Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 76

76. Silence

「I’m not really bright. I’m ignorant. I need to study to become better don’t I…」

I feel a bit down after getting scolded by Nei-san…

「Yo-chan, what are you saying!」

Nei-san’s looking at my face in wonder.

「Yo-chan’s cute because he’s a bit of an idiot, don’t get wise!」
「Just stay as an idiot all the time…please!」

…Err, Nei-san?

「Yoshida-kun, you’re 15 right now aren’t you?」

Margo-san asks me from the driver seat.

「Yes, that’s right」
「Then, you still have five more years」
「The priest in our facility said that 『Humans can be educated until they’re 20 years old』 When they’re 20 years old, their rough character would be decided and there won’t be any big changes after that…」
「Big changes?」
「Like entering the military and have your actions controlled 24-7…or getting in jail and be forced to do labor…Human lifestyle doesn’t seem to change much」
「…Yoshida-kun, I haven’t asked you about this before but have you heard about the saying 『Environment makes the habit, the habit forms the character and the character decides the fate』?」
「…It’s my first time hearing it.」
「Those who want to become a different person must change the environment they live in. As the environment changes, his customs would too. When his customs change, his character would change too. If the character changes, one’s fate would change」

Margo-san said.
Will I be able to go out of that lonely house?
I haven’t returned to the house for these past few days
I stayed at Yuzuki-sensei’s mansion all this time.
Katsuko-nee’s making delicious meals.
But…There’s no way this will continue forever.
Right now, I’m experiencing a dream for a short period…
It’s not allowed to happen to my body in reality…
That’s why I must return the favor to the people who were gentle to me.
I must use my all to be useful…
Everyone’s being gentle to me after all
I have to return to that cold sofa in that dark room sooner or later.

The van we’re in runs at full speed in the night way…

「We’re going to burn down the flower shop of the Yakuza. I’ll explain the procedure in details after arriving at the place…!」

Margo-san said suddenly.

「Why are we going to burn the shop?」

We just repulsed the Yakuza a while ago
Margo-san gave the young Yakuza a fracture on their dominant arm and the boss promised to be gone by tomorrow.
In the first place, the Yakuza sent over a 『Break off letter』
There’s no need to burn the shop now…

「Well, isn’t it fun to burn it down?!」

Nei-san laughingly answered.
Well, Nei-san might be an 『Arson maniac』but…

「…You think it’s overkill?」

Margo-san asked while looking at the rear-view mirror

「Yes…A bit」

I answered honestly

「We should overdo it…we’re in that kind of industry」

Margo-san laughed.

「…This case is the Yakuza trying to meddle with Nagisa-san in the first place. That Yakuza was a member of a certain organization and the organization has some responsibility」
「…Yes, I think so」
「That’s why Minaho reported a complaint to the organization and they 『Broke off』from that Yakuza… You can’t see any problem after that do you?」

Yup…Got troubled, made a complaint and the Yakuza was 『Broken off』…
It’s the proper course.
There’s no error here.

「However…In this kind of industry, whatever the result is, they hate it just being free of charge」
「…Eh what do you mean?」
「That organization would take an attitude about the Yakuza they cut off saying 『We did that breaking off letter for your sake』 『You should return this loan when the opportunity comes』…」
「Isn’t that strange?」
「Our reason is different…People usually make a fair deal with 50-50 isn’t it? They would like to 『Lend』something at any reason to the other…!」


「That’s why, it’s needed to have wrong reason to live in here」

Nei-san laughingly said.

「We’re going to overkill it! You have to show that when they make a move on 『Kuromori』they’ll be completely crushed! And that we’re going to do it even without the loan from the Yakuza!」
「We have to make them think that 『Kuromori』is dangerous They’re crazy. It’s someone you must not meddle with…」

So you have to go that far?

「…That’s why we’re going to burn down the Yakuza’s flower shop. We’ll completely turn it to ashes」

Margo-san’s eyes in the mirror had strong will.
Margo-san’s really is a guard of 『Kuromori』
She’ll dedicate her life to 『Kuromori』…

After 20 minutes, the car arrived at a warehouse in the outskirt of the town.
The Yakuza’s are running a flower shop in such a place…

「There’s plenty of old warehouses in this neighborhood and the rent is low…In addition, the Yakuza don’t seem to sell flowers delivered from the main. Well, they’re just followers」

Margo-san seems to have investigated about the Yakuza in detail.

「It’s there」

Looking at where Margo-san pointed at…
It’s an old two story warehouse.
It’s awfully tattered…It’s definitely a Showa era building.
There’s a poorly written handwritten banner saying 『Hana』on the rusting shutter.
You won’t be able to know if it’s a 『Flower shop』or a 『Nose shop』1
Furthermore, there’s a 『Churippu2』written on the signboard.
It’s definitely the Yakuza shop.

「On the right is a monthly rental parking lot, a demolished building, the warehouse on the left doesn’t have the tenant now. Since there’s fire insurance in the building, the owner won’t be troubled even if it’s burned. It’s going to be demolished like the building near it anyway」

Margo-san explained.

