Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 81

81. Adolescent girl Yamamine Megumi (Part 2)

「…I am in love with this person!!!!!」

Now then…it has become a major incident.
The spectators gather in the ground one after another.
The captain of track and field, Takeshiba Haruka-senpai…spoke to Megumi with ill-humor MAX.

「…Our women’s division goes both in literary and military arts. Track and field is a 『Club(武)』however, I think of it as a military arts(陸上)1 You know that well don’t you…?!」

Takeshiba-senpai scowls at the spectating eyes.

「…Yes, I know. Don’t cut corners in study and club activities! Do your best and hold out to it!」

Megumi answers senpai with serious eyes…

「…You, do you think you’re doing it properly when you’re flirting with a man!」

Takeshiba-senpai shouted!
The whole ground shakes!!!

「Yes! I’m doing my best to show it to you!」

Megumi answered senpai with a voice that won’t lose to her.
Megumi’s a strong willed girl.
She can’t lose to the threatening voice of the captain.

「Is that so…You, you’re not concerned about me aren’t you?」

Senpai glares at me.
She’s looking at me as if I’m an unpleasant creature.

「First year?」
「Yes…I’m in the same class as Megumi」

Senpai snorted

「Hee…So you’re calling her 『Megumi』」

Shit…it came out of my mouth unintentionally

「Yes, Yoshida-kun’s my lover after all. Of course he’ll call be by my first name!」

Megumi answered clearly.

「Hmm…I think you know it but, you know that when boys grow tired of you, they’d just slacken and break up with you」
「We won’t…If senpai was able to predict that, I would quit the club」

Takeshiba-senpai’s face is showing anger.

「Then…You’re saying that a man is much more important than track and field?!」

Megumi answered without flinching.

「Track and field is important. But, I will be with Yoshida-kun forever so we will never break up!」

Senpai laughs.
She’s making a fool of Megumi…

「Are you an idiot? Men just wants to fuck you. He’s just going to play with you and throw you away anyway…!」
「He’s not that kind of person. He’s an honest man. I will love him for my entire life. I will give birth to his child. I’ve already decided…!」

The spectators went 「Oooh」from Megumi’s words!

「Is that so…Then how about resigning right now? Someone like you who’s head is loose from love is influencing the morale of the club. You’re trying to look cool in the club aren’t you…Just leave already. I’ll be talking to sensei. File a leave right now!」

Senpai coldly rejects Megumi.

「Can’t you make that judgement after seeing my practice attitude?」

Megumi still hangs to captain.

「I already told you that’s no longer necessary…!」

Takeshiba-senpai’s words are cold.

「…Is that so? That’s regrettable」

Megumi looks down

「…It’s been a short while but I appreciate your kindness」

Takeshiba-senpai laughs at Megumi.

「You never took care of us so sorry, but I’ll make it so that you’ve never been related to the track and field club ever since the beginning. You don’t need to file a leave. I’ll be throwing away your entry of the club. I’ll make it so that you never joined in the first place!!」
「…Got it」

What the hell is that…?!

「Please wait a moment…Isn’t that strange?!」

I told senpai.

「What…You’re dissatisfied with my decision?」

Takeshiba-senpai glares at me…!

「Yes, I’m objecting. I think that it’s strange. This is just weird!」

I didn’t stop.
…It’s strange.
This isn’t like me at all.
But…I thought of Megumi’s feelings…
…There’s no way I can shut up!

「You…do you intend to go against your senior even though you’re just a first year?!」

Takeshiba-senpai’s eyes are scary…!
But, I can’t lose!

「This matter doesn’t involve the hierarchy! I’m saying that Megumi 『Doesn’t want to do anything half-assed so she’s doing her whole best in track and field』 Megumi’s always diligent, going all out, a woman that does her best! Megumi never lets a chance pass by, and she’s going to be taken out because she’s gonna be an obstacle for the club? That’s weird! That’s wrong!」

My feelings went out of my mouth…
This is the first time…
This isn’t like me.

「How dare you say that…Are you an arrogant idiot? Don’t joke with me!」

Takeshiba-senpai pushed me away!
I fell down on the ground.


Megumi runs up to me…

「Really…what an eyesore, can you get out of the ground? Get out right now!」

Takeshiba-senpai’s shout roared in the grounds…!

「…I won’t!」

I shouted to senpai.

