Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 746. Usurper’s pledge



『 Mana, you want to kick me out?! 』

Megu’s surprised.

『 It’s inevitable. Megu-oneechan still a place to go home 』

Mana tells Megu directly.

『 I don’t have a place to go home. I can’t go back and ask Yamamine house to take me in again 』

『 That’s not true. Yamamine-san raised Megu-oneechan like their daughter. If you say that you want to come back to them, they’d gladly welcome you home. That’s what I think 』

『 But 』

『 I mean, they’ll do nothing but that. If the poll decides to kick Megu-oneechan out, then only Yamamine-san’s house will take Megu-oneechan 』

『 Why? Why do I have to be kicked out? 』

Megu looked at Mana, looking sullen.

『 That’s your fault, Megu-oneechan. You don’t cooperate with the family, after all. Didn’t Minaho-oneesan tell you back then? Go back to Yamamine house 』

Megu’s startled.

『 That’s 』

『 Ah, so she did tell you that 』

Mana retorts with an amazed tone.

『 L-Last night, but Minaho-neesan was just trying to tighten me up, she wasn’t serious 』

『 Really? I think she’s definitely serious. Minaho-oneesan never tells a joke after all 』

『 But 』

『 Oh, I see. Megu-oneechan, she asked if you want to leave the mansion by yourself. And that’s why there’s less shock from before because it’s asking you to go out yourself compared to the family making a consensus of chasing you out. Is that it? 』

『 W-What do you mean by that!? 』

Megu’s getting emotional.

『 Both are no-good either way. I guess it’s impossible already. Megu-oneechan can’t stay with Onii-chan any longer, you need to be chased out. 』

『 That’s not for you to decide!! 』

Megu refuses.

『 I mean, Yukino-oneechan’s going to live in our mansion from today onwards 』

Mana said. Megu’s startled.

『 Megu-oneechan, you can’t live together with Yukino-oneechan, can you? Then you have to get out. Everyone knows that, and that’s why I think they’re voting for your expulsion 』

『 W-Wait! What?! 』

Megu’s puzzled.

『 Why did you decide without me?! 』

Mana shows a nonchalant expression.

『 That’s because Megu-oneechan was out in the club, training 』

『 No, but can’t you wait until I return home? 』

『 Why? 』

『 Why, what? 』

『 Why do we need to give Megu-oneechan special treatment and have to wait for you? 』

MAna speaks harshly. Megu’s speechless.

Even so.

『 What did Yoshi-kun say about Yukino staying in our mansion? 』

『 Onii-chan has nothing to do with this 』

Huh. Mana.

The one who asked Minaho-neesan to have Yukino stay in the mansion,

Is me.

While everyone’s watching.

『 That’s no longer the problem. 』

『 W-What did Minaho-san say? She hates Yukino, doesn’t she? 』

Megu’s face is turning pale as she asks.

『 Like I said earlier, it’s no longer at that stage 』

Mana replied.

『 You know, Yukino-oneechan’s carrying Onii-chan’s child. Well, there’s a lot of things that happened, but Minaho-neesan and everyone, including me, wants Yukino-oneechan to carry the child in peace. It’s Onii-chan’s child. Everyone will care for the child and raise it with love. It’s pitiful to not make the child happy after all 』

『 T-That’s true, but still 』

Megu’s trembling.

『 We should be giving her a favorable attitude, see? Yukino-oneechan has changed a lot after all her hardships. She’s no longer selfish like before. She’s still doing things at her pace, but Yukino-oneechan considers other people’s feelings now. That’s why everyone’s accepting her. That is why the family feels that it’s time to accept Yukino-oneechan 』

Mana said.

『 But that’s Yukino!! 』

Megu spits out.

『 She’s that woman who enjoyed the moments she tormented me. Someone’s personality doesn’t change that easily. Yukino is still Yukino! 』

『 I wonder 』

Mana looks at Megu with cold eyes.

『 That kind of attitude is what makes you become like the old Yukino-oneechan 』

『 Me? Becoming like Yukino? 』

『 That’s right 』

『 That can’t be! Yukino’s the bully, she made me suffer all this time! Even now! 』

Megu’s clogged up.

『 That girl will always get in the way of my happiness! 』

Megu speaks bitterly.

「 Yeah, looking good. As expected of Mana 」

Edie says while looking at the monitor.

「 No, that’s not ‘looking good’ Megu’s heating up, isn’t she? 」

I fear that these two might start fighting soon.

「 That’s not true. All the emotions that were accumulating inside Megumi are vented out 」


「 That girl is the type that accumulates too much and self-destructs. That’s why having her vent out like this is excellent. Also, she’s talking to Mana, and so she can let it all out without problem 」

I get that.

Mana is Megu’s sister from a different mother, someone Megu knows since before.

Yeah, she should be the person Megu would find most comfortable to talk to.

