Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 67

67. Suffering Bride (Part 3)

「…You guys are crazy!」

Yukino said while looking at us who are embracing each other.

「In such a place…with such an appearance…you’re like idiots… Embracing and saying 『Let’s become happy』…You guys are mad!」

Megumi and I…
Because she knows the two of us…Yukino’s fear changed to her aggressive instinct.

「There’s no way humans like you would be happy! You who raped me forcibly…and the daughter of the woman who fooled Papa…! That’s bullshit! So idiotic! Idiotic! So foolish…!」

Yukino snapped off!
She’s glaring at Megumi and me with eyes of anger and hatred…!

「My, Yukino-chan…Have you seen the video just now? Your Papa is the one who raped Megumi-chan’s Mama! It’s your Papa! Your Papa is a perverted man who loves to rape!」

Tamayo-san told the Raging Yukino.

「That’s all lies! All of them are fake videos and images! My Papa isn’t like that! You all are just fooling me! Doing this foolish thing desperately! Isn’t that right? You cowards!」

The half-frenzy Yukino seems to not want accept the truth.
If she admits…the world she believed in until now would collapse…
That’s why Yukino can never accept it…!

「My Papa is a splendid person! Gentle, great…the best man!! You all are just being jealous of my great father! You can’t help but be jealous of my Papa! Thus you made these fake videos! I won’t be fooled!…I would never be fooled by the worst kind of people like you!」

Yukino sets up a firewall in her brain…
Whatever we show…whatever we tell her.
Yukin closed her mind…
She’ll never believe the 『Truth』about her father…


Megumi spoke while being embraced by me!

「Don’t call my name! Daughter of a prostitute!」

Yukino shouts at Megumi!
Yuzuki-sensei raised her whip to hit Yukino…!
Yukino went 「Hiii」and closed her eyes…!

「…Wait, Minaho-san」

Sensei stopped her hands…!
Megumi spoke to Yukino calmly.

「…Yukino, I always thought of this. That I have to talk to you…I was a daughter born from being raped by your father. I’m a daughter of violence, not love」
「…It’s not! Your mother seduced my Papa!!」

A water bottle was thrown at the floor near Yukino’s foot!


Yukino flinched from the sudden physical violence…
It was Nei-san
Nei-san who’s been watching our state by the wall all this time…walked in front of Yukino…!
She picked up the plastic bottle rolled on the floor and took off the cap…
Then she poured in the water to Yukino…!

「…W-What are you doing?」

Yukino’s completely scared from Nei-san’s appeal.

「…Megumi-chan’s talking isn’t she? Listen」

Nei-san told Yukino in a low voice.


Yukino still tries to resist…
Nei-san gripped Yukino’s hair and pulled it up!
She took out a lighter from her pocket!

…Flick, flare!

Red flame breaks out from the lighter…!

「…Should I burn your hair?」

Nei-san’s cold eyes…!
Yukino trembles!

「Nei-san, stop that!」

Megumi shouts to Nei-san but…!

「Sadly, it’s too late…!」

Nei-san burned up Yukino’s hair she’s holding!
Yukino’s hair burns sizzling…!
The unpleasant smell of protein being burned spreads across the room…!


Yukino’s scared from the scorching heat she feels in her head…!

「What?…I just burned your hair for a bit! I wet your hair above so it won’t burn up!」

Nei-san said and brings the flaming lighter close to Yukino…!

「Then, want me to burn your face next? Or do you want me to turn your nipples black?!」
「…Stop…please stop」

Yukino feels the heat of the flame close to her skin!

「Then…shut up and listen to Megumi-chan’s talk」
「…I-I get it…I get it already…!」

Nei-san closed the lighter’s lid…

「…Megumi-chan, go on!」
「T-Thank you very much…!」

Megumi…took a deep breath… Then she continued her talk

「…Yukino. I hate your father. Tormenting Mama…and doing a lot of cruel things. And left her to die in the end…!」

Megumi begins to cry again…
I embraced her with all my strength.

「…Your father’s guest made Mama drink some strange medicine…Mama was in pain and yet, your father never took her to the hospital!…So…Mama died. I was next to Mama in her bed, holding her hand and shouting 『Mama, don’t die!』 But…it was no use…!」

Sensei catches up to Megumi’s story.

「…It was drug overdose. If she was taken to the hospital and flushed it out of her stomach, she might’ve survived. It she was treated earlier. But…Shirasaka Sousuke prioritizes the guest’s safety first. He left Keiko-san to die so that it won’t become a police case…!」
「…I was there. Keiko-san’s face is pale…she suffered so much an died」

Yuuka-san muttered.

