Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 64

64. Shadow in the window

Yuzuki-sensei took off two black collars from the plastic case.
Both are two thick dog collars…

「This is my collar…It was the collar put to me when I was brought here and imprisoned…And this one is on my little sister」

Sensei caresses the collars with deep emotions…

「I’ll use this collar on Shirasaka Yukino…」

Sensei said clearly…

「Minaho-sama…are you going to make Shirasaka’s daughter completely conceive a child in the future?」

Yuuka-san asks Sensei

「Yes. We’ll make sure she’s pregnant after today’s training…」
「Can I participate that training too?」


「…I also want to help!」
「…I’m fine looking just close to it!」

Hidemi-san and Tamayo-san too…
Everyone hates Shirasaka Sousuke from the bottom of their hearts

「…I got it. I’ll have the elders participate」

Sensei agreed with the participation of the three…

「…Nagisa wants to participate too?」

Katsuko-nee invites Nagisa-san…

「Let’s see…Minaho-sama. Please allow me to return as an active 『Toy』for a short while」
「…I’ll allow you Nagisa」

Sensei’s hand that’s holding the collar, is trembling…

「…This day finally came」

Sensei looks at me.

「Yoshida-kun…Can you, Nei, and Katsuko bring Shirasaka-san to this mansion?」「Okay…got it」
「…Margo, go as a support」
「Roger, Minaho」

Misuzu who’s cleaning up the floor naked raised her hand.

「Ah…Misuzu will go too!」
「Then…Me too」

Megumi tries to raise her hand too but Yuuka-san blocks her front.

「Megumi-chan, you can’t…you’re still in the middle of the makeover」
「Once the haircut is over, we have to do the next set…」
「Minaho-chi. There’s still 30 minutes before the training begins, am I wrong?」

Tamayo-san begins to talk after Yuuka-san.

「Let’s see…I think we have that much time」
「Then, I’ll do Megumi-chan’s make up. I studied being a make up artist before I became a stylist!」
「…Then please. Make her a beauty that would surprise Shirasaka Yukino」
「Roger, Minaho-san…Since her foundation is good, This child will become an amazing beauty」
「Yeah, she is, Hidemi-san. Let’s polish her to become even more beautiful!」
「We’ll borrow that room then…」

As expected from the former prostitutes of this mansion. They know the construction of this mansion very well.
The three of them pulled the naked Megumi…!

「…Just come here already Megumi-chan!」
「Are my old clothes still there?」
「Katsuko-chan should be keeping it!」
「Can I still wear it?!」
「Hidemi-san should be fine.」
「Isn’t it impossible with Tamayo-chan’s stomach?」
「I don’t want to be told by Yuuka-sama!」

Megumi and the girls went out of the room while making noises…!
Katsuko-nee spoke to me smilingly.

「Now, let’s go to the school too…!」

◇ ◇ ◇

I changed my clothes in a hurry
Nei-san and I are in our usual uniform.
Katsuko-nee is in her chief director mode.
Misuzu is wearing the uniform she wears in school.


As usual, I’m the one putting the diaper on Misuzu.

Coming out of the entrance, Margo-san’s already there with the white van.

「Eh, we’re going with this car?」

Nei-san complains as she hate the white commercial van.

「It can’t be helped…we’re going to to take a girl in after all」

Margo-san laughs and got off from the driver’s seat.
…I see, we’re going to carry Yukino in the chair.

「Yoshida-kun, do you have your『beat up stick』?」
「Yes…it’s here」

I showed the concealed stick under my school uniform to Margo-san.

「Don’t hide it there, hide it in your sleeve…you can take it out immediately that way」
「I think that you should be getting your awareness higher even in school too…you’re not protecting just your body after all. Get yourself always ready thinking that you have to protect Nei and Misuzu」
「…Got it」
「That’s why…Since you’re not an expert in fights, you shouldn’t approach them head on. You can use anything. It’s fine as long as you can make the enemy withdraw」

Margo-san look straight at me and said.

