Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 675. Yomiko’s forced deflowering 2 / deflowering



「 Yomiko 」

I kiss Yomiko’s lips.

「 N-Noo 」

I forced our lips to overlap.

「 Then, let your tongue entangle with Onii-chan’s tongue 」

Mana whispers to Yomiko’s ear.

「 Uguuu 」

I forced my tongue inside Yomiko’s mouth.

Feeling that it’s inevitable, Yomiko accepts my tongue.

「 Nnnnnn!!! 」

After enjoying our kiss for a while, I released our lips.

「 What do you think? Master’s kiss is amazing, isn’t it? 」

Michi looked down at Yomiko and said.

「 I don’t know 」

Yomiko replied.

「 After all, that was my first time 」

I massage Yomiko’s breasts.

「 Higii 」

I lick on her nipples.

Yes, this is some beautiful breasts.

The shape, size, and elasticity are all pleasant.

There can’t be any breasts like this even if I look for all the 14-year-old girls in Japan.

「 Yomiko, hold this 」

I let Yomiko’s right hand grasp my erect penis.

「 Hiii!!! 」

My penis is wet with saliva, and with Yomiko’s love nectar Mana coated earlier.

「 Then, stroke it like this 」

I put my hand on top of Yomiko’s small hand and move it up and down.

「 I-it’s warm, and thick 」

「 This thing will go inside Yomiko 」

Yomiko trembles.

「 I’d die if you do that 」

「 You won’t. You saw it already. This all went inside Luna-san」

Mana laughs.

「 I’m also at the same age as Yomiko-san, but it always goes inside me 」

「 Me too, I’m smaller than you but, I can push it to my cervix 」

Michi said.

「 But, I 」

Actually, touching my erect penis again made her head realize that I’m about to deflower her.

Yomiko’s body trembles.

「 I-It’s impossible! I-I-I-I can’t do this!!! 」

Even so, Yomiko’s hand doesn’t let go of my penis from the tension she feels.

Yomiko’s shaking strokes my erect penis up and down, it feels pleasant in a way.

My penis is just growing harder and bigger.

「 Uuugh! It’s getting bigger!!! 」

As expected, her heart is pounding.

Yomiko’s flushed skin is now sweating.

The sexual arousal she received from Michi’s ecstasy and her nervousness match together, heating up Yomiko’s body.

Though her mind rejects it, her slit continues to flood down love nectar.

Oh, it’s making a big stain on the bedsheet now.

「 Well then, let’s begin 」

「 Nooooo! I can’t! I can’t! I can’t! I can’t! 」

Yomiko shakes her head.

「 I think that you should violate her as hard as you can in Yomiko-san’s case, Onii-chan 」

Mana said.

「 She’s always pretending to be tough, but she’s actually a weak girl. Yomiko-san is 」

Mana pats Yomiko’s cheeks.

「 You’re actually so scared that you can’t do anything, but you don’t want it seen through, so you’re always pretending to be tough and strong, aren’t you? 」

The frightened Yomiko looks up at Mana with teary eyes.

「 I-I 」

「 I know. I can understand. You keep saying that you have to be the shrine maiden successor, because if you can’t, you won’t have anywhere to stay, right? 」


「 I mean, I’m father and mother’s daughter 」

Yomiko says while shedding tears.

「 I’m Father’s only child 」

I knew it.

Luna’s also a child born from the arbitration.

In short, Luna’s father is also a boss of Yakuza.

「 If I didn’t become the Takakura shrine maiden then I’d feel sorry for my father. Therefore, I told Tsukiko and Luna that it has to be me!! 」

Tears part from her eye and fall like crystals one after another.

「 That’s why! I!!! 」

Ah, Yomiko’s tensed up again.

This 14-year-old girl whose parents were suddenly killed isn’t unreasonable.

「 But, you can’t stay the way you are, Yomiko-san 」

Mana tells Yomiko.

「 Yomiko-san must turn back to a lone girl before becoming a shrine maiden. You can cry as much as you want. Scream. You can shout. You can rage. It’s scary, painful, sad, isn’t it? Yomiko-san, you must let out all of your emotions first 」

「 Let out? 」

Yomiko looks up at Mana.

