Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 681. Tsukiko’s deflowering / Humane, at least



「 Now, open up your legs 」

I speak to Tsukiko who’s lying down on the bed.

Her shrine maiden clothes are ripped up, her breasts and pussy are exposed, she’s prepared for me to deflower her.

「 I-I 」

She hasn’t recovered from climax so she can’t put strength in her body yet.

Her beautiful face is trembling in nervousness.

The large drops of sweat on Tsukiko’s forehead…no, the sweat spreads all over her body.

She’s already prepared to accept a man for the first time.

「 I-I’m scared 」

The 17-year-old beauty speaks honestly.

Her body’s trembling.

「 It’s okay. Onee-sama 」

Luna speaks on top of the red bed.

「 It’ll hurt but not to the extent where you can’t bear it. Nii-san’s an expert at it 」

The 12-year-old little sister who already lost her virginity and had my semen poured in her womb tells her sister.

「 That’s right, Tsukiko can surely overcome it! 」

Yomiko also cheers from the white bed.

「 We’re with you! 」

I took Yomiko’s virginity in missionary position and then came the second time while in doggy style position.

Her waist must still be in pain, she can’t get up.

Michi and Mana are lying down on the bed together with her.

「 If the little sisters can then the elder sister should be able to do it as well 」

Edie looks at Tsukiko and laughs.

「 I’m at the same age as Tsukiko-san, but I always have fun sex with Danna-sama. If it’s Tsukiko-san, the pain will feel pleasure soon 」

Misuzu smiles as well.

Tsukiko’s body is well-developed.

She might awaken to the pleasures of sex faster than Misuzu.

「 Lastly, it’s courage 」

I said.

「 Tsukiko, do you have the courage to fight fate? 」

Tsukiko looks up at me with determined eyes.

「 Please do what you want 」

She relaxed and closed her eyes.


「 No, that’s not it 」

Tsukiko opens up her eyes in confusion.

「 Look into my eyes 」

Tsukiko looks up at me.

「 This is our battle. Fight with me to the end 」

Tsukiko’s “Tsuki Miko power” will awaken.

If she’d like to read some confidential information about Kouzuki house or Kuromori, then,

「 Don’t close your eyes. Look at me no matter what happens. Feel it 」

It’s a fight.

「 I’ll do the same 」

If you want to read through my mind, then I’ll show you everything.

「 Try consuming me if you can, if you want to become a shrine maiden 」

Tsukiko’s taken aback.

「 I’m going to have sex with Tsukiko. I’m going to pierce my penis inside Tsukiko, tear your hymen, push to the entrance of your uterus, and pour in my seed inside Tsukiko’s womb 」

Then, Tsukiko.

She shows the face of a shrine maiden.

「 I’m Takakura Tsukiko, 17-years-old. I’ll fight Kuromori-sama and become the Takakura shrine maiden 」

Now that she resolved herself, those are good determined eyes.

「 Then spread out your legs. 」

「 Yes 」

Tsukiko spreads out her legs wide.

「 Spread it out more! 」

I grab Tsukiko’s thighs and spread out her legs further.

「 !!! 」

Tsukiko’s feeling nervous.

「 If you open it this much it won’t hurt 」

Tsukiko and I stare at each other.

「 Tsukiko, hold my hand 」

Edie said.

「 You’ll progress without getting lost that way 」

「 O-Okay 」

Tsukiko’s right-hand holds Edie.

Edie can fix up Tsukiko’s Qi in the middle of sex if it gets disturbed.

It also prevents the Qi from going in disarray from fear.

Tsukiko has so much more Qi than Luna and Yomiko.

「 Misuzu, guide my penis inside Tsukiko 」

If we keep on staring at each other, I can’t insert my penis.

Therefore, I’m asking for Misuzu’s help.

「 Certainly, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu grabs my penis and strokes it several times.

「 I’ll make it a bit wet then 」

Then, she stuffed my penis in her mouth and smeared it with her saliva.

Chupa, chupa, chupa.

My penis stretches at its maximum length inside Misuzu’s mouth.

「 Ufufu, it’s looking good now 」

Misuzu lastly gives a lick on the back of the glans.

