Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 621. I work for money!



『 Everyone in the cafeteria! Open up your eyes!! 』

Endou’s loud voice echoes in the propaganda truck’s speaker.

『 He’s the real bad guy here!! 』

Endou is standing in the roof of the propaganda truck points at me standing next to the cafeteria.

This is bad.

This is definitely bad.

There’s a lot of students in the cafeteria.

They all look at me.

「 What? 」

「 Wait, really, him? 」

「 Who even is that guy? 」

「 Isn’t that the breadboy? 」

「 Yeah, the engaged guy 」

「 Oh, that guy 」

I’ve become a big name all the while Endou’s gone.

『 That’s right! It’s that guy! He’s the guy who screwed me over!! He’s the superdreadnought explosion Detroit smash super criminal! Yooooo!! 』

Endou, what do you know about me?

Even if my guess is right that Iwakura-san’s backing Endou,

Iwakura-san won’t reveal Kuromori to Endou.

That guy still wants to be a prostitute under Minaho-neesan’s umbrella.

『 He, Yoshida, he’s an evil guy!! You’re hearing that from me, so there’s no mistake! Yes! I’m sure of it! 』


Hearing that line from you.

You suddenly appear in our school while riding this strange looking propaganda truck.

Furthermore, you’re wearing jeans, sunglasses, and a bandana.

Endou looks much more suspicious.

I can’t think of anyone more suspicious than him now.

『 He should be put to the death penalty! That’s right! Capital Punishment! Death! Go commit suicide! Die right now! Die right here! Go ahead and die! Yoshida!! 』

Are you an elementary school student.

「 What are you talking about?! You’re the one who raped Shirasaka Yukino! The whole school saw what you did! 」

One of the seniors shouts to Endou.

「 That’s right. All he’s doing is his best in his bakery 」

「 That’s right. I buy the bread he makes every day! 」

「 Nobody would even want to screw a man who can’t be understood like you 」

「 He doesn’t look like someone who’d do that! 」

「 Yeah, he’s only thinking of his bakery and his fiance 」

Most of the students in here are people who bought my products.

After all, it’s lunchtime on Saturdays.

They all gather in the cafeteria to eat.

Furthermore, Anya and Katsuko-nee joined to sell the products, so it was sold out in the fastest time ever.

『 Okay wait, wait! Don’t flood me with your complaints 』

Endou’s annoyed.

『 In the first place, what?! Yoshida? Bakery? What are you talking about guys? I don’t get it! 』

Endou who hasn’t been in school for a long time won’t know.

And yet.

He came straight to the cafeteria.

I knew it, someone’s backing Endou.

「 You see, he started selling bread products in the cafeteria this September! 」

「 Yeah. It’s delicious! 」

The students around are entirely hostile to Endou.

『 What about it!? Why do you have to tell me about that?! Shut up! 』

Endou is angry at the hateful words thrown at him.

Well, him crying out loudly on the microphone on top of the propaganda truck is far more annoying.

『 In the first place, humans don’t live with only bread! That’s an old saying! You can’t even remember that?!! 』

Somehow, he’s getting jumbled up.

Like, he’s already messing up with the quotes.

「 You’re the one who doesn’t get it! 」

One of the senior looks up at Endou and shouts.

「 To be honest, I don’t know what your aim is, nor your claims are 」

「 Are you obstructing the bakery business?! 」

「 I mean, are you an idiot?! You must be! 」

「 Are you stupid? Want to die? 」

The audience’s gaze at Endou becomes harsher.

「 Hey, what are you doing! Endou! Cut it out! 」


A senior wearing baseball club’s uniform appears from the crowd and shouts at Endou.

『 Aaah, Senpai! I know you’ll understand me! I didn’t do anything wrong! 』

Endou smiles as a familiar face shows up.


「 Are you an idiot! You didn’t show up at school after all the fuss you made! Everyone’s worried! 」

『 Everyone in the club? 』

Endou’s moved.

「 Yeah, hurry up and bring your withdrawal letter to the club! 」


「 Everyone’s worried since you’re still a baseball club member, if you cause any troubles, it affects everyone! 」

I see. Since Endou’s parents escaped out, he’s still enrolled in this school.

