Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 84

84. Violet Shadow

「Now then…Let’s go back to what we’re talking earlier」

Sensei spoke to Iwakura-san

「Let me think about the reopening of 『Kuromori』prostitution section for a while」

Could that mean?…
The brothel would start again…?

「I understood that you girls can’t stop prostitution immediately. It was my mistake dismissing the prostitutes suddenly and throwing them into the world…I apologize for that」

Sensei bows to Iwakura-san

「Please stop that Yuzuki-sensei. Please raise your head!」

Iwakura-kaichou’s puzzled…!

「But, that said, I can’t reopen 『Kuromori』right now. First and above all, there’s a lack of girls…」

…Lack of girls?

「There’s no way I can just call back those who have had the pleasure to retire. You know that too don’t you?」

Sensei looks at Iwakura-san.

「Well…I do. But we have Akiko-san, Yukari-san, Kiyono-san and me for the time being…」

Sensei shook her head…

「Aren’t all of you girls the ones who didn’t sell well?… Why would you reopen a brothel with girls who aren’t popular among guests?…」

…Of course
This is somewhat complicated.
It’s this kind of world.

「W-What about Katsuko-sama…?」

Iwakura-san looks at Katsuko-nee as if clinging to her…

「I’m already retired. I can call my old guests and give a 『Retirement Ceremony』for your sake but…I won’t be selling myself anymore」

Katsuko-nee laughingly said.
Iwakura-san falls down depressed.

「『Kuromori』can’t make you four our poster girls. It’s our status to make quality girls…」

Sensei gives the finishing blow.
But, she’s not going back.

「Then…there are a few good second years!」

Sensei sighed small, then.

「For argument’s sake, who are they?」
「…Class 3, Genta-san!」

Iwakura-san proposes with a smile.

「She’s no good isn’t she?…She’s gloomy and not that beautiful」
「We can just do plastic surgery on her face!」

Iwakura-san’s really a disappointing person.

「We never use plastic surgery. Our guests have good eyes so they can spot it if they’ve undergone plastic surgery immediately. It would become an issue of trust…」

Sensei looks at Iwakura-san harshly.

「Then…How about Takeshiba-san from a while ago? The captain of the track and field club. If it’s her, I think that her face is good enough」

Iwakura-san’s still clinging.

「There’s no way such a violent tempered girl would become a high class prostitute is there? Her spirit is too manly」

Sensei commented on Captain Takeshiba.

「Let’s kidnap that violent tempered girl and get her gangbanged! I’m sure that the guests would be greatly aroused!」


「…Why do you have that way of thinking! They can only do that once and there won’t be any guests other than perverts coming then! In the first place, kidnapping and rape is a crime!」

Prostitution is also a crime…
Or rather, we kidnapped and I raped Yukino…

「T-That’s right…」

Iwakura-san shrinks.

「Iwakura-sama…We’ve already approached those notable second years and the third years. 『Kuromori』was functioning until last autumn after all…!」

Katsuko-nee informs Iwakura-san

「…T-That’s right. T-Then, I’ll go search in the first years!」
「That’s enough…Iwakura-san」

Sensei said coldly.

「For what reason do you think I was checking the entire student bodyfrom the stage of the entrance exam? I know the students in this school better than you…!」
「…T-That’s correct」
「I became a teacher in this school for that sake after all…」

Sensei…has eyes in every corner of this school.
She’s observing the students using her hidden cameras and microphones
Not just their looks but…she’s even grasping their voices, and their character.
She’s checking who’s suitable for being a prostitute of 『Kuromori』all the time.

「Even though I thought I could part way from that duty already…」

Sensei muttered lowly.

「But…It can’t be helped. That’s the kind of work I shouldered.」

Really hated it.
Sending her own students to the brothel…
For her revenge against Shirasaka Sousuke…
To liberate the prostitutes of『Kuromori』…
Sensei endured and continued her hard work…


I spoke to sensei.

「Don’t answer immediately and just think about it for a while. I’m sure that there’s at least one way for Iwakura-kaichou to be satisfied and for Sensei not to have to experience such hardship…!」

I…said that for the time being.
It may be irresponsible…
But I must say that right now…
Sensei might shoulder everything by herself otherwise.
I won’t let that happen…
There’s no way I can…
I thought


Sensei looked at me with a surprised face.