「 Then, here it comes. Tsukiko-san 」

「 Yes 」

I continue to look into Tsukiko’s eyes.

Misuzu’s thin fingers guide my penis to Tsukiko’s opening.

「 Hauu! 」


Tsukiko seems to feel the heat of my glans on her sensitive spot.

「 Please wait, I’ll smear some of Tsukiko-san’s love nectar right now 」

Misuzu holds the root of my penis.

My glans rubs along Tsukiko’s slit.

Ooh, the warm liquid overflowing from Tsukiko’s inside entwines with my rod.

「 Aaaah! 」

Tsukiko shows a sad face.

She just came, so the flames of pleasure inside her are still burning.

She’s sensitive now.

「 Okay, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu opens up Tsukiko’s vagina by rubbing my glans in.

My penis is right in the opening.


「 Tsukiko! 」


「 Nnnnnguu!?! 」

Tsukiko’s surprised by the foreign object invading her.

「 N-Noooo!!! 」

She tries to close her legs and escape the bed, but.

Edie stops Tsukiko from moving on the head side.

Misuzu’s holding down the legs so it wouldn’t close.

「 Nnnnnuaaaaa!!! 」

Slowly, my thick glans is buried inside Tsukiko.

Ooh, the dripping wet inside is so hot. It’s so wet.

It feels like the tip of my penis is submerged into a warm spring.

「 D-Don’t! It can’t go in!!! 」

Then, my penis,

I feel the barrier of her virginity.

「 It’s okay, this will go in 」

I tell Tsukiko while looking at her eyes.

「 But, that’s the limit. It’s stuck! 」

「 Yeah, that’s why I’m tearing this up 」

「 ?????!!!! 」

I push in my waist.

I attack her hymen.

「 I-Impossible! It can’t go in! 」

Tears gather in Tsukiko’s eyes.

「 I’m breaking through 」


「 Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!! 」


I feel the moment I tore through her hymen with the tip of my penis.

「 Ouch! it hurts!!! 」


My penis drives deeper inside at the same time the barrier’s broken.

「 N-No way! Don’t come in so deep inside! 」

「 Not yet! This is not the end! Tsukiko!! 」


「 Nooooooooooooooo!!!!! 」

I push in my penis to the root.,

「 Haaaaauuu! Hauuuuuu!!! 」

Tsukiko’s mouth is flapping.

Huge drops of sweat flow from her forehead.

「 Take a deep breath 」

Edie tells Tsukiko.

「 Breathe in, suu, haa, suu, haa breathe out 」

I also speak;

「 Try to match your breathing with me 」

「 O-Okay 」





I synchronize my breathing with Tsukiko.

Tsukiko’s vagina squeezes me as we take deep breaths.

Her virgin vagina is holding to me tightly.

「 Tsukiko 」

We look at each other and match our breaths.

I gently massage Tsukiko’s breath with one hand.

I rub her nipples with my finger.

「 Aah, aaaah 」

Tsukiko let out her voice.

「 You okay? Does it hurt? 」

I asked.

「 It hurts, but 」


「 But, I feel like something’s crawling inside of me 」


「 It entwines Kuromori-sama, and it tells to drag it inside of me 」

Having sex with a man,

Tsukiko’s “Miko power” is about to move.

「 I-I’m scared, Kuromori-sam 」

Tsukiko’s inside tightens.

「 It’s okay. Don’t lose yourself now. Don’t be swayed by the power, look straight at me 」

「 Yes, Kuromori-sama 」

「 It’s going to be okay 」

Edie grasps Tuskiko’s hand tighter.

We can prevent Tsukiko’s power from dragging us around.

「 K-Kuromori-sama, I 」

Tsukiko speaks to me with a face in pain.

「 What’s wrong? 」

「 Uhm, please 」

Tsukiko’s eyes are wet.

「 I feel like my mind is about to fly off somewhere 」

Semen-drinking, skin contact, licking her vagina, climax,

Then, insertion of my penis,

As Tsukiko’s arousal increases, the power inside of her also rises up.

「 What do you want me to do? 」


「 Please, please make it hurt, Kuromori-sama!! 」


I slowly begin moving my waist.

