Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 706. M-Girls Club Part 4 Pregnancy Sex announcement




「 Kyauuun! 」


「 Kyauuun!!! 」

Yomiko’s 14-year-old white ass is turning red from my slap.

My handprint is being etched into Yomiko’s skin.


「 Kyauuun! 」

Yomiko’s body shrinks itself from the pain.

Her skin’s sweating.

And then.

Yomiko’s secret part in between the two ass meat presented to me is…

It’s dripping love nectar like water from spring that it’s making the floor drenched.

Not being able to see one’s face sure is lewd.

Yomiko’s upper half is inside the car.

She can only see her lower half sticking out of the car.

She’s trembling from the pain.

She’s just 14, and yet her hips are as well developed as her breasts.

And her thighs look soft too.

Her thin and long legs have a beautiful line.

「 Sensei? 」

Yomiko sounds curious that I stopped spanking her.

I massage Yomiko’s red and swollen ass.

Yomiko’s soft ass meat feels pleasant to touch.

Oh, after beating the same part again and again, the temperature’s rising up.

「 It’s okay, touch it more. Play with Yomi 」

Yeah, I’m going to.


「 Kyauuun!! 」

I continue slapping her ass.

「 I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry! 」


「 Yomi’s been a bad girl! I knew I’ve been a bad girl!! 」

Her unyielding spirit and strong-willed attitude was just a bluff.

She tries to protect her sisters as the leader.

「 You’re my slave from now on! That means you’ll have to tell us everything!! You cannot act or decide on your own anymore!! You hear? 」

I order Yomiko as I slap her.

「 Yes, Sensei! I’ll do anything Sensei says! Yomi is Sensei’s “pregnant slave” 」

Yomiko shouts. Misuzu;

「 That’s right. Yomi-chan is a “pregnant slave” It’s about time Danna-sama’s child is created in there 」

She peeks through the window.

「 Y-Yes 」

「 And so, Yomi-chan must always devote her heart to Danna-sama. If you want to do something with Danna-sama, then get naked and show your breasts and butt to Danna-sama. Okay? 」

「 Yes, Yomi will always prepare her mind and body for Sensei to violate anytime. I’ll keep it in mind 」


「 Then, you must beg for it 」

「 Huh? 」

「 Open up your hole with your fingers to accept Danna-sama and say, “Please violate Yomiko to your heart’s content. Yomiko is Danna-sama’s pregnant slave,” Can you? 」

Misuzu said. Yomiko;

One hand holds the seat of the car and the other stretches to her vagina.

Then, she splits open her slit with her index and middle finger.

Yomiko’s insides are pink-colored.

Love nectar drips down again.

「 I can see it well. It’s beautiful, Yomiko」

I said.

Her entrance twitches.

The thin white film I saw yesterday is no longer there.

Last night, I opened a big hole there.

Once the virginity is lost, it will never return again.

「 Sensei, please violate Yomi as you like. Yomi is Sensei’s pregnant slave 」

「 Are you really sure about that? That would mean that my hot fluid would go inside your stomach again and you’ll make a baby 」

I said. Yomiko’s anus tightens.

「 Yomi will give birth to my child. 」

To Yomiko, that means that she’s giving birth to a new lineage of shrine maidens.

That child will take over the curse of Takakura shrine maidens.

「 T-That’s 」

Yomiko falters.

It ends up to the same pattern.

Though she’s made her resolve in her head, her heart couldn’t catch up.

I lick Yomiko’s red swollen ass.

「 You don’t have to worry about anything anymore. We will all protect Yomi, Tsukiko, and Luna’s children 」

「 Yomi-imouto, all you have to think about is becoming an excellent slave to Master 」

Michi talks from the passenger seat.

「 That’s right. Leave all your worries to us. All Yomi-chan have to do is be happy from Danna-sama’s love 」

「 Misuzu-oneesama? 」

「 You’ll bear a child. It’ll surely be cute. It’s Danna-sama and Yomi-chan’s child after all. Everyone will raise that child together. See? It’s nothing but happiness? Yomi-chan will become a mother of a child 」

「 I 」

I turn my erect penis to Yomiko’s slit.

「 Yomi, you’ll never become a shrine maiden. Therefore, neither your child or you will take over the fate of the shrine maiden 」

Yomiko will continue acting brave when her sisters, Tsukiko and Luna are around.

The worry she’s always had that she has to become the next shrine maiden chases after Yomiko.

That is why when her sisters aren’t present.

Yomiko’s imagination of the future has to change from the root.

