Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 75

75. Bar Manners

「…『Schwarz』-san Who would of thought that you would be the one to invite us. You’re going to give us a good response won’t you…?!」

The yakuza boss in the purple suit told Nagisa-san.

「How about we get into business talk immediately? Anyway, drink a lot…you guys too」

Nagisa-san told the Yakuza.
I see, she intends to make them drink alcohol to dull their movement…

「…Please give me a big cup」

Nagisa-san smiled gorgeously.
The Yakuza boss’ face melts down.

「Hey, Guys…Order whatever you want! Hurry up!」

With the boss’ words, the followers were…

「Then I’m getting beer」
「Me too」
「I’ll also get beer」
「Let’s get beer for the time being」

The boss’ face had a vein popping out!

「Idiots! This is an adult bar so you shouldn’t say 『Let’s get beer for the time being』! Ask for something adult-like and cool drink! Get a cocktail!」

The follower’s are frightened.

「But…Aniki. We don’t know any cocktails…!」
「We’re not good with dealing with the cocktail names」
「Or rather…What’s a cocktail, Aniki?」
「I don’t get it but…what kind of liquor is cocktail? Is it a foreign drink? Anyway, one order please」

The boss is disgusted by the reaction of his followers.

「Kaa!…Fuck that. You all don’t know what a cocktail is?!」
「We lived saying 『Beer for the time being』」
「Or raw sour grapefruits」
「We don’t know any foreign liquor!」

The followers bowed to the boss.

「It can’t be helped…Remember this. There might be a night where an onee-chan takes you to an adult-like bar like this. At that time, if you can’t even order a cocktail, you would be laughed off by her. It’s not just you but also your seniors…!」
「Sorry, Aniki…Could you teach us at least one?」

The Yakuza boss cleared his throat and spoke to the master.

「…Boss, could you prepare 『Kahlua Milk』for these four?…」

The Yakuza boss orders while trying to look cool

「…Got it」

The master started working immediately

「Aniki…What’s 『Kahlua milk』?」
「Idiot…『Kahlua milk』is a cocktail name. Remember this. When you order a 『Kahlua Milk』at a place like this, your level as a man rises a lot. The woman with you would tremble a lot! Go on and say it! It’s like this…Boss, give me『Kahlua Milk』… Go!」

The four followers spoke up…!

「…Boss give us『Kahlua Milk』!」

It feels very surreal.

「Yup…Then. Don’t forget that…!」

The Yakuza boss nods looking satisfied.
…Oh right.
I’ll remember that too.
『Kahlua Milk』…


Nagisa-san’s nudging my arm and her face says 「No, no」…
Eh…That’s wrong?

「…Speaking of which, what’s Aniki’s order?」

The follower asked the boss

「Right…Boss, I’ll take 『Oolong Tea』!」


「Huh, Aniki won’t drink liquor?」
「…Idiots! If I drink alcohol who would drive us home?!」

The boss is driving the Porsche himself?!

「No, we can’t let Aniki drink Oolong tea when we’re going to drink liquor…!」
「That’s right…I will be driving on the way back so please drink I’ll give you my 『Kahlua milk』…!」

The boss loses his temper on the followers…!

「Don’t fuck with me! There’s no way I can let you drive my treasured Porsche! I took out 2.3M yen for that Porsche 911 I will be the one driving home!」
「…S-Sorry. I’ve gotten ahead of myself」

The followers bowed down.

「Well fine…it’s okay as long as you understand.」

Oh…So that Porsche costs 2.3M Yen.
That’s quite a luxury car.
As expected, is it expensive because it’s colored yellow green…?

The master brought in the glasses.

「Here you go…Four『Kahlua Milk』and one『Oolong tea』」
「Hey…Hurry up and take your glasses!」

The Yakuzas took the five glasses.

「Then, well Let’s toast for the future development of 『Schwarz』and us!」

Nagisa-san raised her own glass.
It can’t be helped, me too…
The boss raised his glass and shouted.

「…Kanpai! Prosit!1



The followers imitated their boss.
Then, they drank the liquor…

「…Prosit means ‘toast’ in German」

Nagisa-san whispered in my ear secretly

…I-Is that so?
But…Why German?

「…Ah, this is delicious. It’s sweet and easy to drink. 『Kahlua Milk』is good!」
「…Un. It goes well as a dessert after a meal!」
「It’s also good when you get out of the public bath, isn’t it?」
「Ah, I think so too…!」

『Kahlua Milk』seems to be popular with the followers.

「Idiots, it would just be a normal coffee milk! You see 『Kahlua Milk』goes to 『Kahlua』!」
「Aniki, what’s 『Kahlua』?」

The Boss stopped moving when the follower asked…

「…You see 『Kahlua』is…」
「…I-It’s something like gratitude!」

The Yakuza boss had a 『Shiiiit!』face…!

