Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 652. Holy Prostitute



Looking at the monitor, I see Shou-neechan come down from the prisoner transport vehicle lastly.

I knew it, Shou-neechan’s the bodyguard in charge of the Takakura ladies.

Shou-oneechan takes the lead and enters the school with the three girls.

「 Should I meet them? 」

Nei asks Minaho-neesan.

「 It’s okay. Shou-san knows the location of this room 」

She’s been Jii-chan’s long-serving bodyguard. Even if it is her first time entering the location, if the floor plan of the school is in her head then she’ll arrive in the principal’s office without a problem.

「 Now then, 」

Jii-chan looks at me from the prosecutor’s seat.

「 You know that the Takakura ladies are shrine maidens, don’t you? 」

「 Yeah, I heard it from Minaho-neesan. They’re basically people on the big shrine, right? 」

I replied frankly.

「 You’re misunderstanding about that so let me say it in advance 」

I’m told that I’m misunderstanding something.

「 You think that shrine maidens must be a virgin, right? 」

Jii-chan laughs.

「 Huh? Isn’t that right? 」

Shrine maidens have to be “maidens,” right?

「 They serve god so shouldn’t they be pure? 」

「 That’s only during the age of Ise Grand Shrine. There’s no rule telling the Shrine maidens in Japan to be virgins in the first place. You know about the origin of shrine maidens, Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto, the goddess that danced in front of Ama-no-Iwato. Her dance is basically a strip show. In short, she used her sexual power to call out Amaterasu Okami from seclusion. In other words, shrine maidens are the model for invoking a deity to honor them 」

「 Wait, wasn’t the dance too funny that it made everyone laugh? 」

The book I read in elementary school library writes it like that.

「 Do I really have to teach you about it now? There’s no description in the Nihon-shoki that “she made the gods laugh” 」 What she did is『 神懸かりして胸乳かきいで裳緒を陰ほとに押し垂れき 』 Meaning, her divine possession had her expose her chest and genital. If the Gods saw Uzume-kami’s dance and laughed, then it would be because it’s an erotic dance. Uzume-kami’s dance was not humorous 」

Jii-chan said.

「 In the ancient Indian relics, there remains a mural painting of a goddess showing her tongue and genitalia as a form of provoking her enemies. Showing the insides of their genitals, the most vulnerable part of the body is called as the greatest insult. Even now, people stick out their tongue to people they don’t like 」

Oh. That one.

「 In short, Uzume-kami’s strip tease and the power of Eros is a provocation for Amaterasu Okami who secluded herself. Well, sexual urges and impulsive attacks are part of their close relationship. The supreme god was pulled out from Iwato due to the complex emotions rising up 」

I see.

I thought that Gods were just laughing it off.

「 Let’s go back to the topic, the Shrine maidens are basically lewd existences 」

I get that.

There’s a lot of sexy cosplay and videos of shrine maidens.

「 Shrine maidens are basically prostitutes, in Japan and even in abroad 」


「 They’re called “holy harlots” In most temples in ancient times, shrine maidens are prostituted to the believers. All of the women there leave their home for several years and live in the shrine to serve God, but in reality, their religious activities are basically prostitution. In their city, they all are willing to let their daughters and wives become prostitutes of the temple 」

「 Why? 」

Why would the husband do that?

Does he not feel reluctant?

To think that he’s allowing his daughter and wife to become prostitutes.

「 Sex is a means to approach God 」

Jii-chan replied.

「 You communicate with God through sex. You know the will of God. Or you could give God’s blessing to your partner. That’s what it means to have sex with the Shrine maidens 」

「 But 」

「 That’s how sex is treated until people encountered STDs. Sex was a matter of joy, nobody was afraid. Syphilis was not present in Asia, Africa, and Europe before the great voyage. It’s said that Columbus’ expedition brought it back from the US. And then, it spread out through the whole world in just twenty years 」

Is it that short?

「 With the spread of STDs, the acts of sex and prostitution is given a dark image during the 15th century 」

I see.

「 Even before the 15 century, Christianity is a religion with a rooted belief of “the sin of awareness,” thus they deny human desires. Therefore, Christian friars and nuns are tabooed from doing sexual acts. Also, since Buddhism’s purpose is to reach enlightenment and release all of the earthly desires, so they have to follow their precepts. Their precept forbids them to have a sexual relationship with a woman. These two major religions have changed clergy’s abstinence. That mental image has reached the 21st century that people think shrine maidens in Japan must also be a virgin 」

Jii-chan said.

「 In most other religions, sexual urges and acts are a natural thing, so they’re not considered as evil. They’re broad-minded when it comes to sex 」

I see. The Christians and Buddhists have a strict image on their nuns.

Before anyone noticed, it has become the same for the Shrine maidens in Japan.