「 It was the same for me. I hated my fate. I’ve always thought, “Why do I have to experience this?” and “Nobody understands my feelings.” I pretend to look okay on the surface, pretending to make myself pleasant to Onii-chan and everyone, yet deep inside, I cursed everything. I didn’t forgive anyone 」

That’s when I raped Mana.

It was the time when we confined her and kept her hostage against the old man Ichikawa.

She pretended to be our ally but deep inside, she’s trying to escape.

Therefore, I raped Mana again and again.

「 But, that’s not okay. You’re just closing your mind and embracing those boiling emotions inside. It doesn’t fix anything. No matter how scared you are, even if you can’t agree with the absurd reality, if you look away, then you can’t stand up! 」


「 I know that I’m just a powerless 14-year-old girl. I lived a good life until then, and I thought that it was natural for someone to protect me. Therefore, I didn’t forgive those who don’t. To think that I went through a bitter experience 」

Mana’s also shedding tears.

「 But, when I started thinking to face reality, I realized that I’m just protected all this time because my parents had the money and social status, it wasn’t my own power. Therefore, when the power of my parents to protect me disappeared, it was natural that nobody was there to protect me. I’ve become a girl without anything 」

Mana clings to me while crying.

「 Even so, Onii-chan tried to help me even though I have nothing. Nothing but my own body. I’m an idiot, so I didn’t notice it at first. Everyone was cruel to me, so it was natural for Onii-chan to be kind to me, I thought. After all, I’m the victim, and Onii-chan’s the perpetrator, I believed that Onii-chan will make it up for me for the rest of his life 」


「 It’s stupid, isn’t it? Minaho-oneechan was in a life-or-death battle, and yet, I thought that I’m under a special rule because I had nothing to do with it 」

Minaho-nesan’s little sister and her child were killed by Shirasaka Sousuke.

Megu’s mother, Keiko-san, and many other prostitutes have died.

Minaho-neesan’s revenge plan was to destroy all of Shirasaka Sousuke’s family for the family and friends of those he killed.

Among them was the plan to impregnate Shirasaka Yukino and kill Shirasaka Maika.

「 I was so stupid. There was a knife on my neck and yet I thought that I could still choose what I want to do with my life 」

Humans think that they’re the players who chose their life.

But, in most cases, they can’t choose their life as they want.

The big waves of dark shadow come and come always.

All we can do is to face it.

Humans are neither gods who can create their destiny nor game master who can control the game rules.

「 If Onii-chan didn’t come to save me then I’m already dead. No, it’s actually a miracle that I’m still alive. I’m a girl who should’ve died 」

Yukino’s listening to Mana’s confession.

「 I found it out barely on the last moment that I wasn’t unique. Nobody thinks that I’m a girl that must live. I’m the only one who’ll be in trouble if I die 」


Old man Ichikawa and Mana’s mother abandoned her in the end.

Her father has done nothing but criminal acts, betraying the family.

Mana knows that no one in her family loved her that they’d put their life on the line.


「 That’s not true, it would be a problem for me 」

I said.

「 Yes. Thank you, Onii-chan 」

Mana smiles at me.

「 I’m the happiest when having sex with Onii-chan. After all, when having sex, both my mind and body are naked, and Onii-chan asks for only that. I who have nothing. He loves me because I’m naked 」

Mana abandoned her past as Shirasaka Maika.

Yoshida Mana took over this 14-year-old naked mind and body.

「 Yomiko-san, you must become naked in your mind and body 」

Mana speaks gently.

「 You don’t have to think about becoming a shrine maiden or whatever 」

「 But, the tradition 」

Yomiko speaks in pain.

「 Will it really continue? If Yomiko-san becomes a shrine maiden, then would Yomiko-san’s child, grandchild have the same fate? 」

Ruriko asks from the red bed.

Ruriko’s hugging Luna.

Luna’s staring at Yomiko.

