Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 712. A heartful conversation



「 Since Yomiko’s power to read minds suddenly awakened, maybe, that’s the real Yomi Miko power? 」

I’ve come up with an idea.

「 Maybe, Kiyomi-san deliberately taught you the incompatible power if Yomi Miko power isn’t the one you use to make someone obey you 」

Yomiko is the Yomi shrine maiden, that’s what the name indicates.

If the Yomi Miko power is to read people’s minds, then Yomiko’s supposed to have better compatibility with that power.

Yet, she was taught that the power to make someone obey is the Yomi power, which is a lie.

That’s why Yomiko’s power to make someone obey is weak.

That inference is on hold.

「 It maybe is, it perhaps is not 」

Tsukiko smiles at le.

「 Kou-sama, overthinking mislead you from the truth. It’s better to not decide on things we don’t know yet 」

Well, that’s true, but still.

「 In my memory, Kiyomi-sama isn’t someone with a black heart who would want to harm us 」


「 Naturally, there’s also the possibility that Satake or someone else is manipulating Kiyomi-sama. She might be told to tell lies to us sisters because her family’s taken hostage. Or maybe, she was just pretending to be kind to us sisters in the past 」

Tsukiko says.

「 But, we have no way to confirm our Aunt’s intentions for now 」

Tsukiko’s eyes stare right into me.

「 But, we don’t have time. In a few hours, we’ll be meeting Jii-chan and the big-shots from the Yakuza by 3pm. 」

It’s almost 11 now.

We’ll be leaving by 2 pm and head downtown.

Before all that, I promised Kudou-papa that I’ll give him a status report by 1 pm.

Perhaps, Kouzuki SS have solid defense around the hotel where Jii-chan and the Yakuza are about to make a deal, but…

Once Kiyomi-san infiltrates the security net, then,

Once Kiyomi-san uses her power to make Jii-chan obey her, that would be checkmate for us.

「 Kou-sama, please calm down 」


「 This is all a problem of the Takakura shrine maiden. Kou-sama, you don’t have to bother yourself that much 」

「 What are you talking about? You already belong to my family, Tsukiko. I can’t just leave you alone 」

I have to protect the Takakura sisters.

「 Your sentiments make me glad but 」

Tsukiko thinks for a moment.

「 I think that you shouldn’t be impatient at times like this 」

I mustn’t be impatient.

「 Was I being impatient? 」

「 Yes, Kou-sama 」

I see. She’s right.

There are so many possibilities running in my head that I’m failing to understand most things already.

「 I think it’s a great honor to be in Kou-sama’s family. But, if our existence were to cause problems to Kuromori family, then we will take our leave 」

Tsukiko said.

「 In case that it’s beyond help, then I’ll go to the hotel alone. Yomiko and Luna might give you a lot of trouble, but please do take care of them 」

「 H-Hey, wait! Tsukiko?! 」

I’m surprised.

「 I can’t let Tsukiko head to a dangerous place alone 」

At least, I want to be with Tsukiko in a place where the Yakuza makes a deal.

「 But, if anything were to happen because of that… 」


「 Kou-sama, you’re not allowed to die 」


「 If Kou-sama dies, what will happen to Agnes-chan? What about Misuzu-sama and Ruriko-sama? Everyone 」


「 Kou-sama, you’re the hope for everyone in this mansion. I know it 」

Tsukiko’s peeked into our hearts during last night’s fusion.

「 I will warn Kouzuki-sama to not be present at the hotel. Then, I will be his proxy in the hotel. If that’s the case, if Kiyomi-sama were to use her power, we can end it with just minimal damage 」

Miko power doesn’t have an effect unless one meets directly.

If Jii-chan doesn’t show up in the deal, then Kiyomi-san won’t be able to control him.

Those who are attending as Jii-chan’s proxy would be detained and checked for any abnormalities.

「 But, Tsukiko won’t be able to come back if that happens 」

The enemy would take Tsukiko as a hostage.

「 But, Yomiko and Luna are safe 」

Tsukiko replies.

「 I think that it’s much better than having the three of us go to a dangerous place. And much better than having Kou-sama accompany us 」

「 But, I don’t want that Tsukiko can’t come back 」

「 Kou-sama 」

「 I don’t want it. I treasure you Tsukiko. I can’t let you go alone 」


「 Let’s stop thinking for now 」

Tsukiko said.

「 At this rate, we’ll be stuck in a dead end 」

She’s right.

「 Kou-sama, please give Tsukiko one hour, no just thirty minutes will do 」

「 Sure, what about it? 」

What’s up?

「 Let’s clear up your thoughts first 」

Tsukiko smiles at me.

