Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 634. Star Trapped



「 In short, this is the “ordinary” Minaho-neesan wants us to study? 」

I asked. Katsuko-nee replies.

「 To be precise, an ordinary beauty, I think? 」

An ordinary beauty.

「 Hoshizaki-san is very interesting. After all, she doesn’t have any insecurities 」

No insecurities?

I look at the live feed on the screen once again.

『 Hoshizaki-san, have you decided on your future course? 』

Nei asks.

『 Huh? Course? 』

『 Yes, it’s the season where one writes what course they want? 』


『 I just want to go to an ordinary college 』

『 Four years? 』

『 Nah, you can’t have fun for the last two years. I mean, you only need one year for job hunting, right? If you go for four years, you’ll feel sluggish for the third one 』

『 So what department are you going for? 』

『 I’ll go with the safe choice, just English literature. Boys have more advantage in science, but I’m a girl. Even when I get a job, I don’t plan on working to the bone 』

Hoshizaki-san said.

『 Why don’t you try becoming a female announcer, Hoshizaki-san, you’re beautiful after all 』

『 Ugh, please no. It’s troublesome 』

『 Troublesome? 』

『 Yeah, showbusiness. You see, my older sister is seriously trying to become a female announcer. Aside from college, she’s even attending seminars to become an announcer, stupid. They choose from the looks anyway 』

『 I see 』

『 You see, from what I’ve heard, the announcer from the **** TV just said “Excuse me” as she entered the room like a student preparing to an exam and she was hired only from that aura 』

『 Aura? What? 』

Nei asks.

『 Something like, what you feel from the others whether they’re cold or not, and when you don’t feel it they’re rejected 』

『 Something like charisma? 』

『 Something like a half-baked version of that, I guess? It’s only based on the appearance after all. But you know, isn’t that just the assumption given by the examiner when they see the person, right? 』

『 Yeah 』

『 They’re not even picking from the aura, they’re just picking their type! 』

『 Maybe that’s the case 』

『 It’s stupid, that’s why female announcers are mostly girls with just looks and nothing else when it comes to TV stations 』

Hoshizaki-san laughs.

『 So that’s why Hoshizaki-san don’t want to become a female announcer? 』

『 It’s not really about the female announcer, but I hate auditions in general. Looks are the only superior impression. If they measure your academic skills, then I can endure it, but I don’t want others to judge me by just looking. You know? 』

She’s a beauty that’s why she thinks like that.

『 I mean, I don’t like people looking at me arrogantly and say “You’re ****” Who do you think you are? Papa doesn’t even complain about me! I am myself! 』

『 I see 』

『 That’s what I always say when I start dating a guy. “Don’t order me!” “Don’t call me “You” !” Oh right, I also forbid him to call me with “-chan” as suffix It’s disgusting. Naturally, I don’t allow him to call me without any suffix 』

『 So your boyfriend calls you Hoshizaki-san? 』

『 Well, that or Kana-san 』


『 You see, since my fifth grade in elementary and until now, the second year in high school, no guy broke up with me 』

『 For real? 』

『 For real, I always have a boyfriend. No matter when. In the first place, before I break up with the previous guy, I get a new one, in the end, they’re all boring. I always thought that it would be better than the previous one, but our ideals don’t match at all. That’s why I never let any guy hold my hand 』

No holding hands? What?

『 You know? They’d be happy dating with me even if it’s just for a short period, right? They get satisfied with me just standing by their side, and it’s a problem if they ask for any more than that 』

Hoshizaki-san said.

『 The best record I had was 15 minutes. Starting from dating to break-up 』

Fifteen minutes.

『 You see, that guy was affiliated to **** so I thought that he’d be a bit smarter, so I dated him. And then, that guy had a call coincidentally when we started dating 』


『 Then you see, it seemed like he had a call from a senior in the club, but he said “Hello, this is ****” He answered a call like that?! I said “Are you a bank clerk!?” so I broke up with him! So disgusting! So unmanly! 』


『 So, immediately when I broke up with him, I called the other guy I was putting on reserve and said “I’m dating you because I broke up with my previous one” If I recall, I kept dating that one for two weeks 』

Hoshizaki-san’s that kind of person.

『 That’s why I’m tired of my current boyfriend. I actually wanted to change but, there are no notable boys in the second years anymore, right? I’ve dated almost everyone already, and the friends of those I’ve dated are keeping their distance away from me. So, I might go for off-school guys now 』


All I can do is sigh.

『 But, being the second year in high school has the school festival and Christmas event at 17 years old, right? It’s a big problem if it doesn’t become memorable. That’s why I want to find someone decent enough somewhere. Well, I’ll have five boys as reserves just to gather Christmas presents 』

Nei’s really amazed at her.