「Always move according to your inspiration. If something happens, contact me immediately. I’ll rush in immediately…」

Saying that, Margo-san returned to the mansion.

「Get in…!」

Katsuko-nee says from the driver seat, then we got in the car.
The van took off immediately…

It took five minutes from the mansion to the school.
From the staff parking lot to the underground passage…
Passing through the narrow and low pathway is…Katsuko-nee, Nei-san, Misuzu, and Me.

「Oh…It looks like a secret base, that’s so groovy!」

Misuzu is completely amused.

「But, we can’t use this on the way back though!」

Nei-san turned back and told me

「Well, we’re going to carry Shirasaka Yukino bound on that chair you know. This way is so narrow that we can’t pass through here to put her in the van」
「Then, how?」
「Of course we’re going to cover her in a cardboard box cand carry her out from the entrance of the school!」

Uwaaa…we’re going to carry her in the corridor.
Though it’s holiday, there’s still a lot of students on their club activities.
That’s quite some work…

We managed to reach the underground of the school building somehow.
The first floor is the monitor room where we ate pizza for lunch…
The second floor is the principal’s office…

Just like from what we’ve seen at the mansion a while ago…Yukino’s blindfolded, gagged and bound on a chair with her legs wide open.
There’s a sound of an electric motor vibrating from her crotch.
Saliva’s dripping down from the holes of the ball-thing that’s opening her mouth.

「This is called Ball-gag It’s a tool for SM!」

Katsuko-nee told me.

「The cart is at the warehouse at the first floor, isn’t it?」

Nei-san asks Katsuko-nee

「Yes…If I recall, the one used by a supplier. I think that there’s cardboard boxes there」

Katsuko-nee’s well informed with the equipment in the school.

「Ah, I’ll get those」
「Yo-chan, you don’t know how to use the elevator don’t you? I’ll be the one going. Wait here with Mii-chan」
「We can’t have Mii-chan wait alone don’t you think? We can’t leave this room open…!」


「Then, I’ll go back immediately!」
「Wait for us!」

The two of them went out to the corridor from the front door…
Misuzu and I were left at the principal’s office.
Then…the restrained Yukino.

「You’re looking at that girl with that face again…」


「You really don’t get it do you…Danna-sama」

Was I looking at Yukino absentmindedly again?
…Is that so?


Misuzu clings and kisses me…!
The red tongue licks my lips…

「Ufu…You finally looked at Misuzu!」

Misuzu smiled.

「Danna-sama…please take a seat over here」

Being told by Misuzu, I took a sit inside the principal’s office.
Misuzu rode my knees…!
Holding my head…Misuzu pressed me to her chest tightly.

「Danna-sama…can you hear Misuzu’s heartbeat?」
「Un…It’s beating」
「Please listen to that sound only…」

I concentrated on Misuzu’s heartbeat.
The motor sound leaking from Yukino’s crotch…is gradually fading away.
Before long, my ear can only hear Misuzu’s heartbeat…

「It’s warm and soft…Misuzu」

Strangely, I didn’t get erect.
I just have my body embraced by Misuzu’s warm body…
The sunlight of the Sunday afternoon lights up softly in the room…

「Somehow…I feel sleepy」
「It’s fine…Misuzu will hold Danna-sama in her arms for all the time…」

I almost fell asleep
…At that time

…The door opens!

「Geeeez! What are you doing! Mii-chan!」

Nei-san jumps to the principal’s office!

「Tsk, I was almost there…!」
「Mii-chan, I told you to wait but I didn’t tell you to have sex!」
「We’re not having sex! I’m just hugging Danna-sama!」
「I’m teaching Danna-sama what’s motherhood!」


「…Is that so, Yo-chan?!」

That’s the only thing I can answer.

「My, I think that Nagisa and I are suitable when it comes to motherhood though!」

Katsuko-nee enters while emphasizing her voluptuous breasts.

