Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 729. I have too many things I want to forget



「 No, look, the story was Banbarubie 3 stuck dynamite in their stomach and made a Kamikaze attack on the “Iron space men’s” base 」

What kind of setting is that?

Well, it must be Barbie-san’s idea.

Or maybe, Kyouko-san.

She probably told Barbie-san and Ruby-san to abandon the glory of their past if they want to follow her.

「 What’s “Iron spacemen?” 」

Edie asks.

「 Well, I don’t know either, but I heard that they’re a gathering of railway enthusiast and ramen lovers 」

Banba-san, no, Kinoshita Ryouko-san replies with a straight face.

「 So, which part of space they came from? 」

「 Well, they’re aliens. They’re evil aliens who plan to conquer earth and railway and ramen enthusiasts 」

It ends up like that.

「 With that said, please refrain from talking about my past 」

Kinoshita-san bows her head.

She’s fundamentally an honest and cute person.

Although she’s quite unfit for the society.

She’s holding a long flail, and it’s clanking.

She’s carrying a weapon full of mass and destructive power like it’s normal.

Props to her not getting stopped by the police and security guards.

Although, even though she carries such a heavy weapon, if they see that it’s Kinoshita-san who’s carrying it, they probably don’t care much about it.

She’s soft-looking after all.

「 Anyway, let’s go up 」

Margo-san, Nei, Edie, Kudou Haruka, Kinoshita-san, and I take the elevator heading to the first floor.

「 Y-You’re a full-time employee in Kouzuki SS, right? 」

Kudou Haruka asks Kinoshita-san.

「 Yes, what about it? 」

「 Err, how did you enter? 」

She hasn’t given up on joining Kouzuki SS.

「 In my case, I joined in midway. The leader of my previous team referred me 」

Kinoshita-san replies with a cute smile.

「 Then, is that person also working for Kouzuki SS now? 」

「 No, my previous team are now working for an international criminal organization 」

「 What? 」

Haruka shows a suspicious look.

「 We do chat sometimes. They seem to be working hard in committing international criminal acts 」

I mean, they’re fighting Rei-chan once a month.

As expected, not even Kinoshita-san would mention Kyouko Messer’s name.

「 Uhm, I’m in third-year high school right now, and I thought of looking for a job similar to yours 」

Oh, Kudou Haruka thinks that Kinoshita-san’s in the same age group as her.

Though she looks young, she’s an adult already.

Much older than Haruka.

「 If that’s the case, do you want me to recommend you to international crime groups? 」

Kinoshita-san smiles.

「 Last week, they chatted me that they want a young and cheerful cannonball 」

「 Cannonball? 」

「 Oh, it’s not always filled with scary people. They say that they only need someone to get in an office and take down the whole gang or something 」

Kinoshita-san laughs.

「 Oh that one, I did that. There was a time limit 」

Edie grins.

That reminds me. Kyouko-san and Cordelia raided the office of the gangs related to Shirasaka Sousuke.

「 The first room has the most fun as the other side isn’t ready to intercept yet. It’s a speed match. The room of the leader was quite hard. He was waiting with a pistol after all 」

「 Indeed. It gets harder as you progress 」

Haruka listens to the conversation between the two.

「 Margo-oneechan and I often beat down delinquents and gangs in the city quite often. Yo-chan was with us one time 」

Nei joins in the conversation.

「 Huh, Haruka-chi, could it be that you have no experience?! 」

「 T-There’s no way I could have! 」

Then, Kinoshita-san;

「 Those who look strong will have to pick fights and win them no matter what method used. If you can’t train close to actual combat, then you can’t work here 」


「 Ah, although you can’t pick a fight with pro-wrestlers or those who fight for work. Also, no athletes either. Your target should be those called strong in the underground society. You can even give those people surprise attacks 」

「 Surprise attacks are okay? 」

「 That’s obvious! That’s how this world works. Back when I was in my previous team, we do it often 」

Banbarubie-3 pick fights here and there after all.

「 For example, throwing a grenade at the poolside It goes bang! Boom! Kaboom! 」

「 Haa, I see 」

Kudou Haruka sighs.

「 If you want, Haruka-san, Edie, Kinoshita-san, and I are all fighters, you can pick a fight with us anytime 」

Margo-san said.

「 If you can land a single hit on me then I’ll ask Shou-oneesan to put you in the company. Do you mind, Kinoshita-san? 」

「 Yes, that’s okay! Anytime! 」

Kinoshita-san answered without hesitation. Then the elevator arrived on the first floor.