That means that he’s still a baseball club member.

『 W-W-W-W-Why do I have to leave the club!? 』

「 We don’t want to get banned on friendly matches and official games because of your mess ups!! 」

The baseball club guy is cold.

「 You closed out the second round on the district qualifier, right? 」

「 Well, it’s nice that you were able to participate 」

The other students try to calm down the baseball club guy.

「 Shut up! Anyway, we can’t rest easy until you submit a leave! We’ll be recruiting new faces by autumn 」

Hearing his senior say that, Endou:

『 I-I’ll come to the Autumn match! 』


『 Dammit! Seriously!! I wasn’t able to have a tremendous first-year summer competition! This is all your fault! Yoshida!!! 』

Endou glares at me again.

『 I’ll pay back this grudge a hundred times!! 』

Hearing Endou, the senior;

「 No, you see, Endou 」

『 Yes? What is it? 』

「 You don’t have a place in the baseball club anymore!!! 」

A senior in his uniform spits out.

『 Eh? Huh? What? 』

Endou’s surprised.

『 What are you talking about?! Didn’t I treat all the seniors a lot of food? Yakiniku, Okonomiyaki, Matsusaka beef, also, my father donated so many balls to the club 』

The baseball club guy sighed.

「 Your house went bankrupt, right? Your city councilor uncle was arrested, and your father ran away, didn’t he? 」

『 That’s that, this is this! I was promised to show up starting from the summer tournament until I graduate in three years! That’s why my father paid a lot of money to the manager! Senpai, you know that too, right?! 』

He shouts on the microphone with an arrogant attitude.

Endou, do you even know what you’re talking about?

「 Hey, baseball club, is he telling the truth? 」

「 That’s inexcusable 」

There’s a blaze happening in the sports department.

「 I-I don’t know anything about that 」

The baseball club member denies in a panic.

「 If that’s real, it’s not funny 」

「 Yeah, do you know how much is the budget of the sports department for the baseball club? 」

「 Yeah! It’s no joke! 」

「 When this gets to newspapers, it would also shame us! 」

「 When you go out and play, other clubs will laugh at you 」

The spearhead of pursuit chases the baseball club guy.

「 T-That’s all lies! Endou’s just saying what he wants! Can you even believe what he’s saying?! 」

「 That’s 」

The audience looks at Endou again.

『 Ah, ah, yeah now!? That’s what you’re saying! Senpai! You don’t have chivalry at all! 』

「 Shut up! Someone who pays out just to become a regular has no right to talk about chivalry! 」

Ah, he admitted it.

『 Dammit! 』

Endou’s in rage.

『 If you’re going to say that, return the money my father donated to the baseball club right now! Bring them all back brand new! Bring back the Matsusaka beef marinated too!! 』

What a small minded guy.

『 Argh, I’ve had enough!! If you have that attitude, I’ve got some other ideas here!! 』

Endou screams.

『 I mean. You all underestimate me? Just because my father ran away and my uncle got arrested, now you’re underestimating me?! Don’t fuck with me! I’m not someone who should be underrated by people like you!!!! 』

What does he plan?

『 Hah! You all plan to bite back at me now? Is that so? 』

Endou laughs.

『 Do you not know how much power I’ve gathered while I was away from this school?! Really? I’m no longer the same as before!! 』

The students look at Endou with cold eyes.

『 After all, I’m Endou Kenji Mark2 SR now 』

I mean, I give up.

Well, I don’t get what he’s talking about, his performance earlier was just shallow.

『 Okay! Here’s a question for everyone! How many of you have watched Yukino on TV last night? Raise your hand 』

Yukino’s show?

「 I watched it. I don’t plan on raising my hand though 」

「 Me too 」

「 Yeah 」

Yukino’s show has good ratings.

Most of the students present here watched her last night.

『 And then, Yukino said this yesterday, didn’t she? Yukino’s ruled over the power of darkness! That power of darkness can influence even the TV stations, even the police 』

Endou smiles.

『 Do you guys want to know the identity of that darkness? 』

No way, Endou?

