Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 756. Wild sex with Mana



「 I-I understand 」

Megu replies with a gloomy expression.

「 I don’t care anymore. I’ll be Yoshi-kun’s slave then. I’ll become a sex slave, just like Mana, Ruriko-chan, and everyone else 」


「 Then you’re in the same status as me. But, as a senior, let me just say it 」

She smiled.

「 In your case, I think that you should change that “Yoshi-kun” call of yours 」


「 You know, when Nobu gets kind to you, you always get full of yourself. And just receiving it one time, you behaved too spoiled for Nobu. Like, “I’m the only one you should treat as special!” 」

Kana-senpai’s words seem to have pierced Megu’s heart.

「 You’re right, I’m such a bad girl 」

Then, she looked up at me.

「 I’ll change it to “Yoshinobu-san” from now on. I think that our classmates would feel something’s out of place if I start calling you with “-sama” 」

「 Right, I think that sense of distance is necessary 」

Kana-senpai said, but.

Is that okay?

Is it okay that Megu stops calling me “Yoshi-kun”?

Is it okay to make Megu my sex slave?

「 I think that should be okay for the time being 」

Luna tells me suddenly.

「 Or so Edie-oneesan says. 」

Luna’s sticking to Edie. Is she reading Edie’s mind?

「 Darling. You don’t have to think about life in the long term like Misuzu does 」

Edie smiled kindly and told me.

「 It’s only been four months since we started living together, and isn’t it a common ground to fix some stuff on the fourth month? 」

Fourth-month fixing.

「 Let’s have Megumi as that for the time being. Relationships change as long as you’re together. It’s nothing complete. I think that we should end this here with Megumi not expelled from the family 」

That’s right.

If Megu stubbornly insists that she’s special because she’s my fiance, not even Minaho-neesan can cover up for her.

If it remained like that, Megu had to be expelled from the family.

I guess this is better than that.

「 By the way, Yoshinobu-san 」

Megu speaks.

「 What should I do? I don’t know what’s ahead of me. Yoshinobu-san’s my master, please order me. What should I do in this case? 」

She looked up at me with her teary face and said.


I turn on my brain to full operation in panic.

This is a different relationship than before.

I need to deal with Megu as a master.

「 Err, for now, concentrate on your club activities. Isn’t the autumn tournament close? 」

I said.

「 Yes, Yoshinobu-san 」

Megu replies to me with tears spilling from her eyes.

「 Concentrate on your activities and get yourself together, both in your mind and body. Don’t make the captain angry 」

「 Yes. I’ll train and fix up the balance of my body so Yoshinobu-san won’t hate me 」

Tears spill one after another from Megu’s eyes.

「 As for the housekeeping, leave them all to Katsuko-nee. Don’t think about it anymore. Help out only when you’re free. Let Ruriko and Mana support Katsuko-nee. You don’t have to force yourself on anything for now 」

「 Yes, I’ll leave it to Katsuko-oneesan, Ruriko-chan, and Mana. I 」

Her tears fell on the floor.

「 I’m not the housewife of the mansion after all 」

Ah, I see.

Looking at Megu’s face, I noticed something.

「 Sorry, Megu 」

「 Yoshinobu-san? 」

Megu looked up at me, wondering.

「 It’s not all your fault that you became like that. I’m also partly responsible for this 」

「 That’s not true. I got carried away. I was stupid 」

No, that’s wrong.

「 I kept on giving Megu specialized roles such as my fiance, or as the housewife of the mansion 」


「 No, of course, I did that to balance out the insecurity Megu’s feeling towards Misuzu or Nei, but 」


「 I shouldn’t have done that. To fix Megu’s insecurity, I shouldn’t give Megu special treatment 」

That’s right.

「 Megu, you need to resolve it yourself 」


「 I should’ve trusted that Megu would overcome those insecurities, and waited. Despite that, I thought that Megu can’t do anything unless I come to help. I looked down on you, Megu. I’m sorry 」

「 Y-Yoshi-kun 」

Hearing what I said. Megu unconsciously called me the way she called me before.

「 Darling, don’t say anything more than that 」

Edie stops me.

