Kounosuke brought so far had pleased his customers even more.
Because he selected his customers carefully…he really became a business dealing with people with social status.
He’s protected from gangs and police by dealing with such people.
When a person relies only on one man of power, that person would be crushed along with losing his power.
Kounusuke makes multiple people as his customer to not let it happen.
He’s really a person who’s not imprudent.

This is a brothel and a social club for men of power at the same time.
The number of the prostitutes did not surpass ten people at maximum either…
But, those ten…are the best prostitutes whom are carefully selected beauties and was given thorough education.
Ten of them was enough…
Rather, if they expand further, the people with the same profession and the underworld would envy them.

Kounusuke had a underworld business to support the surface business.

But…Kounosuke doesn’t think the same way.
Kuromori Kouichiro…my father
My father…though of expanding the business of 『Kuromori Tower』even further
My father had an intense inferiority complex with my grandfather.
He wishes to become better than his grandfather…
But father is lacking with the cunningness and thoughtfulness like grandfather…

My grandfather, Kuromori Kounosuke died 84 years old in 1987.
I was three years old back then…
Father succeeded the surface business of grandfather but…『Kuromori Tower’s』administration was left to Morimoti who was grandfather’s right hand.
He’s the Morimoto on the next room.
He was the manager of 『Kuromori tower』all the time.
That’s my grandfather’s will.
Grandfather knows that my father doesn’t have the ability to manage the prostitution mansion…

Father wanted to steal the management of 『Kuromori Tower』from Morimoto in one way or another…so he planned for several years.
But, it was impossible with his power alone.
Father looked for a cooperator.
Then, the partner he chose…was Shirasaka Sousuke
…Thus, he chose the worst man.

Shirasaka Sousuke…is a grandchild of a master of a famous newspaper publisher.
He was born a young master.
He lived a comfortable life… with his grandfather’s connection he found employment in a major advertising company.
He went in and out of the 『Kuromori tower』when he was still a student.
Shirasaka’s grandfather was a regular customer here after all.
Young customers are normally turned down but…Shirasaka Sousuke was the only exception.

Shirasaka Sousuke’s addicted to the girls of 『Kuromori Tower』
Then, the foolish him…wants to make it his.
That person approached the son of the master of the 『Kuromori Tower』…Approached Kuromori Kouichiro.

It was just at the time when the bubble economy failed, and the leaders of the Japanese economic world are substituting one person after another.
The customers of 『Kuromori Tower』were changing from parents to children.
Taking that chance…Shirasaka Sousuke and Father staged a coup d’etat.
Morimoto…was banished from here.
That was 17 years ago」

A year before I was born…

「…Father and Shirasaka had increased the customers. It’s not just the previously carefully chosen upper class people but young upstarts became a guest too.
There were many playfellows of Shirasaka.
As for the women…they weren’t raised with effort.
If there’s a quite cute girl from the school, they’d just rape her…
Father and Shirasaka were idiots and indiscriminate…
Above that…Shirasaka was a perverted sadist.
He used 『Kuromori Tower』to satisfy his own crooked sexual desire.
Those years were the most cruel.

It was absurd…
The perverts run the brothel to their desire…
The guests too…perverted sadists like Shirasaka had increased…

I was an illegitimate child of Kuromori Kouichiro
Yuzuki is my mother’s family name.
My mother too, she was a woman of 『Kuromori Tower』
My little sister, Naomi…lived with my mother who retired and lived in Chigasaki with my mother’s parents’ family.
A family of three…they lived happily even if poor.

Shirasaka Sousuke knew mother when she was active.
Then…he though of wanting to violate the daughter of Kuromori Kouichiro who’s his friend and the master of 『Kuromori Tower』
He was really a crazy perverted sadist…!

I was raped by Shirasaka when I was twelve.
Returning from the elementary school, I was pushed to a car by force…
I was stripped naked in a mountain…and had my virginity stolen.
After that, I was confined in the underground confinement room in this mansion…and was forcibly violated for a week.
I was violated more than a hundred times.
There’s photos and videos taken too…
Then…after being raped completely, I was made to meet father.