「I was there too…Shirasaka didn’t even give a proper funeral…only the women in the mansion gave her a ceremony. Keiko-san was a good person. Beautiful, kind and a wonderful person…!」

Hidemi-san testifies…

「I hate that Shirasaka Sousuke. I always thought that I want to kill him. Even if he’s my real father…!!!」

Megumi’s tears spill like rain…
Misuzu picked up a handkerchief and wipes her cheek…

「But you see Yukino…I didn’t hate you. Because Yukino is innocent from the crime. You’re just his daughter…you’re unrelated at all…!」


「After mother died, I was taken over by Yamamine house. Your father forced me to my adaptive parents. Just being pushed…I can do nothing. I feel ashamed with Yamamine house all the time…but my adaptive parents were good people. They loved me like their real daughter. I’m grateful to those people…!」

…So the people in Yamamine house were good people.
…That’s great.
Megumi wasn’t so unfortunate.

「…But you see, I hated it when they took me sometimes to meet you and your relatives. You always look like an Ojou-sama…wearing beautiful clothes, laughing in a loud voice, and loved by everyone. But, I who’s pushed to be accepted, is always put among the relatives’ children. Yamamine’s house is poor so they can’t buy gorgeous clothes…My adoptive parents always feel so sorry…unable to do anything. So I always behave myself in the corner.

…Megumi talks about her past while crying.

「But…I had a dream. Someday, I’ll become an adult…find a job and purchase beautiful clothes with my own money. Then wear those clothes I won’t get embarrassed and come in front of Yukino, then say that 『I am your sister』1 I wanted you to come to my wedding as my sister. I wanted to come in Yukino’s wedding…I wanted to get along with you all the time…!」

Megumi spits out her passionate emotions that she piled up all this time while crying…!
I rubbed Megumi’s back.
Misuzu and I supports Megumi’s body that seems to fall down…

「…Don’t joke with me」

Yukino muttered.

「I’d rather die than call you in my wedding…You’re not my sister! I always hated you…Megumi!」

Yukino looks at Megumi…

「I knew it all this time…You’re Papa’s daughter! My foolish aunt told me in secret! Then you were an adapted daughter of uncle Yamamine!」

Yukino’s eyes…burns in hatred.

「She told me that I have a half-sister…and furthermore, at the same age! Do you think that’s permissible!? No way! I’ll never allow it! When Mama was pregnant with me, Papa was cheating?! That’s ridiculous!…There’s no way Papa would betray Mama! That’s definite! Papa is being deceived by your mother! I will never think of any other possibility than that!」

Yukino…persists her own 『Truth』
She mocks Megumi’s mother so that she won’t lose her ideal father.

「Megumi…why are you born! You shouldn’t’ve been born!」

Yukino’s rampage is unstoppable…!

「I’ll tell you then…It’s because of me why you’re not able to wear beautiful clothes when the relatives gather. I asked Papa. I had uncle Yamamine ordered to 『Never let Megumi wear gorgeous clothes』…! You’re like an idiot. You were in your uniform during grandfather’s birthday party or the new years! Poor plain-girl-chan!…You’re like an insect Megumi! You’ll stay plan forever! You should just live plain even if you become an adult!」

Yukino released the fury she gathered all these years…!

「You even tried to copy me going to the basketball club in the middle school…! Disgusting! That’s why I ordered uncle Yamamine-san to make you quit basketball club…! That’s right, it was me…I’m the one who ordered it! I also made it so you can’t go to the school excursion at middle school. I ordered it. You even passed the prefecture at high school were you?…! I’m the one who made you abandon the high school you hoped for and enter our high school…! I won’t be able to endure having you study on a school better than me! I asked Papa all of it and made uncle Yamamine do it all!」

This is the girl named Shirasaka Yukino.
Isn’t she completely like her father.
She inherited the blood?…
Or could it be that because she looked up at her parents…
Yukino laughs at Megumi…
She laughed madly…!

「Ahahaha…Serves you right! Someone like you…someone like you should just suffer throughout your life! If you don’t want that then go somewhere I can’t see! Disappear from my world…Someone like you…Someone like you…!」

Megumi stared at the laughing Yukino with straight eyes.

「I know all of it…!」

Yukino’s laughter stopped.

「I know…the high school I entered now. I will confront you upfront this time…!」

Yukino’s laughing at Megumi’s resolve.