「Wear gloves first…don’t leave any fingerprints」

Margo-san handed me leather gloves.

「There’s also a shoe prepared for Yoshida-kun’s size so you can change to it. It’s a mass produced shoes that’s sold anywhere」

I feel like I’m stepping into the real『Crimes』…
I changed my shoes and put on gloves.

「Yoshida-kun and Nei will go ahead and check the warehouse. I think that there’s no one there but there might be some followers who are staying behind」
「…If there’s someone there?」
「Just shout『FIRE』and throw this」

Margo-san handed me a small yellow pipe.

「That’s a smoke bomb. It’s the one used on a car so the smoke blows like there’s fire. Smoke bombs aren’t seen as much in Japan. You only have to pull the pin and throw it」

I pushed down the smoke bomb in the pocket

「Also, Nei, take this」

Margo-san handed an accessory case from the seat…
…It’s a handgun

「If there’s someone there, leave this after lighting the place up」
「They can discover that the Yakuza was renting that warehouse if they investigate but…Won’t it be perfect if there’s evidence? The police would be overjoyed. The person from the organization would have to cope with it carefully too. The police and the Yakuza would be hostile to each other for a while」
「But…isn’t there the possibility that we’d be suspected too?」
「Why? If a pistol comes out from the warehouse the Yakuza was renting, won’t the Yakuza be the most suspicious? That Yakuza might be behind the organization. Since they cannot identify the truth, no one would question us. Both the Yakuza and police would be busy with the enemy in front of them after all…!」

Margo-san laughs.
Nei-san looks at the metal pistol shining dully.

「…I put some bullets in there just in case. Take care」
「…Yup, got it」

Nei-san put the pistol away in her pocket

「I’ll be following behind immediately…act calmly Also, Yoshida-kun…!」
「Don’t forget to bring the『beat up stick』…!」

◇ ◇ ◇

Nei-san comes out of the van…
I hold the container of kerosene in both hands.
10:00 P.M.
There doesn’t seem to be a sign of anyone in the warehouse…
The moon is hiding behind the cloudy sky.
Nei-san goes to the back of the building.

「…Maru-chan investigated it already but it doesn’t seem to have an electronic security system. Well, I don’t think that the Yakuza would have some money on him」

Nei-san says that then checks each of the window on the first floor.

「…Look, there it is」

One of the windows isn’t locked.

「They’re that kind of people so they would forget at least one of them!」

The window is easily opened…
Putting the kerosene container on the scaffold, Nei-san sneaks inside.

「…Okay, it seems that there’s no one in」

Let’s put the kerosene inside first
Then, I climb over the window too…
The building is pitch black…
Nei-san handed a penlight to me.

「Only light your steps…that’s the stealthiest way. You must not light up the wall or ceiling」

Black paper was wound up on the pipe earlier so that the light won’t spread.
We advance with lights at our feet.
Making a way through the corridor, we opened the door to the warehouse.
The warehouse has an area of at least one basketball court.

「It’s not so dark here」

There’s light from the street lamps coming through the windows of the warehouse.
It’s not that bright but not that dark either.
I put out the penlight.
There’s a lot of flowers arranged in water buckets.
Heaps of empty cardboard boxes are scattered around too.

「Ah, there are still flowers in this box!」

Hearing Nei-san’s voice, there are 10 big cardboard boxes piled up.

「Even though they’ll go bad if you don’t take them out of the box…」
「Since the flowers are cheap today, they must’ve overbought it」

I remembered Miyuki-san’s talk.

「In the end, those people aren’t suited for a flower shop!」

Nei-san’s angry.

「…It seems that there’s no one here」
「It seems so, …there’s no lights in the upper floors and since it’s 10:00 there’s no one that should be asleep!」

To be honest, it’s tiresome to check everywhere in the upper floor…

「Okay, let’s set fire here. Then if you shout 『Fire!』…If there’s someone upstairs they’d run won’t they?」
「Ah…There are iron stairs over there」
「…That’s how it is. Then, let’s start Yo-chan!」

I gathered the empty cardboard boxes in one place
Nei-san sprinkled the kerosene on top.

「Let’s secure our escape before we set fire」

Nei-san opens one window facing the road.
The air of the warehouse is stagnant. The air from the outside world feels refreshing.
A plastic case was put as a footing so it’s easy to escape.
Nei-san steps on the case…Is it safe to get on? She’s checking the strength.

「Then, after we set the fire and check on it, we’re going to escape from here!」

Nei-san looked around the warehouse…
She took out the pistol from her pocket.

「Should we put it here…?!」

On the desk on the wall side of the warehouse…
Nei-san put the pistol on the telephone and document files.

「Yup…this looks good!」

At the moment Nei-san said that…
Something moved in the dark!


A thick arm chokes my neck!


…I-It hurts!

「Don’t move! Else this one would die!」

A low voice of a man can be heard above my head!
Was he hiding himself all this time?…Dammit!

Nei-san…can’t move being swallowed by the atmosphere
The man’s arm is clamping my neck to the limit!


I pointed the penlight at the man’s face!
At the moment I turned on the switch, dazzling light hits the eye of the man!


