Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 690. Manifestation of power



「 Uhm, who are you? 」

I asked the 30-year-old woman who just came in.

「 Wow, you’re quite amazing. Are you not going to hide your dick? 」


Ah, my dick’s still coming out from the bathrobe.

「 No, this is my house. There’s nothing strange if I show it off within my own home 」

I said.

My women are already used to seeing it.

What’s the point of hiding it now?

「 Are you sure? 」

The woman stares at my dick, but.

「 I’m a man, so it’s natural to have a penis. It’s how my body is designed 」

I guess I have to hide it from dangling around.

「 Oh? You’re quite a strange guy 」

The woman laughed.

「 Papa’s not strange! It’s only natural that he swings it around! 」

Agnes got angry for me.

No, I’m glad that you’re angry for me but still.

It makes me look like a useless man.

「 Haa, you also had sex with this guy? 」

「 Yes, of course! Having sex with Papa is Agnes’ necessity 」

Agnes is fuming.

The woman looked at me again.

「 Oh boy, you even made a move on such a small child, I don’t care anymore 」

She doesn’t stop her vulgar laugh.

「 And so, who are you? 」

Misuzu asks again.

「 Miharu Sasaki Even if I look like this, I’m a doctor 」


「 Would you understand if I say that I’m substituting for Ikeda-sensei? 」

Ikeda-sensei’s a doctor in the underground world which has an exclusive contract with the brothel.

When my women lose their virginity, they check up with Ikeda-sensei most of the time.

I’ve only met her once.

It was when Ruriko lost her virginity, and she came to the mansion to check her up.

Then that means,

「 Ikeda-sensei asked me to go, she seems busy. To think that she even asked me to come 」

Sasaki said.

「 And who would’ve thought that it would be an orgy party. What is this world coming to 」

Misuzu mentioned it earlier, but still,

She’s right. That’s how the outsiders see it.

What we’re doing is nothing but obscene group sex.

「 And so, who should I examine? 」

Sasaki takes out a white coat from the doctor’s bag she brought.1

She opens it up and put it on.

Oh, seeing her wear a white robe gives her the doctor vibe.

「 Err, the one needing examination are… 」

As expected, let’s start with Luna.

The three of them lost their virginity, but,

I’m most worried about Luna, she’s 12, and I didn’t try to force her body too much.

I look at Luna.

「 Wait, Nii-san 」

Luna looks at Sasaki with her big eyes.

Tsukiko and Yomiko are holding Luna’s left and right hand.


I hear buzzing in my ears.

「 Oh, it seems that she’s indeed a doctor 」

「 Yeah, that’s for sure 」

Luna said. Tsukiko affirms.

「 But, ah, Ikeda-sensei’s threatened it seems 」

「 Ikeda-sensei’s not hurt, she’s confined in the clinic? 」

Luna’s charged up with Tsukiko and Yomiko’s power, and Michi and Edie’s Qi.

Can she read through the other person’s mind from just looking?

Tsukiko also sees through Sasaki’s heart through Luna.

「 W-What? 」

Sasaki’s surprised.

「 Ah, Yomi see it now too. Your heart is shaking. She’s agitated 」

Yomiko said.

「 Katsu-nee, call Shou-oneesan! Send a rescue unit to Ikeda-sensei’s clinic!!! 」

Nei shouts at the camera.

「 I don’t think there’s a need to hurry. These people don’t intend to do anything rough on her 」

Luna said.

「 The Yakuza confining Ikeda-sensei are, oh, they are connected with the people in the underground society which has a contract with Ikeda-sensei 」

If they hurt Ikeda-sensei, the underground society will banish them.

「 Once this doctor contacts them, it seems that Ikeda-sensei would be released 」

Tsukiko also reads through Sasaki’s heart.

「 Err, Onee-san, which group gave you the order? 」

Luna looks at Sasaki once again.

「 Ah, you don’t have to answer it 」

There are two groups of Yakuza chasing after the Takakura sisters.

One is Satake’s group who took over the Takakura shrine, and,

Tsukiko’s father who wants to erase the shrine maiden bloodline, Oodori.

「 Oh, it’s Satake. The purpose is information gathering, and you weren’t ordered to catch or kill us, I see 」

「 W-What’s going on?! 」

Sasaki feels fear from having her thoughts read.

「 You were told to check the relationship of Nii-san and everyone with Kouzuki house, weren’t you? 」

Luna reads.

「 Oh, Satake-san heard that a young man is standing out recently, so he doesn’t know much about the other side of Kouzuki house then 」

Ruriko understands.

Jii-chan’s Kouzuki SS is supposed to be a VIP only security firm, but.

In fact, they’re a private army.

They don’t just defend but also gather information and make assaults.

