Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 755. Venting out and having sex with Kana-senpai



「 Hey, Nobu. Let’s do some pranks at least once a day 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Pranks? 」

「 Yes, things you mustn’t do. It can be as childish as you want. Entering a no-entry room, kicking off signboards on the road, or stepping on the corners of the flower bed 」

I lean forward to Kana-senpai who’s lying down on the desk.

I massage Kana-senpai’s breast moist with her sweat.

I rub her nipples with my thumb.

「 Maybe, piss on the top of the rooftop where nobody’s looking, or telling someone a trivial lie 」

「 Trivial lie? 」

Kana-senpai laughs.

「 Yes, anything. For example, telling a classmate who’s not liked that much due to their bad attitude that the actor they liked got married or something. Speaking meanly that you saw it on the internet. Then, Nobu would say “Yeah, I’ve seen that one” and try to throw interjections 」

「 Why would we do that? 」

I don’t get it.

「 Because it’s fun. Pranking others a bit is nice 」

Kana-senpai says while I massage her breasts.

「 Besides, it would be two of us. If it’s just one person doing pranks, they would see you as a crazy person, but if it’s two, it’s fun. They’ll surely laugh at it 」


「 Then, let’s hide from the people and have lots of sex in the school. That may be the worst prank we could do. Let’s do it under the window on the teacher’s room. Then, we’ll hold our breaths. You can cum inside me while listening to the teacher’s meeting. Kukuku, that’s funny. I’m looking forward to that 」


「 You know, I’m the best when it comes to thinking of prank ideas. How about we record our voices while having sex and then play it on loudspeakers in the boy’s clubroom? I’m sure they’d be surprised 」

I lick on Kana-senpai’s right nipple.

「 Let’s do naughty things. Even just imagining it with the two of us will do. It’s fun. I’m sure that we can do anything together. Ahn~ 」

I bite Kana-senpai’s nipples lightly.

「 Don’t keep on teasing just the right one, get the left one too 」

「 Yeah 」

This time, I stuff her left nipple in my mouth.

「 In our tennis club, there’s an event where we gather the freshmen who enter our club and tease them with a lot of questions 」

Kana-senpai continues her story.

「 For example, we ask them if they have a boyfriend, if they’re still virgins, how many times they masturbate each week, we make them confess one by one 」

「 I see 」

「 If there’s someone who confessed that they have experienced, we make them confess the details. Who’s the partner, where’s the location, how many times 」

「 I see 」

I crawl my tongue on Kana-senpai’s stomach while massaging her breasts with my hands.

It’s puffed up and soft.

I go around her cute navel.

「 There’s a lot of girls this year. One of them already lost her virginity, if I recall, her uncle raped her 」

She laughed.

「 Nobu that tickles 」


「 Speaking of which, I was raped too. Nobu did. Well, I don’t mind it now 」


「 Next year, I’m going to be a senior, you know? And so I’ll be the one to lead the girls asking teasing questions to the new members. What should I ask the new girls next year? 」

My tongue touches Kana-senpai’s crotch.

「 Hyaaan~ I feel sensitive there. Nice 」

Picha, picha.

I suck on Kana-senpai’s overflowing love nectar, like cat drinking water.

「 I guess I’ll ask the freshmen to tell me what semen tastes like. Then, I’ll have them suck on Nobu’s penis if they say that they don’t know because they don’t have experience. I’ll have them answer after drinking Nobu’s semen. What do you think? 」


「 Oh, I see. Nobu only picks cute girls. Okay then, I’ll choose only cute girls and have them give their virginity to you. That’s better? 」

I lick on Kana-senpai’s secret place.

She looks at my face, blushing.

「 Geez, don’t make that face. It’s not yet decided whether I’d do that or not. Maybe I will. Perhaps I will not. But it’s fun thinking about things you shouldn’t do. And I’m not alone in doing that 」


「 Nobu, do you know Kiyohara Ai-chan in our club? She’s a first-year 」

In the tennis club?

「 No, I don’t 」

I’m also a freshman, but I don’t know much about the other classes.

「 You don’t know? She’s the cutest among the freshmen. She’s petite, and always ties up her hair ponytail style 」

「 I don’t know her 」

「 Well, doesn’t matter. That girl’s too cute, and so a second year asked to date her. Do you know Shindo from the judo club? 」

「 Nope 」

「 Oh my, either way, he’s a man who’s tough and disgusting, and he forced his way on her during this summer vacation, and she couldn’t refuse him 」

「 They’re dating even though she doesn’t like him? 」

「 Merely for form’s sake. Yes. They’ve never gone to a date yet. She’s got tennis club practice after school and on weekends, and the club members are guarding her 」

「 I see 」

「 But, Shindo, he thinks that he’s dating Ai-chan. He’s sending her mail every day. Ai-chan’s ignoring it though. She doesn’t care about him at all. After all, it’s only Shindo who wants to have a relationship with Ai-chan 」

Oh, that’s hard.

