Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 744. Searching for real opinion.



「 But what should I do with Kouzuki SS then? 」

Even if you tell me that I’m in control of the backside of Kouzuki SS,

I’m just a dumb high schoolboy.

I can’t do anything.

「 You don’t need to do anything 」

Margo-san says while lightly handling the steering wheel.

「 Shou-oneesan would take care of the troublesome stuff anyway. As for you, well, I guess you’ll show up with Misuzu-chan on parties as Kuromori Kou twice or thrice a year. Then, if you attend those, they’ll make you stand out. Creating noise saying “is that the rumored Kuromori Kou?” That’s all, I think 」

I will only show up a few times a year.

And everything else is left to Shou-neechan, or me hiding in Misuzu’s shadow.

「 It would hardly affect your daily life. After all, you’re not Kuromori Kou most of the time, you’re Yoshida Yoshinobu 」

I do have two family register right now.

One is Natou Keito, Nei’s dead younger brother.

Now, it’s taken the Kuromori surname, and so the name’s Kuromori Keito.

Kuromori Kou is Kuromori Keito’s alias.

And the other is my original name, Yoshida Yoshinobu.

I’m already adopted to the Kuromori household, and so my name in the paper is Kuromori Yoshinobu.

However, it’s not public that I’m adopted now.

Therefore, I stay as Yoshida Yoshinobu.

「 The point is that Kouzuki-san is worried that he’ll pass away soon 」


「 He wants to make sure that Misuzu-chan, Ruriko-chan, and Yoshiko-san are safe even if something happens to him suddenly. That is why he had to solidify his control with Kouzuki SS 」

Kouzuki SS has all the power they need for bodyguards or fighting off foreign invaders.

「 Kouzuki-san can’t hand over the shares of the other companies in Kouzuki group to Misuzu-chan before he dies. They’re still minor, and so Shiba-san, the new manager of the group may feel suspicious of it 」

Putting the idea that Jii-chan might collapse, he’s still healthy, and people would think that it’s strange that he’s starting to migrate his stocks.

「 However, suppose that Kouzuki-san passes away suddenly right now, Misuzu-chan cannot inherit all of Kouzuki-san’s assets right away. Kouzuki house has multiple branch families, and they all hold their own interests too. There would be a time lag as they would check on how to unify the group 」

There would be a discussion on how to split the inheritance for the three granddaughters.

「 Well, if the group were an ordinary company, there would be no problems in the management even if in times of confusion, but Kouzuki SS cannot allow that to happen 」


Even if the owner died,

It’s a problem if they don’t keep protecting Misuzu and the girls.

「 Therefore, Kouzuki SS has a takeover right now, separate from the other companies 」

Margo-san said.

「 Kouzuki SS is an independent group from the Kouzuki group from the start anyway. Kouzuki-san holds 100% of the stocks by himself, and he would give it all to Misuzu-chan. Misuzu-chan is the owner, and Kuromori Kou is Misuzu-chan’s partner. Therefore, it won’t look strange even if you control the backside of Kouzuki SS. Everyone knows that Kouzuki-san has accepted you as Misuzu-chan’s partner 」

And so, Kouzuki SS will remain loyal to Misuzu even if anything unforeseen happens.

「 And as for the other one 」

Margo-san looks at me through the rear-view mirror.

「 It’s about Minaho 」


「 You do know that when we reopen the brothel for five years, is a necessity for Minaho to settle up with her past and to save all the other former prostitutes who can’t find any other livelihood, right? 」

「 Yes, naturally 」

There are troublemakers like Iwakura-kaichou.

「 Then, as for Minaho after closing down the brothel after five years 」

Margo-san said.

「 What do you think about doing her work in a managerial position in Kouzuki SS? 」

Minaho-neesan working in Kouzuki SS?

「 Well, Minaho can start her own business or invest in others too 」

Margo-san sighed.

「 Her past as a hostess of the brothel will chase after Minaho forever. She knows too many personal secrets from big families which they don’t want others to know, and she has a relationship with people in the underground society. It would be hard for Minaho to start an ordinary business with that in mind. The people around will always be scared that she might expose something 」

While the brothel is open, Minaho-neesan herself is living in a guilty business, and so the customers don’t fear Minaho-neesan.

But, if Minaho-neesan completely quits the business on this site and start doing business on the surface;

The people from the backside would fear that Minaho-neesan threatens them about the past.

「 And that’s why I think Minaho should register as an analyst or a negotiator on the backside of Kouzuki SS 」

Margo-san said.