「…Anyway, let’s think about it together. You mustn’t decide it alone. Sensei’s…our teacher after all…」

I said.

「…You’re right. Got it」

Sensei understood.

「Iwakura-san…Give me a week. I’ll give you an answer after that. Anyway, I won’t let you girls go bad. I’ll prepare anything that’s needed…」

Sensei informed Iwakura-san.

「…Understood. I will be expecting a good reply」

Iwakura-san only confirmed it.

「By the way…Iwakura-san. Apart from this, You have to be punished…」

Sensei returned to her malicious eyes and spoke to Iwakura-kaichou.

「You requested a syndicate leader you know of and tried to kill Yoshida-kun, did you forget?」

…I-I forgot.
That’s right, wasn’t that Iwakura-san’s act?

「And you used our school’s delinquents and tried to attack Yoshida-kun and Misuzu-san, didn’t you?」

That was Iwakura-san too?!

「If you had Misuzu-san raped by those delinquents, do you know what would happen?」

Iwakura-kaichou shakes her head to Sensei’s question.

「She’s…Kouzuki Shigetaka’s granddaughter」

Iwakura-san’s face turned pale.

「…No way?!」
「It wouldn’t just end with you dead… It’s obvious that those delinquents would be killed, Me and Yoshida-kun too…No, I think that all of those who are related to 『Kuromori』would be eliminated. We’d be stuffed into concrete and sunk in the bottom of the ocean…」

…Ugh, is Misuzu’s grandfather that scary?!
I-I made Misuzu my pet though?
…Will I be okay?

「Well, it was great that Yoshida-kun was clever during that incident. There’s the problem of Nei burning down Yamaguchi-sensei’s car however…」

Oh right.
What happened to that?

「Ojou-sama. I think that it’s Yamaguchi-sensei’s fault for breaking the rule about not parking the car in the designated parking lot for the school staff in the first place. Yamaguchi-sensei will have it repaired using his own insurance」

Katsuko-nee reports
…Katsuko-nee’s the chief director of this school.
She has such sanction as a chief director it seems.

「Then let’s leave that delinquent matter. But…The hitmen last night were a big problem. I’ve already gotten a 『Break off letter』. Those two are beyond recovery though」

…Beyond recovery

「They’re alive for the time being but…They can’t come back to the underworld anymore」

…So the guy Margo-san kept beating up isn’t dead!

「Of course, it’s the fault of the other side for not being able to finish the request but…the underworld doesn’t allow that reasononing. You do know that don’t you?」

Sensei reminds Iwakura-san…

「…How much was the deal?」
「It’s 60 million yen…including the reward for the people who intervened. On the other hand the loan would be null. I made them promise to not add false charges to 『Kuromori』about this matter. I don’t think there will be a problem since I had the authorities there sign a deal」

…It has become troublesome.

「60M…I have to earn that don’t I?」

Iwakura-san told Sensei.

「70M…The compensation money for Yoshida-kun wasn’t included」

Sensei sentenced Iwakura-san

「What should I do then? Yuzuki-sensei must have some plan already?」

Iwakura-san asks Sensei.
…What does that mean?
I can somewhat see Iwakura-san having a joyful look though…?

「Iwakura-san…do you have plans for summer vacation already?」
「Then…I’ve got two plans prepared. One is sending you to a rich man in an oil producing country in the Arab countries to be a woman in a harem for a month. There’s someone who wants a Japanese high school girl. He’s not a bad person so I think it would be luxurious. I think he’ll love you like a doll It’s quite a disgusting 50 year old man though…」
「…What about the other?」

Iwkaura-san asks Sensei.

「The other one would be taking an overseas fishing trip in the coast of Africa. All of the crew apart from you, would be men. There’s about 40 fishermen who are either African or Southeast Asian. You will be dealing with the sexual desires of all those men on the ship alone. That trip would be relayed to the world in a live broadcasts」

Sensei spoke calmly.

「All of the sailors have passed AIDS and other STD tests so you don’t have to worry. There should be a few who know Japanese too. Some people from Burkina Faso or Gabon or something, pretending to be Blacks from America, are selling fake soccer uniform replicas in Harajuku」

…Gabon or Burkina Faso
…Where is there a country with that name?

