Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 83

83. The woman named Iwakura Yukiyo (New)

「The only time I felt alive was when I was a prostitute… Other people…the guests, they recognize me. I felt like I was needed」

Iwkaura-kaichou appeals to Yuzuki-sensei desperately.

「That’s an illusion…You were only valued because you were bought with money」

Sensei answers coldly.

「I’m fine with that!」

I don’t know what Iwakura-san means by that.

「For one night…It made me feel at ease, to have a relationship that lasted several hours. Being violated by men one after another feels heart throbbing. It makes me feel excited when I think about what they’re going to do each night…!」

Yuzuki-sensei sighed.

「You’re really dependent on prostitution 」
「It’s not dependency…I’m not sick. It’s natural for me. Being embraced by a man I don’t know for money is…!」
「Then, you don’t need to be related to 『Kuromori』do you?…How about I introduce you to different prostitution ring? Since they’ll always be tied up with a syndicate in Japan, I can introduce you to some organizations in Europe. If I recall, there’s some organization wanting a Japanese girl…」

Sensei shows a compromise to Iwakura-san…

「No…I want to be a prostitute of 『Kuromori』…!」
「Being a prostitute of『Kuromori』has status. The guests are socially successful people…Everyone demands fascinating sex. And Yuzuki-sensei’s here above all. Sensei will never let danger come to the prostitutes’ body, you’re always careful about us. You were even warning those crazy guests invited by Shirasaka Sousuke…」

Yuzuki-sensei closed her eyes.

「Keiko-san…I made sure to manage the safety thoroughly since Megumi’s mother died. Margo can eliminate the guests who use violence beyond the range I can recognize as play…and never allowed the use of drugs」
「Ojou-sama…looked after us prostitutes all this time」

Katsuko-nee mutters after Sensei.

「That’s right. As long as 『Kuromori』is managed by Yuzuki-sensei, it has become a place where prostitutes can rest easy! I want to continue being a prostitute until I die」

Iwakura-san’s talking passionately…yet, Sensei’s face became cold.

「When I was a first year…Yuzuki-sensei’s the one who saved me when the Yakuza marked me for doing compensated dating! Sensei made me a『Kuromori』prostitute and taught me the wonderful joys of being a prostitute, joys I thought this world never had! I did everything to become the ideal prostitute! Sensei told me 『Yukiyo’s not intelligent and diligent so You can’t be with decent guests』 That’s why…I took lessons desperately, etiquette, noble speech, walking…I learned everything!」


「I didn’t give you those lessons with those intentions」

Sensei answered calmly.

「What are you saying! Wasn’t it all to become a superior 『Prostitute』! Just like Katsuko-sama!」

Iwakura-san looks at Katsuko-nee…

「Yes…I’ve always longed for Katsuko-sama. Since I came to 『Kuromori』, Katsuko-sama has been at the top of the prostitutes. I only have guests who aren’t very successful in their political or government career…Compared to that, you’re having a graceful prostitution life. And yet…All my guests are only small time perverts… Well, I don’t hate those kinds of perverted sex. Rather, I love it. But, it won’t sit well with me if I just keep to that…!」

So prostitutes have the prostitute world…
There’s a pride for them too…
Prostitutes have an inferiority complex too…

「When Yuzuki-sensei told me to 『Run for student council president』, I thought it was a joke at first. But, I just thought that Sensei’s telling me to 『Add more value』 The previous me doesn’t have Katsuko-sama’s 『Energetic High school girl』trait as a value. My value would rise if I become the 『Energetic female student council president』! Better guests would come for me!…I was convinced that Sensei ordered me with those thoughts…」
「…That’s not. I didn’t order you with such intentions」

Sensei tries to deny it…!

「No! You did! I decided that you did! That’s why I desperately played friendly and became the student council president! And my guests really improved!…There were some lolicon guests who said 『Please scold me』but anyway, there were guests who weren’t perverted too! I was really happy…And yet!」

Iwakura-kaichou…fixes her eyes to Sensei.

「『Kuromori』closed a month after that. When my time as a prostitute had finally come…!」

…I see
Last year’s student council president election was around October…
Then, 『Kuromori』prostitution section was closedown by Yuzuki-sensei’s father’s scandal in November…

「You know that I was a prostitute of 『Kuromori』too, don’t you?…」

Sensei asks Iwakura-san.

「Yes, I do」
「When I was a prostitute, I wished that I wanted to run away from this world everyday. I prayed. Being embraced by men for money was only painful. I thought that it was hell on earth…」
「…I also thought that. Ojou-sama」

Katsuko-nee smiles at Sensei kindly.