「…It’s made from『Kahlua』-san’s house!」
「…He might be 『Kahlua』brother!」
「…The eldest son is Zofi and the youngest is Leo!」

The store fell silent.
It’s as if the God of death had passed…
The boss looked around the shop restlessly under his sunglasses…
Then…those eyes
Looked at me…

「…Who are you!」

The boss suddenly asked me…!

「You were in the market earlier this morning, aren’t you?」
「Yes…I was there」
「…Who are you?!」

When the Yakuza asked me…!
Oh right…I should be saying my false name here, shouldn’t I?
I was taught by Margo-san after all
I must not tell my true name…!


I instinctively said the name of my classmate I met in the train a while ago.


The Yakuza boss looks at me with a scary face…
…Shit This is going to go bad!!!

「…What Tanaka!?!…Huh?!」

The boss shouts loudly at my ear!
He’s doubting it…
What was Tanaka’s given name?!
Hideo? Norio?…Err

「…It’s Yasuo!2

Sink or swim! I shouted!


The Yakuza boss shouted…!

「…Tanaka Yasuo!」
「That’s me!」

The Yakuza stopped moving for an instant…

「…You’re… Tanaka Yasuo?」
「…Yes, that’s right!!!!」

The Yakuza boss stared at me from head to toe…
Even the followers behind him…

「Well fine…You, Tanaka Yasuo…what’s your relationship with 『Schwarz』…?」

My relation to Nagisa-san…?
There’s no way I can answer it’s a sexual relationship…
…What did Tanaka say at that time?
…Oh right

「I’m part time!」
「…Part time?」

The Yakuza boss had a suspicious look.

「…What kind of part time?」

…I-I have to explain from there?!

「…You see, part time is a short form of part time work! 」
「You see, Part time work means 『A person working as a staff but is not a regular』in English3
「…That’s wrong. Part time work is 『Labor』in German…4

Nagisa-san whispered into my ears.

「I was wrong! Let me correct it! Let me correct it! Let me correct it!…Part time worker means 『Labor』in german!」

I don’t know what’s going on anymore!
I just shouted anyway…!

「In short…An-chan is a part timer?」

The boss seems to understand it somehow…

「That’s right…I am in 『Labor』in German meaning…!」

What am I saying?

「Then…Why is a part timer here?」


「He’s at work here」
「…You’re working in this shop?」
「No no…that’s not it…!」
「Then, what is it?!」

What should I do now?!
Nagisa-san laughed out loudly.

「This guy’s working in my shop. I brought him here today as my bodyguard. It’s going to raise his pay after all…right?」

Nagisa-san smiled at me.

「Ah…yes…that’s how it is…Eeh!」

Anyway, let’s just match with her talk…
Yup…We’re somehow able to fool him.

「He’s a bodyguard?」

The boss looked at me closely again.
Then…he laughed.

「This brat is a bodyguard?…This is funny!」

The four followers laughed too.

「…That’s not true. He’s very skilled」

Nagisa-san smiled.

「He can do the needed delay properly…!」


「…What do you mean by that?」

Answering the Yakuza boss, Nagisa-san pointed outside the shop…

「…Take a look」

The road outside the shop.
Has no one else passing as usual.
The Yellow green Porsche that the Yakuza parked a while ago is still there…
The white light from the street lamps shine the Porsche good…
Nei-san armed with a metal bat appears…
Nei-san looked towards the shop with a smile.
Then…She gripped the bat hard…
Then picked up the cuff tightly with a form like Ichiro.
…She raised the bat!
Then hit the Porsche’s windowpane hard!!!!

…Baririn!!! Bako!!!! Bariririn!!! Bakobeko!!!

Nei-san beats down the yellow green Porsche while laughing out loudly!

「…What’s that bitch doing!?」

The Yakuza boss’ face became pale!

「Guys! Stop her immediately! Heey!」

The four followers went out of the shop at mach speed…!
At the moment the four people went out of the shop…Margo-san attacks them from the side.
With one blow…A single strike hit precisely to incapacitate them!


There’s only one shout that was heard.
But, what I saw is…
Two bodies falling straight to the ground…
The two remaining flew to the sky and fell over their head…!
Furthermore, Margo-san kicked the dominant arms of the men who fell down to the ground!
The four continued to have their bones broken…!
Nagisa-san spoke to the Yakuza boss looking at the scene outside the shop in amazement.

「Now then, let’s talk business…Unfortunately, I have no intention to cooperate with you!」
「…I see, so that’s how it is」

The boss slowly stands from his seat

「…Hahahahaha, it’s negotiation breakdown!」

The Yakuza boss who lost his temper pulled out a knife from his chest…

「But…we can’t withdraw that easily…If this happens then my honor would be completely destroyed. At worst, the therapy cost and the compensation money…and the repair charges of the Porsche would be quite a lot…!」

He’s gradually cutting down the distance…

「…How much do you want?」

Nagisa-san asked the Yakuza without destroying her smile…

「…Should we make it 30M? 2.5M for those guys. And 20M for my Porsche」

Eh…Wasn’t that Porsche 2.3M?!

