Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 691. I want to hug




「 Fuu 」

I submerge myself in the bathtub and exhale.

「 Aaah, my body’s worn out 」

After the check-up of the Takakura sisters, we head to the public bath.

Everyone’s sweating and also dirty with semen, love nectar, and virgin blood.

Anyway, we have to clean our bodies first.

Katsuko-nee prepared the bath beforehand.

「 Kou-sama, are you tired? I see. You did it for us, we’re sorry 」

Tsukiko came next to me and said.

「 No, it’s not Tsukiko’s fault 」

Anya’s made noise since yesterday, and there’s also Kana-senpai.

I’ve been having a lot of sex even before the Takakura sisters came to Tokyo.

「 My, that’s a lot 」

「 Seems like it 」

Tsukiko laughs.

Did she read my mind again?

Well, it doesn’t matter.

「 Why do you not mind? 」

Tsukiko wonders. I replied.

「 Huh? Well, I don’t have anything to hide 」

My thoughts aren’t that big of a deal anyway.

I’m not that smart to begin with.

Even if I try to hide something, it would be exposed right away.

No, Tsukiko’s able to read my mind from the start, so I don’t even have to hide.

So, sure, whatever.

「 I’m moved 」


「 To think that you make up your mind that to become that simple, Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko’s eyes look straight at me.

「 No, I’m just someone falling behind others. I have no choice but to accept myself 」

I look at the women in the bathroom.

Nei, Misuzu, Ruriko, Mana, Megu, Agnes, Michi, then Tsukiko on my side.

Edie, Yomiko, and Luna are in the sauna room.

「 They all accepted this useless me, I’m grateful to them. I will never betray everyone here. Especially the younger girls, I must meet their expectations 」

I’m the only man protecting this family.

「 That’s why I don’t mind Tsukiko seeing through my mind 」

I don’t want to lie either way.

「 I see 」

Tsukiko mutters


「 What should I do for Kou-sama? 」


「 Luna is a sex slave, Yomiko is a pregnant slave 」

Oh, that.

I look at Tsukiko’s body submerged in warm water.

As expected, her body has a beautiful proportion.

The shape of her breasts, in particular, is excellent.

「 If you think so then touch it and lick it 」

Tsukiko sticks out her chest to me.

「 No, but 」

「 I can understand, please do what you desire 」

I can’t even hide my desires.

「 Sure, excuse me then 」

I touch Tsukiko’s breasts.

「 Ufufu, it tickles 」

「 Ah, sorry 」

「 I don’t mind, please touch it to your heart’s content 」

These 17-year-old breasts have a good swell.

「 Is that so? Then, should I also become a slave? 」


「 Are you afraid Kou-sama that we would abandon you? Even though that can’t happen 」

I can hear buzzing in my ears ago.

Tsukiko’s probably going diving deep in my heart.

「 I see, you’re scared of being alone, so you chose the compelling force of the word “slave” 」

I noticed it for the first time as it’s pointed out.

I see. I…

Is that why everyone ties up to me with a slave relationship?

「 Even so, if the slaves show that they want to break their relationship with Kou-sama, you’re ready to give it to them anytime 」


After all, someday,

They might love a man better than I am.

If that time comes.

I must step aside.

「 I hear something I can’t allow to pass 」

Michi comes over.

「 Master. Michi is Master’s slave. I don’t know about my past life, but in this life and the life to come, I will serve you as your slave. That’s the law of this universe. What’s decided can never be overturned 」


「 Therefore, if I were to say something with the line of “Master, I have found someone else,” but that is impossible to happen even if the earth shakes at a 100 magnitude, the atmospheric pressure became 1 trillion hectopascals, and the earth’s rotation turns the opposite ways, or superclass catastrophes happen, however, if that all happens, Master mustn’t let me go. Instead, you must tie this foolish me to the pillar in the basement of this house and use me as a semen toilet dedicated for Master for the rest of my life. Scorn me and say “woman like you is only worthy as a semen toilet” then release your sexual decide on my indecent body 」

In short, Michi wants that play.

「 Indeed, I wonder when will Onii-sama understand our feelings 」

Ruriko who’s washing Agnes’ hair in the washroom smiles wryly and talks to me.

「 We’ll never like other men. We’ll serve only Onii-sama forever, I’m proud that I’m Onii-sama’s sex slave 」

No, but.

I’m glad that you feel that way, but,

Your beauties are a waste for me.

「 We should be asking Danna-sama not to abandon us instead 」

Misuzu says.

「 We are also scared that one day, Danna-sama might hate us


「 Don’t be stupid! I can’t possibly hate you all 」

I shouted out loud unconsciously.

Why would I hate all of these cute women?

「 Yes. We know. Therefore, please understand that we can’t possibly hate Danna-sama as well 」

Misuzu smiles.


