Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 680. Battle sex with Tsukiko 2 / Foreplay



I looked and turned to Tsukiko.

「 No, not like that, you shouldn’t be putting too much pressure on your shoulders 」

Edie stops me smiling.

「 Misuzu, hug Darling. Then tell him to be his usual self 」

She told Misuzu and looked down on Tsukiko.

「 I’m a bit busy right now you see? 」

Tsukiko trembles.

「 Are you planning on controlling me? 」

Just like how Michi suppressed Yomiko’s powers.

Does Edie plan to do the same on Tsukiko?

「 No, no, sure, we can suppress if you were emitting from the inside, but if it’s absorbing from the outside, then I can’t do that 」

Yomiko and Tsukiko’s power is of the opposite nature.

Yomiko’s “Yomi Miko power” is a power to emit her intentions outside.

Tsukiko’s “Tsuki Miko power” is to read the mind of the person she touches forcefully.

Even if Edie emits her Qi, it’ll only be sucked in.

「 But, I can make even the grounds 」

Edie laughs.

「 Tsukiko’s balance is so bad right now. I’ll ease it up 」

「 Ease? 」

Hmmm, Edie emits her Qi.

「 Ah 」

Tsukiko’s complexion turned better,

「 Tsukiko, you shouldn’t force yourself, take it easy 」

I see. Edie’s…

She’s not trying to control Tsukiko but instead,

She’s trying to support Tsukiko to awaken her power naturally.

「 Danna-sama, please look at me 」

Misuzu who took off even her bra hugs me in the front.

「 Am I warm? 」

Misuzu’s cute breasts are touching my chest.

「 Yeah, you are 」

I hug back Misuzu.

When we stick closer, Misuzu’s elastic breasts is squeezed in between.

「 Danna-sama, do you know what we’re doing right now? 」

Misuzu asks me.

「 Huh? 」

Right now?


「 This is nothing but debauchery 」

Misuzu looks at me with earnest eyes.

「 If anyone who doesn’t know anything watches the video of this room, they’ll only see it as some sort of merrymaking 」

Well, true.

Most of the people in here are naked.

The only people still wearing clothes are Nei and Megu, and Tsukiko who’s on the bed.

The 12-year-old Luna whose virgin blood and semen are dripping from her slit, Agnes of the same age, and the 15-year-old Ruriko are hugging her naked.

On top of the white bed is the 14-year-old Yomiko who I raped and came inside Twice, Mana of the same age, and 15-year-old Michi.

Even on the black bed, Tsukiko’s wearing clothes, but it’s a shrine maiden cosplay with such thin cloth.

Edie and Misuzu are in their underwear already.

I’m also bare naked, my erect penis has some semen in it.

It’s nothing but a perverted sex tournament.

「 But, to Danna-sama and us, it is not 」


「 Danna-sama is always earnest with us 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 I wonder? I’m only just doing all the best I can do 」

I’m always puzzled.

Puzzled, wavering, I’m only looking for the right direction.

「 Yes, that’s okay, Danna-sama 」


「 People often say that hard work isn’t enough. That you’re only tolerated to hard work only when you’re a child, that there’s no evaluation if you just did hard work but made no results. Grandfather often say that 」

Well, I think that’s right.

Just hard-work isn’t enough as a value.

You need to be successful and give actual results.

「 But, that thought is wrong, I believe. After all, real hard work isn’t on that level. Those who don’t know hard work always say that “I can’t just do everything with hard work,” or “I’ve worked so hard,” and such. These people haven’t reached the domain of “hard work” at all 」

Misuzu said.

「 Yeah, I get what Misuzu wants to say 」


「 But you know, I can’t really do anything but “hard-work” 」

After all, I,

「 I’m just doing what I had to go. 」 Even so, I always have everyone helping me out 」

I’m such an inferior to most people.

I have no talent, so I work hard.

「 Huh? Onii-chan’s always doing his best though 」

Mana says from the neighboring bed.

