Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 674. Yomiko’s forced deflowering 1 / Setup



「 I can’t do this, I’m scared 」

Yomiko trembles.

「 Michi 」

I called Michi.

「 Look into my eyes!! 」

「 Huh? 」

Yomiko unconsciously looked into Michi’s eyes.

「 !!! 」

Michi forces a strong Qi to Yomiko.

「 Hauuu! 」

Michi’s Qi control reaches the depths of Yomiko’s spirit.

「 Okay. Let’s go to bed 」

「 Uuuuuu 」

Yomiko’s 14-year-old stands up from the chair and head to the white bed, regardless of her will.

This is to deflower her, to take away her purity.

「 N-Nooo, I don’t want this. Tsukiko! Tsukko! Help me!!! 」

She’s mentioned that she’s ready to experience sex so many times until now and yet.

Yomiko’s still a second-grade middle school girl.

Furthermore, she’s been spoiled as she’s the Takakura shrine maiden’s daughter.

When the push comes to shove, she trembles from the fear of sex.

「 Please resolve yourself. Yomiko-sama 」

Tsukiko tells her sister.

「 Luna-sama has already experienced it, we’re no longer allowed to escape 」

That’s right.

That’s why I did Luna first.

If they watched their little sister deflowered right in front of their eyes, the elder sisters have no choice but to do the same.

「 It’s okay. Nii-san is gentle 」

Luna tells Yomiko as Ruriko and Agnes hugs her on the red bed.

Blood and semen still drip out from her pained crotch.

Ruriko’s wiping it but, there’s still more dripping out.

「 But, I’m scared! 」

Yomiko arrives on the bed as she screams.

「 Look at this. This will go inside you too 」

I show my erect penis who’s sitting on the edge of the bed.

「 S-Scary 」

Yomiko’s face looks at my hard erect penis.

I rub my glans on Yomiko’s shaking cheeks.

「 N-Nooo 」

I rub my slippery glans on her smooth and beautiful skin.

「 Should I undress her, Master? 」

Michi asked.

「 No, I’ll do that. You girls should strip 」

「 Yes, Master 」

「 Okay, Onii-chan 」

Michi and Mana start taking off their clothes.

Then, I touch Yomiko’s see-through shrine maiden clothing.

「 D-Don’t touch me 」

「 That’s not going to happen 」

I poked Yomiko’s pink areola over the fabric.

「 Kyauu 」

When Michi’s controlling her body, it seems that she’s much more sensitive than usual.

「 Yomiko’s wearing a fake shrine maiden clothes right now 」

That’s right. This is a costume for the prostitutes in the mansion.

Therefore, the fabric is thin and see-through.

「 Don’t you think that these clothes suit Yomiko right now? 」

「 W-What do you mean? 」

Yomiko looks up at me.

「 Yomiko, you’re not actually a shrine maiden, you were in the middle of training; and yet, you used your Miko power without care 」

She’s falling short for a shrine maiden, but

She’s using her power to make people obey her.

「 I-I 」

「 You used your Miko power thoughtlessly, that makes you a fake shrine maiden. Am I wrong? 」

I declared.

「 That is why you must first quit being the fake shrine maiden 」

Yomiko’s taken aback.

「 Take that fake shrine maiden costume off yourself. Take it all off and become Takakura Yomiko only 」

「 I-I 」

Yomiko’s puzzled.

「 Michi, take off your control for now 」

「 Yes, Master 」

Michi who’s already in her underwear replies.

「 I’ll release the control of her body while keeping the mental link to my Qi 」

「 Hauuu 」

Yomiko who’s freed stoop over the bed to protect herself from me.

「 I’ve got to take off Michi’s underwear, undress meanwhile 」

I said, then ignored Yomiko and go to Michi and Mana.

「 Mana-imouto, you go first 」

「 Thanks, Michi-oneechan 」

Mana gives me a hug and a kiss.

「 Take them off, Onii-chan 」

「 Yeah 」

First, I unhook Mana’s bra.