「This is why Misuzu’s embracing Danna-sama before someone beats me to it…!」
「…Mii-chan’s quite a tactician」
「I can’t lose to anyone when it comes to breasts and ass!」

Misuzu’s still worried…

「Mii-chan, stop it. It’s not about winning or losing isn’t it? Yo-chan’s everyone’s Yo-chan…Everyone’s going to make him happy!」

Nei-san scolded Misuzu strongly…

「That’s right…Misuzu-sama has her own charm. Though we can’t let Misuzu-sama monopolize him, we’ll definitely give Misuzu time for you two to be alone. There’s no need to be impatient…!」

Katsuko-nee reproved her gently

「…I’m sorry」
「In exchange…Katsuko will also have her time too!…Mufufu, what shuold I do?! Should I do 『Baby play』?!」

…Katsuko-nee. You’re a mess.

「Uhm…wha about Nei? Nei also have her time doesn’t she?!」

Katsuko-nee and Misuzu stares at Nei-san…

「I get it…you’re going to tell me that I should throw my virginity away…!」
「…Nei-san, let’s sleep together tonight」

I said

「It’s fine if we don’t have sex…let’s just sleep until morning」

Nei-san looks at me with moistened eyes.

「…Is that okay?」
「Even if we don’t have sex?」
「Isn’t that obvious?…!」

Nei-san answered with a red face.

「…Got it. Let’s hold hands and sleep」

Katsuko-nee sighed.

「It feels annoying, should we get this baggage out already?!」
「Misuzu agrees…!」

The cart comes in from the corridor.
It’s quite a big cart. There’s a bar attached in front and rear.
Katsuko-nee and I held Yukino and put in the chair on the cart.


Yukino twists her body in surprise but…she’s completely restricted to the chair that she can’t do anything with her body.
We covered the cart with an extra large cardboard box from the top…
Un…for the time being, it looks like a big baggage to carry.

「Then, let’s go!」

I push the cart from behind, Nei-san’s on the front, Katsuko-nee and Misuzu are on the side.
I pushed the cart through the corridor…
Fortunately, there was nobody in the corridor in front of the principal’s office.
Then we entered the elevator.
The elevator isn’t so wide so Misuzu and Katsuko-nee got in with the cart and Nei-san and I will get off the first floor on stairs.
We managed to make it in time before the elevator door opened…phew.
I pushed the cart after that and arrived at the entrance towards the backyard of the school building.

「Please wait in here…I’ll be getting the car around here!」

Katsuko-nee goes to the staff parking lot totteringly…

「Ah, Katsun! This entrance is easy to see so wait on that backyard!」

Katsuko-nee lightly waved her hand…

「Then, Yo-chan get this out and we’ll go close to the wall」

Just as Nei-san said…we took the cart that has Yukino on it outside the building.
We carried to her a place that the wall won’t be an obstruction…

「Huh…This car’s an obstacle!」

When I looked on the way Nei-san spoke…there’s one blue car stopped forming along the building.
It’s a car slightly ahead.
It’s a somewhat solidly built car.

「It’s 34R. This is the car of Physical Education, Yamaguchi-sensei. He always stops this car here because he think that it’s annoying because the staff parking lot is far! This isn’t allowed though…That teacher’s absurdly scary! That’s why they other teachers doesn’t make complaints! Even though Yamaguchi-sensei’s in charge of student’s guidance, he can’t even follow the rules of his own school…!」
「…You know a lot」
「Well…I’m on my third year in this school after all! I’m still a second year because I repeated a year though」

Nei-san laughs.
Then…Nei-san’s phone rings

「Is this from Maru-chan?…No? Who is this? It’s number withheld though?」

Nei-san answers the phone feeling doubtful…

「Hello, who’s this…What? Who are you? Eh…In front of the staff room?…Hello! Hello!…Huh, it’s cut off!」

Nei-san looks at me anxiously.