「 O-Ouch! I-It hurts! 」

Juppu, juppu, juppu!

Every time I stir Tsukiko’s insides, a large amount of love nectar and virgin blood ooze out of the connecting part.

I use that as a lubricant.

I piston in the same rhythm.

Juppu, juppu, juppu.

「 Ouch! It hurts! Ouch! Ouch! 」

Every time I hit the deepest part, Tsukiko shouts “Ouch.”

Her vagina shrinks.

My rhythm and Tsukiko’s voice are in sync.

「 Don’t forget to synchronize your breathing. It can keep the Qi in tune when you do 」

Edie gave a bit of advice, Tsukiko and I match our breathing.

I use the same rhythm to carve my penis inside Tsukiko.

I cannot speed up with my own desires.

I must match with Tsukiko’s rhythm.

「 Uuugh, uuugh! Kuromori-sama 」

Her voice of pain is changing.

「 Noooo, I, I!! 」

「 Get yourself together. Don’t be drunk in your own Qi. If you do that, you’ll drown 」


Is Tsukiko’s spirit unable to bear the swell of the immediate activation of the “Tsuki Miko power?”

「 Tsukiko! Look at me! Look at nowhere but me! 」

I speak to her firmly.

「 I’m the one you’re fighting right now!! Don’t lose to yourself!! 」

「 Kuromori-sama!!!! 」

「 Look only at me! Feel me! Who’s the one inside you right now? 」

「 K-Kuromori-sama! 」

「 That’s right, feel me and only me inside you 」

I push to her womb strongly.

「 Hauuu!! 」

「 Hey! Who’s the one holding your breasts right now? 」

「 Kuromori-sama! 」

「 That’s right!! 」

I squeeze Tsukiko’s breasts tightly.

I knead her nipple with my finger.

「 Kyauuuu!!! 」

Then, I kiss Tsukiko’s lips multiple times.

「 Who’s kissing you know? 」

「 Kuromori-sama! I’m kissing Kuromori-sama right now 」

I entwine our tongues and slurp on it.

「 Who’s the one having sex with Tsukiko? 」

「 Kuromori-sama! It’s Kuromori-sama!! 」

Tsukiko’s eyes look intoxicated.

「 That’s right, it’s me. So, Tsukiko, don’t drown me no matter what. Don’t lose yourself to sex. Fight. Fight me. We’re fighting right now. Look at me with determined eyes!!! 」

「 ???!!!! 」

「 You have your sisters you have to protect, don’t you? 」


「 Don’t lose your will to fight no matter what!!! 」

If not.

If she drowns or clings to something, then.

She can’t protect anyone.

If you’re swallowed up by your fate, then you’ll be washed away by it.

「 What does a woman who wants to become a shrine maiden have to do?!!! 」


「 Y-Yes, I’m sorry./ Kuromori-sama 」

「 Don’t apologize to me! You’re fighting with me right now! 」

「 Yes! 」

Tsukiko desperately holds back the tears about to spill.

Then, she looks at me determined.

「 Synchronize your breathing and feel Darling. You can do it now 」

Edie whispers to Tsukiko.

Feel it, feel my life, my breathing, our sex.

I also feel Tsukiko’s life.

And so, we’re standing as equal now.

The two of us fight like a pair of man and woman.

We both knead together our Qi.

「 Kuuu, kuuuu, kuuuu 」

「 Uuugh, uuugh, uuugh 」

Our breathing, rhythm in sex become one.

「 T-Tukiko, I 」

「 I-I know Kuromori-sama! 」

The desire to ejaculate rises inside of me.

「 I’m going to cum! I want to cum inside Tsukiko 」

「 Yes, I want it inside Kuromori-sama! 」

Ooh, we’re connected now.

「 OK, I’ll cut off my control during Darling’s climax. 」

Tsukiko’s power will be released by the moment I ejaculate.

「 Aaah, I, I 」

「 Are you afraid, Tsukiko? 」

「 I’m not! I’m fighting Kuromori-sama after all 」

「 Yeah, I’m fighting as well 」

There’s no violator and violated.

We’re having fair-and-square sex.