Her cute nipples flicked, so I licked it up.

Then, her panty.

Mana’s already familiar on how I take these off.

Her panty smoothly slid out of her feet.

「 Next, Michi 」

「 Yes 」

Michi stands before me.

「 Uhm, Master 」

「 What? 」

「 I’d like to wear black underwear next time, however, 」

Michi speaks bashfully

「 I want to try out something a bit more mature 」

「 Yeah, I think that’s good 」

「 Yes. Then, next time. Also 」

「 No, you don’t have to consult to me about every little thing. Try to surprise me at least 」

「 Is that so? 」

「 Yeah. I think that Mich would look good in anything 」

「 But, I want to hear Master’s opinion at least 」

「 About what? 」

Michi shows an earnest face.

「 Uhm, nipple tape or a band-aid on my slit. Which do you prefer? 」


Michi’s ideas sometimes go beyond my understanding.

「 Well, I can’t tell unless I’ve seen it 」

「 Then, how about wearing nothing but a mantle on the Skytree observatory, or wearing nothing but mask during the Japan series opening season? 」

「 Why mask? 」

「 If we show our face then they’ll discover our identities 」


「 Then, let’s go with the sky tree 」

I’d rather not bother those who are playing and watching at the Japan series.

「 I knew it. I’ll stand on the glass floor on the 340th level in sky tree without panties, then do it with Master with the idea that everything’s visible for those below 」

Michi’s amazing.

That’s a breakthrough in a sense.

「 If possible, I’d like to go to the second observation deck and experience sex 450 meters above ground while watching Tokyo’s night view 」

「 Well, if there’s a way to do that and not bother the other visitors of Sky Tree, then sure 」

I said.

「 I’ll ask if we can reserve it 」

Misuzu said.

「 I want to do that too 」

「 Ruriko too 」

「 Agnes too! 」

「 Me too~ 」


「 I don’t know if we can reserve the Sky Tree, but if I recall, Tokyo Tower allows reservation on their observation deck 」

Nei said.

「 Hmm, but the Tokyo Tower is only 333 meters 」

Michi, don’t look that worried.

「 Speaking of which, Sky Tree’s got a viewing platform at 550 meters for maintenance. It’s cramped that only two people can be in it! 」

「 That’s it! 」

Michi’s eyes are sparkling as Nei said that.

「 No, while we’re at it, how about we have Master at the top of the tower and have aerial sex at 634 meters 」

「 Mitchan that would be risky, and it would also be cold if you get naked 634 meters above ground 」

「 Indeed. Putting myself aside, I cannot let Master contact colds 」

No. Michi.

Before we could have sex, I’d piss myself.

That’s 634 meters above ground, you know!

「 Geez, why are you not joining the conversation! 」

Mana asks Megu.

「 Huh? 」

「 You could’ve said anything like “Me too.” or “That’s dangerous!” try joining in the conversation! You really love staying at your high-horse don’t you, Megu-oneechan? 」

Mana said. Megu’s surprised.

「 I’m just 」

「 Oh shut up. We don’t want to hear excuses, Megu-oneechan right now is like the old Yukino-san. You stay at your high-place by yourself and don’t want to go down to where everyone is 」

「 I’m not like Yukino! I! 」

Megu’s offended that she’s being compared to Yukino.

Ah, this is getting worse.

The atmosphere would feel hostile again.

Let’s stop this.

I’ll pretend that I snapped before Megu could say anything.

I turned to Yomiko.

Just as I thought, Yomiko hasn’t taken off her shrine maiden uniform even though she had enough time.

「 Why are you not undressing yet?! 」

I shouted at Yomiko.

Megu and Mana fell silent from my angry look.

「 T-That’s, uhm, sorry 」


「 Hey, Yo-chan, do you know why that shrine maiden clothes are semi-transparent? 」


「 That’s not just a costume for shrine maiden cosplay 」

Nei laughs.

「 That’s a costume for shrine maiden rape play 」

In short.

「 You can tear it off with your hand 」

That’s a good idea.