「Right…Nagisa thinks the same way. Yuuka-sama, Hidemi-san, and Tamayo too. They think that prostitution isn’t their real self so…they had a dream about the future because they believed that they would escape here in the future. You can endure any pain as long as you have a clear dream…」
「Yes. That’s why Katsuko bakes bread. Katsuko has a dream of opening a bakery so I endured everything」
「Nagisa’s the same…When she got pregnant and her stomach got big, she studied about managing a flower shop desperately. The other people also studied during their breaks from work in my room. Looking at those people, I was convinced that all the prostitutes in the mansion were the same…」

Sensei looks at Iwakura-san sadly.

「I never thought that a child would get addicted to prostitution in my mansion…!」

Iwakura-san looks at Sensei with a dumbfounded face.

「There was no such girl like you during the old days…The prostitutes of 『Kuromori』before Ojou-sama participated in administration received horrible treatment. But, it has all been improved by Ojou-sama’s power. The prostitute’s safety were guaranteed…and they receive the rewards they earned themselves. Certainly, it has become an ideal workplace for prostitutes…」

Katsuko-nee spoke sadly.

「Right…I might’ve overdone it」

Sensei leaks a sigh once again…

「Akiko-chan, Yukari-chan and Kiyono-chan…If anything, they’re easily caught up in the flow things. I’ve never heard any dreams about their future from them」
「Could it be that they only remember prostitution and thought that it’s okay to stay like that?」
「Rather, they have no other way after becoming this way. I think that they’d want to continue selling themselves rather than learning other work at this point」

Katsuko-nee analyzes the feelings of the prostitutes.

「Iwakura-san…You want to continue being a prostitute of 『Kuromori』by any means?」

Sensei asks Iwakura-san

「Of course! I’m only 18 years old! My time as a prostitute is just about to enter full swing! There’s no way I can stop right now!!!」

Iwakura-san’s breathing is rough…

「…Katsuko, what do you think we should do?」

Sensei asks for Katsuko-nee’s opinion.

「Since it’s a kind of dependence…I think that refusing initially will only make the problem worse」
「I think that there’s no other choice but to let her sell herself for the time being under Ojou-sama’s management until she awakens to a new road」
「There’s no other way?」

Sensei’s expression is complicated.

「We won’t know what will happen if we leave her alone. Nobody thought that Iwakura-sama would hire people to kill him…It was completely off from Margo-sama and my expectations」

Katsuko-nee looks at me.

「Right…Venting out anger is serious too. Even though 『Kuromori』prostitution section won’t reopen if she kills Yoshida-kun」
「It mustn’t”ve been amusing for Ojou-sama and me to keep taking care of him…Is that right, Iwakura-san?」

Katsuko-nee looks at Iwakura-kaichou with pity.

「Because…For Katsuko-sama to fall for a boring man like him! Then saying that you’re going to retire from prostitution? That’s unreasonable」

Iwakura-kaichou points at me and shouts!

「Katsuko-sama, you’re my ideal prostitute! Please don’t be seduced by this brat! Please remain as a prostitute of 『Kuromori』forever!」

Katsuko-nee looks at me.

「…What do you think?」


「Do you want me to continue being a prostitute…?」

Katsuko-nee asks me.

「I don’t want it. Please quit prostitution」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「…Got it. I’ll do as you say」

Then she approached me…And embraced me

「I love you」

Katsuko-nee kisses me…

「…I don’t want that! No nooo! You should just die! Die! Die! Die! Just kill yourself!!!」

Iwakura-san exclaims frantically when she saw us embrace…!

「…Shut up! Iwakura Yukiyo!!!」

The frenzied Iwakura-kaichou had her mind dominated when Sensei called her by her full name…


Sensei spoke to Kaichou by adding a 「-san」on her name.
The mental rule binding Iwakura-san was erased…

「If…I told you to 『Sleep with Yoshida-kun』what would you do?」
「I’ll have sex with him as a regular job for『Kuromori』」

Iwakura-san answered immediately.

「…What about Yoshida-kun」

Sensei looks at me.

「Do you want to have sex with Iwakura-san…?」

I looked at Iwakura-san.
Long straight black hair. A beauty of a student council president with glasses that suit her.

「…I will, if Sensei orders me」

I answered.

「If I didn’t order you…?」
「I won’t」

I answered honestly.

「I don’t love this person…」

Sensei laughs.

「Even if someone tells you『I’ll give you a million dollars if you have sex with Iwakura-san』?」
「Even if it’s ten or a hundred million, I would refuse…I won’t have sex with people I don’t love」

Iwakura-san’s face warps from my answer.

「W-What the hell’s up with that?!」

Katsuko-nee smiles

「Sorry but, this one’s different from the norm. He’s a boy. He’s pure in every aspect…!」

Katsuko-nee embraces me tightly.