「 If Onii-chan’s not working hard then who in the world does? 」


「 No, Mana. Those who are genuinely hard working people work harder than me. They put on more effort and yield out results. I can’t really say that I am one 」

I think.

「 I need to persevere more than I do now. It’s still not acceptable for me. I need to become a better person 」

I’m only alive today thanks to Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee’s help.

I must be able to protect my family with my own power.

「 I know that I shouldn’t be impatient but, I want to become useful to everyone sooner. I want to change my life even for just a bit 」

Misuzu hugs me tight.

「 Yes. Please do your best. We’ll always support Danna-sama 」

She said and kissed me.

「 Papa! Do your best! 」

Agnes shouts.

「 Come, Luna, let’s cheer Papa! Papa! Do your best! 」

「 W-Why? 」

「 Papa’s always works hard for Agnes and everyone, so we have to cheer for him 」

「 B-But! 」

「 Luna’s already Papa’s girl, you have to cheer him on! 」

Agnes said. Luna;

「 N-Nii-san, do your best. I don’t know what is it about though 」

Yeah, sorry.

I don’t get it either.

「 Misuzu-chan’s right 」


「 Those who genuinely work hard never say that they are. On the contrary, they work hard without noticing that they already are 」

No, I don’t get what you mean by that.

I’m not working so hard though.

My efforts are like nothing from the eyes of those who indeed are working hard.

「 Yo-chan, Mii-chan’s saying that you don’t have to think about the details too much 」

Nei lowers the camera and laughs.

「 It’s okay. Either way, Yo-chan doesn’t know much of the big deal 」


She’s aware of Tsukiko’s power and her purpose.

That she’s going to read through my mind and fish information, she could use to recover through sex.

「 Putting that aside, Yo-chan, you should remember why you’re doing this 」

Why am I doing this?

「 Kouzuki-ojiichan said that you only have to give these girls a “prostitute aptitude test” Actually, Yo-chan shouldn’t worry about these girls in the future. You could just have sex with the girls and have fun tasting them. And yet, why is Yo-chan, 」


Then, Nei shows an “oops” face.

「 Ah, sorry, I shouldn’t talk about that. Welp, I’ll go back to being a photographer 」

That’s too late now.

「 Kk, Mii-chan, take care of the rest 」

Nei hands it over to Misuzu.

「 Danna-sama 」

Misuzu kisses me again.

「 I can abandon Kouzuki house any time. I prioritize Danna-sama more 」


「 Me too, Onii-sama 」

Ruriko too.

「 Therefore, please fight Tsukiko-san fair and square 」

Misuzu said and rubbed her cheeks on me.

「 Don’t worry. Please fight fairly, and if you failed, you could just try again. I’ll support Danna-sama no matter what. Misuzu is Danna-sama’s ally no matter what 」

「 Papa, do your best! 」

「 Please do your best, Onii-sama 」

「 Fortunes of war, Master 」

「 You can just go all out like usual, Onii-chan! 」

Agnes, Ruriko, Michi, Mana.

「 I don’t get it, but, please do your best. Nii-san

「 I don’t understand what’s going on either but, I’ll support Kuromori-sama 」

Luna, and even Yomiko.

「 I’ll support you too from the bottom of my heart.

Nei smiles.

Megu only looks at me, she doesn’t say anything.

「 Yes, looking good

Edie mutters.

Looking at Tsukiko, she now feels calm unlike earlier where she seems too nervous.

Her breathing has eased up.

Could this be Edie fixing up her Qi?

「 Okay, I’ve kept you waiting, Darling. Also, “DO YOUR BEST” 」


「 Darling should just aim for the best that you can. You don’t have to think of the other things. Just concentrate on one thing 」

One thing?

「 If Darling has to choose on one thing to focus right now, what is it? 」

That is,

I look at Tsukiko.

I’d like to make Tsukiko’s first-time sex as pleasant as possible.

I don’t want her to feel pain or suffering as much as possible.