「I won’t be moving out of here until you give Megumi a chance!」

Megumi embraces me tightly!

「…Yoshida-kun! It’s enough, don’t do this!」
「This isn’t good at all! This is!」

I glared back at Takeshiba-senpai…!

「…Right, this isn’t good at all」

Iwakura-senpai appeared from the spectators.
Iwakura Yukiyo-san…
The student council president…One of Yuzuki-sensei’s 『Toys』…

「I heard everything…I’ll be speaking as the student council president, Takeshiba-san, aren’t you overdoing it?」

Iwakura-san smiles.

「…This is a problem of the girls track and field club. I think that the student council president is unrelated here」

Takeshiba-senpai repels Iwakura-kaichou’s intervention.

「My…All of the club activities are under the student council’s jurisdiction though. Takeshiba-san, you don’t know that?」

Iwakura-kaichou talks to Takeshiba-senpai calmly.

「Well…I know. But, I’m the captain of the girl track and field club…!」
「What can you do if you’re the captain? You’re not consulting the advising teacher and you just selfishly made a junior member quit the club? I think that there’s no club president like that…」

Iwakura-kaichoi corners Takeshiba-senpai with cruel eyes…

「…What are you telling me to do then?」

Takeshiba-senpai sighs.

「You should just deal with it normally. Let’s see, how about you watch over that first year for a month? Then you can decide on what to do with her after that」

Iwakura-senpai…is trying to give Megumi a chance in the track and field club.

「…I can just watch over her for a month right?」
「Yes, just for a month」

Captain Takeshiba and Iwakura-Kaichou looks at each other.

「I won’t change my thoughts though…」
「You won’t know unless you try though?」

Takeshiba-senpai clicks her tongue.

「…Got it. I will let kaichou save face for now」
「My, sorry about that…Takeshiba-san」

Iwakura-kaichou laughs.

「As expected of Iwakura-kaichou!」
「Yo, Seitokaichou!」
「Thank you for your fair judgement!」

The spectators praises Iwakura-kaichou.
Kaichou just lightly raised her hand to answer the shouts of joy.
Takeshiba-senpai…is in discontent.

「Uhm…Thank you very much」

I bowed to Iwakura-kaichou.
Megumi also bowed behind me.

「I don’t need to be thanked by you…I’m just doing what’s right as the student council president」

Iwakura-kaichou said that in content.

「My…You intend to sell favor with that?」

There’s two breaking in the spectators.
The one appearing is…
Yuzuki Minaho…!
Our teacher!

「Selling favor?…I don’t have that intention」

At the moment she saw Sensei…Iwakura-kaichou shakes.

「…I wonder. I think this act isn’t like you」
「…Yuzuki-sensei, you must be misunderstanding me」

Sensei and Iwakura-kaichou glares at each other.
Takeshiba-senpai looks at them with a surprised face.

「My, I got it…You’re not trying to sell favor to this first year but you’re interested in Takeshiba-san」

Sensei laughed coldly.
Takeshiba-senpai had a 「Eh?」face, and looks at Iwakura-kaichou.

「P-Please don’t be ridiculous…!」

Iwakura-senpai strongly denied it.

「You don’t need to hide it…It’s something that a calculative you would do. It’s not unreasonable if you think about it, doesn’t it?」

Suddenly, the spectators became noisy from Sensei doubting that the student council president is a lesbian…!
Takeshiba-senpai took distance from Iwakura-kaichou instinctively too.

「No…It’s not like that!」

Iwakura-kaichou protests desperately…
It attracted the spectators more.

「Well, I don’t intend to meddle with your sexual preference anyway. It doesn’t matter to me…I’m not interested in Iwakura-san anyway」

After fueling it severely, Sensei throws Iwakura-kaichou away.
She looks annoyed…

「By the way」

Yuzuki-sensei looks at me.

「Buy me cola」


「There’s a vending machine there isn’t it? Go there and buy some cola」

Sensei’s pointing at a vending machine at the edge of the south school building outside the ground
The distance is around a hundred meter.

「Hurry up…!」

Sensei urged me.
Megumi looks at me anxiously…

「Okay, I’ll get one!」

I dashed all my might towards the vending machine.
I took out my wallet from my pocket…
Then bought the first cola I saw…
Dashed back to the ground once again…!

