Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 80

80. Adolescent girl Yamamine Megumi (Part 1)


Megumi and Katsuko-nee escape to the shower room after squeezing me once each.
The three women pleaded to 「wash my back」, but I declined politely.
It’s obvious that it would be develop into sex immediately1
Or rather, I jumped at the shower immediately when the three people are holding each other back.
…After that.
Misuzu found out that I got a fellatio from Megumi and Katsuko-nee.
Misuzu objected from the other side of the phone, saying 『Doing it while I’m not there, so unfair, that’s unfair!』and Nei-san who turned back replied 「It’s the fault of the one not here!」and ended the call without permission.
Nei-san…Even though you didn’t participate in the fellatio tournament.
She thinks that Misuzu doesn’t know…
I’m scared of what’s ahead…Misuzu will be coming here today.

Instead of feeling refreshed, I somehow felt dead tired coming out of the shower room.
Megumi…waits alone in her uniform.

「…Yoshida-kun, you see」
「…What’s wrong?」
「I…I have exercise with the athletic club today. That’s why…!」

Megumi’s face reddened and she looked down.

「…Can you come with me?」
「Yeah…I want to introduce you to the club members. As my boyfriend…」

So there’s that event…!

「…You don’t want it?」

Megumi looks at my face anxiously.

「Megumi…you want to do it?」
「I want to, or rather…It’s the rule in the athletics club」
「Look, don’t they say that love and club activities are incompatible?」
「Is that so?」
「Yoshida-kun, you never heard of it?」
「…I came from an all boys middle school so there was no love at school. In the first place, I never entered a club」
「I see」
「Then…What kind of rule is that?」

Megumi looks embarrassed and frowned her eyebrows.

「You see…When a member gets a boyfriend, he has to be introduced to the seniors and he must be approved. They’ll judge if they’re going out seriously and would be made to break up when it’s an irresponsible boyfriend」


「…What should I do?」
「What’s wrong, Yoshida-kun?」
「Well…I don’t have just Megumi. I had sex with Katsuko-nee and Nagisa-san. I even raped Yukino…Aren’t I absurdly irresponsible?…!」
「…That’s not true」
「Yoshida-kun’s amazingly honest. Your honesty is something I love…!」
「Is that okay for me?」
「I’m okay with Yoshida-kun…!」

Megumi embraces me

「That’s why…It’s fine. Even if I introduce you to the members of the club」

…Megumi had declared it to Misuzu. She even consented.
Nagisa-san said that at the time.
I think that Katsuko-nee will allow it happily. But, I should ask her at least.
Also, Nei-san too…

「Can I ask an approval from Katsuko-nee and Nei-san?」
「…I see. It’s bad to do it without permission isn’t it?」

Megumi consented.

「Wait a moment…I’ll change into my uniform」

I changed my clothes in haste…!

◇ ◇ ◇

We went down to the dining room together.
Margo-san’s drinking coffee while reading an English newspaper

「Ah…Good morning」

Margo-san’s back to her usual self.

「Good morning…Yoshida-kun. Megumi-chan too」

Margo-san smiles refreshingly

「Are you okay already?」
「Yeah, Minaho attended to me. I slept well overnight so I’m already fine…I showed something disgraceful last night」

Margo-san bashfully said.

「No. Margo-san saved me a lot yesterday. Thank you very much」

I bowed deeply.
In the end Margo-san knocked out the Yakuza on the black clothes…
I hardly did anything.

「Even I got saved by Yoshida-kun…I was surprised that you shot the pistol」

Megumi’s surprised from what Margo-san laughingly said.
It seems that she doesn’t know about the events in the warehouse last night…
Only Katsuko-nee’s on monitor standby in the car and she purposely didn’t show the behind the scenes of 『Kuromori』work.

「Yoshida-kun, I want you to promise me one thing」

Margo-san spoke to me.

「Yes, what is it?」
「I’ll be teaching you how to use pistols so you must not shoot until then」
「Ah…Was I that unsteady?」

I shot it lightly but…it didn’t hit at all.

「Rather than unsteady…No, let’s leave that for later」

Margo-san answered while thinking about something.

