Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 687. Three sisters sex circulation (Part 2)



「 Hyuuu 」

I first touch Yomiko’s thighs.

Her vagina must still be in pain.

I don’t put force in my fingers, I just trace it gently.

「 It’s true. Yomi’s feeling better than when touching myself 」

「 Yeah, and I’ll touch you every day from now on 」

「 Yes, thank you, fuuuu 」

Then, I touched the surface of her genitals.

「 It tickles, but it makes me shiver 」

Love nectar drips out.

I use the warm liquid from Yomiko to moisten my fingers then move up and down along her slit.

「 Hauuuu 」

Yomiko leaks a cute voice.

I then licked on Yomiko’s nipples.

Yes, it’s hard enough.

Still, this loli-big-tits have excellent elasticity in it.

I bury my face in Yomiko’s breast and then crawl my tongue around.

「 Please don’t play with Yomi’s breasts that much 」

「 Does it not feel good? 」

I asked.

「 Uugh, it does 」

「 Then, shouldn’t you say something else? 」


「 More, please play with it more. Sensei, please crawl your tongue on Yomi’s breasts! 」

Yeah, I’ll play with all my heart.

I lick on Yomiko’s nipples and tease it with the tip of my tongue.

「 Aaaahn, it’s making me twitch. Yomi’s body is feeling hot. It feels like there’s a fire burning inside of me 」

Michi and everyone pours Qi to the triangle formed by the sisters holding each other’s hand.

The hot Qi circulates around, and Yomiko’s soul is firing up.

「 Still, Yomi’s got an adorable body 」

I say while touching Yomiko’s crotch with my right hand and her breasts with my left.

「 Yomi’s body is “nice?” 」

「 Yes, it’s soft, warm, your skin is also pure and squishy. I can call it a “mochi skin” it feels nice to touch 」

Michi might be feeling dispirited that I praise these huge tits from a loli, so.

I emphasize the softness of Yomi’s body.

If it’s just that, then Michi’s fair-skin can compare in how amazing it is.

「 Sensei, do you like Yomi’s body? 」

This loli-big-tits looks up at me.

「 Yeah, I like it 」

「 I see, I’m glad that you like it, Sensei 」


「 Then, will you keep loving Yomi? 」

「 Yeah, I will treasure you 」

「 Do you want to have sex with Yomi again? 」

「 Yeah, I will. I mean, I’ll do it with you anytime I want. Just say it if you want to do it too, Yomi. Okay? 」

「 If Yomi wants to have sex? 」

Oh, Yomiko,

She doesn’t know much about sex yet.

Even though she had such lust that she masturbated before, she doesn’t understand that it leads to sex.

「 I’m sure you will 」

「 Okay, I don’t get it, but I trust Sensei 」

Yomiko’s eyes look up at me.

「 And then, Sensei 」


「 Does Sensei really want Yomi to bear a child? Do you want Yomi to give birth? 」

「 You will. It’s natural 」

I pat Yomiko’s soft belly with my palm.

「 My child will be in here 」

「 I see. Okay 」

Yomiko seems to have resolved herself.

「 Then, I’ll bear three, was it? 」

「 That’s right, you’ll give birth to three children so think of the names for them. Oh right, don’t give them “Tsuki” and “Yomi” names, okay? 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Yomi’s no longer related to the Takakura shrine 」

Yomiko’s children must not be bound by the shrine maiden fate.

「 Yes, you’re right. Yomi thought that Yomi will bear the next shrine maiden ever since Yomi was young, but it seems Yomi was wrong 」

Tears gather in Yomiko’s eyes.

「 Yes, it’s wrong. Yomi is no longer a shrine maiden. Yomi is Sensei’s “pregnant slave.” Yomi’s born for Sensei to impregnate 」

I lick off the tears overflowing from Yomiko’s eyes.

It’s salty and bitter.