「Iwakura-san…Which plan would you like?」

Iwakura-san answered immediately with sparkling eyes.

「I’ll take the fishing boat!」

Sensei let out a sigh.

「You’re really disappointing. The Arabian harem won’t be too much trouble and there’s higher profit there too. In the end, you just indulge in your own preference…」
「I don’t mind. I will have it arranged. The departure will be in the end of July so please prepare for it…!」

Why are you that excited?!
It’s a fishing boat! There’s only foreign fishermen there you know! Their Japanese is broken you know!
No good…This person’s broken to the core.

「As expected…Yuzuki-sensei’s the best! Please lead my way forever!」

Ah…She’s that happy…
She’s going to be a mess in a fishing boat for a month…
To be honest…I’m a bit drawn back.

「Don’t ever take any strange actions without my knowing okay…?!」

Sensei reminds Iwkaura-san.

「Of course! Yuzuki-sensei’s the only one who really understands my fetishes! I’m so excited to be getting the privilege of having such an amazing experience that I got wet!」

This isn’t a punishment at all.
Rather…It’s a reward.

「…Got it. Then get out already We need to start our next job」

Sensei then told Iwakura-san to leave the room.

「Yes. I will be returning to the boys in the student council room to have group sex…! This excitement won’t settle unless I have sex for at least three hours!」


「Didn’t you have a university student boyfriend?」

Sensei asks Iwakura-san.
Speaking of which, I think she told Yukino that…

「Which university?」

Iwkaura-san asks Sensei blankly.

「Yes, I have Yoshiharu, Shoutarou, and Koizumi who are in universities 」


「Yoshiharu is a rugby player so I use him mainly for sex. I often sleep with Yoshiharu’s friends too. Right now, I plan to have sex with all of the regulars on his team」


「Since Shoutarou is an ikemen, I use him when I want to have soft sex. Since Koizumi is my favorite, I still haven’t done it with him」

Why are you calling your favorite by his family name?!

「Didn’t you tell Shirasaka-san that you want to get married and a mother a child?」
「That’s Koizumi. He’s a member of a founding family in listed companies in stocks. As long as I take hold of Koizumi, I won’t miss a meal in the future. I wanted to keep Osone who’s quite like Koizumi but, he felt unpleasant with easy sex so he left. He did’t seem to like that my fellatio seemed too good… That’s why, I won’t sleep with Koizumi that easily and just keep teasing him!」

Iwakura-kaichou reports happily…

「Those are all the men you made relationships with after the closure of 『Kuromori』last autumn?」

Sensei asks Iwkaura-san with an amazed face.

「Yes. My body itches everyday so I have no other choice!」

Iwakura-san made a teehee

「…Can you make a report of your current male relations? In detail please. If I don’t arrange it, if I reopen 『Kuromori』you can’t be a prostitute」
「It’s fine! I will be throwing them all away if I come back into prostitution!」

Iwakura-san said with a smile.

「Anyway…Submit a report by tomorrow. Okay?」
「Then…leave. We’re done talking!」
「Yes! Yuzuki-sensei, best regards in the future! Excuse me!」

Iwakura-san goes from the monitor room to the principal’s office.
She’s running with light steps…
When her figure completely disappeared…Sensei blew a big sigh.
She looks at me.

「…Iwakura Yukiyo’s the girl who needed the most attention among the prostitutes of 『Kuromori』 She’s an incomplete beauty, and her half-baked thoughts have become a complex problem. She’s a complete pervert…So I made her a 『Toy』so she could be protected. If not, she would’ve been sold to a pervert of some country long ago!」

Sensei says.
But Sensei actually never left her.
She would never sell her to a foreign country.

「She’s really the worst problem child!」

Nei-san laughs

「You’re the worst problem child…Nei」

Sensei said senseless.

「Huh?…I poked the hornet’s nest again?」

Nei-san had a uh oh face again.

「There’s no time to laugh…It has become a really troublesome situation」

Sensei told Nei-san with a serious look.