The man flinched…!
A black shadow jumps from the window we’re going to escape from!

「Yoshida-kun, get down!」

I lowered my waist as Margo-san told me!
Margo-san’s pierces above my head…!


Red blood spills from the mouth of the man
The man faints in agony and fell down the floor!

「Nei…You okay?」

When Margo-san turned around…



Nei-san’s caught by a different man
A shining knife’s held against Nei-san’s neck
There’s another man showing up from the darkness

「You don’t know those Yakuza do you?…Who gave you the request?」

Margo-san asks the men.

「…Do you really think that a pro would reveal the identity of the client?」

The man who looks like the leader said calmly.

「Right…But, won’t girls and a single boy be able to fight you three?」

Margo-san is making a chance with the opponent while making confident remarks…

「We heard that ace can do it alone…we only do work were we are certain」

The leader laughed.

「…What do you intend to do? I don’t mind if you do what you want with me. But, spare these two」


「You’re still a child in my eye so don’t worry. I want to play with you but my client gave me a strict order 『Don’t ever make a move on the two girls』…」

That means?

「On the other hand…make sure you kill the brat…She told us…!」

The man’s eye turned to me.
I see…I’m gonna get killed. Here
…It can’t be helped


Margo-san laughed suddenly.

「…Who’d thought that you’d aim only at Yoshida. I know who’s the client now」

The leader snorted.

「We don’t care about your relations. We’re only requested so we’re going to do our work…」

The man slowly approached me.
He pulled out a knife from his waist.
Margo-san reacted…!

「Hey, don’t move or else this girl would get hurt! We’re ordered to『never make a move』meant 『don’t rape her』but it can’t be helped if she gets hurt!」

The leader restrains Margo-san.
The man holding Nei-san flashes his knife towards us…
The leader laughs while looking at my face.

「Don’t worry…I’ll let you die immediately. I won’t make you suffer that much. I’m a pro after all…」

I’m going to die.
Misuzu, Megumi…Sorry
Katsuko-nee, Nagisa-san…Thank you.

「…Yo-chan! Help me!」

Nei-san shouted to me crying…?!

「Don’t give up easily and die! Help me even before you die! Please, look at me!」

I looked at Nei-san.
Nei-san’s crying…!
Nei-san’s scared…!
…Oh right!
…I can’t let myself easily die!
I have to do something…!
I have to help Nei-san…!

The leader holding the knife approaches me!
…There’s three meters left

I put my hand in my pocket
Took out the pin from the smoke bomb.

「Here you go old man!」

Then threw it lightly to the leader.


The man receives the smoke bomb and looks at it for an instant…
…That’s right.
Margo-san said that the smoke bomb 『Isn’t seen as much in Japan』…!


The smoke comes out of it intensely!
I slid the 『Beat up stick』from my sleeve and hit the man with all my might!


The leader’s posture got broken…!
Nei-san went towards Margo-san at the same time.
I also run towards Nei-san…!

「D-Don’t come here! Do you even care about her lifer?!」

The man who’s holding Nei-san shouted but…Margo-san and I approached from two directions.
Nei-san who knows that the caution is weakening, she took out a lighter from her pocket!


The red flame warms the hand holding the knife!


At the moment the man panicked…Margo-san’s punch smashes the face of the man…!

「…Nei run!」

Nei-san tries to run from the man…!
Margo-san pummels the man one punch after another!!
…The man falls down with blood in his mouth!!


A spark scattered from Margo-san’s back…!
Margo-san collapsed slowly.
The leader was standing behind her with a stun gun.

「Seriously…don’t give me trouble!」

The leader’s completely angry.…

「Enough…I’ll kill the brat and rape the two girls, gangbang and kill them!」

The leader holds a knife in the right hand and stun gun on the left…
He’s approaching me with still eyes.

…What should I do?
…What should I do?

Nei-san and Margo-san would be in trouble if this continues.
I don’t care if I die…
But, I have to protect those two…!
…I have to help them!!!

Suddenly, my eyes lowered onto the desk before me.
On top of that is the pistol Nei-san put down.

I hold the pistol on my hand.
I’ve read about the safety switch in my friend’s manga4
I took off the safety and pointed the pistol at the man.

「…What do you intend to do with that?」

Before the man was able to finish speaking…
I pulled the trigger.


…A hole opened in the man’s step.
I stick to the wall in reaction.
The smell of gunpowder spreads through the area…!


I’m not listening to what the man’s saying.
I pulled the trigger again…


This time, a crack on the window appeared…

「I told you to wait didn’t I」

The man’s saying something but I didn’t mind it!
I pulled the trigger again!


The bullet grazed the man’s shoulder…!

「…Shooting’s quite dificult」

I told the man…

「But, I already got it…the next one would hit」

I aimed at the man.

「Wait…Hey, wait a moment!」

At the moment I tried to pull the trigger…!
Nei-san shouted…!

「Don’t do it…Yo-chan, doon’t!!!」


  1. Hana can mean both of them
  2. Written in Hiragana not Katakana, meaning that it doesn’t refer to the English word Tulip
  3. It’s just the lighter being lit
  4. you know, the things his mom threw away