「 If you continue to blame yourself, it will hurt Minaho 」


「 It’s Minaho who’s responsible for giving Megumi the favorable treatment. She’s the one who’s reflecting the most right now 」

Oh right.

I think everyone’s watching what’s happening in this room right now.

「 That’s right. Yoshinobu-san didn’t do anything wrong 」

Megu grips her hands and speaks while trembling.

「 It’s my fault, it’s my insecurities. I should take responsibility for it. It’s not Yoshinobu-san’s fault 」


「 Nobu. I don’t know much about the details, nor I do want to know them, but you know 」


「 I don’t think you should blame yourself right away. Even if you don’t mind that, it only troubles the other people 」

I’m causing trouble?

「 How should I say it? You’re too considerate. That’s not a bad thing, but it’s contagious 」


「 If you’re too considerate, the people around you need to be considerate as well. Wait, I think I said it wrong. Good people will sympathize with Nobu, and they’d become “too considerate” as well. And as for those who aren’t, like Megumi-san, they’ll be too dependent to Nobu and the people around, and get carried away 」

My women,

Are they being split to “too considerate” and “too spoiled?”

「 I mean, look at Mana-chan, even though she stopped halfway while having sex with Nobu, she held back, didn’t she? 」

Kana-senpai points at Mana.

「 After all, Nobu was having sex with Megumi-san, and halfway through she started crying and interrupted your activity, but you don’t complain nor get grumpy at all. That’s why Mana-chan held back too, she passed it off to Megumi-san in the middle of sex 」

That’s right.

Mana hasn’t climaxed yet.

Even when having sex with me, she’s thinking of Megu first.

She stopped halfway and swapped with Megu.

「 It’s not that I’m holding back. I always do it with Onii-chan, and Mana is happier when Onii-chan’s feeling good than when Mana’s feeling good 」

That’s what’s holding back means.

Mana’s being considerate of Megu and me.

「 And affected by that spirit, Edie-san didn’t participate in the sex game. That’s quite the skill 」

Kana-senpai said.

「 Ah, as for me, I’ll be going all out with Darling when we’re alone 」

Edie desperately makes an excuse.


Kana-senpai’s right. My weird thoughts are passing to Mana and Edie.

「 Nobu. Being considerate is one of the Japanese virtues, but you need to keep it in moderation. You need to be a bit more selfish 」


「 You are a master of multiple sex slaves! Masters need to be selfish. If the master is too considerate of the slave, then it’s natural that the slave would be more thoughtful, or be spoiled from their master 」

That’s true.

Being considerate to your partner doesn’t equate to kindness.

I have to understand that.

「 Megu 」

I call Megu.

「 Y-Yes?! 」

I point at my penis smeared with Kana-senpai’s love nectar and my semen.

「 Lick me clean, no, just open up your mouth, and I’ll use it to make this big 」

「 O-Okay! 」

Megu kneels before me in a hurry.

「 Then, once Megu got this big, I’ll cum inside Mana 」

「 Onii-chan? 」

Mana’s surprised.

「 N-No, Mana doesn’t mind 」


「 No, I haven’t finished one inside Mana yet today, have I? So I’m going to do it. Or do you not want it, Mana? 」

「 N-Not that I don’t want it, but 」


I feel like she’s been too considerate of others since the Takakura sisters came.

I’ll give her plenty of love before we go home.

「 As for Edie, let’s do that back at home 」

I tell Edie.

「 Ah, I don’t really need it right now 」

Edie replied.

「 I know that Darling’s tired today 」

「 And because I’m tired, I’m going to have sex with Edie and sleep while hugging each other’s naked body. Do you not want that? 」

「 No, not at all. That’s definitely welcome 」

「 Then, that’s good 」

I said.

The role of the person Megu hates is pushed to Edie and Mana.

I’m sure that Misuzu and Nei who are watching this scene will forgive that much.

「 Can I watch that? 」

Luna asks Edie.

「 Oh right. Edie-oneesan wants to be alone with Nii-san. I guess I can’t 」


「 Geez, I get it. You can come too, luna. Let’s sleep together with Darling 」

Then, I look at Megu cleaning up my penis.

「 But, Megumi can’t. You’re not allowed to go with us 」

「 Okay 」

Megu replied, seeming lonely.

