Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 69

69. Pregnancy party

「Ah, wait…let me take a photo!」

Katsuko-nee took a photo of me and Yukino still connected.
Yukino’s…just absentminded.

「It’s okay now, you can pull out…!」

Hearing Katsuko-nee’s voice, I pulled out my penis from Yukino…!
The vagina that accepted two ejaculations…drips white liquid thickly…
Katsuko-nee also took a photo of that state
I stare at the woman I violated…
The sperm entering the ovum inside Yukino’s womb…
I realized what I have done again.
The sense of reality I haven’t felt so far suddenly attacked me.

I’m going to become a father?
Is that okay for me?

「Ojou-sama, I’ve finished recording!」
「…Please put Shirasaka-san down」

Katsuko-nee puts down the camera and went to the control panel…
The iron chain hanging Yukino is lowered…
Yukino’s body fall down along with the mechanical sounds.
She sat down on the floor weakly.

「…Remove the leather handcuffs」

With Sensei’s order, Nagisa-san and Tamayo-san holds Yukino.
Nei-san removes the cuffs on Yukino’s wrist and ankle…

「…Congratulations, Yukino-chan!」
「…Un, Congrats!」

The two ladies told Yukino really gladly.


A gentle smile so different from their atmosphere until now.
Yukino doesn’t understand the change of the ladies.
She’s just frightened…

「I’ll give you a kiss!」

Tamayo-san kissed Yukino’s lips.

「Ah, me too!」

Nagisa-san kissed Yukino’s cheeks.
Yukino looks up at the ladies flustered.
It’s not just Tamayo-san and Nagisa-san…
Yuuka-san, Hidemi-san too…and even Yuzuki-sensei are smiling peacefully at Yukino…!

「Welcome to 『Kuromori Tower』! You’re our companion now too!」

Tamayo-san reported to Yukino with a smile

「…I’m…a companion?」
「That’s right. Yukino-chan experienced the same hell as us. You’re already our companion. You’re a member of this mansion…!」

Nagisa-san told Yukino brightly.

「…Don’t worry, we won’t tell you to take in guests」

Sensei also speaks to Yukino with a refreshed face.

「The prostitutes of the mansion have a rule where they retire when they get pregnant…that’s why you will retire without taking any guests」
「…Think about your birth in the future!」
「You can ask us about anything if you’re worried about anything」

Hidemi-san and Yuuka-san is being gentle to Yukino as if the people from a while a go are different people…!
Yukino’s confused with the change of the ladies…!
Of course, me too…!

「You can give birth at Australia or Hawaiian hospital. Shirasaka-san will decide which one you want…Katsuko, hand over the documents」
「Okay…I’ll send over the pamphlet later!」

The talk’s getting even more realistic that it doesn’t get it my head.
I’ll have a child.
Yukino’s going to give birth to my child?
My back felt shivers suddenly…
I haven’t thought about it deeply so far.
My life’s already helpless so…I thought whatever will be, will be.
I kept ejaculating inside Yukino without thinking about anything.
Of course…I know that a child could be made from it.
But…I always thought that it’s not real, that it’s an image of a white paper crumpled.
That’s why…I was able to do horrible things to Yukino.
But, now that Yukino’s pregnancy is reported to be fixed…

…I shiver.

My head is boiling.
Someone like me…
Is it okay for someone like me to become a father…?

「I went to Hawaii when I got pregnant! Hawaii has a clinic that’s specific to childbirth. I gave birth there. It was the best. The climate’s good, and the nurses understand Japanese too. The meals are delicious too…Also, when you give birth to a child in Hawaii, it’ll be accepted as an American citizen…!」

Nagisa-san explains to Yukino with a smile.

「My, I was in Australia but, it’s good there too! The doctors are Japanese. It’s a branch Japanese Hospital. It’s also exclusive for wealthy too. You don’t have to worry about your childbirth!」

Tamayo-san talks to Yukino happily
Yukino’s making a face not knowing what they are saying, she’s just in blank surprise.

「Shirasaka-ssan…It’s the end of April so your expected birth will be on February. That’s why try not to be absent in class as much as possible. You won’t be able to attend on the third semester after all. But, if you do well, then you can be promoted to second year…!」

Sensei told Yukino happily.

「I said it a while ago but it’s fine as long as you give birth. I’ll be the one to raise the child. It’ll be good-bye after your childbirth. You don’t need to see us anymore. Go to some far-off town…」

Sensei’s eyes shine mysteriously.