If this were Katsuko-nee or Nagisa, Megu would act like the honor student and listen to what they say obediently.

If it’s Misuzu or Nei, she’ll never show her true self.

If it’s Edie or Ruriko, things might go sideways.

They’re able to confront each other and talk is because it’s Mana.

But still.

『 Yukino will get in between Yoshi-kun and me, and she’s trying to take him away!! That’s right! I’m sure that’s her plans!!! 』

Mana sighed.

『 Is it just Onii-chan and Yukino-oneechan in your world, Megu-oneechan? 』

She speaks in disgust.

『 Megu-oneechan’s perception is just plain wrong. I mean, you don’t even know what kind of person Yukino-san is right now 』

『 What kind of person Yukino is? 』

『 I mean, even if she has Onii-chan’s child in her stomach, Yukino-san won’t be ruling our life in the mansion at all. Rather, Yukino-san’s freedom would be limited. The mansion belongs to Minaho-oneesan. Misuzu-oneechan, the scary one is also present. Katsuko-oneechan, Margo-oneechan, our elder sisters will always monitor her behavior, Yukino-san can’t do anything she likes. To Yukino-san, it’s much better for her to live in the Kouzuki SS facility 』

Mana said.

『 Then, maybe Yukino doesn’t want to live together with us? 』

Megu says.

『 That’s not the issue here! Are you an idiot, Megu-oneechan?! 』

『 W-What now?! 』

『 Yukino-oneechan also wants to bear the child in a pleasant environment! Instead of living in the Kouzuki SS facility, it’s better if she’s with Nagisa-oneechan in this mansion. That would ensure safe childbirth. It’s Onii-chan’s child, and so Minaho-oneesan and Misuzu-oneechan wouldn’t mind spending a lot of money just to make sure that the child’s birth is in the perfect hospital environment 』

『 That’s 』

Megu’s speechless.

『 Yukino-oneechan also cares for the child in her stomach! She loves the child! She finds it precious! And that’s why she will endure for a while just for the child. She prioritizes the child’s safety more than anything!! 』

Mana speaks decisively.

『 She’s different from Megu-oneechan! Yukino-oneechan no longer cares about fighting Megu-oneechan! She values the child more! Also, 』

Mana takes a deep breath.

『 I, we’re the same. We don’t care about Yukino-oneechan’s past. It’s Onii-chan’s child, that’s what’s most important. After all 』

Mana’s eyes are getting wet.

『 Loving Onii-chan’s child is what’s most important for our family. It doesn’t matter who’s the mother, we’re cherishing the child, loving the child. That’s because if you don’t, your child won’t be treated with care by everyone once you give birth 』

『 Mana 』

『 Megu-oneechan’s getting kicked out because you can’t understand that! Yukino-oneechan’s going to live with us, and what will you do Megu-oneechan? Bully Yukino-oneechan’s child? Are you going to stay jealous that Yukino-oneechan gave birth to Onii-chan’s child before you? 』

『 I 』

Megu looks at her hand, dumbfoundedly.

『 It feels like that’s what Megu-oneechan will do. That’s the reason! 』

Mana said.

『 As I said earlier, Misuzu-oneechan and Minaho-oneesan are the same as Megu-oneechan, no, I think they have a stronger desire to monopolize Onii-chan. Of course, that includes me 』

No, that also includes Nei.

Nei is also a woman with extreme love.

『 But, we’re all holding back. We hold down our desire to monopolize him because we concentrate on protecting the family. Do you know why? 』

Megu shakes her head quietly.

『 Our beloved Onii-chan has a hole in his heart. That hole is too big for us to fill alone. It needs the whole family’s love to fill it up 』

A hole in my heart.

『 Onii-chan still doesn’t believe that we love him. Onii-chan loves us, but his heart remains in solitude. We have to pour all our love to him so he could feel it. With everyone telling Onii-chan, “I love you,” giving him a hug, and us all bearing his child, raising it all with a smile on our face, by then, I think that Onii-chan will believe in our love 』

Is that so?

Do I not trust in Mana and everyone’s love?

『 Do you get it? No matter how much hard work you do Megumi-oneechan, you can’t fill that hole. You can’t do it. After all, you prefer to receive love than to give it, don’t you? 』

『 I 』

Megu’s trembling while grasping her hands tightly.

『 But even though Onii-chan wants to be loved so much, he gives out his love a hundred times more to us, see? He doesn’t mind throwing away his life for us. That is why we’re attracted to him. All our love is balanced with Onii-chan’s love. No, Onii-chan still has more love to give. He just accepted the Takakura sisters without a problem. I think he still has more to give. He has more allowance in love, and that’s why it’s dangerous 』


『 Who made Onii-chan work so hard for the past four months? It’s us 』

Was I working too hard?

