Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 846. High Life / Hurricane



「 Since you all have bodyguards, how about we play for a while?! 」

As soon as Kyouko-san shows her daring smile.



Michi and Edie jump in like the wind.

「 Red Bute!!! 」

Michi takes out the red whip from her skirt, then she slashed the chair Kyouko-san was in earlier.

Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia sped up and left that spot.

「 HAWOOOOO!!!! 」

Edie approached Kyouko-san and gives a successive kick.

Kyouko-san avoided all of those attacks.

「 Oh, you’re better than before!! 」

Kyouko-san happily thrusts her fist to Edie.

Naturally, Edie dodged the attacks.

「 Hauu!! 」

On the other hand, Michi’s cornering Miss Cordelia with her whip.

Michi’s body is small, she’ll lose in a fistfight because of her range.

Therefore she uses the whip to take distance.

「 My, my, you have gotten cuter since I last saw you! 」

Miss Cordelia avoids Michi’s whip-like she’s having fun.





The two continue the fight at a breakneck speed.

All the young ladies in the courtyard and their bodyguards are all dumbfounded.

「 Ah, everyone, you can watch while drinking tea 」

Rei-chan said with a smile.

「 This is just an exhibition match 」

Even if you say that they watch the fight without moving a muscle.

「 Kyouko Messer came to Japan today specifically because Kouzuki SS gave her a call for this event. She will not cause harm to anyone, please be at ease 」

Shou-neechan said with a smile.

「 That’s right! I came here because I heard that there are cute girls in here! Onee-san is fired up! 」

「 Me too! 」

Kyouko-san, Miss Cordelia.

「 I guess the fight between Kouzuki SS and Kyouko Messer was just a farce? 」

Kanou-san asks Misuzu.

The public sees Kouzuki SS and Kyouko Messer’s criminal organization as enemies fighting each other.

I mean, they’re broadcasting Rei-chan fighting them off at regular intervals.

「 Have you not thought that the other Western organizations won’t want to enter Japan because of that kind of fight? 」

Ruriko replies instead of Misuzu.

「 We have established a high trust relationship with Kyouko Messer’s organization. If we didn’t have that, we couldn’t introduce Kyouko Messer in here like that 」

Ruriko said. The young ladies in the courtyard hears it.

「 Let me tell you beforehand, I don’t hold back when I’m fighting. There’s always humor involved though!!! 」

Kyouko-san said while warding off Edie’s punch.

「 Besides, there are so many bodyguards in here, and yet, is there nobody else coming at us? 」

She provokes them.

「 Right. I’m glad to see their growth, but I want to have a bout with the other girls too! 」

Miss Cordelia says.

「 I love cute girls, you know! 」

「 Me too! 」

These two are hardcore lesbians.

「 Let’s concentrate on this one ! 」

「 Right! 」

Edie and Michi attacks at the same time, but…

「 So close 」

「 You still have ways to go 」

Miss Cordelia and Kyouko-san swapped places.

Edie’s now dealing with Miss Cordelia.

And Michi’s now dealing with Kyouko-san.

「 My, my, back then you were using some irregular skills, but now, you have polished your pervert movements, haven’t you? 」

Miss Cordelia says while taking Edie’s consecutive hits.

「 Shut up! You’re the pervert here!! 」

Edie gives a roundhouse kick, Miss Cordelia kicks back.

「 You got better speed and power now, ufufu, Onee-san’s so happy for you 」

「 I can still go faster! HAWOOO!!! 」

Edie speeds up.

「 Surya! Taa! Suaaa!! 」

Michi uses her whip to rush down on Kyouko-san.

「 You were amazing from before, but, that body of yours doesn’t have enough power 」


Kyouko-san used that timing to step on the whip and pin it down.

That broke Michi’s posture.

「 See? I got you now! 」

Kyouko-san tries to attack Michi, but…

「 I got you!!! 」

That moment, Shie-san throws a shuriken at Kyouko-san.

「 No! 」

Michi fires her Qi to Shie-san.

「 Uuu????!! 」

Shie-san’s petrified as she’s still holding her shuriken.

Looking at it, Kyouko-san also stopped moving??

「 Kuh, so that’s your strengthened Qi skill? 」

Michi and Edie learned the Takakura shrine maiden training from Tsukiko and the girls.