「You see, when the pistol bullets hit a concrete floor at a strange angle, it might ricochet in an unexpected direction」
「Oh, that’s dangerous」
「That’s why…You shouldn’t touch a pistol until you acquire enough practice. Okay?」
「Yes, got it」

…I see, it’s dangerous if the bullet I shot bounces and hits someone else.
Yeah. I won’t touch pistols until Margo-san permits me.
Let’s do that.

「Yeah yeah yeah! Breakfast is served!」

Katsuko-nee and Nei-san comes in with the meal wagon.
It is croissant and salad today. Ham and eggs…and

「This is a homemade yogurt Katsun made!」

Uwaa…You can make yogurt in a house.
I was sure that you can’t make it outside a chemical factory

「It’s good for your body!」

Katsuko-nee explains with a smile.

「Huh…Yo-chan, you eat yogurt don’t you?」


「Honestly…I haven’t eaten much…」

Ever since elementary school lunches?
I’ve never seen that in the middle school dorms…

「Okay, then take a sip!…Katsun, I think that the one with sugar is better for Yo-chan!」
「That’s right! I think I have an oligosaccharide, I’ll bring it! 」

Katsuko-nee runs to the kitchen when told by Nei-san…

In the end…I will eat yogurt sprinkled with sugar.

「Let’s eat!」

Katsuko-nee looks at me with a smile…
I timidly put the yogurt in my mouth.
…Sour. It’s far sourer than the lunch yogurt in my memory. Also, sweet.
This must be amazingly sour when you don’t put sugar on it.

「How is it?」
「It tastes mysterious.」

I can only return such an impression to Katsuko-nee’s question.

「It’s good for your body so don’t leave a drop!」

Katsuko-nee told me.
I bit on the metal spoon…
…I wonder why
…The tears are welling up.

「…W-What’s wrong, Yo-chan? Did the yogurt not suit your taste?!」

Nei-san looks at me in surprise.

「…No, it’s not. That’s not it」

I answered while wiping my tears.

「『It’s good for your body so don’t leave a drop!』is something my late grandmother tells me. When I thought that it’s been a while since I heard that…I somehow felt really happy…!」

During my childhood…I always ate alone with my grandmother.
When she died…I always ate alone.
The words『It’s good for your body so don’t leave a drop』…
Grandmother, really…took care of me.
Katsuko-nee said the same words.

「…Thank you, Katsuko-nee」
「Eh…About what?」

Katsuko-nee seems to not know what I’m thanking her for.

「It doesn’t matter…Anyway, thank you」

Katsuko-nee’s embarrassed…

「…W-want to eat more yogurt? It’s also delicious with a croissant!」
「Yeah, let’s do that」

I tear up the croissant and ate it with the yogurt.
…This might be easier to eat.

「It’s delicious, Katsuko-nee」
「Is that so? I’m glad」

While we’re having a meal, Megumi started to talk to the women.

「Uhm…I want to tell the members of the athletics club that I’m going out with Yoshida-kun. I-Is that okay?」

Megumi spoke a bit nervous.

「Isn’t that fine?…right, Katsuko-san?」

Margo-san answered first.

「Yes. The athletic club is noisy aren’t they? I think that you should tell them first」

Katsuko-nee laughingly answered.

「…Is that okay?」
「Nagisa and I want Megumi-sama to experience a pleasant high school life that we weren’t not able to experience. You don’t need to hold back for Nagisa and I so enjoy it with all your might!」
「Thank you very much」

Megumi bowed to Katsuko-nee.
…Err, Nei-san

「…Isn’t that okay?」

She said with a smile.

「I want to be Yo-chan’s sister so…I think of Megumi-chan as my sister. Should we just make Yo-chan and Megumi-chan go out in the school?」
「Yes…It doesn’t matter in the school. Misuzu-san already promised too…」

…I see
Misuzu said that she’ll tell her friends that she’s going out with me too…
I’ll be Misuzu’s boyfriend there.

「Very well, got it. I’ll cooperate…Err, the captain of athletics club was Takeshiba, was it?」

Nei-san said.