「 Then, do that, that’s something you can do, right? Darling 」

Edie smiles.

I see. She’s right.

Why should I care if she can see deep inside my mind?

If there’s a problem created, then I’ll deal with it by then.

Don’t think of anything unnecessary.

Just concentrate on taking Tsukiko’s virginity.

「 Then, please do your best. Danna-sama 」

Misuzu lets go of me.

「 I’ll be watching Danna-sama from here 」

Misuzu, Edie, everyone watches me.

I’m not alone.

「 Tsukiko 」

「 Y-Yes 」

I lie down next to Tsukiko on the bed.

「 Let me look at your face 」

「 Yes? 」

I look at Tsukiko’s face.

「 Yes, you’re beautiful. These eyes, and long eyebrows 」

「 U-Uhm 」

「 I’m going to smell your hair 」

「 Huh? 」

I sniff on her hair.

「 P-Please don’t sniff on me too much 」

「 Why? 」

「 Yesterday was the last time I took a shower 」

「 It should still be fine if it was just last night 」

「 I also perspired a lot today 」

「 Smells good 」

I sniff at the back of her hear through her hair.

「 Hii 」

I kissed Tsukiko’s nape, and she trembled.

「 Are you afraid? 」

「 A bit 」

「 I’ll take it slow so you won’t be too afraid 」

「 T-Thank you 」

The lock I feel in her heart is disappearing.

I’ll open up her heart little by little in my pace.

「 Want to kiss? 」

「 U-Um 」

「 Then, let’s have that for later 」

I place my hand on Tsukiko’s chest on top of her shrine maiden clothes.

「 Kuuu 」

「 Don’t be afraid. It’s still on top of your clothes 」

「 Ah, yes 」

But, this thin cloth feels like I can tear it like paper.

I can feel Tsukiko’s nipples getting stiff even on top of the cloth.

「 aaah, hauuu 」

Sexual arousal should gradually loosen up Tsukiko’s power.

「 Let’s kiss 」

「 Y-yes 」

This time she consented.

I pile out lips.

Tsukiko’s still nervous, her lips feel stiff.

Therefore, I lick on Tsukiko’s lips with my tongue.

「 Nn 」

Her red lips loosen up little by little.

When her lips were half-open, I force in my tongue inside.

「 Nnnnn!!! 」

I lick on Tsukiko’s teeth.

This is a technique I learned from Katsuko-nee.

「 Aaah, haa, haa, haa 」

Tsukiko’s breathing roughly after releasing her lips.

Her face is bright red.

I open up the front of her shrine maiden clothes.

Tsukiko’s breasts feel the open air.

「 Haa, haa, haa 」

Tsukiko’s two meat masses sway up and down matching her breathing.

Such pink nipples.

Her 17-year-old breasts show suppleness and elasticity even though she’s lying upwards.

「 I-It’s strange 」

Tsukiko mutters.

「 I, Kuromori-sama 」

That’s right, Tsukiko was expecting a painful first-time experience.

That I would deflower her by brute force.

「 No, this is our fight 」

I tell Tsukiko.

「 This kind of fight also exists 」

「 Kuromori-sama 」

I suck on Tsukiko’s right nipple.

「 Hauuuu!! 」

I massage her left breast with my hand.

But, I don’t do it roughly.

I do it gently, thoroughly.

Slowly igniting the heat inside this 17-year-old virgin.

After I’m done with the right nipple, I went with the left one.

I’ll lick both until it’s both stiff.

「 Aaah, aaaah, Kuuuu 」

Tsukiko’s gasps leak out.

I check on Tsukiko’s reaction by looking at her face and continue to caress her with my tongue and hands.

「 P-Please don’t look at me that much 」

Tsukiko blushes from my gaze.

「 I-It’s embarrassing 」


「 It can’t be helped. I want to make sure that Tsukiko’s feeling good 」

「 Me? 」

「 Yeah, you’re making that face now, Tsukiko 」

I roll my tongue on Tsukiko’s nipple.