「…What’s wrong?」
「It was an unknown girl’s voice…telling to come to the staff room?」
「Un…There’s a limited number of people that knows my number though…!」

Nei-san’s at loss in thought.

「…What’s wrong?」
「…I’ll be going there for the time being. If it’s in front of the staff room, there should be teachers inside the room so they can’t do anything strange」
「…Should I go with you?」
「Are you going to leave such a huge baggage here…?」

Oh right…I can’t leave Yukino in the cart alone.
It’s dangerous to drag this big cart in the staff room…

「Yo-chan should wait here with Mii-chan…Katsun’s going to come here immediately」
「Got it…take care」
「Un…Yo-chan too!」

Nei-san rushes towards the school…

「What was that…I’m a bit worried」

Misuzu told me.


And then…
As if it was timed…
An angry voice of a man!

「…Hey, that first year over there!!!」

Turning around…there’re four delinquents
Yup, a delinquent student you can see everywhere.
Everyone of them aren’t wearing uniforms…
The colors of their hair are gold, silver, red, and brown.
Their standing should be on the third year…

「Hey…You, respond!」

I hid Misuzu behind my back.
I moved slowly towards Yamaguchi-sensei’s car so that I won’t be surrounded by the four.
The cardboard Yukino’s in is sticking to the wall.
They haven’t noticed.

「Hey, I heard it from the baseball club…that woman is your sex friend…」

The blond guy told me.

「Let me borrow her…I’ll return her after three days!」
「We’re better at fucking at that guy!」
「We’ll make you cry a lot…You might get pregnant though!」

The delinquents made a vulgar laugh…
Now then…what should I do…
I have to protect Misuzu and Yukino while fighting the four of them alone…?
I remembered Margo-san’s words from a while ago…

『…You’re not an expert in fights so you shouldn’t fight head on. Use anything. It’s fine as long as you can make the enemy withdraw』

…I see, then!

I took out my beat up stick from my sleeve and hit Yamaguchi-sensei’s car’s windshield with all my power!


The car’s windshield opens up a hole along with a loud sound…!


Misuzu screamed out loud…!
I smashed the windowpane!


Then, I crushed the side mirror…!

「…What are you doing!」
「Isn’t that Yamaguchi’s GTR?」
「You’re gonna get killed!」

…Like hell I care!
I beat down the door of the car with all my might!
With the blow of my beat up stick, the metal sheets are dented…!

「Oraaaaaaaa!…!Dorarararararara! Mudamudamudamuda!!!!」1

I kept beating the car while emitting strange noises…!
Breaking windows…beating the headlights…beating up the sheet metal…
Ignoring the four delinquents…!

「…H-he’s mad!」
「S-Shit…he’s dangerous!」

The delinquents are completely scared by my destruction act…!

「…Don’t do that, Yo-chan!」

Nei-san appeared.

「…Don’t just break it…you have to burn it too!」

Nei-san is holding a bunch of newspaper God knows where she got it from…
She took out a lighter from her pocket and sets fire on the newspaper…!


Nei-san threw the burning newspaper in the broken windshield…!
The fire spreads in the car’s seats…!

「T-These guys are mad…!」

The blond delinquent leader muttered with a face of fear

「That’s right…we’re mad…~! You’re third year Kinoshida-kun? That one’s Yamamoto and Tako?」
「…What about it?」

The frightened red hair told Nei-san…

「I can easily check where your houses are you know? Your parents and family…should we burn up your house next?」

Nei-san had a brutal smile floating…
Yamaguchi’s car’s flames goes stronger…black smoke goes up and the smell hits the nose…
I embraced Misuzu and told the delinquents.

「Senpai…This child and I are members of 『Black Forest』 We won’t give you pardon next time you do something at us again…!」

I had decided with my heart…

「…We’re going to kill whoever they are」

Nei-san smirked…

「…Don’t fucking underestimate 『Black Forest!』」

I smashed the burning car with my stick again!