「Yes, Takeshiba-senpai」
「Isn’t she bad because she’s hard headed? You’re gonna get separated when she doesn’t approve, right?」

Nei-san stayed for a year so she seem to know the third years well.

「I’ll quit the athletics club then. 」
「But, I’m fine…If it’s Yoshida-kun, I’m sure everyone will accept him」

Megumi said that but…
But, I
I don’t have confidence in myself.

「Anyway, do your best…you can consult me anytime if something happens! If you want, do you want me to negotiate with Takeshiba-san directly?」

No…If it’s Nei-san talking.
I remembered her intrusion in our classroom last time…It’s a bit scary.

「Yoshida-kun and I will talk to her first. If something happens then I’ll definitely consult you about it. I’ll leave everything to you in that case…!」

Megumi told Nei-san with a face showing deference

「Got it. Then…!」

Nei-san laughed.

「Can I call Megumi-chan, Megu-chan?」
「Look, I’m calling Misuzu-chan Mii-chan. That’s why Megumi-chan’s Megu-chan…No?」
「No…please call me like that. I will also call Nei-san…『Nei-Neesan』」

Megumi answered.

「I’m a woman native born to 『Kuromori』. That’s why I’ll be calling everyone 『Katsuko-neesan』, 『Margo-neesan』, 『Nei-neesan』…」
「You don’t have to, Megumi-sama’s not a prostitute of this mansion…!」

Katsuko-nee answered.

「Yes, I’m a woman only for Yoshida-kun. But, I don’t want to forget that this is my home…」

Megumi answered clearly.

◇ ◇ ◇

When the meal ended…Katsuko-nee brought a big bag.

「Yesterday, Tamayo-sama brought this for your sake…!」

For me…?!
Well, Tamayo-san was a stylist, wasn’t it?

「It’s clothes for today’s operation!」

Margo-san smiled at me.

「These are clothes that have a good reputation with middle school girls!」

I see, I’m going to make Yukino’s little sister fall today…
Looking at Megumi…Her eyes say 『I understand』
She’s a half blood sister of Megumi.
They must know each other from the relatives gathering…

「We’ve got three kinds prepared just in case…」

Katsuko-nee took out three kinds of clothes onto the table.

「Err…Plan A is a 『Fresh Sportsman』」

A branded sports wear, a pair of trousers and a sneaker…

「Plan B is 『Adult like intelligence』」

This one’s a cardigan buttondown. And slacks. Brown leather shoes.

「Then…Lastly, plan C is a 『Prince of stars』」

Eh, white shirt and white pants. Also, a yellow scarf with strange rose flowers embroidery. Then, a mysterious thick soled boots.
It certainly looks prince-like…but what kind of prince is this?
Is it an idol of some sort?

「I wonder what’s good…?」

Nei-san answered Katsuko-nee’s question.

「Isn’t that obvious? It’s 『Athlete!』 It suits Yo-chan too」

Eh…What part of me is an 『Athlete』?

「I think that 『Intellect』would be good. High school is adult from the middle school perspective isn’t it? I think that he should improve his adult atmosphere」

Margo-san said.

「Right…I think that 『Athlete』is a bit of an idiot」2

Katsuko-nee seems to agree with Margo-san’s opinion.

「What are you saying, isn’t it cute because it’s a bit idiotic?」

…Nei-san You’re really thinking that I’m 『A bit idiotic』aren’t you?
No…It’s true though

「Megumi-chan, what do you think?」

Margo-san asked Megumi.

「I…I think this is good」

Saying that, she pointed at the 『Prince of the star』

「That’s not 『A bit idiotic』but 『Quite an idiot!』! Megu-chan, you have that sense?」

Nei-san’s surprised.

「I don’t like this. But…I know about Maika-chan well」

Megumi told the ladies.

「Maika is Yukino’s little sister」

Megumi’s words brought impact to the whole room…!

「…Then it can’t be helped that we’ll use 『Prince of the star』」
「…Yeah, it can’t be helped」
「With that said, Yo-chan. You’re going to change to 『Prince of the star』later!」

Eh…I’m going to wear this?!!!
Ah, they’re serious…

I don’t have a choice as always.3

◇ ◇ ◇

「You really don’t need us to send you off?」

Katsuko-nee asks us at the entrance.