「 Michi, restrain Yomiko again 」

「 Certainly 」

「 W-Wait! 」

Yomiko shakes, but.

「 It’s your fault for not undressing 」

I go in front of Yomiko who can no longer move.

Then, I grabbed the collar of her shrine maiden clothing.

「 S-Stop! Please! 」

Yomiko’s eyes accumulate tears of fear.



「 Kyaaaa!!! 」

Yomiko’s white skin and voluptuous breasts show itself.

「 No, no, noooo!!! 」

I push Yomiko down the bed.

Then, I tear off her shrine maiden clothes!



Wow, this is easy to tear.

And since Yomiko’s naked under her shrine maiden clothes…

「 Nooo, nooo, don’t leave Yomi naked! 」

Yomiko’s back.

Her white and round ass.

Her soft thighs.

They all show up as I tear the fabric.

「 Noooooooooooooo!!!! 」

Now that I tore them all off, I roll over Yomiko.

「 Wow! Yomiko-san’s breasts are huge! 」

「 Yes, I feel gloomy 」

Mana and Michi speak out their thoughts.

「 D-Don’t look! 」

Seems like she’s shocked after I stripped her in front of all these people.

「 Mana, do what you want with Yomiko’s breasts 」

I said.

「 Huh? You sure? 」

「 Yeah, massage them all you want 」

「 Okay~ Onii-chan! 」

Mana jumps on Yomiko’s bed.

「 D-Don’t touch me!! 」

「 None can do. I’ll touch them. Wow, it’s jiggling! 」

Mana massages Yomiko’s breasts with both hands.

「 How nice. Yomiko-san’s at the same age as Mana, right? Yes, this is nice 」

「 Mana-imouto, you still have it better 」

「 Michi 」

I hug Michi and massage her chest from behind.

「 How about you notice that I like this too? 」

「 I know that, but, people want to aim for perfection 」


「 You are you. Michi. Michi isn’t lacking anything right now. After all, you’re my cute Michi because you have this body 」

「 Master! I love you! 」

Michi turns around and hugs me.

She gives me a passionate kiss.

Of course, I entwine with Michi’s tongue.

「 Calm down, it’s Yomiko’s time right now. This is her once in a life-time deflowering time 」

「 Yes, I’m very sorry 」

Michi returns to her usual expressionless face.

「 Yeah, then, I’m going 」

I let go of Michi’s body.

Then, I lie down next to Yomiko.

「 Onii-chan, this is huge, but it feels different from Katsuko-oneechan’s breasts 」

「 Yeah, she’s still growing. It’s a bit stiff, isn’t it? 」

「 I mean, it’s bouncing around though 」

Mana’s having fun with Yomiko’s breasts.

「 D-Don’t be so rough 」

「 Give me the other side. I’m going to lick them 」

「 Okay, Onii-chan 」

I crawl my tongue on the breast Mana let go.

「 How does it feel? Onii-chan’s good at licking, isn’t he? 」

Mana asks Yomiko.

「 I-I don’t want this. I’m scared 」

「 It’s not scary, it’s just sex 」

Mana laughs.

「 The first time hurts a bit, but you won’t die. Ah, you might get pregnant, but it doesn’t matter since it’s Onii-chan’s child, right? 」

Yomiko’s pale face shivers even more.

「 Michi spread Yomiko’s legs 」

「 Yes 」

Yomiko’s legs spread itself.

「 Huh? Nonononono. I don’t want this!!! 」

She must’ve remembered the scene where I inserted my thing in her little sister earlier.

Yomiko screams.

「 I won’t thrust in right away, I’ll just go and look at it first 」

I examine Yomiko’s vagina.

Meanwhile, Mana plays with Yomiko’s huge breasts again.

「 Hmm, it’s not getting wet 」

Her fear of losing her virginity must be stronger.

Just licking her won’t let go of the shock she received from watching her sister deflowered.

「 Should I instruct her body to open up? 」

Michi said. But.