Father…was dejected.
But, Shirasaka told father while he ejaculates inside me.

『…Too late. You’re too late. Hey, Kuromori-san. You get ready and we’ll be doing this kind of business. You obviously can’t make an exception on your daughter only!』…
Father can’t answer back…
He just quietly watched Shirasaka’s penis forced to ejaculate with my tongue.
That’s right…My father was aroused.
Watching Shirasaka rape his own daughter…

Then…after that, I became the youngest prostitute of 『Kuromori tower』
My partners are all perverted lolicons…
I was forced to have perverted sex…
But…My father never helped me.

Two years later…when I became 14 years old, Namami, my younger sister was brought here.
My little sister was 11 years old.
Mother died from an illness…that was the first time I was informed of it.
I cried and asked…『Please help at least my little sister』…and yet Shirasaka tore my little sister’s virginity in front of me.
Then, he ordered father to have sex with me and my little sister…
Father’s completely aroused, he raped me and my little sister…
Father can’t endure it anymore.
My little sister and I became father’s plaything.

After that, my sister and I continued to take several hundred more guests.
We’re both confined so we can only meet when we have sex with a customer.
I grasp my little sister’s hand while her uterus is hit with the guest’s penis.
Naomi grasped my hand in return.
The warmth of her hand was the only communication and it saved us.

I was 16 and Naomi was 13.
There’s a guest that wants to impregnate us by all means showing up…
It was a 60 year old fat bald man.
Shirasaka sold us to that guest. For 20 million.
Father…agreed with it.

Naomi and I were violated earnestly until we became pregnant…
…Like dogs
…Like toilets
Just an outlet of that man’s desire…

But…that man’s identity was a fraud.
He didn’t have a large sum of money such as 20 million yen.

Naomi and I were already pregnant.
Our own body completely felt the state of motherhood.

And yet…Shirasaka
Is afraid that we’ll lose product values
We’re made to abort.

My sister and I were prepared for it.
We swore to bear the child of whoever man’s child it is…!

『No, stop, help me』my younger sister cries out and yet…
Shirasaka brought my little sister to the confinement room…
Furthermore…Shirasaka hired an illegal doctor…
A mere medical student in ruin…not having a doctor’s qualification…
My little sister was 13…her body was so young…!

…That’s why she died.
The blood loss from theoperation was so terrible…!

Shirasaka told me.

『Dammit…Naomi had a better income than you! You should’ve been operated first…!』

Then…I was made to take another guest before the abortion…

A pervert said to want to rape a pregnant girl thoroughly.
That pervert…used a strange medicine on me.
I lost consciousness…
My genital…was ruined…
My womb…became no good.

Shirasaka laughs and said 「It saves me from the costs of abortion」…

…Just after that.
Yuuka-sama and the others who can’t endure father and Shirasaka’s management talked to the old customers of the 『Kuromori Tower』
They already hated 『Kuromori Tower』that’s managed by father and Shirasaka, most of them aren’t coming anymore but…everyone remembered Yuuka-sama and others.
Feeling loathsome from Shirasaka and Father’s method, they sympathized with us.
Most of the customers from Grandfather’s time are still alive and well…
Everyone still had the power and influence among the people of the upper class…Shirasaka and Father cannot defy them.
Shirasaka’s grandfather is among them too…

Then, they brought Shirasaka and most of the new guests were banished.
Some of them were disposed of…
Socially…or sometimes, their existence.
The impostor ho impregnated me and my sister was sunk in the sea of Okhotsk.

Then, father and Shirasaka became unable to manage unreasonably…
But, it’s not possible to send those two out completely.
While regaining the appearance of a high level prostitute mansion just like the old times…
They continued to satisfy their sexual desire in the back.