The political power of Kouzuki house makes it impossible for the police to meddle. It’s a combat unit in the dark.

It’s scarier than the Yakuza in a sense.

Shou-neechan and Rei-chan don’t think that they’ll violate the law to accomplish Jii-chan’s order.

Jii-chan himself even sacrificed a whole high-rise hotel just to defeat Cesario Viola.

They don’t care about the means to achieve their purpose.

「 Satake seems to be confused that Kouzuki-sama doesn’t just protect us but also sends in an attack unit to the Kansai area 」

Tsukiko reads from Sasaki’s heart.

Chief Yazawa and his elite group are now attacking the Yakuza headquarters in Kansai.

Yesterday, Jii-chan met the Takakura sisters and decided to bring them in Tokyo.

Today, the expedition unit has begun their work in Kansai already.

The Yakuza seems to be afraid of the speed of the events.

「 I-I have nothing to do with anything. I’m just a doctor. I was just told to infiltrate here and check if the Takakura ladies are together, how many guards they have, and so on. I was hired to do just that 」

Sasaki says, but.

「 No, this doctor is the wife of a Yakuza in Tokyo, which is a friend of Satake. No marriage registration has been issued however 」

Luna said.

In short, she’s not just hired, but she’s also a resident of the Yakuza world.

「 How do you know that?! 」

Sasaki shouts in a whine.

「 It is as you think 」

Luna looks straight at the doctor.

「 I’m reading your heart 」

「 Hiiiii!!! 」

The doctor trembles in fear.

「 So, what should we do with her? 」

I asked.

「 She’s undoubtedly a doctor. She specializes in maternity and gynecology, she has examined the women in the shop run by her husband 」

Oh, she’s also checking up prostitutes regularly.

Then, there’s no problem letting her examine Luna and the two.

「 Huh? Nii-san, Checkup? 」

Luna reacted.

「 Yeah, a doctor must examine you after your first-time sex 」

「 Yes, we did as well 」

Ruriko tells Luna and the two.

「 Then, it’s better if we also have ourselves examined? 」

「 Yes, that’s for the better. There’s also a doctor with us anyway 」

Though she’s an enemy, a doctor for the Yakuza.

「 If Kou-sama says so, then let’s do it this way 」

Tsukiko speaks to her sisters.

「 Yes, Onee-sama. Luna, I’ll be using my power now 」

Yomiko holds Luna’s hand.

Coming from the Tsuki Miko power, which is to read other people’s minds.

This time, it’s the Yomi Miko power, which is to make other people obey.

「 Sasaki-san, please give us an examination 」

Luna’s eyes capture Sasaki.

「 However, please treat us kindly like princesses 」

Yomiko adds.

「 Sasaki-san, please respond 」


「 Y-Yes 」

The doctor’s compelled by a supernatural power.

「 That’s not enough! 」

Nei said.

「 From now on, you’ll never oppose us. You must not lie. You’ll follow any of our orders, make her promise all that 」

「 Indeed 」

Luna’s eyes sparkles.

「 H-Hiiiii!!! 」

Sasaki’s frightened.

「 Look into my eyes, and pledge with your life on the line 」

I hear some buzzing in my ears again.

◇ ◇ ◇

First, Sasaki made a call in Ikeda-sensei’s clinic.

“It went well here, you can now free Ikeda-sensei.”

Shou-neechan should be sending in the rescue team already.

「 Nii-san, this is embarrassing 」

Though she’s under Luna’s control, Sasaki is an enemy, which is worrying.

I’m attending to the three while they’re examined.

Luna spreads her legs, and her vagina is illuminated with a penlight.

Yeah, watching her from the sides feels embarrassing for her.

Nei’s taking photos tho.

Luna ordered Sasaki to concentrate on the check-up and don’t think of anything unnecessary, so, she’s giving an examination silently.

「 There’s no problems. The hymen’s torn cleanly, and there’s no unreasonable movement from the male side it seems. There are no problems with your genital 」

Sasaki said.

「 Of course, desuno. Papa’s gentle when having sex after all 」

Agnes smiles.

「 Yeah, Yo-chan’s getting skilled here. Yo-chan tear through women’s virginity and complete it without putting too much pressure on their body 」

Nei said.

「 Onii-sama, is there a secret in it? 」

Ruriko asks me.

「 It’s the angle 」

「 Angle? 」

「 I pay attention to the angle of squeezing of my dick 」

If the angle doesn’t fit then it will hurt the girl, I think.

「 I see now 」

Nei smiles.

Then, after Luna’s examination is over, Yomiko’s next.


「 Excuse me 」


She entered the room.

「 I was supposed not to get involved for the case but, we’re short in hands 」

Margo-san smiled wryly.