「 Then, after ignoring him for a while, he started attaching photos in his messages about two weeks ago 」


「 Yeah. He’s making poses in front of the mirror, he’s an ugly guy yet he’s quite the narcissist. Furthermore, he’s wearing his judo uniform, or some fashion I couldn’t even understand, even though he’s wearing just a white belt 」


「 After ignoring all that, it escalated even further last week. Well, if only Shindo takes off his upper half clothes, show off his muscles and ugly stomach, then it would be acceptable, but 」

Kana-senpai speaks.

「 Yesterday night, he finally sent a photo of his dick 」


「 And yes, it’s on its erect state. Filled to the brim 」

An erect penis?

「 Ain’t that just a pervert? 」

「 It’s a pervert! 」

Kana-senpai nods.

「 Then, he messaged Ai-chan “send me your nudes too. We love each other, and so we should send each other lovely photos” 」

What the hell.

「 Well, even though Ai-chan’s forced to say yes, it’s also her fault for not being able to decline. But isn’t this one dangerous?! He’s cray-cray 」

「 Yeah, you’re right 」

「 So, please do something about it, Nobu 」


「 Do something about Shindo, and you can have Ai-chan’s virginity. Pretty please? Nobu? 」

Why did it end up to that?

「 You know, I’m going to help out as saleslady in your bakery by tomorrow, right? If you have Nei-san and me, the two most beautiful girls in the school, shouldn’t you take Ai-chan, the cutest among the first-years in here too? 」

Kana-senpai says out of enjoyment.

「 Well, Edie-san’s cute, and that Megumi girl is so-so, but if you talk about the freshmen, it has to be Ai-chan. That girl’s got the cuteness of a small animal that you want to tease, there’s hardly anyone like her 」

「 No, but 」

「 I mean, Ai-chan is really in trouble because of Shindo. If Nobu helps her, Ai-chan will give her body to you as thanks. You’re her benefactor after all 」

Is that so?

「 Yes, that’s right. Either way. I’ll bring Ai-chan in tomorrow. You don’t need to date her after that. You only need to have sex with her once to chase away Sindo. That’s good enough. Take away her virginity and her future problems. Isn’t that fun? 」

Kana-senpai said, but,

「 Ah, Nobu got erect. I guess you were aroused from that? 」

Kana-senpai looked at my penis and smiled.

「 If you want, you can line us up together, and rape is in turn on the tennis court. The two of us wearing tennis uniform, Nobu takes it off, then our asses would be exposed 」

「 Kana-senpai, could it be that you want to do that? 」

I asked.

「 Ufufu, I want to, yes! I want to see Nobu ravish that cute Ai-chan. I also want her to watch me as you have your way with me 」

Kana-senpai laughs.

「 Oh man, Nobu’s got a lot of work to do. I want Nobu to talk all about the evil thoughts that you have inside. Then, let’s make them real together. After all, I think I can talk about everything if Nobu’s listening 」


「 Misuzu said the same thing 」

「 Oh, I knew it. I mean, it’s Nobu~ 」


「 Nobu, you know, I won’t join in your family. Not really, it’s just that I can’t. I don’t know a lot, and I don’t want to know either. I mean, Nobu’s relationship with others is dangerous, right? 」

Our family is a criminal organization.

I nod to Kana-senpai.

「 Therefore, I won’t cross the threshold. I’d instead not put myself in danger. I prefer to be in a place where I can escape anytime. Sorry 」

「 No, I don’t mind it 」

「 But in exchange, I’ll be Nobu’s partner in crime. Although it’s limited to just the school. Let’s do some pranks together. Let’s to a lot of them. Let’s have fun. I’ll entertain you so play with me, make some jokes with me 」


「 That’s why I’ll be the first. Then, Ai-chan. Don’t take things seriously. Ai-chan and I are just playing around. However, we’re earnest when playing 」

Earnest when playing.

「 That’s got its merits. Nobu, you take things too seriously. Try to be a bit flexible. 」

「 But, is that okay? 」

Having sex just as playing around, not taking responsibility for the other party’s life.

Up until now.

I’ve always prepared to take responsibility for my partners for their lifetime.