「 No, Michi, you’re mentally linked with Yomiko, right? 」

「 Yes, that’s the case 」

「 Then, that means that if Michi feels pleasure, Yomiko will feel it as well, right? If we get Michi wet, then Yomiko will get wet as well 」

「 Theoretically, yes 」

Then let’s put that theory to practice.

「 Michi, come 」

「 Yes, Master 」

Michi gets on top of me.

「 Excuse me 」

She stuffs my penis in her cheek and smears it with saliva.

Then, she tries to insert it right away.

「 Wait, Michi, you’re not wet yet, are you? 」

I said.

「 Yes, I love stuffing Master’s huge thing inside my unprepared vagina 」

「 But, won’t that hurt? 」

Michi’s got a small body.

Her vagina is also narrow.

「 That’s the best part! 」

Michi says with her eyes sparkling.

「 There’s no problem. It will get wet enough once Master is inside 」

Saying that. She places my glans on her opening.

We’re having sex in the cowgirl position, but.

「 Besides, from what I see, Yomiko-sama has the qualities of a masochist 」


「 I want her to learn about the pleasure in pain through my body 」

Michi lowers her waist.

「 W-What?!! Something is coming inside me?!?? 」

Michi’s senses are directly transmitted to Yomiko.

Is this the shrine maiden’s blood effect?

Because their power to accept Qi is stronger than other people, the mental link is also deeper.

「 Here I come 」

My penis invades Michi’s still tight vagina.

「 O-Ouch!! 」

Yomiko’s the one who raised her voice.

「 It feels good! Aaaah, Master’s ravishing me!!! 」

No, actually, it looks like Michi’s raping me though.

「 Kuuun!! 」


Michi accepts me in.

「 Aaah, it hurts! It hurts but it feels good!!! 」

Michi’s vagina squirms at once.

The flesh wall wrapping me loosens up.

Love nectar drips down from the connecting part.

「 W-What’s this? 」

「 Ufufu, Yomiko-san’s getting wet too 」

Mana plays with Yomiko’s crotch with her fingers.

「 Master! I! 」

Michi says while on top of me.

「 May I move on my own pace? 」


「 Yeah, move until you cum. However, I can’t ejaculate inside you right now 」

If I cum together with Michi…

Then, Michi’s Shingetsu will invoke throughout the whole room.

I want to send sexual pleasure only to Yomiko.

「 therefore, don’t mind me and move as you want until you cum 」

「 Certainly! 」

Huh? Michi?!

「 Kudou arts school, Kudou Michi!! Will begin!! 」


You’re going all-out from the start?!!

「 Hauhauhauhauhauhauhauhauhauuuuu!!!! 」

Michi moves her hips up and down on me.

She squeezes my penis and rubs inside her vagina.

「 Lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove! I love you, Master!!! 」

She’s concentrating her mind and body on having sex with me.

Oh, I see her eyes looking intoxicated. She’s looking only at me.

「 Do me! Ravish me! Violate me! Please break Michi! Master!!! 」

Michi’s this intense when going all-out.

No, she usually holds herself down.

「 Aaaaahn!! Why are you so cute!? Master?!! Master who’s burning Michi up is so cute!!! Uuugh! 」

She sways and twists her waist while speaking.

Hot liquid continues to flow from deep inside Michi.


「 W-What’s this?! What’s this sensation!? I feel. I feel my hot inside!!!! 」

Michi’s intense flames spread to Yomiko’s insides.

「 It feels good, doesn’t it? Yomiko-san? 」

Mana continues to play with Yomiko’s chest and crotch lewdly.

「 Yomiko-san’s getting wet too 」

Mana shows her fingers that ran across Yomiko’s crotch.

The love nectar shines a thread.

「 Noooo, Look! Look at me. Master, look as Michi climaxes!!! 」

Michi tells me while breathing roughly.

「 Yeah, I’m watching, Michi 」

I look into Michi’s eyes.

「 Aaaahn, I’m happy. Michi loves it when Master watches!! 」

Michi holds my hand.

