Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 78

78. Late Dinner

Nei-san was silent the whole time she was driving the car to the meet up point.
Looking at the night town through the window…It’s already 11:00
The sky looks dim…It might be rainy tomorrow.
I can hear the voice of the navigation system of the car from time to time…

「…Yo-chan, sorry」

Nei-san suddenly muttered.

「I…become strange when I see fire from time to time. I usually endure it until I can come back to my room. I was alone with Yo-chan so my heart seems to have burst out…」

Nei-san’s face looks lonely.

「…I was gross, wasn’t I?」


「Please don’t be ridiculous! Nei-san is always beautiful!」

…I threw out my emotions.

「Nei-san is the most beautiful girl in the world! Beautiful and gentle, you’re my Onee-chan!」
「I can’t be a substitute to your late brother but, I’ll do anything I can!」

Nei-san shook her head.

「…I’m an insane woman. Getting aroused, I masturbate in my bed everyday! I’m such a disgusting woman!」

Nei-san spoke while storing tears in her eyes.

「Even I masturbate! I can do it five time in one night at best!」

I…confessed everything.

「I have always been alone when I entered high school. It’s lonely, scary…I masturbated everyday. I even did it seven times on Sunday…!」
「My head was full of delusions…I always thought about raping Yukino. I’ve never thought about having happy sex with Yukino…I just always think about raping Yukino in various places…I always masturbate that way! I’m the disgusting one here!」

That’s my life since the entrance ceremony.
I always thought of Yukino as a sexual target.
I’m that kind of disgusting human.

「…I’m a woman who’s having delusions of having sex with her dead brother! Isn’t that disgusting?!」
「No, I’m three times more disgusting!」
「I’m completely disgusting…!」
「I’m worse! I’m ten times worse than Nei-san!」
「Then, I’m a woman that’s 100 times worse than Yo-chan!」
「Then, I’m 10,000 times worse! I’m already a disgusting man!」

…Nei-san laughed out.


She’s looking straight up front while holding the steering wheel…

「…We’re like idiots. That’s so funny」
「…Right. That’s funny」

Nei-san smiled.

「It can’t be helped…We’re siblings after all!」
「Aren’t we masturbation loving siblings?」
「…Ah, Yes」
「…You see」

Nei-san spoke to me while driving.
The seat belt who looks like a tuck on a Yukata strongly penetrates between Nei-san’s breasts…


Nei-san spoke to me in a dry voice.


The car stops at a red light…
Nei-san looked at me.

「…You’re really going to become by brother?」

The answer’s already obvious.

「…What should I do?」

Nei-san thought for a moment, then answered.

「Should we get it in form?」
「Didn’t I tell you that Yuzuki adopted Maru-chan?」
「You see…I was told that I can’t be adopted.」
「My parents and brother were killed…I don’t even know who my other relatives are. Sensei just put in 『Kuromori』as my family in the registry」

I see…
Yuzuki-sensei’s name in the family register is 『Kuromori Minaho』

「That’s why…Yo-chan, can you get in too?」

Me…to the Kuromori family registry?

「Then you’ll become my real brother in the family registry. For me who can’t marry anymore…I don’t mind that」

I answered immediately.

「If that’s what makes Nei-san satisfied…I don’t mind it at all」

That’s right.
I don’t have any attachment to the Yoshida house anyway.
I was abandoned by my parents…

「…Is that really okay?」

Nei-san’s eyes are round…in surprise.

「I can no longer comeback…I might be devoting my life to the 『Kuromori』」

I laughed.

「My life had no value… If I can make Nei-san’s feeling raise for a bit, I’ll give it to Nei-san…!」

It doesn’t matter.

「Ah…You still must look for my missing father. I’m still a minor after all. You need to have the parent’s approval for the adoption, right?」

Of course it is.
…I give up.
I don’t want to talk to my mother…

「…You’re deciding it quickly?」

Nei-san looks at me with a dumbfounded face

「Well…Isn’t that what Nei-san wishes for?」

I don’t know what Nei-san’s getting surprised for…

「…You see, Yo-chan」

Nei-san’s face turned serious…

「I’ll tell you the truth about us」

I don’t know what Nei-san is about to say.

「…Maru-chan, Sensei, and I…hate men from the bottom of our hearts. We hate them so much…!」
「Mii-chan’s the same. Nagisa-san too… Katsun and Megumi-chan are different. Those two don’t hate men from the bottom of their hearts…」

Even if you tell me that.
…Aren’t I
A man?

