Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 73

73. Sinister Alliance

Misuzu wears her clothes after finishing her clean up fellatio…
Of course….Me too.

「Please don’t look at me with those kind of eyes…it makes me want to take it off again!」

It somehow feels disappointing when women wear their bra.
It feels that sex has ended…

「It’s okay to do it more!」

Misuzu on her bra said that.
By the way…She’s not wearing her panties yet.

「Misuzu-sama, you can’t go for a second round! You’re overdoing it!」

Katsuko from the driver seat said.

「Ah…I’m sorry. Then, Danna-sama, let’s do this tomorrow too!」

Tomorrow too…?
I’m going to do it?…Yup, I will.
There’s no way I won’t have sex with Misuzu when I meet her.

「Misuuz-sama, what’s your schedule tomorrow…?」
「Right…I would be practicing traditional dance from dusk but I’ll be free until then. The presentation is on May 2 so we’re on the last stages! I’ll be taking review on my house tonight too!」
「…Even at your house?」

MIsuzu’s house is a condominium isn’t it?

「Yes! My mother is an accredited master so there’s a Japanese Style room for practice. It also has mirrors lined up in it!」

Oh right…Her clan isn’t a normal one.
There’s no way it’s just a high class condominium…

「MIsuzu-sama…Actually, tomorrow we are scheduled to do our last stages on Yukino-sama’s little sister. Would Misuzu-sama like to participate if possible?」

Katsuko-nee asks Misuzu.

「…If I recall, they intend to have Yukino-san’s little sister fall to a sex slave isn’t it?」
「Yes…She’ll be raped at first. Then trained to be addicted to sex…」

Katsuko-nee answered calmly
…That means?
I’m the one doing it ain’t I?…

「This is work for 『Kuromori』members. It’s for Ojou-sama’s sake…It’ll be done even if you don’t want it…!」

Katsuko-nee’s eyes were serious.
This is the revenge plan Yuzuki-sensei developed for years…
It has already been scheduled long ago that Yukino’s little sister would be raped.

「If you really want to say that you don’t want it then we’ll have some hoodlums in the town do the work. Shirasaka Maika would definitely be raped. That’s already decided…!」

That’s the service for the dead little sister of Yuzuki-sensei…
…That’s wrong
But…Sensei’s soul won’t be healed unless that happens.

「I’ll do it…I will do it. I won’t let Sensei and Katsuko-nee carry all the burden」

Yup…There’s no other choice but for me to do it
If they would just hire a hoodlum…I’d rather do it.

「…How old is that girl?」
「She’s in her second year in middle high…14 years old」
「…Is she cute?」
「Let’s see…She’s still young right now but I think she’ll be much more beautiful than Yukino-sama」
「Does she look like Yukino-sama?」
「They’re sisters so they resemble each other」
「…Even their character」
「No…She may be an attention-seeker and wants to be an adult but she’s not as selfish as Yukino-sama. She may be slow but she’s a very lovely girl」
「…Is she suitable to become Danna-sama’s slave?」
「That’s, I think she can be raised. I think she may be a mischievous child but I think that she’ll become a cute slave」
「…She’s a virgin of course?」
「Yes I’ve confirmed it」

Misuzu breathed out and spoke to Katsuko-nee.

「Misuzu will be cooperating with Katsuko-sama…However, I have one request」
「…Please say it」
「That child will be raised according to my desires…Katsuko-sama could you help me?」

Does Misuzu intend to train Maika-chan by herself?

「Understood…We will be training Maika-sama as Misuzu-sama wishes!」

Katsuko-nee smiled

「…What kind of sex slave do you want? Please let me know if you have some idea」

Misuzu answered.

「I think that Danna-sama gets horny when Misuzu is not by his side. At those times, I want a slave whom Danna-sama can just thrust his penis in and let out his semen」
「Yes…A semen toilet」
「Rather than a toilet, I want it to feel cuter…A domestic duck for children or something like a fancy interior …!」

Misuzu has some ideas…

「…Uhm, Misuzu…What are you thinking?」

Feeling scared, I asked Misuzu.
Misuzu looks at me with serious eyes…

「…Misuzu’s younger cousin, Satoshi-kun had a 『Safe blanket』too!」


「In Satoshi-kun’s case, it was a stuffed toy Pooh. He’s always carrying it around. He never let go of his Pooh…!」

…What’s a pooh stuff toy?
What’s a pooh?
Is it an unemployed person?
What kind of stuffed toy is an unemployed man?
Furthermore, Satoshi-kun doesn’t let go of the Pooh stuffed toy…????!!

