Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 676. Yomiko’s forced deflowering 3 / Pregnant slave



「 I-I don’t want this! No more!! 」

Yomiko’s crawling on all fours as I bang her from behind.

Her 14-year-old body sways lewdly.

Her huge breasts dances and the tip of her nipples drip down sweat.

「 Look up and see yourself in the screen 」

Michi orders Yomiko.

「 Nooo, nooo, nooooo 」

Yomiko looks up at the large screen on the wall even while crying.

In there is…

Yomiko’s body projected through the cameras around the room.

「 Yomiko-san, Onii-chan’s having his way with you like that 」

Mana whispers to Yomiko’s ears.

Then, she played with the swaying nipples with her fingers.

「 T-This isn’t me! 」

Yomiko in the screen is entirely naked, has my penis screwing deep inside her vagina.

「 This miserable dog-like posed someone isn’t Yomi 」

「 It’s Yomiko-san, look 」

Mana pinched Yomiko’s nipples.

「 Ouch! 」

Yomiko jumps in pain, and Yomiko in the screen moves the same way.

「 See? That’s Yomiko-san. How does it feel? This is what you call sex. It’s when Onii-chan ravishes your body 」

「 No, nooo 」

「 But, seriously, Yomiko-san is at the same age as Mana, and yet your breasts are huge, your body is so lewd that anyone thinks that you’re born to be raped 」

「 Yeah, Yomiko’s body feels pleasant 」

I whisper to Yomiko from behind.

「 Now, say it. “Yomiko is a girl born for Master to rape” 」

Michi said.

「 No. Yomi. Yomi’s born to become a shrine maiden. This is wrong! This is not! 」

「 What “wrong”? Look at the monitor, Yomiko-san’s inside has that fat thing going in and out 」

The camera angle on the screen changes.

It now shows Yomiko’s vagina pierced in the big screen.

The big screen shows the state of Yomiko’s vagina.

Contrary to Yomiko’s mind, her body has my reddish-brown penis coming in and out of her. She’s accepting it. She’s being violated.

「 Nooooooooo!!! 」

Yomiko sheds tears to the reality that she’s being raped.

「 If you do that, Yomi…Yomi can’t become a shrine maiden anymore 」

Yomiko speaks out despair.

「 Yeah, you don’t have to. Either way, it was impossible for Yomiko to become one from the start 」

「 N-No! I can!! 」

「 No, you can’t. Yomiko, you’re such a weak-willed girl that you can never become a shrine maiden. You’ll stay here forever. You’ll give birth to my child. You’ll give birth by next year, Yomiko 」

「 No, No, Nooooo! Mother!!! 」

「 Yes, that’s it. I mean, it suits you, Yomiko-san. Being Onii-chan’s pregnant slave is better than being a shrine maiden for Yomiko-san 」

Mana whispers.

「 Now, say it. “I am Master’s pregnant slave” 」

Michi corners Yomiko further.

「 Noooo, nooo, I’ll never do that! 」

「 It’s too late 」


「 I’m cumming again, Yomiko!!! 」

「 Hiiiii?!!! 」

The big-tittied loli’s frightened of impregnation.

「 Look at the screen. Watch yourself at the moment you get impregnated 」

「 Look! 」

The girl’s body sways violently.

However, Yomiko’s eyes are fixed on the monitor showing her rape scene.

Yomiko watches her naked self.

「 Here I come! I’m going to cum a lot of baby seed inside your womb! 」

「 Noooo! Nooooo! Please don’t do horrible things to Yomi anymore!! 」

「 This isn’t horrible. All you’re doing is making a baby! 」

「 You’ll give birth just a few years earlier than us 」

Mana, Michi.

「 Yomi doesn’t want this!! Yomi doesn’t want a child yet!!! 」

Yomi’s vagina squeezes me tighter.


I shove in my glans to Yomiko’s uterus.

「 Cumming!! 」

「 Eh????? 」

A beat late after my declaration.

「 Aaaaah, it’s so hot!!!! 」

Byrurururu, byurururu, byururururu!!!

The thick white liquid fills Yomiko’s womb.

「 See? I’m cumming! And there’s more to it!! 」

I grab Yomiko’s huge breasts from behind and squeeze it.

Then I whisper those words to Yomiko’s ear.

「 Aaaaaah! I!!!! 」

Yomiko watches as I ejaculate inside her in a doggy-style position.

「 Can you feel it? 」

I grind in my waist as I ejaculate.

「 Nguuu, aaaah!! 」

Yomiko seems to be convinced.

She now believes that the naked girl impregnated on the monitor is really her.