「Yoshida-kun…Do you love Katsuko?」

Sensei asks me.

「Yes…I love her」
「What about Nagisa?」
「…I love her!」
「What about Megumi?」
「…I love her!」
「What about Misuzu?」
「…I love her!」

I answered all of it honestly.

「That’s obviously lip service! There’s no way a man’s loving multiple girls at the same time!」

Iwakura-kaichou points at me and shouts.
Looking at Iwakura-san…Yuzuki-sensei spoke to me.

「…Yoshida-kun If I ever tell you to 『Die』…No, let’s stop with the assumptions. Yoshida-kun, could you please die…!」


「Sorry…But your existence is an annoyance after all. You do understand that you have to die for Iwakura-san to be saved, don’t you?」

Katsuko-nee reacts at Yuzuki-sensei’s words sharply…

「Katsuko…Be silent for a while…!」

Sensei raised her hands and holds Katsuko-nee back.

「…Right now?」

I answered.

「…Let’s see. Katsuko, bring me water」

Being told by Sensei…Katsuko-nee pours in water from a plastic bottle to a glass.

「Here you go…Ojou-sama」

She put the glass in front of Sensei.

「…Thanks, Katsuko」

Sensei takes one tablet from her pocket.

「This is a poison. You’re going to die without suffering if you drink this」

She dropped the medicine in the glass.
The drug melts in the water, making bubbles.

「Drink this…!」

Sensei handed the glass to me.
I took it…

「What?…You don’t want to die?」
「No…It can’t be helped if it’s necessary…」

Iwakura-san reacts in amazement from my words.

「Yes. Because…Yuzuki-sensei told me to 『Die』I think that there’s a reason why I must die. I’m just an idiot so I don’t know why but…Sensei’s much more intelligent than me. There’s no way Sensei’s wrong」

Iwakura-san’s surprised from my answer…

「Sensei…might be lying to you, you know?!」

I laughed.

「I don’t care if it’s a lie or truth. Sensei has been taking good care of Katsuko-nee, Nagisa-san and Megumi all this time. That’s why I believe her. I know that she’ll take care of everyone…!」
「What about you?! You can’t do anything if you die you know!」

…What are you saying, Iwakura-san?

「…There’s hasn’t been any value in my existence since the start」

I looked at Sensei…

「Sensei…Can I write a letter to everyone before I die?」

Sensei answered.

「Why a letter? Shouldn’t you just meet them and say goodbye?…!」

I scratched my head.

「When I meet them…They’d tell me to stop killing myself so it’s better to write a letter. I don’t have much time. I just want to write 『Thank you』to each and every one of them」

Sensei laughed.

「Sorry, we don’t have time. I’d want you to die sooner」

…Then, it can’t be helped.

「Then…please tell everyone. I…had a dull life all along but…I met everyone…they’ve been gentle to me, I’m really happy. Thanks to everyone, I thought that I was alive. Thank you very much…!」

Ah…So I’m going to die.

「Tell Misuzu I’m sorry that I won’t be able to go to her dance presentation. I love you!
Megumi…I’m sorry for not meeting your parents. I love you, I really love you!
Nagisa-san…it would be great if you get another child. I love you!
Please tell Mao-chan that I’m sorry I can’t become her Papa.
Margo-san…Thank you for always. I love you!
Nei-san…I really think Nei-san’s beautiful I love you very much!」

…Scary, I’m scared.
Death is really scary.
My hands are trembling…It doesn’t stop.
But…I have to

I looked at Katsuko-nee…

「Katsuko-nee…Your meals are delicious. I love you Katsuko-nee!」

Katsuko-nee shouts at Sensei
Sensei ignores her shout…and looks at me.

「…Yoshida-kun, are you scared of death?」

I laughingly answered.

「Of course it’s scary but…I’m this close to Sensei and Katsuko-nee so…I’m not that scared」

…Of course

「…It’s much better than dying alone. Thank you very much」

There’s only one regret in my heart.

「Uhm…Sensei, I have a request」

…Yeah, I should say it

「Yukino…Please tell Yukino I’m sorry…Please tell her that I apologize…」
「Yes…I don’t think she’ll forgive me but…Just say that I’m sorry」
「…Got it」

…This is enough

「…Then, I’m killing myself. Thank you for everything until now!」

I raised the glass with the melted drug.

「…Uhm, Yuzuki-sensei」
「I also love Sensei…!」

Sensei’s startled…
I drank the glass while looking at that face!

…Goku, goku, goku!

I drink the poison.

Yeah…Those days were just a dream as expected.
I tasted such happiness for a fleeting moment.
It can’t be helped if I die here.

