Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 760. Tender love.



「 Besides, you’re just too stupid, Megumi 」

Yukino tells Megu as we reach the bath.

The two of them are naked, submerging themselves in the warm water.

「 The people around you are monsters or oddballs. Furthermore, they’re monsters beyond imagination, or oddballs that are out of reason 」

Yukino’s harsh here, but she’s correct.

Our family is a gathering of people out of the norm.

「 And yet, a poor girl like you are facing against those messed up people. You’ve got no chance of winning 」

Megu’s born from the brothel, she’s not normal by any means.

Even so, the Yamamine couple raised Megu earnestly. She’s a girl with an ordinary sense and personality.

Well, yeah, living in the Yamamine house was a bit harsh for her.

「 I know that, but still 」

Megu splashes her face on the water.

She’s washing off the tears in her face.

「 Also, you’re earnest at the weirdest places, and you’re entering a unique group of people with their unique set of rules, and yet you try to make a position for yourself 」

「 I want to be useful to Yoshi-kun in my own way if possible 」

Megu looks down.

「 What I mean by that is that each of them has occupied their position, it’s too late for you to establish yours, Megumi 」

「 That’s 」

「 After all, You’re the only one who thinks like an ordinary schoolgirl. And you’re in your first year. Besides, you don’t have any money, influence, nor skills. Can you win against Katsuko when it comes to cooking? 」

「 You’re right 」

「 You can’t win against Yuzuki or Nei’s planning skills, and when it comes to fights, you’ve got professionals 」

「 I know, I don’t have any skills. You don’t have to tell me that I’m incompetent 」

「 You know? Then why did you end up like this? You really are an idiot 」

「 Yukino won’t understand my feelings! 」

「 Yeah. I won’t. I mean, I’ve given up on that long ago. Your reasoning has always been a loser from the start. You know that you can’t win, but you still drag yourself. Naturally, you’d lose 」

「 But 」

Megu looked at Yukino.

「 Try to change your perspective. To tell the truth, everyone’s expecting nothing from you 」

「 That’s 」

「 Can they expect something from you? You said it earlier, you’re just a helpless high school girl. These people aren’t stupid enough to expect something from you 」

Yukino looks around the bath.

In the washing area, Yomiko’s scrubbing Mao-chan, and Agnes is taking care of Luna.

Mana, Edie, and Ruriko are talking.

Katsuko-nee, Tsukiko, and Yoshiko-san,

Yeah, Yoshiko-san seems to like taking a bath together with us.

She doesn’t mind my gaze, and she relaxes while naked.

She must be having fun talking to girls of the same generation.

「 Seriously, it’s either incredible or unfair that Yuzuki, Nei, and Misuzu were away when we were talking. If the three were present, the two of us would shrink down, and we won’t be able to speak properly 」

Yukino said.

「 Minaho-san’s working, Nei-neesan and Margo-oneesan are sending off someone. Misuzu-san’s working with Nagisa-oneesan to prepare the meals 」

Megu said.

「 Do you really think that’s the case? 」

Yukino looks at Megu.

「 It’s true that Minaho-san and Nei-oneesan are away from home. I know that 」

「 Then, what about Misuzu? 」


「 You’re right Yukino. They stepped away. If they were there, I think that I’d try to show off 」

「 Show off? 」

「 Yeah, if they’re present, I’d try to act like the girl who’s brisk and has herself together. Of course, I can’t turn myself to look like a perfect girl, but it makes me conscious. Misuzu-san’s perfect, so I thought that I mustn’t lose to her 」

When Misuzu’s present.

She wouldn’t want to look shameful, and so she’d curse at Yukino.

「 That’s why you’re an idiot. Misuzu is the top class monster among the people here. She’s the Kouzuki lady, and she knows how to act as the perfect girl. She’s a monster in self-control. She may look gentle and quiet, but she’s got the most accumulated thoughts in her head. No matter how much Megumi tries to compete with her, she only looks pleased, doesn’t she? She’s even going to sympathize with you and try to be kind 」

「 You’re right 」

Megu agrees.

「 And as for Ruriko over there, she’s soft, but she also stocks up a lot inside her head, but you see, that girl is the type that accepts the current situation as is. She’s a realist. But, Misuzu’s the type that tries to change the reality to her shape, no matter how many years it takes. She’s got the determination. And so she’s scary. Real scary 」

Yukino states her analysis.

「 Yuzuki thinks a lot, and sometimes she gets hasty, or how should I say it? She knows how to deal with stuff when it happens beforehand. And as for Nei, she’s a crazy woman, she can drag the situation by brute strength, and as expected, she doesn’t think of the long term 」

We’re a criminal organization after all.