『 Onii-chan’s hole in his heart makes him able to love more women, but his body is only one. Furthermore, he’s always so desperate, Onii-chan’s body won’t be able to hold if this goes on 』

『 I know that. That’s why I wanted Yoshi-kun to focus only on the bakery for now 』

Megu said.

『 That’s wrong! The bakery or school has nothing to do with this! Megu-oneechan, you really are a selfish woman! That’s not the problem!!! 』

Mana shouts.

『 Onii-chan gives his all when loving us, his family. We all are Onii-chan’s precious family!! That is why shouldn’t the family try to clean up after themselves, so Onii-chan doesn’t have to worry? 』

I see.

That’s why Misuzu and Katsuko-nee, the girls left in the mansion,

They decided to talk out with Megu using Mana while I’m absent.

Instead of me talking to Megu and settling her problem,

The family tries to deal with it.

To show that they have the power to deal with it,

Edie shows me this scene on purpose.

『 Onii-chan was working hard for the sake of Takakura-san, and yet, he can’t deal with Megu-oneechan who causes trouble after he comes back 』

『 Trouble?! I’m Yoshi-kun’s fiance! 』

Megu screams.

『 Is it not okay for Yoshi-kun’s fiance to talk to him?! Do you have the right to stop me from talking to Yoshi-kun?! Mana?! 』


『 Misuzu-oneechan is also one of Onii-chan’s fiance, did you forget? 』

Yeah, as Kuromori Kou.

I’m Misuzu’s fiance, the man Jii-chan accepted.

『 You don’t get it, don’t you? If you keep making so much fuss Megu-oneechan, Onii-chan can stop going to school. He could throw away the Yoshida Yoshinobu identity, and go to another school as Kuromori Kou, Misuzu-oneechan’s fiance 』

『 T-Then, what about the bakery!? 』

Megu’s puzzled.

『 We can start that up everywhere. The bakery itself can be rebuilt as much as we want, and Minaho-neesan doesn’t think of the bakery built in this school for Onii-chan as a loss when deconstructed. If it’s all to break up with the troublesome woman named Megumi-oneechan 』

『 W-What are you talking about?! 』

『 I mean, Megu-oneechan can go far away too. Do you prefer that? I mean, Kuromori Kou’s engagement with Misuzu-oneechan has to be kept safe, or the family would be in trouble, but that’s not the same with Megu-oneechan/ We can break that off easily 』

『 You can’t break it off! 』

『 Why? 』

Mana asks mean-spirited.

『 The whole school knows that Yoshi-kun and I are engaged

『 Well, the two of you are just first years. It can just end with “I guess that’s it, let’s break up” Nobody would think of it as odd. Besides, it’s just strange for 16-year-olds to be engaged 』

『 But 』

『 I mean, Onii-chan and Megu-oneechan’s engagement just happened by chance, right? It started as a camouflage for the Kuromori family 』

『 T-That’s not true 』

『 Really? It may have some deep meaning for Megu-oneechan, but that’s how it is to us. After all, to Onii-chan, all of his women are equal. Onii-chan loves everyone fairly, and so the name “fiance” doesn’t matter, does it? It just happened that Megu-oneechan is Onii-chan’s classmate 』

Mana corners Megu further.

『 Misuzu-oneechan knows that, and so she doesn’t try to use the reason that she’s Onii-chan’s fiance, has she? She also is being considerate of us. Unlike somebody else 』

『 M-Me too 』

『 No, Megu-oneechan, you think of yourself as the only one special. You look down on us. Naturally, everyone would dislike you 』

『 T-That’s not true 』

『 Well, just listen. With that said, we’ve decided to give Onii-chan a new fiance together with kicking you out of the mansion. I think they’re already making a vote on who it is 』

『 D-Don’t decide that without permission!!! 』

Megu’s confused.

『 It’s not without permission. The family is talking to each other and deciding with a poll 』

『 Deciding things without me is just cruel 』

『 It’s not. Oh. By the way, They’ve already decided on who would be Megu-oneechan’s replacement as Onii-chan’s camouflage in his daily life 』


『 W-Wait! 』

『 As expected, the girlfriend has to be a good one or else girls would come after Onii-chan one after another. That’s why we decided on who’ll be the next one after Megu-oneechan. Someone who’ll fill your role 』

Mana said.

『 W-Who? 』

『 I wonder. 』

『 Could it be Yukino?! 』

Seeing Megu’s serious face as she says that, Mana started laughing.

『 Even I could expect that it’s not her. Yukino-oneechan’s a celebrity right now. She’s coming on her own talk show. That can’t be a camouflage 』

『 Then, Mana. Is it you? 』

Megu looks at Mana with hateful eyes.

『 That’s impossible. I’m still in middle school. Also, I’m just like Yukino-oneechan. If I go outside, someone can find out that I’m Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter 』

Mana laughs.