「 Geez, it doesn’t matter. You’re overthinking this 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 If you want it, then take it! That’s all! Even if you regret it later, then why not? You had some fun 」

She said and smiled.

「 I’m having a lot of fun right now. I’m thrilled. I mean, Nobu’s going to do me again right now 」


「 Kana-senpai, can I put it in? 」

Kana-senpai’s slit in front of me is drenched.

Kana-senpai was aroused from our conversation that her skin is flushed red.

「 Don’t ask each time you’re doing something! Go ahead, and do me! I want Nobu to rape me right now 」

She speaks cheerfully.

「 Aah, Kana-senpai! 」

I spread Kana-senpai’s legs with both of my hands.

「 Aaayhn~ That’s embarrassing. N-Noo, stop~~~ 」

Kana-senpai speaks resistance, but that’s all.

I rub my glans into Kana-senpai’s opening.

Picho, picho, picho.

I spread her warm love nectar on my rod.

「 Aahn. That feels good. But it’s also scary at the same time. Will it go in? 」

「 I’m going to push it in even if it’s impossible 」

「 Yeah, you’re right, force it in 」


My tip goes inside Kana-senpai.

「 Ah, wait, it hurts a bit 」

She just lost her virginity yesterday after all.

Her narrow vagina isn’t used to a male genital yet.


「 Sorry, this is rape 」

「 Ah, uuuuh, I’m being raped 」


My meat injects inside.

Love nectar from inside her vagina is pushed out and overflows from the connected part.

My penis is spreading Kana-senpai’s insides.

「 Look, it’s all in 」

I grind in my hips.


Our lower halves are sticking closely.

My whole erect penis goes inside Kana-senpai.

「 Haa, haa, haa, Nobu! 」

As I impale her, Kana-senpai;

She’s staring at me while breathing heavily.

「 Kana’s stomach is full of Nobu! 」

I pile our bodies together and kiss Kana-senpai’s lips.

Chu. Chu.

Our tongues entangle.

Kana-senpai sips from my tongue.

「 What should I do. I think I like it when Nobu does me like that 」

「 That’s okay. Kana-senpai’s my sex slave after all 」

I said.

「 But, it’s not forever. Only during high school. We’re just playing around. Do me with that intent, having fun. Nobu 」


「 I’m moving 」

「 Don’t ask for permission. Just do what you want, Nobu 」

I slowly move my hips.

「 Aaah, aaahn, ouch! 」

「 Are you okay? 」

「 Don’t stop. It hurts a bit but, that’s what’s fun, isn’t it? Nobu 」

「 I’d be glad if you feel pleasure more than the pain 」

I think.

「 Don’t force it. It’s just my second time 」

「 Yeah. You’re right. Then I’m going to say sorry until you’re used to it 」

「 Don’t say sorry! Be more savage! 」

「 I don’t know what to do 」

Kana-senpai looked at my face and burst out laughing.

「 Then just do it usually so you can have fun 」

「 Me? 」

「 Yes. Fun is the best 」

「 But, Kana-senpai 」

「 I’ve been having fun all this time just looking at Nobu 」

Kana-senpai pats my cheeks.

Her kindness.

It melts my heart.

「 Aaaah! Kana-senpai!! 」

I speed up my hips.

「 Aaahn! Aaaahn! Aaaahn! 」

「 I-I also want to do a lot of pranks together with Kana-senpai 」

That’s right. Let’s just be honest.

If it’s in front of this cheerful and honest person.

「 I want to fuck Kana-senpai a lot! In every single location in this school! While everyone’s watching! 」

「 Ahn! Aaaahn! Sure! Do it Nobu! Do me anytime, anywhere! 」

Kana-senpai shakes.

I continue to ravish her.

Kana-senpai’s beautiful breasts sway like it’s dancing.

「 Geez, don’t hold back. If you want to let it out, then let it out on my body, no restraint. Kana is Nobu’s slave 」

The emotions I’ve been holding back overflow.

Kana-senpai’s accepting them all in our sex.

「 You can give it to me until we graduate. Do it inside, inside Kana! Aaaah!!!! Aaaah!! No, no! Please do it inside me, Nobu!! 」

This 17-year-old beauty endures my thrusts.

Kana-senpai’s cute face distorts in pain from having sex.

However, her eyes look at me.

She’s accepting me.

「 Kana-senpai!!! 」

「 Aaaahn! Nobu! Nobu!! Aaaaah! Aaaaahn! 」

Her loud voice echoed throughout the room.

