Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 622. Distant Dream



「 Could it be that you’re Kudou-chan’s daughter? 」

Old man Dai Grepher looks at Michi.

「 I’m the youngest child, Michi 」

Michi stays expressionless.

「 Ohohohohohoho!! I knew it! Ojii-san is surprised 」

Old man Dai Grepher laughs.

「 Iyaiyaiyaaa, you got me. I could understand why Kudou-chan doesn’t go along with me 」


Speaking of which, that’s true.

「 Michi, take care, that guy’s a lolicon! 」

I shouted without thinking.

「 Ooooooh! 」

I hear cheers from the crowd.

「 What? That’s a lolicon? Disgusting 」

「 Yikes, could it be that he’s looking at me with strange eyes 」

「 Disgusting, go away! 」

The girls show their disgust.

「 Eeei! Shut up you old hags! 」

Old man Dai Grepher shouts back.

「 Kukuku, what a great coincidence! I came to a high school and yet to think that I’d meet such an ideal school girl, my god. You all are overgrown! What’s with that huge breasts?! What’s with those huge asses! Bastards!!! 」


「 Especially you! You! And that white girl! You swine!! Go on and cry! Waa, waa, waa 」

Old man Dai Grepher speaks to Anya like he’s spitting.

「 Fighting someone who’s grown too much is just withering down my fighting spirit. Ah, so boring. Rubber ball. To be honest, I don’t feel like fighting seriously that it only tone down my fighting spirit.

「 W-What? Are you saying that you’re dissatisfied fighting with me? 」

Anya’s burning in anger.

「 Shut up you swine! Stupid! If you’re frustrated, then cut off your sagging tits! Work it out! Wandera, tendara! There’s an old saying “women who have huge tits are useless!” “Kill all women with breasts, cut off their heads” by Charles Baudelaire 」

「 Charles Baudelaire didn’t say that! 」

Old man Dai Grepher ignores Anya’s protests and looks at Michi while laughing.

「 And for Michi-chan over there. RUrurururururun!! You’ve grown a bit since when I saw you last ten years ago, but still, you haven’t grown that much! That ideal mini body, is aha, oh no~! 」

Michi has a small physique for a third-year middle school girl.

Her last time meeting old man Dai Grepher was in elementary school.

「 Especially that breasts. Flat. So flat. Hmmmm. Wonderful! You’re my angel!! 」

Michi’s lips twitched.

「 Did you just say something? 」

「 Aah, Seeing your cute breasts makes me remember the sound wave of information staff! AaahN~! 」

Information staff what?

「 Sound wave, what? 」

「 No, it’s that one, from the first series of Transformers 」

The boys whispered to each other.

「 Is that one flat? 」

「 It’s a vertical ground than a flat one. Their chest part is a square of a robot 」


「 I mean, they put in the soldier in the chest area so you can say that the chest part is a bit dented 」


I see flames burning on Michi’s back.

「 You just said that my chest is flat. Even more, you’re saying that it’s dented in? 」

「 Well, well, it’s a compliment. Flat-chan. There’s nothing more beautiful than your breasts in this world! Viva flat chests! VIVA! 」


「 I’m not flat! 」

She stands ready.

「 Hey hey, stop. I don’t have the intention of fighting such a beautiful flat chest like you! 」

「 No talking back! 」

Michi moves.

「 Nyohohoho!! Nice movements, but!! 」

Old man Dai Grepher responds to Michi’s movements.

「 Not yet, you’re not my match 」

He moves in a different direction.

「 Here! I’m coming to touch your chest! 」

Old man Dai Grepher approaches Michi.

「 I’ve been waiting for that! 」

Michi speeds up.

「 Hoe? Nanuuuuuu!!! 」

Michi breaks in between, and old man Dai Grepher changes his trajectory

「 Too slow!! 」


Michi takes out her red whip from under her skirt.

「 Oyoyoyoyo!! 」

Michi’s red butte slaps old man Dai Grepher’s left hand.

「 Ouch ouch ouch ouch 」

Old man Dai Grepher drops down the shuriken hidden in his left hand instinctively.

「 H-How can you keep up with my movements????! 」

Old man Dai Grepher holds down the hand that’s lashed by the whip.

「 You don’t know? Michi’s a genius 」

Edie smiles.