「…But, you’ll be with us for the coming ten months. I won’t remove the tattoo until you finish your delivery. We’ll be holding the videos and photos we took until now. I’ll hand it to you in exchange for the baby」

Yukino…opened her mouth calmly.

「…Why? Why are you doing this to me…?」

Yukino’s mind is confused.

「I…don’t want to bear a child. A child of a man I don’t like…!」

Yukino holds her own stomach…

「Why…What did I say…I…Yukino…didn’t do anything bad…!」

Sensei answered the crying Yukino.

「Oh right…I haven’t told Shirasaka-san yet…You see…your father…Shirasaka Sousuke made me unable to bear a child anymore…!」

Yukino raised her face suddenly…
Sensei smiled sadly.

「…When I told you that my body could not give birth for the second time…it wasn’t a lie. It’s true. Look at this…!」

Sensei begins to take off her black clothes…
Nagisa-san who’s nearby helped undressing.
Sensei shows the big wound in her stomach in front of Yukino.

「Isn’t horrible? Your father did this…!」

Sensei approaches Yukino…
「Hii」Yukino tries to evade but Tamayo-san holds her from behind…
Yuzuki-sensei takes Yukino’s right hand.
Then made her touch her own scar.

「…Look…It’s a genuine wound isn’t it?」

Sensei also touches Yukino’s stomach.

「In exchange of my disabled womb, I’ll make Shirasaka’s daughter conceive… It can’t be helped. Shirasaka Sousuke doesn’t have a womb. You can endure for ten months in exchange of your beloved father, do you…?」

Yukino can’t answer Sensei.
Yuzuki-sensei continued gently caressing Yukino’s stomach…

「My baby’s growing inside here…take care of it, Shirasaka-san」

Sensei smiled to Yukino…
Yukino’s just frightened…

「Now…Let’s go back to the lower room! Let’s all congratulate Yukino-chan’s pregnancy!」

Katsuko-nee called out everyone with a loud voice.

◇ ◇ ◇

All members sit around the table.
For some reason, the ladies stayed in their bondage costumes.
It’s as if it’s the official clothes of the 『Women of the mansion』…
Yukino’s still wearing her wedding dress. The veil is the same.
Her mind must still be stunned…The breasts that came out when I lowered her dress is still exposed.

「Yukino-chan’s the leading lady so sit here!」

Nagisa-san made Yukino sit on the center of the table.

「We made a cake together! This is for Yukino-sama!」

Katsuko-nee brought out the cake.
It’s the cake we made earlier.
What’s written on top of the cake is…
『Shirasaka-san, congratulations on getting pregnant!』

「Congratulations Yukino-chan!」
「Congratulations on getting pregnant!」

The ladies blessed Yukino once again…

「I’ll distribute the tea!」
「Ah, Katsuko-chan, I want wine!」
「Shouldn’t we open a champagne?」
「That’s good…Minaho-san, is that okay?」
「Let’s open both. Katsuko…bring a good bottle suitable for Shirasaka-san’s celebration」
「Got it! We’ll open vintages!」

Katsuko-nee comes out…

「Then…Just say if you want some tea」

Megumi stands up and serves tea.

「Ah, Misuzu will help too…!」

The two young ladies distributes the tea.

…What are they thinking?
About me impregnating Yukino.
The two look sad but they don’t look glad…they just continued working indifferently.

Nei-san is sipping tea with a gloomy face on the endmost of the table…
Margo-san is chatting with the ladies calmly.
The only ones looking down while sitting are…Yukino, Nei-san and me.

「Here you go! I brought the wine and champagne!」

Katsuko-nee returned panting.
She goes next to Yukino immediately…!

「Then, I think that Shirasaka Yukino-san who’s our new companion should open it in celebration of her pregnancy!」

Katsuko-nee loosens the mouth of the champagne…

「Yukino-sama, please hold the bottom of the bottle!」

Yukino who’s suddenly talked has her mind still not catching up.

「Hurry up…Hurry up!」
「…Ah, Yes」

Being pushed vigorously by Katsuko-nee, Yukino holds the champagne with both hands.

「…Soon, it’s about to come!」

Katsuko-nee loosen the mouth even more…


The champagne’s cork flew to the sky!