「 Actually, Yomi knows it long ago that Yomi’s power isn’t a big deal. That I can’t win against Tsukiko-oneesama. But, I don’t want to admit it so I thought I’d be thrown away from the shrine if I didn’t become a shrine maiden 」

「 Yomiko! 」

Tsukiko holds her sisters hand tighter.

「 Therefore, Yomi bullied Tsukiko-oneesama. I’m sorry, Onee-sama 」

「 It’s okay. I’m also sorry for not understanding how you feel, Yomiko 」

「 Onee-sama!!! 」

Yomiko’s heart is feeling agitated.

It’s about time.

「 Yomi, I’m going inside you again 」

「 Yes, Sensei. Come in, please. I don’t mind if it hurts! 」

Yomiko’s used to it already.

She spreads out her legs and waits for my invasion.

I rub the end of my glans on her hot and wet genital area.

「 Aaaah, it makes me shiver!! 」

「 Here I go! 」

「 Yes, please do! Sensei! 」


I push in my erect penis to her just deflowered vagina.

「 Auuuuuu!! 」

My glans reaches to where the hymen was earlier.

Yomiko is undoubtedly in pain.

「 Yomi! 」

However, I follow my instinct and thrust deeper inside Yomiko’s vagina.

「 Uuuuaaaah!! 」

It seems that Yomiko feels more pain than Luna.

Even they’re sisters, their vaginas are different.

The temperature, the feel of the walls, the depth, and angle are all different.

Even the point where it clamps my penis.

But, this one also feels good.

I feel Yomiko’s love nectar tangling with me stickily.

I might be due to the semen that remained inside her vagina.

I had two rounds with Yomiko earlier, and I came inside her in both instances.

「 I’m moving now, Yom! 」

「 Please do, Sensei! 」

I massage Yomiko’s big tits with both hands and then,

I slowly start moving my waist.

Pucha, pucha, picha.

This juicy vagina makes wet noises every time I piston.

「 Aaaah, it’s embarrassing! 」

This embarrassed Yomiko looks cute.

「 Master, the rhythm 」

Michi tells me.


I need to go back to the same rhythm as everyone.

In, in, out.

I match with everyone.

Shallow, shallow, deep.

「 Haa, aah, aah! Haa, ahh, ahh! 」

「 Does it hurt, Yomi? 」

「 It does, but don’t mind Yomi and do what you want Sensei! 」

If that’s the case,

「 Aaah, ah, aaauuuu!! Aah, aah, aauuuu!! 」

Yomiko’s small body sways in that three-beat rhythm.

Her big breasts sway around like jelly.

「 Aaah, aah, hot!! Aaah, aah, it’s so hot!! 」

Yomiko’s skin is now flushed and sweaty.

Yomiko’s producing a lot of liquid, love nectar, sweat, and tears.

「 Aaah, aaah, uugh! Aah, aah, uuugh! It feels strange! Strange! Something is coming from Yomiko’s inside 」


「 It’s black! There’s something dark! Aaaah! 」

This didn’t happen when I was having sex with Luna.

「 Must be her inner power releasing itself 」

Edie said.

「 She’s been training until now so Yomiko should have pooled some power 」

I see, Luna, the younger sister, is thought, so she didn’t train much.

However, Yomiko thought that she’ll be the next shrine maiden, so she trains herself.

「 The strong Qi’s circulation also cleanses Yomiko. Her heart is turned pure 」

Therefore, Yomiko’s so honest right now.

She’s turned back nothing but a 14-year-old girl.

「 Then, Darling has to squeeze out Yomiko’s power through sex! 」

Squeeze the power through sex.

I see.

「 Yomi, pour out everything that’s accumulating inside of you 」

That’s Yomiko’s “Yomi power.”

「 Pour out? 」

Yomiko doesn’t get it.

「 To me! 」

Tsukiko shouts to Yomiko.

She strengthens her grasp on Yomiko’s hand.

「 That’s right, send it over to Tsukiko 」

「 But! 」

「 Here, imagine it being squeezed out of Yomi every time I thrust in 」

I push in my waist slightly stronger.