「 Your skill of sensing the Qi of your opponent and countering the flow has a very close relationship with Kudou arts. 」

Michi said.

「A regular fighter won’t be able to predict your irregular movements but if it’s me, I can. And, I can supplement my lack of speed and reach with this whip 」


Michi’s whip slaps the ground.

It creates a cloud of dust.

「 I see, that’s quite the skill, however, if you can predict mine, I can predict yours. I will touch your breasts this time. Kufufufu, bushurururur 」

Old man Dai Grepher’s fighting spirit is reignited.

「 Edie, help me out 」

Michi said without looking back.


「 Nikita, take care of Darling 」

She smiled at Anya and moved forward.

「 Wait! I can fight too! 」

Anya replies, but.

「 Nikiniki, come here and protect us! He might have some other hidden move 」

「 Jeez, I get it 」

Following Nei’s instructions, she moves in front of us for now.

「 Leave this to us! It’s okay! Michi and I are best friends! 」

Edie said.

「 You’ll become best friends with Michi too, believe in us for now 」


Edie and Michi line up in front of old man Dai Grepher

「 Hey, now? Two against one? 」

「 You won’t say that this is unfair, right? You’re a professional after all 」

Edie said.

「 No, not at all, I’m happy. There are girls, two of them coming to play with me, I’m looking forward to it 」

They slowly fill the gap.

「 By the way, did you know? Two people who can’t cooperate won’t match against a single trained person. It’s written on page 89 of Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers” 」

Michi remains expressionless, and Edie’s not moving,

「 Also, I still have skills you don’t know yet. No, you may have heard of the name at least. It’s my unique technique, “Ultra Hurricane” I used this to beat down Zetton when I was young 」

Old man Dai Grepher stops moving.

「 Are you listening to what I’m saying? 」

「 We’re not 」

At the moment Edie replied, old man Dai Grepher disappears!

He moved at an unexpected speed, so it looks like he disappeared.


「 Haaaaaa!!! 」

Michi swings her red whip to the air along with her yell.

「 Ugh! 」

Old man Dai Grepher’s leg is lashed.

「 Oops! That’s not okay 」

Edie kicks out Dai Grepher’s chest as he tries to get back in shape.

「 Toooaaaahh!!! 」

「 Mugiiiiiiii!!! 」

Old man Dai Grepher flies backward to reduce the kick’s power even for a bit.

However, Michi’s second lash is waiting there.

「 Agogyuuu!!! 」

Then, Edie’s succeeding kick attacks old man Dai Grepher.

「 Toiyaa! Toiyaa! Toiyaa! 」

They’re using their skills in perfect succession.

Michi’s forecast is conveyed to Edie.

That’s the spiritual link Shingetsu.

The two were able to communicate like this thanks to their four months of training.

「 Mitchan, Edie, that’s enough 」

Nei shouts.

The two stopped moving.

Old man Dai Grepher stands up, covered with sand.

Ah, there’s blood dripping from his nose.

「 Well, that’s all for today 」

He runs to the front gate while spitting a parting shot.

「 ♪I am crying away! 」

He’s running lightly while singing a song I don’t know.

「 So, what will you do now? 」

Nei shouts to Endou on top of the propaganda truck.

Endou’s pale now due to old man Dai Grepher’s defeat.

「 How about you go home now? The comedy show is about to be over 」

Nei said. The students.

「 That’s right, go home already 」

「 I mean, don’t forget to bring back your withdrawal letter 」

「 Go home! Go home!! 」

They’re finally shouting “go away” to Endou.

『 Dammit! Don’t fuck with me! I’m that power of darkness itself! I’m the emperor of darkness! 』

Endou screams to the microphone.

「 No 」

A voice comes from the cafeteria.

I know this voice.

That’s Yukino.

「 You’re wrong, Kenji 」

Yukino comes forward with Megu and Katsuko-nee.

『 W-What wrong? 』

「 You have nothing to do with that power from the darkness. It’s that power who made your corrupt uncle arrested and your father bankrupt.

『 Huh?!!!! 』

Endou’s face turned distorted.

「 You can see it if you think for a moment. If you were that power from the darkness, your city councilor uncle and your father’s company wouldn’t go through all that, right? 」

『 I can do something about that from now on. I’ll use this dark atomic occultic power to get everything I want 』


「 Nope, it won’t happen! You really are a stupid man 」

Yukino said.

