Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 636. Cantarelli



「 Ah, Danna-sama, please put on this wristwatch 」

Misuzu hands me a silver watch.

「 Misuzu-chan, isn’t this Franck Muller or Patek Philippe better than that? 」

Ruriko says while looking at the watches lined up in the closet display.

「 But she doesn’t know the worth of those watches 」

Misuzu said.

「 Besides, it’s a bit too heavy for Saturday afternoon 」

「 Huh? That’s heavy? 」

I asked.

「 I didn’t mean it that way, this watch is a fit when going out to watch an opera or a night party but, I think that a more comfortable watch would be better if you wear it just to relax at home 」

Do wristwatches have purposes for ease and such?

「 Right, I think she’ll know it if it’s Cartier 」

Mana gives a stamp off approval.

She’s from Shirasaka house so she should be familiar with the brands.

「 But, this early tank model is a good item. Would she know it’s worth? 」

Ruriko said.

「 No, if we’re talking about easy to know then shouldn’t we just pick Rolex instead? 」

I look at the small letters inside the watch and said.

I’ve heard of Rolex so many times before.

I’ve seen them in ads inside magazines and stuff.

「 Well, Rolex do have some quite expensive and good quality items but, it’s cheap, and their design is a bit low-class 」

Misuzu said.

Cheap? I only saw them as luxury goods.

「 Yellow gold seems too strong, but perhaps, this is what Minaho-neesama’s Grandfather use when negotiating with low-class people 」

「 Oh, indeed, Grandfather wears also a big, flashy and heavy wristwatch when he has to meet someone he doesn’t like 」

Misuzu said. Ruriko responded.

「 Jii-chan picks watches like that? 」

I asked.

「 It’s natural. Shoes and watches are worn depending on the time, occasion, and the other party 」

Misuzu scolds me.

「 I mean, if Onii-chan, if you’re going to show-off to a school girl then wear Cartier instead of Rolex! 」

Mana said. I guess that’s how it is.

Anyway, I try putting on the Cartier.

「 My, it’s elegant 」

「 Yes, it suits Onii-sama 」

The two ladies of Kouzuki house praise me with a smile.

◇ ◇ ◇

After changing our clothes, we head downstairs.

Katsuko-nee seems to have brought Hoshizaki-san to one of the guest rooms.

I checked it on a laptop before leaving the room.

It’s a particularly large room among all of the guest rooms in the mansion.

It seems like it’s opened for a party for small groups.

And in this room, that door over there leads to a bedroom.

Back then, when a guest liked a prostitute, he’s free to bring that girl into that room.

Of course, it’s fully equipped with filming cameras and others.

Knock, knock.

I knocked on the door.

「 Ah, it’s Yo-chan! Come in! 」

I hear Nei’s voice from inside the room.

I opened the door.

It’s not just Nei and Hoshizaki-san inside.

「 G-Good day 」

Anyway, I greeted.

I’ve met Hoshizaki-san during this morning and lunch so it might be strange that I greeted like that.

However, well, I didn’t even speak flawlessly.

「 Huh? Could it be? 」

Hoshizaki-san’s wearing her tennis-wear, sitting on the sofa. She looks surprised to see me.

「 The bread boy? 」

Seems like that’s the name that’s stuck on me inside Hoshizaki-san’s mind.

「 Yoshida Yoshinobu. Nice to meet you 」

I gave another greeting.

Opportunities to meet Ruriko and Misuzu’s friends would also increase from now on.

I received special training on how to make refined greetings.

Who would’ve thought that the first person I’d test out my achievements on my special training would be Hoshizaki-san?

「 Ooh, Yo-chan, that’s a nice looking watch! 」

Nei immediately gets it.

「 Yeah, it’s Cartier, Misuzu picked it for me 」

I show off my watch.

「 Cartier? That Pasha? 」

Hoshizaki-san asks.

「 It’s an early model of the tank series. That’s a good one, Yo-chan. As for Pasha, their original model was old, but it was during 1985 they were commercialized for general use. It’s one of the cheap brands for beginners! 」

Nei explains with a smile.


「 Kouzuki Misuzu 」

「 Kouzuki Ruriko 」

As expected, the two greets with elegance and perfection.

「 Yoshida Mana. Welcome 」

Mana bows elegantly.

「 Ah, H-H-H-Hello. I’m Hoshizaki Kana 」

Hoshizaki-san stands up from the sofa and bows her head to us.

「 Well now, let’s all sit down, Katsuko-oneechan’s preparing the tea for us 」

Nei tells us smiling.