That’s why…I decided to turn to the administration side.
My body can no longer take in a guest…

But I was still 17 years old so I do not have the power to oppose Shirasaka and Father.
That’s why…I searched for new girls from the high school and took them in by myself.
I made children fall to hell…
But, I need that to let me stay in my position.
To take revenge towards father and Shirasaka someday…!
To take revenge for my little sister…and our babies…
I resolved to become the devil…

After graduating from university…I became a high school teacher.
Father and Shirasaka trusted me the work that much.
I became the admin in charge of 『Kuromori Tower』alone.
I’m Kuromori Kouchiro’s daughter…has experience as a prostitute…so I know how should I improve the mansion very well.
That’s why…I took charge of managing the mansion while consenting father and Shirasaka satisfying their personal desires.
When I managed it, the profit of 『Kuromori Tower』increased twenty-fold…
The former upper class guests have returned.
Misuzu-san’s grandfather became a guest too…

Father and Shirasaka…both just want to do what they want to women…since they’re not interested in managing, they lack in people with management skills.
They didn’t disturb my management as long as I don’t obstruct them.
That way…I ruled over 『Kuromori Tower』little by little…

In exchange…I made my students fall to hell.
Katsuko…and Nagisa.
Yukiyo also took in guests.
With profits as priority…!」

Sensei hesitates to speak.

「But…Minaho-san manages it and the treatment of the girls in the mansion has greatly improved. She even look into them even after retirement…!」

Hidemi-san said.

「I called back the banished Morimoto-san」

Yuuka-san too…

「We had a lot of hardship but…Minaho-chi always help us and our bodies, everyone knows that!」


「I was freed by Minaho-sama when I was 18…I’m grateful for that」


「Ojou-sama’s having such difficulties…Katsuko knows it best」


「…Thanks, everyone」

Sensei spoke her word of thanks.

「In the end…It took me four years to completely remove Shirasaka and Father. Finally, last year. Father raped one girl… He didn’t know that girl was the daughter of the second most powerful gang in Japan… Father ran away to Australia. When he returns to Japan, he’ll definitely be killed」

…Speaking of which
Yukino’s father should be on a business trip to Australia…!

「Taking responsibility from that carelessness…Last year, 『Kuromori Tower’s』activities had stopped. All of the girls that stayed in the mansion were made to retire. The only one left here is Katsuko. Yukiyo’s the only one who regrets the stop of the activities」

Iwakura-san wants to remain as a prostitute.

「There were a lot of women in this mansion but…There’s only six who became by 『Toys』 Margo is adopted as a part of the mansion’s guard」
「…It’s eunuch」

Margo-san smiles.

「In this age, it’s not eunuch unless you cut off a man’s sexual organs…
Even when he lose his genitals, a man is still a man. She wants to begin a political activity…that’s why needs me as guard of the women」
「That’s right…we can’t oppose when father and Shirasaka goes violent. If it’s Margo, she can’t just guard the girls but also take care of them psychologically…」


「You see!…Before I was taken by a guest, the『Kuromori Tower’s』activity stopped on the last minute, or rather, Sensei and Maru-chan saved me, or rather…」

Nei-san said.

「Well…a lot of things happened. Last year and the year before that」

Margo-san spoke ambiguously…
She won’t talk further than this for now I guess…

「Sensei…who’s the『Sixth』?」

For better of for worse…I asked.

「…Agnes…She’s confined underground」

Sensei answered.
So the 『Sixth』is named Agnes!

「…She’s been confined all this time. I’ll introduce her to you next time」

Sensei’s face looks so lonely.

「…How old is she?」

Sensei calmly answered my question.


She’s confined even though she’s at that age?!

「Agnes…is a child of Shirasaka made to fulfill his desires. She was born in this mansion…And hasn’t gone out since. She was educated to live only for Shriasaka…when she grows up」


「Shirasaka…brought up Agnes to steal her virginity on her 13th year birthday. When Shirasaka was banished from this residence, Katsuko and I took care of her. Thus she’s my 『Sixth Toy』」

In the basement of this mansion…!
There’s a 12 year old girl confined…!

「I’ve been taking care of Agnes-sama since I came in this mansion, I can somehow communicate with her but…Agnes-sama doesn’t talk with Ojou-sama yet」

Katsuko-nee said.

「It was no good with me and Maru-chan…she’s not speaking at all!」

Nei-san says with a troubled face.