「…What are you saying! What fighting upfront? Are you an idiot?…Know your place! I’m Papa’s real child! Someone like you is just a child made from a mistake! It’s unforgivable for you to speak to me! Be grateful to me that you’re living! Get on your knees and apologize to me! Say that you’re sorry for being born!!!」

Yukino’s refusing Megumi till the end.

「…Right. We’re different. We can never understand each other…!」

Megumi said sorrowfully.

「Isn’t that obvious?! Our standpoint is different! Our value as humans are different!」

In the end…Yukino’s Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter…
A clan of a founder of a big newspaper publishing company…
She was raised in such a world…
She believed that her own family is special.
She believes that she needs to have『special treatment』
…Is that how it is?
…Are you that kind of woman?

「…Megumi, are you done?」

Sensei spoke to Megumi.

「…Yes…I’m satisfied. Thank you very much」

Megumi answred quietly.

「Then…we’re gong to make Shirasaka Yukino fall to hell…is that okay?」

With Sensei’s question, Megumi looked at Yukino once again…and said.

「…Sorry…Yukino. I can’t save you…!」

Yukino’s face…is frozen in fear suddenly…!


Katsuko-nee pushed the wagon with the torture tools in front of Yukino…!

「There’s vibrator, whip, candles…syringe too…!」
「Which is the best aphrodisiac here?」

Tamayo-san looks at the wagon right away.

「…Minaho-san, how many hours should we take?」

Hidemi-san asked Sensei.

「I’ll give you two hours…make her fall within two hours」
「Got it…leave this to us」

…Leave what?

「We won’t go easy anymore…!」

Hidemi-san smiled at Yukinoi suspiciously.
Eh, they were going easy a while ago?!

「We’ll make you pant for two hours! We’ll blow your head’s screws off and continue to violate you…!」

Tamayo-san took out a vibrator bigger from a while ago…

「You’ll continue to cum a hundred times…We’ll make your body unable to endure it unless it’s not normal sex…let’s make you a splendid pervert just like your father!」

Yuuka-san spoke while choosing the whip.
Yukino shivered.

「It’s fine…It’s a very pleasurable hell」
「I’ll teach you the extreme pleasures of women…!」
「We’ll make you crazy…torment you and make you scream…!」

Tamayo-san spoke to Nagisa-san.

「Nagisa-chan, you’re going to participate?」
「Yes…My specialty is rape play after all」

Nagisa-san faces the wagon.

「…Katsuko, what would you do?」

Katsuko-nee answered laughingly.

「I’m fine…Someone has to take care of the younger ones after all…!」

…Younger ones?
Katsuko turned to Megumi, Misuzu and me.

「Let’s go out…This room will become hell after this…」
「…I want to take a look at Yukino」

Megumi pleads Katsuko-nee

「You can’t… We want you to be still clean. We don’t want to see you become demons of hell…」


「Right…I don’t want you to see the appearance of this girl being tormented」
「Once it starts…we probably won’t be able to stop」

The ladies told us with sad eyes.

「Please…leave us for two hours」

Sensei too…

「I’ll be outside too…」

Margo-san said.

「Right…Margo-chan’s our cute little sister too!」

Nagisa-san answered in Sensei’s place.

「Nei-sama. Nei-sama’s my dear little sister too」

Katsuko-nee holds Nei-san’s shoulder and take her outside…

「…I get it」

Nei-san reluctantly agreed to go out


Sensei turned to the two.

「If you’re scared…then have sex with Yoshida-kun. Yoshida-kun…Be gentle with the two」
「…Yes, got it」
「If Nei also intends to then have sex with her too…Katsuko will endure because she’s onee-san…!」
「Sure sure! We got it already!」
「But…after two hours, Ojou-sama…!」

Lastly, Sensei looked at me.

「I’ll call you after two hours…I’ll ask you to finish this girl」

In short.

「…We’ll make Shirasaka Yukino pregnant today」

Yukino screams…!

「…Noooooooooo! I don’t want that!!!!」
「Please go. Leave this to us…」

Urged by Katsuko-nee…Megumi, Misuzu, Margo-san, Nei-san and I left the chapel…
As soon as Katsuko-nee closed the door…!
A violent whip can be heard from the other side…!
And women’s violent roars…
And, Yukino’s high pitched scream…

◇ ◇ ◇

Katsuko-nee took us to the kitchen.

「We’ll be making cake! Please help me!」

Saying that, Katsuko-nee handed me a ball and the whisk with materials.

