Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 625. Step by step



「 Megumi and I are alike, what? 」

「 That’s not possible 」

「 T-That’s right. Because we 」

「 W-We’re completely different 」

Yukino and Megu look at each other and said.

「 No, you two are quite alike 」

I said. Megu.

「 That’s not possible! Because I! 」

She tries to argue but.

「 Megumi’s been afraid of Yukino all this time. Thinking that Darling might get taken away 」

Edie makes her analysis.

「 That’s because Yukino isn’t our family 」

「 That’s not the case. Megumi, the way you look at things is very interesting. Why are you obsessed with Yukino that much? 」

「 Because I don’t want to lose only to Yukino. I don’t want her to get Yoshi-kun! 」


「 Anyone but Yukino! 」

「 I hate you and only you as well! 」

Megu said. Yukino backs back.

「 I can’t stand watching you flirting, clinging to him! It gets to my nerves that it makes me skip classes! 」

Yukino’s looking at Megu and me?

「 Anyway! You’re an eyesore! 」


「 So, I’m not? 」

Edie asks Yukino.

「 Even I flirt with Darling in the classroom, you know? 」

「 I don’t care about you at all! I’ve already given up on people with that personality 」

Yukino replied.

「 Megumi’s got that personality too. So, why are you not giving up? 」

「 T-That’s 」

Yukino mumbles.

「 Must be hating the same kind 」

Katsuko-nee sighs.

「 N-No! We can’t be the same kind! 」

「 That’s right! Yukino and I are different 」


「 Sorry, can we put that on hold for now? 」

I said.

「 I’ve got a lot of things I have to check first 」

Starting from the events yesterday.

The succeeding incidents are strange.

Starting with Anya’s visit.

No, that’s wrong. The start was when Minaho-neesan went to Kyoto.

Anya came in her absence.

The family had a conversation about Anya.

Yukino’s official announcement of her pregnancy on TV. Nagisa’s pregnancy report.

This morning, Megu and Anya’s race.

And then, Endou’s attack of “Nyapoleon party” driving a propaganda truck.

Old man Dai Grepher.

Michi appearing just in time.

If they’re all connected.

「 Michi 」

I look at Michi.

「 Yes, Master? 」

「 What kind of person old man Dai Grepher is to you? 」

「 What? 」

「 I mean, is he someone easy to fight? Or someone you’re not very good at dealing with? 」

「 Do you think of that warrior taking pride in his irregularity as dangerous? 」

Well, yeah.

Old man Dai Grepher’s different dimension attack is too disgusting.

「 However, he’s never a hard opponent for me. I almost know nearly every characteristic of his skills 」

Michi watched old man Dai Grepher fight in the hotel in Odaiba and in Green Mountain Studio.

「 Kudou arts’ technique of bending the opponent’s Qi and his skill of going through the blind spot of the opponent’s Qi is similar. At the very least, I won’t be confused by his anomalous movements 」

I noticed that.

「 Above all, he will never try to hurt a young girl like us 」

Old man Dai Grepher is a lolicon.

Furthermore, he’s one of those “YES LOLITA! NO TOUCH” kind of guys.

He will never try to hurt Edie and Michi even when he’s fighting them upfront.

「 I know that if I cooperate with Edie, he will surely drive him back. We know his skills, but he doesn’t know our power 」

Michi says.

「 But, he’s acquainted with Michi’s father, so he should know about Kudou style ancient martial arts, right? 」

「 Father stopped midway his training. He hasn’t reached the secret techniques like me 」


Kudou-papa had a shotgun wedding and jumped out of the house.

He hasn’t mastered Kudou style ancient martial arts.

Meanwhile, Michi’s been under her Grandfather’s house’s care since childhood, she’s become a genius fighter at age 15, following the Kudou arts.

「 But it was possible that he throws Darling a projectile weapon. Therefore I wasn’t able to get away from Darling 」

Edie said.

「 Usually, Edie would jump in first and yet, she didn’t leave my side, that surprised me 」

Yeah, before Michi came,

Anya rushed in and fought old man Dai Grepher.

Edie didn’t leave my side.