「…Congratulations on getting pregnant!」

The ladies shouted their joy all at once!
Yukino’s pregnancy party…begins.
The ladies talks to Yukino smiling bright.
They talk about their own delivery happily.
Yukino just listens…not knowing what to do.
Megumi’s drinking tea calmly
Misuzu and Nei-san…

「Hey, you two…you don’t drink the champagne like that!」

Margo-san’s warning them…

「It’s fine! Leave me alone Maru-chan!」
「That’s right. Please leave Misuzu alone!」

The two of them gulped down another cup…
…Are they okay?
Well, Nei-san and Misuzu feels that they can hold liquor just fine…


Suddenly, the door opened…?

「Ah, they’re having a party!」

Entering pitter-patter…is Nagisa-san’s daughter, Mao-chan.
The butler, Morimoto-san comes from behind too.

「My, Mao…What’s wrong?」

Nagisa-san stands from her seat to meet Mao-chan.


Mao-chan embraces her mother…

「She took a nap a while ago but…when she woke up she said that she wants to see her mother」
「…Sorry for causing you trouble. Morimoto-san」
「Take a seat too, Morimoto-san」

Yuuka-san calls out Morimoto-san.

「No, I’m a servant of this mansion…」
「I don’t mind…it’s a festive gathering」

Yuzuki-sensei told Morimoto-san.

「…Mao-chan, we got a cake!」
「Eh, Cake?」

Mao-chan smiled when she heard Katsuko-nee’s words.

「Right. Let’s cut the cake already」
「Sure sure! Katsuko will be cutting so please pass plates on everyone」
「Ah, I’ll do it!」

Megumi takes the lead to help…
Misuzu is still drinking champagne.

「Hey hey…Why do we have a huge cake?」

Mao-chan asks Katsuko-nee

「It’s a celebration!」
「It’s a celebration for Yukino-chan’s pregnancy!」

Nagisa-san told her daughter.

「It means that she’s able to make a child!」

Mao-chan smiled when she heard her mother’s words!

「…Wooow! Amazing!」
「That’s right, it’s very amazing. Mao-chan, congratulate Yukino-chan!」
「Where’s Yukino-chan?」
「This onee-san」

Nagisa-san shows Yukino.
Mao-chan walks pitter-patter before Yukino…


Yukino’s surprised at the cute little girl appearing suddenly.

「It’s my daughter…She’s Mao.」
「Hello…I’m Mao!」

Mao-chan introduced herself to Yukino.

「…Ah, H-Hello」

Yukino looks at Mao-chan while confused.

「This is my child…I got pregnant with her in this mansion. Her father’s unknown. I don’t want to look for it. It’s enough to know that it was someone from my guests…」

Yukino’s startled from Nagisa-san’s words.
Mao-chan doesn’t understand what they’re talking about…she’s just smiling.

「Yuuka-san, Hidemi-san, and Tamayo-san too. They were brought here by Shirasaka Sousuke forcibly, was made to sell themselves, and gave birth to a child whom father they don’t know of. It’s the same as you…」

Nagisa-san laughs sadly.

「Okaaay, Mao-chan, here’s your cake!」

Katsuko-nee brings a saucer with a cake to Mao-chan.

「Yaaay! It’s cake! Cake!…Katsuko-mama’s cake is delicious so I love it!」
「…Thank you Mao-chan. I’ll give you even more if you’re a good girl」

Mao-chan bites into the cake while smiling…!

「Isn’t she cute?…I was 18 when I got pregnant.」 I was scared about giving birth, worried about everything. Will the child born be loved or not…I was troubled every night. I was asking what should I do if I can’t come to love the child I give birth to…!」

Unintended pregnancy.
A child whos father you don’t know.
Can it be loved…can you raise it?
Nagisa-san must have been worried.

「But you see…When I gave birth to her, those worries were meaningless. It’s a child I delivered from my own womb, it’s obvious that I love her. It’s my child. I still am glad that I gave birth to her…!」

Nagisa-san’s words sinks into Yukino’s mind…

「Because of Shirasaka Sousuke, my life has been ruined but I’m living with Mao right now. I’ll do anything for Mao. This child gives me courage for everyday…!」

Nagisa-san, looks at her daughter with eyes of affection…tears collect in her eyes.

「…Mama, what’s wrong?」

Mao-chan looks up at Nagisa-san while eating up her cake.

「It’s nothing…It’s just that Mama loves Mao!」
「Mao also loves Mama!」

Mao-chan opened her mouth wide and filled her mouth with a cake.
She laughed satisfied…!