「 Aaaaah, this is embarrassing Kuromori-sama!!! 」

The more our skins touch the more Tsukiko sees through my mind.


「 Tsukiko. 」

I stretch my hands to Tsukiko’s crotch while licking her nipples.

「 Hiiii!! 」

「 Don’t be afraid, it’s still on top of your clothes. 」

I crawl my hand in from her thighs.

「 See? It feels good just from caressing, doesn’t it? 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Take it slowly.

Corrode Tsukiko slowly as she gives her approval.

「 Tsukiko, do you exercise, or do you have any club activities? 」

Her tall and thin style looks nice, but.

「 There’s nothing in particular, I’m a child of the shrine after all, aaahn 」

Then, I place my hand on top of her slit.

「 But, your body is lovely 」

「 That’s not true, I 」

「 No, Tsukiko’s beautiful. 」

I move my fingers in a vibrating motion on top of her slit.

「 Aaaaah, I-I practiced the Kagura Dance in the shrine 」

「 I see 」

「 Aaah, there’s a festival each year and so Yomiko-sama, Luna-sama, and I 」

「 Yeah, the three of you dancing together must be beautiful, I’d like to see that? 」

「 But 」

She might not come back to Takakura shrine.

Even if she does, all of the followers of Takakura shrine are Yakuza.

Kouzuki SS now overwhelmed those people.

They can’t go back to their festivals anymore.

「 If it’s just dancing then you three can always do it anytime. Besides, 」

「 Kuromori-sama? 」

「 As long as one lives, there’s hope 」

「 Yes, aaaaah! 」

Tsukiko’s shrine maiden clothes is getting moist from my caress.

It’s about time.

「 I’m tearing this 」

「 Huh? 」

I suddenly tore Tsukiko’s Hakama.

Showing toughness inside the gentleness.

That should arouse her.

「 N-nooo 」

I tear only the crotch part and spread it out left and right.

Tsukiko’s underwear wet with love nectar is before me.

「 Misuzu, scissors 」

「 Yes, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu hands me scissors.

「 Kuromori-sama, p-please wait 」

「 It would hurt if this gets you 」

I cut Tsukiko’s panty.

「 N-Nooooo 」

Though she says that, Tsukiko’s genital is overflowing with love nectar.

「 Now I can see it all 」

I take off the piece of cloth.

Tsukiko’s slit is such a clean line that it looks like it was cut by a knife.

「 Hyaaaaaa!! 」

I hug the frightened Tsukiko.

「 Tsukiko, don’t be afraid 」

「 Y-yes 」

「 Okay, let’s take a deep breath, breathe in, breathe out 」

Suuuuu, haaaaa.

I take deep breaths together with her.

「 Have you calmed down? 」

「 That’s, uhm, yes 」

「 Then, I’m licking 」

「 Huh? 」

I face Tsukiko’s crotch.

「 Misuzu, I’ve got to hold down her shoulders, right? 」

The moment she said that; Edie holds down Tsukiko.

「 Yes, like that 」

Misuzu also holds Tsukiko’s shoulders.

Now, Tsukiko can’t move.

「 Yeah, this is a beautiful slit, Tsukiko 」

「 P-Please don’t look at it 」

「 Also, it smells good 」

「 Aaahn, please don’t say that!!! 」

I stretch out my tongue while Tsukiko’s feeling ashamed.

「 Hauuuuuuuu!!! 」

A flash of pleasure strikes through Tsukiko’s body.

「 Tsukiko’s pussy is already dripping wet. 」

I purposely make wet sounds so Tsukiko could hear it.

I make noises and sprinkle love nectar around.

「 Tsukiko’s taste is sour 」

「 Nooooo, don’t say that! Please don’t say that!!! 」

I expose her clitoris.

First, I blow wind on it.

「 Hyaaan! What? 」

Oh, she hasn’t exposed it herself.