「Sensei…I bought it…!」

I gave the cola to Sensei while I’m catching my breath

However, Sensei…

「My, this is Coca Cola? I told you to buy Pepsi cola though」

…Eh, is that so?

「…Sorry! I got it by mistake!」

Once again, I dashed to the vending machine with all my might!
Err…Pepsi, pepsi, pepsi…There it is!
I bought pepsi and ran again!

「…Haa, haa, haa, …H-Here’s pepsi…!」

Sensei looks at the Pepsi I brought her.

「Sorry…I think I’ll have tea instead. Buy me a can of tea」

Sensei smiled coldly.

「…Lemon tea? Milk tea?」
「Is there a black tea?」
「…There’s one if I recall!」
「Then, I’ll have that…!」
「Got it!」

Once again, I ran towards the vending machine!
…Sensei must have some reason for why she’s making me do this.
Then, I just have to do all I can.
I came back to sensei with a black tea can…while soaked in sweat.

「…Here’s black tea」

…Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa
I-It hurts
I should’ve jogged for longer before…

「My, you already bought it? Did you not hear me say 『I would want a lemon tea instead』when you started running?」

Sensei said calmly.

「…Got it! Lemon tea it is!」

I start running with my sweaty body!
…Haa, haa, haa
I dashed towards the vending machine…!
…Haa, haa, haa.
There’s no small change on my wallet anymore.
It can’t be helped…I took out my thousand yen bill.
I bought lemon tea…
Then returned running…!
…Haa, haa, haa

「…L-Lemon tea!」

Sensei spoke while looking at the lemon tea.

「You’re so slow so I had a change of heart…I’d want an oolong tea」
「…Okay, Oolong tea!」

The spectators look at me with wondering eyes as I start running again.
Takeshiba-senpai and Iwakura-kaichou looks at me in amazement too.
…Like hell I care
I’m just doing what I’m told to…!
I ran towards the vending machine again…!
I ran with all my might…!
I inserted the coin at the vending machine with trembling hands…


Megumi comes to me.
As expected of a track and fielder…she runs fast.
Megumi seems to have borrowed some big plastic bag from somebody.
Rushing after me…Megumi-says

「…Let’s buy all of it?」


「I’m saying that let’s just buy all of the drinks in the vending machine!」

Oh…I see!

「…Yoshida-kun, you got money?」

Megumi is in her training wear so she doesn’t have her wallet

「It’s fine…I’ve got enough」

I still have the money Sensei gave me…
I handed Megumi a thousand bill…then we bought drinks.
Me on the left vending machine…
Megumi on the right vending machine…
Megumi puts the drinks we bought into the bag…!
I think we bought around 25…!

「Yoshida-kun, get that one…!」
「…Got it!」

We lifted the heavy bag and we started running!
The two of us match our pace…!

「…One two, one two, one two, one two!」

Megumi creates a rhythm with her voice…!
…We’re running!
We went to the spectators in the ground.
Yuzuki-sensei looks at us with a cold smile…!
The two of us ran!

「We’ve bought everything in there…What drink would you like, Yuzuki-sensei?」

Megumi shouted to sensei…
The spectators are overwhelmed by Megumi’s voice and fell silent
Sensei answered.

「I don’t need one…」

Sensei answers and pushes the can of cola and tea I bought first in the bag.
The spectators became noisy,
Sensei laughs and looks at Takeshiba-senpai.

「Takeshiba-san, why don’t you have one?」

Takeshiba-senpai’s surprised.

「He bought this much…It would become a hindrance if this continues won’t it? Take the one you like from the bag」

Senpai hesitates from what Sensei said.

「I’m saying take one…!」

Yuzuki Minaho…exposed her devil nature and stares at Takeshiba-senpai.
Takeshiba-senpai trembles.

「G-Go on…take it!」

I told senpai while breathing intensely.

「Go on, captain!」

Megumi opens the bag and offers Senpai…!

「…Got it. I’ll be taking one」

Senpai chose a sports drink and took it.

「Then…give it to the members of track and field…Yamamine-san, you know them don’t you?」

Yuzuki-sensei told Megumi.
Megumi’s face brightens up suddenly.

「Yes, got it!」

Megumi responded in a loud voice

「…Yoshida-kun, bring it with me!」
「Ah, yeah」

Megumi and I lifted the bag.

「This way」

I walk on the direction Megumi tells me while we hold the bag together.

「…Aoshima-senpai, she’s the vice captain!」

Megumi introduced the third year member.