「 Did you know that Michi would come too? 」

I asked. Edie;

「 I had no way of knowing that 」

She smiled.

「 I thought of having Anya fight him for a while, it is a good experience for her to confront such people. I planned to switch up with her once she’s shaved off his stamina 」

So she’ll let Anya guard me and go out to fight.

「 Then that means, Edie’s confident of winning against old man Dai Grepher alone? 」


「 I don’t need to win. In that case, I only need to make him withdraw. I’m confident in my stamina. I can just continue fighting until that man escapes 」

「 He doesn’t have an inexhaustible supply of stamina after all 」

Michi said.

I see. If he continues his quick attacks with abnormal movements, his stamina will come back to him sooner or later.

「 If I get tired before him, Anya can just come back and switch with me 」

Therefore, Edie didn’t attack together with Anya.

「 You’re really calm 」

I said.

「 That’s obvious. He’s not someone who’ll make us panic at all 」

She smiled.

「 It is as Michi said. He was not serious. Really, he only looks like someone who’s fighting women with a playful attitude 」

Edie also felt that old man Dai Grepher wasn’t willing to hurt people.

「 Well, if there were three other people with him, that would be worrying 」

In short.

Edie and Michi,

They both don’t think of old man Dai Grepher as a threat.

He’s an opponent they can drive away if they fight calmly.

Seeing old man Dai Grepher come down from the propaganda truck Endou’s riding.

I’m the only one who thought “This is dangerous.”

Then that means.

「 Old man Dai Grepher appeared just to scare me 」

It was only to put mental pressure on me.

In that case, everything Endou’s done just to target me.

To shake up my mind.

「 Minaho-neesan 」

I spoke to the ceiling.

「 You’re listening, aren’t you? Nee-san 」

Minaho-neesan should be back from Kyoto.

Katsuko-nee waited for Minaho-neesan before coming to school.

If that’s the case, she should be watching us from the mansion.

『 What is it? 』

Minaho-neesan’s voice comes from the speaker.

「 Minaho-neesan brought Endou in that car, right? 」


『 I didn’t drive that propaganda car though 』

I know that already.

「 Anyway, it must be under Minaho-neesan’s instructions, right? You made the plan and even hired old man Dai Grepher 」

I thought.

『 Yes 』

Minaho-neesan replied immediately.

『 By the way, I had Neko-san drive the car. She also made various arrangements. She’s the one who deceived Endou-kun 』

Neko-san. One of Kudou-papa’s freelancer.

『 You know, I was in Kyoto, so I wasn’t able to fill in the details myself 』

「 Where’s Iwakura-san in this? 」

I was still doubting Iwakura-san’s involvement.

『 I introduced her to a temporary customer. I just want to make sure she doesn’t get in my plans 』

Wait, Kuromori’s brothel hasn’t reopened yet.

『 I’m lending Yukiyo to another prostitution ring I know, Yukiyo needs to vent out herself from time to time. I don’t want the same thing from May happening again 』

Minaho-neesan said.

『 I didn’t tell you any of that, I’m sorry 』

Iwakura-san isn’t in the school right now.

「 But why? Minaho-neesan? 」

Why keep this a secret from us?

『 It’s about time we move on to the next stage 』

Next stage?

『 It’s been four months since our family was established. It’s nearly a month since you started selling bread in the school, right? 』

「 Yeah 」

『 I really wanted a bit more time, however, 』

There’s no time?

Is it related to the events in Kyoto?

『 An ordinary company has only a one month trial period. It’s a bit fast bit, I wanted you to have the opportunity to look at yourself once more 」

One month trial period.

「 Right, Katsuko-nee said that. Saying that you’ll understand the atmosphere in one month after starting work 」

『 Yes. It’s not yet a month but, it’s about time you’re seeing various things after actually making bread and selling it at school, right? 』


「 Perhaps, Minaho-neesan’s heard of this earlier, but I’ve reflected on it. I’ve been overthinking about only selling the product that I make little to no efforts on making it a business 」

『 It’s inevitable. You just started 』

Minaho-neesan said.

「 But all I did was do what Katsuko-nee tells me, without knowing anything about working on a shop or selling products, and in addition to that, Katsuko-nee is still unfamiliar with business, I didn’t see that she’s also feeling uneasy 」

I was so useless.