Next, I lick it with my tongue.

「 Hiiiiiii, aaaaah, aaaah, aaaaauuuu 」

This feeling must be her first-time experiencing it.

Peroperopero, rorirorirori, chupa!

「 Aaaah, what’s this aaaaaaah!!! 」

Love nectar gushes forth.

Her ruby-like clitoris shines and enlarges.

Tsukiko’s 17.

Her body is showing healthy growth. If that’s the case.

「 Let’s make her cum once. Edie, Misuzu, help me 」

「 All right 」

「 Certainly 」

「 W-What?! 」

Edie licks on Tsukiko’s nipples while holding her down.

As for Misuzu.

「 Women also have erogenous zones here 」

She licks on Tsukiko’s armpit while tickling the side.

Nagisa taught Misuzu lesbian plays.

She knows where women are sensitive.

「 Hiiiii!!! Aaaah! Stop! Please stop! I’m feeling strange! 」

「 Go on, feel strange 」

I said.

「 Feel it. This part of Tsukiko is never touched by anyone 」

「 Indeed, just feel the pleasure 」

「 Go on, cum 」

That’s right, we,

We want to teach Tsukiko pleasure from sex.

Tsukiko will know what’s on our mind through our skin touching.

「 Nooooo, nooooo, aaaaah,. aaaaaaaah!!! 」

Then, Tsukiko,

「 Uguguguguguuuuu!!!! 」

She twisted herself and reached climax.

She blows love nectar on my face.

「 Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! 」

Her body’s twitching.

Tsukiko fell exhausted.

Okay, we took the start of the fight.

「 Haaa, haa, haa, haa 」

Tsukiko’s breathing roughly, as if she just had a long-distance race.

「 Okay, it’s time to film! 」

Nei brings the camera in front.

「 Yeah, go on 」

I open up Tsukiko’s vagin with my hands and show the inside of it.

Love nectar spills from the inside.

「 Okay~ Look this way, Tsukiko-san! 」

「 Look at the camera, Tsukiko-san 」

Misuzu lends her a hand.

「 H-Hahiiiiii! 」

Tsukiko’s body became the spoils of hunting for Misuzu, Edie, and me.

Nei’s taking photos.

「 Yo-chan, you won’t strip Tsukiko-san naked? 」

Nei asks me.

Right now, Tsukiko’s,

Her upper body is wearing shrine maiden clothes, and her lower body clothes are torn apart on the crotch part.

She’s still wearing a shrine maiden uniform, although only on the upper part.

「 I raped Yomiko after she’s no longer a shrine maiden, but 」

I look at Yomiko on the neighboring bed.

I tore Yomiko’s shrine maiden clothes until she’s naked and I raped her.

I had to make her give up on becoming a shrine maiden.

「 I’ll make Tsukiko a woman while wearing shrine maiden clothes 」

That’s better.

That’s what my inspiration tells me.

「 Hmm. If that’s what Yo-chan thinks then sure 」

Nei said while she continues to take photos.

「 Shrine maiden rape play it is then 」


「 No, Ya-chan, this isn’t a play. This is a fair-and-square fight 」

I’m fighting Tsukiko.

At this stage, I overwhelmed her with my experience in sex, but.

Once Tsukiko’s “Miko power” activates, I don’t know what will happen in the end.

Tsukiko might grab hold of my mind, and I yield to her.

「 Therefore, I won’t go easy 」

I’ll use everything I know and have sex with Tsukiko fair-and-square.

I’ll be gentle and thorough but also rough and wild.

「 Tsukiko, I’ll show you my everything No, actually, I want you to see it 」

I have nothing but no-guard tactics left.

「 Her breathing’s okay now. Do it before the fire goes out, Darling! 」

Edie checks Tsukiko’s state and tells me.

「 We’re also ready here 」

Misuzu strokes my penis and checks the hardness.

「 Yeah, this is going to be a fight. Tsukiko!! 」

Tsukiko looks up at me trembling.