We don’t expect all our plans to go well.

We could suddenly have an unexpected hindrance, and we need to change the plans accordingly.

We don’t make plans with minute details. We leave points that are modifiable just in case.

And thus, we can ad-lib during the operation itself.

Minaho-neesan’s style is like that, and so Nei inherited it.


I think that Nei prefers to do ad-lib.

「 But, for Msiuzu, her long term plans are needed to be perfect in each and every single step 」

Yukino said.

「 Furthermore, she doesn’t get careless until she achieved her plans, and she doesn’t show her emotions either 」

Misuzu’s a planner.

「 Misuzu-san wants to be the Yoshi-kun’s main woman as expected 」

Megu asks Yukino.

「 Isn’t that obvious? Her ultimate goal is to become this idiot man’s legal wife, and everyone accepts it without challenging her 」

Yukino glares at me from a few meters away.

「 Right. What should I do then? 」

Megu speaks her worries.

「 Are you an idiot? Just give that position of legal wife to her 」

Yukino said.

「 Megumi, you should find something else to aim at! You can’t win against that monster if you fight her upfront 」

「 That’s why I aimed to be Yoshi-kun’s fiance and the housewife of the mansion, but 」

Megu failed in both roles.

「 Fool! That’s not goals you made yourself, is it? They’re just screwing with you 」


「 They think of Megumi as someone troublesome. I mean, you really are a heavy woman, and so they thought that you’d be done if you get yourself a title, right? And in the end, after four months, all of the titles you had were taken by someone else basically 」

Misuzu and Nei are my fiances in practical purposes.

Katsuko-nee’s the main housewife of the mansion, then Mana and Ruriko support her.

「 You know, you’re too easy to fool, or should I say that you get dragged by the current too easily. You feel inclined to do what other people tell you. What an idiot. That’s why you became the class representative in an instant after entering high school though 」

Yukino said.

「 That also includes his bakery. The bakery isn’t your dream, is it, Megumi? It’s Katsuko who dreams of opening up a bakery, and that’s why he’s helping out, right? Despite that, why are you helping him out there? 」

「 That’s because I thought that if Yoshi-kun wants to help Katsuko-san open up a bakery, I also have to help him 」

「 That’s not your duty! Geez! You really are an idiot! 」

Yukino splashes Megu with warm water.

「 If you’ve got the time to help out someone in their dream, then chase after your own! Megumi, what’s your dream?! Say it! 」

「 My dream? 」

「 Yes, are you done after marrying this stupid guy? Could be that you think that this is all over once you’re his housewife? If you do that, all the other women will push all the housework and child-raising to you 」

Yukino looks at Katsuko-nee and the girls.

「 They’re mature enough that they won’t think of settling down in the house! They’re thinking of something already, Be it business or whatever 」

「 You’re right 」

Megu nods.

「 They’re all talented people after all 」

Misuzu plans to enter Tokyo University.

Ruriko will ascend to some managerial position in Kouzuki house.

Michi’s already a professional bodyguard.

Nei and Edie will join Margo-san in her martial arts business.

Mana’s planning to become a supermodel.

Tsukiko will return to Kyoto and inherit the shrine.

Nagisa’s already managing her flower shop.

Katsuko-nee will start her bakery.

Shou-neechan and Rei-chan are working in Kouzuki SS>

Minaho-neesan will start a new business while she reopens the brothel for a five-year term.

「 That’s not what I mean! Megumi, do you not have any dreams?! That’s what I want to know! 」


「 Dream. Hmm 」

「 That’s right. Do you have any? Like a job, you want to do when you were a child. Forget about this stupid man and all those monsters for now and think about what you want to become for now! The thought “What can I do?” or “What should I do?” is wrong. You’ll get trapped deep in it! Make it simple! What do you want to do? What do you want to become? Tell me your dream 」


「 Sorry, I’ve never thought of that 」

「 What the hell? 」

「 Since childhood, I thought that I’d become like Mother, a prostitute Shirasaka Sousuke-san will call someday 」

She said with a sad smile.

「 I’ve never thought of what I want to become, or wanting some job. I felt that it was useless to think about it 」

「 Ah, sorry 」

Yukino apologized.

「 I guess that’s my and Papa’s fault. I’ve bullied you a lot back then 」

Yukino shows extreme repentance.

「 Sorry, for that time in the middle school basketball club. I forced you to stop. I really am sorry, you wanted to continue playing basketball, don’t you? 」

「 No, I don’t mind it now. I thought that I’d stop playing basketball, or even the track-and-field I’m doing now. I thought that everything will be over as soon as Shirasaka-san called me 」

「 Megumi 」

「 Besides, if I didn’t end up becoming a prostitute, I thought that at that time, I would be married off to some other house. Either way, I couldn’t decide on my own future, and so I gave up 」

「 I see 」

Yukino mutters in pain.