「 Kou-sama, what do you want to do with Tsukiko? 」


「 It’s okay. If Kou-sama wants to do something, then please tell Tsukiko about it, no, do teach Tsukiko 」


「 Yes. Kou-sama, please teach me what kind of sex do you prefer 」

Tsukiko hugs me.

She wraps my cheeks in her soft breasts hidden under the thin negligee.

「 Oh, I can see it. I can feel it. Kou-sama, your feelings for various people are intricately intertwined 」

I feel Tsukiko’s temperature.

Tsukiko can also feel mine.

Our skins touch, and so she reads my mind.

「 Kou-sama, you’re very kind to us yet you’re angry from the bottom of your heart 」


「 Yes, you’re angry at your fate, and to those who weren’t kind to you. The flames of anger are burning so strong that you would never want to abandon us 」

「 Yeah, in the end, I’m just being selfish 」

My selfish thoughts want to save everyone.

「 Isn’t that why you’re always holding back? 」

Me? Holding back?

「 You mustn’t hold it back all the time. You must free your heart too 」

Tsukiko’s eyes capture my mind.

I hear the sound of the wind.

This feeling.

Oh right, earlier, Yomiko used her power on Kudou Haruka.

It’s the shrine maiden’s power to make someone obey.

「 Let it out, Kou-sama 」


「 I-I can’t 」

「 Why? 」


「 If I were to let my mind free, Tsukiko will surely hate me 」

There are so much ugly desires inside of me.

I’ve been desperately hiding them all this time.

「 I won’t hate you 」

Tsukiko smiles.

「 So, please let Tsukiko see into Kou-sama’s heart. There’s only the two of us here, Kou-sama 」


「 Kou-sama, you can let everything out to me. That’s why I had the two of us alone in this room 」

She didn’t ask for support from other women.

She chose to be alone with me in this room.

This is a special room, Nei brought us here purposely.

Naturally, there’s also a surveillance system in this room, but,

Perhaps, Minaho-neesna’s the only one who can see the state in this room.

I’ve heard from Minaho-neesan that there are several rooms in the mansion for special customers like Jii-chan.

A special room designed where the conversation with prostitutes and the contents of sex are prevented from leaking outside.

This is one of those rooms.

In short, no matter what I confess here, only Minaho-neesan and Tsukiko will know.

「 Kou-sama, you need the opportunity to let it out 」

All the black emotions inside of me.

「 That creates the flame of anger in Kou-sama’s heart 」

Oh, I see.

It’s my parents who abandoned me, they’re the source of this anger.

Therefore, I’m afraid of another abandonment.

That this current life with my family is all a dream.

That I’m still alone.

That’s why I…

「 It’s okay, you can let it out now 」

Tsukiko’s power controls me.

That power seeks inside my heart and memories.

The other side is forcing me to open my heart.

Tsuki and Miko power.

They’re both invoked.

「 Kou-sama, look at Tsukiko 」

Ah, I.

「 Tsukiko, I, I’m done for, I’m just a pervert, I’m a good-for-nothing 」

Words come out from my mouth.

「 Please continue, I’ll listen 」

Tsukiko gently smiles.

「 I love rape. My impulse in rape is quite strong 」

「 rape? 」

Tsukiko senses my emotions, along with my words.

「 I ignore the girl’s intention and have sex with them violently 」

I’ve been trying to hide it so far, but,

I tell Tsukiko about my rape crime.

「 My first time in sex was rape 」

My first experience.

「 I had sex with a woman tied up, unable to move, with all my strength 」

Yukino. Shirasaka Yukijno.

「 It felt amazing. It was thrilling. I’m just an irredeemable pervert 」

I’ll never forget about that sex.

Yukino can’t oppose, and I took away her purity. It was thrilling.

「 I love having that kind of sex. An unfair, dirty, and perverted sort of sex 」

That’s my true nature.

I’m just an asshole.

Usually, I hide it off but,


I also want to ravish the women I love.

I look at them with lustful intent.

I hold lust for rape on these girls who trust me.

「 I’m just a perverted asshole 」

Tsukiko stares into my eyes,

「 Don’t everyone know that already? 」


「 After all, Nei-oneesama, Misuzu-sama, and most of them know about Kou-sama’s violent sex before 」

Tsukiko reads through my memory?

「 I see everyone watching Kou-sama as you do it 」


Nei was watching the footage from another room in the mansion when I first raped Yukino.

Misuzu, she wasn’t there, but she watched the recording of how I did it. Megu did watch it as well.

They also watched me rape Mana.

「 See? They all understand 」

Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee were also there when I first raped Yukino.

They always accompany me even after that whenever I rape Yukino.

As for Mana, I did rape her so she knows about my fetish.

Megu, she knew that I raped Yukino a lot.