「 Yomi’s going to become a mother of my child 」

She’s not just a “pregnant slave” by name.

I have to engrave it to Yomiko’s body.

have sex with her, impregnate her, give her the image of birth.

Without the Takakura house and her shrine maiden bloodline, Yomiko is just a woman.

「 Sensei, Yomi 」

Yomiko’s trembling.

「 Yomi’s scared. I knew it, I’m scared 」

This 14-year-old girl shakes from fear of getting pregnant.

「 It’s too late. Yomi 」

I grab Yomiko’s ass, and then,

「 You’re already mine 」

My voice comes from behind.

And then, coming from the front;

「 And now, you must pledge Yomi-chan. Swear that you’ll bear Danna-sama’s child. And you must beg for him to make you a mother 」


「 But, Yomi’s scared 」

So that’s Yomiko’s true feelings.

If that’s the case.

「 Then, I’m going to make Yomi a Mama 」

I thrust forward.

「 Hiiiiiiiiiii!!! 」

I push in my glans into Yomiko’s slit.

「 Wait! Sensei! Give me a second! 」

I won’t wait!

「 Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! 」


My penis penetrates into her hot and moist meat.

「 O-Ouch! It hurts!!! 」

My swelling glans enters into Yomiko’s vagina.

「 O-Ouch! Wait! No, don’t come in yet! 」

Yomiko just lost her virginity last night.

It’s natural that it still hurts.


「 The pain is what feels good. It’s great to be violated against your will 」

Michi tells Yomiko.

「 Cute. I’m so jealous of Yomi-chan. Yomi-chan’s giving Danna-sama love right now 」

「 Love? 」

「 Yes. Danna-sama seeks love from Yomi-chan. He wants to make Yomi-chan a mother by all means. Danna-sama wants Yomi-chan to bear a child 」

「 Yes, I’m happy for Yomi-imouto 」

「 But, Yomi…Haguuu 」

I squeeze my penis deep into her vagina.

「 Ha, haaaa, uuuugh 」

With my thick rod forced into her with all my strength, Yomiko’s breathing roughly in pain.

She’s sweating even more.

「 Your body was completely ready to accept me 」

I tell Yomiko while I feel her hot vagina squeezing my penis.

「 Besides, in your head, you can understand that you’ll live only the life as my sex slave 」

「 S-Sensei, what do you mean? 」

Yomiko asks while breathing heavily.

「 Once you understand it with your head, your heart will be set into that 」

After all the experiences I’ve had, I know it well.

Mana was quick to say that she’s my slave.

But, that was a result of her judgment of the situation, she simply said it because she knows that she should.

Mana’s heart wasn’t stable yet.

Therefore, I needed to have sex with Mana so many times and strengthen the imprint little by little.


In Yomiko’s case, there’s not much time for that.

Jii-chan’s interview time is approaching.

And above all that.

Miko power is a heart move.

It’s not the heart but her mind.

Therefore, she won’t be stable unless she accepts us.

「 Luna, the youngest sister, is thought to have little to no power among the Takakura sisters, and so she holds insecurity from being dependent to her sisters 」

I tell Yomiko.

「 And so, Agnes who’s at the same age as her and Ruriko who’s being my little sister, creates an atmosphere of them working together. Edie’s a strict one so she supports them in the shape of “If Luna’s working hard then I’ll support you” Therefore, Luna’s okay now. She no longer feels insecure with her sisters, but instead, she’s looking forward to taking her pace together with Agnes 」

「 Luna 」

Yomiko mutters her little sister’s name.

「 Yomi, you’re smart, but you give up fast. That’s why you understood that the best choice at that situation was to be my slave. But, your heart is still hesitating 」

「 That’s 」

She’s given back the role of the leader to her elder sister, Tsukiko, and yet.

She’s still worried about the future of the shrine maiden.

「 It’s okay now. Yomi, you don’t have to think about becoming a shrine maiden anymore 」

「 But, I was born at Takakura shrine 」

「 It doesn’t matter. It no longer does 」

I slowly move my waist.

Juppu, juppu.

「 Auuuu, don’t move yet 」

「 I will move. Listen, you’re only feeling some sense of discomfort, but it’s not as painful as it was last night 」

I’m not moving absurdly.

Besides, Yomiko’s body is already melting from it.