「 I’ll be watching that doctor. Once the examination is over, I’ll hand her over to Shou-oneesan. While at it, the plan is for Kouzuki SS to capture the Yakuza who is monitoring this doctor 」

Oh, this doctor should be under the supervision of Satake.

Once Sasaki comes out of this mansion, they’ll meet up immediately and ask for the information she gathered about us.

Therefore, Margo-san would pretend to be the driver.

Kouzuki SS would track the car Yakuza will be using.

「 Also, Ikeda-sensei’s okay. She’s not hurt or anything. Though she’s angry that she’s asking for “get well money” from Minaho and Kouzuki-san 」

「 Then we’ll ask for Satake for damage fees 」

Nei said with a smile.

「 Okay, you don’t have any problems either. Next 」

The check-up switches from Yomiko to Tsukiko.

「 Also, as expected, we can’t trust the medicine this doctor brought with her. Katsuko-san’s preparing it, she’ll come back later and be sure that the three of them take it 」

It’s the emergency contraceptive.

Yeah, of course.

「 Ah, before, that, Katsuko-san would like to know their menstrual cycle. Be sure to check it 」

Contraceptive pills.

From now on, I must take responsibility for the health of the three sisters as well.

「 Please don’t overthink about it, Nii-san 」

Luna read my mind and said.

「 I can’t do that. I’ll treasure you all 」

「 Nii-san, you truly treasure us 」


「 Earlier, when Nii-san, hmmm, said that you love everyone in here, I was surprised. Everyone believes in Nii-san. Nii-san does treasure everyone too. Then, we’re already in it as well 」

The Takakura sisters are already my precious family.

But, what to do.

Should I report to Jii-chan that the sisters can’t become prostitutes?

「 Please don’t overthink it 」


「 She’s come here to talk about it 」

Luna looks at Margo-san.

「 Err, Margo-san, is it? Nice to meet you, I’m Luna, Nii-san’s sex slave starting today 」

She bows her head politely.

「 Sorry for the late greetings. I’m Yomiko 」

「 Please forgive our appearance, My name is Tsukiko 」

Tsukiko greets while having the doctor examine her genitals.

「 Oh right, I haven’t greeted you three yet. I’m Margo 」

Margo-san is adopted to Kuromori family now.

She’s now Margo Highway Starkweather Kuromori now.

「 Uhm, Luna just mentioned it, but what is it? 」

I asked.

Margo-san has something to tell us.

「 Yeah, you see, I’ve been watching what happened to this room. What was it again? Confusion between the purpose and means? 」

Oh, the conversation we had about the shrine maiden.

「 That is an interesting point. Or should I say that it’s an essential keyword for understanding this case 」

The confusion between the purpose and the means.

「 Now then, don’t mix the purpose and means of Minaho and Kuromori’s brothel, clear up your mind and think again 」

Margo-san said.

「 Minaho will reopen the hall. Why? 」

「 That’s because the customers are waiting for the reopening of the brothel and some prostitutes can’t do other work 」

Also, Minaho-neesan herself.

She’s been involved with the management of the brothel for a long time, so,

The reopening of the brothel is limited only to five years, because,

Minaho-neesan needs a grace period to proceed for her next life.

「 The customers and former prostitutes don’t matter. What I only ask is about Minaho 」


「 Minaho reopening the brothel is okay but, she doesn’t need to sell prostitutes only, does she? 」

That’s true.

Minaho-neesan doesn’t want to sell the bodies of prostitutes.

That’s all she’s done ever since she was a kid.

「 All Minaho needs to do is making a profit. The Takakura sisters selling their bodies or not doesn’t matter. First of all, if all Minaho wants is to earn money then don’t you think that it’s all she has to do? 」

If the Takakura sisters can make money as planned, then,

Minaho-neesan doesn’t concern whether they sell their body or not.

「 And so, Yoshida-kun. Did you know that a brothel is a kind of “temporary staffing business?” 」

Temporary staffing?

「 As long as we can make money then there’s no problem, is it? 」

Yomiko asks.

「 Yeah. You see, Minaho and Kouzuki-san think that way. There were expenses for you from yesterday and today. I believe that it’ll be resolved by tomorrow but, you have to earn at least the costs and business rewards for Kouzuki SS or else isn’t it better to return to Kyoto? 」

That’s an outrageous number for sure.

「 I understand. Thank you for the advice 」

Luna bows her head.

「 No, still, what to do 」

Is there a way to make money without them becoming a prostitute?

「 Let’s have Kouzuki-sama and Kuromori-sama see the value in our power 」

Tsukiko who finished her check-up stands and said.

「 That’s the only way 」

Edie snorts.