That’s what leveled up their Qi strength.

Compared to the real Miko power, they can’t control minds and bodies, but…

「 …I could stop movements of people at your level even for a moment 」

Michi glared at Kyouko-san.

「 I see, that’s amazing to have two sides fire off Qi at the same time. Although, that girl seems petrified now 」

Kyouko-san rotates her shoulders and elbow joints, confirming her body state.

「 Uuuuuuuu???!!! 」

Kyouko-san’s right, Shie-san is trembling as she holds her shuriken up, unable to move.

Her eyes look surprised. Her consciousness is still awake.

「 Can’t be helped! Bau!! 」

Edie shoots her Qi to undo the petrification on Shie-san.

「 You’re okay now! 」

Edie says while avoiding Miss Cordelia’s kick.

「 Kuh, such humiliation 」

Shie-san looks like she’s still feeling numb.

「 It’s wrong to think that they were at fault 」

Adelheid-san speaks to Shie-san.

「 If you threw your shuriken back then, Kyouko-san would’ve warded it off with the back of her hand. When that happens, the shuriken will fly off in a different direction, and it can hit someone else 」

Back of her hand?

Oh, Kyouko-san sure has a protector at the back of her hand.

That must be knife-proof.

If the shuriken was warded off, we wouldn’t know where it hits.

「 That’s rude. I’ll be sure to return the shuriken to the owner, you know! 」

Kyouko-san speaks calmly.

Then, she looked at Michi…

「 But, that was the right choice. You were fighting me, yet you still are sensing the Qi around you. Good job

She praises Michi for sensing Shie-san’s intent to attack.

「 Your praises don’t make me happy…the only praises I receive are from… 」

Michi takes out another red whip from her skirt.

「 Only Master!! 」

The red whip bursts.

「 As expected of Misuzu-sama’s bodyguard 」

Oh, the other ladies are misunderstanding.

Oh well. It would be a problem –

-if they discover that Michi’s Master is me.

「 That was impolite of me to call it a farce earlier 」

Kanou-san apologized to Misuzu and Ruriko.

「 That’s real strength 」

She says while watching the four fight with all their strength.

「 Kyouko Messer and Misuzu-sama’s bodyguards are on a different level 」

She said, then looked at Shie-san still holding the shuriken.

「 It’s shameful to say but, Shie can’t beat them 」

「 S-Sakurako-ojousama?! 」

「 Accept your own immaturity, Shie 」

Kanou-san said.

「 You tried to throw shuriken from behind without thinking that it might hit someone else 」

「 That’s… 」

「 You’re scared of jumping in and getting into the fistfight, aren’t you? 」

I-I see.

She doesn’t have the confidence to jump in the fight and use kicks and punches.

「 An enemy is in front of you, and yet you don’t do anything, as a warrior… 」

But, Shie-san has her pride as a bodyguard.

That’s why she tried to throw a shuriken from a distance, betting on an absurd hit-or-miss attack.

「 Haiji, what about you? 」

Torii-san asks her bodyguard.

「 Do you think you can take them on? 」


「 I will never push myself to do the impossible. My duty is to protect my master no matter when. The enemy shows no signs of going this way, and so I believe that it’s an act unbefitting of a bodyguard to try and do something reckless as throwing a shuriken 」

She goes on the offensive on Shie-san.

「 However 」

「 What? Haiji? 」

「 However, to think that they’d display the difference in ability between us makes me feel irritated 」


Adelheid-san’s grabbing her knees, trembling.

I guess watching Michi and Kyouko-san fight as they please is a humiliation for her.

「 In the end, our bodyguards are no match when facing against Kyouko Messer 」

Kanou-san tells Torii-san.

「 Really? I think that my Haiji who doesn’t force herself is better than Kanou-san’s shie-san 」

Torii-san retorts.

「 Oh? Shie did the best that she could do. While all the other bodyguards aren’t moving, she’s showed the intent of wanting to attack Kyouko Messer 」

Kanou-san said.

「 It’s natural that Kouzuki house…Misuzu-sama’s bodyguards and other family bodyguards are different. In that case, the next strongest would be my Shie 」


「 No matter what the situation is, she’s always showing the intent to fight. Shie’s courage and actions are the prestige of Kanou house. I’m confident of that 」

「 Sakurako-ojousama 」

Shie-san’s moved by her master’s words.