The door opens.

Oh, this is indeed a warehouse.

「 Okay! Come over here, everyone! 」

Kinoshita-san swings her flail like a tourist guide flag and leads the way.

She unlocks the fingerprint authentication lock on the door, and we head to the aisle behind the lobby of the hotel.

Although the Yakuza gathers on the upper floor, the hotel itself is open like usual.

It’s Sunday, and so it’s filled with people.

「 Oh, there’s also Kouzuki SS in plain clothes here 」

Margo-san says that but,

I can’t tell which one is a security officer from not.

「 Even if you see one, don’t stare at them. That’s their method of security 」

Unlike when Yamaoka was the security director in May, there are no uniformed guards lined up.

The talented top elites protect people while looking ordinary.

It’s very much Shou-neechan’s style of security measures.

Nobody’s trying to make contact with Kinoshita-san either.

They know each other, and so they won’t let the enemy perceive it.

She brings us to the elevator near the front desk while her flail clanks a lot.


「 What’s with that stick? 」

「 How does one use it? 」

A cute and delicate looking woman carrying a thick and long striking weapon has attracted a lot of attention in the hotel.

「 Err, is that okay? Shouldn’t you put it in a case or wrap it with a cloth? 」

Kudou Haruka whispers to Kinoshita-san as she’s unable to bear the gazes of people.

「 If I do that, then I can’t use it right away when the enemy attacks 」

Kinoshita-san replies with a nonchalant face.

「 Besides, I’m the frontline, and so I have to stand out 」

「 What’s that? 」

Geez, she doesn’t even know that?

「 If someone’s holding out a weapon in the lobby of the hotel, that’ll show that they’re from Kozuzki SS 」

The Yakuza from Kansai who came to Tokyo are all isolated on the upper floors.

That is on paper.

「 However, it’s possible that the enemy or their friends come into this lobby, isn’t it? 」

Yesterday, the Yakuza chased after the Takakura sisters in Tokyo.

There’s also the Yakuza who comes to protect the two big bosses who came for the deal.

Also, the other Yakuza heavyweights who came to observe and their bodyguards as well.

Only those people are on the upper floor.

Naturally, they could send in another group, pose as ordinary people, and invade this hotel.

「 Frontline has to stand out and hunts the enemies who react. Is that it? 」

Margo-san smiles.

「 Yes, That’s right!

I see now why it’s not Shou-neechan nor Taki-san, but Kinoshita-san who came with us.

She stands out a lot.

But, from ordinary people, they can’t imagine such a cute girl in a fight.

Nobody will notice that her flail is a weapon.,

「 Thanks for the hard work! 」

In front of the elevator is as expected, a professional security guard.

It’s a macho man in a black suit.

He’s got a radio on his ear.

「 Feel free 」

As expected of a pro. He doesn’t speak of anything unnecessary.

He probably received instructions from Shou-oneechan before we could reach here.

「 Thanks 」

Nei thanked the macho man.

We board the elevator.

「 Give me a second. The general customers can’t get to 10th to 16th floors 」

Seems like the elevator also has a fingerprint verification system.

She opens the cover under the button for the floor.

「 So, what floor are we going in? 」

Kinoshita-san asks while operating the touch panel that appeared.


If I recall, Jii-chan’s on the 16th floor. Shou-neechan, Rei-chan, Minaho-neesan, the Takakura sisters, and Michi are all there too.

「 Floor 10 and 15 are locked down due to considerations 」

This is to make sure that Jii-chan or the guests won’t be bothered.

And thus, they created an empty space one floor above and below.

「 Then, on the 11th floor, is the group of Kansai Unryu, led by Satake 」

The start of this case was the death of Tsukiko’s parents and the hijacking of Takakura shrine.

It’s said that they’re a rising power in Kansai Yakuza.

「 The 12th floor is where the bosses who will watch the deal and their guards are 」


「 In the 13th floor is where the group of Oodori of Kansai Raijin is staying 」

This one is a veteran Yakuza. He’s also Tsukiko’s real father.

I see. By putting the observers in the middle, both parties won’t pick a fight with each other.

「 What’s in the 14th floor? 」

Edie asks.

「 The 14th floor is a banquet hall, it will be the venue for today’s ceremony 」

I see.

「 Then, let’s go to the 13th floor 」

Margo-san said.

「 We’ve met with Satake-san’s subordinates in the underground parking lot earlier, so let’s meet Oodori-san’s people this time 」

I see.

