Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 738. Evil woman/ Femme Fatale



『 Let us welcome the arrival of our last character. Takakura Kiyomi-san, come in!!!! 』

The door on the south side opens.

「 Yo-chan, don’t look 」

Oh right.

I look at the small monitor handed over to us.

A beautiful middle-aged woman wearing a kimono stands in the light.

Her features are similar to the Takakura sisters.

She’s definitely Tsukiko’s aunt. Takakura Kiyomi.

She enters the hall.

The guards following Kiyomi are all wearing helmets.

Their whole head is covered.

「 Those guys are watching through monitors in their helmet. They’re using radio to communicate with each other, and so they can’t hear Kiyomi-san’s voice 」

Margo-san analyzes.

「 Even if one can use Qi to control someone’s mind, logically, you can’t manipulate someone if they can’t hear your voice 」

「 Yeah, people won’t move in a specific manner unless you show them a clear image in words. People act using their imagination after all 」

Nei said.

The door from the back closes down.

Takakura Kiyomi arrives at the center, surrounded by guards wearing a helmet.

『 Forgive me for I cannot speak directly to you, I can’t listen to your voice directly either 』

Shou-neechan also has headphones on her head and a monitor with her.

『 Also, let me tell you beforehand if you make any suspicious movements, our men are on standby to shoot you to death. There’s already remote-controlled machine guns aimed at you. There’s also the possibility that you already took control of our guards before they could wear their protective helmet. Chief Yazawa from Kouzuki SS has the authority on the switch to activate the machine gun on a separate room. We have observers from multiple locations and cameras in locations your power can’t reach 』

Shou-neechan and Jii-chan don’t trust Takakura Kiyomi’s powers.

Then that means.

「 Is it okay for us to stay here? 」

Shouldn’t we also wear headphones to listen to Takakura Kiyomi?

「 Yoshinobu-kun, Kouzuki-san, and Minaho wants you to hear her voice without interference 」


「 Shou-neechan and all the guards in here needs to be secured at all times no matter what 」

「 Yeah, there’s always the “what if” 」

「 It’s okay, even if something happens where you or we here get manipulated, we can manage it somehow 」

「 But, why is Jii-chan not going to listen to her voice? 」

That’s what I don’t understand.

「 They say that voice shows the truth to the people 」


「 Actually, Kouzuki-san also wants to talk to her face-to-face. That’s common courtesy. But, considering Kiyomi-san’s ability, that’s not possible. Therefore, Kouzuki-san wants you to listen to her voice in his stead 」

For Jii-chan.

「 That’s also the reason why Minaho didn’t come down 」

Oh, Minaho-neesan’s perhaps,

She’s watching the monitors along with chief Yazawa.

They’re to watch whether Kiyomi-san moves suspiciously.

They’re to watch if she’s used her Miko power on someone and now they’re moving strangely.

If there’s a slight change, then they can respond right away.

They’re monitoring everything that’s happening in this hall through the cameras stationed here and there.

I’m sure that chief Yazawa, who knows this more than anyone, and Minaho-neesan who’s used to watching the brothel through monitors can watch through everything.

『 Now then, your name was Takakura Kiyomi-san, was it? 』

Jii-chan’s voice echoes in the room.

「 I’m very sorry for making you do all this 」

Takakura Kiyomi bows her head.

『 Umu, well done coming here 』

Jii-chan’s in the VIP room covered in a glass, but the shutters are lowered, and so you can’t see him.

I wonder how’s Tsukiko and the two now that they can see their aunt?

「 Yo-chan, don’t look up. Keep your eyes on the monitor 」

Nei reminds me.

「 There’s always a possibility that she takes control of you the moment you let down your guard 」

Michi also tells me.

『 Takakura Kiyomi-san, is it correct to assume that you’re the origin of all of the current events? 』

Jii-chan speaks in a low tone. Kiyomi;

「 Yes, you’re correct 」

She answers calmly.

「 I controlled Chairman Satake to kill my sister and her husband, and take over the Takakura shrine 」

As expected.

「 Don’t be ridiculous!!! I-I did it on my own will!!! I-I would never listen to anyone’s orders, not even from you!!!! 」

Satake screams in panic.

「 Yes. I made sure that you think that way 」

Kiyomi said.