「No, we’ll be walking. Also, we’re going to school everyday so I feel sorry if you guys send us off」

Megumi answered.

「Do you remember the way?」
「Yes, this is my old playground after all…」

Megumi lived here until she turned six.

「Please come back by 10:30 for our next operation」

Katsuko-nee told me.
Yes…The 『Ouji-sama』time is waiting.
I’m a bit bummed.

「Then, good bye」

Megumi politely greeted Katsuko-nee.


I copied her and bowed.


Katsuko-nee fixes my neckband.
Then, she fixed my hair.

「Yeah…You got cute」

Katsuko-nee…at least say cool.

「Megumi-sama, please take care along the way」

Katsuko-nee told Megumi.

「Yes…Got it. He’s everyone’s Yoshida-kun after all」

Somehow, I hate the feeling of being treated like a child.
I can fix my own neckband.

「Then, we’re going」

We told Katsuko-nee again

「Sure, have a nice day. Take care!」

Katsuko-nee saw us off satisfied.

Megumi turned back towards the entrance.

「…This direction is a secret path」

Megumi descends down a mountain path where the trees grew instead of the road.

「I think that it’s tiresome on the way back…but we’re only going down here」

…Certainly, this is a road.
There are some stairs here and there.

「…Ah, it’s still there」

Megumi stopped in the middle of the mountain path
Looking at it, there’s a small house at the east side of the way.

「That’s was my secret base during childhood」

Megumi played here when she was six.

「Let’s have sex there next time」
「It was built there on purpose actually. I’ve seen it a lot of times when I was a child. My mother was violated by a guest there too…」
「Violate me like how they did it to mother…」

Megumi’s eyes are wet.

「Yeah…Got it」
「…That’s a promise」

Walking for a while, we arrived at the road towards the school.
What, it’s five minutes by car but…it’s just ten minutes using the secret path.
Speaking of which, the mansion was built disguised as a girls dormitory wasn’t it?
Then, I get why it’s close…
The residents of the dorm would just walk here everyday.
Megumi spoke when we saw the school gate.

「Hey, Yoshida-kun…can we hold hands?」

Megumi held out her hand.


Megumi and I held hands…
Holding hands with a woman.
Feels, somewhat itchy.
I’m losing strength…It’s embarrassing.
But…Megumi’s hand is holding mine tightly.
Megumi’s nervous.
I gripped it tightly in return.

「It’s fine…I’m here with you」

We entered the school gate while holding hands.
Then, we went to the athletic club’s building.
It’s holiday but there are students doing their club activities.
Everyone’s looking…
At Megumi and I holding hands while walking.
Megumi’s hand is hot.
She’s sweating gradually.

「It’s okay. It’s embarrassing but I won’t be ashamed」4

Megumi answered with a red face.

「Good morning, Yamamine-san」

A schoolgirl from athletics club called out to Megumi.

「Good morning, Koujou-san」5

The person called Koujou-san noticed Megumi and I holding hands.


I-It’s not ‘really’!

「…W-we’re going out」

Megumi answered bashfully.

「N-No way…!」

Koujou-san became speechless.
Someone like me…

「I’m not joking…isn’t that right, Yoshida-kun?」

Megumi turns to me.

「Yeah. It’s like a lie but it’s not!」

I answered for better or for worse

「…Is that so?」

Koujou-san looks at us.

「Speaking of which, Yamamine-san became beautiful. Did you change your hairstyle?」
「Yeah…I had it cut yesterday」
「…Is that so?」

We came to the clubroom in a somewhat awkward atmosphere.

「…Wait here」

Megumi told me

「I’m going to change」

Megumi and Koujou-san entered the clubroom
I waited outside the building.
I should’ve been told to wait in a different location.
There seems to be people inside the clubroom already.
I can hear an「Ehー」or 「Kyaa」from inside.
The entrance of the clubroom was open so I looked inside out of curiosity.
I’m a zoo panda?
A rare animal?