「 Kouzuki SS is a specialist security company, and she would have confidentiality obligation. If one can’t keep their mouth shut, then customers won’t trust that security firm. People in the underground society also keeps an eye on Kouzuki SS people, and that they won’t pick a fight with Minaho that easily 」

I see. We can protect Minaho-neesan if she stays in Kouzuki SS.

「 Kouzuki SS can use Minaho’s existing connections and her ability to analyze and process information. That’s a win-win relationship for them. Although, if she wants to start another business, it doesn’t need to belong to Kouzuki SS anymore. Besides, it’s not the ordinary employees but Misuzu-chan, the owner who will be rewarding the officers directly. In Minaho’s case, it might be best for her to become an outside director 」

Yeah. Yeah, ordinary people at their age can’t be Minaho-neesan’s employees.

An ordinary person can’t be Minaho-neesan’s boss nor subordinate.

Minaho-neesan probably won’t even talk unless it’s with Shou-neechan or chief Yazawa.

「 And since Kouzuki SS can’t expect support from the Kouzuki group anymore, they have to make independent profitability 」

Shiba-san will be taking over the management from Jii-chan.

The large funds they had thanks to Jii-chan’s command until now will be dropped.

「 That is why they need people like Minaho at times like this. Minaho knows the ropes in mercantile 」

Minaho-neesan has the experience of rebuilding the battered Kuromori during the time of Shirasaka Sousuke’s chaotic rule.

「 Besides, with Minaho’s connections, Kouzuki SS will be able to find even more customers that they never had before, see? 」

Kouzuki SS’ parent company is from Kouzuki house.

They took charge of protecting only the distinguished families close to the Kouzuki house.

Kuromori was frequented by a lot of men from distinguished houses in the postwar period.

They create sales to families that weren’t close to the Kouzuki house.

「 Maybe, is that why Shou-neechan is with Minaho-neesan in this case? 」

Minaho-neesan right now is;

She’s staying in the hotel with Shou-neechan and is analyzing the trend of the Kansai Yakuza towards Kouzuki house.

「 That’s right. Those in Yazawa-san’s generation don’t have a good outlook towards Minaho, but Kouzuki SS field division is now led by Shou-oneesan. Yazawa-san can’t complain even if Shou-oneesan hires her. I mean, as long as you exist, Yazawa-san will want to bring Minaho to Kouzuki SS 」

「 My existence? 」

「 Misuzu-chan and Ruriko-chan are on your side, and Minaho is your guardian. You could say that Yazawa-san in Kouzuki SS and Minaho confronting each other would be the most problematic 」

If Minaho-neesan gets angry and tells that Kouzuki SS can’t enter our mansion, then that would be a problem.

「 After all, they know that Minaho has Kyouko-san and me 」

We’re not troubled with protection even if we don’t rely on Kouzuki SS.

On the other hand, Kyouko-san is the only entity that could make Kouzuki SS suffer a great deal of damage when in total war.

Kyouko-san has the South American international criminal organization named Malandro.

Naturally, she also has Miss Cordelia, a leading figure in Los Angeles’ crime scene and her subordinates.

「 Yazawa-san allowed Kyouko-san and Rei-chan play around using the mass media, and so I think he prefers to have that kind of playing around relationship than having to fight her for real. Even if they look like that, they keep in touch with each other when making plans 」

Oh, Rei-chan did say that.

I refused the plan from the other day.

「 With that said, I hope Minaho gradually becomes familiar with the work in Kouzuki SS> Right? 」

Margo-san asks me.

「 I don’t think I should be the one to give approval to that 」

Minaho-neesan’s the one protecting me, not the other way around.

「 I wonder? I think that Minaho would listen no matter what you say 」

Margo-san smiles.

「 Darling, take what Margo said about Minaho in your mind and think about it yourself 」

Edie who has been listening in the passenger seat all this time said.

「 I think that Minaho will accept it smoothly. I mean, Minaho is a wise woman. Since she already has a smooth relationship with the Kouzuki SS, you know that things will go smoothly. She’s building a good relationship with Shou and Reika 」

Yeah, especially with the Takakura sisters case.

Minaho-neesan has been discussing things with Shou-neechan and Rei-chan all the time.

Chief Yazawa already handed over the responsibility on-site to Shou-neechan, and so he’s watching from the back now.

「 And that’s why it would be great if Darling could help with the ideas we’ve thought of. You can convince her right away. Minaho’s in love with Darling after all 」

Edie said.