「But, if he always bring the Pooh stuffed toy it would get dirty won’t it? The cloth would get shaggy and the eyes and ears would get torn off. Children bite and lick off their toys so the stuffed toys that get dirty aren’t sanitized.」

Yup…Certainly, an unemployed person stuff toy shouldn’t be licked.
I can’t imagine what kind of stuff toy it is though.

「That’s why…it’s changed when Satoshi-kun’s asleep. With a new Pooh」

Pooh again?!
A new unemployed person…Is there any new toys?
At least make it an employed person stuffed toy…
I don’t know how rich people think…!

「People say that children are feel security from the scent of their stuffed toys but that’s a lie… When Satoshi-kun woke up, he was puzzled for a few moments but when they told him that it’s 『The usual Pooh』 he began playing with the new pooh normally」

Katsuko-nee is listening to Misuzu’s talk.
I don’t get what Misuzu wants to say at all.

「In short…Misuzu-sama wants to exchange her as the 『Safe blanket』?」


「From Shirasaka Yukino-sama to her little sister…Maika-sama」

…W-What does this mean?

「Yes. Misuzu wishes for that…!」

Misuzu answered Katsuko-nee clearly.

「I don’t hate Yukino-san in particular. But, Danna-sama’s sex with Yukino-san is the worst. Danna-sama and Yukino-sama’s compatibility is bad…!」
「…That’s right. Katsuko think so too」
「Is there no training schedule for Yukino-san?」
「Yes. Yukino-sama’s been trained intensely for today so she’ll be taking a rest tomorrow. She’s planned to thirst for pleasure on the day where there’s no sex…」

Amazing…Yuzuki-sensei’s plan is perfectly constructed.

「So tomorrow’s schedule is Maika-san isn’t it?」

Katsuko-nee looks at me

「Katsuko participated in Yukino-sama’s first training…」
「…It was Danna-sama’s first isn’t it?」
「Yes. It has been an abnormal experience so it might be a trauma for him…I think that his sex with Yukino-sama having the worst compatibility is the cause of it. He’s become pitiable from his own carelessness…」


「Katsuko-nee did not do anything wrong, I don’t get it though」

That’s all I can say.

「Is it possible for Danna-sama’s trauma to be wiped out by raping Shirasaka Maika-san?」
「…I think that it’s worth trying」
「I think I can endure Danna-sama having sex with Maika-san. But, I don’t want to see him have sex with Yukino-san!

Misuzu clings to me…

「I don’t mind if it’s Katsuko-san, Nagisa-san, Megumi-san or even other girls. I won’t make any complains as long as Danna-sama wants to embrace them…」


「If Danna-sama says 『I want to have sex with that girl』Misuzu will bring her to you. Misuzu will trick any girl for Danna-sama’s sake. If Danna-sama wants to rape a girl then I would help. I’ll do anything!…But, I don’t want Yukino-san!」

…Hate Yukino that much?

「Katsuko too. Katsuko can only do sex other than making bread. Techniques using my own body and techniques to train a sex slave are my everything」


「As long as you wish for it, I can make all of the women in the world your sex slave. Even if they’re Idols, a princess of another country, I’ll definitely make her fall. It’s all for your sake…But not Shirasaka Yukino. I don’t want that girl by any means!」

The two of them…are alike
They’re completely denying Shirasaka Yukino…


Misuzu answered my question.

「…Yukino-san is an old pooh stuffed toy」

…Yukino is?

「Her body is dirty, shaggy, and her eyes and ears are torn off. She stinks a lot…She should be thrown away and be replaced by a new one!」
「Katsuko can understand Misuzu-sama’s feelings very well!」

I don’t get it at all…!

「Katsuko-sama…Can we make Maika-san Danna-sama’s new pooh? Can we make Danna-sama’s heart separate from the old toy?」
「…We can’t do anything but try. Maika-sama doesn’t have the most distorted part of Yukino-sama so I think that it would go well」
「…Yukino’s most twisted part?」

Katsuko-nee answered my question.