Do you plan on revealing Kuromori and Jii-chan here?


I have to close Endou’s mouth right now.

Edie? Can you take him down right now?

Edie should have some shuriken.

Then, Endou.

「 ! 」

Someone suddenly grabbed my arm.


「 It’s okay. Don’t worry 」

Nei whispers to my ear.

「 Edie, don’t move for now 」

「 But I still feel the Qi in there 」

Edie said.

「 Yes, I can feel the chills too 」

Anya who’s with Nei said.

「 Stop that arrogance 」

「 That’s right, what’s that darkness then? 」

Voices come out from the crowd.

『 Well, well, well, well, open up your ears and listen carefully! 』

Endou grins.

『 The true identity of that darkness 』

The atmosphere tightens up.

『 Is me! 』



『 I’m that power in darkness! 』

Endou laughs loudly.

『 Surprised now?! 』

Yeah, surprised.

「 Wait a second! What do you mean?! 」

「 Explain! 」

The students speak in dissatisfaction.

『 What? You still don’t get it?! 』

Endou speaks confidently.

『 Yesterday, Yukino said this on TV> Yukino’s made pregnant by the power of darkness. In short, the father of the child in Yukino’s belly is from the power of darkness, in short, the emperor of darkness! 』

In short, me.

I’m the one who made Yukino pregnant.

『 That’s right! In short, me! I think! 』

Hm, Endou?

Why “I think?”

『 Still, my memory from back then is ambiguous, seems like I raped Yukino. That’s what everyone says. That’s what I’m told, I mean, that’s true, I guess 』


Oh, Endou himself has no idea of what went on.

Back then, his head was crazy due to some drug.

I made him faint with a stun gun.

He didn’t know that I swapped with him on his way on raping Yukino.

「 That’s right! You raped Shiraska Yukino! 」

「 The students here are witnesses! 」

Voices come from the students.

『 Right? Right? Then that means that historically, I’m the father of the child in Yukino’s stomach, right? Then that means, I’m that emperor of darkness! Right? 』

He speaks in questions.

People were telling him that he did so he also thinks now that he raped Yukino.

Although, she’s still a virgin right now.

「 No, wait. If I recall, the tattoo in Shirasaka Yukino’s stomach writes 」

「 Right, If I recall. 」

「 It’s『 嘉 』and『 甲 』 」

「 Yes, that, I heard it’s related to the two Kanji there! 」

The students raise their doubts.

『 Oh, I see 』


『 I don’t know much about it but, someone else told me in detail 』

Did someone tell him?

「 嘉 refers to the Hebei province in China. It’s where my great grandparent from the father side have been before the war 』


『 And the 甲 is coming from the naval warship my great grandfather from the mother side was designated, the boatswain 』


『 In short!! It’s the letters were from my great grandparents from both sides, put to one! There’s only one that connects these two letters! The great-grandchild! Meaning, it’s me! 』

Too forced.

I don’t even feel like retorting.

『 Look, everything I wished for since I was born comes true. I get everything I want, I eat everything I want to eat. In short, that’s my talent. My ability. ESP. I was naturally born with that power 』

Endou speaks confidently.

No, that’s only because Endou’s father was spoiling him so much, and his brother, a civil servant, was being arrogant.

Endou’s wishes were probably the only things that can be taken with money or municipal level power.

『 And because of Yoshida over there! My supernatural powers are going crazy. I can no longer smoothly manifest it. That’s why I’m in the bottom of this hell 』

Endou points at me.

『 Yeah, I feel my head so bright now. Your name is written as “吉田” 」 It’s a fluorescent green letter on a white background that hurts my eyes. That’s what my memory tells me, you stole my powers, Yoshida! 』


When Endou was about to faint.

He saw my name tattooed on Yukino’s abdomen.

Now that “吉田” is changed to “嘉甲.”

Anyway, the memory of seeing my name was engraved on Endou’s mind as something unpleasant.

『 And now, my superpowers have come back. No, I feel like I’ve power upped a hundred times more than before. There’s nothing in this world that won’t go against what I want! Look, Yukino! That bitch made me look like a fool, so I wished for her to experience cruelty, to suffer. That’s why Yukino’s now living in shame on TV right now. That all happened because I wished for it! 』

Endou, you.