「We will never trust men…Even if we die. Men are creatures who are always cruel. We can’t let our guard down…! Sensei can’t completely open her heart even to Morimoto-san who’s worked for many years together with her」
「…I wonder」
「It’s impossible…We basically don’t trust any creature with a penis on it…We really hate them so much!」

…am also hated
…As expected
Of course.
There’s no way a man like me would be loved by beautiful people.

「…Except only one…It’s Yo-chan」


「Yo-chan…You’re certainly 『Broken』 You’re lacking a big part as a human being」
「But, in exchange…You will never betray someone who trusts you once. You don’t lie. You don’t act according to your desires…That’s amazing」
「…Is that how it is?」

I honestly don’t know

「That’s right…That’s why Mii-chan chose Yo-chan as her partner!」


「That child actually hates men. And yet she’s madly in love with Yo-chan right now isn’t she?」

I don’t know whether she’s madly in love with me or not.
I think that she likes me very much though…

「Men from the family Mii-chan came in are all not good. They only see money and power, only want her as a mere status…she’s not just a daughter of a good family but she’s also extremely cute…!」

Certainly…Misuzu’s really cute.

「Her grandfather and father…the men in her clan seems to be strong womanizers…won’t it be natural for her to be a man hater?」
「But…I’m a man too. Also, a much more inferior man than others
「…Yo-chan, what do you like about Mii-chan?


「I like everything about Misuzu」
「I like her cute character…I think that her being gentle and always taking care of others is excellent. I like her small and delicate body. Of course I think her face is cute too. I like the feeling of holding her. I love the feeling when I touch her stomach. Also, I like her voice. It’s a bit high but her voice is really clear. Also, I like how she rolls around like a dog, she’s soft…and always follows me on my back…!」

There’s too much that I can’t count…!

「…Do you have any dissatisfaction with Mii-chan?」
「There’s no way I would have one」
「…I give up」

Nei-san sighed

「Isn’t that just Mii-chan’s identity?」
「Well…Aren’t we talking about Misuzu?!」

Nei-san shook her head saying 「Non, non」

「Yo-chan, can only see nothing but Mii-chan herself! Normal people usually looks at the things around Mii-chan first!」
「…The things around?」
「That’s right. About her grandfather’s power. Or about her going to an Ojou-sama school…」
「Well…That doesn’t matter to me and Misuzu though」

Nei-san laughed.

「No no. You’re broken! Yo-chan’s really broken good!」

Then…she turned back to her serious face.

「That’s why…We need Yo-chan…」


「Yo-chan…Do you like me?」
「Isn’t that obvious that I do?」
「I’m a perverted woman beyond saving」
「That’s not true!」
「What do you like about me?」
「Nei-san’s always so kind…playful, your smile is cute…and you’re beautiful. I think that you’re the most beautiful person in the world. Also, you got good style…You always push your breasts against me don’t you? I really love the fluffy feeling of it! Also, I like how you always smile! I also like when you’re mischievous and giggling…Also」

I remember the darkness in Nei-san’s heart.

「…What’s wrong?」
「I also like how Nei-san has a serious face right now…You still have a lot of faces that I don’t know!」

Nei-san’s face became gloomy.

「That’s right…I still have a lot of secrets!」
「Uwaa…I’m looking forward to it!」
「…Looking forward?」

Nei-san’s having a surprised face.

「Well, isn’t that right…I can still see many more of Nei-san’s faces! I’m looking forward to it a lot! I think that I’ll like whatever kind of Nei-san it is!」

Yup…That’s right.
I’m sure…I will

「You won’t come to hate me?」
「I think that I’ll come to like you more!」
「Even…if my past is a mess…?」
「Nei-san is Nei-san」
「Your past, present, or future…Isn’t that all Nei-san? There’s no way I would come to hate Nei-san, won’t I?」

Nei-san’s crying.
She keeps driving the car while crying.

「Look…That’s dangerous, Nei-san」
「I’m fine…I’m fine. I won’t let my treasured little brother get in a traffic accident!」

Nei-san smiled while crying…

「Yo-chan…I think that Yuzuki-sensei’s already looking for your missing father」
「Yeah… She requested an investigation company, probably, I think…」

Sensei is thinking about me properly.