「 Then, excuse us 」

「 Onii-sama, let’s sit over here 」

We sit on the sofa facing Hoshizaki-san.

「 Didn’t I tell you earlier? These two are the ladies of Kouzuki house! 」

Nei points at Ruriko and Misuzu and said.

「 Ah, y-you’re right 」

Hoshizaki-san’s in high spirits.

「 H-Hey, what’s going on? A fantastic look car went to pick us up, a mansion, and even the gate is huge. The garden’s spacious 」

Everything Hoshizaki-san sees is far beyond her imagination.

「 Really? It’s normal. Didn’t I tell you? This is the mansion of the school director who’s taking care of Yo-chan and me」

Nei says composed.

Megu and I are supposed to live in a different house, however.

Nei sets it that we’re living in this house.

「 But 」

Well, it’s impossible for a director of an ordinary high-school would have a residence like this.

「 Ruriko-chan’s main house is even more than this, right? 」

Nei passes the ball to Ruriko.

「 Yes, the main house in Tokyo is broader than this. There’s an old building, main building, and an annex from Heisei era 」

What’s that?

「 The old building is, as the name says, too old to live in. It was built during the Meiji era by the earlier families 」

「 The country seems to have attempted to designate it as an essential cultural asset many times, but each time they do, Grandfather says “Kouzuki house can preserve it better than that country” so he refuses them 」

「 Turning it into a valuable cultural asset will create various restrictions from the public 」

Misuzu said.

「 Above all, Grandfather doesn’t want to open the mansion for the public. Even during the American occupation era, he refused to let the GHQ take over 」

「 Huh? What does that mean, Ruriko? 」

I asked.

「 During the post-war period, large mansions in the Tokyo suburbs were forcibly taken over by a high-ranking officer in the US military. And then, they chase out the residents of that mansion and the family of the American officer lived there 」

「 Of course, Kouzuki house’s old building was listed in one of the houses to accept them, but it seems that our late great grandfather rejected it 」

「 Wait, why did he refuse? 」

Japan lost the war, and thus the US military was occupying, right?

「 Kouzuki house was close friends with the US in political and business matters. Even with Europe 」


Kouzuki house is not only a high-class family but also has the political and financial power.

「 The US forces couldn’t take over the imperial palace. Therefore, they also gave Kouzuki house special treatment and didn’t confiscate the mansion 」

Ruriko said.

「 Even now, our New Year’s gathering is done in the old building. Usually, there’s a person in charge. Even we only step inside it once in a while 」

「 Indeed 」

「 The main house is the building where Grandfather lives in now. As for me, I lived in the Heisei era building. The buildings are connected via a passageway. I take dance lessons in the large hall in the new building however 」

Everything’s so spacious from their description.

「There are also four gardens in there 」

Misuzu said.

「 Yes, a Japanese, French, British, and a Chinese style Garden 」

「 I can imagine the Japanese garden but what are the differences on the others? 」

I don’t get it.

「 You can just see it by yourself Yo-chan 」

Nei laughs.

「 Oh, indeed, we’ll show it next time. Grandfather said that he’d like to summon Onii-sama sometime 」

I see. I’m going there finally.

Well, I thought that I’d go there someday.

The main house of Kouzuki clan has become a demon king’s castle for me now.

「 Amazing 」

Hoshizaki-san’s eyes are open wide.

「 It’s not just the main mansion, my house is a condominium 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 Oh, these two are both ladies of Kouzuki house, but they’re cousins. Mii-chan and Ruri-chan’s fathers are siblings. 」 And then, their Grandfather is the current head of Kouzuki house 」

Nei makes a quick explanation.

「 My father’s work isn’t related to Kouzuki clan 」

Misuzu said.

「 What is his job? 」

Hoshizaki-san takes the bait.

「 He’s an ordinary civil servant 」

「 Oh, I see 」

Hoshizaki-san felt relieved.

「 If I recall, Mii-chan’s father is a boss in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology 」

She’s startled again hearing Nei say that.

「 Yes, father’s a career bureaucrat 」

Misuzu said with a nonchalant face.

「 He will be attending an international conference in Lausanne by next week 」


「 Ah, ahahaha, I-I see 」

This is where

they should ask “What about Hoshizaki-san, what is your father’s job?” but they won’t.

Misuzu and RUriko are graceful women.

They know that Hoshizaki-san is a daughter of a commoner.

「 As for me, I’m Onii-chan’s little sister 」

Mana clings to my arm.

「 Hmm, you don’t look alike 」

Hoshizaki-san was able to revamp her emotions and said.