「 Haa, haa, haa, still cumming. I let out a lot. Isn’t that great, Yomiko? 」

I place my hand on Yomiko’s small butt and pull out my penis.

The camera’s switched, and now the video’s changed from above.

I take out my penis from Yomiko’s tight vagina that just lost virginity.

That’s the second ejaculation.

Then, my semen spills out of Yomiko’s vagina.

It drips following Yomiko’s thighs.

「 Hey, it would be painful to stay like that. Lie down 」

「 Lie-down 」

Michi gives instructions and Yomiko fell to the bed.

「 You did well. Yomiko-san 」

Mana pats Yomiko’s back.

「 Onii-chan will be raping you a lot until a cute child is born. We’ll do it together 」

「 By pouring semen over and over again, a healthier child is born. Continue to train to become an excellent pregnant slave 」

Mana and Michi are speaking whatever they want as Yomiko has no sexual knowledge at all.

「 Aaah, it’s useless 」

Yomiko mutters.

「 I can’t. I can no longer become a shrine maiden 」

Yomiko’s heart finally broke.

「 Yomi 」

Yomiko looks up at the monitor again.

Seeing herself naked, as I hug her, Michi and Mana looking down at her.

「 Yomi now has nothing 」

She’s staring at herself raped in blank amazement.

There are no more tears coming out of her eyes.

「 I can’t become a shrine maiden. Yomi lost her power, Yomi’s no longer worth anything. Nothing 」


「 You have me 」

Luna shouts from the nearby bed.

「 Even if Yomiko-oneesama isn’t a shrine maiden, you’re still my Onee-sama! 」

The sisters who have my semen poured into their womb stare at each other.

「 Luna 」

「 I’ve become Nii-san’s sex slave. Yomiko-oneesama is his pregnant slave, that’s okay. I’ll ask Nii-san to let you stay here too. Then we can be together always!

Tears gather in Luna’s eyes.

「 Yeah, that’s right. Yomiko can no longer be a shrine maiden. 」

I hug Yomiko from behind.

「 But, Yomiko still has her body 」

I grope Yomiko’s 14-year-old warm body.

「 Yomi’s body? 」

Yomiko looks at me.

「 Yeah, Yomiko’s body is pleasant. I really want to make you give birth to my child. I want to indulge myself in this charming body so many times and impregnate you with lots of children 」

「 Yomi’s charming? 」

I kissed Yomiko.

「 Yeah, you are. If you weren’t, then I wouldn’t do this. It’s also embarrassing for me. To think that I’d get naked and put my penis inside Yomiko like this 」

「 I-Is that so? 」

「 Yeah, Yomiko, Luna, and Tsukiko are all attractive, so that’s why I can do this. I won’t have sex with girls I don’t like 」

Yomiko doesn’t know men’s sexual urges yet.

So, I lied.

No, they don’t have to know.

If they were to know that such dark desires exist,

The sacred prostitute opens up their body to the Yakuza during arbitration. They cannot face the truth about the Takakura shrine maiden.

The fact that they promised Jii-chan that they’ll become a prostitute with a smiling face,

These sisters can just continue their misunderstanding.

If not.

Their fate as a lineage of shrine maiden is too much for them.

「 Yomiko has worth even if you’re not a shrine maiden. It’s your body 」

I kiss Yomiko again and again and caress her whole body.

Yomiko’s stiff body loosens up.

「 Yeah, Yomiko-san’s cute, if you can’t become a shrine maiden then stay with us 」

「 Yes, you’re already Master’s pregnant slave 」

Mana and Michi follow up my story.

「 I think this is for the best 」

Tsukiko tells Yomiko.

「 Yomiko-sama and Luna-sama under Kuromori-sama’s care 」

「 Tsukiko 」

「 Please forget about becoming a shrine maiden already 」

Yomiko fell speechless from what her sister said.

「 Kouzuki-sama mentioned that we must become a prostitute and train in sex to become a shrine maiden 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Sex is the act Luna-sama, and Yomiko-sama experienced just now, isn’t it? 」

Tsukiko asks Misuzu.

「 That’s right. 」 And becoming a prostitute means that you’ll do it with anyone who asks for it 」

Misuzu replies.

We mustn’t mention money exchange here.

If we teach them that, the Takakura sisters will be confused even more.

That is if they want to think that becoming a Takakura shrine maiden is a beautiful thing.

This is something that’s inherited through generations until theirs.

They cannot be covered in dark desires.

They can’t be persuaded that their fate is that distorted.

「 Luna-sama, are you going to have sex with Kuromori-sama in the future? 」

The elder sister asks. Luna looks at me.

「 Yes. If it’s Nii-san. I’ve made my resolve 」

「 Agnes is with you! 」

Agnes brushes Luna’s body.