「 Therefore, I’m now like this. Even if I know that I won’t become a prostitute anymore, I can’t come up with anything that I want to become. Therefore, I always look at Yoshi-kun and the family, and help out however I can 」

Megu said.

「 You’re right, Yukino, I don’t have any dreams. That’s why I cling to Yoshi-kun and everyone, I’m so miserable 」

「 Sorry, Megumi 」

「 Don’t mind it, it can’t be helped. This was my fate, and so I lived that way. It’s not Yukino’s fault 」


Tsukiko who’s talking with Katsuko-nee stands up,

Then she walks towards Megu.

Tsukiko’s white skin…

She’s slender, but, her beautiful proportion stands in front of Megu.


「 You can’t lie like that 」

She shows a gentle smile.

「 What? 」

Megu’s surprised.

「 No matter how hopeless your situation may be, it’s human nature to imagine a dream to achieve 」

Tsukiko says.

「 Even if it’s the richest man in the world or a man whose death penalty is appointed tomorrow, humans always dream of what their future will be. That’s how it is. If you have given up on everything, then you won’t be here anymore. Shouldn’t you have thought of suicide years ago? Besides 」

Tsukiko’s voice is gentle.

「 Megumi-san, don’t you have a dream since you were a child? 」

Tsukiko’s reading Megu’s thoughts.

Megu says that she doesn’t have a dream, but deep inside.

「 Look deeper inside yourself 」

「 I 」

Megu touches her chest.


「 Megu, tell us 」

I also call Megu.

「 What is Megu’s dream?! The one unrelated to me or with the family, Megu, what’s your dream for yourself?! 」

「 Yoshi-kun 」

Megu looks at me.

「 Oh what, if you have one then say it! Don’t surprise us like that! You stupid girl! 」

Yukino also urges Megu.

「 I-I 」

Megu said.

「 I, since I was a child… 」

The thoughts Megu never told anybody before comes up.

「 I want to become a teacher. An elementary school teacher 」

That’s Megu’s dream.

「 Then why not do it? Right? 」

Yukino looked at me.

「 But, Yoshi-kun 」


「 Then go for it. We’ll help you out to reach that dream 」

「 N-No! I’m the one helping Yoshi-kun. Yoshi-kun helping me out is… 」

Megu’s perplexed.

「 It’s okay. We’re family. I’d be happy if you’re doing your best chasing your dreams 」

「 I mean, if I want to become a teacher, I need to enter a four-year college course. I won’t be able to help Yoshi-kun anymore. If I become a teacher, then I’d be busier in that job 」

「 No problem 」

I said.

「 But, considering the family, we still have small girls, and next year, children will be born 」

「 We’ll manage that somehow 」

I said.

「 Everyone can manage it. We’re family after all 」

I think it’s impossible with just me, but if it’s with my family, then,

There won’t be any hardships.

「 But 」

「 If Megu wants to become a teacher, then, that dream is the dream of the family. Don’t mind it, Megu, chase after your dreams 」

I said.

「 That’s right. I think that’s way better than struggling against this small world and fighting against these monsters. Megumi, I believe you are better becoming an elementary school teacher 」

Yukino smiles.

「 I’m glad, geez. You actually had a dream 」

Tears spill out from Yukino’s eyes.

「 Yukino, what’s wrong? 」

Megu’s surprised.

「 Nothing! Nothing! Don’t mind me! Dummy! 」

Yukino splashes her face in the warm water, but,

Her tears aren’t stopping.

「 Megumi-san, let’s go over there 」

Tsukiko tells Megu.

「 Let’s give Kou-sama and her some time alone 」

「 Huh? 」

「 It’s okay, leave it to Kou-sama 」


「 Yeah, give Yukino and me some time alone 」

「 O-Okay 」

Tsukiko and Megu leave us.

「 Yukino 」

I hug Yukino from behind.

「 Shut up, this is nothing 」

Yukino says while wiping her tears.

「 What about you, what do you want to become? 」

That’s right. Yukino should have her dreams as well.

I took that away from her forever.

「 It’s fashion-related 」

Yukino replied.

「 I know that it’s impossible to become a model, but I want to work on something related to fashion. An editor on magazines, a shop assistant on a brand shop, or a designer 」

「 I see 」

「 That’s right 」

The enemy of the nation, Shirasaka Sousuke’s daughter, had her foolishness exposed to the whole of Japan.