『 No, but, dammit, but!! But look at me now, someone cooperated with me, drove this car, had that pleasant old man, lent me a guitar 』

「 Someone’s deceiving you. Someone’s using you for good, don’t you understand that? 」

『 No, you’re wrong! This is my power! With my leadership 100, grit 100, Ingenuity 100, politics 100, I’m a perfect human, so I can rewind everything! I’ll become Nyapoleon 』

Endou shouts.

「 You really are an idiot 」

Yukino mutters as if giving up.

『 Wait, I’m the father of the child in your stomach, right? 』

Yukino glares at Endou.

「 Of course not, stupid! 」

『 But, the evidence says so! 』

「 You saw the videos of me raped by another man on the internet many times, right? That man’s the father, not you! 」

『 Eh, eeeeeeeeh?! 』

Endou’s scream vibrates through the speaker of the propaganda truck.

『 How can you know that?! 』

「 I just know! Anyway, you’re not the father 」


She’s not accusing me of my sins in front of Endou or everyone.

She’s not looking at me.

She’s hiding my crimes.

It doesn’t look like Katsuko-nee and Megu are forcing her to say that.

Yukino’s speaking on her own will.

「 Sorry but I’m only interested in giving birth to this child safely. I don’t have time to talk to you. After all, you’ve got nothing to do with my life now 」


In short, she’s saying that she’s related to me.

That’s why you,

No, she’s just merely thinking of the child first.

I don’t know.

『 Then, what about me?! 』

「 Who cares?! It’s your life! Do something about your life yourself 」


I look at Endou and said.

「 Endou, get down from there, don’t you want to beat me up? 」

Endou looks at me.

『 Yoshidaaaa!! 』

「 Go on, get down there 」

I beckon him.

「 However, I don’t feel like getting hit. Try hitting me if you can 」

『 Dammit! Wait over there! 』

Endou throws down the microphone and gets off the propaganda truck.

「 Darling? 」

Edie, Michi, and Anya gather, but.

「 I’m fine. I’m in 6th Kyu of Kudou arts, right? 」

Endou jumps down the car making grinding noises.

「 Yoshidaaaaa 」

He tries to hit me while running, but,

A dodge Endou’s fist smoothly.

Then, no matter how many tries he does.

I always avoid Endou’s hits.

「 Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! 」

I’ve been under Margo-san, Michi, and Edie’s training for the past four months.

I can easily dodge Endou’s attacks.

「 Dammit! Dammit!Dammit! 」

Maybe I’ll let Endou hit me once.

Right in front of Yukino.

If a single one hits me, I might feel atonement inside of me.

I might be able to say “sorry, my bad” to Yukino.

「 Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! 」

But, I.

He can’t hit me.

I can’t atone for my sins.

Nor admit my crimes.

I’m a member of a criminal organization, Kuromori.

I will just pile up more crimes.

For my family, for myself.

If Yukino would rather chew the thought of accusing me of my crimes for the child in her stomach,

I’ll swallow all of my sins with my soul.

Therefore, I won’t apologize nor atone.

「 Haa,haa, haa 」

Endou sits on the floor.

「 Had enough? 」

「 Don’t fuck with me 」

Endou gets up and tries to hit me again.

I dodged his fist.

Endou then falls to the ground.

「 Haa, haa, haa, haa 」

Endou looks at me.

「 Yoshida, you 」

「 What? 」

「 Why are you not fighting back? 」


「 Sorry. I only know how to avoid attacks. I don’t know how to attack at all 」

「 Tsk, what a show-off 」

Endou then stands up.

「 I’ve had enough. I don’t care anymore. I mean, I shouldn’t have cared about you from the start 」

Endou says, dropping his eyes to the ground.

「 Anyway, I’ll be Nyapoleon. I’ll hold the glory just like Nyapoleon. I don’t care about this. I’ll become Nyapoleon 」

If you were trying to become Napoleon, you might be able to hold glory, but your end is in ruins.

The history has shown that.

However, Endou wants to become Nyapoleon.

Nyapoleon is an unknown for now.

「 I see, do your best, Nyapoleon 」

I said. Endou looks up.

「 Shut up, I don’t want to hear that from you 」

Then, he looked at Yukino.

「 Farewell, Yukino. This is goodbye for you from the bottom of the earth 」

「 Yes, I feel refreshed now. Goodbye, Kenji 」

Yukino replied coldly.