「 That’s, I don’t know 」

Yomiko mutters.

「 I don’t know! I don’t know anything at all! 」

Yomiko cries.

「 That’s right, you don’t have to 」

I said.

「 You can’t choose your life, therefore, fall to the hopelessness it brings 」

「 Kuromori-sama? 」

Yomiko’s startled.

「 Listen, I’m going to deflower you not because you agreed to it. You didn’t give me permission, yet I’m going to ravish you 」

「 What are you talking about? 」

「 Up until now, you misunderstood that fate and everything and anyone understands and accepts you 」

Yomiko’s always been like that.

She’s agreed to have sex with me so many times until now.

That’s because she doesn’t want to accept the harsh fate.

She’s under the impression that she chose her destiny, that nobody forced her to it.


She agreed only with her mind, but now that we’re about to have sex, her body rejects.

「 I-I a-agreed to it! Kuromori-sama, doing this with me. L-Luna was able to do it already 」

See? She’s trying to put a brave front.

She convinces herself that she accepts.

「 Have you really accepted it? 」

I asked.

「 O-Of course! I-I am a woman born from the shrine maiden’s house 」

「 That’s not it 」

Yomiko looks at me.

「 It’s the fact that your parents were murdered 」

「 !!! 」

「 Or could it be you think that it’s inevitable because “Takakakura shrine maiden” 」

「 T-That’s!!! 」

Yomiko falters.

Tears spill from her eyes again.

「 Kuromori-sama, you’re mean 」

「 Yeah, I am 」

I get on top of Yomiko.

「 W-Wait! M-My heart isn’t ready yet!! 」

「 I don’t care!!! 」

I spread out Yomiko’s legs.

Then, I grind in my glans on her dripping wet opening.

「 N-Nooo! I-I’m scared! I’m afraid!!!! 」

Yomiko’s brave front is peeled off.

「 Yeah, it’s scary, isn’t it? This big thing’s going inside you 」

I rub my glans up and down on her slit, purposely teasing her.

「 Hiiiiii, nooooo!!! 」

Yomiko’s trembling but her body is under Michi’s control.

She can’t run away from my penis.

「 Yomiko, you’ll never become a shrine maiden 」

I said.

「 What we’re about to do isn’t just sex! We’re going to make babies! I’ll make you a mother, Yomiko!! 」

「 W-What are you talking about?! 」

「 You’ll give birth to my child next year. That means you’ll become a mother. You’ll never become a shrine maiden. You’ll be busy taking care of our child that you can’t train anymore 」

「 T-That’s! N-No! I can’t have that!!! 」

Yomiko looks up at me and shouts.

「 I allowed this to happen to become a shrine maiden!! Becoming a prostitute, having sex with Kuromori-sama, they are all for the Takakura shrine maidens to continue the legacy!! 」

「 Do you think I care about that?!! 」

I push my glans inside Yomiko’s vagina.

「 Kyaaaaaaaa!!! 」

She feels her body is invaded.

A hot, hard, and damp object; a male genital enters the 14-year-old virgin body!!

「 W-Wait! No! I don’t want this!!! 」

I push down Yomiko’s shoulder with my left hand and grab her big breasts with my right hand.

「 I’m breaking in, Yomiko!!! 」

「 W-What? 」

Yomiko’s eyes opened wide.

I’m not going in all at once.

I’m poking Yomiko’s hymen.

「 I-It hurts! This is impossible! It can’t go any further than that. It won’t get in!!! 」

「 That’s why I told you I’m breaking it!!! 」

Yomiko shows the face of fear.


The tip of my glans feels an obstacle.

「 That’s impossible!!!! 」

Yomiko’s molars are gritting.


「 Guh!! 」

I push through the barrier!!!


「 Kyaaaa! It’s tearing!!! 」

Yomiko’s right-hand grabs my arm.

Her left-hand grabs the sheet desperately as she trembles.


「 Aaaaaah! 」

Yomiko’s breathing roughly.

Her vagina has a man invading in and broke through her hymen.

This narrow path never had anything go through until now is spread out by my penis.