「 In Japan’s case, the shrine maidens are mostly divided into two groups. One of them is the shrine maiden serving a big and old shrine. In there, their jobs is to be a Shrine maiden 」

「 Jii-chan, isn’t it the natural job to do if you’re in a shrine? 」

Shrine maidens, Shrine, and, bamboo brooms. That’s a set.

「 No, in the middle ages, there were the so-called migrating shrine maidens in Japan who travel across the nation, not belonging to a specific shrine 」

A wandering shrine maiden?

「 These Shrine maidens travel to various lands, call to the God of that locale, and begin their “exorcisms,” “purifications,” “divinations,” and so forth. Of course, prostitution as well. This is to grant them the power of God 」

Wandering shrine maidens are also into prostitution.

「 Looking at the current age, they cannot live from being a shrine maiden alone so they might think of becoming a prostitute, but the reality is different. Sex is a crucial job for shrine maidens. They don’t think of the common sense of modern people. To the non-native wanderers, having sex to bring joy-spirit from the divine realm is a necessary act. Even for women who are not shrine maidens, for example, a male customer came, it’s common for the house owner to have his daughter attend the man at night 」

「 Why? 」

「 They can’t move locations as freely as we do now, to them, it’s a big deal when people come from outside their village 」

Jii-chan snorts his nose.

「 As the era ended, their names and appearance change on various places, the genealogy of the wandering shrine maidens will continue for a long time They even carry a three-stringed Japanese lute. However, women who wander from place to place, perform divine rituals, and sell their body continues to the present age 」

「 Even now? 」

「 No, there’s hardly one. In Meiji Era, the new government has prohibited the “act of gaining Oracle from a divine possession” As a result, wandering shrine maidens have disappeared. But, there’s still private prayers and exorcisms now, some of them have inherited the former traditions of the wandering shrine maidens 」

I see.

「 Now then, Takakura shrine itself has accepted in many wandering shrine maidens who can’t find a place to go due to the government banning them during the Meiji era. 」


「 Takakura shrine itself has an old history. The bloodline of the Takakura family is old. However, it was just a shrine before, they didn’t have significant authority. Takakura shrine itself obtained the “underground society force” since the Meiji era 」

In short, when they started accepting the wandering shrine maidens.

「 Yakuza’s history is a long one in every part of Japan. Those people from the underground society have a strong connection with the wandering shrine maidens 」

I see. They roam around the country after all.

They’ll get intimate with the boss on that land.

「 For example, if there were a conflict between the neighboring yakuza’s, the wandering shrine maiden mediates them. They deal with the problem with ease by using divine possession, an oracle to say. Some of the Yakuza may feel discontent with it but since it’s “God’s message,” both sides take a step back 」

The shrine maidens help out the Yakuza?

「 Then when Shogunate feudal system started, some of the Yakuza who’ve kept their small ground has expanded their power from Meiji era. Their conflicts have grown on a scale larger than before. However, since the Meiji government has banned them, the wandering shrine maidens are no longer official.

Therefore, the Takakura shrine accepted that many wandering shrine maidens.

「 It’s been decided that the arbiter of the new era will be the shrine maidens of Takakura Shrine. The most powerful woman among the wandering shrine maidens has married the head priest. Thus they continue to inherit the power of the shrine maidens 」

I see.

「 It’s been 140 years since then. Even now, Takakuras hold great authority as middlemen of the Yakuza, however 」

Jii-chan mumbles.

「 Takakura shrine now has no one to inherit the secret of the wandering shrine maiden 」


「 The idiot who wants to take over the Takakura shrine has killed the former head priest and the last wandering shrine maiden 」

In short, the mother of the Takakura ladies was the last wandering maiden.

「 Well, there were still some wandering shrine maidens, but only the wife of the head priest of Takakura house inherits the blood and techniques. The underling who killed the priest also had the wife, the shrine maiden caught up 」

The Yakuza on the lower ends don’t know the details probably.

「 Therefore, we have to make the new shrine maiden 」

Jii-chan looks into my eyes.

「 It can’t be a woman who just wears a shrine maiden costume and stay in the shrine for merely form’s sake. Takakura shrine maidens must inherit the true nature of the wandering shrine maiden’s skill. The shrines in Kyoto doesn’t matter, what’s necessary is the shrine maiden herself 」

Therefore, the other group is aiming for the ladies of Takakura house.

If they get hold of the next shrine maiden, you’ll gain the power of being the mediator of the Yakuza world.


「 Uhm, I get that now, but still, why do I, well, have sex with these girls? I mean, why do they need to become prostitutes? 」

I’m filled with things I don’t understand.

If they have to become shrine maidens then isn’t it enough for them to practice becoming a shrine maiden?