「 Yeah. I’m watching it. Cum 」

Usually, I’d spurt up also to match with Michi’s climax, but.

For now, I clench my ass and hold it.

「 Yes! Master! Master!! 」

Michi puts strength in her ass.

Michi’s stomach also tightens up its muscles.

「 I-I’m cumming. Kudou Michi’s about to cum!!! 」

Michi speaks with her face bright red and tears in her eyes.

「 P-Please! Master! Please!! 」

Michi speaks while accelerating her hips.

「 Say that you love Michi!! 」

My sex slaves are really cute.

「 I love you, Michi 」

Michi smiles.

「 Look! Watch! See me cum! Master! Michi! Michi! haaaa 」


「 Cumming, cumming, cumming!!!! 」

Michi bends her body and spasms.

That’s such a cute figure.

What a lovely face.

This is my treasure.

「 Hyayayayayayaaaaa!!! What’s this?! What’s this?! What’s this!!!!! 」

Michi’s climax wave attacks Yomiko.

「 It’s piercing through my body. Aaaaahn, Yomi, white. It’s all becoming white!!! 」

Yomiko learns the ecstasy from sex while still a virgin.

「 Master!!! 」

Michi who just came leans on me, exhausted.

I pat Michi’s hair and back gently.

Before long.

「 Thank you as always. Master 」

Michi slowly got up and kissed me.

「 It’s unfortunate that I can’t receive semen inside for now, but there is still a next time 」

「 Yeah, Yomiko’s waiting 」

「 Yes 」

Michi pulls out my penis.

My penis is nearing ejaculation. It looks like it’s about to explode.

「 Please do your best 」

Michi kisses my penis lovingly.

She gave it a lick.

「 Hey, any more than that and I’ll cum 」

「 I’m very sorry 」

Yeah, in this state.

I’ll immediately cum once I enter Yomiko.

「 Yomiko-san is all prepared now 」

Mana said.

Looking at Yomiko, she’s completely drained of strength.

「 You okay? Could it be that your consciousness blew off? 」

It’s meaningless do deflower an unconscious Yomiko.

Yomiko needs to remember her first-time sex. That includes pain.

「 She’s not unconscious. She’s just paralyzed, that’s why she can’t move 」

Michi said.

Oh, looking at her face,

Yeah, she’s looking at me dumbfounded.

「 W-What’s going on with me? 」

Yomiko asks while gasping.

「 I can’t move my body. I feel like everything’s open 」

Oh, her perfectly closed slit is loose now, it’s dripping love nectar on the sheets.

「 This is good enough. Yomiko, you’ve closed yourself too much up until now 」

I think.

「 Me? 」

「 Yeah, you’re always aggressive to the people you don’t want to see your heart. You’re a woman who’s still on guard 」

「 You could say that 」

Yomiko honestly admits.

「 And now, Yomiko’s locks to her mind are now open 」

I look at Yomiko’s exhausted body.

「 But, just unlocking it isn’t enough 」

Yomiko looks at me with earnest eyes.

「 That is why I’m going to break open Yomiko’s gate 」

「 Open? 」

「 That’s right, I’m going to open it, thrust in and squeeze in until the depths of Yomiko’s heart 」

Mana strokes my penis to match with my words.

「 That means Onii-chan’s going to eat Yomiko-san 」

Mana said, then she rubs my penis on her entrance overflowing with love nectar.

「 I’m scared 」

Yomiko mutters, but she didn’t show unease like earlier.

「 Michi, Mana, spread out Yomiko’s legs 」

Michi’s exhausted, so her physical control doesn’t work.

Michi holds Yomiko’s right leg.

Mana holds down the left leg.

「 Oh, gimme a second first 」

Nei takes Yomiko’s last photo as a virgin.

I spread out Yomiko’s entrance.

There’s even more love nectar trickling down.

Lastly, I check on her hymen.

Nei takes photos of those as well.

「 You really are going to eat me, aren’t you? 」

Yomiko leaks a sigh of despair.