「 Aaaaaah, haaaa, guuuu 」

「 Accept it. We’re having sex. I’m going to impregnate you. Your child won’t become a shrine maiden. That’s what I’ve decided 」

「 Uuuuuu 」

When I had sex with Misuzu earlier, the car shook up and down, but,

The suspension of the vehicle shakes left and right as I violate Yomiko from behind right now.

「 As expected, car sex is fantastic. The realism of being raped feels different 」

Misuzu said.

I see. So that’s why Misuzu,

She chose this place for Yomiko’s sake.

「 Don’t get depressed in your own small world! Feel it with your whole body! 」

I tell Yomiko.

「 That’s right, Yomi-chan, feel it with your heart 」

Misuzu said.

「 Yomi-imouto, feel the warmth of the sunshine lighting up your skin 」

Michi said.

「 And then, feel the wind touching your skin 」

Yes, we opened the garage shutter.

We’re having sex outdoors.

「 The wind from the outside smells like the trees from the garden 」

Next, let her feel with her nose.

「 Then smell your sweat, your love nectar, the smell of the car seats, the smell of this garage, and then, Danna-sama’s scent. Smell all of it! 」

「 Haaa, haaaa, haaaa 」

Yomiko’s forgotten to complain about the pain even though I continue to attack her.

「 Ufufu, so cute, Yomi-chan 」

「 Ah! 」

I’m outside the car so I can’t see it, but it looks like Misuzu kissed Yomiko.

「 Yes, this is the taste of Yomi-chan’s kiss. Yomi-chan, what do you think of mine? 」

「 Yomi-imouto, me too 」

「 Hauu 」

Misuzu and Michi are both girls with lesbian tendencies.

They continuously steal Yomiko’s lips.

「 Umu. That’s a good taste 」

「 See, Yomi-chan? Everyone has a different taste 」

This is for the sense of taste.

「 You really are cute, I love you, Yomi-chan 」

「 Me too, I think Yomi-imouto’s cute 」

「 Yeah, I think so too. You’re cute, I love you, Yomi 」

I thrust my waist deeper.

「 Haguuuuuu! 」

Yomiko gasps.

「 Can you hear it? It’s where Yomi-chan and Danna-sama are connected. It’s making a lewd sound 」

Gucho! Gucho! Gucho!

Yomiko is easy to get wet, now, every time I piston, splashes of love nectar can be heard.

「 Look behind you. Danna-sama’s inside you 」

Misuzu urges. Yomiko bows her head and looks at her crotch.

「 Haaaa, amazing, i-it’s all in 」

Gucho! Gucho! Gucho!!

I keep on pulling in and out my penis along with the lewd sounds it makes.

This is both hearing and sight.

She concentrates on sex with her five senses.


「 Hmph! 」

Pan! Pan! Pan!

I thrust stronger to Yomiko’s insides.

My abdomen slams into Yomiko’s ass, and it makes a sweet sound to hear.

「 Agu! Agu! Agu!! 」

However, that part of Yomiko was just spanked and is swollen red.

Every time my abdomen slaps her ass, Yomiko’s vagina tightens up.

「 See? The slight pain feels great, doesn’t it? 」

Michi whispers to Yomiko.

「 Michi, touch Yomiko and check her situation using your Qi 」

It’s hard to hold hands when having sex while I’m behind.

「 Michi, pin Yomiko down to prevent her from bursting out her power by mistake 」

「 Certainly! 」

Michi stretches her hand from the passenger seat and touches Yomiko’s skin.

「 ufufu, I know. Yomi-chan, it feels good, doesn’t it? Having sex with Danna-sama feels good, doesn’t it? 」

Misuzu’s leading Yomiko through words.

「 Yomi, how about this? 」

As I continue to attack Yomiko from behind,

I stretch out my hand to the connecting part and to Yomiko’s clitoris.

「 Higiiiiiiiiii!!! 」

Yomiko’s vagina twitched again.

「 Ah, it looks like a hit. Danna-sama 」

Misuzu says as she looks at Yomiko’s expressions.

「 It feels good, doesn’t it, Yomi-chan? 」

「 I-It feels good 」

Yomiko mutters in a moan.

「 Why? My body hurts…embarrassed, and yet, it feels good! 」

「 That’s because you’re feeling Danna-sama’s love

「 I-I!! Aaaaaah! 」

I enter the last spurt.

「 There, feel it. Yomi-chan, this is outside. Yomi-chan’s having sex with Danna-sama while bathing in the sunlight and feeling the pleasant wind outside as you make a lewd pose! 」

「 Aaaah, noooo!!! Aaaaah!! 」

「 That’s right. Feel it. Yomi-chan’s doing something so shameless, so indecent. Danna-sama’s penis is going in and out Yomi-chan’s vagina 」

「 D-Don’t say it! Don’t say that! 」

「 But, it feels good, doesn’t it? Say it, Yomi-chan 」

Yomiko’s heart focuses only to our sex.