『 You made sure that he won’t notice he’s under your control 』

Jii-chan mutters.

『 Is that the real power of the Takakura shrine maidens? 』

Takakura Kiyomi gazes at nothing but her front.

「 Yes, that’s correct. This is the Tsuki power which was used since the ancient times by the Takakura shrine 」


I knew it. Tsuki power is the one to make people obey.

That also means that Yomi power reads people’s minds.

Kiyomi taught the girls the different names of the powers.


『 I see. However, according to my subordinate’s investigation, the Miko power handed down to the shrine maidens in Takakura shrine since ancient times has declined during the Meiji era 』

The power the shrine maidens had in the shrine was lost.

Then, they accepted a separate power from the wandering shrine maidens during the Meiji era.

「 I have revived it. I used the ancient documents in the Takakura shrine and used the methods of passing down used by the wandering shrine maidens 」

Takakura Kiyomi said.

『 You did? 』

「 To be exact, it was my husband. My husband studies in reading ancient documents. However, he became a Yakuza as he has gone astray for his foolishness 」

Speaking of which, I think I heard that Kiyomi-san had children.

「 My husband has frequented the Takakura shrine as his role as a lookout. Then, he opened up the shrine’s treasury without permission and read through the ancient documents 」

『 When was that? 』

「 About thirty years ago. My husband and I are twenty years apart 」

Kiyomi-san replied.

「 My husband did it out his curiosity, and he had me try out the practices written in the documents. Then, compared to the wandering shrine maiden methods my mother taught me, I was able to cultivate my power 」

And thus, Kiyomi-san obtained such strong power?

『 Then, why did you not become the Takakura shrine maiden? If you have that much power, then shouldn’t you be the shrine maiden, not your late sister? 』

Jii-chan’s right.

Why did Kiyomi-san not become the shrine maiden?

「 That’s because my husband wishes to monopolize my power 」

Kiyomi-san said.

「 If I become the Takakura shrine maiden, then my power would belong to the whole Kansai Yakuza. My husband didn’t like that idea 」

『 He thought of monopolizing your power and rise to the top of the Kansai Yakuza? 』

Kiyomi-san shows a sad smile.

「 No, my husband didn’t have such aspirations 」

Then why?

「 My husband found the ancient documents researched about it, and after he finished it, he only wanted to monopolize what he calls “my doll” If my world is shown to a larger society the surely a boss would take me. He didn’t want it, and so he forced me to hide my power. Therefore, I use my powers to make everyone believe that I don’t have it 」

Kiyomi-san used her Tsuki power to make the bosses in Yakuza believe that she has no power, that she’s not suited to become a shrine maiden.

「 My husband feels extreme pleasure from hiding the fact that I hold strong power. He could’ve used me on whoever boss it maybe when necessary and make them follow his will 」

『 However, that didn’t happen? 』

Jii-chan inquires.

「 Yes. My husband was an extreme coward. He’s satisfied just to conceal me, and he never used my power for his gain ever 」

If he used her at least once,

Then someone would notice Kiyomi-san’s power.

He thinks that someone else with a higher rank than him in Yakuza would take Kiyomi-san away.

He didn’t do anything.

「 Oh, there’s only one time. This has nothing to do with my husband, but when I was 18, I used my power to have my husband as my caretaker. And in line with my husband’s plan, he appealed to the bosses to have him as my caretaker 」

I see. Kiyomi-san’s husband belongs to the management side in the Yakuza’s world.

Therefore, she couldn’t have a formal marriage with her husband.

『 And, what did you think about it? 』

Jii-chan asks.

「 Nothing much. I was young, and so I followed what my husband said. When I was young, I trusted my husband with all my heart. When I became aware of my situation, my husband is already an adult, and I don’t have any other men close to me. My husband was kind to me 」

Kiyomi-san replies.

「 Naturally, I know that I have the blood of the shrine maiden. However, I was young at that time, and so I thought that my sister would take over the title. No, to be exact, after my sister succeeding, I would take over. Takakura Shrine maidens are short-lived people after all 」

There are multiple cases of the shrine maidens conducting the arbitration ritual, forced to have sex with the Yakuza boss, and thus read their memory. Which results for their heart to crumble.