「When Iwakura Yukiyo gave the request to kill Yoshida-kun, she spread your data to the syndicates. Yoshida-kun, Nei, and Margo’s data…」


「Katsuko’s data was erased. And since she doesn’t know that Megumi became my 『Toy』, she didn’t hand over Megumi’s data. That’s a small mercy. The guests who come to 『Kuromori Tower』know Margo, and I think that the syndicates will keep her data since she acted violently in the town. Yoshida-kun’s just a normal high school student so they won’t pay attention to him…

Sensei calmly analyzes it

「The problem is…Every current photo and address of Nei is spreading throughout the underground right now …」

Nei-san’s trembling.

「It would’ve been a good camouflage if Margo went violent in the town with a blonde woman but…the name and clear photo is spreading on the net」
「And in America too…!」

Nei-san reacts to Sensei’s words.

「Of course America would see it…It’s the internet after all.」

It’s not just Nei-san, Katsuko-nee’s feeling nervous too…!

「Will Mr. Viola come to Japan?」1

Katsuko-nee asks Sensei.

「Of course he will…If it’s him. Nei is a prey that he should’ve killed long ago. He doesn’t think about anything but me stealing her from the side.’ That’s why he’ll definitely come…!」

Nei-san keeps on trembling.

「Yo-chan…please, hold me please」

I embraced Nei-san with all of my strength.

「It’s been three days since the data leaked on the internet. There’s plenty of people who are in charge of analyzing information mainly in Japan so I think we should assume that it already reached Cesario Viola」

Sensei said.

「I already had an investigation done on the foreigners under him entering the country. I’ve already leaked out information to the police and customs. However, I don’t think those people will enter Japan through normal means…!」
「Mr. Viola’s on the international wanted list…」

Katsuko-nee said.

「What’s the relationship of that man to Nei-san?」

I asked Sensei.

「Cesario Viola is the man who murdered Nei’s parents…kidnapped Nei and murdered her younger brother…Kei…!」

Nei-san bursts into tears…

「…Yo-chan, Yo-chan…Hold me tighter」

I embrace Nei-chan!
「It’s okay, I’m here with you!」

I desperately embrace the shivering Nei-san…
Somehow, I can feel Nei-san’s body getting colder.

「Nei shouldn’t leave the mansion for a while…I will be checking the security of the school and the mansion again. You should keep in mind to keep mutual contact」
「…Yes, Ojou-sama」
「I will let Katsuko carry out today’s plan. I will be observing from this room」

Katsuko-nee whispers to Nei-san…

「It’s okay…It’s not certain that we will be attacked by that man yet. We have several days at least. Everyone should just resist him…!」

Katsuko-nee smiled gently

「Hey…Forget the scary stuff and let’s enjoy the day! Hey!」

Nei-san’s heart loosens from Katsuko-nee’s smile.

「Yeah…Got it」

Nei-san finally stops crying…

「…That’s right. Please have fun for my share too」

Sensei told Nei-san

「…Yoshida-kun, this will be your first time having sex with a middle school student right?」

…Eh, Yuzuki-sensei?
W-Well, it is.
I see…Have fun she says…
About raping…Maika-chan…

「Then…It’s about time you return to the mansion. You’ve got to prepare don’t you?」

Saying that, Sensei stares at the monitors in the room
Megumi at the grounds is reflected in the middle monitor.
Megumi is dashing with the other members while talking…
The glitter of sweat…and her bare thighs are sexy

…Megumi’s doing her best.

While all these extraordinary things are happening…Megumi’s the only one living her daily life.
I somehow felt calmer when I saw Megumi doing her club activities…

◇ ◇ ◇

From the monitor room, we went along the underground passage towards the parking lot of the school staff.
It’s Katsuko-nee, Nei-san and me.
As expected…Nei-san’s not energetic

「By the way, Yo-chan…」

Nei-san asks me.

「About the neutralizer I made Yo-chan drink a while ago…」

Oh, the anesthetic…Speaking of which, my body still feels slightly heavy.
I think my movement’s have dulled…

「You see…That has a bit of side effect」

…Eh, what?

「For today, Yo-chan…once you get erect, it will stay like that for a long time」
「No matter how much you ejaculate, it will remain standing until the drug’s effect wears off…Do your best kay?」

…That means?

「It can’t be helped! It’s that kind of medicine after all…!」

Nei-san…laughs mischievously
…She finally laughed.
…I’m glad.

「That’s why…enjoy it a lot」

Nei-san laughs
I’ll just accept my fate
…Whatever it may be.