Her worries about the future, and the fate of the shrine maiden disappears.

All she feels is the reality that I’m banging her from the back.

It’s controlling her.

「 Aaaah, it feels good! It feels good! 」

「 What feels good? 」

「 Penis! Sensei’s penis, Sensei’s hand! 」

Yomiko’s body sways,

Along with that, the car also sways and makes noise.

「 Yomi, I’m going to cum 」


「 I’m going to cum inside Yomi a lot. I’m going to make you pregnant. Yomi will become a mother 」

「 Aaaaaah, I’m scared! I’m afraid! 」

「 It’s useless! Yomi’s already my slave!!! 」

「 Ah, aah, aaaaaaah!!! 」

This 14-year-old girl can feel my expanded penis inside her.

I’m going to pour all I’ve held back for Misuzu to Yomiko.

「 I’ll be watching as Danna-sama makes a child with Yomi-chan 」

「 Iyaaaaaaaaa…Iyaaaaa…Iyaaaa 」

The middle school girl trembles from instinctive fear.


「 It’s useless, you have no other paths but pregnancy 」

If Michi presses her down using her Qi, Yomiko won’t be able to escape.

「 Aaaah, I’m cumming, Yomi!!! 」

Lastly, I thrust and pierce through Yomiko’s insides with all my might.

Then, I push my glans through Yomiko’s womb.

「 I-Iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」


Hot white liquid dye Yomi’s womb.


I’m pouring it inside her womb. It’s piling up.

Yomiko’s insides are getting filled with my scent.

「 Aaaaaah! It’s coming in!!!! It’s coming in!!!! Iyaaaaaa!!! 」

Biku, biku, biku.

My glans swell multiple times and spit out my semen inside Yomiko.

Gugu, kugu, kugu!

Yomiko’s womb is repeatedly wriggling. It’s squeezing my semen.

「 Look, you’re making a child right now. Danna-sama’s baby seed is inside Yomi-chan’s stomach, then it’ll join with Yomi-chan’s baby-egg, and it’ll become a child 」

「 Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!! 」

Yomiko bursts into tears as Misuzu says that.

She lost strength and fell to the back seat of the car.

「 It’s okay. She’s not going wild 」

Michi reports to me.

「 Yeah. 」

I pull out my penis from Yomiko.


As soon as I pull out my glans;

A large amount of semen drips out of Yomiko’s slit and to her thighs.

「 Yomi 」

I get in the car and pull up Yomiko’s exhausted body.

I lay her down the flat seat, lie down together with her and then hug her from behind.

「 It felt good, Yomi 」

I kissed Yomiko’s ears and whispered.

「 Uuuuugh, uuuuuu, uuuuuuu 」

Yomiko’s still crying.

「 Hey, Yomi, get yourself together. We’re not done yet 」

I kiss Yomiko and massage her amazing breasts for the first time in a while.

I lick on her nipples.

「 We still have round two 」

「 Hiiiiiiiiiiiii?! 」

I forcibly open Yomiko’s weakened legs,

I then insert swiftly to Yomiko’s vagina.

「 Aaaaaaaah!! 」

The crying Yomiko opened her eyes wide.

This time, it’s in missionary position.

Yomiko and I face each other.

「 Didn’t you just pledge earlier? You said you’ll become my pregnant slave 」

After inserting to Yomiko, I didn’t stop moving my waist.

I gently brush Yomiko’s hair.

「 Sensei, is Yomi already broken? 」

Yomiko’s wet with sweat, tears, love nectar, and semen.

「 Yeah, it’s over now. You no longer have the fate of becoming a shrine maiden 」

I replied.

「 You won’t be Takakura Yomiko anymore 」

「 Huh? 」

「 No, naturally, Tsukiko and Luna are still your sisters. But, we’ll change your family register 」

Perhaps, she won’t be able to gain determination unless we do this.

「 I’ll make you Kuromori Yomi,. You’ll go to the same school as Mana. Ah, of course, it would be in the same school as Luna and Agnes’

「 Yomi won’t be a Takakura anymore? 」

「 Yes. That’s what I decided. That’s why you don’t have to think about it anymore 」

「 Sensei 」

「 I won’t accept objections. You’re mine

I slowly move my hips.