『 Uhm, Hoshizaki-san, you seem to be getting derailed, so let me get it back on track, what do you plan in your future? 』

『 Right, that’s what we were talking about. Sorry ’bout that 』

Hoshizaki-san laughs.

『 I mean, I want a normal one. Going to a regular four-year college, ah, but on a reasonable level at least. If I come from a first-class school, then they’d hate me, and if it’s a stupid one, they will look down on me. Well, I’d instead go to a Christian school with a decent reputation. They look cool, don’t they? They also have school rings and stuff like that 』

I don’t get it.

『 Then I’d search for an ordinary job and get employed by a decent company. It should be a company that doesn’t look down on me. Ah, a foreign company won’t do. They seem noisy. Well, if I graduate on a decent university, then I can use Papa’s connection to get in 』

『 Hoshizaki-san, what’s your father’s job? 』

『 Hm? A salaryman. He’s handling food products like wheat 』

『 Hmmm 』

『 Well, once I’m done with the ordinary school and normal workplace, the endgame is to get married like normal 』


『 Hoshizaki-san, what kind of guy do you want to marry? 』

Nei asks.

『 I think it would be a bank employee 』


『 Ah, I don’t like someone from a small credit union in the town. I mean, something bigger, like someone from Megabank or like that? A stable one 』

She broke up with a guy who talked like a banker in just fifteen minutes and yet.

She wants to marry a bank clerk.

What’s with her.

「 Her ambition is quite low 」

Ruriko mutters as she watches the feed.

「 No, that’s still much more ambitious compared to the other girls. There are not many high school girls who would want to marry a bank employee 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 I’ve read this from a sociology book, there was a magazine for girls about a biker gang about 15 years ago. That magazine had a survey for their readers and asked “Which is your ideal boyfriend’s occupation,” the number one response is “long-distance truck driver” and the number one response on “what occupation do you want” is “waitress” 」

「 What does that mean, Katsuko-oneesama? 」

Yoshiko-san asks.

「 I mean, why long-distance truck driver? 」

Mana asks even more.

「 For biker-gang girls from 15 years ago, they think that the man who’s likely to date her and has enough money that is realistic for them is a long distance truck driver 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 People only dream of things they can’t reach by stretching out their hand. Everything you can’t feel in reality must be a dream 」

A dream.

「 From what I hear from her, Hoshizaki-san doesn’t feel a sense of reality from TV stations or the entertainment industry. But, she thinks that it’s realistic that she’ll enter a decent university, company, and marry a bank clerk. That’s what’s ordinary about Hoshizaki-san 」


「 On the other hand, the biker gang girls from 15-years ago thinks of becoming a waitress as normal since they left high school, marrying a long-distance truck driver was the best among their realistic love targets 」

The upper limit of the dream.

「 In short, even as a high school student, the environment one lives in is entirely different. Their standard of “ordinary” is different 」

Misuzu said.

「 I think we may have misunderstood 」

「 Indeed, Misuzu-chan, we think that we’re only special in our environment and thought that all the other ordinary high school students are the same 」

Ruriko said.

「 I see, people are different 」


I see. Mana’s also born from a decently wealthy family.

『 By the way, what about Natou-san? 』

Hoshizaki-san smiles suddenly.

『 What, me? 』

Nei’s surprised.

『 You’re asking me who I’ll marry? 』

Hoshizaki-san laughs.

『 No, not that, your future plans 』


『 Ah, well once I graduate, about this winter, I’ll be going to and from Japan and the US 』

『 Huh? What’s that? What? 』

Hoshizaki-san takes the bait.

Her tennis skirt flips again, her white panties are visible.

『 You know, I was a returnee, right? Also, there was an international student here who graduated last spring, Margo Starkweather-san, do you remember her? 』

『 Yeah, she’s close with Natou-san 』

『 Yes, that one, I call her Margo-oneechan, I’m about to help with her business in the US 』

『 Business? 』

Hoshizaki-san’s surprised to hear the word business coming from a mouth of someone in the same age as her (actually, Nei’s a year older)

『 Margo-oneechan’s a mixed martial artist. Women’s mixed martial arts sports won’t click in Japan though 』

『 It’s popular in America? 』

『 Not really, but, the plan is to make it grow as a big business in the neighborhood. Well, it’s in America so it should be decent. If promoters from Las Vegas make a move, it’ll be a big business 』

『 I see. I don’t get it, but that’s amazing 』

Hoshizaki-san looks a bit confused.

She can’t believe Nei’s story.