Guu, guuu, guguguu!

「 Aah, aah, aaaaahn!!! 」

Every time I hit Yomiko’s uterus, the black force melts to the Qi circulation, that’s the image.

「 Aah, aaah, aaaah!! Aaah, aah, aaaah!! 」

「 That’s right, scream louder for me! Yomi!! 」

「 Aaaah, aaaah, aaaaaah!!! Aaaah, aaaah, aaaaaahn!!! 」

I ravish Yomiko stronger than before.

Yomiko’s breasts now sway a lot and sweat splatters around.

「 Aaah, the black thing, it’s coming from Yomi, it’s coming out! 」

「 The flow will become stronger! Everyone, please hold on tighter! 」

Michi tells all of my women sending their Qi in.

「 W-What’s this? There’s something big inside Yomi 」

I can feel it too.

Everything she keeps covered inside her heart is being washed away by the torrent of Qi.

What’s with this huge black mountain?

「 Sensei, Sensei, uhm 」

Yomiko looks up at me with eager looking eyes.

「 Yomi, Yomi’s been sad for so long!!! 」


「 Yomi’s Father’s real child. Yomi felt sorry for Father that Yomi might not become a shrine maiden so Yomi can’t get along with Tsukiko-oneesama and Luna. 」

「 Yomiko. You 」

「 That’s why Yomi…Yomi!!! 」

The “Yomi Miko power” is to make people obey.

Could it be that its…

Did it generate from Yomiko’s loneliness?

「 But, Father and Mother are both dead! They left us, that’s why. Yomi! 」

I see.

She really is still a young girl.

A 14-year-old girl.

「 Don’t mind it, let it all out. Yomi 」

I stare into Yomiko’s eyes.

「 Yomi…Yomi…Yomi’s been so lonely! It was lonely!!! 」

I coil my arms around Yomiko and hug her tight.

「 I see, you’re right, Yomi. But, it’s okay now! 」

「 Sensei? 」

Yomiko’s surprised.

「 Yomi, you have me now. You have us. We’re all here for you. You’re no longer alone 」

「 Sensei 」

「 Yomi’s not just connected to me but to everyone. Feel the circle with everyone 」

That’s right, Yomiko right now;

「 Your hands are holding Tsukiko and Luna, see? 」

Yomiko’s sisters are holding her hands.

「 And on top of your hands, Misuzu and everyone’s holding it, Michi’s sending in her Qi 」

That’s right, this is a big Qi triangle.

The big flow of Qi circulating around is everyone’s creation.

We’re all connected.

「 Sensei’s also connected 」

Yomiko said.

「 Sensei’s coming in at the very end of Yomi’s stomach. Yomi can feel it inside, Sensei, aaah, I 」

Yomiko’s perception of sex changes at that moment.

This is no longer me ravishing her.

Now, we’re connected.

「 Oh, I see it. Yomi’s connected to everyone, so 」

Yomiko smiles.

「 I’m no longer sad 」


「 Master, please go back to the rhythm 」

「 Yeah, it’s crumbling down! 」

Michi and Edie warned me, I got taken aback.

I then keep the movement of my waist to the rhythm.

Nuppu, nuppu, nuguu.

Nuppu. Nuppu. Nuguu.

「 Ah, Yomi’s bursting open, maybe 」

Yomiko’s last defense in her heart is starting to break.

If that’s the case, Yomiko can no longer reject us.

She’ll accept.

She’ll accept us.

That’s all.

「 Aah, it feels good 」

At that moment.

「 Sensei, Yomi feels goooooooooddd!!! 」

The pain from deflowering in her body is blown away and,

Yomiko’s heart is freed.

「 It’s coming out! It’s all coming out!!!!!!! 」

The dark things inside Yomiko’s heart and her ‘Miko power’ are all released.

「 It’s coming!!!! 」

The power flows in the circulation of the Qi.

「 Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! 」


Yomiko peed herself while I’m still inside her.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Hyaaa, hyaaa, kuuuuuu!! 」

Yomiko’s body is twitching.