Misuzu got me.

She won that one.

「 No. I get that, but still 」

But, still, I.

「 It makes me uneasy 」


Maybe there’s something wrong with this happiness I feel now.

That I’ll wake up one night,

Then I’m still actually on the sofa in my house.

That I’m just wrapping myself up with a blanket and warming myself with my temperature.

That all of this is a dream.

That I’m still alone.

「 Geez, you’re so helpless 」

Nei gets up from the washroom and goes to the tub, pushed her way through the warm water and go to me.

「 Huh, Ya-chan?! 」

「 Here, come to me 」

She hugged me and squeezed my face into her voluptuous breasts.

「 Here, Yo-chan, don’t be afraid, don’t be scared. Onee-chan’s hugging you 」


「 Yo-chan, you’re no longer alone. No, we won’t let Yo-chan be alone anymore 」

I feel Nei’s warmth.

「 Well, Onii-chan’s so helpless 」

Mana smiled.

「 If someone experienced being abandoned once, they’re always afraid that they’ll be left again. I can understand that 」

Mana’s mother and grandfather abandoned her.

「 That’s why I won’t abandon Onii-chan even if I’m dead. If Mana does anyway, it’s a death sentence, Mana’s alive because Onii-chan needs me 」


「 Tsukiko-san. You can look into Mana’s heart too. And if Mana lied, point it out. I’d bite my tongue and die as an apology 」

「 Me too, Danna-sama has accepted Tsukiko-san, I don’t have to hide anything then 」

Misuzu said.

「 I’m very sorry. My power is sealed for the moment 」

Tsukiko apologizes.

「 I’m also a bit uneasy. Then, I looked into Kou-sama’s heart 」

I see.

Everyone has anxiety in them.

「 Geez, Yo-chan, shouldn’t you be doing something at times like this? 」

Nei asks me.

「 Ya-chan, can you get on my back instead? 」

「 Okay~ 」

Nei hugs me from behind now.

「 Tsukiko, come here 」

I call Tsukiko.

「 Yes? 」

「 I’ll hug you too 」

I speak gently.

「 Yes, Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko leans to me.

I hugged Tsukiko’s body from the front and kissed her.

Tsukiko’s huging me in front and Nei’s from the back.

We feel each other’s existence while becoming a single mass.

「 Doing this melts away all the anxiety 」

「 Yeah, I’ll give you a hug when you feel lonely. Don’t hesitate to ask me anytime 」

「 Thank you, Kou-sama 」

This time, Tsukiko kisses me.

「 If Tsukiko-san’s satisfied now I’m next! I want a hug too, Onii-chan! 」

「 Sure, come, Mana 」

I replied.

「 By the way, why are you still quiet, Megumi-oneesama? 」

Ruriko asks Megu.

「 Huh? Me? 」

Megu’s confused.

「 Earlier, in that room, Margo-oneesama was also worried 」

Margo-san brought Sasaki, the female doctor out of the mansion.

Then, she spoke to me.

“What’s wrong with Megu-chan,” she said

「 I couldn’t catch up at all 」

Megu said.

「 Can’t catch up, what? 」


「 My head, on everything that happened in the room earlier, and even now 」


「 Nei-oneesan, Misuzu-san, Ruriko-san, Edie-san, and Michi-chan are all smart, and so everyone just talked more and understood everything. Even Mana’s joining the conversation. And yet, I couldn’t understand it all 」


「 Why does Yo-chan need to have sex with the Takakura sisters? Then after the three lost their virginity, they made some triangle and had sex with the three of them again, I don’t get it 」

No, but.

「 But, Megu, didn’t you send your Qi to them as well? 」

She did send her Qi on the triangle.

「 That’s because Yoshi-kun’s working so hard, I don’t know what’s going on, but I thought that it meant something 」

Megu said.

「 That’s why I just did what everyone is doing. I don’t even get what was going on. After all, I don’t get what was going on 」

Oh, I see.

I’ve been working hard since I experienced having my mind read, but,

Megu only took part in some ritual she doesn’t understand.

「 All I know is that there’s something strange happening. I somehow get it. But, I don’t understand what anything means 」

Her head can’t catch up with the events.

「 That’s why, I wanted to encourage Yoshi-kun on the way so many times, but I don’t even know on what timing I could say it 」

So that’s why she’s been silent.

「 And then, Tsukiko-san says that she and her sisters could read Yoshi-kun’s mind. Yoshi-kun has given them permission, so I don’t know what to do! 」

What is it that you don’t understand?