「I-I’m Yoshida. Thank you for taking care of Megumi!」

I bowed my head.

「Aoshima-senpai, please take one that you like!」

Aoshima-senpai looks at Captain Takeshiba…
Captain Takeshiba nodded slightly.

「…Then, I’ll take the orange juice」
「Thank you very much!」

We bowed to Aoshima-senpai.

「Third year, Iwasaki-senpai!」
「I’m Yoshida! Thank you for taking care of Megumi!」

Iwasaki-senpai chose kofi.

「…Thank you very much!」

After the third years, the second years…
Megumi and I bow our heads to each and everyone while distributing drinks.
The heavy bag lightened up bit by bit.
,Next are the first years.

「Koujou-san, she’s already introduced!」

Yeah, she’s the Koujou-san we met from the clubroom a while ago.

「…Please take care of Megumi」

When I said that, Koujou-san cried for some reason.

「I’ll be supporting you. I never knew that Yoshida-kun loves Megumi this much…!」

Looking at them, the first years began to cry.

「…Everyone, thank you」

Megumi’s about to cry too…
When we finished distributing drinks to the first years…There’s were still two remaining in the bag.
I looked at Megumi’s face.

「…Megumi, it’s okay?」
「Yeah, got it」

We offered Iwakura-san the bag.

「Iwakura-kaichou…Sorry about giving leftovers but, please also take one」

Iwakura-senpai makes a perplexed face,

「Get one…Iwakura-san」

Urged by Yuzuki-sensei…she took the remaining cola.
It’s the last one…!

「I don’t need one」

Yuzuki-sensei said.

「I don’t drink carbonated drinks」

The last one is Dr.Pepper2
Yeah…The track and field members won’t drink this.

「Then, what did you really want to drink sensei?」

Sensei was surprised from what I said.

「I’ll buy it for you」

I’ve already regained my breath.
It won’t be painful to run.

「Then…I’ll get tea」
「Black tea?」
「…Lemon tea」

Sensei laughs

「…What about Megumi?」

I asked Megumi

「…Eh, Yoshida-kun?」
「What do you want to drink?」
「I’m going to buy it with you」
「…It’s fine. Just stay with the members of track and field」

I told Megumi.
Captain Takeshiba looks at me.

「Yeah…I would want a sports drink. Lemon flavor」
「…Got it」

I ran towards the vending machine again…

「…Here you go!」

I handed the orders of Megumi and Sensei.
I took the remaining Dr.Pepper3

「Takeshiba-san…I think that drinking while it’s cold is delicious」

Yuzuki-sensei told Captain Takeshiba.

「…I get it already. Everyone, you can drink」

Takeshiba-senpai opens the can…!
The girls of the track and field all opens their caps together.


The sounds come in succession.
All of the members put it in their mouths at about the same time.
The fizz of Dr. Pepper splits in my mouth.

「Then…What would you do, Takeshiba-san?」

Yuzuki-sensei told Captain Takeshiba.

「Are you still not accepting Yoshida-kun and Yamamine-san’s relationship? They’re quite a splendid couple in my eyes however… If I recall, it’s called『Put in the fighting spirit』4 Is that how you say it…?」

Sensei laughs.
Captain Takeshiba blew out a sigh.

「If you can keep with your duty, I won’t make any complaints… I’ll cancell Yamamine Megumi’s removal. I’ll accept her relationship with that first year」

Captain said clearly.


A shout of joy breaks from the first years.

「Yamamine-san, I’m glad for you!」
「Megumi, congrats!」

Girls jump at Megumi in happiness.

「…You said that you’re Yoshida?」

Captain Takeshiba looks at me…

「I’ll be accepting you for now. I get that you really treasure her. But, if you try to make her cry, I won’t forgive you!」

Captain presses me with strong eyes.

「…I won’t cry!」

Megumi told captain.

「Because…I don’t cry after all. I will never cry. I have him after all」

Even though she says that…Megumi’s half crying already…

「I love Megumi. I’ll treasure her forever! I promise that!」

I swore to Takeshiba-senpai.

「Got it…I’ll believe you two for now」

Captain Takeshiba said so.

Looks at that peaceful scenery in dissatisfaction…


  1. Club is Bu and Military arts is Budou
  2. The drink of the genius
  3. El Psy Congroo
  4. Kiai ga haita