Those who don’t know my true nature are Michi, Edie, Agnes, Shou-neechan, Rei-chan, and then, err.

「 Yes. They mostly understand that Kou-sama has a destructive impulse 」

Tsukiko says.

「 Therefore, they all recommend it to Kou-sama, Saying that you must let loose your impulse by all means 」

Wait, they’re doing what?


Suddenly, I noticed it.

In fact, their tone was neither a joke or a serious one.

Misuzu and Ruriko always talk about bringing me girls I can rape.

Nei even brought Kana-senpai to the bed.

Right. Nei let me have sex with Kana-senpai in a rape state,

No, even before that, Minaho-neesan also had me rape Anya’s virginity in Los Angeles.

Were these all to release the violent sexual impulse swirling in me?

「 Everyone knows. They understand. Therefore, they won’t hate Kou-sama from that 」

I see.

They always tell me to ravish them.

That’s not because Misuzu or the girls have the desire for rape,

It’s because they were trying to match my desires.

I’m attracted to rape-like sex after all.

Therefore, the girls also try to match with me.

「 It’s okay, they all love Kou-sama 」

But, I.

I hate myself

I don’t like myself.

I don’t think that girls would love this useless me.

That’s why I resort to rape.

I thought that I can have the girl I can’t obtain if I rape her.

Then, the women I rape wishes to become a sex slave.

They are afraid to escape from me.

I want to tie them in a collar and chains.

That’s another one of my distorted desires.

「 I don’t mind. Should I put on a collar too? 」

Tsukiko read my mind and said.

I see.

Misuzu’s M-girls club.

Mana and Ruriko telling me that they’re my sex slave whenever we have sex,

They all were trying to match me.

To this disgraceful desire of mine.

They’re all kind girls.

「 You’re overthinking it. They’re just having fun when having sex with Kou-sama. They’re able to expose their desires to Kou-sama as well 」

Is that so?

「 That’s so. They all love “rape-play” 」

Tsukiko said.

「 But I’m so miserable. Look at me 」

I try to be kind to my women and yet,

Deep inside, I always want to rape them.

I look at them with such evil intent.

That’s just…

「 I understand. Kou-sama, I think you need to have sex with Yukino-san once more. 」

With Yukino?

「 What do you mean, Tsukiko? 」

「 I see that Kou-sama’s insecurity originates from Yukino-san 」

Tsukiko sees through everything in my heart.

「 Therefore, I think that only Yukino-san can fix Kou-sama’s distortions 」

「 You mean, I’m going to rape Yukino again? 」

「 No, not raping Yukino-san but instead, having warm and emotional sex with her 」

Yukino? Love-Filled sex?

That’s impossible.

She’s the one who hates me the most in this world.

「 I wonder? 」

Yukino hasn’t had sex for a long time already.

Yukino and I only have rape as our relationship.

It’s impossible. I don’t think that there’s anything other than rape for Yukino.


「 But, Kou-sama, you don’t think that having sex with Yukino-san is undesirable 」

Megu wouldn’t want me to have sex with Yukino again.

Perhaps, Mana as well.

「 I see. They’d rather have rape-play with you than to allow you have sex with Yukino-san, or maybe, they are prepared to bring Kou-sama rape partners 」

Megu’s like that.

「 But, I think that it depends on Kou-sama 」

Tsukiko smiles.

「 Now then, shall we begin? 」


「 In my case, I don’t mind if it’s not just “pretend” but a real one 」

You mean?

「 Tsukiko will do anything to moisten Kou-sama’s dry heart 」

Tsukiko gets up the bed.

「 Okay then, Tsukiko will run away. Kou-sama, please chase after me! 」

Tsukiko starts running as she laughs.

「 Hey, Tsukiko?! 」

I get out of the bed.

「 Tsukiko is Kou-sama’s prey! Now, time to catch Tsukiko! 」

Tsukiko’s wearing nothing but a thin negligee.

Such beautiful proportions for a girl a year older than me.

She runs around the room barefoot.

「 If you don’t chase after me then I’ll run away 」

Tsukiko laughs.

「 Would you like to see Tsukiko run away? 」

I don’t want that.

Tsukiko is going out of my reach.

Tsukiko’s power acts on my heart.


「 Tsukiko!!! 」

Seeing her flip the hem of negligee,

I chase after Tsukiko as she runs around the room.

Tsukiko’s body.

「 Then hurry up and catch me! 」




I grab Tsukiko’s arm.

「 Kyaa!! 」

Tsukiko’s scream aroused me.

I grab the chest part of Tsukiko’s negligee.

Then I tore it off with all my strength!!!


Tsukiko’s breasts bounced in front of me.

「 Aaaah! 」

I then pushed Tsukiko down the floor.