「 In the end, it’s not about joining Kouzuki SS but having her as a member even just on paper. Calling her an outside director. We have to emphasize that. Minaho’s got a strong sense of independence. She might reject it if she imagines herself under Kouzuki-san’s grasp 」

Margo-san added.

「 Okay. I’ll talk to her tonight 」

Minaho-neesan would refuse to belong to Kouzuki SS owned by Jii-chan and managed by chief Yazawa.

But if Misuzu’s the owner and Shou-neechan’s the manager, then she might find it acceptable.

「 Thanks 」

Margo-san tells me with a smile.

◇ ◇ ◇

It’s already dark outside by the time our car arrived near the school.

「 Err, should I call Megu, so we pick her up at the school gate? 」

I ask Margo-san.

「 No, the staff parking lot is closed anyway so I’ll stop over there, and you can get off and find Megu-chan 」


「 It’s already past 6pm, I think the club’s training is over by now 」

That’s why I only need to call Megu’s phone.

It doesn’t take that much time to go from the back of the school to the main gate.

「 But, you want to have some time to talk with Megu-chan, don’t you? 」


「 Margo, I’ll come with him as his bodyguard. You can take Tsukiko and the two back to the mansion. Agnes is waiting for them 」

Edie said.

「 You’re right. I think Megu-chan will just rampage if it’s only the two of them, so I guess it’s better if you come with him, Edie 」

Margo-san replied.

Yeah, right.

If it’s just Megu and me.

Megu would just throw all of the emotions she’s accumulating to me one-sidedly.

It might help if there’s someone calm and can see through the situation like Edie.

「 Oh? If that’s the case, then I’ll go too!! 」

I hear a cheerful voice from the backseat.

When I turned around, I see the Takakura sisters who were supposed to be asleep, now awake.

「 I’m also interested in looking at Sensei’s school! 」

Her voluptuous breasts sway around.


「 Yomiko, you shouldn’t go 」

Tsukiko said.

「 Why, Tsukiko-oneesama?! 」

Yomiko complains.

「 Your Tsuki power is stronger, right? Megumi-san knows your ability, and so I think she’d be wary if she sees you 」

Megu knows everything that happened last night.

That we’re trying to strengthen the power of the sisters somehow.

Megu went to school early for her club activities, but,

She knows that we spend a lot of time on special training in the morning.

「 I think that Megumi is afraid that you may use your power to manipulate her mind using the Miko power 」

Edie said.

「 For example, making Megumi’s mind obedient to the family 」

「 They won’t do that 」

I said.

「 No, that’s how you think, but Megumi-chan is different. People become skeptical when they discover some big power 」

Margo-san said.

「 Especially with Yomiko-san, she’s a bright, cheerful, and a positive girl. Megumi-chan gets increasingly scared if she sees Yomiko-chan’s smile 」

I think so too.

This loli, big-tits girl has too much spirit inside her.

One can imagine her doing something unneeded.

「 But, I think that scaring her a bit will make it better. She’s too dependent on Kou-sama after all 」

Tsukiko points out.

「 Putting the Tsuki power aside, I think that she needs pressure in her mind that Yomi power is around 」

Pressuring her that even if she lies to herself, everything’s exposed.

「 Then, should Tsukiko-oneesama go instead? 」

Yomiko asks her sister, who holds stronger Yomi power than herself.

「 No. I think my pressure would be too much 」

Tsukiko looks at Luna, the youngest.

「 Luna, you should accompany Kou-sama 」

「 Me? 」

Luna’s surprised.

「 Yeah. I think Luna’s presence would be enough pressure for her 」

Yomiko nods.

Luna’s still 12, and she’s small.

Unlike the well-developed Agnes due to her half-Japanese and half-French blood, Luna’s body is young, it matches her age.


Megu knows that the power accumulated in Luna during the sex last night.

It’s just enough for pressure.

At least, it’s better than Yomiko who is too lively, and Tsukiko who’s calm for her age.

「 Then, let’s go, Luna 」

「 O-Okay, Nii-san 」

Luna replied in a tensed voice.

「 No, you just have to stay with me. You don’t have to do anything in particular 」

「 Okay 」

◇ ◇ ◇

Margo-san drives the car in the staff parking lot from the back of the school.

Then, she stopped in front of the secret passage leading to the basement of the principal’s office.

「 Let’s go 」

Edie, Luna, and I get off the car.

「 Well then, I’ll be sending off Tsukiko-san to the mansion for now. Contact me when there’s an emergency. I’ll come right away 」

The distance between the school and the mansion is only five minutes.

She won’t park the car in the garage, if it’s parked right in front of the main door, she can drive it right away.