「 It hurtssssssssssssss!!!! 」

After a short pause, the severe pain from deflowering attacked Yomiko.

「 Ouch! It hurts! Stop! Stop this!!! 」

As if I would.

「 Not yet, I’m going deeper! Deeper inside Yomiko!!! 」

「 There’s nothing deeper than that!! 」

「 Yes, there is! 」

I push in my waist.

「 Kyaaaa!!! 」


My lower abdomen touches Yomiko’s.

My penis is inside Yomiko to the root.

「 See? It all went in 」

「 N-No way! T-This has to be a lie 」

「 This isn’t a lie, look at it 」

I order Yomiko.

Yomiko gets up, and she looks at the part where we’re connected.

「 I-It really went in 」

Yomiko looks at the reality in shock.

「 Touch it 」

I lead Yomiko’s hand to her abdomen.

「 It’s connected. It’s all inside. 」

Yomiko looks up at me teary eyed.

「 What’s going to happen to me now? 」


「 Didn’t I tell you earlier? You won’t become a shrine maiden. You’ll bear my child next year, that means you’ll become a mother 」

I lick on Yomiko’s nipples as I speak.

「 Luna will bear my child soon, but Yomiko will bear one right away, I’m going to impregnate you so hard. You’ll never think of becoming a shrine maiden again 」

Yomiko’s mother has finished her training and became a shrine maiden. Then she gave birth to her daughters.

I don’t know whether being a shrine maiden and childbirth stand together, but…

Anyway, I’ll do anything to make Yomiko give up on being a shrine maiden.

I’ll keep on spouting bluffs.

「 I don’t want that. Yomiko’s still a middle school girl 」

「 Yeah, you’ll become happier as a mother in middle school than a shrine maiden. Tsukiko, what do you think? 」

I ask Yomiko’s sister while I rape her.

「 Do you think that this weak-willed sister of yours can become a shrine maiden? 」


「 No 」

「 Tsukiko?! 」

Yomiko’s surprised.

「 I don’t think that Yomiko-sama should become a shrine maiden 」

The eldest of the three sisters tell the second sister.

「 That can’t be! 」

「 No, I felt it when I listened to Kuromori-sama’s story. It’s impossible for Yomiko-sama 」

Tsukiko intends to shoulder the burden of being a shrine maiden from the start.

I knew that she’d answer like that if I ask her.

「 You can’t even be a prostitute, you’re too spoiled after all 」

「 I-I! Guuuu!! 」

Yomiko’s shedding tears.

「 Either way, giving a prostitute aptitude test is my job. I’ll tell Jii-chan that Yomiko can’t become one tomorrow. I’ll let him know “such a weak-willed girl can’t do any work.” You say you want to become a shrine maiden? Don’t make me laugh 」

「 W-What do you know?! 」

「 I don’t know, and I don’t care. After all, Yomiko has no power at all!! A girl like you can’t do anything! 」

「 That’s! Yomi! Yomi is!! 」

Yomiko sobs.

I keep pushing my dick deep inside her.

「 You can’t even become a sex slave. You’re not as thoughtful as Luna, you’re selfish, and you’re always on your high-horse 」

「 Uuugh, Yomi, Yomi didn’t do anything wrong 」

That’s right, cast them all off.

Spit it all out and get naked, Yomiko!

「 That’s why I’ll make you a mother! Once you give birth, I’m sure that you’ll be a bit decent than now 」

「 N-Noooo! I don’t want that! 」

「 I won’t take no as an answer, Yomiko! 」

「 I don’t want to bear a child!!! 」

That’s it, Yomiko!!

「 But, you have no choice, you have no worth unless you give birth to a child!! 」

「 That’s not true! 」

Okay, next would be her body.

「 I’m moving, Yomiko! 」

「 Move? 」

I slowly begin to move rhythmically.

「 O-Ouch! It hurts! Ouchouchouchouchouch! Don’t move!!! 」

「 Don’t order me! Yomiko! 」

「 But, it hurts! It really hurts!!! 」

Yomiko’s 14-year-old body sways, matching my movement.