「 Mother has done her role as the shrine maiden, and I saw how she has become weak with my own eyes, and so my sister and I have resolved ourselves to the same fate 」

Kiyomi-san said.

『 However, you didn’t become a shrine maiden, have you? 』

Jii-chan’s questions are sharp.

『 Yet, just recently, the shrine maiden died, and you entered Takakura shrine. Taking from your words, you weren’t supposed to be the next shrine maiden, however, 』

Kiyomi-san doesn’t move at all, she just looks at the same location.

『 You came here wearing that clothing. Aren’t you showing me that you’re not a shrine maiden? 』

That’s right, we had Tsukiko and the two wear shrine maiden clothes to draw the attention of the Yakuza.

If that’s the case, Kiyomi-san;

Kiyomi-san is the perpetrator who took over the Takakura shrine.

Shouldn’t she be wearing a shrine maiden clothing to show her legitimacy?


「 Yes. I’m not qualified to succeed as the shrine maiden 」

Kiyomi-san replied.

『 Why do you think so? 』

「 My sister gave birth to Tsukiko after her first arbitration ritual. At that stage, there are already signs that my sister’s mind is suffering 」

It was already there when Tsukiko was born?

「 I have learned from mother on how to train to become a shrine maiden, and so I can use the Yomi power which the wandering shrine maidens used. I’ve seen through the condition of my sister. However 」

Kiyomi-san signed.

「 My sister gave birth to Yomiko-san. My sister and her husband’s marriage was decided by the surrounding people, but they loved each other. Therefore, after giving birth to her daughter with her loved one, she looked stable 」

Yomiko’s 14 now.

That means it was 14 years ago.

「 And seeing my sister like that, I felt jealous. I also wanted to have a loving marriage and childbirth, just like my sister. Back then, I was a middle school student 」

However, that’s not the last of the sisters.

Luna’s currently 12-years-old.

If you add the pregnancy period, that would be 13 years ago.

That’s the time of the second arbitration ritual.

「 Takakura shrine was contacted to perform the arbitration ritual once again after two years. I was 17 years old at that time 」

Kiyomi-san’s body trembled.

「 If we’re to follow the order, I should be the one in charge of that arbitration ritual. I knew that my sister’s heart wouldn’t be able to stand a second arbitration ritual. The bosses would prefer to have sex with myself, a virgin, than my sister, who is a mother of two children by that time. My sister should’ve retired, and I should’ve become the next shrine maiden

『 Then why that didn’t happen? 』

Jii-chan asks.

「 My husband didn’t like the idea. No, back then, he wasn’t my husband, he was just a kind man who taught me about the Tsuki Miko power. But, my husband cared for me, and I can feel that he didn’t want me to have sex with other men. I read his mind 」

『 Does he love you? 』


「 No. In retrospect, his emotions weren’t love 」

『 Then what is it? 』

「 A strong attachment to me and a desire to monopolize. That’s all. However, for the 17-year-old me, it was love. No, I deluded myself that it was 」

She wanted to think that it was love.

「 That is how much I felt fear from reading my sister’s mind about the arbitration ritual. I thought that I should evade it if I can. I’m a woman with an ugly heart 」

『 Not really. Your sister and the previous generation of shrine maidens were all virgins, and they have endured having sex with more than one men without even having any experience in sex. They don’t know what will happen to them in the future. However, you have read those horrific memories your sister experienced with your power. It’s not unreasonable to feel fear 』

Jii-chan said.

「 However, my 17-year-old self rode my husband’s car and then had sex with him. I threw my everything and relied on the man familiar to me 」

Kiyomi-san said.

「 After giving my virginity to my husband, he started acting as he said. That was the time when the bosses thought that I don’t have the ability to succeed as the shrine maiden. And thus, my sister conducted the second arbitration ritual!! 」

Luna’s born as a result.

「 I came to my senses after Luna-san was born. I noticed that my sister’s heart is on the verge of collapsing. But, I can no longer inherit the title as the shrine maiden 」

『 Was it because you were entrusted to your husband? 』

Jii-chan asks. Kiyomi-san;

「 Yes. At that time, I was also giving birth to my husband’s child 」

Giving birth?