「 Are you okay, Yomi? 」

「 Y-Yeah, I think 」

She doesn’t look like okay at all.

She continues to sprinkle more liquid.

「 Master! Please move to Tsukiko-sama now! 」

Michi shouts.

「 Yomiko-sama’s power is circulating. Please proceed to Tsukiko-sama now 」

I see, if we don’t force the power we drew out from Yomiko to Tsukiko, then,

Tsuki and Yomi power won’t fuse.

「 Please ejaculate inside Tsukiko-sama. Then, we’ll activate Shingetsu at the same time! 」

「 Hurry up, I don’t think everyone can keep up! 」

Edie shouts.

Yeah, I see fatigue in everyone’s face.

Keeping the circulation as they send Qi is energy consuming.

Luna and Agnes’ complexion looks tired.

「 Got it, I’ll pull out for now, Yomi 」

「 O-Okay, Sensei, kuuu! 」

I pull out my penis from inside Yomiko.

Her narrow vagina holds my penis tight it even splashed drops of love nectar on me.


「 It’s okay, the power flows out of Yomiko more and more 」

Edie checks on Yomiko while holding her hand.

Seems like even when I pulled out my penis, Yomiko’s ‘power’ is being released to the circulation more and more.

I have to hurry or else Yomiko’s ‘power’ will stay.

I need to have Tsukiko absorb this power.

「 Tsukiko, let’s go 」

「 Yes, I’ve made my resolve 」

Tsukiko spreads her legs wide.

She’s wet down here.

Seems like the arousal of her sisters is passed through the connected hands.

Okay, if it’s like this.

I can insert my penis to Tsukiko right away.

「 Auuuuu 」

I push it inside Tsukiko.

Ooh, her insides are also drenched.

I knew it, her 17-year-old body is fully developed and ready for sex.

There’s no feeling of breaking in like when I do it with Luna or Yomiko.

「 I’m going to move now 」

Nuu, nuu, guguuu.

Nuu, nuu, guguu!

I swing my hips in the same rhythm as before.

Oh, Tsukiko’s insides are a bit colder than Yomiko and Luna.

But, it feels stable.

Tsukiko’s well-balanced body accepts my penis without problems.

This is the elder sister’s healthy naked body.

This body is nice.

「 Tsukiko, Tsukiko, Tsukikoooooo 」

「 Aaaguuu, aaaguu, aaaahn! 」

Tsukiko gasps intensely.

Tsukiko’s breasts sway rhythmically.

I grab her breast and twist her nipples.

「 Aaaau, aaau, aaaaaahn!! 」

One, two, three!

One, two, three!

Shallow, shallow, deep, I dig Tsukiko.

「 Tsukiko-sama, please accept the circulating Qi and Yomiko-sama’s power 」

Michi said.

「 Imagine the water flowing from high to low. Imagine it and lead the circulating flow inside you, Tsukiko-sama 」

「 O-Okay 」

「 Once the introductory line is stable, no, even if not, I’ll use Shingetsu 」

Is she going to pour everything to Tsukiko with the explosive power of Shingetsu?

「 Aaaah, aaah, aaah!! Aaah, aaah, aaah! I-I I understand! 」

Tsukiko agrees as I thrust on her hard.

「 Tsukiko, don’t be afraid, open up your heart, lead the Qi and the power inside you 」

「 Y-Yes 」

I said. Tsukiko replies.

「 Onii-chan, hurry up! Agnes-chan can’t hold any longer 」

Mana shouts.

「 You don’t have to force yourself. Agnes-chan, you can let go now! 」

Ruriko tells Agnes, but.

「 I’m okay. Do your best! Hang in there! Haa, haa, fuu! Haa, haa, fuu! 」

Agnes doesn’t stop sending in her Qi.

「 Agnes, I’ll do my best too! 」

Seeing Agnes like that, Luna’s also inspired.

「 Danna-sama, hurry! 」

「 Yeah, I know! 」

But, I can’t speed up.