「Isn’t it good for you?…You know who’s the Papa of your child, and he won’t do anything groundless. He won’t abandon the child you give birth to」

Nagisa-san looks at me.

「We’ll be with you…All of us will raise the born child. Everyone will love the child and will definitely make the child happy!」

That’s…the decision of the ladies…

「Mao…Who’s this person?」

Nagisa-san points at Katsuko-nee

「This one?」
「This one?」
「This person?」

For Mao-chan, everyone’s her Mama.
The women of the mansion all cooperates and raises the child…!

「…When you give birth to a child, You’ll also be called 『Yukino-Mama』」

Nagisa-san told Yukino.

「…Hey hey, Yukino-chan!」

Mao-chan approaches Yukino…

「Are you going to give birth soon?」
「It’ll be ahead of time…it’ll be after next year」

Katsuko-nee taught Mao-chan

「Eh? Can we hasten it up?」
「No no…Yukino-chan’s stomach will grow big slowly, and will give birth to a healthy child…!」

Mao-chan got interested in Yukino’s stomach due to Nagisa-san’s words…

「Hey hey, Yukino-chan…!」

Yukino answered in a low voice.

「Can I touch your stomach?」

Yukino thought for a while, then answered.

「…Go on」

She rolled the hem of her wedding dress and showed her stomach by her own…
Mao-chan’s small hand touches the stomach of the 16 year old Yukino…

「There’s a child there right now…」

Nagisa-san taught her daughter.

「…Around here?」
「There’s a green letter in that you see?…Down there」

Mao-chan pats the 『Yoshida』tattoo on Yukino’s abdomen…!

「Baby, get born sooner! Let’s play together! Mao will give you her toys! That’s why get along with Mao!」

Yukino spilled tears.

「Yukino-chan…what’s wrong?」
「It’s okay. Yukino-chan got happy when she heard Mao-chan say that she wants to get along with the baby…」

Margo-san told Mao-chan.

「Mao won’t be fighting…I’ll get along. That’s why, get born sooner!」

Mao-chan rubs her cheeks on Yukino’s stomach…

「Hey hey, Yukino-chan…Have you decided on the name of the child?」

Mao-chan asks Yukino.


Yukino can’t answer.

「If not yet, then Mao can think about it…?」

Mao-chan looks up at Yukino with a smile.
…The child’s name.
Yukino stiffens from the too realistic question given by the little girl…
…Me too

「The name of the child is already decided…!」

Yuzuki-sensei spoke clearly.

「Ueee! Yuzuki-sensei will be the one deciding?」

Mao-chan told Sensei

「That’s right…is it no good?」

The young girl who was almost named 『Inoshishi』before seems to be doubting Sensei’s naming sense…

「The name of Shirasaka-san’s child will be 『Naomi』…!」

…That means?

「That’s right…It’s the name of my little sister that was killed by Shirasaka Sousuke. The born child will us my little sister’s name…!」

Sensei declared in front of everyone…

◇ ◇ ◇

The party continued with a peaceful atmosphere afterwards.
The ladies and Mao-chan surrounds Yukino and talks lightheartedly.
Yuzuki-sensei and Margo-san is drinking wine while talking.
Nei-san with a dark atmosphere is talking to Megumi-san.

「…Danna-sama, please come with me!」

Misuzu who’s face completely reddened from the champagne calls me over.

「…Eh, What’s wrong?」
「…Misuzu’s about to pee!」

The drunk Misuzu is angry at me!

「Geez! When Misuzu’s about to pee Danna-sama has to Shishi!」


「Isn’t it the Owner’s responsibility to take care of the pet?!」

…Ah, yes.
…G-Got it.

I took the drunk Misuzu to the bathroom…
The restrooms of the mansion are somewhat larger than the normal restroom
There’s hand-bars here and there…
I guess they’re doing sex plays here too.
Speaking of which, I watched Yukino pee during our first day here…

「…Danna-sama, please strip me!」

Misuzu stands before the toilet…
She’s making the same appearance the long time before I raped Yukino.
In short, she’s wearing only collar and a small bikini on top…and diaper down below.
I removed her diaper.
Misuzu’s cute hairless pubis appears…
Misuzu makes a big M legs and sat down on the toilet…

「Danna-sama, can you see it?」

Misuzu’s cute slit hasn’t been used more than twice…

「Can you see Misuzu’s embarrassing place?」

I swallowed my saliva.
In front of Misuzu who’s sitting down in the toilet, I crouch down.
Misuzu’s naked crotch is in front of me.