「Stir it until the cream froths up!」
「…G-Got it」

I don’t get it but let’s stir it as said.

「Megumi-sama and Misuzu-sama, let’s bake sponge cake!」

Misuzu asks Katsuko-nee.

「Why are we making cake?」

Katsuko-nee answered laughingly…

「…Shirasaka Yukino will be reborn, in whatever form it is. She has no choice but to be reborn. We must congratulate her. It’s cake when you congratulate someone, isn’t it?」


「…So it’s a cake for Yukino」

Megumi muttered.

「Got it…I’ll help」
「Misuzu will help too!」

We began baking the cake.
On the other side of the kitchen is Margo-san drinking coffee.
Nei-san opened a red wine.

「Hey, Katsun…can we play music?」
「Go on!」

Nei-san operated the machine installed in the kitchen and played music…
An elegant, magnificent performance sounds in the kitchen…

「…What music is this?」

When I asked Nei-san.

「Mozart’s 『Requiem』2 It’s the eighth piece 『Day of Tears』…3

We continued making cake while listening to Mozart.
Margo-san changed it to rock when requiem finished.
Was it 『Eagles』or 『Whitesnake』It was a music from foreign band I don’t know.
After that, music from the band named 『Runaways』…
Margo-san and Nei-san matches with the music and shouts 「…ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!」4
It seems fun so Misuzu and Megumi copies them.
Katsuko-nee too

「…ch ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!」

I was laughing before I noticed.
We spent two hours just like that…
Looking from the window, the sun has gone down…it’s almost evening.
The interphone in the kitchen ringed.

『…Katsuko, please bring Yoshida-kun here』
「Certainly, Ojou-sama」

Katsuko-nee responded on the phone and looked at me

「…Should we go?」
「Katsuko-sama, can we go too?」

Misuzu asked Katsuko-nee…

「Misuzu wants to watch Danna-sama impregnating that woman」
「Me too…Katsuko-san」

Misuzu and Megumi told Katsuko-nee.

「I think that there’s still some reverberations left but I think that it’s already safe. Let’s all go」

Katsuko-nee said…

◇ ◇ ◇

Inside the chapel once again.
It smells terrible inside…
It smells women love nectar, sweat, and pee…
Yukino leaked…

「…Ufu, it’s fine now. It’s okay」

Yuuka-san met us with a smile.
The ladies looks completely tired out…
They performed every torture for two straight hours.
Huh…I can’t see Yukino?

「Shirasaka Yukino’s on top」

Yukino’s riding the altar.
She’s wearing a pure white bridal gown.
There’s a white veil on her head.
Yukino’s face completely flew away.
Her eyes looks exhausted that it can’t focus…

「Katsuko-chan, take the camera…this will be her first and last time wearing a wedding dress after all…!」

Hidemi-san said…

「…This is Shirasaka Sousuke’s favorite play. 『Wedding play』. This room is used only for that sake…don’t even try to imitate this play…」

Sensei told Megumi, Misuzu and Nei-san.

「A woman violated in her bridal gown…can no longer wear bridal costumes anymore. They’ll remember the time they were violated by all means. That’s why, they can never hold a wedding ceremony…they can’t! Knowing that, Shirasaka Sousuke made us put on bridal gowns and violated us. Making an eternal oath in front of the altar…I can never forgive him…Never…!」

Nagisa-san spoke in hatred.

「That’s why you must not do this play. Please treasure the opportunity of wearing bridal gown on your own wedding ceremony only」

Yuuka-san told the younger girls.

「And…Show us your beautiful bride appearance. Please. We can no longer wear wedding dresses after all…!」

Hidemi-san spoke sadly.

「Hey…Shirasaka Yukino-chan…wake up!」

Tamayo-san pats Yukino’s cheeks…!

「…Please no more…Yukino’s bad…I’ll do anything, forgive me…please stop it…!」

Yukino kept murmuring the same words in low voice…

「What are you saying, we’re just about to start the main event!」

Hidemi-san sprinkles water on Yukino’s face to make her conscious.

「We did all kinds of torture but the inside of her vagina isn’t stimulated. That’s where Yoshida-kun’s penis would torment!」

Tamayo-sam smiled at me…!

「Yoshida-kun, take off your clothes…!」

With Sensei’s words, I took off my clothes…and became naked
My penis is already erect.

「To to Shirasaka-san at the altar…!」

Yukino on her wedding dress lies on the altar.

「No…I don’t want to be violated anymore!」

The bride is afraid!!!!


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