「Let’s get back to our talk earlier…Can I ask Sensei that Yo-chan and I would be adopted by sensei…」
「Go on」
「…You really can’t go back you know」
「I know that」
「I’ll become Yo-chan’s real sister you know!」
「Isn’t that why we’re going to enter the same family registry?」
「If I become your Onee-chan, I’ll stick with Yo-chan forever you know! I won’t let go already!」
「I know…!」

Nei-san smiles while still looking in front.

「…I might no longer dream of Kei-chan」


「…I’ll tell you about Kei-chan next time. It’s impossible for now…we’re about to reach the destination soon」
「Hey. If we get into the same family formally…Yo-chan would be my brother…」
「…What is it?」
「…Let’s have lots of sex!」


「I…Will have sex with Yo-chan for the rest of my life. I’ll throw out all of my lust towards Yo-chan, so get ready…!」


「What?…You’re not going to listen to Onee-chan’s request?!」
「…No. I-I get it」
「I’m a virgin. Be gentle with me!」
「Y-Yes…Got it」

Nei-san returned to the usual Nei-san before I noticed.
She’s humming a song I don’t know…!
Yup…The smiling Nei-san is better.
She’s really beautiful…
My teacher in middle school said that the most beautiful part of the woman is seen by her side…It’s true.

「…I love Nei-san!」
「Me too! Yo-chan…!!!」

Nei-san gave her best smile…!

◇ ◇ ◇

The location Katsuko-nee specified was a family restaurant along the highway.
It’s light is bright even in the middle of the night.
Nei-san parks the car…
We confirmed the minivan…
Katsuko-nee seems to have arrived earlier.

When we entered the shop…Katsuko-nee and Megumi were there.

「You’re late…Was there any problems on the way?」

Katsuko-nee asked Nei-san anxiously…

「I drove in the US two years ago…Well, I did it somehow! Ehehehe!」

Nei-san’s completely cheerful.

「We’ll leave the car here and we’ll all be in my car on the way back, I will be getting the car tomorrow!」
「Okay. I’ll be driving until the mansion. I’ll have Yo-chan as my navigator…!」
「That’s no good! Nei-sama doesn’t have a Japanese driver’s license! It’ll become a problem when we get checked by the police!」

Katsuko-nee scolded Nei-san strongly…!

「I get it already, Katsun! Aah~ I wanted to be alone with Yo-chan for a bit longer!」

Nei-san answered in frustration.

「Ojou-sama had returned to the mansion with Margo-sama…so I think that you two should be alone for a while…If something happens, Nagisa is at the mansion right now…」

Katsuko-nee answered…

「Mao-chan has already slept so Nagisa will be staying in the mansion tonight…」
「Okay. I asked Nagisa to prepare the meal for Ojou-sama and Margo-sama. If it’s her, she’ll be able to make something as long as she opens the fridge. We’re going to have a late dinner but, let’s eat here…」

Yup. There’s no need to worry if Nagisa-san’s there.

「By the way…Megumi, where have you been?」

I asked Megumi.

「Err…I went to the doctor with Minaho-san’s red car then we went to watch the talk with the Yakuza in the bar inside the car. Afterwards, I moved to Katsuko-san’s green car and Katsuko-san and I waited around one kilometer away from the warehouse…」
「Tonight’s the first activity of『Kuromori』with Megumi-sama so…I made her see the big picture tonight」

Katsuko-nee explained.

「But…You’re amazing Yoshida-kun. You played your part perfectly」
「No, I didn’t have any active part…Look, I’m just a 『Decoy』」
「Yup. My job is only to create a chance for Margo-san to make a surprise attack」
「Amazing…That’s amazing!」

Megumi grips my hand strongly…!


「Ohon」Katsuko-nee cleared her throat…

「Anyway…Shouldn’t we order food first?」

Nei-san opens the menu.

「Yo-chan, what would you like?」

I looked at the Menu…

「…Yoshida-kun’s going to order the cheapest one right?」

Megumi told me.


…It was a bull’s eye.

「I’m the same…I always put the Yamamine house on my mind. I’m always scolded by mother. 『Don’t mind the price, just eat what you want』She said…」

Megumi said bashfully.

「Right…In my case, it’s my first time coming to this kind of place. I don’t know what to order even if I look at the menu」
「Eh, Yo-chan, your family didn’t take you to a restaurant or something?」
「I did several times in elementary school but…in our case, mother decides on everything that we’re going to eat…」
「…Even Yo-chan’s share?」
「Yes…Both me and my father’s share. Mother’s the only one who reads the menu. Mother orders what she wants to eat then she just orders something cheap for me and my father」
「Then, Yo-chan hasn’t eaten anything you wanted to eat?」
「But…even if you ask me what I want to eat, I haven’t eaten various foods… That’s normal to us」
「Yoshida-kun…You don’t come to a family restaurant alone?」

Megumi asked me

「I don’t…I’m still a first year high school student you know?」
「Eeh, when I was in my first year, I went to a family restaurant everyday! I spent more time in the family restaurant than the school…!」

Nei-san’s…really a delinquent girl.