「 Besides, I’ve got a minor business with the Yakuza 」

Margo-san grins.

「 Understood. 13th floor it is! 」

Kinoshita-san pushed a button, and the elevator goes up smoothly.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Are you not scared? 」

Kudou Haruka asks me.

「 Huh, why? 」

「 I mean, it’s the Yakuza. There’s a lot of them. And it’s all Yakuza in that floor 」

I get what she means by that.

「 Yakuza isn’t that scary. I’m here with everyone too 」

I said.

「 Huh, what are you talking about? Are you an idiot? Do you want to die? 」

「 No, look, they’re not some Russian corps bringing machine guns, or the boss of a legendary crime group in Los Angeles, are they? 」

That’s what happened with Cesario Viola’s case.

「 By the way, we gave them a body check beforehand, not a single one of them has a pistol at least 」

Kinoshita-san said.

That’s where Jii-chan and the big guys from Yakuza would gather.

If one brings in their weapons and it would violate courtesy, and they can’t complain if they’re killed when found out.

「 “At least” what the hell? 」

「 I think it would be impossible for them to carry a pistol, but they could bring in weapons that could slip through body check 」

Kinoshita-san said composed.

「 Huh? 」

Then, Edie pulls out a shuriken from her skirt.

「 Do you want one? 」

「 N-No thanks! 」

Haruka rejects after seeing the bright, sharp point.

「 I see. You know, Michi has this too. I thought that since you’re Michi’s sister, I should give you one 」

Then, she hides it under her skirt.

『 Pipi! 13th floor! 』

The elevator announces.

「 Okay, concentrate everyone. Nei and Yoshinobu-kun, stay in the middle 」

「 What about me? 」

「 I don’t care, do what you want 」

Margo-san laughs at Haruka.

Then, the door opens.

「 Ugh 」

Kudou Haruka raised her voice unconsciously.

This is an elevator hall, yet the place is filled with Yakuza.

It’s filled with men in black clothes in their late 20s, and up to age 40 bad looking, old men.

Some lay on the floor carpet.

Sitting like they’re about to take a shit.

All of them look like they’re coming from one group.

「 Thanks for the hard work! 」

Kinoshita-san greets the guard from Kouzuki SS protecting the elevator.

The guards salute to Kinoshita-san as well.

Oh, I knew it, Kinoshita-san’s status is on the top elites.

There are four people in charge of this location. As expected, it’s another macho man, just like in the lobby.

Though the clothes look similar, the difference is clear to see that Kouzuki SS people wear good clothes and have a sense of cleanliness.

Well, that’s obvious.

They’re a security firm specializing in distinguished families, their behavior and elegance are required.

With the change of head from Yamaoka to Shou-neechan, the overall feel of it has improved.

「 Hey! What’s with this! The elevator’s not working!!! 」

One of the Yakuza yells out.

「 Hey! Keep that door open! I’m going down!! 」

「 Aniki, I’m coming with you! 」

「 Me too! 」

「 Yah! 」

They’re coming to the elevator in great numbers, but,

「 The orders are not to let anyone go to another floor until the ceremony is over 」

The guards from Kouzuki SS blocks the Yakuza.

「 Don’t fuck with us! I just want to light some smokes 」

「 Are you saying that Aniki can’t smoke for a bit?! Huh?! 」

「 I just want to drink canned coffee! 」

「 I want to breathe the outside air! 」

「 Besides, why is it that the hotel rooms ban smoking!! 」

「 What the hell! 」

「 Seriously! 」

「 Just what the hell is going on! 」

「 Yeah! 」

「 What the fuck! 」

「 Yeah! 」

「 What the hell! 」

The Yakuza in the elevator floor tries to push through the guards with an angry face.

「 Oh my, you guys look impatient 」

Margo-san laughs wryly.

「 It can’t be helped, those in here are the underling of underlings 」

I see. The higher ranked men are in the back rooms.

The lower-positioned Yakuza has no place to stay, and so they’re all here.

「 Hey now! At least bring us some alcohol. Why the hell are you not serving us! 」

「 Yeah! This is poor service! 」

「 Hotels are service business, aren’t they!? 」

Look, you’re not even customers.

「 Look at it though, the ladies that came in are all beauties 」

「 Right. Hey, come over here, girls! 」

「 This old man has some interesting stories to give you! 」

「 I mean, how about you become my woman? 」

Oh, they’re going with pranks now.

They’ve been locked up in this floor for so long that they feel gloomy, they want to get high all at once.