「 Uuuuugh! Aaaaaah! Aaaah Tsukiko!!! 」

I feel like I’m being pulled by Tsukiko’s strong Qi that lurks inside of her.

I mustn’t get dragged in at the moment I ejaculate.

This is the “Tsuki Miko power.”

I’ll let Tsukiko see through my mind.

「 As if I care about that! Dammit! 」




「 Aaaaah! Kuromori-sama’s so rough inside of me!! Aaah! 」

I’m at my limit!

「 Cumming! I’m going to cum!!! Uguuuuuu!!! 」

I grind my glans to Tsukiko’s womb.

「 Yes, I’m watching! Kuromori-sama!!!! 」


A large amount of semen gushed out all at once!!!

「 Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

Tsukiko screams as the hot liquid enters her womb for the first time.

Tsukiko’s eyes reflect me as I ejaculate violently.

Perhaps, my eyes also reflect Tsukiko who receives my semen.

「 Not yet, I’m still cumming! Tsukiko!!! 」

「 Hiiii! It’s so hot! It’s spreading!!! 」

While I release my semen,

Tsukiko’s big eyes draw me in

「 Tsukikooooooooooo 」

I lost consciousness as I stare into Tsukiko’s eyes

◇ ◇ ◇

I had a short dream.

No, this wasn’t a dream.

This is a memory from the past.

『 Yoshinobu’s grown up now, so you need to get yourself together 』

That was my father’s voice.

This was the night when Grandma died.

『 Nobody will protect Yoshinobu anymore. You need to do things alone 』

I’m alone with my father.

We’re facing the corpse of my late Grandma.

Grandma has a white cloth over her face.

『 Sorry, I’m too busy with the company. I can’t afford to look after Yoshinobu 』

I already know that even if you don’t tell me.

After all, Father never took care of me.

He always leaves it to Grandma.

『 I think you know it already. Still, your mother is like that 』

I’m not expecting anything. Nor I never will.

That woman didn’t even come to Grandma’s funeral.

I know.

You don’t have to tell me.

Now that Grandma’s dead,

I’m alone.

Nobody will come and help me.

『 Well, if anything goes south, I’ll do something about it, but, try to fix things alone if possible 』

I don’t trust my father.

I don’t trust him just as much as I don’t believe my mother.

I’m alone.

I have to fight.

If I don’t, these people will kill me.

After all, these people were the ones who killed Grandma.

They had Grandma do all of the chores and the work to care for me.

Even when Grandma was sick, they didn’t bring her to the hospital until the last moment.

That’s why Grandma…

「 I’m really sorry but don’t expect anything from me. I’m incapable as a father, and I don’t think I can be a good father for Yoshinobu 』

Is that something you should say to an elementary student child?

『 Sorry, but give up on your fate. Yoshinobu 』

Then I’ll fight.

I’ll fight fate.

I’ll fight fate.

I’ll fight fate.


『 Is it painful? 』

It’s someone’s voice.

『 Is it sad? 』

Someone’s watching me.

『 It’s too tragic 』

Shut up.


I’m fighting.




『 Are you crying? 』

As if I will cry. As if I will cry. As if I will cry.

If I cry in front of them, if I show weakness, they’ll kill me.

So, I won’t cry.

I’ll never cry.

『 If you won’t cry until you’re alone, do you not laugh until you’re alone either? 』

Shut up!

Shut up!

Shut up!

『 Let your tears flow 』

The voice told me.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Yo-chan! Yo-chan! 」

「 Danna-sama! 」

「 Onii-sama! 」

「 Onii-chan! 」

「 Papa! 」

I open my eyes.

I’m lying down on something warm.

I look up. Everyone’s watching me.

「 Yes, looks okay 」

「 There’s no problem 」

Edie and Michi are holding my hands.

「 Err, what? 」

What happened?


「 I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I 」


Tsukiko’s crying.

Then, I noticed.

Tsukiko’s still connected to me.

It seems that I lost consciousness on top of Tsukiko’s body.

Then that means.

I didn’t faint for long.

「 I’m sorry! 」

Tsukiko’s crying as she looks at my face.

「 No, I’m okay. Tsukiko doesn’t need to cry that much. I’m fine 」

Yeah, there’s no pain in my head nor in breathing.