The four delinquents ran away…!
I found a fire extinguisher at the corner of the entrance of the school building and got it.

「Eh, we’re going to put it out already?」

Nei-san said but it’ll become a fuss if we let this be.
If I’m not mistaken, I learned this at the fire training…
Pull the pin, Aim at the fire even if you take off the hose…!
A foam of a white chemical is released to the fire and discharge it towards the fire…!
For some reason…It feels like I ejaculated.
The white foam kills the force of fire…
The fire was put off somehow…
…Now then, what should I do with this fire extinguisher?
I throw the red pipe fire extinguisher in the empty remains of the car…!
Un…it has to be thrown in the garbage2


Misuzu jumps at me when I finished my work.
Misuzu is completely frightened.

「It’s fine…it’s nothing to be scared off…」

I embraced Misuzu gently.

「…Danna-sama! I love you! I love you!」
「I’ll protect Misuzu…whatever happens…!」

Misuzu twitches in my arms from my words…!

「Aaaah…Danna-sama…Misuzu leaked again…!」

Let’s see…I stretched my hand towards Misuzu’s ass.
Feeling the diaper in her skirt…Right, it has gotten heavy.
Misuzu peed!

「Please punish me a lot later…!」

I licked Misuzu’s ears while hugging her.

「Ahn…I’m leaking out again!」

Misuzu’s body twitched
There’s a big lump of flesh pushed to my back…?

「…Nei-san, what are you doing?」

Nei-san embraces me from behind.

「Eh, I also want to be comforted by Yo-chan…!」
「Nei-san was the one who threatened the delinquents a while ago though…」
「This is this, that is that!」

Nei-san embraces me strongly…

「Should I pee too?…!」
「It’s fine. Nei-san doesn’t have a diaper on, do you?」
「I see…I’ll do it next time okay?…Ah!」

Nei-san’s atmosphere changed?

「…Yo-chan, take look at the third floor window at the school building slowly」

As told, I put my eyes on the third floor of the school building…
A shadow is looking down at us from the window…
I know that face…

「…Iwakura Yukiyo」

Iwakura-san felt that we noticed her? She disappeared from the window…

「It’s definitely her who set those delinquents a while ago」

Nei-san whispered to my ears…

「…Okay already?」

I heard Margo-san’s voice from the nearby grass?3

「Isn’t that fine Maru-chan…Katsun’s about to come too」

Looking at where Nei-san is looking…I see, Katsuko-san’s coming over with the van.

「…Yareyare, support isn’t an easy work」

From the grass, Margo-san in camouflage appeared…

「…Margo-san, you were there?」
「Yeah…I was ordered by Minaho to support, wasn’t I? If Yoshida-kun starts to fight the delinquents, I intend to make a surprise attack from the back」
「…Ah, sorry」
「It’s fine…the only damage was on Yamaguchi-sensei’s car. Well, it can’t be helped. Isn’t the result good? I think that Iwakura-san won’t be able to interfere with Yoshida-kun anymore with this…」
「…Is that so?」
「She’s someone who thinks logically…She’s worst at dealing with such a mad action that exceeds her frame of imagination」

Margo-san said while looking at the wreckage of the car.

「Iwakura-san’s mad when it comes to sex though…」

Katsuko-nee jumps out of the car…!

「What happened?!」

Katsuko-nee asks us as she opens the driver’s seat door.

「We’ll tell you later! We have to stuff Shirasaka Yukino in the car first!」

With Nei-san’s order…we put in Yukino in the car together with the chair.
Lying down facing up…

「Numomomomo…!」the blindfolded, gagged Yukino tries to resist again but…we put on a blanket on her feigning ignorance
We brought the cart near the entrance of the school.

「Let’s go back to the mansion. Everyone’s waiting for the baggage arriving…!」

Margo-san looked down at Yukino then said.
We got in the car once again…


  2. Yoshida’s so savage
  3. Dota 7.00 confirmed. Please giff me arcana