『 Yoshida! You’ll suffer the same cruelty as Yukino! No, even more than her! I’m going to mess up everything you live for! 』

His eyes of madness look at me.

『 With that said, Sensei, I’ll leave this to you 』


Then, the door on Endou’s propaganda truck opens.

Coming out from the inside.

「 Seriously? 」

A man, wearing a suit.

No, I say suit, but there’s a dragon embroidery stitched through the whole length of it.

The necktie also has a koi carp climbing a waterfall design.

The inner is a T-shirt.

His hands are covered with black leather gloves.

He smiled at me.

「 That should be the Qi Edie’s sensing 」

He’s also known as “old man Dai Grepher.”

Why is that guy with Endou?

「 I work for money 」

Old man Dai Grepher said and laughed.

「 Therefore, please don’t have a grudge on me 」

Old man Dai Grepher warms up.

His casual movements feel disgusting enough.

「 Yoshida-kun, was it? I don’t have any grudge with you but, I’m a professional, your life will do 」

Suddenly, old man Dai Grepher rushes towards me.

「 I won’t let you 」

Anya reacts immediately.

「 Don’t fight him upfront, Nikiniki 」

Nei shouts.

「 Nyohohohohohoho!!! 」

Old man Dai Grepher shows off his different dimension moves.

「 What’s with this guy!! 」

Anya can’t react to old man Dai Grepher’s movement who reverses Qi.

Edie has reproduced old man Dai Grepher’s move back in their fight in Los Angeles, but.

The originator has completely different power and speed.

「 Honyo, honyo, honanyaaaaa!!! 」

Byuui, byuui, byuui.

Old man Dai Grepher unleashes his hand like a sword, Anya barely dodges.

「 Oh my, your feet’s out of balance 」


「 Kyaa!! 」

Anya trips and falls over.

「 Edie 」

I look at Edie.

Edie’s standing in front to protect me.

「 Not now. If I come and help her, that guy will come to kill Darling during that opportunity 」

Edie knows how old man Dai Grepher thinks.

「 He’s hiding a shuriken on his left hand 」

If Anya and Edie parts from me, there will be a shuriken coming at my direction

「 But, if this goes on, Nikita 」

Anya can’t fight old man Dai Grepher alone.

She hardly has any experience fighting someone with an irregular technique.

「 Edie, can’t you use Shinetsu? 」

I asked.

Edie’s mastered Shingetsu from her training with Michi.

「 I can’t use it here. There are other students here 」

Yeah, there’s a lot of students around.

If she uses Shingetsu now, all of these people will be in chock.

「 Can’t you use Shingetsu and concentrate only with old man Dai Grepher 」

Back in Los Angeles, Edie used Shingetsu only on Anya.

It’s the single-point Shingetsu which Michi reformed.

「 It’s impossible with him, his movements are too weird. If I try it, I won’t be able to concentrate 」


「 Nyohohohoho! Napopopo! There, turn around! 」

Yeah, seeing it from afar, he’s really making irregular and unpleasant movements.

「 Kuuuuu!! 」

She’s able to avoid it using reflex, but.

She’ll get caught if this goes on.

Anya’s in danger.

「 If he at least didn’t have the shuriken in his left hand 」

Edie mutters.


What should I do?

『 Dai Sensei, who cares about that woman! Hurry up and kill Yoshida! ! 』

Endou shouts on top of the propaganda truck.

「 Nyohohoho! You’re quite good 」

Old man Dai Grepher corners Anya.

「 However, you’re not my enemy. You’re 100 years too young, muhihihi!~ 」

Dai Grepher speeds up.

This is bad.

At that moment.

Byu, byu, byu!!

A shuriken thrown from the outside stabs old man Dai Grepher’s step.

「 Nununu! Who’s that? 」


Far from the students.

A small girl moves in.

She’s wearing a cute and elegant uniform, unlike our school’s.

She flips her skirt.

「 Kudou Michi has arrived! 」

Michi mutters with her expressionless face.