「…Her excessively large pride. That girl doesn’t see anything but herself. She doesn’t love anyone but her father and herself!」
「…Right. She told Megumi-san that 『I’m the only daughter of Papa』 Yukino-san’s not counting her little sister, Maika-san in her head either. She’s secluding into a world where there’s only her and her father…!」

…That’s Shirasaka Yukino
My first love.

「Maika-sama’s not yet corrupted. She doesn’t have any distortions either. I think that she’s possible to train」
「If it’s her…Misuzu won’t feel jealous even if she takes over as a 『Blanket』 We can wash her if she get dirty. Misuzu will patch it if their eyes and ears are torn off. I’ll even do an emotional care…anyway, I don’t want Yukino-san!」

Yukino…You’re hated quite a lot.
I don’t think that you’re that bad though…

「Then…Katsuko will be making the concrete plan. I will be sending the proposed pattern to Misuzu-sama via mail」

Katsuko-nee handed a business card with her mailing address written on it to Misuzu.

「Thank you very much. I’ll be sending my address here Misuzu will be awake even at midnight. I will be waiting for the report… Please aid me for Danna-sama’s sake, Katsuko-sama…!」
「Same here, best regards…Misuzu-sama…!」

The two of them looked at each other.
Katsuko-nee and Misuzu shook hands.

「It’s an alliance…Misuzu-sama!」
「Yes! It’s a『Sinister Alliance』! Katsuko-sama! 」

The two of them smiled at each other…

◇ ◇ ◇

Misuzu who finished putting on her clothes…button my clothes.

「I’ll be borrowing this! I’ll return this tomorrow!」
「What would you do with that?」
「I’ll comfort myself tonight smelling Danna-sama’s scent!」

Misuzu smiled.

「I’ll be wrapped in Danna-sama’s smell tonight…Misuzu’s so happy!」

I really don’t know what’s at the bottom of her.
She might be a perverted girl who doesn’t have an end.
That’s what’s cute though.

「Misuzu-sama…I just thought of a good Idea」

Katsuko-nee smiles to Misuzu.

「When you come home, please be naked and slip into the bed before taking a bath. Then, have the sweat and semen’s scent drift into your body! Think of the scent as the feeling of sex and it’ll be arousing!」

Katsuko-nee proposes a maniac like method of masturbation.

「…Is that true?!」
「Please try it!」
「Then I will rise early for my practice in traditional dance tomorrow. I will be going to bed immediately after meal!」
「Eh…You won’t enter bath?」
「Then…I’ll masturbate first then enter the bath!」

Misuzu smiled bashfully.

「Misuzu wants to live with Danna-sama sooner. Then, I won’t be alone anymore. I’ll have Danna-sama all the time!」

Misuzu said that and kissed my lips.

「Then, see you tomorrow…Thank you for loving me a lot today」

Saying that, Misuzu gripped the panty on my hand…

「This is a souvenir. Danna-sama, please remember Misuzu!」

Misuzu got out of the car after saying that…
Confirming that there’s no pedestrian on left and right, she flipped her skirt towards me…
I can see Misuzu’s no-pan …white ass

「…I love you, Danna-sama!」

Saying that, Misuzu went towards her condominium like a puppy.
She turned back at the self locking entrance then waved her hand towards me…
When the door opened, she bowed towards Katsuko-nee and disappeared inside the condominium…
She may be cute like a small animal but her energy is like a typhoon…

「She has become a wonderful pet!」

Katsuko-nee laughed.

「Yes…I’m overwhelmed!」
「That’s not true. Aren’t you being equal?!」

Katsuko-nee handed me a patch while saying so .
It’s the same thing with the name of Nagisa-san’s shop on the back like what I wore in the morning.

「…Let’s change, wear this」

I stick the patch on my toe.

「Me wearing this means that I’m a『decoy』」
「You seem to know it」
「Or rather…I can’t do anything but be a 『Decoy』…」

I’m not a specialist in fights like Margo-san…
I’m not quick witted like Katsuko-nee and Nei-san either…

「There’s two objectives for the plan tonight. First is to annihilate those who threaten Nagisa. This isn’t so difficult. The trap has been set already…」

Katsuko-nee said.

「The other one is to check where’s the information leak」

The information’s leaking?