「 Nooooo! Save me! Father! Mother! Tsukiko!!! 」

I swing my hips,

play with Yomiko’s breasts,

knead her nipple with my fingers,

lick on her nape,

This body feels pleasant to touch. Is this really a middle school girl?

「 Noooooo! I don’t want this! Nooo, nooo, noooo!!! 」

Yomiko screams as her whole body sweats.

「 Ouch! It really hurts! Please stop it already!! 」

Oh, I’ve been holding back since earlier,

It’s coming already.

「 Yomiko, I’m going to cum inside you 」

Yomiko’s face shows fear.

「 It’s the baby seed, once it pours deep inside Yomiko’s womb, then we’ll make a baby 」

「 Noooo! Noooo! Nooooo!!! 」

I speed up my waist.


「 Yomiko, look at me. 」

「 Look! 」

Michi forces Yomiko’s eyes to look at me.

「 Here I go! I’ll make you a mother! Cumming! Cumming! Cumming!!! 」

「 Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! 」


Dopu! Dopu! Dopu!!

「 Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! 」

Yomiko’s womb receives a man’s semen for the first time.

「 I-It’s spreading out!!! 」

The hot white liquid erodes Yomiko’s stomach.

「 I’m still cumming! 」


I grind in my waist and pour to the last drop.

「 Kuuuuu!!! 」

Then, I bury my face into Yomiko’s voluptuous breasts, exhausted.

「 You were impregnated, you’re definitely pregnant now 」

Michi tells Yomiko.

「 N-No! That’s a lie, isn’t it? 」

Yomiko looks up at Michi and asks.

「 No. This is the truth. My master decides when you get pregnant and give birth. Therefore, you’ll definitely bear a child 」

Michi’s words were cold-headed.

「 T-That’s! I… 」

I’m still inside.

I’m still on top of her.

Yomiko’s dumbfounded.

「 What’s the problem? It’s a child. That’s all there is to it 」

Mana smiles at Yomiko.

「 Next year, there are a lot of women who’ll give birth to Onii-chan’s child, so you don’t have to worry. If Onii-chan allows it, Mana can get pregnant together with you 」

She talks to Yomiko like this is normal.

「 But, I have to carry the tradition of Takakura shrine maidens 」

「 Yomiko-san, how long are you going to talk about that? 」

Mana said. Yomiko shivers.

「 Yomiko-san can stop caring about shrine maidens. You’re already decided to become a mother 」

「 Yomi hasn’t decided yet 」

Yomiko mutters.

「 I made the decision, you don’t need to. You’ll become a mother 」

I get up my sweaty body.

「 No. No. 」 I 」

「 Don’t cry. It’s already set in stone, besides 」

I tell Yomiko.

「 We’re going for the second round 」

「 ?! 」

I start swinging my hips again without waiting for Yomiko’s reply.

「 Ouch! It hurts! Don’t move!! 」

「 Yomiko’s already my pregnant slave. Remember that. Sex doesn’t end with just a single ejaculation 」

I carry Yomiko’s thigh this time and then,

I try to push in deeper.

「 It hurts! Stop! Don’t hurt Yomi anymore! 」

Once again, Yomiko’s body sways a lot.

「 It’s okay. You’ll get used to it soon 」

Mana said.

「 I mean, Yomiko’s the same type as me I think 」

Yomiko looks at Mana.

「 After Onii-chan rapes you for ten times at least, Yomiko-san, you’ll be the one asking for it soon. It’s inevitable, Yomiko-san has that kind of body after all 」

Mana smiles.

「 You’re just a perverted masochist who’s pleased from Master’s breaking 」

Michi said.

「 I…Yomi… 」

「 You’ll understand it soon enough, you don’t have to answer now 」

Mana told Yomiko.

「 Kuu, it hurts! It hurts! Please! Stop! Stop already! 」

I ejaculate another time.

Yomiko’s cry of agony echoes in the room.

「 Please spare Yomi! Help me! Nooooooooooo!!! 」