「 At 18-years of age, I gave birth to my daughter, and my husband took custody of me 」

She made a child, and so she was made to leave the Takakura shrine and stay with her husband.

No, should I say that Kiyomi-san used her power to the bosses?

「 In the end, I was young, and I was ignorant. I didn’t know much about the Takakura shrine maidens nor the power I had 」

Kiyomi-san speaks mournfully.

「 Soon after, there were disputes that may have started another arbitration ritual. I stopped both of those using my power. That’s how much power I had. Even now, I know in what turn should I talk to the boss, or what’s the power relationship between the Yakuza’s world very well 」

『 Then aren’t you the one controlling the Kansai Yakuza’s world? 』

「 No, all I want is not to get caught 」

Kiyomi-san replied.

「 Also, to have fun. Living with my husband, my daughter, away from the Takakura shrine 」

Kiyomi-san takes a deep breath.

『 Let me ask again, did you, do you love your husband? 』

Jii-chan asks. Kiiyomi-san paused for a moment.

「 I wonder about that now. To my young self, a man that is kind to me is someone I feel a familiarity with, someone I respect. Is that emotion different from love? To begin with, I grew up in a closed box, and so I don’t know much about love. Even now, I still don’t understand it. After all, I killed my husband with my own hands 」


She killed her husband?

「 For several years, I have watched over my sister’s daughter’s training as her condition is getting worse. But, I feel I owe my sister a lot. I cannot let her children carry the fate of the shrine maidens. Therefore, I deliberately slowed down their training. I taught them incorrectly. It was all not to let them wake up their power 」

She swapped the names of the Tsuki and Yomi power.

Yomiko’s power to make someone obey her is too weak that it’s not useful.

Luna, who accumulated too much Qi, didn’t wake up her power.

「 Naturally, I didn’t want to let my daughter inherit the shrine maiden title either. 」

『 However, did you not think that someone else will inherit? 』

「 That’s why I plan to end the history of the Takakura shrine maidens using all of my power 」

『 And that is the impetus of all that happened? 』

Jii-chan asks.

「 Concerning the result. Yes. By no means, I aimed for this timing 」

Kiyomi-san smiles wryly.

「 I can read minds, and so I was careful about my husband’s behavior so far. I didn’t read my husband’s mind with my Yomi power nor use my Tsuki power to manipulate my husband’s will. I had faith in him 」

『 Then why is it 』

「 This summer vacation, my daughter left home to a club activity camp. At that time, my husband also worked away from home for some reason. That time, I noticed 」

Could this be?

「 When the two went home, I noticed it right away. My husband hid it from me, but he started to teach my daughter to train her Miko power. He really was a fool. It seems that he thought I couldn’t read my daughter’s power with his newly developed training. That’s why he thought he could hide it from me 」

Kiyomisan laughs.

「 My husband didn’t even understand the amount of power I had! I could read any changes in one’s heart, no matter how small it is!!! 」

Her husband started making their daughter use Miko power.

「 I used it. To my daughter. To my husband. I used my Miko power. To make them forget. And feeling pathetic, I cried 」

Kiyomi-san said.

「 Then, I went to Takakura shrine. My sister’s condition was reaching the worst. Therefore, after using my power on my husband, my daughter, I used it on my sister. I thought that I could use my power to mend my sister’s heart, 」

『 But you weren’t able to 』

Jii-chan said. Kiyomi-san;

「 Yes. That’s because my sister and the priest loved each other too much. After reading their heart, I understood. The priest was prepared to die with my sister whose heart is about to break 」

Tsukiko’s mother and father.

Takakura shrine’s former priest and shrine maiden.

「 I felt pain, sadness, misery. After all, I pushed my sister to hell, just to be with that man. That’s how much we, he loved me, and I loved him. That should be how it was. That is why I did go that far towards my sister!! And despite all that!!! 」

Kiyomi-san scratches off her hair.

「 That man didn’t love me. That man loved only my power, and he doesn’t do anything with it, he’s satisfied to have it for himself and hide it away from anyone else, that’s how pathetic, how small he was, that in the end, he even tried to make our daughter have it!!! 」

The voice of a crazy woman echoes in the large hall.

「 Therefore, I did what my sister wished for!!! I had the two of them!!! I killed them together before my sister’s heart broke down!!! 」