「The content of the strategy is already been set by Margo-sama and Nagisa. This is a mailing list used only for the 『Toys』themselves…」
「We showed it to her on purpose…and we want to measure the level she wants to obstruct us.」
「Who’s that?」
「Isn’t that obvious?…It’s Iwakura Yukiyo」

…Iwakura Seitokaichou!

「Actually, we won’t do something this troublesome But, Ojou-sama has said that Iwakura Yukiyo is just letting out her stress…」
「…What does that mean?」
「…Iwakura Yukiyo’s fetish is close to Shirasaka Sousuke. She’s a huge pervert. She wants to reopen the 『Kuromori』prostitution section.
「In short…It’s possible for her to contact Shirasaka Sousuke?」
「No way…Iwakura Yukiyo knows that Shirasaka is a hopeless idiot. That’s why Iwakura Yukiyo wants to manage the prostitution ring by her hand…」
「…Eh, Iwakura-san’s still a high school student isn’t she?」
「But…Iwakura-san has rich and perverted customers. There’s people in syndicates too. Don’t you think she can do it?」
「…I see」
「The problem is her resolution to rebel against us… That’s why we’re testing it. She’s trained to never go against Ojou-sama but, Nagisa should be a viable target for her attack.
「Then…is there a possibility that there’s Yakuza’s officials clustered on the location we’re going to…?!」
「It’s natural…get ready okay?」

Katsuko-nee started the car again…
Uwa…we’re going to an amazingly dangerous place.
Well…It can’t be helped.

「Sensei’s father raped a daughter of a crime syndicate and escaped to Australia didn’t he…?」
「That’s right」
「Won’t it be dangerous for Iwakura-san to be cooperating with that crime syndicate?」

Katsuko-nee laughed.

「How many crime syndicates do you think are in this world?」
「Did you know that there are two huge underground syndicates in Japan?」
「The violent organizations in Japan can never be one. If that happens then the nation would be completely crushed. Won’t it be easy to crush when there’s only one head? On the other hand there’s someone always wanting to replace the man of power that’s on the top. That’s why there should be two or more organizations. The choices for people who would try to use crime syndicates increases too」
「Crime Syndicates will never be a monolith. For example, Company A would be threatened by this Person B with the help from crime syndicate C…If it’s a monolith then Company A would be crushed and B would pay C with money」
「However, in reality company A would request for Syndicate D to defend themselves. Then, D and C would talk to each other and B would give a suitable compromise. If you do it that way, A won’t be crushed and D would be getting money from A. Again, C can take money from B for longer…」

…I see

「About the matter where Kuromori Kouichiro raped the daughter from a crime syndicate, Ojou-sama has already come to an agreement with them」
「An apology payment of 40 million yen and indefinite closure of 『Kuromori』prostitution section…and handing over Kuromori Kouichiro himself to them, it’s settled already. Kurumori Kouichiro has escaped to Australia when Ojou-sama is about to hand him to the crime syndicate but that’s no mistake The aftermath is the problem of the syndicate on the other side. Well, we told them the approximate location in Australia though」

…So that ended like that?!

「『Kuromori tower』is originally a brothel with high class prostitutes for the privileged class. They’ve been aimed at by crime syndicates as a source of money several times but our guests have eliminated them for us. Our guests hate taking part in a crime syndicate. That’s why we have a lot of crime syndicate as acquaintance but, we don’t belong in any group. We can contact any power and we don’t make loans. Everything is done by adjusting. Even now」

Katsuko-nee smiled.

「…Then…it’s possible that Iwakura Yukiyo doesn’t understand such sensitive power relationship」
「Iwakura-san…if ever she cooperated with a specific underground syndicate…」
「Other organizations would be completely crushed…『Kuromori』is a veteran, there are some old customers so they can’t meddle but…if Iwakura Yukiyo makes a new prostitution ring, it would become a hindrance to the existing crime syndicates and business」
「…Is Iwakura-san in danger?」
「That’s how it is…That’s why we need to know first how serious Iwakura Yukiyo is…!」

For that reason…they leaked the information.

「If ever Iwakura-san intends to completely antagonize us…there’s no other choice but to eliminate her. We have to get rid of her before she troubles the other people…」

Katsuko-nee said.

「That’s the fate of a 『Toy』」

So they’re determined to go that far.