「 Megumi still has one more event to attend 」


◇ ◇ ◇

「 Ahn~ Onii-chan! More! Tease Mana more!!! 」

Mana wants to get on all fours and banged from behind.

I grab Mana’s ass with my hands,

Then, I stuck my dick inside her narrow vagina.

「 Aaah! Aaaah! More! Make it hurt!! Onii-chan! Onii-chan! 」

Her young ass is still thin.

But, it’s squishy enough and elastic as raw rubber.

I push in my strong erection inside Mana,

Then, I stir up her insides by moving my waist.

「 Aaaahn! That’s also good! 」

Potata, pota.

Love nectar drips down on the floor of the waiting room coming from the connecting part.

Mana’s love nectar is trickling down.

My rod and my ball sack are wet with love nectar and sweat.

「 Amazing. That’s so lewd 」

Kana-senpai watches the middle school beauty be disheveled.

「 I’ll become like that too 」

Luna whispers as she looks at Mana, raped while posing like a dog.

「 I love that style 」

Edie said nonchalantly.

「 I-I 」

Megu’s fidgeting.

「 If you want to touch yourself then do it 」

「 Huh, but? 」

Megu’s embarrassed.

「 Ah, really? Okay then, I’m going to masturbate 」

Kana-senpai said and teases her chest and crotch with her fingers.

「 Megumi, want me to help? 」

Edie said.

「 Edie, I thought you don’t like doing women? 」

Miss Cordelia bought Edie because she thought that Edie’s homosexual.

She didn’t like Miss Cordelia forcing their homosexual preference on her, and so she escaped to us.

「 I don’t mind if it’s Megumi 」

Edie hugs Megu from behind.

「 Wait, Edie?! 」

Megu looks confused.

「 Don’t mind it, just leave this to me! 」

Edie’s arm strength and Qi caught her.

「 N-Nooo~ Aaaaah! Aaaaahn! 」

「 Yes, looking sensitive 」

Megu says while pinching Megu’s nipples.

「 As for Luna, you mustn’t. You need to learn about sex thoroughly first before trying to do it by yourself. That’s why, you can only watch Darling, not us 」

「 Ah, okay 」

It’s quite strange that one starts to masturbates until she learns about sex to its full extent, but,

Takakura sisters are better that way.

If they get addicted to masturbating, their Miko power will be trapped inside.

「 Onii-chan, yes, my breasts too! 」

Mana makes a request as I thrust from behind.

「 Like this? 」

「 I stretch out my hands and grab Mana’s cute breasts from behind.

「 Yes! That! I want that! More! Stronger! Squash it!! 」

I squash Mana’s breasts.

I swing in my hips while enjoying the elasticity of her breasts.

I knock deeper inside her vagina.

「 It feels good! Aaaahn! I’m getting raped again! Onii-chan’s violating me! 」

「 Yeah, I’m raping you again, Mana 」

I whisper to Mana’s ears.

I blow hot air to her neck.

「 I love rape. I want Onii-chan to do me all the time! 」

Mana’s cute.

「 Please, don’t let go of Mana, please continue to violate me for years, and years to come 」

「 Yeah, I’m going to violate Mana, I’ll rape you. 」

「 Mana will be a good girl, will be Onii-chan’s sex slave. Aaaaahn~ 」

Mana’s rising up.

「 Violate Mana until we make a baby! 」

「 Yeah 」

I speed up my hips.

Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan!

My lower abdomen slaps Mana’s ass, and it makes a beautiful sound.

Puchu! Puchu! Puchu!

And thanks to the intense pistons,

Mana’s love nectar scatters around the floor.

Her sweat spreads as well.

Her young body is burning up in indecency.

Her skin is flushed.

The sweat beads fall on Mana’s beautiful back.

「 Onii-chan, I don’t want to stay like this 」


「 I want to see Onii-chan’s face on the last part. Mana wants to see Onii-chan’s face when cumming!! 」

「 Okay 」


I pull out my penis from Mana.

Then, she lies down on the linoleum floor.

「 Come! 」

She spread her legs wide open and invites me with open arms.

Mana’s look of desire is charming.