Before long, the door opened and Megumi came out.
Megumi in her training suit and shorts.
Her long thin bare legs…
Slim tall body.
Long and narrow beautiful eyes.
The haircut Yuuka-san did yesterday suits her.
…A beauty.
A really beautiful girl.
It’s not just her face…Her whole body’s style is also beautiful.
Her body…I embraced it yesterday.
My semen went inside Megumi’s womb.
I ejaculated in that cute mouth this morning.
She drank my semen saying it’s 「Delicious」
So adorable.
I think she’s really cute.
I want to embrace that body with all my might.

There’s a lot of athletic club members behind Megumi…
Everyone’s looking at us with exited eyes…

「T-Thanks for the wait」
「Ah, yeah」

…It’s somewhat embarrassing
Everyone’s looking at us.
They’re fixed at us.
They’re staring at us.
A member that looks like a second year spoke to Megumi.

「…Megumiii, are you really sure about him?」

…I’m shocked.

「It’s fine! I love Yoshida-kun!」

Megumi suddenly answered in a loud voice.
Even she is surprised after she said that.
She became red from the shock.
The female members shouted 「Kyaaaaaー!」in joy…

「…Ah, you see, Captain is already at the grounds」

Megumi said with teary eyes.

「…What should we do then?」

Megumi seems to intend to report it to everyone in the club this morning.
It can be done secretly in the clubroom but…there’s a strong public eye in the grounds.

「…Got it Let’s go」

I held out my hand.

「…Is that okay?」

I looked at Megumi’s eye.

「It doesn’t matter…I love Megumi…!」

I can hear shouts of 「Wow」from behind again…!


Megumi holds my hand.

「Let’s go, Yoshida-kun!」

We ran towards the ground while holding hands!
The athletics club girls follow us from behind.
Everyone’s going to the grounds.
It’s something like a movie.
It doesn’t seem to be real.
But…I’m holding Megumi’s hand.
The warmth of this hand…
The strength of the grip…
This isn’t a lie, it told me that it’s the truth.

We arrived at the ground while breathing roughly.
There’s not only the track and field that’s on the ground, there are other athletic groups too.6
Honestly…I’m a bit scared.

「Ah, it’s there!」

When I match my glance with Megumi…
There are third years in their training suits gathered and talking at the bench in front of the ground.
The captain of the track and field must be there too.

「The tall one with a short cut, in the center…That’s captain Takeshiba Haruka-san」

Megumi taught me.

「She’s beautiful isn’t she?」

Certainly, she is.
She’s taller and a bit darker than Megumi.
Her big eyes…her face looks a bit scary.,

「Takeshiba senpai! Yamamine-san seems to want to talk with you!」

The second year from a while ago shouted as if making fun.
Takeshiba-san and the third years noticed the other members who went towards them briskly and us in the middle.
She stood up and looked at us…!

「…What do you want to talk about?!」

Captain Takeshiba spoke to Megumi looking displeased.
…Megumi’s heart is throbbing fast.

「C-Captain…Also, all the third year senpais. I want to report to the members of the track and field!」

Megumi waved her hand that’s holding mine…!
Then she shouted with all her might!

「I…I am going out with this person!」

The ground suddenly became noisy…!

「…Eh, what what?」
「…What’s going on?」
「…What’s starting?」

The students gathered around us fast…
Takeshiba-senpai looks at the spectators unpleasantly and clicks her tongue.
Then, she spoke to Megumi.

「…What is this about?」

Then, she spit out.
Megumi breathed in…and shouted in a loud voice!

「…I’m in love with this person!!!!!」


  1. Yoshida’s better than those beta harem MC’s where they don’t fuck the girl when they wash the back. He refuses coz he’s going to fuck a lot later anyway
  2. Athletes are triggered
  3. You can’t choose this early in the novel anyway
  4. Both says hazukashii but I think she meant it like that
  5. 高城, if the author mentioned how to read her name, please comment
  6. I guess I should’ve stick to track and field club if they’re going to mention that there are other clubs under athletics. lol, anyway, let’s see if it can be edited