「…Also, I’ll have you as my woman」

The Yakuza boss laughed.

「Come here! You’re my hostage!」

The Yakuza waves his hand holding the knife…
Shit…What should I do?
Margo-san’s outside the store…
We can’t let Nagisa-san be taken as a hostage…
Anyway, I’ll get in between Nagisa-san and the Yakuza…
Then, the master taps my shoulder.
Looking at him…Master handed me a thick book.
The title is…『Home Medicine』
I see, we can prevent the knife of the Yakuza with this thick book…!

「Thank you!」

I pushed out the book before myself and substitute it as a shield…
The Yakuza looked at me then laughed with his nose.

「An-chan…That’s an amateur idea, it’s unskillful. What’s with that lack of nerve?! If you don’t hurry and hand over that lady, you’d get injured…!」

Don’t make a fool…of an amateur!

「…Here, Pass!」

I passed the 『Home Medicine』towards the Yakuza like basketball!


The Yakuza dodges the book hurled quickly!
Then…I made a tackle!
It’s a charge of life and death!!

「…Don’t fuck with me! You shit!」

The Yakuza swung his knife around!
The sleeve of my patch was cut off!
But I quickly charged and attacked the Yakuza’s shoulder…!


The Yakuza and I fell down at the entrance of the shop…!
…At that moment
The door opened and Margo-san jumped in like a gale!
She kicked the hand of the Yakuza that’s holding the knife!
The knife pierced the wall of the shop!
…Then, that decided the match

「…You still want to continue?」

Margo-san who’s stamping the neck of the Yakuza boss with her combat boots…asked him…
I got up and away from the Yakuza.

「Don’t think that you’d get away from doing this to me! I have a respectable occupation! The organization won’t be silent you know!」

The Yakuza still barked.

「Hey hey hey…Let me get in!」

Katsuko-nee enters the shop…
Katsuko-nee’s holding a tablet on her hand.

「Everything’s digital recently…even the Yakuza’s industry seems to be no match from the modernization! The 『Circular Letter』is now emails」

Katsuko-nee laughs.

「Kawafuji Kouzou…is that you?」
「What?! I’m Naniwa’s5 Kawafuji!」
「There’s a 『Break Off letter』from your Organization!」

Katsuk-nee handed the tablet to the Yakuza boss…Kawafuji-san
I can read the contents from my position.

『Break off letter, the person mentioned has broken and gone against our moral code so we have to break you off. Please do not get involved with us anymore』

「…I-I’m being dismissed?」
「That’s right…that’s how it is!」

Katsuko-nee’s phone rang…

「Hello? I’ve been waiting…It’s been a while chairman. It’s 『Kuromori’s』 Katsuko, the one you saw on the party before. Yes, I’ll hand it over now」

Katsuko-nee handed the phone to the Yakuza boss

「It’s a call for you! From the chairman」
「Chairman…could it be?」

Kawafuji-san took the phone as if snatching it…

「Helly, it’s me! Kawafuji!」

A voice leaks out from the phone…!

『What have you done!』
「…W-What? C-Chairman?」
『Trying to make a move on Kuromori’s shop of all things…!』

Nagisa-san spoke to the Yakuza who doesn’t get what’s going on.

「That store…『Schwarz Wald』means 『Kuromori』 In german」

「Ufufu」Nagisa-san laughs.

『The owner of the shop you tried to meddle with is a friend of the big boss and the head of the group! Do you intend to crush your organization?』
「Yes…Both of them are my treasured guests」

Nagisa-san smiled suspiciously…

「I also took care of them when Nagisa retired!」

Katsuko-nee said.

「…What are you people?」

Katsuko-nee answered the Yakuza’s question…

「We don’t intend to answer that question. There’s a lot of things in this world you better not know…!」
「Please disappear by tomorrow morning…along with your followers. And never show your face in front of me again. This is not a warning. In case you don’t do what we said, you’ll have to disappear…from this world, completely」

Nagisa-san sentenced the Yakuza…!


The yellow green Porsche lights up outside the shop…!
Nei-san seems to set it on fire.
She jumps up and around the car while laughing loudly…

「…Master, sorry for the trouble. Here’s the fee」

Margo-san handed a thick envelope to the master of the shop

「Don’t mind it…I can redecorate the shop from the money you paid. It’s a great help for me」

The master washed the glass Nagisa-san and I used and wiped it with cloth.