It’s hard to boost my ejaculation while keeping the same rhythm.

「 Master! Please hurry up and cum! 」

「 Hurry up and release it! 」

Even if you tell me that.

「 Let it out! Hurry up and let it out inside Tsukiko-oneesama! Sensei! 」


「 I can feel it! If this goes on, it’ll break off! 」

A considerable amount of power is pulled out of Yomiko more and more.

Storing all of those in the flow would be impossible.

If that’s the case.

「 Hauu!! Hauu!!! Auuuu!!! 」

Shallow, shallow, deep, I keep the three-beat rhythm,

But I turn it to deep, deep, deep.

I grab Tsukiko’s breasts tightly.

「 Tsukiko, sorry but hold it out for a bit longer 」

「 Yes, I’m ready 」

I feel something’s wrong with what she said.

What is it?

Oh, earlier, Tsukiko said;

She didn’t say “I’m ready.”

But instead, she said, “I’ve resolved myself.”

「 Wrong! You don’t get it Tsukiko!!! 」

I shout in panic.

「 You’re just giving up! You’re thinking that you have to bear the fate alone as you’re the eldest, don’t you?!!! 」

「 ???!!!! 」

「 You can’t do that. You’re just closing down your heart! 」

That’s right, this can’t go on.

「 Even if we pour in the Qi and power to Tsukiko, you’ll accept it inside if you because you gave up, but your heart is still closed. You must release the power facing inside you 」

「 My power? 」

「 That’s right! You shouldn’t think that you’re doing this because it’s inevitable, what do you want to do, Tsukiko?! What do you want to become?! 」

「 I don’t mind as long as Yomiko and Luna are happy 」


That’s me.

That’s my heart.

「 You can’t do that Tsukiko! You should become happy too! 」

「 But, someone has to be the sacrifice! 」

「 We can’t be satisfied unless Yomiko, Luna, and you, Tsukiko, are all happy! 」

I see. That’s how it is.

I thought that I must sacrifice myself.

For everyone’s sake.

But, that’s not okay.

「 Kuromori-sama 」

Tsukiko looks up at me.

Tears fall on to Tsukiko’s face.

Was I crying?

I’m crying as I’m having sex with Tsukiko.

「 I, I’ll also strive to become happy. I’ll put an effort for it, so please do the same, Tsukiko 」

「 Me too? 」

「 Yes, that’s right, that will make everyone happy 」


「 But, I, I’m not fated to become happy 」

「 That’s not true. All humans are born to be happy, no matter how unfortunate you feel, you must continue your efforts to become happy 」

Yes. That’s right.

「 Tsukiko, you saw my heart, didn’t you? 」

From when we had sex earlier.

「 Yes 」


「 I want Tsukiko to live happy in my dream world. Therefore, I’ll put on an effort to be in there too! So! 」

I said.

「 I want you to live together with me, Tsukiko! 」

Tsukiko’s heart is shaking.

「 Aah, Kuromori-sama’s tears melt down my stubborn heart 」

Tsukiko, Tsukiko, Tsukiko!

「 I’ve always been lonely for so long 」

Tears fall from Tsukiko’s eyes.

「 We’ll be together for long, Tsukiko! 」

「 Yes!!! 」

Tsukiko’s heart opens up.

Oh, a large gate opened, and the water flows all at once.

I’m also sucked inside Tsukiko.

「 Aaah, I’m going to cum! I’m going to let it out! Tsukiko! 」

「 Yes, please do! Please ejaculate inside of me!!!! 」

Ah, ah, ah!!

「 Cumming!!! 」

I burst into Tsukiko’s womb!

Michi and Edie follow up my arousal.

「 Cumminng!!!!!!!!!!! 」

「 Shingetsu!!! 」



「 It’s so hot!!!! 」

Tsukiko feels the hot stuff inside her vagina.

Then all of the Qi and ‘power’ stored in the circulating flow…

「 Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! 」


Our hearts blend into one!!!