「 Aaaahn! Iyaaaaan~ Aaaahn! Somehow, I feel… I feel something’s coming!! Nobu!!! 」

But my fierce attack doesn’t stop.

「 Aaaah! Me too! I’m going to cum soon! Kana-senpai!!! 」

It’s rising up in one go.

「 W-Wait! Something’s coming! Just a bit longer! Aaaahn! Aaaaah 」

「 I can’t! Kana-senpai! I-I’m about to! 」

「 Iyaaa~ No, wait! Don’t tease me, Nobu!!! 」

「 Aaaaah, Kana-senpai!!!! I’m cumming!!!! 」

Unable to hold any longer.

I poured in my burning semen-

-into Kana-senpai’s womb.

「 Aaaaah, so hot!!!! Nobu’s hot stuff is coming in!!!! 」




I pushed in my waist multiple times.

Pouring my seed to Kana-senpai.

「 Kana-senpai! Kana-senpai! Kana-senpai! Kana-senpai! 」

I shoot to her womb until the last drop.

I lay my body on top of Kana-senpai.

「 Nobu 」

Kana-senpai hugs me tight from below.

She kissed me.


「 I was about to cum in a moment though 」

「 S-Sorry 」

My excitement went too high that I couldn’t hold it.

「 It’s okay. I’m going to cum next time. I’m looking forward to it! 」

Kana-senpai holds me strongly.

「 Sex is too much fun. I don’t mind getting addicted to it. It’s Nobu after all. I don’t mind getting addicted 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Kana is your naughty vaginal cum shot erotic slave anytime, anywhere, you don’t have to hold back. If you want to do it, just say it. You can fuck me anytime, anywhere in this school 」

「 Yeah. Thanks, Kana-senpai 」

「 Don’t say that just say that you’ll take care of it 」

「 Take care of what? 」

「 Geez, you’re such a dummy 」

Kana-senpai bangs my forehead with hers.

「 I like you, Nobu 」

I like you too, Kana-senpai.

We pile up our lips again.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Give me a second 」

I get up and pull my penis out of Kana-senpai.

Then, Kana-senpai speaks;

「 Now then 」

Kana-senpai goes straight to the waiting room door.

She opened it up.

Then, Megu, Edie, Mana, and Luna were there.

They’re sticking their heads to the door.

「 I know that you were listening to what’s happening against the door, weren’t you girls? 」

Kana-senpai smiles at the girls while taking an imposing stance.

「 Well, you’re correct 」

Edie smiles wryly.

Kana-senpai shows her crotch to the four.

「 Nobu seems to have amassed a lot that he let out this much 」

Coming from Kana-senpai’s slit.

My semen drips to the floor.

「 That’s because Nii-san’s been worried about us 」

Luna said.

「 He released all of those emotions accumulated in his heart to Kana. Through sex 」

Edie said.

「 It feels unfortunate, but we cannot take that role. It has to be Kana 」

If it’s family, then I would be overly conscious of my partner.

I kill off my emotions.

「 But, having sex with Kana stabilizes Daring’s heart, he can go back home now. I think that he can have normal sex with the other girls 」


「 Kana’s the benchmark. From now on, if the balance in Darling’s heart starts to break, then just have sex with Kana and return it to the standard value 」

「 If you can have fun with Kana-san, then you can have fun with Mana and everyone. Onii-chan! 」

Is that how it is?

「 Well, I don’t mind that at all, but 」

Kana-senpai looks at Megu.

「 But, Megumi-san. You’re… 」

Megu who’s crouching on the floor looks up at Kana-senpai.

「 You want to be in my place, don’t you? Someone Nobu can freely talk with and expose his heart through sex 」

Kana-senpai smiled.


「 That’s right. I want to be Yoshi-kun’s special someone 」

She replies, feebly.

「 I wanted to be the one Yoshi-kun relies on as he supports everyone else 」

「 And you keep on probing with the line that you’re Nobu’s fiance 」

Kana-senpai said, laughing.

「 But, do you understand it now? That’s not possible with you 」

「 …I 」

「 Your face is terrible, your body is awful, your narrow-mind is horrible, you lack in talent. All you do is worsen Nobu’s worries 」

「 You’re right. I thought so too 」

Megu looked down and said.

「 So, what do you plan on doing after this? 」

Kana-senpai asks.

「 Will you become Nobu’s former girlfriend? Admit defeat? Then live life as the loser? 」

Megu looked up at Kana-senpai, taken aback.

「 Seeing you shame yourself, humiliate yourself, and hate yourself. I wonder if you still have the courage to crawl out from the bottom? 」