「Speaking of which…Didn’t they say that Shirasaka Sousuke also intends to make a new prostitution ring?」
「Oh…That’s all Ojou-sama’s plan」
「When 『Kuromori』 prostitution section was closed down, Shirasaka went on his own way in panic and was tricked saying 『I will be financing, can you manage it?』 There’s actually none. It’s Ojou-sama’s scheme. 『I will take care of all the crime syndicates in the underground and the necessary arrangements in the power of state』… And Shirasaka got to think that way without thoughts」

…It’s all a plan.

「The information that『Kuromori Kouichiro has the data of all the most important guests in Kuromori tower』is also a lie There’s a hitman from a crime syndicate that’s aiming for Kuromori Kouichiro in Australia」

T-Too nasty.

「Kuromori Kouichiro doesn’t have that important document. He pressed all the tasks and management to Ojou-sama and Morishita-san. Ojou-sama’s managing all of the important data…But, he believed even if it’s a lie. He’s an idiot after all」
「It’s already a big task to take the important data away from Ojou-sama. Ojou-sama has a lot of powerful customers from the underground. Don’t you think that it’s the end of the line if she says 『Shirasaka Sousuke will be abusing all of your personal informations』?」
「…I see」
「Then…Just when he heard the lie that『Kuromori Kouichiro has the same data in Australia』Shirasaka would be chasing after it. It would be easier to grab than from Ojou-sama. For a person raised like Shriasaka, he would hate doing troublesome things. They’ll try to do anything to make it easier then…fail」

A thorough trap has been set.
This is Yuzuki-sensei’s revenge plan.

「Even now, Shirasaka’s in danger in Australia. It started by having the planned meetup in the hotel being cancelled, be mistaken by the international police as a drug trafficking person, encountered a luggage thief, attacked by a gang from the local, we prepared lots of events for him. It’s a incident filled journey」
「The place Shirasaka is going to will have the same aborigine person. He’ll definitely be on Shirasaka’s field of vision…Even at the airport, the hotel, the restaurant, or even on the road」
「…Eh, Aborigine?」
「On site person. A 52 year old man. He always has a spear on his hand so Shirasaka will always notice him…」

Un…I feel that’s scarier than a normal stalker.

「It’s fine…today, a kind Japanese tourist would be helping Shirasaka who got robbed and became penniless. Then…That person would bring Shirasaka to the bottom of the Ayers rock


「Ah…He’s not alone. Ayers rock has aboringe ojii-san waiting at the campfire was it? He has two spears…!」

…That’s quite the trouble for
Yukino’s father.
Well, mails won’t reach I guess.
Or rather…can he come back alive?

「He won’t get killed…He’ll be returning on May 5. That’s why…You have to make Maika-sama completely fall. Yukino-sama’s already done…!」

We’ll show to Shirasaka Sousuke his daughters becoming sex slaves…
That’s the shape of the revenge.

「Katsuko-nee hates Yukino that much too?」
「…I hate her. I want her to get pregnant sooner. Then you no longer need to have sex with her already…!」


「Are you hungry? Want to eat bread? It would be better if you’re full before the start of the strategy, dinner would be late」

Katsuko-nee says that in care of me.

「Thank you…Hey, Katsuko-nee」
「I…what can I do for Katsuko-nee?」
「Look, didn’t I promise Nagisa-san that we would redo her first experience. I also promised Misuzu and Megumi too…」
「…When it comes to sex, I’m fine as long as you’re satisfied」
「Un… I’m your woman so my head’s filled with lots of sex. Thinking about sex is just escapism. I’m in relief right now. You can just make love with me from time to time. I’m fine being next to Nagisa, Megumi-sama or Misuzu-sama. You can just leave me for later」
「I love you…That alone makes me happy enough」

Katsuko-nee removes her right hand from the gear and holds my hand.

「…Please be with me always」
「…Okay But, I love having sex with Katsuko-nee too」
「No way…You want Misuzu-sama or Megumi-sama more than me don’t you?」
「That’s not true」
「Well, I’m no longer a virgin. And my sex is crazy…」
「…Katsuko-nee’s so fluffy that it feels good」
「Then let’s do it again」
「…Yup. I want it a lot」
「I’m so glad」
「I’m glad that I’m alive」

There are tears in Katsuko-nee’s eyes…

「Hey…Can you help me make bread next time?」
「Un, okay」
「I’m looking forward to it…Onee-san will be teaching you ways to make delicious food!」

Katsuko-nee laughed.