「 Aah, aaaahn 」

「 Instead of the Takakura shrine maidens, you should think more about us 」

「 Uuugh, aaaah, aaahn! 」

「 We’re your family now 」

「 Aaaaah, aaaah, aaaahn! Sensei 」

「 You’ll bear my child, then everyone will be happy 」

Yomiko’s eyes are getting wet.

「 Yes. I understand. I’ll bear it for real, I’ll give birth to your child!! 」

Yomiko’s body shakes below me.

Her cute breasts sway around.

「 I’ll entrust my everything to Sensei. I! I am! Aaaaah 」

「 A pregnant slave, right? 」

Misuzu said, smiling.

「 Yesssss, I’m a pregnant slave!!! Yomi is Sensei’s pregnant slave!!!!! 」

「 I love you, Yomi 」

「 Yomiiiiii! Yomiiiiii 」

Yomiko’s clinging to me.

She’s begging for a kiss.

「 You see; Yomi. Yomi’s actually a spoiled girl! Yomi wants Sensei to spoil Yomi a lot!! 」

「 Sure. I’ll spoil you a lot 」

「 Aaaah! I love you! I love you! I love you! 」

Finally, Yomiko has opened up her heart.

She’s 14 after all.

She’s actually a girl who wants someone to protect her, cute.

「 Uhm, you see, Yomi 」

「 What’s up? 」

「 Sensei, do you really want to make Yomi a Mama? Do you want Yomi to bear a child 」

「 Yeah, that’s natural 」

「 Then I will bear a child. Yomi will become a Mama 」

This childish and sweet girl jumps out from the bottom of her heart.

「 But in exchange, don’t ever abandon Yomi, okay? Tsukiko-oneesama and Luna too, please! 」

「 There’s no way I would abandon my beloved Yomi. And that includes Luna. As for Tsukiko

「 As for Onee-sama? 」

「 That’s for us to decide, you don’t have to think about it 」

「 Oh, okay 」

「 That’s right Leave all of your worries to me 」

「 Okay, Yomi won’t think of anything else anymore. Promise 」

Yomiko changed.

「 It’s a problem if you stop thinking about everything Yomi-imouto 」

Michi said.

「 When in sex, you must put your whole body and mind to it and concentrate on having Master enjoy it 」

「 Ah, right! 」

Yomiko looked at me.

「 So, what should Yomi do? 」

「 Does it still hurt? 」

「 Err, I think Michi-oneesama’s right, a bit of pain feels good 」

Yomiko laughs.

「 Uhm, Sensei 」

「 What? 」

「 Yomi also loves Sensei. I’ll never betray Sensei. I’ll bear your child, don’t worry 」


「 I can feel Sensei’s emotions, it’s going to Yomi’s heart right now 」

Could this be?

The Tsuki Miko power?

Is the Tsuki power starting to sprout inside Yomiko?

「 I see. You’re worried that Yomi won’t give birth to your child. That Yomi will go somewhere away 」


「 I understand. Please don’t worry that much. I’ll be sure to give birth to Sensei’s child, and I’ll never have sex with anyone but Sensei. That’s obvious. Yomi is Sensei’s slave 」


「 Hey, Sensei, please move violently 」

Yomiko’s eyes look at me.

「 Sensei’s being considerate about Yomi’s body that you don’t do anything absurd, right? But actually, you want to go hard at Yomi’s body 」


「 Yomi’s okay, do it. Do it as Sensei wants. I know, Sensei wants to bang Yomi until the breasts start shaking hard, right? It’s okay, do it 」


「 If it really hurts then I’ll say it! Go on! 」


「 Please eat up Yomiko! 」

I then let my lust violate Yomiko.

I thrust in with all my might.

I grab her breasts and lick it.

I kiss her and entwine our tongues.

It raises me up to ejaculation.

「 Aaaaah! Aaaaaaaah! Aaaaaahn!!! 」

Yomiko’s leaking out intense gasps to please me.

「 Aaaaah, I can feel it. I see it. I see it! You want to cum! It’s okay! Go on and cum inside Yomi!!! 」


「 Aaaaaaaa!! So hot! Hot! It’s coming out Sensei! Yomi’s getting pregnant!!! Aaaaah! I’m glad! 」

Yomi’s happy?

「 Sensei’s pleased with Yomi. Yomi’s glad to be alive 」


「 Yomi will live for Sensei’s sake from now on 」

Yomiko looks at me and smiles gently.

All while I pour my semen inside her womb.