「 Thank you, I’ll leave Tsukiko and Yomiko in your hands. Also, I think Misuzu and Ruruko are worried by now, tell them my regards 」

「 I got it 」

Margo-san answers with a smile through the window of the driver’s seat.

「 Kou-sama, we will prepare dinner in the mansion 」

Tsukiko said.

「 And eat Yomi up after dinner, okay?~ 」


「 Yeah, well, once I’m back 」

I mean, whose turn is it tonight again?

Yesterday, the schedule was changed due to the situation,.

We also have to change the rotation table to add Tsukiko and the two.

「 Well then, see you later, Edie, he’s yours 」

「 Roger that~ 」

Margo-san leaves Edie for bodyguard duties and drives the car.

Then, Yomiko’s waving her hand from the back window.

Luna in her shrine maiden uniform sticks to me anxiously, and so Edie smiled and waved back to Yomiko.

「 Now then, let’s go 」

This is the back of the school, so the distance to the women’s track and field club is just short.

「 Darling, not there 」

Edie opens the key box that unlocks the hidden garage leading to the secret passage.

「 Huh, aren’t we going to meet up with Megu? 」

I’m surprised at what Edie’s doing.

「 Megumi’s waiting in the school unless you contact her. She knows that there’s a lot of events happening today 」

That’s right, Megu,

She knows about the troubles of the Takakura sisters with the Yakuza.

Yesterday, the Yakuza attacked us on our way back from school.

「 I think Megumi should have some assumptions on why we may be late on coming to meet her up. Katsuko or Nagisa should have told her about our progress halfway 」

She has rest time during lunch break.

Katsuko-nee should’ve told Megu about our situation.

If that’s the case, she should know that we brought the combat group of Kuromori and head to the hotel in the city center.

Megu should know that we might be late.

With the Yakuza involved, neither Katsuko-nee nor Nagisa can go and pick up Megu without any bodyguard by their side.

If things go south, the Yakuza could kidnap them.

「 I get that, but why are we going there? 」

Edie used her fingerprint and then her PIN to authenticate, and the secret passage opens up.

「 Do you not get it? 」

Edie looks at me blankly.

「 Now’s the time to use the monitoring room 」

You mean the monitoring system under the principal’s office?

「 Darling, you should watch Megumi from a place she can’t see you 」

From a place, she can’t see me?

「 It’s to see through Megu’s real opinion 」

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Wow, what’s this, amazing! 」

The 12-year-old girl wearing shrine maiden clothes is amazed by the low-ceiling underground passage.

「 That’s cool and all, but it’s too early to be amazed 」

Edie hurries us.

We get out of the underground passage, and as soon as we go up the stairs, we entered the big room.

I turned on the lights.

「 Wow, what’s this?! 」

This is the surveillance room, there are multiple monitors strapped on the wall.

There’s also a sub-monitoring room dedicated to Minaho-neesan in the school building, but this is the main one.

We can control all of the surveillance cameras and hidden microphone all around the school.

「 Somehow, it feels like we’re going to watch a rocket launch to space 」

Luna speaks her thoughts.

「 Well then, let’s use this one 」

Edie sits on the main operator seat and powers them up one by one.

The monitors turn live one by one.

It shows the image of the school.

「 Wow, isn’t that one a shower room? 」

One of the monitors shows naked school girls.

「 Y-Yeah 」

Luna sends me a glance.

「 Nii-san, you perv 」

「 No, it’s not there for me to watch 」

「 I know, I’m just joking 」

Luna clings to me.

「 We already took a bath together, I know that Nii-san isn’t interested in ordinary girls 」


Oh, she’s nervous as she’s in a place she doesn’t know.

「 Well then, where could Megumi be? 」

Edie flips through the cameras one after another.

She’s mastered how to use this system already.

Edie is an enrolled student in our school.

She knows every turns and corner.

That also includes Megu’s whereabouts after finishing her club activities.

「 Oh, that’s strange 」

Even so, Edie can’t find Megu it seems.

「 Let’s expand our scope then 」

Edie flicks some keys.


「 CATCH! 」

Megu shows on the monitor.

Megu’s in the bakery.

She’s in the waiting room, nobody can see her from the outside.

Megu has keys to that room.

「 Huh, what’s going on? 」

But, Megu wasn’t alone in the bakery.

Is she talking to someone?

Did someone come in the bakery without permission while I wasn’t there?

Oh wait, I can only see Megu in this position.

「 Edie? 」

「 I know, I’ll switch to another camera 」

Edie operates the monitors.

The monitor shows…?