Margo-san’s waiting in front of the Maserati in the parking lot


Nei-san embraces Margo-san

「I heard Minaho’s talk from the car」
「Maru-chan…I, you see…!」

Margo-san embraces Nei-san who’s clinging to her.

「…It’ll be fine. I will beat down Cesario Viola…」

Margo-san said clearly.

「Yeah…Please. I mean that, Maru-chan」
「Yeah…I promise you」

Margo-san smiled.

「Now…we still have plans for today don’t we? Get in the car!」

By Margo-san’s command…We entered the Maserati…!
Margo-san’s driving. Nei-san’s in the passenger seat.
Katusko-nee and I are in the backseat…
The shutter in the hidden garage makes a sharp sound
I…got lost in thought
I’m about to rape a middle school girl after this

「…Yoshida-kun, do you know the movie 『Easy Rider2』」

Margo-san asked suddenly.

「…No. I don’t」
「I see, it’s a bit old movie after all…It’s a story about motorbikes」

Since it’s motorcycles, there’s a rider…
Oh…So it’s a hero with special effects3

「Ah, I might’ve seen it at my friend’s house during elementary」
「Eh, grade schoolers have that kind of hobby?」
「It’s a guy who has a lot of video softwares…」

Yeah, rider and ultra man…

「Hee…As expected of Japan a movie major power. To make grade schoolers kid watch 『Easy Rider』4

Margo-san’s admiring…

Easy rider is that isn’t it? I’m sure
A rider with a half exposed face.
Having an attachment on one hand…
Yup, no doubt.

「But, I don’t remember much anything from when I was in grade school」
「That’s a bit regrettable. Do you not remember the scene were Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda got high on drugs?」

Hopper must mean the grasshopper monster.
Peter Honda must have been an evil doctor or something.

「No…I don’t」
「Right…During the high, Peter Fonda goes to a high place and shouts 『Mama!5』」

Hee…That’s a strange hero.

「This is just a rumor…but it seems that they had an argument during the time filming that scene. Peter and Hopper」

…The monster and the evil doctor?

「You see…Peter had a deep trauma for his mother. Peter Fonda’s father is Henry Fonda. The husband suffered from having too much heroic popularity and Peter’s mother committed suicide. Everyone knows that story」

What’s this sublime story.
Can children understand when they watch that?

「That’s why, Peter got angry at Hopper. 『Certainly, I’ve got a trauma about my mother but, my role with this mother is unrelated to that! Why do you have to reveal my trauma in an act unrelated to it!』…」

Somehow…I get it but I don’t get it.

「…Then, what happened?」

Nei-san on the passenger seat asks Margo-san

「…Hopper answered Peter this way」

Margo from the rearview mirror looks at me.

「『It’s reasonable so do it for my sake』…」

…It’s reasonable so do it for my sake?

「And did Peter agree?」

Margo-san answers Nei-san’s question

「It seems that Peter answered 『Got it, I’ll do it for you』 Then they completed the scene」
「Hee…So they had such episode on that movie」

Nei-san nodded at Margo-san…

To be honest, I don’t get what Margo-san said…

「With that said…Yoshida-kun」

Uhm…What 『With that said』?

「Forget the reason…and do it for Minaho’s sake」

Margo-san’s eyes through the mirror were serious…

For Yuzuki-sensei’s sake…
Yuzuki-sensei’s little sister…the one abducted by Shirasaka Sousuke, violated, and made a prostitute.
Then…When she got pregnant, she was killed.
This is…Sensei’s revenge.
Sensei…will never settle down unless she makes Shirasaka’s daughter, Yukino and Maika-chan fall…

「…I’ll be the one requesting you. Could you steel your heart for Minaho’s revenge?」


「…Got it. I’ll do anything for Sensei’s sake」

The garage shutter opens…
Margo-san drives the blue Maserati towards the mansion…!


  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viola_(Twelfth_Night) This will be a trivia that will be mentioned later in the novel but here you go, that’s the origin of the name
  2. www.imdb.com/title/tt0064276/
  3. Pfft, He’s talking about Kamen Rider
  4. Margo-san! Don’t be fooled! Yoshida’s not on the same page as you!
  5.  I just killed a man, put a gun against his head, pulled my trigger now he’s dead! Mama, life had just began—–