「 Wandering shrine maidens do divine possession by having sex with a man 」


「 For example, if the Yakuza arbitrate between themselves, then both sides’ head will have sex with the Shrine maiden and let her reach ecstasy. The bosses are sexually satisfied as well. They feel God’s revelation from the pleasure of that sex 」

The shrine maiden will have sex with the bosses of the different groups?

By having sex with both, they receive the oracle?

「 They won’t accept the shrine maiden saying that they received God’s oracle without doing anything. The other party is Yakuza after all 」

Jii-chan sighs.

「 Both of the heads will pick the same woman, the most beautiful among the wandering maidens, and sleep with her. Becoming “sworn brothers” like that makes them unable to fight each other. It seems like the wandering shrine maidens give birth to their children as well. If it’s unknown which boss is the father of the child, it becomes an oracle where they establish a relationship where the child’s taken care of. Therefore, both sides retire from the word of the shrine maiden 」


「 Although, giving birth to children was only possible when there were many wandering shrine maidens. It’s impossible for the present age 」

Right now, there are only three candidates, they can’t give birth to each boss’ child.

I mean, unlike in the past, you can know who the father is with DNA tests.

「 In short, the Takakura shrine maiden is basically a prostitute and a shrine maiden. They’re the remaining “holy prostitutes” of the current age. Through sex, they communicate with God, they bless the man embracing them and receive an oracle, sex is a necessity for shrine maidens.

Those three girls from earlier will do that?

「 Therefore, you must make them perfect prostitutes. It seems like they can train technique by themselves for divine possession. However, you need to teach them sexual techniques 」

Jii-chan says so, but.

「 Wait. If I recall from Minaho-neesan’s story, those girls don’t know anything about sex, right? 」

「 Yes, what about it? 」

「 Is that possible? I thought that they need to have sex with a partner to receive oracle? 」

Did the priest and shrine maiden not tell their children about sex?

「 It’s the opposite. if the fates of the girls are decided to become a sacred prostitute then would you teach her sexual information which is already flooding modern Japan? 」


If they know about love or sex in this era.

The ladies will refuse to become shrine maidens.

「 Actually, they are to be taught from now on. Their mother was an active duty shrine maiden after all. She was in her 30s and died so soon. She was forced to become a shrine maiden at age 12. It seems that she didn’t want to teach her children the skills of a Shrine maiden until the last minute she retired 」

「 」Ah.

They’re that kind of shrine maiden so they get married right away and they give birth to a child at such a young age.

Therefore, she wants to delay her daughter’s practice in sex for as long as possible.

That backfired to her.

Sure, the youngest girl is at 12-years old.

In the end, she’ll become a shrine maiden at the same age as her mother/

No. Wait.

「 Jii-chan, I have another question 」

I look at Jii-chan’s eyes.

「 What? 」

「 Their mother was working as a shrine maiden alone, right? If so, is there a need for all of the three girls to become shrine maidens? 」

One becoming a shrine maiden should be enough.

「 Yes, as a matter of fact, shrine maidens no longer need to be present in arbitration. Their mother only has done oracles once or twice 」

It means having sex with both the boss in conflict and pass God’s message.

「 However, shrine maidens must always exist. If a significant incident happens, the rule of asking the shrine maiden of Takakura house for arbitration is what stabilizes the underground world 」

「 I mean, one should be enough, right? 」

「 Yes, only one will do. However, the remaining two must be put under our control 」


「 Think about it. If we free the remaining two and they were kidnapped by another Yakuza organization? Then they use the abducted girl as a shrine maiden? 」

So that’s the reason.

The shrine maidens of the Takakura house will increase.

If the number of mediators increases, furthermore, the forces holding the shrine maidens are all over the place.

They will give their own selfish oracles.

「 The underworld will be in a mess. Then, there will be short-tempered Yakuza who’ll say “who cares about that, get me a shrine maiden” 」

I see. There would be a couple of Yakuza groups who’ll pursue the girls.

「 Or worse, some extremists might kill all of the Takakura ladies and stop the arbitration of the shrine maidens 」

Jii-chan said

「 The group you met doesn’t know what shrine maidens’ true colors are. Therefore they won’t let the ladies become prostitutes 」

Minaho-neesan said.

Oh, the group we met at the front gate of the mansion.

「 It’s the lower branch of the Yakuzas who doesn’t know about the prostitute side of Takakura house’s shrine maidens 」

Jii-chan smiles wryly.

「 You were the same earlier, you thought that the Japanese Shrine maidens must be virgins 」

Yeah, what did that guy say again?

They might think of the ladies as idols.


Knock. Knock./

The door’s knocked.

「 Fujimiya-kun 」

Jii-chan issues instructions.

「 Yes 」

Rei-chan opens the door.

Shou-neechan’s standing in front.

「 I’ve brought Takakura-sama 」

「 Umu, enter 」

Jii-chan said. Shou-neechan;

「 Come in 」

The three beauties come in.