There’s no abnormality in my body.

I check on my health quickly.

「 Here, a drink, Danna-sama 」

Misuzu hands me a sports drink in a cup.

「 Yeah, thanks 」

I take the cup and drink on it.

Ooh, the water spreads on my body.

Yeah, I feel refreshed.

「 I’m pulling out now 」

I shouldn’t stay inside Tsukiko all this time.

She’s even crying.

I part from Tsukiko’s body.

Then, my penis covered in virgin blood’s pulled out.

After that, semen overflows from her slit.

I ejaculated quite a lot again.

「 You okay, Tsukiko? Does it hurt? 」

I check on Tsukiko’s body.

Tsukiko gets up and sits upright on the bed.


「 I’m very sorry!!! 」

She prostrates herself while crying.


「 No, don’t do that, don’t rub your head on the sheet Tsukiko, there’s sweat, love nectar, semen, and blood on the sheets. 」

「 I’m very sorry. I’m very sorry. I’m very sorry. I’m very sorry. 」

Tsukiko doesn’t raise her head.

「 What’s going on, hey? 」

Luna and Yomiko seem unable to move from the pain of losing their virginity.

They’re only looking this way from their beds.

「 It’s obviously because she looked at Darling’s heart 」

Edie tells me.

「 My heart? 」

Oh, speaking of which.

I feel like someone was watching me in my dream.

「 Really, what a nasty old man 」

Nei said.

「 He knows that this would happen if Yo-chan had sex with the Takakura shrine’s “Tsuki shrine maiden” That old man 」


「 Huh? What’s going on? 」

I don’t get it.

「 I now finally understand what Kuromori-sama feels when treating us sisters. I’m truly sorry! 」

Tsukiko apologizes to me while still crying.

「 My feelings? 」

I did what Jii-chan said.

I gave them an aptitude test on whether they can be a prostitute or not.

「 Yo-chan can’t forgive the selfishness of the adults doing what they want on the sisters, right? 」


No, I just.

「 I felt it since the first meeting. Darling has such intense anger inside of him 」


「 I think it’s his anger against fate. That he’ll fight it and never lose to it 」

Fighting against fate.

「 I felt the anger energy inside Darling, that’s why I followed him 」

Edie said.

「 I’m also angry at fate after all 」

Edie’s angry?

Our first meeting was during the fight in the hotel in Odaiba, wasn’t it?

「 I was sold off from the cult I was born and raised 」

Right, Edie,

She’s born and raised in an assassination cult in New Orleans and was taught techniques by her grandmother.

But, after her grandmother died,

The new leader of the cult hated Edie’s power and sold her off to Miss Cordelia.

「 I was angry. To the people who sold me and to those who just watched it happen 」


「 There was no reason to banish me from my hometown. But, those people abandoned me. Saying that they don’t need me 」

Edie’s usually smiling, but,

But even Edie had her insecurities and trauma.

「 Therefore, I was happy when I saw Darling. Darling had the same anger as me after all 」

「 W-Why do you know that? 」

「 Did you forget? I was watching Darling when you were having sex with Yukino 」

Now that she mentioned it,

Miss Cordelia forced Yukino and me to have sex.

Michi used that change to escape using Shingetsu.

Edie was there.

「 These girls’ “Miko power” is similar to the technique I learned from the cult. Therefore, I can also understand people’s hearts through sex 」


「 Well, in my case, it was just a hunch. But, I knew that Darling’s anger is the same as mine. That’s why I like Darling. We’re similar you see 」


「 No, I’m not always angry though 」

「 That’s not the case. 」 Danna-sama’s anger is indeed deeply rooted. Thus, that’s what determines Danna-sama’s actions 」

This time, it’s Misuzu.

「 But if that were the case, why is Tsukiko apologizing and crying now? 」


「 It’s because you had sex with her in equal footing as human 」


「 I also understood through Tsukiko-oneesama’s heart 」

Luna saw through my heart as well?

「 Nii-san’s anger says “I want to be treated like a human” 」


「 I saw it. Kuromori-sama during young age, saying “treat me like a person,” Shouting at the adults “I’m also human” while crying!! 」