「Yeah…I can see it」

Misuzu smiled at me…

「Danna-sama…Misuzu is Danna-sama’s cute pet. A shameless vulgar pet. Can Misuzu pee while being watchjed by Danna-sama…?」
「…Yeah, go on」

Water drips from Misuzu’s crotch.

「Ah…It’s coming out! Misuzu is being watched by Danna-sama while peeing!」

Hot water spills out from her slit…!
She drank too much liquor.
Misuzu’s pee smells like alcohol’s amonia…

「Ufufu…Looook…Danna-sama, please take a look at Misuzu moreee…!!」
「…I’m looking…I’m watching you…!」

I’ve witnessed girls pee several times so far but…
It’s my first time seeing the pee come out of the slit this clearly.
Women are amazing.
Their pee comes out from such a place even though they don’t have dicks.
Before long…Misuzu finished urinating.

「…Thank you very much」

I met Misuzu’s eyes…

「Danna-sama…kiss me」

I kissed Misuzu’s lips;
There’s an expensive smell of champagne in Misuzu’s mouth
When we finished kissing…Misuzu smiled at me.

「…You finally looked at Misuzu!」

Saying that, Misuzu embraces me…!

「Geez…don’t do sex like that anymore…!」

Misuzu whispered in my ears… !

「When Danna-sama is having sex with that woman…you look very sad. It’s so lonely, painful, and agonizing…and still you continue to have sex forcibly」
「…Is that so?」

I don’t know

「Yes. Danna-sama will never be happy when you have sex with that woman」

…That might be the case.
When I have sex with Misuzu, Katsuko-nee or Nagisa-san…It’s getting even hotter, and it’ll end with gentle feeling…
But sex with Yukino…always ends with dark feelings.

「I…am not jealous of the 『Safe Blanket』 Misuzu will be servicing Danna-sama with Misuzu’s mind and body!」


「Danna-sama…please strip off」
「…Err, Misuzu?」
「Danna-sama…you still have that woman’s juice don’t you? Misuzu will clean it upo with her mouth!」

Misuzu smiled gently.
Those lovely lips…!

I stand in front of Misuzu who’s sitting on the toilet…and took out my penis.
My penis is lightly erect.

「…I’ll be cleaning it」

Misuzu took it in her mouth.
She licks it.
She sucked the glans.
Yukino’s love nectar that got stuck to me is being carefully taken out…
Her tongue crawled on my balls and in between the pubic hair.
Her tongue and lips washes my glans and cleans it…

I got erect immediately.
Completely erect…My penis points out to heaven in front of Misuzu.

「Danna-sama…you feel like having sex…?」

Misuzu said while patting my balls…

「…You want to ejaculate a lot?」
「Un…I want it so much」

Misuzu stands from the toilet and told me.

「Then…let’s go to Megumi-san…!」


「You want to have sex with Megumi-san?」

Misuzu whispers to me…

「I do…but」
「Megumi-san’s waiting you know?」


「Hurry up and call Megumi-san…!」

Misuzu opens the door…
Me who’s naked down was taken outside…!
Misuzu pulls my hand while my erect penis is still exposed and we came back to the party hall…
The door opened…
Then the noisy room becomes silent in a dash…!

「…Uwaa, Yoshida-kun’s penis is big!」

Mao-chan say while looking up at my erection.


And Yukino’s the only one raising a surprised voice.
The ladies and Margo-san looks at me and Misuzu interestingly…
Nei-san’s just surprised.
Sensei’s looking at us like usual…
Misuzu then brought me in front of Megumi…!

「Megumi-san…Danna-sama’s got a request for you!」

Misuzu told Megumi
Megumi who’s surprised from my exposed penis…breathes in


I don’t have anything else to do…


Megumi loks at me…!
It’s already desperate…!

「Megumi, have sex with me right now! I want to embrace your body! I want to break Megumi’s virginity and ejaculate inside! I want to make Megumi my woman!」

I just throw out what I thought from the bottom of my heart…
Tears spilled from Megumi’s eyes

Is she afraid as expected?
Of course…I suddenly said that with my penis exposed…

Megumi said

「…If you’re okay with me, please embrace me…!」

「…Please make me a woman!」