「…He’s still under Shriasaka’s mind control. Agnes will do anything Shirasaka orders. That’s how she was raised…!」

Sensei speaks in pain.

「That’s why she can’t go out of confinement until it’s solved!」

Such a thing…!

「Misuzu will become that child’s friend!」

Misuzu told Sensei…

「…Me too」

Yamamine-san too
Sensei looks at Yamamine-san’s face.


Sensei said.

「Agnes is your sister. Just like Shirasaka Yukino…!」

Yamamine-san’s eyes opened wide!

「…That means?!」

When I asked Sensei…!

「Megumi’s father is Shirasaka Sousuke…!」


「Un…That’s right. My mother was a in a music college…was kidnapped by Shirasaka Sousuke…raped here…and I was born」


「Please wait! That Agne-san is Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter then…that Shirasaka Sousuke is raising her own daughter to be his mistress…??!」

Misuzu asks Sensei.

「That’s right…That person planned to make her daughter his ultimate mistress…!」
「That’s too cruel! Unreasonable!」
「That’s not all…Shirasaka Sousuke is leaving us out and tries to make his own 『Prostitution ring』… And one of his prostitutes will be Megumi…!」

…No way
…Isn’t she his own daughter!

「Yes…It seems that he communicated with my parents. Yamamine house cannot defy the Shriasaka house’s head. I was supposed to be taken out from that home at the end of the holiday week…」
「…Yamamine-san…you know what will happen to you?」

I instinctively asked.

「I know…I’m a daughter raised from this mansion after all…」

Misuzu asked her.

「Then…Megumi-san what do you intend to do?」

Yamamine-san shook her head.

「I don’t know…I don’t know…But, I have to go…I’ll only trouble Yamamine father and mother if I don’t…!」

The girl that’s always gentle and smiles to everyone.
She even pay her regards to a man like me…
That kind of girl…
Has been holding such cruel worries all the time…!

Yuzuki-sensei spoke to Yamamine-san.

「Megumi…stay in this mansion starting today. We’ll go to Yamamine house later. I’ll be talking to your parents…!
「…Minaho-san, but!」
「It’s fine…I won’t let Shirasaka do as he likes. Yamamine house won’t be troubled too. You’re a child of this mansion. I’ll definitely protect you…!」

Yamamine-san looks down.

「It’s fine Megumi-san…if ever something happens, I’ll talk to my grandfather」

Misuzu told Yamamine-san.

「Kouzuki’s house power is far stronger than Shirasaka house! Don’t worry!」
「That’s…for Misuzu to help me…!」
「…Aren’t we friends?!!!」

Misuzu’s words touches Yamamine-san’s heart.

「Please rely on us…Danna-sama’s here too. Isn’t that right?!」

Misuzu looks at me with a smile…

「Yup…I’ll do anything I can」

When I said that…Misuzu…

「Then, Danna-sama…please promise to cherish Megumi-san along with Misuzu for your entire life!」
「Please promise that you’ll treasure and will never abandon us!」

Misuzu looks serious

「Yamamine-san…look me in the eye…!」

Yamamine-san who’s looking down…looked up
Long and narrow…beautiful eyes.
There’s tears piling up…!

「I promise…I’ll treasure you for my entire life…!」

Misuzu spoke to me from the side.

「…Say ‘Throw Yamamine house and stay with me!’」


「…Leave Yamamine house and become mine…Yamamine-san!」

Tears spill out from Yamamine-san’s eye.

「But…I don’t know what I should do with myself!」

I spoke

「I’ll be the one thinking about it. You only need to do what I say…You’re already mine…!」

Yamamine-san’s eyes…shines with the light of hope…

「…Then, call me Megumi」


「…I’m already yours after all…!」


  1. Kanazawa (金沢市, Kanazawa-shi) is the capital city of Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan
  2. The Meiji period (明治時代 Meiji-jidai ?), also known as the Meiji era, is a Japanese era which extended from October 23, 1868 through July 30, 1912.
  3. 花魁
  4. 傾城