『 But you now know, right? That’s all okay 』

「 But, I feel miserable. Minaho-neesan. After all, I only look at what’s in front of me! I was already doing my all with what I see in front of me! That’s not okay at all!! 」

『 Yes, it’s good that you notice it now 』

Minaho-neesan speaks in a soft voice.

「 Minaho-neesan, could it be that you know this since before? 」

That I was only depending on Katsuko-nee, being useless.

『 I do, of course 』

「 If that’s the case, why didn’t you tell me sooner? 」

『 Oh? it was actually fast that you noticed it at this stage 』


『 After all, your one month trial period just ended 』


『 Both you and Katsuko tried it out for a month, you were accustomed to making and selling bread, so you had the time to think and realized various things, didn’t you? 』

Is that so?

『 Of course, if I told you this right after the summer holidays were over, before the one month, you’ll make quicker success in business, however that won’t become your flesh and blood 』

Our flesh and blood.

『 At first, both you and Katsuko were making bread as scheduled and planned to sell it. Katsuko’s also teaching you how to make bread one by one, and she has a lot of work as there’s a necessity for a large number of products 』


『 I could just teach you to “do this to make your business succeed,” “this makes more progress,” “you need to do this to gather the attention of your customers,” but you’re already at your limit from your first experiences, right? If I teach you what you should do, you won’t have time to think, you’ll only do what is instructed without questioning it. But that won’t be a useful experience for you 』


『 If you’re opening up your shop then you have to think, try out, fail, feel shame, you must have experience in negative memories. If you only follow someone’s instructions, you’ll remain an employee, your efforts will be wasted. You own the shop 』

If all I do is follow Katsuko-nee’s instructions, all I’m doing is being an employee.

Katsuko-nee alone is enough on baking and selling the products.

Katsuko-nee also just keeps on guiding me, not trying to sell the product with her own hands on the storefront.

That was because of Katsuko-nee’s insecurity who left the school halfway.

If we really want to sell our products to the students of the school, we should feel the reaction of the customers when we sell it.

There are so many things you won’t know unless you go to the shop floor.

Katsuko-nee and I were lacking effort for our own shop. We didn’t become managers. We were naive.

『 Don’t feel sad from every single failure. A lot of things in this world can’t be understood unless you have experience on it 』

Minaho-neesan said.

『 I’m glad that you noticed it in just one month. Besides 』


『 How was your month? Do you want to continue? Do you feel like going on with your job as a baker? 』


「 I’ll do it, this is all I have 」


『 That’s not all you have. You can continue your high school life, go to college, and decide your future while taking your time 』

「 No, I’ve made my decision. I’ll become a baker 」

『 I see. That’s your answer at the end of the month 』

Minaho-neesan says that from my answer.

『 Well, okay, I think it’ll change as time passes 』

「 I won’t change 」

『 Is that so? Then I’ll ask again for the third month. But anyway, do you feel like you’re physically fatigued? Or that you’re not suited for the job? 』

「 I’m okay 」

I mean, I feel like working silently in the bakery is suited for me.

Although I can’t sell them.

『 Anyway, you don’t have to rush. All you can do is take it easy, step-by-step 』

Minaho-neesan said.

『 Katsuko, as for doubling the production starting next week 』

She even heard of that.

「 Yes, Ojou-sama? 」

『 Don’t increase his workload more than what he has now 』

My workload?

「 No, but, Minaho-neesan. We can’t double the production if I can’t increase my workload 」

I said.

『 No. If you increase your work time now, what will your life be like? You’ll lose time to enjoy your high school life and your time to interact with the family 』

「 But, it’s important to put our bakery on track 」

『 For who are you working in the bakery? 』

For who?

『 It’s for you, and your family, right? 』

Me and my family.

『 If you’re the breadwinner of the house and we depend on our living expenses from your bakery sales, then you should devote your whole body to work. But, the current bakery is for your studies. You can’t focus on just bakery work 』


『 It’s necessary to raise profits, but it’s wrong to sacrifice your school life and family life for it 』

「 Agreed! 」

Katsuko-nee replied.