「I’ve gone to a hamburger shop and beef bowl shop before but…Family restaurant is expensive. It’s impossible for me. Even in the hamburger shops, I can’t eat anything but the 100 yen because that’s the cheapest…」
「Family restaurant’s expensive…?!」

Katsuko-nee spoke to the surprised Nei-san…

「He lived alone with the money his father left him so he tried to save as much as possible, am I right?」
「Yes…Money would disappear immediately if I go live in luxury…」
「But…it’s fine now. Especially tonight, you’ve done your job for 『Kuromori』 You can eat anything you want. It’s fine to get the most expensive dish」

Katsuko-nee gently told me…

「But…I I don’t know what’s delicious. The only things I know are the lunch meals in the high school…」

Honestly…Even if I look at the menu, I don’t know what kind of dish is it.
What’s 『Doria』?
Is 『Jambalaya』an unexplored region?

「Then…Let’s have Yo-chan eat the same as me. 『Mushroom hamburger steak』You know hamburger at least don’t you?」1

Nei-san said

「Yes, let’s have that one」

Katsuko-nee calls the waitress and orders.

「There’s a drink bar so you can just drink whatever you want okay?」
「Yoshida-kun…Come here. You have to get it yourself!」

Megumi pulls my hand.

「Katsun, what do you want? I’ll go get it for you」
「Then…please get me coffee」

Nei-san, Megumi and I went to the place called drink bar…

「Eh…Can I choose what kind of drink I want?」
「That’s right. Furthermore, refills are free. You can drink cola after drinking coffee too!」

Had science gone too far…?!2
Since when????!

「I’ll get some ice tea, what about Yoshida-kun?」
「Then, let’s have that too」

Megumi taught me how to use the drink server.

「Megumi-chan, you don’t want ice?」
「Yes…I’m bad at drinking with iced drinks」

Hee, so you can choose it yourself too…Amazing

「My senpai at the athletics club had chosen to study in a family restaurant during the exams」

Megumi told me.

「Because, if it’s all night long…When you order at a drink bar, it’s free to get a refill. Those who live with their family in an apartment say that they feel more at ease studying in a family restaurant than in their own house」
「…Is that so?」
「Should we come here next time too?」
「It’s quite popular for couples to seat in a table of a family restaurant and study for exams… Senpai told me」
「…Yoshida-kun, you don’t want it?」
「That’s not true…Let’s go next time. Let’s study」
「Yup…Got it」

Megumi nodded bashfully.

「You see…the doctor」

Oh right. What was the result at the clinic?

「What’s wrong?」
「…She said that it’s torn cleanly」

Megumi whispered in my ears…

「…My hymen’s broken」
「I was given medicine…so we can do it even more tomorrow」

Megumi’s face turned red.

「That’s why…Let’s do it again」
「Yup… Got it」

Nei-san who grabbed Katsuko-nee’s coffee came back.

「Guys, how long are you going to stay in the drink bar?!」
「…Ah, I’m sorry!」

Megumi returned to the seat bashfully…

「N? You’re talking about tonight?」

Nei-san grins at my face.

「We’re not…I’m going to sleep with Nei-san tonight」

Nei-san’s surprised.

「I promised didn’t I?…We’re going to sleep together」


「I…Still can’t have sex」
「I’ve already done lots of sex today」

Katsuko-nee and Yukino…I also took Megumi’s virginity.
I did Misuzu twice in the bathroom and in the car too.
…It’s too much.

「Let’s just sleep hugging each other…I’m already tired for today」
「Yup…Let’s do that!」

Nei-san smiled.

「I’ll make Yo-chan my dakimakura!」
「I’ll also make Nei-san my pillow」
「Then, let’s make each other pillows…Let’s sleep well」

Katsuko-nee calls us from her seat.

「…What are you doing?! The meal’s about to arrive!」
「Okaay~ Let’s go Yo-chan!」

Then…We had a fun meal at a late time.


  1. Pochi and Tama does
  2. “Did the world progress this much…?!” Is the appropriate translation but the fun one is the one you saw above