「A fight between Yakuza happened here. Then the Yakuza ran away…tell that to the police」
「…Thank you very much」

Nagisa-san thanked the master
The master didn’t say anything and just wiped off Nagisa-san and my fingerprint with a dishcloth…

「That’s how it is…Or do you want us to tell the truth to the police『Our flower shop was attacked』?」

Margo-san said while looking down on the Yakuza.
Her feet are still trampling down the chest of the Yakuza…

「…Got it. I get it already…It’s my defeat」

The Yakuza admitted defeat…

「I’m going to tell you once…but, we’re going to set an accidental fire in your shop. Don’t go back to your shop okay?」

Margo-san smiled.

「…Thank you, Yoshida-kun」

Nagisa-san gave me a thick kiss…!

◇ ◇ ◇

Before the firefighters and the police came to the blazing Porsche…we escaped the site.

「Nagisa-san, go back to the mansion…! Mao-chan’s waiting for you!」

Told by Margo-san, Nagisa-san bowed to everyone while in the driver’s seat of the Benz…!

「Thank you everyone…I’ll leave the rest to you!」
「Leave it to us!」

Nei-san shouted from the passenger seat of the van…
I also marched to the rear of Margo-san’s white van.
Nagisa-san’s Benz is on the right side of the shop.
Katsuko-nee’s minivan is right in front…
Margo-san’s minivan is on the left of the road…
They all escape in different directions…

「Still, they’re really beyond help. Even though they should be vigilant over various things, they weren’t at all…!」

Nei-san laughed out loud.

「No…we still don’t know that. Nei, be careful until the last second」

Margo-san says while driving.

「But…Yoshida-kun was amazing」
「…What? Did I do something?」
「The radio exercise in front of the shop…!」
「Un…That was amazing!」

Eh…That’s entirely common though
Or rather, what’s amazing with radio exercise…?

「Who would’ve thought that you would start a radio exercise in that place…that’s what’s amazing. All of those who were watching were laughing out with all their breath」

Ah…I was being laughed at.
Well…It’s common so I’m fine.

「Yuzuki-sensei was even laughing hysterically! It’s my first time seeing Sensei laugh that hard!」

Nei-san said.
Speaking of which…
I can’t see Yuzuki-sensei…
Where is she?

「Huh…Yo-chan, you’re injured?」

Nei-san looks at me from the rearview mirror and notices…
Oh, it’s the wound from when my sleeve was cut by the knife from the Yakuza.
It’s not something big.
It’s just a paper cut, blood is just seeping out…

「It’s fine. ‘Tis but a scratch…」
「It’s not okay! Maru-chan, stop the car!」

Margo-san stopped the van on the side.
Nei-san gets off the passenger seat and comes to the rear seat…

「Geez…there’s blood coming out!」

Taking out the first aid kit, Nei-san treated the wound.

「Right…I saw it from outside the shop but that was just too careless a behavior. You were lucky today but if it went badly you’d get injured」

Margo-san advised me

「No…I’m really fine」
「Don’t think that way…In that case, if the knife edge hits your hand, your finger might get cut off…」
「I told you I’m fine…」

Margo-san makes a suspicious look from my answer

「Anyway, I know that Margo-san would come to help as long as I made a chance. Nagisa-san’s security is the top priority in that case isn’t it? It doesn’t matter if I get injured or if my fingers get cut off…」

Nei-san looked at me with a dumbfounded face.

「…Yo-chan, what are you saying?」
「You won’t be troubled if my finger got cut, would you?」
「No…Isn’t that troublesome?」
「Ah…It would be troublesome for me…But it’s not a problem for the others. It’s fine as long as I’m the only one troubled, isn’t it?」
「…That’s not good!」

Nei-san, why are you angry?

「I would be troubled if Yo-chan loses his fingers!」
「There’s no way that’s true…it’s my finger」
「Yo-chan, you should be troubled! It’s a big trouble if you lose your finger! It’s a trouble throughout life!」
「I know that…But isn’t there no other way but to give it up for Nagisa-san’s safety?」

Nagisa-san is much more worthy than me…
It doesn’t matter if I die anyway.


Nei-san slapped my face…!


「If Yo-chan gets his finger cut then I’ll chop of my finger too! If Yo-chan’s eyes gets crushed then I’ll have my eye crushed too! If Yo-chan dies, I would kill myself!…That’s why」

Nei-san is crying…

「Take care of yourself!…I beg you!」

Nei-san clings to me.
I don’t know why Nei-san’s angry.
But anyway…I can do nothing but apologize

「…Nei-san, sorry」
「Yo-chan’s an idiot. Bakaa…!」

Yup…I’m certainly not smart.
Even I think that I’m an idiot.
I can never understand Nei-san’s feelings…


  1. both means cheers!
  2. Yeah, from that shit game
  3. He actually said that in Japanese, there’s no english TL. lol
  4. Labor was said in Japanese. lol Nagisa-san
  5. Former name of Osaka