「 Can you have sex with anyone other than Kuromori-sama? 」


「 I can’t 」

Luna replied immediately.

「 I can only do it with Nii-san 」

「 There, there 」

Agnes pats Luna’s head.

「 Papa’s very kind, isn’t he? 」

「 Yes, I can’t think of having sex with anyone other than Onii-sama 」

Ruriko tells Luna as she gives her a lap pillow.

「 Yomiko-sama, how about you? 」

Tsukiko asks Yomiko this time.

「 Yomi doesn’t want it with anyone else. Right, I can’t become a prostitute. To think that I’d do this act with everyone who asks for it 」

Yomiko made her conclusion after experiencing sex in practice.

「 Then, would you give up on becoming a shrine maiden and receive Kuromori-sama’s love instead? 」

Tsukiko said. Yomiko;

「 Kuromori-sama said that my body is charming. That I have worth, if that’s the case, I’d have to serve with this body of mine. Just like how Luna does it 」

She said and looked at me.

「 It’s just that 」

「 What? 」

「 Yomi, will Yomi become a mother right away? 」


「 Well, it depends on the person, and their constitution 」

Misuzu immediately throws a lie.

「 Danna-sama pours his semen inside the woman’s body to make a child, one can give birth in about a year if they have a good constitution. Some take longer. The longest I’ve known was ten years before giving birth 」


「 Is that so? 」

「 Yes. You hear some women lamenting “for some reason, I can’t make a child,” don’t you? That was because of their body taking a long pregnancy period 」

Misuzu asserts.

「 Therefore, you should have sex with Yo-chan more and pour in semen inside your womb a lot more times. The more you have sex, the better your constitution will be!

Nei said with a smile.

「 I also have the warm stuff in my stomach, will that make me pregnant as well? 」

Luna touches her lower abdomen.

「 Yes. It will be in ten years. But, there’s no need to worry. We will all bear Danna-sama’s child someday at any rate 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 Yes, Agnes will also bear a child 」

「 Me too 」

「 Me too 」

「 Mana too 」

「 Ehehe, me too 」

Agnes, Ruriko, Michi, Mana, Nei.

「 When should I do it? What about you Megumi? 」

Edie asks Agnes.

「 I-I will. 」 It’s natural that I will as well! 」

Megu replies.

「 Therefore, Yomiko-san is Danna-sama’s pregnant slave, but you don’t have to think too much about it. It’s basically the same as Luna-san’s sex slave title 」

Misuzu tells Yomiko.

「 No, Yomiko will bear three children for me 」

I said.

「 Three children? 」

Yomiko’s surprised.

「 Yeah, that’s right. Therefore, think of a life plan from now on 」

「 Life plan? 」

「 That’s right. At what age will you give birth to your first born, what year would be the next child, think of it in advance. Do you think that the siblings need a considerable age gap? 」

「 Well, I think that they would be lonely if it’s so far away 」

「 Then, you don’t mind having the next child after a year? 」

「 Yeah, I think that two or three years apart will do. Yomi and Luna two years apart after all 」

Yomiko is 14.

Luna’s 12.

「 Plan out your life with that in mind. Do you want your children to go to college? If yes, then how old would Yomiko be when the child becomes a college student? Which age is the best? You need to think of it all 」

「 But, things don’t go as imagined 」

Yomiko said.

「 That’s obvious. Therefore, think of patterns. Even so, it’s better than not imagining anything. Once you made a proper image, your life becomes clear 」

「 I-I’ll try that too! 」

Nei nods.

「 I’ll do it as well 」

Even Ruriko…

「 I’ve already completed it 」


「 For example, once I’m 18-years-old, I’ll give birth to Master’s first son, “Ryuhei” Then, at age 22 would be “Michiko” and at age 24 would be “Miyuki” 」


「 It’s perfect. Nufufufu 」

Well, Michi’s imagination is a wild one from the start anyway.

「 I’m already saving up funds for their education 」

Oh right.

「 For now, Yomiko will not become a shrine maiden, and you’ll stay here, plan out your new life. Okay? 」

I mean, in Yomiko’s case.

She was under the impression that she had to become the shrine maiden by all means, but,

She doesn’t have any plan that’s specific about becoming a Takakura shrine maiden.

「 Yes, uhm, Tsukiko 」

Yomiko looks at her sister.

「 S-Sorry, Yomi can no longer become a shrine maiden. Therefore, Tsukiko 」

Tsukiko looks at her sister.

「 Tsukiko, can I ask you to do it instead? Be the next Takakura shrine maiden 」


「 Yes. That has always been my intention 」

She smiles at her sister.