『 The first step is to win a big match in America and when we come back to Japan with that honor in hand. That means we’ll be nowhere in sight by spring next year. You know, Japan likes that, don’t they? Those who get recognition in the foreign countries are swarmed by the media 』

Is that Margo-san’s plan?

『 But, you need connections in Japan, don’t you think? Isn’t the media strict about it? 』

Hoshizaki-san said while smiling wryly.

Nei’s plan seems to be just a dream in her mind.

『 Yeah, we do have connections 』

Nei said nonchalantly.

『 Wait, no way. Hoshizaki-san, do you think it was a coincidence that Nikita-san was with me until earlier? 』

Nei smiles.

『 Huh? Didn’t the director tell Natou-san to look after her since she’s looking around? 』

『 Oh, so you believed that one. Hoshizaki-san, you’re surprisingly honest 』

Nei’s setting up the trap.

A trap for Hoshizaki-san.

『 You know, the organization Nikita-san’s fighting on the TV broadcast, they name themselves civil defense corps Eagle something-something, but do you know their parent company? 』

『 Yeah, it’s the company Fujimiya Reika belongs to, right? If I recall, Kouzuki Security Service. It’s a security firm, isn’t it? I know at least the name of the companies on commercials 』

Their fights started during Yukino’s “special program,” then they had a surprise show during a soccer’s half-time or something. The TV broadcasts Rei-chan and Kyouko(or sometimes Anya’s) fight.

There’s no official explanation yet, but the internet discusses it as a new company’s promotional videos.

Therefore they believe it as such.

The Japanese government and the media ignores Rei-chan’s fight after all.

Therefore, they understand it as a private commercial.

『 Then, do you know about the family behind that company, Kouzuki? 』

Nei asks.

『 Err, it’s that, right? Kouzuki bank or something 』

『 Yeah. The Kouzuki name shows up in the banks but, they’re one of the corporate groups that represent Japan. That Kouzuki house backs us up 』

『 No way 』

Hoshizaki-san laughs.

『 Ah, you don’t believe me 』

『 That’s a joke, isn’t it? 』

『 I’m not joking 』

Nei’s acting silly.

『 Then, I have no choice, Hoshizaki-san. Let’s go to my house and play! I’ll show you the evidence! It won’t take that long! 』

Nei pulls Hoshizaki-san’s hand.

『 Wait, I can’t go right now 』

『 Why? 』

『 Because I’m in the middle of practice in the tennis club, I was just relaxing 』

Hoshizaki-san looks at her white tennis wear.

『 Ah, we’re fine, my house is just close to school 』

『 Just close? 』

『 Didn’t I say it earlier? I live in the house of the director. The school director’s house is just over there 』

Nei presses further.

『 It won’t take longer than 5 minutes. If we go there and back here, it would only take 10 minutes, there’s no problem 』

『 But 』

Hoshizaki-san’s worrying

『 I have no choice you know! I can’t show you proof that we have Kouzuki-san’s backing unless I take you to my home 』

『 But 』

『 Don’t worry about anything! Donmai! Come with me! 』

Nei forcibly pulls Hoshizaki-san.

『 O-Okay, just for a while, okay? 』

Hoshizaki-san said.

Minaho-neesan should be watching that.

She should be cooperating with Nei’s plans.

◇ ◇ ◇

5 Minutes later.

Nei and Hoshizaki-san are at the gate of our high school.

The cameras see the two girls.

『 Eh? Natou-san’s house is this way? 』

Hoshizaki-san’s still wearing her tennis clothes.

『 Yes, right, this way 』

Nei’s in her uniform.

The two of them are empty-handed.

I mean, I know that Hoshizaki-san left her bag and change of clothes in the club room, but.

Nei, are you sure that you’re going home empty handed?

『 By the way, Hoshizaki-san? 』

『 What? 』

『 Virgin? 』

Nei asks sharply.

『 W-What? 』

『 Tell me? Why not?! 』

『 What about Natou-san? 』

『 Me? I’m no longer a virgin?! I’ve got experience 』

Nei shows a peace sign.

『 Oh, really? 』

『 Yeah. I do have sex with him on a weekly basis. Oh, it’s the same guy I lost my virginity to, okay?! I mean, he’s the only one I’m going to have sex with forever 』

『 Ugh, Natou-san has a boyfriend? 』

Hoshizaki-san’s surprised.

『 Hm? Not my boyfriend, he’s got a girlfriend 』

Nei said calmly.

『 Huh? Why? 』

『 Why? That’s how it is, so there’s no other choice 』

『 Why do you have sex with that guy when he has a girlfriend? 』

『 Well, he’s adorable, I like him a lot 』

Nei smiles happily.