「 Some people can read Yoshi-kun’s mind and yet, what am I doing here? 」


「 Nei-oneesan and Misuzu-san are much better in their role as Yoshi-kun’s wife. Katsuko-oneesan, Ruriko-san, and Mana are much better when it comes to taking care of him. Everyone’s much smarter, beautiful, and even gentle with Yoshi-kun. There are people strong enough to protect Yoshi-kun. And on top of all that, people who can read Yoshi-kun’s mind has come? Why am I here? Just to suffer? I’m not needed here at all! 」

No, wait, Megu.

「 I don’t think so, Megu-chan is also beautiful 」

Nei says while still hugging me.

「 Nei-oneesan, you’re the last one I want to hear that from! 」


Nei who’s such a superior beauty, you won’t be convinced even if she tells you that you are beautiful.

「 I can’t find the reason why I’m needed here! I feel like I’m not needed in this family! 」

「 That’s not true! Megu!! 」

I shouted.

「 I need Megu! 」

「 Isn’t that just pity?! 」

Megu looks at me.

「 What are you talking about?! That’s not our relationship! 」

「 Then what?! Why is a useless girl like me needed?! Yoshi-kun! Hey! 」


「 I can’t put it to words 」

「 What the hell! Don’t try to evade it!! 」

「 I’m not!! I’m not smart either, and I can’t explain things that well 」


「 Once you’re an adult, you’ll understand 」

Agnes tells us.

「 You may not understand it now but you will once you grow up 」

Agnes’ eyes look at us.

「 Therefore, if you don’t know, just listen in silence. The time where you understand it will come someday, so for now, listen quietly and don’t disturb anyone 」


「 Agnes wants to be useful too. Agnes is the only one in the family who couldn’t help Papa at all. Agnes only knows sex after all 」

What are you talking about Agnes?

「 But, Agnes doesn’t want to be apart from Papa or everyone here. I want to become useful to Papa as soon as possible. That’s why Agnes listens quietly when everyone talks about something hard for Agnes to understand. But, I listen with all my best. After all, someday, Agnes will become an adult and will surely understand it all 」

This small blonde haired girl speaks desperately.

「 Megu-oneechan, if you don’t understand it now, just come back when you’re an adult. But until you do, just listen from the sidelines and don’t disturb everyone. This is your family. You can’t just cause problems every time 」

Megu’s shocked.

「 Agnes, who told you that? 」

Nei asked.

「 Katsuko-oneechan, desuno 」


「 She said that there are a lot of things I won’t understand until I grow up. But, I can’t just mature quickly. Take it slowly. Eat a lot, sleep a lot, listen to stories from various people, and learn a lot. That’s why I’m not in a hurry 」

Agnes said.

「 That’s a good lesson from Katsu-nee 」

Nei smiled.


「 Megu-chan, do you hate Yo-chan? 」

Megu’s surprised.

「 That can’t be 」

「 Do you want to stay in this family? 」

「 Yes, I want to 」

Megu replies. Nei;

「 Then why don’t you grip hard? 」

Grip hard.

「 That’s what we’re doing. We desperately look for what we could do for Yo-chan and this family and grit our grip hard every day 」

Nei said. Megu fell silent.

「 Just because we have more talent than Megu-chan doesn’t mean that we’re not trying out various things. We are also desperate on our own terms 」


「 I’m sorry 」

She apologized in a faint voice.

「 Hey, Megu 」

I thought of hugging Megu, but,

「 Yo-chan, don’t move from there 」

Nei stopped me.

「 She has to do it herself. Or else, Megu-chan won’t be able to handle it 」


「 If it’s Agnes, you can hug her anytime. But, Megu-chan is much more mature than Agnes-chan 」

「 That’s right, it’s Mana’s turn now 」

Mana comes over

「 Tsukiko-san, can we switch? 」

「 Okay 」

Tsukiko parts from me.

Then, Mana.

「 I love you Onii-chan. 」 Onii-chan, I love you! 」

Mana hugged me and kissed me passionately.

「 I love this texture. I love having sex with Onii-chan, but Mana loves hugging Onii-chan all the time more 」

She rubs her cheeks on my chest.

「 I’ll never leave you Onii-chan 」

Mana’s eyes show earnestness.

「 That’s what it means to grip hard 」

Nei tells Megu.

「 Onii-sama, Ruriko would like to reserve some time after Mana-san 」

Ruriko asks for a hug after Mana.

「 As for me, I want to switch with Nei-chan. I prefer to do the hugging than receiving Danna-sama’s hug 」 」

「 Sure, your turn Mii-chan 」

Nei hands over her spot to Misuzu.

「 Then, Papa, can Agnes go next after Ruri-oneechan? 」

Agnes also clings to me.

「 Yeah, sure 」

「 I’m glad 」

Megu’s still thinking.

I understand that she’s feeling down but,

Nei’s eyes say that I should talk to her for now.



「 Puhaaaa 」

「 It’s hot! 」

「 It’s definitely hot!! 」

Luna, Yomiko, and Edie all come out of the sauna room.