「 Isn’t that right? The other bodyguards from the other families are just watching and can’t do anything. Naturally, that includes Torii-san’s Adelheid-san 」

「 H-Haiji? 」

Torii-san looked up at Adelheid-san.

「 I don’t force the impossible 」

「 But, you should show a bit of will to fight at least 」

「 I’m trying to hold myself here! 」

Adelheid-san flares up her master.

「 If I show that I’m willing to fight, and did, and lost, that would close out my life as a bodyguard 」

These people…I knew it, the relationship between master and bodyguard are different.

Adelheid-san doesn’t follow her master unconditionally.

「 Haiji, do something 」

「 None can do. The people fighting over there aren’t people, they’re monsters! 」

Adelheid-san said.

「 You can’t get in between those! If you don’t fight, you don’t lose! Mariko-ojousama, please stay still and just watch them 」

「 Muguu 」

Torii-san gets annoyed.


「 Kinuka, take out the longhorn helmet 」

「 Longhorn helmet here! 」

Uhm, Anjou-san? Anjou sisters?

The big sister gave instructions, and the little sister takes out two buffalo-horn-like pink helmets.

「 Longhorn helmet! On! 」

「 Longhorn helmet worn! 」

Kinuka-san puts on her helmet.

「 Kinuka, measure the projectile 」

「 Projectile prediction, measuring! 」

Kinuka-san seems to be judging the distance between them and Kyouko-san.

「 Projectile mark is at 5 meters! 」

「 Setup, roger that 」

This time, Mitama-san responds.

Uhm, what are you two trying to do?

「 Kinuka-chan? 」

「 M-Mitama-san? 」

Their masters, Kurama Arisu-san and Misato-san, asks the two worriedly.

「 Misato-sama, there’s no problem 」

「 Arisu-sama, leave this to Kinuka and Onee-sama 」


「 Uhm, what are you trying to do? 」

I asked them timidly.


「 We’ll attack Kyouko Messer from the sky 」

「 Attack! 」

Are these two serious?

「 Ah, did you girls not hear about it? My Shie can’t beat those people 」

「 That’s right, my Haiji doesn’t even want to show a will to fight! 」

「 No arguments! 」

Mitama-san stops Kanou-san and Torii-san.

「 Let’s go! Kinuka! 」

「 Roger! Aneue! 」

Then, the sisters run towards Kyouko-san.


◇ ◇ ◇

「 Kurama house’s bodyguard, Anjou Mitama. Coming in! 」

「 Ditto, Kinuka, Coming in! 」

The two run-in while shouting that.

However, their speed is different compared to Edie and Michi.

Kinuka’s pink longhorn helmet shakes lightly.

「 Aneue! Shooting point! Set! 」

「 Got it! Kinuka! 」

The elder sister Kinuka goes ahead and gets on a 5-meter distance from Kyouko-san.


You’re now lying down?

「 Kinuka! Come! 」

「 Okay! Aneue! Hop!! 」


Kinuka-san, wearing her longhorn helmet, jumps on her elder sister that’s lying down on the bed. What????!!

「 Step!! 」

The big sister catches the sole of her little sister’s foot.

「 Jump!!!!!!!! 」

Then the sisters kicked each other’s feet.

Then Kinuka-san’s body jumped up high.

「 Take this! Skylab Hurricane Mixer!!! 」

Then, Kinuka-san dives into Kyouko-san with her helmet on!!!

「 Look at it! This is our technique!! Skylab Hurrican! And Hurrican Mixer together! 」

Mitama-san shouts while still lying down.

「 Aim set! HIT!!!! 」

Kinuka-san thrusts her whole body.


「 No, I sure accept the courage 」

Kyouko-san grabs Kinuka-san as she dives in.

Grabbing the pink helmet like it’s dodgeball.

Then, on the other side, Kinuka-san…

「 Uuuu, let go! 」

「 Hey, stop kicking around. It’s dangerous if you do that! Bad! 」

Kyouko-san scolds Kinuka-san.