『 Then who is it?! Nei-oneesan?! Or Misuzu-san?! 』

『 It’s someone Megu-oneechan doesn’t know 』

Mana takes out a phone from her pocket.


『 Ah, sorry to keep you waiting. You can come in now 』

C-Could she be?


The door to outside the bakery opens up.

『 This way. Come in!! 』

Mana opens the door to the staff room of the bakery and calls out to the person outside.

『 Geez, that was some long waiting time. I’ve been waiting since the end of club activities. You know. Geez. It’s already dark outside! 』

This voice.

And the face in the monitor.

Kana-senpai in her school uniform appears.

She’s the second most famous beauty in our school.

The tennis club trained her, no wait, she doesn’t take the club activities seriously anyway.

Her legs are long and slender.

She puffs her chest forward and looks down on Megu from above.

She’s carrying her tennis racket back on her side.

Kana-senpai came to the club practice today it seems.

『 Oh, what? You’re Nobu’s fiance? 』

Kana-senpai smiled.

『 I’m three times more pretty than you, lol 』


『 W-Who are you? 』

As there’s someone she doesn’t know, she returns to her honor student personality.

『 Oh, you don’t know? I’m Hoshizaki Kana. Second-year. Tennis club. Have you not heard from Nobu? 』

『 Nobu? 』

『 Geez, Yoshinobu, Nobu, get it? 』

She’s smiling, but Kana-senpai’s looking down on Megu.

『 Yeah. I know I’d lose to Natou-san, but it’s clearly my win if it’s against you. It’s definitely my win~ 』

『 What are you talking about?! Mana, What’s going on? 』

Megu asks Mana.

『 What? It’s nothing big. The lady from Kouzuki house asked me. You know her, right? Misuzu-san 』

Kana-senpai tells Megu.

『 About what? 』

Megu’s attitude changes as it’s not Mana but a senior in school she’s talking to.

Megu’s in a sports club too. She’s weak to seniors.

『 Well, can I take a seat first? 』

『 Ah, sorry. Please do 』

Kana-senpai puts down her bag and sits down on a chair.


『 You see, you’re Nobu’s fiance because there’s a need to hide Nobu’s relationship with the ladies of Kouzuki house, am I right? 』

『 Huh? 』

『 I know all of it, I was with Nobu and everyone in the mansion 』

『 I-Is that so? 』

『 That’s so~ 』

Kana-senpai smiled at Mana.

『 Yeah. Kana-san came over yesterday. While Megu-oneechan was out by the way 』

Mana replied.

『 Kana-san? 』

Megu’s surprised with Mana’s reply.

『 Yeah. you see, it’s a bit embarrassing, but how do you say it… I’m also Nobu’s sex slave 』

Kana-senpai tells Megu calmly.

『 W-What did you say? 』

『 Sex slave. Geez, don’t make me say it over and over again. Nobo raped me. Ah, I said that wrong. Nobu had sex with me, and I became his sex slave. I’m going to serve him a lot from now on~ I’m his sex slave now after all. Ufufufufufu!! 』

She keeps on repeating the word ‘sex slave.’

『 I-Is that so? 』

『 That’s so, right? 』

Kana-senpai smiles at Mana.

Megu learned about Kana-senpai and me from Minaho-neesan last night.

She should’ve seen the video of me having sex with Kana-senpai.

And yet, she speaks like she doesn’t know it.

Is she not accepting Kana-senpai.

She pretends to not know Kana-senpai to the end,

And that’s how she’s dealing with Kana-senpai.

『 It’s true. Nei-oneesan and Michi-oneechan became the pivot of it, and everyone helped to make Kana-oneechan Onii-chan’s slave. Onii-chan loves raping beautiful girls like Kana-oneechan, you know it, don’t you? He was pleased when he took her 』

Mana says with a smile.

『 Really? Nobu was happy? Then I guess we’ll have that scenario again? Oh wait, I have to serve him though, I’m the sex slave after all~ Hmph! 』

Megu’s shocked.

Oh, I see.

Megu never thought that she’d meet up with Kana-senpai this suddenly.

Furthermore, she’s accepted that she’s my sex slave already.

It’s outside Megu’s imagination.

『 I didn’t hear about this 』

Megu says it.

『 Oh really? You haven’t? Oh, I get it. I guess it can’t be helped 』

Kana-senpai looked at Megu and laughed.

『 I mean, you’re to be discarded by now, haha 』

Megu’s startled.


『 Let me get to the point. From now on, I’ll take on the role of Nobu’s fiance, his lover when in this school. Good job until now. That’s how it is, what do you think? 』

『 Y-yes? 』

Megu’s eyes are wide open in shock.

『 Ah, you mean that as agreement? Well, thanks for immediate consent! Well then, Nobu’s mine now~ Kufuu~~ 』