Mana’s eyes are drowning in lust, it’s melting.

「 Mana! 」

I get on top of Mana’s small body and insert my penis once again into her small vagina.


I made sure that my glans touched Mana’s uterus and resumed my rough back-and-forth movement!

「 Aaaaah! Aaaaahn! Iyaaaan! Aaaaaah! 」

Mana’s moaning loudly.

Is there anyone else with this kind of horny face at her age?

Mana looks lewd as I rape her, yet it’s also beautiful.

「 You’re beautiful, Mana 」

「 Yes! More! Violate me more! Eat me up! Onii-chan! Onii-chan!!!! 」

The desire to ejaculate rises from the inside.

「 Mana! Mana!!!! 」

「 Want to cum?! Are you going to cum?! Inside Mana?! Want to make Mana a Mama? 」

I can’t stop anymore.

I shake Mana’s body violently.

「 Aaaahn! Mana also wants it! Pour it in deep in my womb!! Mana wants Onii-chan’s hot stuff inside!! 」

Her sweat flies around.

Mana’s breasts sway violently.

「 Mana! Mana! Mana! I!!! 」

I can’t hold it anymore!

「 M-Me too! It’s! Aaaah! It’s coming! It’s coming!!!! It’s coming in fast!!! Onii-chan, what should Mana do?! 」


「 Can Mana cum?! Onii-chan’s raping Mana, and yet Mana’s feeling too much pleasure from it that Mana’s about to cum! Hey Onii-chan, can Mana cum?! Can I cum!? Please say that I can! Please! Onii-chan! 」


「 Go on! Cum! Mana!!! 」

「 Is it okay?! Is it alright for Mana to cum?! 」

「 Yeah, cum already! Mana!!!! 」

「 Aaaaah! Aaaah! It’s coming right now!!!! Onii-chan! Cum together with me! Cum inside Mana!! Pour it inside me!!! 」

「 I can’t hold it any longer!!! 」

「 Ah, it’s coming! It’s coming! It’s coming!!! Aaaaah, it’s here!!! 」

Then, Mana flew.

「 Cumming! Cumming! Cumming! Cumming!!!!!! 」

M-Me too!

「 I’m also cumming! Mana!!!! 」

The hole at the tip of my glans widens,

Then the white and smelly body fluid is released.

「 It’s coming into my womb!!!! 」

The first wave’s released!

Following that, the second wave!!

More. Third-wave.

My semen is glugged inside Mana’s womb.

「 It’s so hot!!! I feel the hot stuff spreading inside of me!!! Iyaaaaaaa~~~ Onii-chaaaaaan~!!!! Onii-chaaaan!!! Save me!!! 」

I’m raping her.

And even though I’m ejaculating.

Mana asks for my help.

「 Onii-chan! Onii-chan! Onii-chan! I love you!!! 」

Mana hugs me from below.

Mana’s breasts, her erect nipples.

They’re pressed against my chest.

I feel Mana’s whole small body.

Then, I continue to ejaculate inside her womb.

Doku, doku.

Ooh, my ejaculation isn’t ending anytime soon.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Haa, haa, haa 」

Mana and I are sweaty all over.

Our bodies are overlapping.

I can’t stand.

The two of us repeat our rough breathing.

Our hearts are throbbing.

I can hear Mana’s heartbeat in my ears.

「 Done? 」

Kana-senpai asks.

「 They’re just rebooting, give them some time 」

Edie said.

「 That was amazing. I stopped masturbating halfway just to watch 」

I hear Kana-senpai’s voice close by.

「 I mean, isn’t that completely different than when he did it with me? 」

「 Yeah, it was much more intense 」

Luna said.

「 This is the real sex with Yoshinobu-san 」

That’s Megu’s voice.

「 I see. He’s a man who’s so passionate, and yet so violent when having sex 」

I’m still out of breath. My pulse is…

「 Right. Recently, Darling’s been restraining because he’s considerate of us 」

Edie said.

「 Oh, I see. He really was holding back, and yet, I!!! 」

「 Don’t cry, Megumi 」

Edie hugs Megu gently.

「 That’s good enough. Darling’s wildness is finally back!!! 」