「 Well, we’re not blood-related after all! 」

Mana smiles.

「 Therefore, Mana and Onii-chan have sex too! 」

「 Huh? 」

Hoshizaki-san’s eyes are opened wide.

Knock knock.

The door’s knocked.

「 Ah, it must be Katsuko-oneechan! Come in! 」


「 Yes, I’ve brought tea, also 」

Katsuko-nee pushes the wagon with tea and sweets.

Behind her is Michi and Agnes coming in.

「 Excuse us 」

Michi bows her head

「 Agnes-imouto, please say your greetings 」

Agnes is hiding behind Michi.

「 I-I’m Agnes, desuno 」

As usual, Agnes is shy of strangers.

「 W-Wooooowww So cute!!!! 」

Seeing the 12-year-old half-foreign beauty with blue eyes and milky white hair, Hoshizaki-san raised her voice.

「 Uuuuuu 」

Agnes hides behind me and grabs my shoulders.

「 Yeah, don’t be afraid, Agnes 」

「 Uuuuu 」

Guess I have no choice. Head pats.

「 This is Mii-chan, our bodyguard 」

「 Kudou Michi 」

Nei introduces Michi, she lowers her head.

「 And that cute girl over there is Kuromori Agnes-chan! 」

「 Uuuuu 」

Agnes is trembling behind me.

「 Ya-chan, you should call her like that 」

I said.

「 Agnes is sure, cute, but Michi’s also cute! 」

「 Oh right, sorry! 」

Nei apologizes to Michi.

「 Hauuuuu 」

Michi’s cheeks blushed hard just because I said that she’s cute.

「 Michi, where’s Rei-chan? 」

「 Reika-oneesama is guarding the mansion so she’s in the room over there 」

Oh, Rei-chan’s taking care of Yoshiko-san, Mao-chan, and Yukino.

We can’t show the two what’s about to happen.

Yoshiko-san is the last virgin among the daughters of Kouzuki house, I haven’t decided yet on whether to make her my woman or not.

Mao-chan’s too young.

As for Yukino, it’ll only open past wounds.

I’m about to rape Hoshizaki-san after all.

「 However, why is there only beautiful women in this mansion? 」

Hoshizaki-san says as she looks at each person’s face once again.

Nei, Katsuko-nee.

Misuzu, Ruriko, Mana.

Michi, Agnes.

「 Oh, Hoshizaki-san’s beautiful too 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 No, I-I 」

Hoshizaki-san who’s confident in her beauty has that confidence thinning down from the various types of beauties appearing before her.

「 Would like some brandy with your tea? 」

Katsuko-nee opens a bottle of brandy.

「 Huh? Uhm, I 」

「 Hoshizaki-san, try it! It’s delicious! 」

Nei said with a smile.

「 Then, just a sip 」

Katsuko-nee pours brandy into the teacup.

「 Here, Hoshizaki-san 」

「 T-Thank you 」

Katsuko-nee serves tea to everyone.

However, I can tell.

Katsuko-nee has Hoshizaki-san drinking from a bottle different from us.

In short. She put something in Hoshizaki-san’s tea.

「 Agnes don’t want one 」

Agnes doesn’t move from my back.

「 Okay, does everyone have tea now? 」

「 Katsuko-oneechan, what’s this teacake? 」

「 Today, Mana-chan made this cake 」

「 Yes! I baked it! 」

While we’re in school.

Mana and Ruriko are getting better at housework.

Unfortunately, their skills are growing better than Megu who should be the housewife together with Katsuko-nee.

「 Agnes-chan helped me out, right? 」

「 Yes, desuno! 」

「 Here, distribute them 」

Katsuko-nee slices the cake and hands it to everyone.

「 Wait, how about Rei-chan? 」

「 It’s okay, Onii-chan, I have another one on the sides 」

Mana smiles.

「 There’s one for the people returning at night as well! 」

「 There’s still more people? 」

Mana said. Hoshizaki-san reacted.

「 Yeah, the director, and also, Margo-oneechan. As for the others, Nagisa-oneechan, and then, Edie and Megu-chan whose boarding in 」

Nei replied.

「 Huh? I thought I heard that the breadboy and his wife are living alone close to the school? 」

「 Yeah, our house is just behind this mansion 」

I replied in a hurry.

「 Yes, that, although we cook dinner and eat together in this mansion. It’s fun to eat together. Especially that it’s Saturday today! 」

Nei’s able to gloss it over.