The whole world knows about Yukino’s sex videos leaked to the internet.

The criticisms towards Yukino has toned down after four months of showing on television.

Instead, this laid-back beauty is gaining fans little by little.

Yukino’s show is reaching high ratings. It’s a show without any sponsors, though.

If things go on, she might become a TV personality.

But, that’s not what Yukino wishes for.

Yukino’s dream is something different.

「 Sorry, Yukino 」

「 Shut up, don’t apologize. Nothing will change even if you apologize now 」

Yukino said.

「 It’s okay. My stomach’s standing out by now so this week, I heard that I can stop wearing the bikini. I can pick clothes I like, and I’ll vent out my anger 」

「 Yukino’s strong 」

She’ll never lose heart.

No matter what situation she’s thrown in.

「 Look, as for this one 」

Yukino points at her crotch.

「 I usually hide it with foundation, so it’s not visible, but 」


That’s the tattoo I wrote on her.

It was my name at first, but now it’s changed to “嘉甲.”

「 Oh, you want it gone? 」

If I recall correctly, Minaho-neesan said that it will disappear if the special chemical is used.

「 No. I want it back to before. Nobody can tell who that Yoshikou is, right? 」

Yukino looks at me with a teary face.

「 I want it back to “Yoshida” 」


「 Err, but I’m no longer Yoshida 」

「 What are you talking about? Aren’t you still Yoshida? 」

「 Yeah, that’s my name in school, but my family register says otherwise. I’m Kuromori now 」

Yukino touches her belly.

「 Kuromori’s a problematic name, you’re all Kuromori, right? 」

「 Yeah 」

Nei, Margo-san, Agnes, they’re all Kuromori.

Naturally, Minaho-neesan as well.

「 I’ve got no choice then. Take them all off and write “Yoshinobu” instead 」

「 Huh? 」

「 What, you changed your first name as well? 」


Half of it, yes.

My family register from Yoshida is changed to Kuromori Yoshinobu.

As for the family register I took from Nei’s brother, that’s Kuromori Keito.

Then, as a member of Kuromori, my name is Kuromori Kou.

In school, my name remains as Yoshida Yoshinobu.

「 Okay, then let’s make it Yoshinobu 」

「 Geez, that’s your name. Get yourself together 」

Yukino scolded me.


「 It’s been a while since you touched me 」

The two of us are naked, submerged in water.

I’m hugging Yukino from behind.

「 Y-Yeah, it’s been four months 」

Yukino blushed.

「 Yukino, your figure has changed 」

「 What, calling me fat now? 」

Yukino pouts.

「 That’s not it, but it feels more mature now 」

「 My body’s becoming a mother after all 」


「 My breasts are growing bigger too 」

She smiled.

「 Do you want to touch it? You love my breasts, don’t you? 」

Yeah, she’s right. She’s got a charming pair of breasts.

「 I’ll have that for later. Mao-chan’s here, doing lewd things is banned. It’s bad for her upbringing 」

「 Oh, really? 」

「 You’re in your stable period, right? 」

「 That’s right 」

「 If that’s the case. 」

「 I know. Of course, you want to have sex with me! I’m ready 」

「 Sorry 」

「 I haven’t had it for a while either 」


「 You know, I’ve seen us have sex in my dreams so many times. That’s why take responsibility, okay? 」

「 Y-Yeah 」

Then, I…

「 Look, Yukino 」

「 What? 」

「 Can I touch your stomach? 」

「 Stomach? 」

「 My child’s in there, right? 」

「 Yeah 」

「 I want to touch it for a moment 」


「 Be sure to touch it with care like it’s a treasure if you can promise that then you can touch it a lot 」

I place my hand on Yukino’s abdomen.

It feels puffed up.

It’s in here.

It’s growing.

「 What do you think? 」


「 Yukino. I love you 」

「 W-What now? 」

「 That includes this child 」

「 !!! 」

「 I’ll make you two happy for sure 」

「 I see, well, I’m not expecting a lot 」


Mao-chan, Agnes, Luna, Mana, and Yomiko comes over.

「 Yukino-chan! Let me touch your belly too!! 」

Mao-chan laughs childishly.

「 I touched Mama’s stomach already! This time, it’s Yukino-chan! 」

「 Oh, Nagisa-san got pregnant too, right 」

Yukino knew about Nagisa’s conception.

「 Can Agnes touch it too? 」

「 Ah, Yomi wants to do it as well! 」

「 Yukino-oneechan, me too 」

The girls are interested in the child in her stomach, it seems.

「 Geez, I’ve got no choice, do I? 」

Yukino smiled at the girls.

「 Sure, come over.