『 Are you okay with that, Natou-san? 』

『 Huh, is it that strange? I plan to give birth to his child. Maybe not now, but perhaps sometime later 』

『 Well, it’s Natou-san’s life, so I won’t say anything else 』

Hoshizaki-san looks at Nei worriedly.

『 Natou-san, could it be that he’s fooling with you? 』

Nei laughs.

『 That’s not it! I often play pranks with him, and he would look surprised that you’d think he’s fooling you but, he never lies! He never wants me to hate him after all. That’s what’s so cute about him. I really like him. I ultra love him 』

『 I see 』

Hoshizaki-san looks like she can’t understand



A familiar Mercedes Benz drives to the front of the two.

『 Oh, there she is! 』

Nei pulls Hoshizaki-san’s hand and heads to the Benz.

『 Wait, what’s this? Natou-san? 』

『 Huh? Didn’t I tell you? We’re going to my house 』

『 That’s not what I’m asking 』

『 But I told you that it’s five minutes by car 』

Nei laughs.

『 I didn’t hear anything about a car! 』

Hoshizaki-san said.

The driver’s seat opens.

『 What’s wrong? Is this a fight? 』

Rei-chan shows up.

『 Huh? Fujimiya Reika-san? 』

Hoshizaki-san’s surprised.

Rei-chan’s wearing her male clothing but without a coat.

Black slacks, white shirt, black vest.

Unlike her perfect British Gentleman clothing, it feels sporty and refreshing.

On top of that, Rei-chan even came down from her car, so her slender body shines in her black clothes.

In short, it looks really stylish.

『 Hello, are you Nei-chan’s friend? 』

Rei-chan smiles.

『 Yes, right! She’s Hoshizaki-san! 』

Nei introduces her

『 N-Nice to meet you! 』

Hoshizaki-san’s nervous.

「 Interesting 」

Katsuko-nee mutters.

「 She didn’t have this kind of reaction when she met Nikita-san 」

Right, when she saw Anya this morning and lunch, she was backing off.

「 She wasn’t that interested in Nikita-san, a foreign celebrity but she reacts like this with Reika-san. 」

「 Is this another one of those difference in the sense of reality? 」

Ruriko asks.

「 It must be. She thinks of Nikita-san as someone completely unrelated to the TV world, so her reaction was cold, however, 」

「 She looked like she had met an actress from Takarazuka when she met Reika-oneesama 」


They were fighting on TV, and yet.

She has different reactions to Anya and Rei-chan.

Is that how it is?

『 Didn’t I tell you? I have Kouzuki house in my back! 』

Nei said proudly.

『 Y-Yeah. Are you really acquainted with Natou-san? 』

Hoshizaki-san asks Rei-chan.

『 Acquaintance? No, Nei-chan is a precious member of family 』

Rei-chan smiles.

『 hey now, get in! Rei-chan will drive us, you trust her, don’t you? 』

Nei pushes Hoshizaki-san into the Benz.

『 Worry not. I’ve received lessons in driving for an escort, so I drive safely 』

『 Haa, yes 』

In the end, Hoshizaki-san rides the rear seat of the Benz.

Nei also gets in.

『 Well then, let’s go to the mansion!! 』

『 Let’s depart! 』

Rei-chan steps on the accelerator.

They’re coming this way from school.

「 Well then, shall we prepare our reception? 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Misuzu-san, stay in this room. You will be Nei-chan’s proof 」

The fact that the daughters of Kouzuki house stay here will be enough evidence that Nei has Kouzuki house’s backing.

「 As for you, Dear put on a suit 」


「 Just a coat will do. The temperature’s hot after all. Put on some slacks and shirt. Don’t wear a necktie. Just make yourself wearing something expensive. Mana-chan, Ruriko-chan, can you take care of his wardrobe? 』

Katsuko-nee’s fixing all of Minaho-neesan’s Grandfather’s suits to fit me.

「 Yes, Katsuko-oneechan 」

「 Understood 」

「 I’m going too 」

Misuzu also stands up.

「 In short, we just have to make her imagine that Danna-sama belongs to a high-class society beyond imagination, is it? 」

「 It helps that you understand it quickly, Misuzu-chan 」

Are they going to make me look rich again?

「 Let’s hurry up, we only have five minutes 」

I said.

「 You don’t have to rush. It’s better if you come in late 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Hoshizaki-san needs to see the iron gate and feel surprised. And then, the garden that spreads in the gate. Then, she has to be surprised by the entrance again. And also, I’d like her to be surprised to see me wearing a maid uniform since she knows me in school, she needs to be surprised again and again 」


「A constant amount of surprises in an unknown place. At that time, once she meets someone she knows, the affinity will grow 」