「 No, it sure was fun to watch, but, if you want to use this to defeat me, put on two more horns, and jump twice as high, and spin around three times 」

「 Kuuuu, so it was the lack of power 」

Kinuka-san says in frustration, but is that really the problem?

「 I mean, that wasn’t skylab hurricane, nor hurricane mixer. That was just a human cannonball 」

「 W-What?! 」

「 If you made it “Human cannon koseidon” then it would be a bit more powerful 」

Kyouko-san, what are you talking about?

「 With that said, Edie, here 」

Kyouko-san throws Kinuka-san’s body to Edie.

「 Yoo, that was dangerous! 」

Edie managed to grab her somehow.

It would be impossible with Michi, she’s too small.

「 I-I’m sorry 」

Kinuka-san apologizes while still in Edie’s arms.

「 Now then, how about we end the exhibition match there? 」

Kyouko-san smiled.

「 Okay, to all the young ladies, and their bodyguards as well 」

Kyouko-san speaks to everyone in the courtyard.

「 Check your current relationships! 」


「 For now, if you’re a bodyguard who thought of protecting your master before anything, you pass. Well done, I give you my seal. Those who didn’t move at all after our appearance, you need to work harder. And then… 」

She smiled.

「 For the bodyguards who stepped back, I think you should reconsider your job right now. And as for, well, I don’t think there’s any, but for the pests who hid behind their masters, 」

「 I-I’m very sorry! 」

T-There was? Really?

On the other hand, Shie-san and Adelheid-san are both standing in front of their masters.

Mitama-san and Kinuka-san did that too. Then they rushed in after that.

「 You know, that bodyguard role’s been passed on you from your parents’ generation since they serve a wealthy family, don’t they? But you know, just because your whole family is a lineup of bodyguards, doesn’t mean that you’re suited for the job, don’t you think? 」

Kyouko-san said.

「 And so, you don’t use the reason “My parents told me,” or “It’s the family job,” but instead, look at yourself and think if you’re suited for this job 」

「 The masters should look at their bodyguards with that thought as well. Maybe your bodyguard doesn’t want to do this at all 」

Miss Cordelia added with a smile.

Geez, Kyouko-san, the criminal is the one saying the lines that are hard for Rei-chan and others to mention.

「 Oh, by the way, we’re hiring in our international crime group “Kyouko Messer’s beautiful ladies army.” 」

「 Kyouko’s in Malandro, you know? 」

「 That’s right. Anyway, the restrictions will be only cute girls. Ah, but I don’t mind if any of the lovely young ladies want to join me, not just the bodyguards 」

「 We’ll teach you with great attention 」


「 That is if you want to become stronger 」

Kyouko-san smiles.

「 Uhm, Kyouko Messer-san. It will be a problem if you try to recruit people for your organization when we’re here 」

Rei-chan tells Kyouko-san.

「 Well, well, why not? The exhibition match is already over… 」


「 It’s not over yet! 」

「 Indeed! It’s not over! 」

Michi and Edie stand up.

Edie lowers Kinuka-san to the ground.

「 What? You still got something to show? 」

Kyouko-san smiled.

「 We still haven’t used this skill yet 」

「 Oh, is that so?!! 」

They jump at Kyouko-san and Miss Cordelia at the same time!!

「 Bauuuu!! 」

「 Haaaa!!! 」

Edie and Michi both shoot intense Qi at the same time.

「 We already saw that!!! 」

Miss Cordelia stopped moving, but…

Kyouko-san, huh? She can move?

「 Returning the Qi release, isn’t that your technique? 」

Wait, that’s Kudou style?

Kyouko-san did that?

「 The skills from your family, and Dai Grepher’s skills. I’ve seen them so I can use them now! 」

Is that Kyouko Messer’s strength?

I see. Like, during our fight with Cesario Viola…

She appeared last because she was checking on the skills of others?

「 I also heard about the Miko power from Minaho. I can see that you girls have increased your skills by training, but… 」

Kyouko-san draws closer to Michi.

「 However, you girls don’t have the powers of actual shrine maidens!! 」


「 Then, how about feeling the Miko power for yourself?! 」

「 What?! 」


Before Michi and Edie.

S-Someone’s in there?

「 Who’s that big breasted loli? 」

Right, this plump breasts…

「 Yuzuki Yomi! 」

Yomi smiles.