Suddenly, I lost strength…
I dropped the glass…
I fell on the floor.
I’m collapsing slowly…!

「Geez! Bakabakabaka! Yo-chan no bakaaa…!!!」1

Nei-san dashed out from the basement stairs!

「…Katsun, water!」

Nei-san urged Katsuko-nee!

「Ah, Yes!」

Nei-san put the plastic bottle on her mouth.
Then, she pushed some tablet in my mouth!
After that…She pressed her lips onto mine…!


Mouth-to-mouth…The water and tablet were poured into me!!!

…Uuku, uuku

I drank the poured water unintentionally…!
Nei-san’s lips are still pressing my mouth


「…Yo-chan, are you okay?」

Nei-san’s beauty is in front of me.

「…Nei-san, I」

Nei-san looks at me.


She’s really beautiful

「…Nei-san…I kissed. I’m okay dying now…」

Yeah…I’m satisfied.
I’m really happy.

Nei-san’s angry at those words.

「Don’t be ridiculous! I’ll give you as many kisses as you want so please live, Yo-chan!!」


「Sensei! Why did you make him drink a whole tablet?! This is a strong drug! Even anesthetics can kill if taken in large amounts!」
「…Eh, is that so?」

Katsuko-nee’s surprised…

「Wait, Katsun, get a grip of yourself!」
「Sorry…I’m specialized in aphrodisiacs so I don’t know much about anesthetics…!」


「When I saw the feed from the parking lot, I got surprised! I ran through the underground with all my might!」

Nei-san scolds Sensei with a super angry look…!

「It’s fine…I intended to have Yoshida-kun die after all」

Sensei laughingly said.
…I see, I would die if I exceed the fatal dose even if it’s just anesthetic.
…yeah, it’s not wrong at all.

「I’m not so knowledgeable with drugs but…I thought that someone would come if something wrong happened…」

…With that said.

「Nei-san…what’s the thing you made me drink?」
「It’s a neutralizer」
「Then…I won’t die?」
「I would be troubled if you die!」


「S-Sensei…It’s bad. I have to die, don’t I? W-what should I do? Should I jump from the rooftop? Or should I get hit by a car?」

Nei-san beats my head in panic…!

「Don’t die, idiot!!!」

Sensei laughs.

「…It’s okay now, Yoshida-kun」
「Since it was stopped by Nei, I’ve made a change of plans…I won’t have you die just yet」

…Ah, okay

「I-is that okay?」

I looked at sensei…and asked.

「But…I’ll have you die sooner or later」
「…Ah, okay」
「That’s why, do your best on living so you won’t have any regrets」


「Got it」
「Be gentle with the girls in particular…」
「O-Of course」

I promised Sensei.

「…By the way, Yoshida-kun」
「When you said that you love me…Was that true?」

I answered Sensei.

「Isn’t that obvious?!」

Sensei smiled gently.

「Thank you…It’s my first time being expressed『Love』by a boy」

After that…Sensei turned to Iwakura-san.
Iwakura-san who can’t follow the development was unable to stand up…

「It’s what you saw…」

Sensei tells Iwakura-san

「Yoshida-kun’s that kind of『Boy』 He’s a bit 『Broken』…!」

Sensei looks at me.

「He’ll never tell a lie to a girl he trusts. He’ll believe everything you tell him…He’ll do anything as long as you wish for it. He’ll stake his life on it… There aren’t many of these idiotic yet sincere boys, are there?」

Iwakura-kaichou nodded.

「It would be troublesome if you let such boy on the loose…That’s why I made him my 『toy』 Iwakura-san…He’s the same as you」


「Katsuko, Nagisa, and Margo are talented people whom I control as my『Toys』 In your case, I was worried about you. You’re the most unstable and immature in the mansion, I didn’t know what you would do so…I sheltered you as my 『Toy』 I think that Shirasaka would just use and throw you away」

Sensei smiles at Iwakura-san.


Iwakura-san…remains standing troubled.

「Well…That’s how it is, yeah yeah!」

Nei-san whispers to me

「Nei…You’re also a protected『toy』, get it?」

Sensei told Nei-san.

「Waa…I picked at the hornet’s nest…!」

Nei-san laughed at me.

Nei-san…is also being protected by Sensei.
Nei-san really has a secret past.

「…Is your body okay?」

Katsuko-nee comes over to me.

「Ah…I’m fine. The numbness is almost gone」
「Sorry…I don’t understand the amount of that drug well」

Katsuko-nee apologized to me.

「Ah, it’s okay. It’s my fault for not dying before Nei-san came」

Katsuko-nee beats my head.

「That’s not how it is!」

Then, she embraced my body.

「You just have to live okay…!」

Katsuko-nee kisses me…!


  1. Do I need to explain this?