「 But, if I don’t increase my working hours, we can’t increase production, right? 」

『 Of course we can. Katsuko 』

Minaho-neesan said.

『 You should be able to change your work machines efficiently, right? 』


『 I know that Katsuko sticks to homemade bread but, is that something Katsuko has to do in her shop? She can hire employees and make a system for mass production 』

Oh right. The stylish type of bread Katsuko-nee wants to make are.

Either way, impossible to mass produces with just the two of us.

『 What you’re selling now are aimed for the high-school students in the cafeteria. Also, if you want to discount 50 yen on the price, you know that you have to use machines for that 』

「 Yes 」

Katsuko-nee nods lightly.

『 I don’t mean to bend your ideals. You can make your ideal on the official store. There’s still two and a half years until he graduates, so I want you to learn how to do business first. For now, make sure to provide what the customers seek. If you can’t do that, you won’t get the change to sell what you want to sell 」

「 That’s true, I’ll think of it again 」

『 Yes, try thinking about it. I’ll talk to you again in the third month, Katsuko. Perhaps, you’ll discover something different by then. This is to advance to the next stage 』

Next stage?

『 It’s true for your bakery, but our family needs to proceed to the next stage soon 』

Minaho-neesan said.

「 The next stage? Family? 」

『 Yes, that’s right. These past four months was our time to become familiar with the family. Laying the groundwork 』

Familiarity, groundwork.

『 Therefore, I think that it was tough for you, but your women are all let free. They were getting spoiled by you as much as they like 』

Was I spoiling everyone?

『 We all just established the family, so there was still a lot that has been stockpiled in our minds. We need to release them out. Having themselves liberated so quickly, they all feel a bit too high from the happiness. It doesn’t stand that well now. All of the girls are clinging to you too much 』

Clinging to me?

「 No, that’s not true 」

『 That dullness of yours is what’s great about you 』


『 You’re having lots of sex with the girls, don’t you? 』

『 Yeah. I do. But, it’s because I wanted to do it as well 』

『 Sex is a means of liberating one’s mind, so you got focused only on sex 』

「 No, I don’t think of it as painful at all 」

『 That’s because you were matchless. But, I think it’s about time for everyone to settle down a bit more 』

I hear Minaho-neesan’s dry laugh.

『 However, when you try to hold back on having sex strangely, you’re forcibly holding down the just-liberated mind. Anyway, I had no choice but to look over the situation for a while. I also divided everyone into small groups and tried doing something like going on trips with the groups to not let you feel the burden to make you exceed the limit during the summer vacation 』

So that was Minaho-neesan’s plan.

『 But, it’s about four months now, it’s about time for the unrestrained liberation to stop. Our family’s coming to shape now, everyone needs to graduate from being too dependent on you 』

Is this about the next stage?

『 Especially Megumi, you’re excessive. You’ve grown worse, being the most dependent on him in the last four months. You’ve become a girl who’s too selfish and gets what she wants 』

「 Minaho-san? 」

Megu’s speechless.

『 You were able to monopolize him in school. The surrounding students bless you as an engaged couple, that’s why you depend on him 』

Our time in school is a third of a day.

During that time, Megu is my fiance. I’m a man only for Megu.

Did Megu become impudent during that time?

「 Was I like that? 」

『 Yes, I thought of it as a problem. Therefore I sent over Edie to your class during the second semester. I asked her to interrupt you from flirting with him as much as possible 』

Minaho-neesan said.

「 I 」

Megu looks down.

『 Well, it doesn’t matter now. But, you’re not allowed to stay the same as before. We have to move to the next stage 』

That’s in short.

「 Minaho-neesan, is the case in Kyoto what made you hurry things up? 」

I asked.

『 That’s right. I wanted to continue the groundwork and grace period for half-year, but it’s no longer possible 』

Minaho-neesan said.

『 We can’t be unchanging. We need to proceed to the next steps 』

Therefore, so many things happened yesterday.

『 I had to reconfirm the current situation and deal with everything we left behind 』

「 So you brought Endou here? 」

『 Yes. We forgot to finish dealing with him, didn’t we? 』