「 Dammit! I hate this school! 」

Endou shouts.

「 I hate you all 」


「 Why?! Why the hell everything’s not going as I want it?!! 」


「 It won’t. It never will 」

Nei said with a smile.

「 Oh really?! Shut it! 」

Endou looked back at Edie angrily and entered the propaganda truck.


The engine trembles and then drives away.

It heads to the school gate.

Growing smaller.

Oh, that guy.

Endou won’t come to this school again.

He won’t come for Yukino or me again.

I see that.

But, it’s not a farewell for eternity.

We’ll probably see each other again.

「 In the end, what was that? 」

「 I really don’t get it 」

The students who were watching the situation unfold are all dumbfounded.

They don’t get it either.

It was the conclusion.

For Endou, Yukino, and me

Yukino goes back to the cafeteria with Katsuko-nee.

She’s showing a straight face.

「 I mean, why did he try to pick a fight with the bakery guy?? 」

「 What’s your relationship with him? 」

The seniors surround me and ask.

「 No, there’s nothin 」

I said laughing.

「 Well, nobody can see what an idiot like Endou is thinking 」

One of the schoolboys said.

「 Hey, hey! Let me join in too!! 」

Turning around, Michi and Edie are having a mock battle.

Then, Anya wants to get in between.

「 In the first place, who are you?! Coming from behind and doing whatever you want 」

Anya speaks angry, but her face is smiling.

「 All I did was do my job 」

Michi replied with a bright face.

「 Michi! She’s my best-est of all best friend! My sister 」

Edie introduces Michi to Anya once again.

「 Why sister? 」

The audience makes a fuss again.

「 Oh, that girl is Edie’s disciple in martial arts 」

Nei follows up.

「 Oh, that’s why 」

「 I mean, she’s not from our high school, right? 」

「 If I recall, that uniform 」

Ah, shit.

「 Yeah, Mitchan is still in middle school! 」

Nei speaks in a hurry.

「 Ah, middle school! 」

「 She must’ve come here to meet up with Edie 」


「 I’ve seen that girl rampage outside the baseball grounds last time 」

Ah, that’s a guy who saw that fight.

「 Yeah, that area wasn’t frequented by people. Looking out from the baseball club grounds. It was outside of school grounds, right? 」

「 True, but 」

It’s about time Nei can’t dodge.

「 Hey, how long are you going to play. Let’s clean up and go home 」

I call Edie out.

「 Wait! Yoshida! I still haven’t made friends with Michi! 」

Anya said in dissatisfaction.

「 You can do that next time, right? It’s not like this is your last time 」

I said laughing.

「 Yoshida 」

「 You can just come over and play again next time 」

「 Yes, that’s right, Nikiniki, you need to get to the studio soon, right? Just come over next time! 」

Nei said smiling.

Anya’s setting is that she’s an international celebrity, so Nei used celebrity terms.

「 Well, true 」

Anya looks at Michi.

「 I don’t mind anytime. Edie’s close friends are also mine. Please contact us when you have time on the next occasion 」

Michi speaks politely.

「 Same here, best regards 」

Anya found another friend in the same generation.

「 Okay that’s enough, dismissed! Go back to your clubs! Niki’s show is already over! 」

Nei tells the audience.

「 Ah, shit! We don’t have time! 」

「 Yikes! The club activities are about to start! 」

The students scatter away.

「 Now then, let’s go back to the bakery too! 」

Nei smiled.

That’s right, our cleanup isn’t over yet.

「 But, is that okay? 」

I feel a bit uneasy.

「 About what? 」

「 No, you see, I still don’t know who’s working behind all these 」

Who’s the one who brought Endou in a propaganda truck?

Who hired old man Dai Grepher with money?

Was I right on the mark, Iwakura-san?

Did Iwakura-kaichou had a way to contact old man Dai Grepher

「 You still don’t get it, Yo-chan? 」


「 You already know, Ya-chan? 」

「 Everyone already does 」


「 You guys are fascinating. Ufufufu 」

Suddenly, Hoshizaki-senpai shows up wearing her tennis clothing.

「 I don’t get what happened, but that was really interesting 」


She only thinks what we’re doing is a show or something.

「 Ah, just in time. Hoshizaki-san! 」

Nei talks to Hoshizaki-san with a smile.