「 Takasaki Ichiro-san, the leader. Do you know where he is? 」

Margo-san asks the Yakuza with a smile.


「 W-W-What. 」 You know Takasaki Aniki? 」

There’s unrest within the Yakuza.

「 No, not at all. It will be my first time meeting him. I don’t think he knows me either 」

「 W-What the hell, don’t scare us like that 」

The Yakuza feels relieved.

Is Takasaki that scary?

「 I want to see him. The living legend of Kansai Raijin Houkai. One of the four Devas. “Living Foe” Takasaki Ichiro 」

Margo-san smiles.

「 A-Are you serious? 」

「 What are you talking about? Did I not make myself clear? And so, which room is Takasaki Ichiro’s room? 」

The Yakuza quiets down for a moment.

「 Takasaki Aniki’s in room 1304 」

「 I see, thanks 」

Margo-san moves in the middle of the Yakuza men.

「 Hey, let’s go now! 」

Nei said. And so we follow.

「 Come 」

「 O-Okay 」

Kudou Haruka’s clinging to Edie and me.

「 Okay okay! Going through! 」

Kinoshita-san swings around her flail and protects our back.

「 Hey! Wait! 」

「 Don’t think we’d let you go in that easily! 」

「 We’re going to contact Takasaki Aniki’s underling so give us a second! 」

The Yakuza tries to stop us while looking flustered.

They’re here to guard the higher-ups after all.

We can’t just barge in without their permission.

「 Anyway, just wait here! 」

「 Don’t go on your own! 」

The Yakuza in black clothes surrounds us.



Kinoshita-san’s flail drops on the floor.



「 Someone just touched my butt just now!!!!!! 」

Did someone touch Kinoshita-san’s ass while pretending to hold us back?

「 Ehehe, you’ve got a nice ass, so I unconsciously did 」

One of the Yakuza scoffed.

「 So it’s you!!!!!!!!! 」


The flail smashed the man’s head.

「 Pigiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! 」

Blood squirted from the man’s nose, and he’s blown to the wall.

「 Hey! What are you doing!!! 」

Seeing the open hostility, the Yakuza’s also heating up.

「 Isn’t it natural for maidens to protect their lives when they feel that they’re in danger?!!! 」

Ah, so that’s why Shou-neechan told Kinoshita-san that earlier.

To fight if she feels that she’s in danger.

「 Touching your ass is not a big deal you know!!! 」

「 That’s right bitch! Why did you have to beat him!? 」

「 Bitch!!! 」

The Yakuza shows hostility to Kinoshita-san.

「 That kind of attitude is a declaration of war!!! Counterattack!!!! 」


The flail moves as fast as the wind.




Three Yakuzas faints in a blink of an eye.

「 You should apologize to her as soon as possible 」

Margo-san tells the Yakuza.

「 “We’re sorry for touching your ass, Kinoshita-san from Kouzuki SS,” go ahead 」

「 T-That’s… Bitch! 」

「 D-Do you think men have to apologize?! 」

「 I mean, we didn’t touch her at all! 」

「 Yeah, if you want us to apologize then let us touch them first. Give is an hour of massage! 」

「 I mean, I want to fuck! 」




Kinoshita-san’s strong. Seriously strong.

「 I won’t allow any more violence than this!!! 」

No, look, Kinoshita-san’s the one conducting a genocide.

「 Huh, could it be?! 」

One of the middle-aged Yakuza points at Kinoshita-san.

「 Oh right, I remember now. That weapon, that movement 」

「 Hey, do you know her?! Raiden Aniki?! 」

「 Yeah, I’ve seen her on Singapore once before 」

Kinoshita-san panics.

「 I’m not! I think! I’ve never been to Singapore! 」

「 No, I’m sure of it. I didn’t notice it earlier because you’re wearing a high-quality dress, but I remember it now! You’re!!!! 」

With this much Yakuza around, there has to be someone who’s seen Banba-chan from Banbarubie-3.

「 I-I told you no!!! 」

Kinoshita-san tries to deny it desperately, but.

「 You’re Danta from Danboro-3! 」


The hall quiets down.

「 No, I’m not 」

Kinoshita-san replied with a blank look.


「 Ah, I remember it now! 」

Another Yakuza points at Kinoshita-san!

「 She’s that one from Banbarubie-3! Banba!! 」

Right at the next moment.

The genocide resumed.

「 Forget it! Forget it! Forget all that you’ve heard just now!!!!!! 」







Kinoshita-san didn’t stop her flail.

until all of the Yakuza in the elevator are down.


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