Selling the fusion of the Tsuki and Yomi power?

「 Darling, what are you making an absentminded face for? There’s a lot of people who’d want to pay for Luna and the girls’ power! 」

「 Yes. We can read people’s minds and make them obey us. Companies, no, even nations would want that power 」

Misuzu said.

「 The window for loaning that power would be provided by Kouzuki SS. They’ll do a pre-test, and if there are problems, refuse it 」

Ruriko said.

「 There’s no problem refusing them because we can use the “Yomi power” 」

Yomiko says happily.

Well, if they can then that would be amazing, but.

「 But wait, can you read a person’s mind without having sex with that person? 」

That’s how it was so far.

The shrine maiden is having sex with the Yakuza during the arbitration ritual.

Earlier with Tsukiko, she read my mind through sex.

「 Darling, were you watching what happened just now? 」


「 Didn’t Luna read through the mind of the doctor over there without having sex and forced her to obey? 」


Wait, Edie’s right.

I thought that she just was lost in Luna’s momentum, but yeah.

「 That’s another one of confusion between the purpose and the means. 」


「 As far as I know, the discipline of using sex is from Mikkyou2 that came from India in the late period 」

Margo-san said.

「 The secret Buddhist teachings came to Japan and is adopted as Shugendou2 I think that the wandering shrine maiden had a strong relationship with those practitioners 」


「 And so, the training where you use sex does exist but, it doesn’t need to be having sex with a lot of people. What’s important is that the man and woman can have dense and passionate sex, in a sense, having sex with old men is no training at all 」

「 Yes, If that’s the case, the prostitutes would acquire some power as well 」

Michi said.

「 No, but what about the wandering shrine maidens having sex with various people? The one Jii-chan called sacred prostitutes 」

Don’t the shrine maidens purify and give divine protection by having sex or something?

「 That’s the one worthy of being called as the confusion of purpose and means 」

Margo-san laughs.,

「 Not all of the wandering shrine maidens have extraordinary power. Therefore, many prostitutes are called shrine maidens. That is their means to live, so it’s inevitable. Those who have genuine “Miko power” don’t need to sell themselves 」

If they have the power,

「 Sacred prostitutes exist in various countries in the history of humanity. It has some cultural and religious foundation in a sense, but in most case, it only degrades to a mere prostitution arc. They’re a prostitute naming themselves as a shrine maiden. That’s natural, but, shrine maidens who have genuine power after training won’t do that 」

I see.

「 We have been degraded. The sacred shrine maidens had become Yakuza’s tool before anyone noticed 」

Tsukiko looked down and said.

「 The genuine are few, and the fakes are many. Then, all the fakes are just prostitutes. Later soon after, the wandering shrine maidens became recognized as prostitutes who sell their bodies 」


「 Then, someone begins to talk about it; “Speaking of which, seems like the shrine maidens train by having sex,” “Yeah, the shrine maidens train by selling their bodies,” and thus, the wandering shrine maidens are tied up to the recognition by the customers 」

I see it now.

「 And when that happened, the shrine maidens who had genuine powers were forced to have sex with the customers before using their power. People are convinced that the wandering shrine maidens are like that 」

In short, the shrine maidens themselves had sex with the customers like it’s the norm.

「 As expected, the power of the shrine maidens have diminished since entering the Meiji era. The Takakura shrine’s Miko power weakened, that is why they accepted the wandering shrine maiden and accepted their power as well, however,. The wandering shrine maidens’ power has also degraded for each generation. That it reached a point where one can’t read the mind of others unless the skins touch, which means sex 」

Tsukiko said.

「 But, we have misunderstood the image of that weakened shrine maiden as the one to inherit 」


「 Thus, the three of them gathered and concentrated their Qi and power to Luna. Then, they can read people’s minds just by looking at the other person. Only by glaring, they can make people obey 」

That’s the original Miko power.

「 No, it’s not perfect yet. We were just lucky that it went well this time. This power has to be stable, so we can use it 」

Luna said.

「 Indeed. If not, we can’t send you as human resource 」

Nei laughed.

「 Yes, therefore, sex. More with Nii-san 」


「 I understand. Having sex with Nii-san is the best way to train 」

「 That’s right. Having sex with Sensei is the best training 」

「 I think so too 」

The three told me.

「 No, no, not today. The three of you just lost your virginity, so you have to rest for tonight 」

Nei said.

「 Ruriko, what time will Jii-chan come back? 」

I asked.

「 I think it’s about afternoon by tomorrow 」

Tomorrow morning, I have to boost the lust of the sisters.

I’ll have them climax together as I ejaculate.

And if possible, all three of them does that.

「 I guess I have to 」

I prepare myself once again.


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