「 Putting that aside, come eat some cake and drink more tea! 」

「 Here, Enjoy your meal 」

Katsuko-nee hands over tea.

「 Thank you 」

Hoshizaki-san drinks more brandy-tea.

「 Wow, what’s this! So delicious! 」

She’s surprised after taking a sip.

「 We only drink good quality black tea here 」

「 Even with Brandy 」

Katsuko-nee and Nei smiles at Hoshizaki-san.

「 The cake’s delicious, Mana 」

I take a bite and tell Mana.

「 Ehehehe. I’m glad 」

「 Agnes helped out, right? It’s delicious 」

「 Yes, desuno 」

Agnes looks happy.

She doesn’t call me “Papa” in front of someone she doesn’t know, I feel relieved.

「 Agnes-chan, taste it out too 」

I cut a small portion on my cake and brings it to Agnes’ mouth.

「 Here, open your mouth 」

「 aaahn 」

Agnes bites the cake.

「 How’s it? 」

「 It tastes good 」

Seeing us do that, Hoshizaki-san laughs.

「 Wow, it feels incredible. You look like siblings, Breadboy 」

Agnes looks like a foreigner, while I’m very much a Japanese.

Usually, nobody would think of us as siblings.

「 Speaking of which, Katsuko-san, what is your relationship with this house? 」

This time, she asks Katsuko-nee.

「 No way, are you really a maid? 」

Katsuko-nee wearing her apron can only be seen as a maid.

「 Huh? Is it strange that I’m a maid? 」

Katsuko-nee laughs.

「 Well, isn’t it impossible to see maids in Japan other than maid cafes? 」

Hoshizaki-san said. Katsuko-nee.

「 Oh? Impossible is what’s impossible to find in this world 」

「 But, if I recall, you’re actually the teacher in Breadboy’s baking course, right? 」

That’s the official stance announced this lunch at the cafeteria.

「 I am the teacher at your school’s “bread-making course” and a maid in this mansion, it’s possible 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Huh? Is that so? 」

Hoshizaki-san drinks more brandy-tea.

「 Well, I’m employed by the director in your school, but I’m also as good as ‘family’ with the people here. I’m like the housewife here 」

「 Huh? Are you a mother? It’s too young for you to become a mother! Katsuko-san looks so beautiful and glamorous! 」

Hoshizaki-san’s getting talkative.

The drug in the tea is working.

「 I’m the housewife, but I’m not a mother. There’s someone else with the mother role. Even the father role 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 I don’t get it, but that’s amazing. There are so many beauties in here. Fujimiya Reika’s also in here, right? 」

「 Rei-chan? Right, Rei-chan often stays over to eat meals here 」

Nei replied.

「 That also means that she’s here to protect the two ladies here? 」

Hoshizaki-san’s face is getting red.

「 I mean, what’s the relationship here? Why is Natou-san, no, how are this mansion and Kouzuki house’s ladies acquaintances? 」

「 We’re not acquaintances, we’re a family 」

Nei said.

「 Ah, well, I don’t mean family by blood 」

「 Then, what is it, Natou-san? 」

Hoshizaki-san asks.

「 I am in love with this person 」

Misuzu holds my hand and said.

「 I love Onii-sama as well 」

「 I also love Onii-chan 」

「 Me too 」

Ruriko, Mana, Michi said.

「 Huh? What? 」

Hoshizaki-san’s surprised.

「 But, Breadboy, don’t you have a cute fiance? 」


「 Didn’t I tell you? I also love Yo-chan! 」

「 Me too, I love that man 」

Nei and Katsuko-nee smile and said.

「 Err, wait 」

Hoshizaki-san drinks her tea.

「 Would you like another? 」

「 Ah, yes please 」

Katsuko-nee pours in another one of the brandy-tea with a drug.

「 Here 」

「 T-Thank you 」

Hoshizaki-san drinks another cup.

「 No, you see, I don’t get it 」

She’s looking at us timidly.

「 I-It’s that, you’re not talking about “LOVE” but “LIKE,” right? Breadboy doesn’t look like a bad guy, yeah 」

「 No, it’s “LOVE” “PURE LOVE” Head over Heel kind of “LOVE” 」

Nei said.

「 Ah, I see. Ahahahaha 」

Hoshizaki-san tries to laugh it over.

「 But, uhm, that, by “LOVE” you mean that “LOVE” not that “LOVE” right? 」

I don’t get what’s “that or that”


Agnes speaks up.

「 Are you having sex with her? 」

Hoshizaki-san’s startled.

「 Papa, are you going to have sex with her? 」