「 I’m glad that Yomiko-sama gave up on it. Tsukiko’s happy 」

Then, she looked at me.

「 Kuromori-sama, thank you. You understand Yomiko-sama that you even went with that approach 」

She bows her head.

「 No, I 」

「 I understand. Kuromori-sama is a kind one, I’m relieved to entrust Yomiko-sama and Luna-sama to Kuromori-sama 」


「 But, please, for what’s ahead, please do not go easy on me. I’m ready. I’ll become a prostitute. I’ll have sex with anyone who asks for it. I’ll finish the training and become a shrine maiden 」

Tsukiko declares.

「 Tsukiko, you say that, but 」

This girl hasn’t experienced sex yet.

「 I’ve planned out my life already 」


「 Ever since I was a child, I have lived the purpose of becoming a shrine maiden. Therefore, I don’t have any hesitation 」

She said and smiled at me.

「 I’m the eldest among us sisters 」

「 No, just because you’re the eldest sister doesn’t mean that you’ll have to become the shrine maiden, right? 」

I said.

「 I don’t mean it like that, unlike my younger sisters, I know the real face of Takakura shrine maidens, I know how to find the sacred among the impure 」

What does that mean?

「 I’m already aware of my surroundings when Luna-sama was born 」


I already know that Luna’s born from the arbitration of the Takakura shrine maiden between a Yakuza dispute.

The two bosses of the Yakuza ravishes the shrine maiden, and a child is born. Therefore, the arbitration is concluded.

Luna’s 12-years-old.

The Late shrine maiden was pregnant 13-years ago.

Tsukiko’s 17-years-old

She should have memories as a 4-year-old child.

Yomiko’s 14-years-old now, she possibly has no memory at age 1.

「 I have seen the arbitration ceremony as the successor of shrine maidens 」

Did the Yakuza rape the mother in front of the 4-year-old daughter?

She’s shown such a cruel scene.

「 It’s a memory from when I was young, so it wasn’t clear. I even wondered if that was a dream. However, I remembered it all when Kuromori-sama had sex with Yomiko-sama and Luna-sama 」


Remember?! You remembered how your mother was violated by the Yakuza?

「 If that is the work of the Takakura shrine maidens, then indeed, becoming a prostitute where you have sex with anyone is a necessity. Indeed, if Mother had endured it, then I can too 」

「 Are you sure about becoming a prostitute? 」

Tsukiko looks at me.

「 Yes, I’ll be the one to succeed as the shrine maiden! 」

Her eyes show seriousness.

「 Hah! I wonder, try saying that after experiencing it yourself! 」

Nei said.

「 It is as you say, Kuromori-sama, please guide me in sex 」

Tsukiko bows her head to me.

「 Yo-chan, if she’s going that far then, you don’t have to care about Tsukiko-san as you did with Luna-san and Yomiko-san, you should mess her up! 」

No, you see.

「 If she really wants to become a prostitute then she’ll be facing people who aren’t as kind as you. Don’t think about Tsukiko-san and give her painful sex where men only care about themselves 」

「 I’ll leave it all to Kuromori-sama 」

Tsukiko said.

「 I will endure all of it 」


You sure?

Having sex with such tension.

Tsukiko said that she’ll endure it.

That means that this will be one-sided.

She’ll be closing down her heart stubbornly.

Is there any other way?

「 Well, sure, why not, but you see, Tsukiko-san! 」

Nei speaks to Tsukiko.

「 I’ve always been wondering about something, can I ask you about it? 」

「 What is it? 」

Nei looked at Tsukiko and smiled.

「 You see, it’s about your names 」

The Takakura sisters’ names.

「 Tsukiko, Yomiko, Luna 」

「 What about it? 」

Tsukiko looks at Nei curiously.

「 Tsukiko and Yomiko, your names combined says “Tsukiyomi.” That’s derived from the God Tsukiyomi, isn’t it? 」

「 Yes, what about it? 」

「 In short, Tsukiko-san and Yomiko-san is a set. Then, as for the youngest one, Luna-san 」

Nei looks at Luna.

「 Luna also means “Moon” isn’t it? Another “Tsuki” 」

Tsukiko “Tsuki”

And if you add Yomiko’s name “Tsukiyomi” The God of Moon.

Then, the youngest, Luna, is another “Tsuki.”

「 What do you think, about the common point with Tsukiko-san and Luna-san? 」

The two of them were born from the arbitration of the shrine maiden and Yakuza.

On the other hand, Yomiko’s the only one drawing the blood of the priest.

「 Does this have a meaning to the Takakura shrine maidens? It’s been bothering me all this time 」

Nei glares at Tsukiko.