The oldest one is 17 if I recall correctly.

She’s tall. Long straight black haired, and wearing a sailor uniform.

Her skin is so fair it’s almost transparent.

Her black hair is tied up behind her neck.

Long slit and cold looking eyes.

Oh, she really would look good in a shrine maiden costume.

Her bangs have an equal cut on her eyebrows.

She seems to be in ill-mood more than being nervous.

She’s looking around the room.

But, she’s not looking at other people’s eyes.

Oh, Misuzu’s making a troubled face.

Which reminds me, Misuzu mentioned that the Takakura lady is a charismatic woman.

That’s why she’s having a hard time dealing with them.

Yeah, is charismatic this fussy feeling?

She seems like she doesn’t look at people’s eyes.

Before long, the girl with long black hair says;

「 Doesn’t look like there’s a problem here. 」 Come in 」

The beauty calls the next girl.

「 Excuse me! 」

The next girl is 14, yeah.

She enters cheerfully.

Her height is ordinary. About the same as Mana.

She also has beautiful black hair, but it’s nicely bundled together with a big red ribbon.

Her eyes are big.

As for clothing, though it’s sailor uniform, it looks different from the 17-year-old one.

That’s natural. They’re high-school and middle school girls.

Contrasting the 17-year-old girl, she’s smiling, showing a good mood.

「 Thanks for inviting us! 」

The 14-year-old girl greets only Jii-chan.

She doesn’t care about MInaho-neesan or me.

「 Get in already. Luna 」

The 14-year-old girl calls her little sister in the corridor.

Lastly, it’s the 12-year-old girl.

「 Yes 」

A small girl comes in timidly.

It’s a shortcut hairstyle.

But her eyes are big and cute, she doesn’t look like a boy at all.

She’s wearing a sailor uniform, although I can’t say that it’s a school uniform.

She’s wearing sailor uniforms for children, imitating a real sailor.

She’s wearing a white sailor hat and shorts.

Her clothing is of a whitish sailor uniform that looks like a child of an old English noble.

「 Thank you for yesterday 」

The 12-year-old girl bows her head to Jii-chan first.

Then, she bows to Misuzu and Ruriko as well.

Then, Minaho-neesan.

She ignores me who’s sitting at the desk of the principal’s office.

「 Sit over there girls 」

Jii-chan shows the girl where to sit. The defendant’s seat.

「 Thank you 」

The 14-year-old girl takes a seat.

The 17 and 12-year-old girl follows.

What’s with this relationship?

「 I’ll prepare tea 」

Ruriko tries to get up, but.

「 No, not now. Sit down 」

Jii-chan stops Ruriko.


「 Wait in the hallway. Seki-kun and Fujimiya-kun is enough security here 」

He speaks to Ootoku-san behind him.

「 Certainly 」

The two large men head to the door while making footstep sounds.

「 Seki-kun, please 」

「 Certainly 」

Ootoku-san speaks to Shou-neechan at the entrance and goes to the hallway with Choumoto-san.

「 Fujimiya-kun, close the door 」

「 Yes 」

Rei-chan closes the door.

「 And, you sit over there 」

Jii-chan instructs Michi who’s standing behind Misuzu to go to where Rei-chan and Shou-neechan is.

「 Certainly 」

Michi brings a chair for Shou-neechan and herself to the door’s side.

「 No, I’ll bring one myself 」

Shou-neechan tries to pick up one of the chairs Michi’s dragging.

「 Thank you 」

「 I’m the one who should say thanks 」

Shou-neechan and Michi sit down in line with Rei-chan next to the door.


What now?

The chairs and desk are arranged like a courtroom.

There are three guards before the door.

Jii-chan, Misuzu, and Ruriko are on the prosecutor’s side.

Minaho-neesan, Nei, and Mana are on the lawyer’s side.

In the defendant’s seat, the three ladies of Takakura house.


I’m alone in the judge’s seat.

「 Then, let’s introduce them 」

Jii-chan shows the girls.

「 First, Takakura Yomiko-san 」

Then, it’s not the 17-year-old who greets.

The 14-year-old girl smiled at me.

「 Hello, I’m Takakura Yomiko! 」


「 Kuromori Kou 」

Not Yoshida Yoshinobu, nor Kuromori Kei.

I named myself with my name in Kuromori organization.

As the head of the brothel.

「 This is my little sister, Luna 」

「 Takakura Luna 」

The 12-year-old short-cut haired girl bows her head to me timidly.

「 Then, this is my elder sister, Tsukiko 」

「! 」

The 17-year-old girl is still pouting.


Why is it that the 14-year-old girl the one taking control of the three?

「 We thank you for taking the trouble of us coming here 」

Takakura Yomiko’s the only one in a good mood, greeting me.